John Mulaney & his girlfriend are ‘really not in a rush to get married’

John Mulaney and his girlfriend welcomed their son Malcolm just before Thanksgiving last year. The child arrived amid months of tabloid scandal, because no one believed the timeline of when Mulaney had first begun his affair with his girlfriend, and Mulaney’s official story made it sound like he impregnated his girlfriend on their first date, when he was just weeks out of rehab. John’s ex-wife Anna-Marie Tendler also spoke out about how… nothing was really as it seemed with Mulaney’s cover story for what happened and when. In the weeks before Malcolm’s birth, it also sounded like neither John nor his girlfriend were planning on sticking it out with each other. They’re still together though – these photos are from the past week, where they were out and about in New York. John’s girlfriend has been especially desperate for attention in recent months, although I tend to ignore her solo stories in general, for reasons. In any case, there’s an update on John’s relationship with his girlfriend:

Enjoying the moment. Olivia Munn and John Mulaney are too focused on raising son Malcolm to think about tying the knot any time soon.

“Olivia and John have only been together for a little over a year so they’re really not in a rush to get married. It’s definitely not her focus right now. She really wants to enjoy this time as a new mom,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly about the couple, who welcomed their baby boy in November 2021. “Olivia’s fully embracing motherhood and all its challenges and ups and downs.”

The X-Men: Apocalypse actress, 41, previously opened up about her feelings on marriage, explaining that she doesn’t have traditional views on settling down. “I never have ever been that girl [who dreamed about her wedding],” Munn shared during an April 2020 interview on the “Big Ticket With Marc Malkin” podcast. “And I’ll hear about friends who have, and I’ve just never been the person that’s like, ‘Oh, I can’t wait to get married. This is what it’s going to be like, what my ring would be.’ … The idea of getting married has always made me a little [nervous].”

While they might not be rushing down the aisle, Munn and the comedian, 39, are happier than ever as a new family of three. “Having a baby surely brought them closer as a couple,” the insider adds.

[From Us Weekly]

They’re literally not even engaged? Right? Did I miss something? John didn’t propose to his girlfriend when she was pregnant. His divorce from Anna-Marie only came through this January, roughly seven weeks after Malcolm’s birth. And now the girlfriend is telling people loudly that the idea of getting married makes her nervous and they’re so not focused on getting married, and she would just not know what to do if he proposed and marriage isn’t even her focus right now! It’s super-obvious. This whole thing has been super-obvious. I would feel a little bit sorry for Mulaney, but I’m pretty sure he sucks too, and I’m Team Tendler.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. MaryContrary says:

    I’m Team Malcolm-he’s adorable.

    • Gemma says:

      Same, he’s one adorably plump and pouty baby!

    • KLO says:

      Exactly. Malcolm is still tiny. Let his parents enjoy him! I am sure they are both thrilled to have this little man in their lives, no matter what their relationship status may be.

  2. girl_ninja says:

    Baby Malcom! That baby is SO darn CUTE.

  3. jo73c says:

    When has John Mulaney’s girlfriend *not* been super obvious and desperate for attention?

    • whatWHAT? says:

      THIS, completely. look how smug she looks in every photo.

      and this: “are too focused on raising son Malcolm to think about tying the knot any time soon.” if they really wanted to make it official, it doesn’t take that much time. and ESP if she isn’t all keen on some big fancy wedding. all they have to do is make an appointment at city hall and fill out some paperwork. that they have no plans to makes me think that HE doesn’t want to, esp since all of the talk is “oh, SHE’s barely thinking about it” and “SHE’S nervous about it”. “super obvious” is right.

      baby is super cute and doesn’t deserve these two messes as parents.

      oh, and “John Mulaney’s girlfriend” will NEVER not be funny.

      • Fabiola says:

        Why do we have to assume all woman want to get married? They can be together and focus on raising their child. He’s already been married and she’s in her 40s, there is no need to rush. I wouldn’t remarry if I got a divorced I would be fine just having a partner. I also don’t get all the breakup rumors. They always post about each other and their baby. They seem happy.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        No, not all women seek marriage, but this GF wants it. This article screams it.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        Fabiola, as noted below by WW, yes, THIS woman wants it, and bad. it’s a “me thinks thou does protest too much” scenario.

        as you noted, he has already been married and, based on how it ended, he likely isn’t interested in getting married again, at least not right now. the fact that the gossip “from a source” is all about how SHE doesn’t want to get married is telling. if he proposed, she’d JUMP at that chance.

    • Sandra says:

      She hasn’t ever dropped that “I’M not like OTHER girls” mindset, even after that was one of the biggest criticisms of her book.

      I realize this quote is from 2020, but it has been her thing since she was on G4.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        She built her career on being a “pick me girl” so she’s always played this card. It’s an impossible task for any supporter she might have to not admit this.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        that show on G4 was the first thing I saw her from and I LOATHED her on that show.

        “I’m a hot nerd chick. did I mention that I’m a hot nerd chick? plus, I’m a hot nerd chick.” was her entire shtick.

