Prince Harry & Meghan drove over to Oprah’s house & stayed for an hour

Over the weekend, the lower-tier British tabloids were running stories about how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are terribly unpopular in the UK and America, and something something don’t look too closely at the reporting. The point was to drive the news about Harry and Meghan and make them sound “cut off” and disenfranchised. Meanwhile, Meghan and Harry went to visit Oprah at her house in Montecito and the Daily Mail couldn’t wait to buy the exclusive photos for what was easily thousands of dollars, maybe tens of thousands.

As you can see, the banner headline was “EXCLUSIVE: Is another royal tell-all in the works? Harry and Meghan are seen making five-minute drive to friend and neighbor Oprah’s $100million Montecito mansion.” I will go on the record saying I hope they are giving another interview to Oprah! DO IT! It’s far more likely that they were just visiting a neighbor though.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were spotted on their way to pay a visit to Oprah’s $100million Montecito mansion over the weekend, can reveal. Exclusive photos show the erstwhile royals, 37 and 40, turning into the 70-acre property late Saturday afternoon accompanied by a woman believed to be the pair’s friend, actress Janina Gavankar.

What looked like a baby car seat was strapped in next to Meghan, but it is unknown if either Lilibet or Archie were in the car to visit Auntie Oprah.

Sources told the trio spent an hour at the palatial estate and made the five-minute journey from their own Montecito home in a convoy of cars that included a Range Rover carrying security personnel.

Harry was driving the lead car, while Meghan could be seen chatting to both occupants from the backseat.

News of the couple’s visit to Oprah could come as a surprise to Queen if another tell-all interview is in the works – less than 18 months after their sensational chat with the talk show host, 68, made global headlines and sparked a royal racism scandal.

[From the Daily Mail]

I bet one or both of the kids was along for the journey – that’s why Meghan was in the back, she was with the kids. I love Harry behind the wheel, driving over to his friend Oprah’s house. Janina Gavankar has been Meghan’s friend for years and years – I remember just after the Oprah interview, Janina went on one of the British morning shows and she said flat-out that Meghan has receipts and that the royals have all of Meghan’s documentation about how she was treated and what they were doing to her. Janina is a loyal friend. Oprah is too, methinks. I can’t wait to see what this crew is cooking up!

Photos courtesy of Oprah’s Instagram, Avalon Red, CBS/Harpo and Instar.

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  1. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    It’s possible that they went for a nice afternoon visit and to talk about Oprah’s appearance on Meghan’s podcast.

    • Hic says:

      I thought they were friends and neighbors.. That story is simply a distraction from Charles theft and William bullying of YT

    • Beenie says:

      No no no no…. let me tell you what happened. Harpy, shrill American wife, Megan, forced her unhappy husband to leave their 13 bathroom mansion to go to Oprah’s. Netflix was surely there the whole time inside the boot of their car. The only thing they talked about during the drive was ways they could disrespect the Queen and how much they missed the UK. Then Megan made one of Oprah’s dogs cry while Harry looked wistfully on dreaming of the day he could return to England and do so much Service.

      How do I know this? Because I am one of the queen’s corgis and Angela Kelly tells me *everything*.

    • Moi says:

      Lol 😆….this sounds true *sarcasm*

    • Moxylady says:

      I love that he’s wearing a hat! To Oprah’s house. He’s so American now. You can’t have him salty isle!

      • BeanieBean says:

        Oh, yeah, the baseball cap on the balding head, very American. I remember once seeing one of my co-workers without his cap & I didn’t recognize him! That thing was always on his head!

    • Isabella says:

      We wear baseball caps all the time, all ages and sexes, bald or not. Maybe he just likes them. He’s been wearing them for years.

      What I find creepy are the photos. The paps must be camping out, waiting for the Sussexes to leave the house. And then follow them to see where they go. Tells me they don’t go out all that often, hence all the fuss.

      They don’t do this to the Cambridges much, I don’t think, but of course they use helicopters.

  2. equality says:

    Probably just a visit and very likely not the first time. Oprah wouldn’t likely be filming at her house. It would be funny if there was an interview (with receipts) concerning all the bullying allegations.

    • Harper says:

      Dastardly chuckle. Yes, the palace thinks they can just bury the bullying report and it will all go away. Not. So. Fast.

