Khloe Kardashian is expecting a second child with Tristan via surrogacy

A quick refresher timeline: in the first six months of 2021, Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian were technically together, but he was openly cheating on her with multiple women. Khloe knew about some of the women and she even tried to bully and harass them into silence. One of the women Khloe apparently did NOT know about was Maralee Nichols, who was sleeping with Tristan on-and-off in February and March 2021. Crash cut to summer 2021, Tristan cheats again, Khloe dumps him again, only not really. Despite her public denials, Khloe and Tristan were still seeing each other throughout 2021, up until early December… when it was revealed publicly that Maralee Nichols was expecting Tristan’s child. Tristan tried to take Maralee to court, he tried to deny paternity, but yeah, he was the father. Then Khloe and Tristan were finally “done.” Just kidding, I’m sure they’re still happening.

Now it looks like Khloe and Tristan were so “together” in the fall of 2021, they arranged for a surrogate to carry their second child. The implantation/conception happened in November, at least that’s what Kardashian sources are saying now. TMZ broke the news that the surrogate is due any day now. Khloe’s rep confirmed the story with People:

Khloé Kardashian will soon be a mom of two, PEOPLE can confirm. The Kardashians star, 38, and Tristan Thompson, 31, are expecting another child together via surrogate, a representative for Khloé tells PEOPLE

“We can confirm True will have a sibling who was conceived in November,” the rep tells PEOPLE. “Khloé is incredibly grateful to the extraordinary surrogate for such a beautiful blessing. We’d like to ask for kindness and privacy so that Khloe can focus on her family.”

A source tells PEOPLE that despite the pair expecting a sibling for 4-year-old daughter True, “Khloe and Tristan are not back together and have not spoken since December outside of co-parenting matters.”

The source also adds: “The baby was conceived via surrogate before it was revealed to Khloe and the public that Tristan was having a baby with someone else in December.”

[From People]

The story from Khloe’s side is meant to suggest that Khloe had no idea about Maralee before early December, and as far as Khloe was concerned, she believed that she and Tristan were together and “exclusive” as late as November 2021. While I can buy the idea that Khloe had no idea about Maralee specifically or her pregnancy, Tristan absolutely knew. Maralee’s pregnancy was not a secret to him. He had been trying to keep it a secret for a while. Which means he let Khloe go through with the surrogacy knowing that the Maralee-pregnancy story was about to blow up any day.

Now, Khloe made no secret of the fact that she wanted a second child, nor did she keep it a secret that she was heavily considering surrogacy or gestational carriers or fertility treatments. It’s been featured on the new Hulu show too, and Tristan always seemed down with having another baby with Khloe. Khloe apparently told her family that “she’d do it without Tristian if she needed to” because she wanted another baby so badly. Sources also tell ET that Khloe and Tristan “were on good terms they decided to move forward with surrogacy near the end of last year” and that soon after the surrogacy happened “Tristian was caught cheating.” Which is not exactly true – Tristan had been cheating on Khloe for years with multiple women, and Maralee had gotten pregnant in February/March.

And finally, a source told ET: “The two aren’t together and Khloe will have the baby full time… [but] Khloe wants Tristian in both the kids’ lives as much as he wants to be.” Khloe and Tristan will be back together by Labor Day.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instar.

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  1. Noki says:

    Dont come at me Lol But maybe the K sisters ‘one baby father’ pact is smart,I think at the end of the day, its better to minimize having to deal with multiple baby daddies right? Tristan,Kanye,Scott,Travis they are already connected for life might as well.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Where is the logic in having a repeated cheat as a father to multiple kids, rather than having a second child with a loyal, decent and committed man that values family life? This woman doesn’t have the sense that God (or Ryan Seacrest) gave a goose. Those poor kids learning that this is how you should accept a man treating you.

      • Amanda says:

        @Zapp Brannigan: Exactly. I don’t get why they are so insistent on all of the kids having the same dad. Or, if they are really against it, just don’t have any more kids then.

