Spencer Pratt called out Lisa Kudrow for being rude to him in 2009

I am not on TikTok. I have nothing against the platform, it’s just that I can barely manage the two I’m on now. One more might push me over the edge. So I don’t really know how it works. It seems, however, that people/celebrities respond to questions asked by other TikTokers on the reg. A common question is “who is the rudest person/celebrity you’ve met?” We know how that went down when JoJo Siwa answered the question. I guess Spencer Pratt is hoping his name makes as many headlines, because The Crystal King of the Palisades came for a castmember of Friends. According to Spencer, he was at his first Big Boy party with wife Heidi Montag, when Lisa Kudrow walked up to the couple and warned Heidi Buyer Beware about Spencer. Lisa told Heidi he was going to murder her, and she needed to get the hell out of there. And then Lisa noped out of the conversation and vanished. Here’s Spencer’s story:

The year was 2009 and Heidi and I were invited to our first real A-list elite party by the president of NBC. The arty was held in the backyard of then chairman of NBC/Universal’s Malibu mansion. It was clear when we got there, no one wanted us there…It was almost like we were filming for ‘Punk’d’ and a hidden camera was going to pop up, but Heidi and I didn’t care as there was delicious food and an open bar, beautiful views of the Malibu Ocean.

As we were sitting there consuming a little caviar, Phoebe approaches, which was a little shocking since no one had spoken to us at all at the party. She then says, right in front of me, to Heidi… that she needs to get away from me as fast as possible because I’m going to murder Heidi and that I had the eyes of a serial killer.

Heidi waits to see if this is a joke, maybe this is a bit, a skit – maybe this is a hidden camera party and why we were invited to this elite party – but no laughs. She just walks away.

And that right there was the rudest moment I’ve ever encountered with a human being. No human being has ever come up to my wife and said that I was going to murder my wife and thar I look like a serial killer.

[From TikTok via DListed]

“Beautiful Malibu Ocean,” Spencer knows it’s the same ocean he has down in the Palisades, doesn’t h… nevermind. Ultimately, I agree with him, that was rude of Lisa. And there have been stories about Lisa not being the friendliest person on the planet. Not rude, per se, but not friendly. If Lisa had a legitimate concern for Heidi’s safety, she could have it voiced without Spencer present. As presented, it sounds like an intentional F-k Y-u. Why? I don’t know. Maybe Lisa had a beef with Spencer and/or Heidi about something. Possibly because Spencer doesn’t know her name is Lisa and not Phoebe? Or maybe Lisa’s a jerk who liked to remind C-Listers she was one of the highest paid actresses on television. But it was clearly a message.

Do I care, though? I generally don’t like rudeness. But when people like Heidi, but especially Spencer, went out of their way to play punks for notoriety, they had to expect some bad energy coming back to them. We all kind of wondered which section of the newspaper Spencer would end up in at one point. Should Lisa have called him a serial killer to his wife? Probably not. Does he have the right to be upset still? Sure. Will Lisa lose a minute of sleep over this? No.

Guess who inserted herself into the Spencer/Lisa discussion? Bethenny FrankeL. Because there’s nothing the C-List loves more than company. I actually think Lisa might’ve issued a half-hearted statement had it been just Spencer, but with Bethenny in the mix, she’ll leave it alone. So does this elevate it to an official ‘feud?’ Gawd, Spencer must be positively lit up right now thinking he’s found relevance.

Spencer, in his own words Part 1:

@spencerpratt #thespills ♬ original sound – spencerpratt

Part 2:

@spencerpratt What went down with phoebe #thespills ♬ original sound – spencerpratt

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  1. Becks1 says:

    It sounds like a weird interaction but also sort of….deadpan? Like there is no way Lisa was being serious, right? It sounds like she just wanted to poke at them a bit or something.

    • Tiffany:) says:

      Yes, my thoughts exactly. I can hear her voice saying it. She was being funny.

      What would have been truly rude (and more serious) would be to say it to her without him there. Then it would come across as an actual warning.

      • Another Anna says:

        Definitely sounds weird, like a joke that didn’t land at all. That being said, every time Spencer Pratt opens his mouth, a red flag pops out. From what I remember, talking shit about him seemed to be the entire point of his character and he actively courted that interaction.

        The difference between this and the Jojo Siwa situation is that a) Jojo was a literal child, Spencer was on a tv show playing up a his “villain” status: and b) Full House Fundie Barbie has a well-documented history of bigotry against LGBTQ+ folks that made people think something else was going on. Lisa might have just been rude which might not be great, but isn’t the same as bigotry.

        This just feels like Spencer trying to grab at relevance.

    • Josephine says:

      I can see her doing it as a deadpan bit, but honestly, I think a lot of people wondered about his mental state. I didn’t watch the show but I remember all of the gossip around it and I think he came across as super controlling and narcissistic. Not a leap to think he might be abusive from how they presented him on that show and how he leaned in to that character all the time.

    • lucy2 says:

      Exactly. From what I’ve seen of Lisa, she has a very sharp, deadpan sense of humor. I can’t imagine her saying that seriously to someone.

    • Mustang Sally says:

      YES. My sister knows someone who worked on the show and they told her Lisa Kudrow is very droll, deadpan, ironic and doesn’t give it up (much like Candice Bergen). She’s supposedly very quirky and the friend said many people did not “get” Lisa’s humor.

