Tristan Thompson is vacationing in Mykonos in the company of multiple women

It wasn’t even one full week ago when we learned that Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are expecting another child, this time via surrogacy. The surrogate is due any day now. Reportedly, they’re expecting a boy because Khloe really wanted True to “have a brother,” nevermind the fact that True already has two brothers (that we know about). Soon after the Kardashian PR ramped up to spread the news about the surrogacy, sources insisted that Khloe and Tristan were definitely broken up even though he was desperate to get back with Khloe, and (simultaneously) Khloe expected Tristan to be a hands-on father to this new child, because she doesn’t see herself as a single mom. It absolutely felt like Khloe was not-so-subtly building a narrative to get back with Tristan. Meanwhile, Tristan is vacationing in Mykonos with another woman. LMAO.

Tristan Thompson is having no problem finding companionship on his trip to Greece … a getaway on the heels of news he and Khloe Kardashian are expecting a baby together via surrogate.

TT — decked out in a floral-pattern shirt — was spotted walking hand in hand through the streets of Mykonos with a mystery woman around 5 AM Sunday morning. Tristan had previously been partying at a club called Bonbonniere … so it’s possible he met her while out.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen the NBA player out partying ’til the late hours of the night overseas … he was at the same club Friday surrounded by several women and smoking hookah.

Of course, the trip to Greece comes just days after TMZ broke the story Tristan and Khloe are expecting a baby boy via surrogate.

[From TMZ]

Granted, Khloe and Tristan are technically over. Technically, they’ve been over since Khloe found out about Maralee Nichols, and Khloe only found out about Maralee Nichols after the embryo had been implanted in the surrogate. But again, Khloe has been blatant in her attempts to get back with Tristan, to somehow lure him back, to continue this melodrama indefinitely. Khloe was absolutely going to use this second baby to “win” Tristan back. And true to form, Tristan is already with multiple women on a beach vacation. Doubt he’ll be back in time for the birth of his fourth known child.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instagram.

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  1. Mila says:

    He’s nothing but a glorified sperm donor. Don’t feel bad for khloe 🤷‍♂️

    • Mary Tosti says:

      Yep. She has made her bed several times. And quite honestly she isn’t the nicest of the sisters. I always thought she was the “nice/down to earth” one but she has proven how awful she really is.

    • AAW says:

      Khloe has been silent on social media for days, Kim’s been posting cryptic stuff about red flags, and the family unfollowed him. Bet you ANYTHING the surrogate gave birth and he didn’t care to be there, instead being VERY publicly NOT there.

      • Mary Tosti says:

        If she thought having more kids with him would make him more available she was dead wrong. It’s done the opposite… not that it would matter either way. He doesn’t want to be with her and he’s more than proven that. Actions.
        This family makes their own messes. I only feel sorry for the kids who will hopefully come out of this half way adjusted.

    • Isabella says:

      I hope he pays child support for all those children. I doubt he’d be so cavalier if it hurt him in the pocketbook. I guess K will try hard to be a good mom to the new baby.

    • duchessl says:

      I dont feel bad for Khloe. The surrogate was only a technical thing to allow True to have a cibling whatever happened between them. She hoped for more, but that was capout after the marilee thing. She probably hoped it would be true that he loved her the moon and back like she does, but he is still proving everyday that he just doesnt care. Khloe is fine. She is now tweeking this story like she is not a single mom becuase now she thinks Tristan takes care of her kid so she is not singlehandedly taking care of True. I hope he cares more for his children than he cares for her…. :s

      • KC says:

        In the thread of that first tweet they were together and Khloe was saying Kanye and Scott were never leaving and he retorted “more like you’re never leaving me”. I’m now convinced this man is a narcissist and she’s now his main supply. He already got her, sullied her, seen the chips in her armor, belittled her, thinks he’s better/smarter than her but uses her to stroke his own ego.

        I’m hopeful this is the last baby because his shenanigans aren’t worth it but she’s forever tied to him as father of her kids and I don’t see a happy way out of this for her without some serious counseling.😔

  2. Julia K says:

    He’s sending a message to her loud and clear; it’s over.