      • Kelsea says:

        Ugh of course they’re at the Bowery. That place WORSHIPS pointless celebs

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        What what
        We all know about her spike and g4 days. It was all in the Viacom building. I had a friendly acquaintance at the time that was an intern for the daily show which the GF was on very, very briefly.
        The stories that intern could only tell in private, I swear…

    • Kristin says:

      She looks incredibly smug and thirsty as hell in these photos. Pretty sure she’s the one who tipped off the photographers too..

  4. Scal says:

    I saw ALL those pap walks last week with that smug smirk on her face and it was gross. We all know who called the paps and staged all those ‘we’re a happy family!’ shots.

    That baby is adorable, but keep a baby out of your paparazzi strolls. Celebrities bigger than both of them can do it, so can they. They should both be ashamed.

    • Liz Version 700o says:

      His face when he sees her mugging for the paps is priceless. If the dictionary had a photo of the word “consequences.” That baby is adorable, but his life will be so public and do so messy.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        GF wants these shots. Arranges these shots. Puts her baby front and center. Poor child is a prop for her PR here.

      • kerfuffles says:

        OMG right?! Him in the background looking at her with that face while she waves to the cameras (i.e., probably one paparazzi she called on her speed dial).

        That baby is adorable and innocent and it rubs me the wrong way that JM is constantly posting said baby in all his IG photos, often being snuggled on by other famous comedians. I feel like maybe JM is using the baby photos to rehab his (JM’s) image. Even if his motives are purely innocent and he’s just a proud dad, it just doesn’t seem fair to the baby.

        JM went from rehab to this relationship and then a baby so quickly I worry this could all crash and burn in the worse way for him. I’m no longer a fan of the guy after how he did his wife dirty but I don’t want him to relapse. This is all so messy.

  5. HeyKay says:

    Nope. I dislike JM and OM for this entire PR rebranding of themselves.
    Stop using the sweet baby as cover for your awful selves.
    Best wishes for baby Malcolm. 😀

  6. Laughysaphy says:

    I love how Kaiser covers JM’s PARCHED gf. It gives me such glee! In those pics of her, JM and the very cute baby- girl, who are you waving to?!

  7. Lucy says:

    They’ve been together a “little over a year” is doing a lot of work. Baby is what, six months old? She got pregnant before they were together? I mean, in a few years, regardless of their relationship status, the fuzzy math will start to fade, but boy.

    • sunny says:

      You are right, the math isn’t mathing but time and distance will help with that.

      Wishing the adorable Malcolm all the best! That is all I got.

  8. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    Team MAP! Malcolm, Anna and Petunia!

    Someone tweeted that Mulaney is giving divorced man energy and oh man, absolutely.

  9. BlueSky says:

    Please! I would bet she’s got all the tabloids on speed dial. He’s never going to marry her and even *if* he proposed, her thirsty a$$ would stage a pap stroll so they could get a pic of her ring.

  10. MY3CENTS says:

    What is that hideous pajama set she is wearing? Oh wait we can’t talk about her clothes, she’s a serious actress!

    • Krista says:

      Definitely should be discussing it. It’s a seriously tragic look from Zara – now on sale!

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Careful… she could doxx us like she did the fug girls and post our real names and locations. She’s a monster for that alone.

    • North of Boston says:

      I actually like it.

      That’s about the only positive thing I can say about this whole JM/JMsGF mess.

      Oh and Malcom is cute.

    • Lady D says:

      That blue getup? I can only conclude that she lost a bet.

  11. Erin says:

    Once again, she’s leaning into the cool girl trope…. So annoying

  12. Sigmund says:

    Cute baby!

    But yeah they’re not getting married. Mulaney is not all in on this.

  13. AmelieOriginal says:

    I’m surprised these two are still together, considering the messiness of John announcing his separation from Annamarie when Olivia was about 3 months pregnant. (I did the math based on when Malcolm was born, news of John and Annamarie’s separation went public in May 2021 and Malcom was born mid-November 2021). The pregnancy wasn’t confirmed until September 2021 but we all saw pictures of Olivia walking around doing a very poor job of concealing her baby bump before John announced it on Seth Meyers’s show.

    I don’t think they will stay together and when Malcolm is old enough he’ll be able to google his messy father. But he is a very cute baby. I just feel bad he is saddled with super messy parents.

  14. AnneL says:

    I actually like her clothes (if not her smirk or personality) but he’s such a slobby dresser, lol. The purple hoodie! Did he actually choose that with any thought?

    Cute baby.

    • Asia says:

      I’d put money on it being a Northwestern hoodie, it’s the right shade of purple.

      • Kristin says:

        I think you’re right. Isn’t one of his parents a professor at Northwestern? Or was in the past?

  15. TIFFANY says:

    What does John’s girlfriend, do at this point?

    Does she have any projects lines up after her maternity leave. Anything been announced she is in consideration for.

    • KLO says:

      Check her instagram. She has had some work come out recently. I ain`t worried about her.