  2. Jo says:

    I don’t know very well how this couple is, but I think they were in some reality show right? Playing themselves and exposing their lives. I guess that’s what comes with the territory.

  3. LiPat says:

    Sounds more bizarre than rude. And can he be sure it wasn’t Ursula? 😉

  4. SarahCS says:

    Way to get yourselves some press I guess. It sounds like she was rude and now he’s taking a turn by calling her by her characters name. My biggest eye roll is for BF inserting herself into the narrative. Yawn.

    Wow 2009 was another world, I remember when these two were doing their thing and it was a lot. I wonder if this party was before or after all her surgeries.

    • Christine says:

      I feel like it would be shorter to list the celebrities that have been overly friendly to these two. The memory of their desperation lives on.

  5. EB says:

    Rude yes but it’s not like he doesn’t have serial killer eyes.

  6. mj says:

    Meh. If she were wrong I’d be more bothered by it.

  7. Haylie says:

    Where’s the lie?

    I’m not crying for Spencer and Heidi who spread that Lauren Conrad sex tape lie and who referred to her ladyparts as beef curtains. I hope more people are rude to them. It’s what they’ve earned.

  8. Snarkle says:

    Spencer & Bethany are two of the slimiest c/d listers out there. Maybe Lisa just has integrity (and a little Tourette’s) and says things like they are when faced with malignant narcissists?
    Is it wrong that I kind of respect her for it?

    Also, side note: this is the third time we’ve had to read about Bethany on Celebitchy this week. For the love of God, please make it stop

    • Alexandria says:

      For real I don’t click when I see her face. That’s how irritating she is. I just know there’s no point because whatever that comes out of her mouth doesn’t make sense, and not even in the funny way.

  9. Jessica says:

    Umm, is he forgetting that he was an absolute psycho on reality tv back then? He controlled Heidi’s every move, Lisa was right to warn her, lol. He admits it was all fake now but seriously how can he be mad?!

    • BB says:

      He was terrible! Lisa’s comment, whilst random and probably hurtful at the time, came off the back of some crazy behaviour on The Hills.
      BUT. Glad these two are still together and that she’s pregnant. I watched the new Hills seasons recently, and her fertility was a big issue for them, and a really painful subject. Wishing them the best with the rest of the pregnancy / birth

    • kelleybelle says:

      I love Lisa Kudrow. I don’t care if she was rude or not. Remember, Spencer Pratt is a guy who said about Heidi when he was first dating her: “Her nose is too big and her titties are too small.” Would you marry an idiot like that??

    • K.T says:

      Yeah, he had crazy eyes! And wasn’t he super sus/controlling to Heidi and then she had far too many surgical procedures all at once which he showed off weirdly.

    • Right?? I remember the “Speidi” years well, and during that time period he was doing everything in his power to come off as a deranged lunatic! And while he (conveniently) claims now that all of his behavior on The Hills was faked for TV, he was also behaving that way on Big Brother and other shows as well, not to mention that he has spent YEARS harassing and borderline stalking Lauren Conrad through the media and tabloids! He can kick rocks.

      • Amy says:

        My sentiments exactly. I never watched the show, but I remember the press at the time and a realllly awkward Letterman interview. Letterman wasn’t even hiding his disgust for the creepy guy. Even if this was all scripted by MTV, he has to know he was a supervillain on “reality” TV, right?!!

  10. K-Peace says:

    I don’t believe that this interaction even occurred. Lisa has way more class than that. This guy is a lying idiot.

  11. Stef says:

    I’m sure many people were rude to Spencer back then because he was a complete psychopath on The Hills and was/is a laughing stock. The guy has zero talent, along with Heidi, and they’ve always been desperate grifters. Glad he was aware back then that no one wanted them around – self awareness!

    Remember Heidi’s 20 plastic surgery procedures in one day and her pathetic attempt at a music career? I’m surprised I’m even reading these nothingburger names on this site in 2022…

  12. Emmi says:

    I don’t know, this sounds super weird. I always thought Lisa Kudrow has a bit of an edge to her, like she sometimes thinks she’s above it all. Promotion etc. And it’s not like she still needs to be in entertainment. The only two “Friends” who – to me – have always come across as warm people are Courtney Cox and David Schwimmer.

    • Kyle says:

      Anyone else in or adjacent to the business may beg to differ, but Lisa definitely has been known to be peevish, snotty. Not negating the twerpism haha of Pratt/Montag. They seem to be grade A antagonists/fools. I was disappointed when I relocated to CA (there for nearly 3 years) when in early 20’s. The whole “never meet your heroes,” seriously…

  13. lunchcoma says:

    I…uh…hm. I don’t know enough about Lisa Kudrow to know if she’s incredibly rude or not. But I do remember a bit about Spencer Pratt. I’d sort of like to hear a third party’s account of what Kudrow says, because I can imagine some other people trying to let Heidi know she has some options if she wants to leave and him elaborating that into an extreme story of rudeness.

  14. Trillion says:

    good for her

  15. HelloDannie says:

    Lisa is hilarious.

    All I can recall from these two cream puffs is when Heidi accused Al Roker of “threatening” her after he called out their silly antics on his show some years ago. It was ridiculous (and racially problematic) because Al is pretty much the friendliest news journalist ever.

  16. Annaloo. says:

    If they weren’t already opaque stunt queens, I might have some sympathy.

    Team Kudrow.

  17. McGee says:

    Only clicked on this to ask— toupee, right?