    • FHMom says:

      Yes. She really needs to be hit over the head with this fact before she will even consider it is true. She needs an intervention. I just can’t imagine she talked him into going to an IVF center to donate sperm.
      The surrogate has to be another one of his side pieces, right?

    • Molly says:

      Wanting to have another child with the same person (if you have the time and means to do it solo) is FINE. I wish she’d stop playing these “let’s be together! Wait, you’re with other women?? You broke my heart!!” games.

      You wanted a sperm donor so your kids could have the same dad. So long as everyone consents, it’s fiiiiiine.

      • KC says:

        I was fully on board with this theory. Having seen that show clip of him telling her she’ll never leave him I’m convinced he’s a narcissist that’s done a number on her. I could buy that she’s been pining and hopeful all this time even though I’d really prefer to believe they’re done/in an open relationship with an expectation of discretion because she wants all her kids to have the same father.

    • Mary Tosti says:

      Yes, and he has been for a long time. He has no desire to be with her and she continues to look pathetic. Even if the baby was already planned/on the way before the Maralee situation, she still chose to have another child with him. I don’t get it.
      It’s very weird to me how they want their kids to all have the same father, regardless of the relationship they (the mother) actually has with the father.

      • Lemons says:

        I said this before, but I think Kris did something to traumatize them by having 2+ baby daddies. I can understand Khloe being the most affected because she really doesn’t look like her sisters and has spent the better part of a decade getting surgery to look like them.

        The others, I don’t quite get, but if they wanted to avoid the trauma Khloe may have experienced, I can also see why they want it KNOWN that all of their kids have the same genes.

    • duchessl says:

      You know what I kinda like about tristan? He’s a dog and everything, but one thing he does that others don’t, is that he doesnt seem to care about the kardashian plans. He effs up everything everyday, so much that everybody had to unfollow him lol. Kris Jong Un just can’t get him to do what she wants to control the narrative and save a little bit of face for Khloe. Even Kanye seemed to follow the plan. In that angle, the dude has some backbone. He lives his life. but still a major a$$H.

  3. Emmi says:

    I’ve said this before but what’s the obsession with Mykonos? I love my country to death and it is so worth traveling through Greece, seeing the islands etc. but Mykonos is not among the most beautiful! It’s small, it has no real attractions, and the beaches aren’t that great. Yes, there are some fabulous hotels but every Greek island has them? I don’t get it.

    As for Tristan … sure. That makes sense for him.

    • Maddy says:

      The name? It’s the most well known island, is it not? Telling people you’ve been to Mykonos is as important to some people as experiencing the place.
      Also, sometimes tourism boards “make an effort” to get celebrities to visit, if you know what I mean.

      Ps. Personally, I prefer Crete. 😉

    • Linabear says:

      I’ve always wanted to visit Greece! Which locations do you recommend instead?

      • Naya says:

        Literally any other Cyclade : Ios, Koufonisi, Naxos, Folegandros, Milos, Kimolos, Serifos. And then another 200 islands to choose from . And don’t get me started on the mainland.

      • Emmi says:

        What Naya said.

        There are so many things to see on the mainland as well. Delphi, Meteora, of course Athens. Chalkidiki has stunning beaches, there’s Crete with its great hiking trails, and as Naya said, any other islands in the Cyclades. I would also add Skiathos. Korfu, Rhodos. There are so many beautiful places and no, Mykonos isn’t even among the top 15 for me. 🙂 But I guess Instagram has worked its magic.

    • Southern Fried says:

      I’m one of those with the island on my bucket list. The photos we see of Mykonos are so appealing and we see many. We just don’t know any better. Where would you recommend? I like small, not over crowded with a few restaurants.
      Tristan is Tristan, a hound and that’s okay if he’s not lying. We don’t know that he’s lying, we trust Khloe’s words which are basically worthless. For all we know he could be a good parent. This is pure speculation on my part but those Kardashians are imo seriously messed up with their conspicuous consumption and extreme fake body images and egos.