      I think the prospect of a follow-up sit down with Oprah to talk about what went on with the bullying smear will scare Burger King more than a statement from Schillings. I hope it’s happening.

  3. Becks1 says:

    Harry and Meghan should just drive to Oprah’s once a week, just to keep the British media and the BRF on their collective toes, lol.

    Seriously, they’re neighbors, they’re friends, and Harry and Oprah worked together on an Apple series. Maybe they just hung out by the pool for a while, maybe they’re working on something to promote Harry’s memoir, maybe they’re working on a follow up to the Me You Can’t See, maybe Lilibet just wanted to spend time with Aunt Oprah. They can hang out with Oprah whenever they want and the British media has to deal with it, lol.

    • C-Shell says:

      LMAO! They could drive to Oprah’s, then drop in on Adele, Katie and Orlando, run the paps and RR crazy!

      Ooh, I forgot Ellen and Portia! Yeah, Harry and Meghan are so unpopular.

      • Jan says:

        I don’t see them dropping in at Katie and Orlando.

      • Polo says:

        @jan Orlando bloom was at the big event they had for nacho and Harry’s polo match so they seem to be pretty friendly.
        It’s possible they do visit since they are down the street..we just wouldn’t know unless there was a picture just like we had no idea they saw Ellen until they told us.

      • molly says:

        @jan- Didn’t Harry tell a story that Orlando sent them a text early on warning that paps were in the neighborhood?

        I don’t get the sense that they’re BFFs, but Harry seemed appreciative to be included in some unofficial Famous People Neighborhood Watch. Especially since they both have little kids.

      • Lady D says:

        So random Orlando Bloom has Harry’s number, and the palace doesn’t? That’s funny.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yup, I think that was in the Dax Shepherd podcast. He talked about the paparazzi were still in Montecito (i.e. he didn’t escape them completely) and what an invasion it still could be, that they would sit on his street and wait to take pictures, and Orlando would text him to be like “hey they’re out there again today.” So clearly there is some sort of relationship there, even if its pretty bare bones.

      • windyriver says:

        @molly – Yes, he did. I remember that too.

        ETA: Didn’t see your comment til mine posted @Becks1, but thanks! Was trying to remember where he said it!

    • ABritGuest says:

      Story breaks of Charles accepting millions in cash for charity (in relation to a home he owns) & what do you know here comes pics about the ‘irrelevant’ royals accompanied with all types of ridiculous speculation to distract. Why would there be a second interview when Oprah still has unseen footage from the first interview?

      Is there even proof that they were driving into Oprah’s estate? But assuming it was, it’s likely just a social visit. They are neighbours, friendly & Harry & Oprah worked together.

      • Becks1 says:

        Her 100 million dollar estate, as the article mentioned at least twice! I’m just surprised they restrained themselves and didn’t mention the number of bathrooms Oprah has.

      • AmB says:

        @Becks1 – “the number of bathrooms Oprah has” – I mean, way to bury the lede, right???!?!!?

      • Becks1 says:

        @AmB – right?? lol. I feel like Oprah probably has spectacular bathrooms, even her powder rooms.

      • Debbie says:

        “107 hectares” you say. That’s just about enough room for a pony.

  4. TOM says:

    If there were another show in the works, Oprah would come to them, wouldn’t she?

    Social visit.

  5. Snuffles says:

    It was probably just a friendly visit. Maybe introducing Oprah to the kids. Maybe Oprah is one of Lili’s godparents. Anyhoo, whatever it was, I hope it put the fear of God in the royals.

    • Jais says:

      Imagine if one day christening pictures came out with Oprah as one of the godparents. Maybe Janina is one also. The BM would lose it.

      • Snuffles says:

        A christening photo with Oprah, Tyler Perry, Nacho and Delfina and other non-Brits as Lili’s godparents.

  6. C-Shell says:

    LOL. Love how they read all kinds of motives and intentions into a couple of pap pics. But, I too, would love for this visit to signal another round of Oprah/Harry/Meghan. Janina is awesome — her interview with the British talk show should have sent chills down the spines of the BRF and RR.

