Travis Barker has pancreatitis, he was in extreme pain & ‘could barely walk’

On Tuesday, Travis Barker went to a medical clinic in LA, and he was quickly transferred to Cedar-Sinai by ambulance. Rumors percolated through the internet that Barker perhaps had Covid, or something associated with Covid. But that turns out to not be the case. Travis was hospitalized with pancreatitis. Travis was dealing with intense abdominal pain and cramps, and Kourtney was really concerned about him. The doctors apparently did all of the tests and they figured out the diagnosis. No one knows what caused it, but Kourtney hasn’t left his side.

Kourtney Kardashian vowed last month to stay by Travis Barker in sickness and in health, and now the newlyweds are facing that test. Less than 24 hours after a case of pancreatitis sent the Blink-182 drummer to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on a stretcher, a source tells PEOPLE, “Kourtney won’t leave his side.”

Kardashian, 43, was seen following close behind Barker, 46, as he entered the hospital on Tuesday. The photo of the pair was obtained by TMZ, who was first to report the news of Barker’s hospitalization. (A rep for Barker had no comment, while a rep for Kardashian did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

“Kourtney was worried yesterday. They both were,” the source told PEOPLE. “Travis was suffering from extreme stomach pain and could barely walk.”

The source added, “He is getting the best care at Cedars though,” noting that doctors are focusing on pain management and determining Barker’s condition via a battery of tests and a modified diet.

[From People]

I don’t know much about pancreatitis, so I’m just like every other self-styled endocrine expert on the internet. If Barker is dealing with acute pancreatitis – which is what it sounds like? – the treatment could be as simple as changing his diet and letting him rest. If it’s more serious, surgery could be involved. Anyway, I’m glad he doesn’t have Covid and hopefully everything will be fine.

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  1. HeatherC says:

    I had pancreatitis once. It was supremely painful. I’d rate it at or above childbirth. Pancreatitis literally means inflammation of the pancreas, mine was traced back to a probable viral infection. But the pain is no joke, I couldn’t walk, or sit, i just wanted to curl up in the fetal position and scream. When I was hospitalized I was given morphine around the clock for the first day or so. It is no joke and I’m glad he seems to be on the mend.

    • Zantasia says:

      I am so sorry you went through that. Sounds absolutely horrible.

    • Aimee says:

      I had it twice and they never really could tell me why. It is EXTREMELY painful and whenever I talk about it I say it is just as if not more painful than childbirth.

      BTW, when you’re hospitalized for it you can’t eat or drink ANYTHING for several days. It sucked but the pain meds worked!

  2. Jo says:

    A friend of mine had pancreatitis and told me it was worse than childbirth. She has given birth four times.
    Apparently, if you don’t spot it right away it can be fatal – at least that is what I was told. Any doctors in the house?

  3. Soapboxpudding says:

    A good friend died of pancreatitis in his early 30s. It’s awful and can be life-threatening.

    • Coconut says:

      Someone on IG yesterday said she had had pancreatitis immediately following a colonoscopy and indicated this is what happened to Travis. ??

      • HeatherC says:

        That is a very rare complication of a colonoscopy. Do we know if Travis had a colonoscopy recently? (He’s 46, they recommend if you’re at average risk you start at 45).

      • Trillion says:

        I hope this doesn’t dissuade anyone from getting a colonoscopy. Please do this people. Colon cancer is more easily detectable and treatable than many other cancers. My mom died of it at age 55 in the 1980’s before we had so much awareness around early detection.

      • clarabelle says:

        Possibly, he had the colonoscopy BECAUSE of earlier symptoms of pancreatic problems.

      • HeatherC says:

        Clarabelle, that doesn’t make sense. A colonoscopy views the other end of the digestive tract. If anything he would have had an ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) which looks at the upper GI tract, bile ducts and pancreatic ducts. He’s probably had one while inpatient as well.

        A colonoscopy looks at the lower GI tract, rectum, colon. It can -very very very rarely- cause pancreatitis due to over inflation of the colon, or trauma to the pancreatic tail due to it being close to a flexure that is scoped. But isn’t used to diagnose anything with the pancreas (wrong end)

        But like Trillion said….please please please don’t let this scare you off a colonoscopy. Yes they’re uncomfortable. But cancer is a whole lot more uncomfortable.

      • Jaded says:

        @clarabelle — symptoms that would require a colonoscopy would be changes in stools, i.e. constipation, diarrhea, noticeable blood. Symptoms of pancreatitis are completely different — abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, fever and chills, jaundice and shortness of breath.

        And please get regular colonoscopies. My father-in-law died a horrible death of colon cancer.

  4. StellainNH says:

    Thinking back to anatomy and physiology classes, the pancreas is responsible for producing gastric enzymes as well as insulin. An organ that one cannot live without.

    I haven’t personally known a human who had pancreatitis, but I did have a dog with it. Very difficult decisions were made….