  16. Lux says:

    Look at her. I’m serious, look, because that’s all she wants you to do! Her baby daddy and child are walking behind her and she’s exiting like a huge star who finds a swarm of paps outside of the restaurant. Never cared for this chick, even before this mess/Fug girls incident/Japanese potatoes. I’m so glad she’s not a bigger deal.

  17. Emmi says:

    The baby is so adorable!

    Considering that during much of her pregnancy she was pretty private, I was shocked at how very public they’ve both been since the kid was born. His cute little face is all over their respective IGs. Not cool.

    • Normades says:

      She was only “private” because the details were so messy. They were obbs having an affair for months, maybe even more than a year. He only left his wife because she ´opps!´ got pregnant.

  18. ariel says:

    Team adorable baby and good parenting.
    And team- his last relationship is over and his ex has zero to do with his baby and current relationship in 2022.
    Damn, that baby is a cutie.

    • Green Desert says:

      Agreed @Ariel. And regardless of how the relationship started, I think it’s okay to accept a couple who have a young child together.

  19. Kim says:

    I understand why she whose name must not be mentioned, but in doing so it seems like John is A-OK. Isn’t he just as, if not more, culpable? Although it would be pretty difficult to write a post without mentioning either name!

  20. Elizabeth says:

    I saw his show at the Garden last Friday, partly because I like his work but also partly out of curiosity for what he would say. He goes into A LOT of detail about his rehab experience, and then after spending a very long time on that, he says he has a seven month-old son, tells an anecdote about his birth, and then moves on. I don’t think any celebrity “owes us” an explanation for or details on their private life, but it was jarring and weird for him to not say anything to acknowledge the messiness surrounding that, especially after the minute detail on his intervention and rehab. Even just something like “I know people are curious about this, but since it involves a small person who didn’t ask for the situation, I won’t talk about it,” would have worked better than completely glossing it over.

    • Nic919 says:

      His interviews go on a lot about personal things from rehab and how he is dealing with being a father. He barely talks about the mother of his baby and seeing as how he gets personal about everything else going on in his life, it seems very strange.

      He gives off vibes that he wants to get better through rehab and be a present father, but this relationship with the baby’s mother isn’t going to be long term.

      • KLO says:

        He doesn`t owe us details on his personal life. I find him very funny and Olivia very pretty, and I don`t need to know more. I´m for Team Malcolm to have two dedicated and loving parents.

      • Caseysmom says:

        Or maybe he spoke so much about his ex-wife in his early shows that he learned not to mention his partners? I suspect he wrote Tendler a large check because of that.

      • Nic919 says:

        Nowhere did I say he owes us details but seeing as how he provides so much personal detail in public for everything but her, including his baby, it’s strange.

        And saying team anything for people you don’t even know is just weird. Even the baby.

  21. Kristin says:

    I don’t know, they just look completely mis-matched and out of sync to me. He’s dressed so casually and she’s all dolled up with full makeup and fresh blowout with designer clothes/shoes like she’s ready for her pap walk. I would be seriously shocked if they lasted as an actual couple.

  22. Silent Star says:

    That’s fine. I don’t think marriage is a necessity or even a logical choice generally, so I always support those who choose not to. Good for them.

  23. Green Desert says:

    I’ve come around on them. I know the beginning was messy. I also still think she needs to do a full disavowal of her memoir (which is misogynistic cool-girl trash). But they have a child together. If everyone’s happy and healthy that’s all that matters now. Social media doesn’t tell the whole story but they do seem happy. His interview on the Smartless pod is good too, he sounds like a happy dad.

    • Invisible Video Game Woman says:

      Our careers began at the same time, in the same way, and boy did it suck to have all these nerds comparing me against some size-zero actress who had no interest in tech. (I did not work at G4.) And I mean, it’s so hard to forgive the other women you were pitted against, even after you correct the internalized misogyny, because the kid inside you, who existed before the correction, is still bitter. Maybe that’s what she wrestles with, too?

      Anyway, I’d like for them to be happy, and to remain happy. I’m not against either of them. And to have your life up for grabs like that absolutely sucks. (He has a bunch of friends who are games-adjacent, so this isn’t so strange of a coupling, either, for the record.)

      • Fortuona says:

        And she is friends with Seth Meyer’s wife before all of this happened

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        I doubt your careers began the same way. Unless you leaned into the misogyny of spike tv manswers too.
        She was very rude to a friend I had at the time that was an intern at Viacom. I believe strongly she is still as nasty.

  24. notunlikethewaves says:

    Sigh. You know that idea of *not* referring to women as if they’re nothing but appengdages to men, and disproportionately at fault for men’s errors? It doesn’t actually do much if it only applies to women you like.

    • Sigmund says:

      Did you miss the explanations why she’s not referred to by name?

    • Nic919 says:

      Maybe do a google search as to why she’s not referred to by name before posting and making accusations of misogyny and looking like an ass.

      She called out the fug girls for attacking her, which is false, but her fan base such as it is made life very difficult for them.

      She’s not named because she does searches and targets blogs for no valid reason. Anyone who has read the Fug Girls know they are the site the least likely to be critical of celebrities beyond their outfits.