Ioan Gruffudd was given a three-year restraining order against Alice Evans

In February, Ioan Gruffudd asked the California court for a temporary restraining order against his estranged wife Alice Evans. At the time, Ioan’s filing came after thirteen months of Alice acting completely unhinged in public and online. Alice had been harassing him and his girlfriend Bianca Wallace for months. Alice’s behavior was and is beyond toxic. Even though her lawyers clearly advised her to stay offline and to stop harassing Ioan, she refused. Some armchair psychiatrists diagnosed her with narcissistic personality disorder and it would not surprise me at all, although we obviously don’t know what’s really happening here. In any case, Alice’s behavior was so disturbing that the court has been consistently siding with Ioan. His temporary restraining order has been upgraded to a three-year restraining order against Alice.

Ioan Gruffudd has successfully obtained a three-year restraining order against estranged wife Alice Evans, which also bans her from mentioning him on social media. The Welsh actor, 48, hopes the new restrictions will end the public falling out between the pair, whose acrimonious split in March 2021 and consequent slanging matches threatened to overshadow their respective careers.

Ioan had previously won a temporary restraining order against Alice, 54, the mother of his two daughters Ella, 12, and Elsie, eight, in February claiming he was inundated with messages and verbal threats from her. But on Tuesday, a US judge confirmed harsher restrictions had been put in place, including a ruling preventing Alice from leaking private text messages from their children.

A source said: ‘Ioan had no choice but to up his legal fight over Alice. She had become increasingly volatile and seemingly intent on destroying his career with her character assassination. He hopes this will put an end to it.’

Ioan was in attendance inside the LA court to witness the Domestic Violence Restraining Order granted, but Alice did not appear.

In new court documents, Ioan claimed Alice continued to cause him issues and wanted additional provisions added to the existing restraining order. He demanded Alice should not make any posts on any social media account, ‘including but not limited to Instagram and Twitter accounts, disparaging or harassing [Ioan] or the other protected person.’ The other person is listed as Ioan’s new girlfriend, Bianca Wallace, who he started dating shortly after their split.

Plus, he requested Alice not to post his text messages or any other communications to the parties’ children, or the children’s text messages or any other communications to Ioan, on any social media account. He also asked for the judge to order Alice not to contact his employer or make disparaging statements about him to his employers. Further in court documents, Ioan said since the restraining order was put in place, Alice ‘has used her social media accounts to continue to harass, threaten, and disturb the peace of both me and my girlfriend, Bianca Wallace.’

[From The Daily Mail]

As several commenters pointed out, Ioan’s legal strategy seems to be slow and steady, and he likely hasn’t asked for full custody of their daughters because he’s genuinely afraid of what Alice would do in retaliation. Ioan and his lawyers are clearly documenting everything Alice has done and continues to do and they’re presenting everything to the court. They’re slowly creating an unimpeachable record of Alice’s “volatile” behavior. Anyway, I seriously doubt this new restraining order will change Alice’s behavior but I’m glad Ioan has all of his ducks in a row.

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  1. ThatsNotOkay says:

    If she breaks the restraining order, she goes to prison. Let’s see her try it. Glad for Ioan that the judge saw fit to grant the restraining order and ban her from social media. My only concern is that social media is her only outlet and she is so volatile, she might do something really, really scary and nuts.

    • @ThatsNotOkay- I am truly worried she is going to physically harm the girls. Now that it’s out there that the one daughter recorded the video of Alice verbally abusing the girls I can only imagine how much rage she is directing their way. I hope they can get those girls out of there ASAP.

      • Lorelei says:

        @PinkFlamingo, that’s also exactly where my mind went immediately. Let’s hope we’re wrong

    • Steph says:

      Do you really think she’ll go to prison? I know there’s a chance but how likely? So many women die at the hands of violent exes after they violated RO’s multiple times without repercussions.

    • Debbie says:

      Fear not, based on what’s written, I believe that she’s only restrained from writing about him, his girlfriend and sharing their children’s text messages and his text message about their parenting, etc. on social media. Nothing (but common sense) is preventing her from talking about the price of beans, football scores, or whatever trivia people feel the need to share publicly.