      • Sarah says:

        I don’t think the loyal, committed family man is an option for her. Where would she find such a man? Better to have one co-parent to deal with than two if you aren’t going for a traditional nuclear family. I see it like using the same sperm donor for both kids like friends of mine did.

    • Lemons says:

      I don’t think it has anything to do with a pact or dealing with baby daddies. I think they are all traumatized by Kris’ decision to remarry and have children with another man (allegedly men).

      Kim and Kourtney are clearly sisters. Kendall and Kylie look like sisters. Khloe looks more like a Jenner…And at least Khloe has been THROUGH IT regarding who her father really is. I don’t think the first three sisters want their children to deal with that.

      Superficially, I think they also want to minimize how their genes look in their children since they themselves have had such extensive plastic surgery (outside of Kourtney)

      • Justwastingtime says:

        I do think that Khloe has been traumatized by comparisons of her looks to the rest of the family which could be the reason for her wanting another child from the same father. As a mom with bio and adopted kids, it really doesn’t make a difference to someone without those issues. However, given those likely issues, it’s probably the best decision for her and her kids. I am not counting Tristin in the equation as she will mostly be a single parent as far as I can tell

        Which is not giving her a pass on her other behavior, trauma does not excuse the bullying she has done on social media.

      • KC says:

        THIS 1,000 times! Somewhere in their personal history the lesson they took away was life is less complicated/stressful and more desirable when there’s just one baby daddy. I’m not sure whether it was Kris verbally cautioning them or their own experiences in that family. Since they mimic everything about Kris including her cosmetic surgery looks I’m inclined to believe it’s the latter. I always think of how hard it has been for Khloe with the rumors of multiple dads and who knows what else the other girls witnessed or experienced. For them it seems like some kind of life lesson that they’re adhering to. I could see Kourtney being the one to break away from that though.

        On another note, I’d been wondering what Kris’ quote about her kids being unwed parents was paving the way for. I guess this was it.

      • Wrin says:

        Totally agree. Khloe has NEVER looked like a Kardashian and deep down, she probably fears that she’s not. Robert Sr accepted her as his own so for all intents and purposes, he’s her dad. Khloe must have unhealed trauma to desire more children with someone who clearly does not love her because he hasn’t yet learned to love himself. Unprotected sex with random folks? Tristan is Twisted.

      • Detnow359 says:

        Khloe’s dad is without a doubt Alex Rodan. If you see his pics and her pre-surgery pics they are twins.

    • Woke says:

      Technically yeah we can call that smart since none of them are marrying them except Kim. But couldn’t be me I can’t have children with a man who clearly doesn’t respect me I rather have a sperm donor.

      • equality says:

        Really. There are other options: donors or adoption. All that time that Khloe was thinking she couldn’t have children, did she ever consider adoption? Or do they all think they are special and their genes need passing on?

      • Noki says:

        Of course there are other options for a a baby..but they clearly want one father for all their kids, so they are no other options in terms of the Father they started to procreate with, they are with him till the finish line.

      • Selene says:

        @Equality, don’t trivialize the decision to adopt a child. If someone has never had in in their hearts to adopt, they shouldn’t do so. We’ve seen too many horror stories of adoptees who share how they were made mistreated and made to feel by people who thought they did them a favor.

      • equality says:

        Don’t see how I am “trivializing” adoption by asking if Khloe considered it.

    • Josephine says:

      i don’t know — choosing someone you know will not father your kids is just crappy to the kids. i get that women have kids on their own all the time but that’s not what they are doing. they are choosing men that the kids are aware of, and will become aware that the men they call dad have little interest in them. it’s super damaging for the kids, and these women are deliberately setting up that scenario.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Josephine, you hit the nail on the proverbial head. These patterns will not only impact their future partners but will in tandem mentally affect their views on fathers. You shouldn’t choose someone to have a child with yet create the scenario of no contact. The children will one day grow up and see the truth, with regards to K & T. They will have difficulty with intimate partners for life unless they are cognizant and search for the treatment to rectify the damage.

      • teecee says:

        But don’t many adopted children face the same abandonment trauma as well?

