Halsey is auctioning off paintings to benefit abortion funds

Halsey has never been one of those celebrities that shies away from discussing politics so as not to alienate potential fans. They’ve supported Democratic political candidates and have always been very outspoken on the progressive side of various issues. (And who can forget her Women’s March poem from 2018.) Even before her recent Vogue op-ed in support of abortion rights, there was no question about where she stood on the issue. Now, Halsey is auctioning off five paintings through Sotheby’s and will donate the proceeds of the sales to abortion funds.

Halsey is selling their paintings for a cause they’re passionate about.

On Monday, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter announced they’re auctioning off five paintings created onstage during their recently wrapped Love and Power Tour via Sotheby’s and donating the proceeds to the National Network of Abortions, which supports abortion funds across the United States.

The auction follows the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent reversal of Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that protected the right to abortion in every state, which Halsey’s remained vocal about since its announcement in June.

Each painting available through Sotheby’s was created by Halsey in three minutes while performing a song onstage during recent concerts in Detroit; Boston; Nashville, Tennessee; Gulf Shores, Alabama; and Portland, Oregon.

The artworks, which feature faces outlined in black ink and adorned with primary colors, are currently on display at Sotheby’s New York gallery, per the company’s Instagram. Bidding began online on July 9 with a starting bid of $5,000 as part of the organization’s upcoming Contemporary Discoveries auction, which closes July 19.

Other artists featured in Sotheby’s Contemporary Discoveries auction include Hugh Steers, Kara Walker, Wolf Kahn, Maureen Gallace, Andy Denzler and Lucian Freud.

Earlier this month, Halsey penned an open letter published in Vogue and said abortion “saved my life.”

When news of the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade, which had been in effect since 1973, broke last month, Halsey wrote on Twitter that they felt “defeated” by the ruling.

The decision lets individual states decide whether to allow abortions and will likely lead to all but total bans on the procedure in nearly half of the country.

“I have been advocating for abortion, reproductive rights, and bodily integrity for as long as I’ve had a platform and I’m running out of ways to word and frame the severity of the impact that fundamentalism has on our country,” they wrote at the time. “I know some of you look to my page for information or guidance but I need a little bit of time to speak to some people with more authority and experience than me and gather my thoughts. I don’t want to just contribute to antagonistic noise.”

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At recent concerts since the SCOTUS decision, Halsey has been incorporating it into her set and also told fans if they didn’t support abortion rights they could leave. Auctioning these paintings is a cool and unique way to donate and support the cause. I knew Halsey was artsy and creative beyond songwriting and music — she published a book of poems and has posted pictures related to painting and other creative endeavors — but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her work. It’s really good. When I saw the headline, I assumed that they were pulling paintings from their archives, but they actually did these five paintings on stage during their tour specifically for this purpose. That’s such a cool idea and will make the paintings feel extra special for whoever ultimately wins the auction. Also, they’re in very good company with the other artists featured in the auction. Good for Halsey for being so openly supportive and donating and raising awareness. I didn’t intend to be shady in a story about a good thing, but I’d be remiss not to mention that when I was re-watching Halsey’s Women’s March poem, the Marilyn Manson tattoo jumped to mind. Despite her wardrobe, it seems like she’s taking care not to be photographed from that angle and I really hope she’s getting that thing removed because it’s definitely at odds with the rest of her image/activism.

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  1. Kiera says:

    This is great and makes me so happy others are finding ways to use art to bring awareness to this. I’m trying to put together an exhibition at my gallery for this fall where a portion of the proceeds go to the Center for Reproductive Rights.

    I had an abortion at 22 and doing so enabled me to continue my education and eventually open my own business.

    I’m really nervous about this as even though I’m in the art world some clients and artists won’t agree with this. Wish me luck guys!

    • Miranda says:

      Good luck! And thank you for being open about your abortion and how it actually improved your life. I know several women who don’t mind saying that they’ve had abortions, but are still uneasy about sharing their reasons or admitting that it wasn’t a difficult or traumatizing decision. If there’s anything positive to come out of all this, it’s that women are increasingly refusing to be ashamed.

      • Kiera says:

        I used to be not be open about it but over the last few years I have been more and more.

        It did change my life for the better. I had only been with my now husband for 6 months and we were both ski instructors with seasonal jobs and no health insurance. Having an abortion gave us the ability to really be able to know each other and not be yoked together because of a misplaced ejaculation.

        It allowed me the time to go to grad school, become the director of a gallery, and build financial security so I could feel ready to have my beautiful little girl.

        Having an abortion helped give me the life I dreamed about and helped me give my little girl a stable, loving family who are fully committed and supportive of each other.

        I’m 32 now and I look back over what I’ve done in the last ten years and none of it would have happened otherwise.

      • Mle428 says:

        I also had an abortion. I was only dating the guy who I eventually married for about 4 months. That abortion allowed me to finish my education and set myself up financially to create a stable home. I found out I was pregnant with my son (planned) the same week I started grad school. I had a supportive partner and an already solid career and my son has advantages I couldn’t have dreamed of providing having grown up poor myself.

        I’m so grateful for that choice. I was also emotionally prepared to be a mom later, where that was not the case in my early 20’s. I had a lot of trauma to wade through and a lot of therapy before I was capable of anything but just trying to survive.

    • Stacey Dresden says:

      Good luck. You’re doing a good thing.

  2. Toquiro says:

    Love her!

  3. jferber says:

    Good for her! And good of her! This Supreme Court SUCKS.

  4. JRenee says:

    I absolutely love this creativity. Even if R v.W wasn’t the recipient of the resulting funds, the creativity is awesome.
    I’m sure there are other artist that dabble in multiple media’s but this is awe inspiring to me.
    I hope others find ways to donate to great causes like this.

    What’s the deal with the tattoo though???