    • Nick G says:

      I thought Phillip and Holly were going to turn into blocks of ice. I wish Janina would just randomly turn up on British television and just start scolding people left and right 😂

      • Lux says:

        Thanks for reminding me of their names! I was just about to say that the old white guy (who I now know as Phil) was about to blow up, and at one point said, “Harry didn’t have to nuke his family with the interview!” or the like. He also bellowed at Janina, insisting that she was speaking on behalf of H&M. It was so fun to watch him lose his cool and get hung up on dumb details while Janina kept hers. I love how she kept repeating that “it’s a new era,” which is the truth. Such a brilliant move; they couldn’t get her off air fast enough.

    • Marilee says:

      That’s what I think the Oprah interview was intended to do, to send “chills down the spines of the BRF and RR.” Every statement Meghan made she commented about having written proof to them. Like “Kate gave me a card to apologize,” and “I emailed the the BRF about being suicidal.” I’ve always thought the Oprah interview wasn’t meant to garner support from the public, but was meant to tell the BRF and RRs to back off or they’ll be sued for libel. It’s just something I’ve always thought, right or wrong.

      • Jais says:

        Agree with everything you said@marilee. The interview always felt like a warning to the BRF as in stop messing with us and our children. The cataloguing of the receipts was pointed.
        My conservative sister didn’t watch it but said she didn’t like how they were talking about private family matters in public. My eyes rolled back into my head.

      • Kathleen Williams says:

        I agree. The Oprah interview was a warning shot across the bows.

  7. Eurydice says:

    Lol, sure, that’s how TV deals are made – bring over the kids and the best friend and the security team and make sure the paparazzi catch photos…

  8. Noki says:

    The disgusting way and number of pictures used for this irrelevant gossip on the Fail while the more scandalous Charles s**** is buried is telling.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Yes, this. And they show time and time again the real reason they are desperate for Harry (and him alone) to return – the rest of the BRF need a scapegoat for all their dirty dealings, extramarital affairs and alleged children, crimes, etc. That’s the whole vile family’s MO, distract distract distract and throw Harry (and family) to the wolves so the real news can be ignored. The invisible contract in action.

  9. M says:

    I’m sure it’s just a friendly visit. I’m more concerned that Meghan looks terrified and the two up front look pissed. Makes you wonder what happened.

    • Jan says:

      Are we looking at the same pictures?

    • Becks1 says:

      I thought she looked scared as well, but if they were being tracked by paparazzi, that could explain that.

    • girl_ninja says:

      They all probably just saw the paparazzi and are reacting to them.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      I saw that on her face too. These photos made me so sad. Needing a fleet of security to visit a friend for a few minutes is truly disturbing. I’m glad they have what they need.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Yeah, looks like the DM is trying to make a big thing about their driving over, it being such a short distance, but given that they have paparazzi camped out front on their road, they can’t just amble over. That’s such a shame, really. Can’t just walk over to a neighbor’s for a visit.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Too bad these properties don’t have a private path behind their estates linking the properties where they can visit each other sight unseen. Maybe they do.

  10. Mp says:

    I feel like this is more a catch-up visit considering Oprah has been doing a lot of work on sets.
    But would love if they are planning on Oprah being on the podcast.

    I saw some people saying that paps are stalking Harry and Meghan. Guys listen every major celebrity is papped. Beyoncé, Blake Lively all get papped constantly with their kids and have photogs camped outside their homes. Katy Perry who lives down the street has the same thing happen. The difference is that daily mail doesn’t have a vested interest in them like they do Harry and Meghan to always print the pictures.

    Also why do people still share negative headlines from The Express about a Harry and Meghan? Y’all that crap is like the enquirer in the US. Stop engaging them and spreading their bile.

  11. Laura D says:

    This non-story about Harry and Meghan visiting one of their friends, hit the web at almost the same time as the Guardian article about how TQ uses her power to influence laws in Scotland. Just sayin’ *shrugs*

  12. sunny says:

    Listen, they could just be visiting a neighbour and a friend. I do think they probably also talked politics and I bet both of this women are working on something post Roe and Casey falling because they are all about women’s rights and they know this decision will disproportionately harm black women.

    Also who wouldn’t want to go over to Oprah’s house? A friend of mine is loosely connected to Oprah and has been fortunate enough to meet her several times and be invited to luncheon events at her house, and I am telling you, you visit Oprah’s house you are being treated like the most welcome guest ever and are eating well!

    Also lol British media members pressed about this.