    • Maddy says:

      I wouldn’t call it smart. It’s toxic.
      Instead of running behind Tristan all those years, Khloé could have found someone who doesn’t dog her out and who’s going to be a great partner/husband to her and father to their future kids.

      She’s prioritizing the wrong thing and setting a terrible example for her daughter.

    • Jules says:

      If by smart you mean toxic and pathetic, sure.

    • lunchcoma says:

      I can see where it comes from, but I don’t think it cuts down on drama at all. What it actually seems to do is give the women an excuse to keep a toxic guy as a partner rather than cement a workable coparenting relationship with him.

      Relationships with your child’s other parent don’t HAVE to be drama filled nonsense. Those of the Kardashian are partly because of the partners they choose and partly because their incomes depend on generating a certain amount of drama.

    • DuchessL says:

      Of course it’s smart to have kids with the same father. They absolutely know that the chances that they make a lifetime together with 1 man is close to null (in LA even worst probably) It’s just statistics, nothing personal. How would you deal time with 2,3,4 men? Just impossible to adapt to. That is a good call.

      • NorthStar says:

        I agree. Life is short. Finding a good, committed husband and father isn’t just a challenge for the Kardashians, but for many people I know. Tristan as that choice though …at that point just do the donor, and don’t get hung up on matching genetics.

        Also, this is not what adoption is for, come on! – Signed, a mom by adoption with an amazing husband.

    • teecee says:

      I think I actually agree with you. The Kardashian men are just sperm donors, so why not stick with one man until you have the kids you want? Money will never be a problem, and it does seem like the women are all pretty tight, so there will be large extended family support.

    • Oh-Dear says:

      I wonder if has more to do with their sibling experiences – they want to make sure their kids have full sibling relationships by sharing the same father, DNA, bonding (of lack of) instead of having half-siblings like the Jenner/Kardashian siblings are.

      (I have no judgement on siblings from different parents, so if my word choices are poor, my apologies!)

      • Ange says:

        Consideing how they completely erase True’s other siblings from the narrative you could be onto something there.

  2. Seaflower says:

    This woman has no self respect or esteem.

    • BusyLizyy says:

      This exactly. He treats her like trash repeatedly and she keeps coming back to him. They will absolutely get back together by the end of the year.

      Also – she’s proof that all that money and surgery can’t bring you happiness and self worth.

      • Chloe says:

        Well it’s little wonder that her self-esteem is at a low point. She’s been called the ugly sister since KUWTK started filming and she even had her paternity questioned.

      • Eurydice says:

        To quote Alexis Rose – “David, you’re practically 40 years old. I shouldn’t be able to make you feel bad about anything.”

        Ugly Sister and Desperate Mess are pretty much Khloe’s trademarks – that’s her role in the “reality” show. She couldn’t change that persona even if she wanted to.

      • Bettyrose says:

        It’s not normal to be this entangled with your family as an adult. Their livelihoods and images are all intertwined. Its one thing if you’re lucky enough to just have a loving close knit family, but if you don’t (and most of us don’t) it’s healthy to have distance and boundaries, which Khloe doesn’t.

    • Matilda says:

      She’s a terrible role model to her daughter. And I thought he couldn’t afford anymore kids and that’s why he asked for Maralee to abort. True has two half siblings already, no need to bring another soul into their koven.

  3. Oh_Hey says:

    This poor woman’s self esteem. The bar just seems to be in hell and she needs to get away from the Tristan, that family, and cameras.

  4. Ariel says:

    She’s that friend you have to let go of because she calls everyone for advice until someone says what she wants to hear and then she makes the dumbest decision possible every time. And at some point you have to back away from the tornado of stupid choices, because even just having lunch with her is like banging your head against the wall.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      I think we know the same woman.

      • Eurydice says:

        Lol, that woman gets around, doesn’t she? I let go once I realized she was an energy vampire, that she actually enjoyed all the high drama, operatic wailing and raging self-pity. After every encounter, she came out all plump and refreshed and I was like a dried out dish rag.