  2. rawiya says:

    Those poor little girls who are stuck in the house with that woman. The fact that Ioan had to ask for her to be banned from posting THEIR text messages on social media? I understand hating your ex-husband, but putting your children’s personal thoughts/feelings/business on the internet? Ugh. She’s evil.

    • ariel says:

      Am i just being unkind to him when i wonder why he hasn’t moved for custody.
      That i think maybe he enjoys part time dad action.
      Full time parenting is a slog.

      As spectators and bystanders i feel like we cringe, and want better for those girls than to live with CRAZY. Imagine… well we don’t have to imagine what she says to them, because its in the COURT RECORD.

      I mean being cut off from your crazy mom isn’t great either- but that woman needs some full time therapy.

      • Jaded says:

        Alice is so scarily unstable that if he were to do that she could very well harm herself and/or her children and further traumatize them. He’s NOT enjoying being a part-time dad, I can’t imagine the stress he’s going through. But by taking this slowly and carefully with appropriate legal guidance, he’s actually protecting his children. It’s also impossible to force someone into therapy if they don’t want to and don’t think there’s anything wrong with their behaviour. Don’t forget, Alice has weaponized those kids and is holding them ransom so doing everything by the book so she can’t fight back is key. She may very well be committed at some point and he may very well be awarded primary custody.

      • pottymouthpup says:

        he’s requested joint custody. my guess is that there’s a great concern of what she will do if she thinks she’s really at risk of losing custody & access to their daughters but there may also be concern how the girls will react to him if he asks for something drastic like full custody (i.e., will they start buying into their mother’s commentary & attempts at alienating him from them?)

      • Rural Juror says:

        Yeah, I highly doubt it’s because he doesn’t want to be a full-time parent. This case is complicated. I looked at Alice’s IG out of curiosity and she posted a screenshot of a text Ioan sent to their daughter Ella. It’s the kind of text that clearly got a lawyer’s approval before it was sent because he makes a point to document that Ella has (allegedly) threatened to call child protective services on him. Alice posted the message as a way to “prove” that Ioan is some kind of mean dad, but all Alice proven is that she’s clearly been getting her hardest to alienate these kids from their dad and it seems like she’s succeeding. When one parent does something like that, it’s not as simple as just requesting sole custody. It’s an extremely delicate situation.

      • Tipsymermaid says:

        He has filed for 50/50, court ordered therapy for the girls after the parental alienation Alice has carried out, and requested a trial date to finalise the divorce.
        She’s been withholding and alienating the girls since he left – alot of evidence of it in the TRO application back in Feb. I suspect his team said to stop pushing to see the girls until the DVRO was granted for their sake (evidence of her being verbally abusive to them has been submitted), then to move for custody and therapy to help transition back in to him being actively involved again.

    • The Recluse says:

      He really needs to get those girls away from her. Sooner rather than later.

  3. 1979 says:

    The judge also pointed out that their ruling was purely evidence based.

  4. Owlsyn (Ableism is Not Cool) says:

    Please update this article when she violates these conditions. I’ve got the little mini hourglass from my Scattergories game going.

  5. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    I agree with your take, Kaiser. He’s working slow and steady here because who knows how she’ll retaliate. Not to be dramatic but at times, I fear for their daughters.

    • AnnaKist says:

      I don’t think you are being at all dramatic. Their daughters are caught in the middle of this mess, and she, since they live with her, is doing nothing to ease the absence of their father and provide, as much as possible, a calm, osafe, loving home for them..

    • Moominsummer says:

      Yes, I’m worried for them too. At a minimum they are suffering from her alienating them from their father (parental alienation has happened in several generations of my extended family so I know how the effects persist even when the child is 60) and she really could be unhinged enough to physically hurt them as well.

      • Both Sides Now says:

        I would also be fearful of her taking her out anger in those girls. The quicker that Ioan can create a stipulated course of therapy for his daughters, the better.

