The Sun: Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn got engaged a few months ago

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are engaged, according to the Sun. On one side, I think the Sun is a dumb tabloid and they make up a lot of dumb stories. On the other side, the Sun broke the Tiddles exclusive six years ago, and in the past, Taylor has used some lower-tier tabloids to break news. And Joe Alwyn IS British, it makes some kind of sense that Joe’s friends might sell some info about him to a British tabloid. All of which means… I halfway believe this engagement story.

Taylor Swift and British boyfriend Joe Alwyn have secretly got engaged. The loved-up couple have no plans to formally announce their happy news but have ­confided in their inner circle. A pal of Conversations With Friends actor Joe, 31, says he bought the superstar singer, 32, a ring which she wears “behind closed doors”. The famously discreet couple, who have only been pictured on the red carpet a handful of times, have not told some members of their team.

Last night, a source close to Joe said: “Taylor and Joe are incredibly happy, and very, very in love. They’ve actually been engaged for a few months but have only told their inner-inner circle — basically immediate family, and trusted, very old friends. Everyone has been sworn to secrecy, too. Taylor has a beautiful ring but she only wears it when she’s at home — ie behind closed doors. Again, only a handful of people know details about the wedding and Taylor hasn’t even told some of her team about the engagement.

“They want their love to stay away from the cameras as much as possible. This is just for them. And if and when they do exchange vows, there most definitely won’t be any Vogue, Rolling Stone or Hello! magazines there. It will be simple and elegant — like them.”

There are no specific details of the wedding yet and it is not known if the couple will officially confirm the news. Their engagement comes five years after they first started dating and marks a big turnaround in US hitmaker Taylor’s love life.

[From The Sun]

“If and when they do exchange vows, there most definitely won’t be any Vogue, Rolling Stone or Hello! magazines there. It will be simple and elegant — like them…” OMG, hey Tay-Tay. So I guess they are engaged. Or, secretly engaged, with Taylor only wearing her ring “behind closed doors.” Just a reminder, Joe is 31, Taylor is 32. That’s kind of long in the tooth to be “secretly engaged.” But I get it in Taylor’s case – she has stalkers. She has people tracking her private plane. She hides in trunks to leave her apartment. I get why she would want something just for herself, without needing to share everything with her fans.

Curiously, JoeTay were on vacation in the Bahamas last week and… paparazzi got tons of pics of them. Usually, JoeTay are much more undercover. It’s weird.

Photos courtesy of Instar, Backgrid.

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  1. Concern Fae says:

    Is this a reaction to Zawe Ashton’s baby bump reveal in Vogue this week? Has that feel.

    • erni says:

      Most definitely!

    • A says:

      I don’t think she cares. He wasn’t an ex she ruminated over. Her song lyrics have hinted that she and Joe were engaged two albums ago. The Sun ain’t getting an exclusive from her about this.

      • Alice says:

        I think Lover hinted they had married. Either way, I agree with you.

      • Stupidpeopletricks says:

        Sure Jan

      • Tiffany:) says:

        That’s my perspective too. I think they’ve been engaged or possibly married for a while. This seems to me to be another case of a tabloid stating something that is probable, and then acting like they got a scoop.

      • Aevajohnson says:

        Spot on. Considering Taylor’s relationship with the media (outside of when she’s promoting an album) I do not get the sense that Taylor or her camp leaked this, and there is zero evidence that she has any sort of envy or resentment towards Tom and Zawe’s engagement or relationship.

        Hell, she probably sent them flowers to congratulate them. That would be a very Taylor move.

    • Stupidpeopletricks says:

      She’s such a tw@t

    • Virginfangirl says:

      She’s such a jealous person. Damn girl you’ve got a great life. Let Tom go.

  2. SarahCS says:

    I can buy that they’re engaged, just not that the Sun has any actual confirmation of this.

    Although having said that, the ‘elegant – like them’ comment is straight out of the CarolE playbook and makes me wonder!

    • Concern Fae says:

      Yeah, I’m guessing it’s 50/50 as to whether her people went to The Sun or if it’s reporters quoting other reporters who cover Taylor Swift. Someone wants to get a dig in and say Tom’s not the only one engaged.