      • The Hench says:

        I recommend ‘The Games People Play’ by Dr Eric Berne. It’s all about the psychological games people play all the time in life – and how to recognise and deal with them. Fascinating and very useful. This sounds a bit like the game of ‘Why don’t you? Yes, but…’ where players (mostly sub-consciously) set out to ask multiple people a solution to a certain problem. However, the winning of the game is not to actually get a solution but to prove everyone’s suggestions non-workable. Hence all the people going ‘why don’t you try x,y,z” and the protagonist replying ‘Yes, but…here’s why I can’t’.

        The only way to deal with people like that is to refuse to engage because there is no winning with them. You just go ‘Oh, I’m sure you will have already thought of everything. Something will come up’.

    • BlueSky says:

      Those women I call “askholes”
      They want “advice” but want they really want is for you to agree with the dumb decisions they make. I had to start grey rocking this one woman. All she does is complain and play the victim. She’s mad because she’s divorced and tried to mess up her ex husband’s wedding by not making their son available for a fitting. She was asking us to pray that he would change his mind and come back to her.

      • Jaded says:

        Love that description…*askholes*, it’s perfect!

      • SIde Eye says:

        Usually I don’t click on Khloe posts. I have been missing out! I am so glad I clicked here. “Askholes” I can’t stop laughing – it’s perfection! Thank you for sharing that. I have dropped two different Askholes from my life – one recently by gray rocking. Gray rocking is a great way to get rid of these people. They love drama and with gray rocking you never give it to them.

    • dina says:

      YESS, 100%.

      She reminds so much of a friend I’ve had to really distance myself from recently, because the constant bad life choices and bullshit is too taxing. Even if I just meet her for a coffee I regret it and am like…. WHY do I deal with this person, you know? Sigh

    • Jaded says:

      I call them black holes of negativity — they literally suck all the good energy out of you like a vampire. I’ve had to end friendships with people like that too, it’s just too taxing mentally and emotionally. You can give them all the good advice, sympathy and help in the world and they just keep taking and taking and taking.

  5. Amy Bee says:

    When Tristan apologised to Khloe for the Maralee situation I knew they were still together. This news isn’t a shock to me and I agree that she and Tristan will get back together.

  6. Chloe says:

    I understand the wish for your children to have the same father but is that really more important that respect and your self-worth?

    Note: if the surrogate conceived in November that true’s newest sibling is due pretty soon.

  7. BelgiumSugar says:

    Well, I guess congratulations to Khloe. I believe she is a sweet and good mom for True, and will be a the same for her new addition in the family. I dislike Tristan and hope he doesn’t ruin this experience for Khloe. I have a lot of opinions about the Kardashians and Khloe in particular, but do believe she does deserve so much better than this POS.

    • KC says:

      🥴Yeah, I feel for her too. Not only can she not get a break, she gets in her own way, has been dogged for her looks, and typecast as the ugly/undesirable one in her family, been in a toxic family, and has unfortunately picked guys with whom she has unhealthy relationships. Honestly, I think Kris has done a lot of damage psychologically with this one and Rob (the two “misfits” to her sexy, alluring woman koven). I don’t know if Khloe has sought help to work through these issues, is aware she needs any, and quite frankly, I feel like that family keeps their own counsel so I’m not sure she’ll ever be motivated to break free from this toxic mess.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there some drama/scandal with Tristan the last time they had a baby? I wonder if that affected her choice for surrogacy this go round. 🤔 I was going to say I hope two kids are enough for her because that’s the only way she’ll be free of Tristan but the reality is she’s got two kids with him, they’re forever entertwined. I guess it’s nice she doesn’t have the challenge of also recovering from giving birth and pregnancy this time. 😔

  8. Lucy says:


  9. noelani says:

    PMK really did a number on her daughters’ self-esteem…

  10. Woke says:

    What are they teaching their children really, that as long as a man gives you children he’s allowed to continue to disrespect you ?

  11. Likeyoucare says:

    Why do i see them having babies as a bussiness decision.
    Okay everyone at least need to have 3 babies each before you turn 50 so we can continue our reality shows while you are hot like kris.