        Ioan seems to be building his case against AE in which he will be able to have greater access as well as control over their lives. AE clearly has destroyed the childhood of their daughters and should not be trusted.

    • Gabby says:

      The fact that she has nothing to lose makes her dangerous AF

    • Christine says:

      I would be absolutely terrified she was going to do something to the kids, if I were in Ioan’s shoes. Her posts have been absolutely unhinged, a word often tossed around, but in her case, it seems too mild.

  6. Tamsin says:

    I’m glad to read this. I hope he’s able to feel safer now, and that he’ll be able to get the kids to safety soon too.

  7. CK says:

    And in creating a common enemy—herself—all she has done is further unite her ex-husband and his new partner. (Not that this woman is sane enough to realize she’s only served to strengthen the couple she wished to destroy.)

  8. Mia4s says:

    Did some poking around on social media and apparently after her lawyer quit…oh I’m sorry, after they mutually parted ways (I’m sure 🙄) she set up a Go Fund Me?! She said she had no money and needed funds for a lawyer and food and blah blah blah and …she was photographed the day before she was supposed to be in court buying a large case of wine. She seems really really awful and I’m so sorry for those kids.

  9. SAS says:

    Yikes. I think the (19) people that still support Alice must not be very familiar with DV tactics. Contacting the victims employer is a classic reach around to most DVO’s (restraining orders) and is about nothing other than control (I know how to reach you) and humiliation.

    His lawyers seems to be covering all the bases. It puts things in stark contrast when one parent has to ask a court to protect their pre-teen children from their private correspondence being leaked.

  10. AnnaKist says:

    God, talk about a woman scorned… If Alice was/is so unashamed to publicly carry on like a nut job, it makes wonder what was going on behind closed doors, particularly in the last few months that they were together. She is an utter nutter. It’s the daughters I feel sorry for. I can only imagine the stress they are under each day, stress created by their mother. I’d be interested to see if she stops now, but really, it would not surprise me if she carried on her unhinged shenanigans, ignoring the restraining order.

    • Jessica says:

      I actually believe him that he didn’t even cheat on her. I think she’s just trying to justify her crazy behavior.

  11. Jessica says:

    I don’t think this is going to stop her, she’s getting more desperate to get a reaction out of him and it’s just not happening. I fear for those innocent children. I can’t believe she has so many supporters, her comment sections are like 90 percent supportive of HER, it’s mind boggling. I noticed even when she posted private texts she wasn’t giving the whole story or timeline though, you can easily see how she’s purposely misleading people and manipulating them into believing her.

    Someone also pointed out how she has a go fund me claiming her kids were starving and she couldn’t pay her bills but on one of the court dates she was seen buying a cart full of alcohol.

    • Osty says:

      Her ” supporters ” are scorned miserable women who are projecting their experiences onto Alice . They are just like her so they don’t see anything wrong with Alice’s behaviour. They are not sane

  12. HeyKay says:

    The things she has said and raged about on SM are frightening.
    I had no idea who any of these actors are until Alice Evans started her postings.
    How can she not realize the effect on the kids?
    Therapy, you get your feelings out in therapy.

    Those poor kids. Divorced parents are one thing to deal with at a young age but now they have another continuing trauma because of how AE is behaving.

  13. Cinders says:

    The evidence Ioan has compiled against her is frankly horrifying. She’s a scary woman. She breached the temporary restraining order multiple times and crowed about it on social media. And she’s trying (badly) to play the legal system too. She’s been through 3 lawyers already. She also requested (and was granted) a delay to the original hearing – but then didn’t even bother to turn up to the rescheduled hearing.
    He’s playing it by the book, as he should, and he’s got a good legal team. But my god Alice is terrifying.

  14. Ameerah says:

    Im glad he got his restraining order but Im also side-eyeing him after seeing one of the text exchanges between him and his oldest daughter. I think these kids have two crap parents: one who is obsessed with getting revenge for being left. And the other self-absorbed who seems to be more focused on his new life and relationship than he is on the emotional well being of his kids during a rough transition in their lives.