  13. BlueSky says:

    I’m also wondering if they could be discussing a follow up to the Apple doc “The me you can’t see”? But whatever. This is not a story and I’m sure this isn’t the first time they have been over to her home. This is the first time it was caught on camera.

    • Ginger says:

      I would love if they have a second season of the documentary. It was so well done. But it was probably just a social visit.

  14. Tessa says:

    The dm buried the Charles story and just used harry and Meghan as a distraction

    • Kels says:

      Listen I detest the DM but they had like 5 articles the last few days about Charles and the scandal.
      The news cycle moves fast and they know who their money makers are.
      If the Cambridge’s come out today their story would also be in front of Charles. Not enough people care about Charles to click on a story about him even when there’s scandal that’s just the way it is.

    • The DM and all the British tabloids ignored William’s breach of Covid rules. They were all harping about his family’s privacy but what they don’t mention is that the future king broke Covid rules at the time this video was taken. Such a bossy and entitled welfare king.

  15. Jan says:

    Did the Dailyfail not say that Oprah drop Harry and Meghan like hot cakes after the interview, next it will be they forced themselves on Oprah with their worker.

    • Obviously the DM is again wrong. It was never right. Always making false claims. What is clear and obvious now is that Oprah has high regard for the Sussexes. Take that DM.

  16. Alexandria says:

    It’s just a visit, they just can’t chill.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      They all act like abusive ex-boyfriends that stalk you for the rest of your life even with a protection order.

  17. YeahRight says:

    It’s just a friendly visit if it was about an interview or business of any sort both parties wouldn’t be this sloppy of about it.

  18. Brassy Rebel says:

    The tabs get super annoyed when Harry does or says things that make him seem more American than British. Here he is driving on the American side of the vehicle. Yay, Harry!

  19. Sid says:

    The woman in the front seat of the car is Meghan’s friend Janina Gavankar, the actress. But the Fail lied and said it was one of Meghan’s and Harry’s employees to try and make it seem like a business meeting with Oprah. All to cover for raggedy Charles and his money bags.

    • Laura D says:

      Yes, that’s the article I was talking about. The Daily Mail article dropped around about the same time. 😉

  20. JoiLuv says:

    Maybe an interview for her podcast?

  21. L84Tea says:

    The spazzing out on Twitter over this was something else last night. They’re friends and neighbors and could’ve gone over there for a million different reasons. But nope, it has to be a new tell all! Lies! Deception! The drama, my God…

  22. ChillinginDC says:

    Oh please. The derangers have been saying for months that Oprah hates Meghan and Harry and that she knows they are liars, and now they are all losing it cause they must be going on Oprah to tell more lies about the Jubby. JFC.

  23. aquarius64 says:

    I hope the BRF is panicking about this visit. The BM had put out stories that the Sussexes are being tested; if they spill Jubilee tea, that’s it for them. Getting capped going to Oprah’s? We’re calling your bluff. Actually I think it’s just a social visit.

  24. Beff says:

    The fail reported it was the COO of Archewell last night, not Janina. Interesting change overnight.

  25. Petra (Brazen Hussy Uppity Phenomenal Woman) says:

    When does visiting a friend big news? When you’re Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. The British media are reduced to making up stories regarding the Susxesses. The clown that’s the DM is paying big money for grainy photos of the “irrelevant ones” when there is a big scandal of bagged monies with their future king. Do the DM and their readers know in the year 2022, an interview could be done via phone/video?

    Well, let me put on my so-so psychic hat (it can be any worst than the DM’s) and profess Oprah is getting an exclusive reply to the bullying investigation being dropped by BP. My prophecy is guaranteed to be 100% wrong or right.

  26. Zut Alors says:

    They went to count the bathrooms at Oprah’s house so they can add more to their mansion.

  27. Maxine Branch says:

    Oprah probably wanted to see Lili for her birthday and to gift her, nothing more or less. The gutter island still has not recovered from Harry and Meghan’s presence at the Jubby and the way they ignored the noise and the traps set for them. Oprah and the Sussexes have a mutually respectful friendship. The Sussexes are surrounded by healthy love and are living their best life and dreams in California. The gutters on that tiny island are obsessed with this couple who from what little I have observed have moved on while the gutters are still salivating over their every sighting or movement. Long May the Sussex family thrive and prosper.

  28. Amy Bee says:

    Sounds like a visit to a friend’s house to me. However according to the British press, Harry and Meghan aren’t really friends with Oprah so it has to be that they’re plotting a new interview. So dumb.