  12. JustMe says:

    So she’s going to ignore True’s other siblings like they don’t exist. YIKES I mean I’m sure most of us has broken up and got back with people but dang not when the person obviously has zero respect for you. She looks like a clown and frankly they deserve each other. Meanwhile Jordyn has blossomed and is living her best life with a partner who obviously adores her.

  13. Leslie says:

    True already has two siblings I’m sure she never sees – Tristan’s two other children by different women.

    Khloe is a clown.

  14. Something something says:

    I think I understand what you’re saying. I do believe that women’s autonomy over their bodies is essential, and if Khloé believes that the best thing for her is to use a surrogate, one could understand that. But the other side of the coin as it seems that she is choosing a surrogate because she’s worked so hard on her body, to make it into this idea of perfection she has, and she doesn’t want to ruin that by carrying a child. That’s just my interpretation. It just compounds the weirdness of watching the person constantly fine-tuning their physical appearance and yet not fine tuning the romantic relationships in their life.

    • SAS says:

      @Something, yes! You were so much more articulate than me. I absolutely don’t want to give the impression I’m uncomfortable with surrogacy, or assume anything about Khloe’s health/medical situation, ESPECIALLY at a time that is so fraught for women’s reproductive rights in the US.

      That all being said, those yacht pics are just not sitting right for me. I will wear that this is mostly a “me” issue, but with the tik tok circulating about Kim photoshopping her 9 year old to have a defined waist, I’m mostly sending lots of loving thoughts and kindness to the little girls in that family and wishing the best for that little baby on the way.

  15. Miranda says:

    I look at Khloe and feel like I need to apologize to my dad for rolling my eyes and scoffing at him for being “overprotective” when he would stress the importance of choosing boyfriends who genuinely respected me and didn’t try to change me. It was annoying at the time, perhaps because he raised me well enough to begin with that those criteria seemed fairly obvious. THIS is what happens when a parent like Kris doesn’t even ATTEMPT to get that message across (see also: Carole Middleton).

  16. FHMom says:

    I feel the same way. Surrogacy is a miracle for women who can’t carry, and I’m going to leave it at that. It shouldn’t be used like ordering in food because you are too tired to cook or you don’t want to dirty your new gourmet kitchen. She really wanted a new baby and since she could afford to have one without ruining all the “hard work” she put into her body, she did. Oh, I’m sure this baby will be loved. It’s just that everything the K’s do is with an eye towards their image. Khloe will be working the hot mom angle for years.

  17. girl_ninja says:

    SMDH. I don’t get why these people are obsessed with having babies with ONE guy, their mother didn’t hold to that. She has two to three babies fathers.

    • purplehazeforever says:

      That might be the reason.

    • Jane Wilson says:

      Yes! This is the thing: why the obsession with multiple baby fathers, when the real question is why must you have MULTIPLE BABIES?
      Why is one child not enough? To the extent that you actually PLAN to have a child, and specifically with the guy who’s not committed (only) to you?
      Why not just have the children that result from a real, committed, serious relationship?
      Or if you MUST have another child, then consciously commit to having a child from an anonymous donor or friend who won’t be legally or financially or personally involved without mutual consent.
      This idea that they all must have multiple children, and with that as the guiding principle, agree as a group, that the fewer fathers the better…is creepy. And doesn’t really translate as devotion to family.
      It sounds like some sort of centuries-old measure of a woman, measured literally by the number of children they can produce.
      Not a fan of this family – and not particularly sympathetic to Khloe, as all this drama is going to have the most destructive impact – obviously – on the children.

  18. Betina says:

    There are caps in the US to how much you can legally pay a surrogate. I think 40k is the ceiling.

  19. SarahCS says:

    At this point this guy is a donor right? I’m pretty confident there’s a contract somewhere outlining that he has zero responsibility for this child, financial or otherwise. What a mess.

    Khloe clearly won’t invest in herself and the therapy she needs to make healthy choices for her romantic life and family but at this point my only concern is for these poor children. What a mess to grow up in, I dread to think how they will turn out with these sort of role models.