    • Rapunzel says:

      What he say that you side-eyed? I’m curious.

    • Fortuona says:

      So saying he did want to go to Universal Studios but asking them to pick somewhere else where they could not pick up something that would affect the new medicine that Bianca was on was abusive ?

    • PunkPrincessPhD says:

      @Ameerah: knowing everything we know about Alice’s behaviour (which can only be a fraction of what’s going on in this case), do you really believe that the full story behind that message is being presented?

    • HeatherC says:

      If we take those texts at face value, the daughter was acting bratty. I only want to spend time with you if you take me somewhere exciting?

    • Coco says:

      Ameerah sounds like one of Alice Stans. You can point them out because their comments always have the same tone and always try to make Alice’s abusive behavior a two-party system in every post.

      Not to mention they are obsessed with his girlfriend and his relationship.

      • Dena L says:

        I’d like to point out that it is very, very easy to delete texts from a string of messages to present just one side of the story. If these are just screenshots Alice has posted I would take them with an entire salt shaker.

      • Blue Nails Betty says:

        @Dena WOW! I just checked to see if I can delete someone else’s text and it worked. I had no idea this was possible. This is so dangerous, I can’t imagine why the delete function is there.

    • pottymouthpup says:

      which exchange was so problematic and narcissistic @Ameerah? The one where he said going to Universal Studios was off the table and asked her what other outdoors activity she’d like to do that wasn’t in a crowded place (explaining a situation w/his GF’s health & starting new meds for MS) or the one where he told her he wouldn’t take her to a concert after some problematic behavior in which she engaged & told her that going to her therapy sessions was necessary while admitting that he, too, is in therapy and trying to work towards repairing/rebuilding their relationship? Even if Evans edited bits out of the text chain to make Gruffudd look worse, what’s been made public doesn’t make him look like a narcissist or someone who only cares about himself & his GF at the expense of his children. He looks like he’s being a responsible father by not over-indulging his child just because she demands something special in order to spend any time with her father

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        Yeah, I’ve seen the second of those texts (that the mother leaked!), and he was just setting boundaries.

        The kid had threatened to call CPS on him on a previous outing, so he told her she had to get back into therapy before they could repair their relationship enough for him to take her to a concert now.

        It sounds like their relationship is rocky, which happens even with teens who aren’t dealing with their parents’ divorce, and he dealt with it in a respectful, parental way.

  15. TheOriginalMia says:

    Ioan is handling this the correct way. Slow and steady. He can’t react to Alice’s antics in real time. He has to document and submit to the court it’s the only way to handle someone as narcissistic and neurotic as Alice. I believe the end goal will be full custody being awarded to him, but it won’t be something he’ll ask for. The judge will have no choice because Alice is going to violate the RO.

    • schmootc says:

      Yep, this RO is just the means by which she’ll lose custody. I’m sure no one involved actually expects her to abide by it.

      • Lady D says:

        This is a 3-year RO. I bet Alice doesn’t last 3 weeks, nevermind three years. I honestly believe it is impossible for her to stay quiet her ego won’t let her. Also, she drinks. In vino veritas as they say.

  16. LovelyRose says:

    My prediction is that she won’t be able to help herself, break the conditions of the restraining order and that’s what’ll precipitate a crisis where he’ll be granted full custody.

    This is a horrible situation. I really hope there’s people close to the children keeping their eyes and doors wide open for those girls’ safety.

  17. A says:

    “he likely hasn’t asked for full custody of their daughters because he’s genuinely afraid of what Alice would do in retaliation.”

    No, he likely hasn’t asked for full custody because that’s not how family court works. From what I can understand, full custody is granted in two cases:

    1- if one parent agrees to the other parent having full custody.
    2- if one parent has been *proven* to be a danger to their own children’s life.

    I’m sure there are other instances where full custody is granted, but in general, these two are the main instances where full custody is granted to one parent over the other.