    I hope he feels better. Reading some of the comments above, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

  5. duchessL says:

    The only thing I remember reading about pancreatitis is that it’s worst pain than childbirth and it seems confirmed with the above comments. Poor Travis – hope het gets well soon!

  6. Dee says:

    My dad died of pancreatitis in 2018 due to daily drinking. My friend died of it at 32 due to severe alcoholism. Even one or two drinks a day, every day is enough to have it. It’s awful. Sends shockwaves to every other organ in your body and can create so many other problems. It’s super painful and horrible.

    • TrashBaggins says:

      The same thing is happening to my ex. He drank heavy his whole life and has been suffering from it for 4-5 years. He hasn’t really done anything to take care of himself so he ends up in the hospital a couple times a year.

      Edited for spelling

  7. TOK says:

    A family member had several bouts of acute pancreatitis before the cause was finally identified: a blocked biliary duct. The good news is that arthroscopic surgical fix took just 10 minutes; the bad news is that it took three years, multiple hospitalizations, and an unnecessary gallbladder removal to get there. Better luck to Travis!

    • Alice says:

      This kind of happened to me, but with a different ending. i had multiple bouts of pancreatitis from about 29 to 31. The doctors insisted alcohol was causing it. I insisted I hadn’t been drinking when I got the first attack, stopped drinking all together, yet they continued. I was hospitalized twice. It just went away after several years. I didn’t know I could have died, and I stopped going to the hospital, sometimes crawling on my floor at home to reach the phone to call in sick. About 5 years later, i read an article by a doctor on the huffpo, that mentioned gallstones could be the cause or just a problem with the gallbladder. I commented telling him my story, and how i was gaslighted, and thanking him for writing his article, because NO DOCTOR i saw, including in the hospital ever mentioned the gallbladder. They insisted I was a drunk basically. To this day I don’t know why it passed.

      • Jazz says:

        A family member was hospitalised on the 1st of this year due to pancreatitis, too much alcohol. Fortunately after being hospitalised for weeks she’s doing ok now, although it was extremely difficult at the time having to watch her go through such agony. Some of our family and friends don’t know it yet, but she’s back on beer already and thinks it’s a “safe” choice because previously she only used to drink vodka. I’m not even sure I would support her as much as I did before because we all paused our lives to support, console and talk her through what I now know was her first bout of it.

        I’ve also had a medical issue and just a few days ago had to undergo a hysterectomy. I’m home and healing now, but I also found out a distant relative was also at the same hospital because of gall stones, which I understand can also cause pancreatitis. The friend also had a gall bladder removal and she’s at home and healing as well, and very luckily didn’t get pancreatitis, although she had a lot of nausea and vomiting. I’m happy for her.

      • RJ says:

        This happened to my mom. She had chronic pancreatitis after a gallstone got stuck in her bile duct. Every admission they basically accused her of being an alcoholic- even after she had alzheimers and lived in a nursing home.

      • TOK says:

        So sorry for all your suffering, @Alice — and your mom’s, @RJ. Yes, we got the *repeated* questioning about alcohol consumption too. I understand, but it was frustrating. Alcohol was not the issue!

        Healing thoughts to you, @Jazz.

  8. MeToday says:

    I have the hereditary chronic pancreatitis disorder and lost track of how many times I have been hospitalized due to it. I feel bad for anyone with any episodes of it.

  9. TaraBest says:

    My sister is currently getting over pancreatitis. She felt really bad for about 5 days before I could convince her to go to the hospital (she lives out of state). She ended up being admitted for 5 more days while they give her IVs and pain medicine. The pain was so bad they had her on morphine and even after she was released it took about a week before she could start eating again without intense pain. Luckily no surgery was needed but the Drs. said if she hadn’t come in her lungs would’ve started collapsing and she could’ve died. She’s now healing with diet changes but it’s a very painful and scary thing to go through.

  10. OriginalMich says:

    I had three rounds of pancreatitis when I was 19. Mine was initially caused by gallstones. Eating the wrong things after the initial round put me back in the hospital two more times. The first step of treatment is to let the organ completely rest which means nothing can be taken in orally so you have to be on an IV.

    Poor guy. It is absolutely horrifically painful.

  11. Andie says:

    Drinking and drugs (I think!) are a cause of chronic pancreatitis. Acute is usually caused by some kind of medical event.

    I have autoimmune disease and it was diagnosed after everything went haywire and I ended up with acute pancreatitis. It is super painful and I’ve had three kids, one c-section, one delivery with a 3rd degree tear and no meds (not my choice lmao I wanted them.) anyway the pancreatitis was worse.

    • ennie says:

      A homeless guy from our area who we knew from before his decline, was a drug addict. We help him a bit whenever we can, and he has A huge bloated stomach. His liver and pancreas are damaged. He suffers quite a bit. It is very dangerous.
      Ernst of Hannover is known for having suffered of it.l because of his alcohol abuse. Some people just have the gene. A relative of mine, a great man died in his 60s of pancreatic cancer, and his son died at just 40 yrs old, but he heavily abused drugs in his 20s.