      • Emmi says:

        If you really want to go, I recommend end of season. Late September possibly. We went in October and the evenings were rather cool, the water was as well. But we literally went the last week of the season and you could tell people were over tourists. It was still not quiet by any means, I cannot imagine what that tiny island must go through in summer. Rent a car and explore the small taverns all over the island. But again, don’t go for the beaches or sightseeing.

        The island that lives up to its IG fame is – according to my sister – Santorini. She was surprised that there is so much to do after also being slightly disappointed in Mykonos. The prices are extortionate though. It’s insane.

        And I replied above to the same question. 🙂

    • Michelle Connolly says:

      I went to Mykonos before and it was part of a group and the appeal for them was that it was super gay friendly with lots of clubs and activities for the lifestyle. They want to go again but I’d prefer a less ‘clubby’ atmosphere with more balanced activities and things to do, is there anywhere you’d say would be a good fit??

    • Dutch says:

      I can’t imagine Tristan is doing a lot of sight-seeing or trying to get an “authentic” Greek experience. He wants Las Vegas with more water.

    • Athena says:

      In scouting you get badges to put on your vest or sash, for some Mykonos is one of those badges.

    • bettyrose says:

      In my 20s, we bypassed Mykonos and spent a week on Chios in a little pension. It was such a fascinating island. Not at all touristy at the time. Great hiking and swimming, and some of the best food I’ve ever eaten.

  4. Maddy says:

    “Technically” he’s single, but in reality, he’s such a slimeball and I really don’t understand what he wants.

    He has cheated on Khloé all through their relationship, but keeps going back to her and giving her hope.

    He knew he had a new baby on the way and still agreed to have one with Khloé as well.

    What’s his endgame?

    • Coco says:

      khloe knew he was in a relationship and his ex was pregnant when she got with him. Tristan has never been loyal to her, since they got together. He’s very open about his seeing other women and doesn’t try to hide anything.

      I don’t believe he’s leading Khloe on I think she believes what she wants to believe and it gives her a storyline in kids. Also they never really “break up”Khloe just keep the relationship wanna DL to safe face.

      • Coco says:

        I meant on the DL

      • Kitten says:

        Exactly. She’s a middle-aged woman, not some immature, naïve teenager who doesn’t know better. I don’t feel even slightly bad for her–she’s a grown-ass woman with agency and resources that most of us could never imagine.

        This is a choice she’s making.

    • C says:

      Tristan’s end game is to stay relevant in the public eye. His basketball career is over he has no big endorsements to bring in income and a lot of child support to pay. By being connected to a Khartrashian he get paid to provide storylines

      • Mary Tosti says:

        I sound like a broken record, but he will go back to her when no one wants him and he needs money. I have zero doubt about that. And she is pathetic so she will have him.
        I can’t stand this family. The wealth flaunting is also super cringe. We don’t need to see you on your private plane with all the designer bags. People are literally starving. These people are so out of touch.

    • KC says:

      He is a narcissist. She is his main supply. He plans for her to continue to adore and stay with him because it strokes his ego, gives him attention, and makes him feel important. In that first tweet thread she joked that Kanye and Scott weren’t leaving and are staying forever implying he would do the same. He responded “more like you’re never leaving me”. He is a narcissist that’s what they do. Suck the life out of one person they have in their clutches, treat them horribly, push boundaries, breadcrumb them
      and condition them to accept the bare minimum as delightful and find someone else when they’re bored then come back to rinse and repeat unless their main supply ends the cycle. Unfortunately, they threaten, ruin reputation, and make life miserable for anyone who dares confront, oppose, or resist them.

  5. ME says:

    How desperate do you have to be to go anywhere near this man? Just clout chasers. This dude must love the attention he gets from desperate thirsty women and from the media. He really has no shame. It’s like dude, your surrogate is reportedly due any day now. Be home. Be there for the damn kids you are bringing into this world…f*cker.

    • equality says:

      Really. It’s obvious he doesn’t practice safe sex. Are none of them afraid of disease?