    Unless Alice Evans is actually proven to be a danger TO HER OWN CHILDREN’S LIVES, it would not be a good idea for Ioan Gruffudd to ask for full custody of his children.

    Yes, this sucks for the kids. It sucks that they need to be stuck with an unstable and bullying parent who is alienating them against their father. Thankfully, there is recourse against parents who don’t stick to custody agreements (which Alice Evans did not, btw, since she’s been refusing to let Ioan see his kids for the last year). I do think the courts and law enforcement as a whole are really bad with understanding the dynamics of abuse and violence in a lot of instances, and it leads to a lot of otherwise tragic outcomes.

    But the other side of the coin is that separation from a parent in that way, where they’ve lost custody of their children, is traumatic for the children especially. It’s traumatic even when the parent in question behaves horrendously towards the kids! A lot of kids have an innate desire and need to please their primary caregiver, even if that caregiver is a toxic asshole. Family court generally endeavours to do what’s in the best interest of the children, and in most cases, the kids’ best interests is to actually have a functioning relationship with both parents to the best of everyone’s ability.

    If anyone’s read the court documents, they’d notice that Ioan is asking for 50/50 custody, and he is requesting that his kids continue to see a bunch of child therapists, and that Alice Evans also see a therapist and work with her children’s therapists, so that they can all coparent effectively for their children. Because that’s what children need, and that’s what the courts will always, ALWAYS, be in favour of. Because kids only benefit when parents are given the tools to even try and parent effectively.

    People really need to understand how family court and child custody works in North America. I see so much misinformation going around. Ioan Gruffudd has likely been correctly advised by his lawyers on the sort of approach to take with the court, and what would be in the best interests of his children. Heck, if Alice Evans can be made to attend therapy, to take her own children to therapy, isn’t that actually a good thing? What if it wound up getting her the help she needs? These kids have the right to have two parents functioning to the best of their abilities so that they can be the best possible parents for them. Family courts will always at least try to do that. They don’t always get it right, obviously, but that is largely the intent in most cases.

    • hm says:

      funny enough she asked for full custody, this will backfire badly on her

    • Glamarazzi says:

      Thank you for this insightful post, A! I live in North America and am a child of divorce and I didn’t previously know a lot the points you made.

      It would be a great thing if everyone involved got some therapy! Truly that’s the only way out here that promises any hope of happiness. This whole thing has been like a slow trainwreck – I know it’s going to end in tragedy but I can’t look away.

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      Great post! 🙂

      Of course courts have already thought this stuff through, but I was independently thinking that too — if he gets an agreement in place and she violates it, then he gets custody and it’s a win for the kids, and if he gets an agreement in place and she DOESN’T violate it, then it’s still a win for the kids because it means she’s doing better by them, regardless of her reasons why.

  18. Dee says:

    I have limited empathy for her. It’s not fair that a man can marry a significantly younger woman and live happily ever after, but when a woman does it she has to watch herself turn into an evil queen. Sure, could she have helped herself more by working on her personality and focusing on her children? Yes, but it’s hard to take care of children while plotting a double kidnapping!! What does anyone really expect from her?!

    Jokes aside, it’s clear that Ioan’s interest in her waned LONG before he met his new partner, and it more than likely had at least something to do with Alice’s rapidly declining face card and her ill-fated attempts to “fix” it. Aging is cruel, and I can see all those larger threads, but again, she didn’t have to go ahead and actually turn herself into a villain.

    • Coco says:

      I think it’s more likely to do with him wanting out out of her abusive marriage.

    • Doodle says:

      I don’t think he left her because she was getting older. I think he left her because she was volatile and abusive. If it were a man treating a woman this way, we would all say girl, get our. You deserve better. So does he.

      • Dee says:

        Agreed. I didn’t say he left her because she aged. I said he must have already started drifting apart from her after the very bad lip job she got. You can see in pics later in their marriage that she really sucks in her gut and cheeks when they’re being photographed. There is no way she wasn’t noticing 1) that she was aging, and 2) that it coincided with a loss of interest (that I actually think was more bc of his career really blowing up and him having to travel a lot while she kind of stayed home and day drank a lot) and I think she just became more abusive and manipulative as a way to “keep her man” till it got too much for him and he actively started looking for the exit.

