Prince Michael of Kent & his racist wife don’t actually appear to be retiring?

Richard Kay’s Daily Mail columns are becoming increasingly… odd. It’s just weird what he chooses to focus on, and how he sometimes does weirdly exhaustive backstories and histories for no real reason. Kay’s latest column is about Prince Michael of Kent and his wife, Princess Michael of Kent aka Marie-Christine or “MC” as Kay informs us. In June, we heard that Prince Michael and MC were likely retiring from public life very soon, and that they were simply enjoying their last summer social season. They made multiple appearances at the Platinum Jubbly events, and Princess Michael went to Wimbledon a few times during the Championships. But Prince Michael and MC also threw a lavish party at Kensington Palace very recently for Prince Michael’s birthday. It was assumed that they would both announce their retirement at the party. That announcement did not come. Which is why Kay has written this: “Cruel digs at Princess Diana, whispers of affairs, Russian cash and so often the butt of royal in-jokes… But as the curtain finally falls on the couple Prince Charles dubbed the ‘Rent-a-Kents’, don’t bet on them going quietly.” As in, the Kents will have to be forced out.

Official silence: Last month it was reported that the Kents were to retire from public life. Apart from guffaws and social media mockery questioning what exactly they were retiring from, there has, so far, been official silence. There has been no announcement from the couple and nor has there been any change to the website Prince Michael, the Queen’s first cousin, operates. It lists his many charities and other organisations, as well as his military — he served 20 years in the Royal Hussars — and business interests.

Business as usual: Indeed, it was being suggested in palace circles that Michael and Marie-Christine, 77, might use the July 4 party to confirm their plans. Instead, they did no such thing. The invitations to the gathering, which reminded guests to wear ‘shoes for lawns’, suggested that chez-Kent it was very much business as usual.

Prince Michael still has all of his Russian associations: Intriguingly, more than three months after severing his ties to Russia, which came under scrutiny following the invasion of Ukraine, the website also continues to register the prince as patron of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce, a post from which he stood down in March. Those [Russian] business links, for so long vital in keeping his imperious wife — dubbed Princess Pushy by her husband’s royal relatives — in the style to which she had become accustomed, have now, of course, taken something of a hit.

He’s still making Russian money: He is, however, understood to have remained an ambassador and shareholder of RemitRadar, a British registered money-transfer firm that helps people to send cash overseas, which is run by former KGB officer Sergei Markov. Quite what happens to those and other commercial arrangements if he is no longer working is not clear. That blurred line between commerce and royalty has been both a blessing and a curse, at the heart of the prince and princess’s good fortune but also a source of considerable controversy.

[From The Daily Mail]

The point of this Kay column was that the Kents are not going, nor are they going quietly. He just fluffed it up with an exhaustive history of how racist and glamorous Princess Michael is and how her husband is compromised twenty different ways by his Russian business interests. At no point does Kay make any of that sound like a bad thing though? There’s a tone problem. I honestly thought that the Kents were retiring, but they were being allowed to retire on their own terms, and mostly because of their age and health issues. My guess is that the Kents are angling for some kind of exit package from the Firm. They probably want to keep their huge Kensington Palace apartment and all of their money and connections.

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  1. K8erade says:

    It sounds like Charles is smart and forcing the Kents into retirement rather than allowing them to retire willingly. It’s one less PR nightmare on Charles’ plate. Is he kicking them out of Kensington Palace too?

  2. Lila says:

    I’m honestly curious about what retirement looks like for non-heir royals. Lump sum? Funding 401ks the entire time? Scrounging and begging for handouts? It seems like Charles would be able to force them to cut Russian ties OR cut their funding…but not both.

  3. lunchcoma says:

    They’re going to be retiring. Just possibly not until Charles is king. And while they might want to keep the Kensington apartment, I don’ t think that’s likely. Presumably their money and connections are their own.

    Andrew needs to be bought off because he’s dangerous and is close enough to the important royals to maybe have some actual dirt. These people? No. They’re easily disclaimed as distant cousins by everyone except Elizabeth, who genuinely likes them (which says a lot about her), and anything they know that could qualify as a scandal would be old as dirt.

    • Jay says:

      I agree that Andrew is a much bigger danger to the family outside of it than in, who knows what schemes he would get involved in to keep up his life of privilege? The Kents are considerably less powerful, for sure.