    • MeToday says:

      I have hereditary chronic pancreatitis due to two genetic mutations, as does my identical twin. Research has uncovered some chronic pancreatitis is caused by a different genetic mutation and was traced to a region around West Virginia. Not all chronic cases are alcohol or drug or dietary caused. Additionally, there are some forms of pancreatitis that run in south Asian groups more frequently. I have acute repeated bouts that arise unpredictably.

  12. Vera says:

    How terrible for all of you. I had no idea it was such a severe condition.
    Re: Travis, I read somewhere (forget where) that his was a result of a colonoscopy. Googling tells me that happens in rare circumstances. Anyway now I’m really not in a rush to get a colonoscopy.

    • Jaded says:

      Please don’t put off getting a colonoscopy because of this. The chances of it causing pancreatitis are miniscule. I had my first one at age 65 because minute quantities of blood were discovered in my regular fecal test. Turns out I had polyps (benign thankfully) that were removed. None of us know if Travis got it due to a colonoscopy, but seriously, don’t EVER put it off. My father-in-law died a horrible death due to colon cancer — he’d never had a colonoscopy and by the time it was diagnosed there was no hope.

    • Cherbear says:

      Im in medicine – have been involved in hundreds of GI procedures, have never even HEARD of pancreatitis due to colonoscopy… this is incredibly rare.

      Colon cancer – even in young people now- is not as rare.

      Please don’t delay colonoscopies. They are literally lifesaving.

  13. Valentina says:

    Pancreatitis is absolutely awful, it lead to the death of my neighbor a few years ago but that was a very extreme case. My dad actually died of pancreatic cancer 6 months ago and the pain was unbelievable so I imagine poor Travis experienced something similar.

    Here’s hoping he makes a full recovery soon <3

  14. Nina says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the Kardashians (not a huge hater either, just kind of .. uninterested for the most part?) but I do like Kourtney the best of the bunch. And her relationship with Travis Barker seems so sweet and genuinely loving — it is nice that she ended up with someone like him after all those years dealing with Disick.

    I hope he recovers soon, both for his sake and for hers. It’s really hard seeing someone you love be in pain.

  15. LisaT says:

    I was diagnosed with pancreatitis there years ago as a result of gallstones blocking the bile duct. He is facing a dietary change to low fat and high fiber. No fried/sautéed/stir fried foods, avoiding mayo, butter, most cheese, red meat, high fat pastries, candy and watching sugar content ( fat can covert to sugar – diabetes). It’s interesting how many vegetarian options still are high in fat.

    • Emmi says:

      That really depends. I‘m currently in the hospital after having my gallbladder removed, I had stones and it was chronically inflamed. Never caused pancreatitis fortunately. But if stones are the issue, the gallbladder can be removed and in many cases dietary restrictions are not necessary. I‘m a vegan and eat a high fiber diet anyway, but it is by no means low fat.

  16. Banga says:

    I don’t know where his burn scaring is, but extensive scaring can have an adverse impact on your digestive tract.

  17. Jessica says:

    Nurse here. While pancreatitis can be caused by many things, alcohol is a major trigger. Kourtney eats a crazy diet of organic, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, etc, so I’m guessing this wasn’t caused by diet. He probably needs to slow the partying. Many alcoholics end up with chronic pancreatitis because they don’t stop drinking. Also not sure why they even need to report this? Yeah it’s super painful and I hope he gets better, but damn they are so thirsty for news coverage.

  18. Ellipse Kirk says:

    I had acute necrotizing pancreatitis and spent 7 months in the ICU, it was painful beyond belief. I hope they find an experienced specialist and get the treatment they need.

    • Julia K says:

      Are you ok now? Any special meds or precautions? That sounds absolutely terrible.

  19. Earin says:

    I’ll be honest here, I got pancreatitis when I was drinking waaay to much for a long period of time. Shit sucked, yes it really was that painful.

  20. Lotta says:

    You can live with out a pancrea but you have to eat medicine every day and you will become diabetic.

    I hade pancreatitis several times and my bile ducts were chronically inflamed. Because of it I developed cancer in the bile ducts and had to have major surgery, called whipple surgery, and my pancrea was one of the organs they removed. My chances of surviving more then five years is 25% after surgery.

    I have never been a drinker but it happened to me anyway.

  21. IdenticalOskar says:

    I had pancreatitis once after I had my son. I’d been in pain since I’d had him so I chalked it up to typical childbirth recovery. But no, I had a blocked kidney stone and a raging kidney infection, which had caused sepsis. It was agonizing and I spent a week at the hospital totally out of it on morphine with a high fever. They finally had to operate to put in a stent. But the most common reason for pancreatitis is excessive alcohol use (my dad had it for that reason and it almost killed him).