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        @Dee — That’s…terrible.

        Of course (normal) people DON’T leave their spouses based on their looks having faded, or the whole planet would be divorced by age 40.

        Doodle’s right; he left her because he wasn’t happy in the marriage — ‘happy’ being an emotional state, and nothing to do with whether he still found her attractive. (For the record, she’s still really pretty.)

    • Andrew's_Nemesis says:

      She was and is a drunkard who was and is obsessed with social media. When drunk she beat him in front of the children and passed out on the kitchen floor. That was the final straw.
      I’d read the restraining order documents, if I were you. They’re freely available on Tattle.

      • Cee says:

        She is abusive and I can’t believe he didn’t leave sooner. I’m sure having children delayed his leaving her.

    • Moominsummer says:

      I agree aging probably has something to do with this. It is cruel and even more so for actors and actresses, who book jobs on their appearance. The fact he can still get acting work and she can’t has got to rankle, and the support role she’s played for his career by raising the kids while he worked as an actor overseas is significant! The fact he can leave, marry someone younger, maybe have more kids, while she can’t has also got to hurt. Menopause can be a real slap in the face. So yeah, I have some empathy for her while also thinking that she’s unhinged and an active danger to her children. I really hope that she loses her role as primary physical custodian because she is clearly abusing it, even if she retains 50% legal custody. She really shouldn’t be the parent those girls live with right now.

    • C says:

      I doubt it had anything to do with her appearance. She’s alienated a lot of her family and his parents witnessed him crying after a fight with her.

    • Jaded says:

      Do you know what it’s like to be married to someone as unstable and self-obsessed as Alice? It’s a living hell. They have no self-control or ability to rationalize a situation. They will weaponize their children, turn friends and family into negative advocates for them to further abuse their spouse, they will stop at NOTHING to hurt their partner and blame them for everything. Alice has done all this PLUS is battling alcoholism. Menopause has nothing to do with this and it’s a cheap ploy attempt to make Alice into a sympathetic person. She is not.

    • Mia1066 says:

      Menopause really does /can suck, the aging, the weight gain (I gained tons). But most men won’t leave their wife because they gain weight, not in a healthy relationship. And if bad cosmetic surgery was a benchmark then most cosmetically enhanced would be divorced, men and women. That’s not fair at all. She’s home all day drinking. Probably mostly alone. , he’s spent a lot of time away from home working. Now that it’s over she’s plotting her revenge. I had sympathy for her early on (I didn’t follow her sm so had no idea what she was like) because I know how hard it is being in her situation, and meno can absolutely cause horrendous mood swings and rages, but I don’t now. Alice needs help stat. I can’t imagine the damage she’s doing to those children. I felt old, fat and useless so I tried to fix it as best I could. Weve all got choices.

    • AmelieOriginal says:

      She cheated on her former fiance (Picasso’s grandson, seems like an interesting guy himself) to be with Yoann. I don’t feel sorry for her at all.

  19. Giddy says:

    She is a scary, scary woman. Losing him has tipped her over into psychotic behavior that I don’t think will improve with time. I worry for all involved as the situation reminds me too much of Betty Broderick. I hope that Ioan has excellent security as Alice is unlikely to be able to live with the thought that he is happy in his new life without her.

  20. Andrew's_Nemesis says:

    She’s an appalling narcissist who doesn’t give a damn about anyone else. She needs rehab, and her children need heavy-duty therapy. She’s lost a lot of fans after setting up a GoFundMe to pay for her supposedly starving children, and then being photographed with a hundred and sixty dollar crate of wine. Absolutely wretched. I’m so happy Ioan got the RO, but am counting the minutes until she breaks it with her unhinged SM usage.