  3. Emily says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me. But it also wouldn’t surprise me if they secretly got married ages ago.

  4. Noki says:

    That Kanye/Kim snake reveal years ago really did a number on her. She has really laid low,stopped bad mouthing her exes and i dont believe she does anymore blind item songs!? Either way needed to grow up and i think she has.

    • Alice says:

      Yes time has revealed that gigi, but those who don’t want to see went along with kim’s claim that ‘we already knew all this” once the non-edited tapes were released. i just ignore them now.

    • Except if I remember correctly, didn’t it come out like a year or two ago that Taylor had actually been telling the truth the entire time? That and that creepy video he had with her naked body next to him in bed, I don’t blame her for laying low 🤢

    • N says:

      Please. She hasn’t grown up. In fact, look at the words this Sun article uses: simple and elegant, like them. It is very childish. And I know whom this article is aimed at, ie not Tom.
      As for blind item songs, please listen to No Body No Crime. That is a blind. And the song and this Sun article share the same target aim.

  5. Sasha says:

    Aww, happy for Taylor. He was very very good in Conversations with Friends, I think he’s a wonderful actor.

    • Virginfangirl says:

      I read a lot of reviews that said Joe was boring and lacked chemistry.

      • SAS says:

        @Virginfangirl maybe it’s an unfair comparison (I’ve only seen him in The Favourite) but compared to Nicholas Hoult who is totally bold and jumps off the screen in everything I see him in, dude is very very handsome cardboard.

  6. Nanea says:

    “If and when they do exchange vows, there most definitely won’t be any Vogue, Rolling Stone or Hello! magazines there. It will be simple and elegant — like them…”

    Right, and because of *simple* and *elegant*, they had to be vindictive, and run to The Scum a few hours after Vogue broke Zawe’s and Tom’s baby news.

    Not like we first saw Zawe’s ring in September ’21, and their engagement was publicised after BAFTA, mid-March ’22.

    Totally classy to be so envious.

    Sad, really.

    • LightPurple says:

      Their engagement had actually been rumored as early as February 2020 because Zawe was spotted wearing a large diamond in Atlanta before Loki filming shut down due to Covid.

      • Nanea says:

        I had seen those rumors too, but Ibiza was the first time there was photographic evidence of the ring, which I like a lot.

        The sniping from T&J though feels out of place. Especially as there have been rumors for quite some time of them having gotten engaged long ago. And *wearing the ring around the house*? Everyone I know doesn’t wear rings at home, many not even at work – because of hygienic precautions.

      • Stupidpeopletricks says:


    • Stupidpeopletricks says:

      All. Of. This.
      She hasn’t grown one iota.

  7. Merricat says:

    She seems happy, and this seems like a story the tabs invent from scraps on a slow news day.

  8. Laalaa says:

    Happy for them, but I can’t tell them apart on Bahamas photos.

  9. ChillinginDC says:

    The jealously LOL. Also how private is it when someone went to The Sun about it? LOL. Why say her whole team and others don’t know and make it seem like they want their love to be private, but there you are spilling their business? LMAO

  10. Rai says:

    I don’t really follow Taylor Swift gossip but if Folklore is indicative of her personal love story and their life together, then good for her.

  11. Lex says:

    Are those swimming pics the “tons” the paparazzi got? There were like 5 and they were crap.

  12. Hootenannie says:

    Just here to say that I have always loved Taylor Swift’s winter fashion. If you ever live in a similar climate and need inspo, I recommend GFY’s archives on Taylor out and about. Seriously cute sweaters and coats.

  13. Lux says:

    I have to say that I’m very happy for her, period. She was never my fave and her past behavior/comments/dating M.O./most of her songs for me were cringe (although I loved her folksy stuff a la Willow and Safe and Sound). So glad she’s grown up—five years is a good amount of time to know someone’s real intentions.

  14. Louise177 says:

    There’s a difference between secret and unannounced. If the engagement is true they told a bunch of people. Hardly a secret.

    • VoominVava says:

      This is the british media. If they didn’t tell the media and public then it must be a secret. It’s so annoying. They also don’t know the difference between discreet and secret, as has been pointed out on this blog numerous times.