      • Jasper says:

        Thank you! I had the same question. No amount of clout or good sex is worth that potential for disease.

      • Barbie1 says:

        I hate how there are always countless women who think he is a prize and who can’t wait to be the next one. He doesn’t deserve any of it.

    • Gabby says:

      @ME, he’s probably great in the sack. Guys like this usually are and that’s what keeps the girls coming back for more. He gets away with it, but at this point he’s almost like a spoof of himself.

      • ME says:

        Does he ever sleep with the same woman twice? Seems like he’s a “one and done” type of guy, other than with Khloe. I don’t know but all these women who sleep with him are really lacking any self-respect.

      • @ME — he was with Maralee for months both in Texas and California, it was an actual relationship according to her receipts. Moreso than what he seems to have ever had with Khloe to be honest.

      • ME says:

        @ BakinInBakersfield

        Oh wow really? I didn’t know that. Thought it was all one-night stands with random women.

  6. girl_ninja says:

    Khloe is absolutely ridiculous but there is something “off” with Tristan. Also, he is at the end of his career, I wonder if he will have enough money to pay for all of these children as well as trips to Mykonos with scads of women accompanying him. Gross.

    • Ann says:

      I wonder about his finances too. He’s got all these kids around, who knows how many more are out there. I hope Khlo-Money has her kids and hers finances locked tight because there are going to be Thompson spawn looking to get their cut at some point down the road.

      And JFC Tristan, you want to bang so bad just get snipped! He obviously isn’t down with condoms so his wondering peen could fall off from the clap for all I care but for the love of God stop making babies!

      • AppleCart says:

        He tried to convince the last baby mama he will be broke after he retires. She didn’t fall for it. He will still make millions from endorsements and riding the K train.

    • Mary Tosti says:

      Oh, when he can’t get work any longer and all this fun money dries up he will crawl back to her with a sad apology and she will take him back. She has the lowest self esteem and just wants to be loved by a guy so badly. She will take him back and support him. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was paying the child support to his first baby-mama in the beginning of their relationship .

  7. Amy Bee says:

    I think Khloe leaked the baby news to TMZ hoping that Tristan would come running home to be by her side when the baby is born. Maybe this will finally convince Khloe that it’s over and it’s time to move on.

  8. Merricat says:

    Don’t touch that stove; it’s hot. See that red light? That’s the stove, telling you he will burn your fingers off if you touch him. No, damn it, don’t touch the stove. Don’t do it! Don’t!
    Oh, well.

    • Southern Fried says:

      Don’t do it, Emanuel! Reminds me of the young girl and her Emu making the rounds on SM.

  9. Coco says:

    This does explain why Khloe ran to the tabs to talk about her fake relationship and how Tristan is “jealous” of it and that whole baby announcement.

    She is trying to do everything and anything to get him to come back and play family.

    • Heat says:

      If the relationship was, indeed, fake, then Tristan played right along with that story-line. He was on both shows, constantly trying to “prove” himself to Khloe and the family. He stated that he went to therapy to “work on himself” and had Khloe join him in some of the therapy sessions. If anyone was running the game of a fake relationship, it was him.
      Sadly, she fell for it. It feels a little bit gross to me to blame the person who was being cheated on. How many of us have ignored a million red flags and got hurt as a result? Just me?

      • Coco says:

        The fake relationship I was referring to is the one that hern her mom leaked to the media this last week. Also, nothing on the show was real I don’t believe for a minute Tristan ever went to therapy it’s all fake.

        As I said above she knew he was in a relationship and his ex was pregnant when she got with him she knew exactly who he was she is not a victim. Not to mention he never hid any of his cheating from day one from her, he’s very open about it. All the supposed “therapy and proven himself with a family” is all to get give Khloe a storyline for the show. I’m anyone still believe anything about the shows is real.

      • Therapy as a storyline is always going to be fake — the only people getting duped into thinking this ever real are the viewers that are still thinking oh poor Khloe.