    • Kay says:

      This is what I don’t get…the OBSESSION with having the same shitty “dad”. I totally get wanting multiple kids. I have always known I wanted to be a mom, and would have pursued being a single mom by choice if life had gone that way. Khloe has all the money in the world. She could have accessed the donor sperm of a mensa level supermodel and avoided ALL OF THIS, and she’d have gotten a lot of respect for it.

  20. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    If she’s happy, let them stay together. Why are so many people rooting for Khloe to get a “man who respects her”? She and Tristan clearly love each other and they are morally compromised in similar ways. They both bully pregnant women, they both cheat. This is a match!
    Khloe doesn’t deserves “better”: she is obsessed with beginning relationships with Black men who are already in committed relationships with Black women. That is the type of man she dates: color-struck cheaters. This is the type of man want she wants and desires, and she found one with some emotional obligation to her.
    Congratulations to her, she’s wanted to become a mother for a long time and now she finally has her second kid. (Unless it’s another child from a different woman and she’s adopting the child, wild theory)

    • SIde Eye says:

      @Queen Meghan’s Hand – omg! What an awesome truth serum that was to read. I enjoyed it with my coffee. You nailed it. They ARE similar. They DO share the same values. They didn’t hook up by accident. BTW I like your wild theory. You may really be on to something. Also, it’s gross how she discounts True’s sibling with other mothers. It’s as if in her 1940s mind True is the “legitimate” child here and the others are “illegitimate.” You can’t make this up.

  21. Case says:

    The Kardashian-Jenner obsession with having the same baby daddy no matter how awful he is is absolutely bizarre.

  22. Owlsyn says:

    By all accounts, Tristan is a good father *to True*. Maybe Khloe feels like she’s getting older, wants to have another baby, and Tristan has been a good Dad so far? I don’t think she’s trying to have a romance with him anymore.

    I also feel like bashing someone’s reproductive decisions is such a Republican move right now. Tristan is trash. But let’s not criticize Khloe’s choice to have a baby. If she wants to have another child with Tristan, or with a sperm donor, or get her tubes tied, or use IVF, that’s all her private choice.

    • Coco says:

      Tristan Is not a good father and she very much still Trying to have a romantic relationship with him.

    • T says:

      Her decision to have another kid with a man that CANNOT keep his junk in his trunk? Absolutely. But that baby has a sex addict father and a mother who seems unable to recognize self worth. That poor kid. Poor all of his kids.

  23. Char says:

    Is he such a great dad to his other kids? Probably no. So she should just cut the krap and own the fact she wants to be with a krappy man.

  24. Patty says:

    The Kardashian women need therapy, they seem to feel that having babies validate their femininity . My mother born in the 30’s thought like that . Having babies kept men ….so SAD

  25. Eulalia says:

    At this point I’m convinced that she has a public humiliation kink

  26. taris says:

    what a pathetic, miserable woman..
    i am BEGGING people with daughters to raise them to love and respect themselves.
    so sad how common this sort of self-abasement is with some women..

  27. JD says:

    It’s so sad that they’ve all been taught it’s more important to see a relationship through and try the best you can rather than know when to walk away and have self-respect. They’ve all been in such toxic relationships for way too long bc they think it’s best for the family but it’s just perpetuating the idea that you should stay with someone who treats you badly. I notice they’ll always say “at least you know you did the best you could” – it’s not about them trying their best; it’s about their partner needing to try harder to make it work.

  28. jferber says:

    As we all knew, she really is that stupid to do this. I bet it will be a boy (he had a boy both before and after True). So she wants him to be baby daddy to her second child, too (Chris always told them to have one father for all their children–unlike her). On the other hand, if he’s there for True, he’ll be there for the second kid, too. I just don’t know why she doesn’t want to move on with her life and put mega-boundaries around their relationship.

  29. grabbyhands says:


    Not only does her child already have siblings, she lives in the middle of a frigging child army of cousins already – it’s not like she’s wanting for companionship.

    There is absolutely nothing this family won’t do to scrape up any crumb of attention for themselves.