  15. Dara says:

    It really is two steps forward, one back for Tay-Tay isn’t it? She may no longer burn her exes on her albums, but she still can’t quite bring herself to refrain from trashing them in public somehow. Still, I suppose baby steps are better than nothing. Sigh.

  16. Jessica says:

    Timing on this is interesting, but, Deuxmoi has been saying they’re engaged for months. And the Lover album was crystal clear that she feels like she’s found THE “One.” Congrats to them if it is true, but maybe don’t go so overboard about how private it is when briefing the press about it.

  17. Lucía says:

    Completely unrelated but I love that blue jacket Joe’s wearing!

  18. SAS says:

    LOL sorry, “only wearing her beautiful ring at home” gave me shades of tragic Martha in The Americans!

    Hopefully this is all tabloid nonsense, Taylor has been burned a few times now, surely she’s learned her lesson from playing little games with the press.

  19. phaedra7 says:

    Not a Twifty fan, but from my personal observation and IMPHO, she is growing up for a change. She recently graduated from college/university with a Master’s Degree and has involved herself in the political arena, as shown in her documentary broadcasted on NETFLIX:

    She more than likely doesn’t want to be involved in scandals, since she’s had her fair shares of many. Concerning TAWE’s wonderous 2-fold great news (engagement plus pregnancy), it might be just a coincidence. [though with her, one never really knows!🤨]

    • Milktoast says:

      An honorary degree given by NYU is not the same as graduating with a masters degree.

      • Julia K says:

        She finished high school by being home schooled due to her touring schedule. She has never attended college or university.

    • SAS says:

      I really like Taylor’s two latest albums and admire what she is doing with her re-recordings and how open she was about the sexual assault trial. But she has NOT graduated college! And her documentary from two years ago is about the last time she’s organised any political action.

      She is totally entitled to live a private life and not be an activist but it’s disingenuous to market herself as someone who acts otherwise when she has an album coming out.

  20. Darby says:

    I can totally see her getting married and having a baby and keeping it secret until years later. I always wondered if she had a Covid baby. It would have been the perfect time.

  21. Twee says:

    That vacation kiss photo looks awkward, chaste af.

  22. Julia K says:

    She used Hiddleston to get over a breakup. He used her for publicity. Even Steven. Hopefully they’ve stayed on friendly terms and wish each other well.

  23. Cecilia says:

    I absolutely think Taylor leaked this and has always been the one behind the rumored reports of her engagement. Pretty much what I think, but people want to believe she wouldn’t do such a thing when she’s one of the most controlling and PR oriented celebrity out there.

  24. Cecilia says:

    I absolutely think Taylor leaked this and has always been the one behind the rumored reports of her engagement. She’s one of the most controlling and PR oriented celebrity out there, I think it’s naive to think she has been ”betrayed” by someone from her inner circle or that tabloids simply decided to run with this story out of nowhere with the details that were written in it for no reason.

    And information like this (“using the ring inside doors only”) and “They want their love to stay away from the cameras as much as possible. This is just for them. And if and when they do exchange vows, there most definitely won’t be any Vogue, Rolling Stone or Hello! magazines there. It will be simple and elegant — like them.” are exactly the reason why I think she’s behind. I don’t buy, for one second, that she’s truly doing everything she can to keep her relationship behind closed doors and wants all the privacy she can get. That she’s now someone who doesn’t want her life discussed out there and doesn’t encourage it. She just found out a different approach. Like every celebrity, she knows the game of “im private please don’t talk about it” keeps people interested, allows her to control the narrative and rests her image after years of overexposure (and for sure fit nicely with her current relationship and the way her bf seems to like to handle stuff and also the style of music she exploring after Folklore/Evermore).

    She has been hinting for years now that she wants to get married to him. Some of her songs seem like he’s not the type who “believes” in marriage or is not very romantic. If he finally proposed, good for her, but she absolutely was shady about the timing she released this, and while she seems like she doesn’t care much about Tom Hiddleston, she sure likes to write and hint about how he was the wrong guy and her boyfriend is “soooooo much better than he was”, so I don’t really get her tbh.