  29. Annalisel says:

    Love that we get proof they are living their best lives and posters like Dally come unglued as a result.

  30. Lolalola says:

    I’m just sorry to hear they only stayed an hour. You’d have to PRY me out of Oprah’s house! Seriously, popping over to a pals house on a beautiful day — SCANDALOUS!

  31. Elsa says:

    Wouldn’t it just be a dream to hang out at Oprah’s with Harry and Meghan? You know great food and great conversation was enjoyed by all.

  32. MsIam says:

    Obviously a social visit, who takes a baby to a work meeting? The Fail is so desperate for Sussex news it’s pathetic. I guess we should expect the “What’s in Harry and Meghan’s trash?!” or “An analysis of Guy and Pula’s dog sh!t!” stories next.

    • EllenOlenska says:

      They were hiding the secret Netflix jubbly footage in the baby’s diaper! Which they would then remove with a flourish in one of Oprah’s 7 jillion bathrooms!

  33. tamsin says:

    I don’t know why Meghan is sitting in the back, but she seems to have a white bundle next to her, so I don’t think it would be one of the children. Unless my eyes deceive me, of course. I’m not sure that is Janina either. I would believe it could be a business meeting but it wouldn’t be about a second interview. That would be so anit-climactic. I think that is why the first interview is still so powerful. Harry and Meghan told their story so they could move on. This story is a gleeful distraction and throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

    • Jaded says:

      If she’s in the back seat I’m sure she had Lili with her. Also, the woman in front is possibly the new COO of Archewell, Mandana Dayani, so it makes sense that the visit with Oprah was likely something to do with her appearing on Meghan’s podcast.

      • Roaa says:

        She’s not Mandana. Mandana has long hair and the woman in the front has short hair. I think she’s Meghan’s friend, Janina.

    • windyriver says:

      It looks to me like the item visible behind Harry’s seat is the top of a rear facing child’s car seat, as the DM article suggests.

      • tamsin says:

        Took a closer look at the picture and I can see the handle of a child’s car seat, which settles the issue of why Meghan is sitting in the back. Must be a blanket over the car seat, so probably Lili is napping. Gosh, feel like an investigative reporter.

  34. AmelieOriginal says:

    I can’t tell that’s Meghan in the backseat from those terrible grainy pictures because the woman (I can tell the person is a woman) is cast in shadow but she looks kind of scared/concerned in those pictures. It probably is her but when I first saw the pics, I thought Meghan was in the front seat due to the woman having dark hair like her.

    • PrincessK says:

      Well l can see that they all look pi**ed off because someone is taking photos of them.

  35. L4Frimaire says:

    I am surprised that a brief visit, to someone they’ve visited before, would generate so much news. Also, anything written about why they went over there is pure conjecture.

  36. candy says:

    OMG yes yes yes, please! I hope there is another interview in the works.

  37. Cessily says:

    They are now officially stalking them to the point that they time the Sussex’s visits with friends and neighbors? This is sick!

    • Well Wisher says:

      The Sussexes are citizens who are entitled to their privacy in this instance.
      Whose business is it when neighbours visit each other in any capacity?

  38. MikeB says:

    What? They drove to see their friend Oprah. Haven’t the tabloids been writing stories for months now that Oprah no longer wanted contact with the and was no longer a friend?

  39. Aiglentine says:

    Awful how they can’t drive five minutes without security. What a way to live.

    • murt says:

      Yes true…… and it’s so expensive……. I wonder when they’ll run out of money. Like Fergie and Andrew did.

  40. blunt talker says:

    This in my opinion was a business visit-Harry, Meghan, and Oprah all have business ventures and sometimes events or topics relate to the three of them-they live in America now and can visit or talk to whomever they like-the UK media need to stop shitting out the side of their necks and focus on the royal family in the UK-fawning or not fawning-keeping things whiter than white is the motto and the UK media are not doing their job by bothering the Sussex family and their friends.

  41. LRob says:

    Vegetables. Oprah has a massive garden and gives aways loads of vegetables. That’s as good a guess as any for a short visit to a neighbor

  42. Julia K says:

    This is just Meghan teaching her children good manners. If Oprah gave the children birthday gifts, they will be visiting with a plate of homemade goodies and a thank you card.