  21. Steph says:

    Has Ioan moved back stateside? If she continues on her trend, she’ll violate the RO and will risk imprisonment. Is he taking the steps necessary to have the girls full time? Even if it’s only a few months?

    In the last post about them, I was as disgusted with Ioan as with Alice bc I felt he was demanding therapy for his kids but not doing enough to get them out of the environment that’s causing them to need it. Many of you stated this is the exact right path for him to get full custody bc she’ll inevitably violate the RO. Is there any evidence that he’s preparing for that? I hope so.

    • Fortuona says:

      He has . He left for 3 months to film a show in France but been in to country since Aug 2020 . Tattle Life has clocks running on all the next dates

      Next date in all this are

      31 August 2022 Mediation Conference:(she can go herself or use remote so no getting round it)
      11 October 2022 Custody Hearing
      25 November 2022 approximate date for a hearing (45 days after the initial custody hearing) to determine the exact timeshare of their parenting time
      19 January 2023 Status and Trial Setting Conference

      All 4 date are on the LA court docket

      he asked for a date on 20 July 2022 the “Request for Trial Setting” was filed (expect 3 days) to the Court to settle Dissolution of the marriage, Child Custody, Child Visitation, Child Support, Division of Property, Attorney Fees and Costs, Validity of the Premarital Agreement. It also listed an Injunctive Order (possibly for non-disparagement of the ex-spouse to the children or in public
      So we have another 6 months of this yet but she keep firing lawyers asking for it to be pushed further back

  22. JRenee says:

    I hope the case moves more swiftly and that the girls are safe while this plays out. She’s definitely unhinged!

  23. B says:

    Alice needs to be committed to an asylum before she hurts herself or others. I don’t say that flippantly. I really think she would kill someone before this is all over.

  24. Liz Version 700k says:

    This situation seriously seems like it is going to end up being an episode of “Evil Lives Here.” She is not concerned about her daughters except to the extent that they can be used to feed her ego. I fear strongly for their safety and I’m sure their father does too.

  25. Mina_Esq says:

    It’s all so very tragic for everyone involved – the psycho mom, the innocent kids, the dad trying to do the right thing. I can’t help being entertained by it all, but I recognize that volatile situations like this can get very dangerous. I hope she gets some much needed therapy and doesn’t go off the rails even more.

  26. Debbie says:

    Daily Fail article above writes: “The Welsh actor,.. whose acrimonious split in March 2021 and consequent slanging matches threatened to overshadow their respective careers.”

    Have I missed anything in this saga? Since I was unfamiliar with either party, I ignored the early posts about them for years. I only started paying attention this past year and, from what I’ve seen, the “slanging matches” the DF speaks of have mostly been one-sided, as in initiated by the estranged wife. So, it seems like the DF can’t report on a straight-forward story to save their lives. The way they write it up, it makes it appear that both people have been engaging in public negativity about the other.

    • Coco says:

      DF is post is probably coming Alice hence the two party blames game.

    • Cinders says:

      The Mail recently had to publish an apology to Bianca (and made a donation to an MS charity) when they published an incorrect story about her – which they had copied word for word from Alice’s Instagram. So you’d think they might have learned their lesson – but apparently not.
      No, there has been no “slanging match”. Just Alice spouting off all over social media.
      Ioan has done everything through the courts.

  27. Spike says:

    Ioan’s children are absolutely, positively at risk due to their mother’s mental state & actions. She needs a psychological evaluation ASAP.

    Re: Ioan’s possible strategies to get full custody of his children.
    I validated these concepts as UK Family Court concepts: ( I live in the US).
    – As part of his custody court case his lawyer can pursue parental alienation. This is critical to prove her actions, mental state & how it is affecting the children.
    – The court can assign a guardian ad litem to protect the children & represent them in court.

    I understand that he doesn’t want to provoke her but his children are at risk physically & psychologically. I’ve seen this with once of my best friends. I cannot adequately explain the long-term damage his ex did to his children. After an excruciating battle her parental rights were finally terminated.

  28. paranormalgirl says:

    She is so inherently toxic.