      But this shows the limits of Charles’ current position, where he is (quietly) trying to reshape the family dynamic. He can cajole, and pressure, and even threaten, but I think the Kents know that when push comes to shove, they are there at the whims of the Queen, and she won’t banish them.

      So Charles can set up as many retirement parties and leak that this time, the Kents are finally leaving, honest, but they are not getting off that gravy train unless and until they’re pushed off. And how would that look for PR- conscious Charles, if one if the first things he does as king was to kick out the impoverished cousins, so beloved of his mother?

      It would be better to quietly pension them off now, head off any uncomfortable investigations into their dubious connections, “buy out” their KP lease and send them to a nice modest retirement bungalow somewhere in Switzerland or something, but of course, the Queen won’t do it.

  4. Eurydice says:

    Stab, stab, stab, stab. So, maybe Kay didn’t overtly disapprove of the Kent’s Russia connections, but this piece is a pretty thorough skewering.

  5. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Keep keeping them around and damaging the reputation of the monarchy. Keep on keeping on.
    It’s what they all deserve.

  6. Julia K says:

    That Blackamor broach is butt ugly and deliberately worn in front of Meghan. She is a nasty person. That the Queen likes her speaks volumes.

    • SuzieQ says:

      Exactly this.
      The Queen should have kicked her to the curb after the brooch incident. It’s shameful that she didn’t.
      Also, it’s pretty hilarious that Prince Bags-of-Cash Charles should worry about another royal’s dodgy connections. But then hypocrisy seems to be his calling card.

    • SIde Eye says:

      Yep What a vile, despicable person. She is a coward because she made sure to be photographed with it outside in her vehicle knowing these pics would surface, but had removed her coat when she actually met Meghan. What a passive aggressive, vile, racist coward.

      • Beverley says:

        Oh, so she chickened out at the last minute, did she? She was sure ballsy enough to make sure the paps saw her deplorable Blackamoor pin, but didn’t quite have the nerve to wear it proudly in front of Meghan? Typical! Many racists are rabid haters, so keen to proudly display their bigotry for friends and family to applaud and support, but they’re yellow-bellied cowards when face-to-face with POC.

    • Stacey Dresden says:

      She is atrocious. I can’t wait for her to go AWAY!

  7. tuille says:

    Do we see a hat in the Royal Box? I thought that wasn’t allowed.

  8. Woke says:

    How Charles is going to handle this mess is going to be interesting . Charles only has the Cambriges, the Wessexes and Anne those queen cousins like it or not they do a lot of the things Will and Kate would not do. They need to go but the family justification for their lifestyle is the number of engagements they do how are they going to spin the dramatic reduction in numbers ?

    • Ohso says:

      But the Prince Michael of Kent’s are not official royals like the other cousins Princess Alexandra of Kent, the Duke of Kent and the Gloucesters. Those cousins do officially represent the Queen. In fact the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester were hardest-working couple in the Royal Family in July (Anne was the hardest working individual). And they just celebrated their Golden wedding anniversary (they are in their late 70s)

  9. Jay says:

    This is not very much different than the Andrew problem which currently plagues the House of Windsor, and I think represents some behind the scenes uncertainty, an undercover power struggle between the Queen’s entourage and Charles’.

    It seems plain that the talk of the Kents “retiring gracefully” was put out by the increasingly powerful regent in all but name. I can see Charles ( or someone in his employ) basically giving them a chance to slip away quietly, before there were any investigations into those Russian ties.

    And equally, I can see the Kents refusing to go, hanging on for dear life, and the queen letting them, because she is The Worst at both reading current public mood and at facing up to a problem. She would rather turtle and hope everyone magically forgets about it.

  10. Tigerlily says:

    I remember when pr Michael & ‘MC’ got married & the kerfuffle over her being Catholic plus divorced. It seemed like Michael had a lot of goodwill from QEII. It didn’t take long for MC’s true colours to come through. My understanding is that she’s tolerated by QEII & the royal family but not well liked. Recall comment from current Earl of Snowden about what he’d gift to worst enemy: dinner with MC 🤭. Also QEII’s comment that MC is ‘too grand’ for royal family.

  11. jferber says:

    Just retire, racists.

  12. BeanieBean says:

    So the press created a retirement story & when it didn’t happen–because they made it up–they find the situation odd? That’s what passes for news in the UK?

  13. JRenee says:

    She really is a wretched, miserable woman. If his ties to Russia are so strong, maybe they’ll retire there…