    Someone on another forum posited that another one of his side pieces got pregnant and she’s using the surrogate story to save face, which wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    • FHMom says:

      I saw that on Twitter. He impregnated someone else and they are calling her the surrogate. Twitter never disappoints

  30. Hollz says:

    Honestly, in my head cannon these two are poly and what we’ve seen as cheating is perfectly acceptable within their relationship (until mother Kardashian thinks it’ll bring in ratings for Khloe to get mad about cheating.)

    The only reason they aren’t together (according to this head cannon) is that a pregnancy with one of his other partners was not part of the agreement.

  31. jferber says:

    If their only objection to Tristan’s cheating is that it leads to pregnancy, why doesn’t he just wear a condom? I know, a stupid question. I guess because she’ll accept him back whether he does or does not wrap it up. Other sports players don’t want to end up with a bunch of baby mamas and Do wrap it up (whether or not they cheat, who knows). LeBron James and Steph Curry have no outside children. It’s possible not to. What sort of impulsivity/recklessness causes men to do this? It hurts their pockets, their relationships with wife/girlfriend, etc. Just why?

  32. JRenee says:

    I’ve read a few different versions of this. If one source is correct, there’s another embryo waiting to be implanted. Khloe obviously is wealthy enough to provide financially for the child. I don’t understand why she’s making Tristan fathering her kids as her Hill to “die on”. I won’t be surprised if she does it again…
    Hopefully the kid(s) will be well loved..

  33. jferber says:

    She’d be better off in the long run with a paid gigolo. I watched Good Luck to You, Leo Grande with Emma Thompson (I forgot the name of the fantastic actor who played the sex worker) and things worked out so much better than have with Khloe and Tristan. Just saying.

  34. ME says:

    I wonder if this is why Kylie hasn’t revealed her baby’s name yet. Was the family going to reval the name after news of Khloe and Tristan’s baby news came out…as a way to deflect? If Kylie announces the name in the next few days, I think it proves how calculating they are and how stupid they think the public is.

  35. teecee says:

    IMO, the “one dad” thing is about Caitlyn, not Kris.

  36. AC says:

    Girl, this is sad! Please get some self-respect!

  37. NotSoSocialB says:

    All I can muster is, ok. Good for you, Khloe? Not a choice I’d make, but my mother doesn’t make my choices for me.

  38. Well Wisher says:

    I wish that I thought of this, I assume that Jordyn Woods is having a great day.
    Enjoy Jordyn.

  39. Well Wisher says:

    I wished I thought of this. Here it goes, I guess that Jordyn Woods is having a great day.

  40. Well Wisher says:

    Jordyn Woods is having a great day. I stole this comment from a social media user.
    Very apropos.

  41. Yo says:

    They are both trash and I hope they ride off into the sunset in their garbage truck never to be seen again. Can we KANCEL the Kartrashiana please ugh they normalized the Republican mentality and then use their money to escape it time and again I detest every lay one of them

    • Dashen'ka says:

      I have long been thinking that Kardashians and Duggar family – two side, same coin. Pronatalism, conservative baby obsessed. Because the K’s actually quite conservative, if you consider value they push.

  42. Serena says:

    Lol everybody and their mothers knew this would happen 🤡.

    He’s a scumbag but this woman has zero self-respect.

  43. shanaynay says:

    What a schmuck!!!

  44. Rea says:

    I find myself at a cross ends with the K family. I stopped trying to figure them out a long time ago because its decisions like this one that contradicts the K brand of women empowerment, etc.

    I don’t get why these women who built this empire chose to be in shitty relationships. I get cupid’s arrows hit hard but if at some point someone disrespects & threats you like shit the priority becomes you.

    You have got to love yourself 1st and that comes by giving yourself respect and drawing healthy boundaries.

  45. Dashen'ka says:

    It is disgusting and tragic, people making new people into toxic situation because they view children like accessory, pet, lifestyle enhancer. All about ME ME, I Want. Pathetic. And people like me who say “I am sick so cannot properly raise child”? We are called selfish, every bad thing.