  10. DME says:

    Unrelated superficial note, he looks absurd with the giant Birkins. So over this flaunting of wealth when people are struggling to pay for gas. Not quite as bad as Kylie’s airplane post I saw on instagram. I cannot stand any of them.

    • Josephine says:

      I agree – so cringey unless he’s getting paid for it?

    • Gabby says:

      Those matching pajama type outfits don’t do him any favors either

    • SarahCS says:

      This is my first reaction every time I see that picture. Hey people, just LOOK at my money. Bleugh.

    • SIde Eye says:

      I agree so tacky and vulgar. He is so gross. And you know what’s not in those Birkins? A condom. Another sibling for True coming later this year!

  11. kelleybelle says:

    What’s the point of being photographed with an obscene amount of luxury goods? Probably more than $100K worth of Hermes and Louis Vuitton in that photo. Kind of a turnoff.

  12. CityGirl says:

    Southern Fried – Amorgos is lovely. Small more remote, and absolutely beautiful

  13. Mel says:

    Isn’t he single? Welp, he’s entitled to do what he wants and she’s the fool who stands around waiting for the sperm and the crumbs.

    • Lucy says:

      Other than the fact that his child is about to born on the other side of the world, sure.

  14. JustMe says:

    Tristan really is trash isn’t he?
    He cheated on Jordan to get with Khloe
    He cheated on Khloe when she was pregnant -at least twice and we only know those because he got caught. I would imagine that number is even higher
    The whole Kissgate thing with Jordyn
    The Instagram model who claimed to have slept with him
    He got another girl pregnant

    And Khloe would still 100% take him back if she thought she wouldn’t be dragged hard for it

    Why? I don’t see the attraction of him on any level

    • Chantal says:

      Slight correction:
      He cheated on 8 months pregnant Jordan with Larsa Pippin who was “friends” with Khloe and is how he met her. I don’t think he & Larsa were together for more than a couple of weeks

      He cheated on Larsa to get with Khloe.
      He was still “with” Jordan during both cheating affairs before Khloe went public. The KJs are known for getting with their “friends” boyfriends – except Kendall AFAIK

    • AAW says:

      Don’t forget a year ago, in between getting Maralee pregnant and the surrogate, that he was photographed looking “disheveled” coming out of a room at a house party with multiple women.

      • Mary Tosti says:

        He really is absolutely disgusting. I truly think that when he is unable to work anymore and the “clout” offered by being seen with him wears off he will run back to Khole. If he is desperate for a woman and has no other options financially he knows he has her as a safety net. And she wont say no to him. She has proven that time again.

    • KC says:

      He’s a narcissist. He played, trained, and conditioned her to accept this treatment, get excited about his breadcrumbs, and make him feel wanted/important/powerful.

  15. Betti says:

    The showing off of his wealth by posing with his designer bags…. Oh my, this is so pathetic

    • Southern Fried says:

      It’s the same as the Kardashians but he’s worse? She’s the one that lies on their relationship constantly while I’m not so sure he ever has. Zero sympathy for Khloe and her sisters.

  16. bettyrose says:

    Single rich guy on vacation with attractive women. Not interested in his own children. Not even gossip worthy.

  17. jferber says:

    So, as the beloved poet Maya Angela has said, “believe him the first time” when he “shows you who he is” (paraphrase?) I don’t know if Khloe a) doesn’t believe him or b) believes him, but doesn’t give af and it gets her name in the tabloids. Right now I’m leaning toward he’s an asshole and she’s a clown. This shit is downright embarrassing for them both. I feel for the kids, who clearly don’t deserve this.

  18. MsTShady says:

    @Lemons Kris doesn’t have any “baby daddies”; she’s been married twice (I think) and has children with both husbands. That’s not ‘having baby daddies’.

    • Coco says:

      I think Lemons is referring to Khloe‘s father which is the hairdresser who Kris had an affair with.

      • Jules says:

        Nah, I think Rob Kardashian Sr. is definitely Khloe’s Dad. She just looks like her aunt, her mom’s sister, Karen Houghton.

      • MsTShady says:

        I see! Ok, two husbands and one side piece then!