Dark Brandon welcomed the Obamas back to the WH to unveil their portraits

One of the grossest, nastiest things about the Cheeseburger Fascist in the White House was that he was so petty and contemptuous of Barack Obama. I mean, Donald Trump was a disgusting racist and I’m sure his hatred of Obama was mostly racism. But there was a chunk of hatred devoted to Trump knowing that he would never have Obama’s grace, his popularity, his depth as a man. And so Trump punished the Obamas by refusing to invite them back to the White House to unveil the Obamas’ official portraits. The silver lining is that now that Dark Brandon is in the White House, he can invite Barry and Michelle over whenever he wants. That’s exactly what happened on Wednesday!

The Obamas returned to the White House to unveil their portraits. These portraits were organized by the White House Historical Association, and every president gets one, although I hope they find a way to skip Trump (the Biden White House is already dodging questions about whether Trump will get one, btw). Robert McCurdy did Barry’s portrait and Sharon Sprung did Michelle’s. They’re beautiful! The McCurdy portrait is incredibly life-like, almost like a photo. Michelle is more painterly and (frankly) prettier.

Both the Obamas made little speeches and Barack thanked Sharon Sprung for the Michelle portrait, saying: “I want to thank Sharon Sprung for capturing everything I love about Michelle: her grace, her intelligence, and the fact that she’s fine. And I want to thank Robert McCurdy for taking on a much more difficult subject.”

The Obamas looked very pleased with their portraits, and with the Bidens in general. What a happy and nice reunion among friends! Dark Brandon looked so joyful welcoming the ex-president back to the White House!

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. dina says:

    I love Joe and Barack together. Cutest friendship!

  2. Becks1 says:

    They’re both great portraits for different reasons. Obama’s definitely looks like a photograph, its incredible. I love the colors in Michelle’s and the expression on her face.

    • Southern Fried says:

      All that too. Notice the folds in her dress… I need to look up that artist to see more of her work.

    • Merricat says:

      I think the artist who created Obama’s portrait had very specific intentions to highlight his blackness against the white background. It’s not just beautiful, it’s meaningful.

      • ThatsNotOkay says:

        Mind. Blown.

        Love Michelle’s too—so expressive with fluid brush strokes, perfect colors. Glorious!

  3. mia girl says:

    Seeing the Obamas back in the White House brings ALL the feels.
    I miss that time so much and it’s a true tragedy how f**ked up things became after they left.

    • Fuzzy Crocodile says:

      Gosh… thinking about it.

      I did feel so much hope when Obama got elected.

      It’s crazy how that’s all evaporated. And the state in which we are in.

    • MtlExPat says:

      Same – as a Canadian I was so happy and hopeful for the US when Obama was elected. It feels like a faraway dream now.

  4. Southern Fried says:

    Lots to smile about here. Both portraits are so good but I prefer Michelle’s for the style, the colors, more creative but captures her beautifully. Biden’s and Obamas in our house again, hallelujah!

  5. Noki says:

    Dark Brandon? What did i miss!?

  6. Lolo86lf says:

    Yes indeed the portraits of Barack and Michele are gorgeous. Both of them are wonderful model citizens of this country. But what about Donald Trump and Melania Trump. If Donald Trump is indeed indicted and found guilty of treason and espionage should he get a portrait too? I should hope not. The tradition should be broken for those who don’t deserve it.

    • Merricat says:

      The tradition should be denied to those who try to turn the democratic republic into a fascist regime.

  7. Seraphina says:

    I still can’t believe the pettiness of not unveiling the portraits. And he is still trying to be in the ticket. There’s a lot of things that make me think I’m living in a parallel universe right now But I digress.
    For me, Michelle’s portrait stole the show. She is diva and that portrait says a thousand words. Love it.

  8. Jessica says:

    My heart fluttered with happiness just hearing Barack speak again, I sure do miss that kind of energy in the White House. Love the portraits.

    Dark Brandon, lol

  9. BUBS says:

    Michelle said I’ll show you “beautiful black skin” and I’m here for it! Off-shoulder, gorgeous…for all eternity, racists walking into the White House will just have to deal! Hopefully, there’ll be more black photos in the White House!

  10. HeyKay says:

    B&M, what a time of hope and the sense that they knew the weight of being Pres and First Lady.
    They were wonderful on the world stage.
    Bless them both.

  11. girl_ninja says:

    I don’t think the Obama’s minded not being invited to the White House while it was being occupied by the Hamburglar and his horrible administration. This was so much more satisfying and lovely seeing the Biden’s and Obama’s together again. They look so GOOD. Lady O’s braids looked amazing and PBO looks like a king with the silver hairs coming so much now. It was nice seeing Mrs. Robinson to. I’m glad I was able to watch it live.

  12. Soapboxpudding says:

    Lovely portraits! I saw their previous ones at the National Portrait Gallery in 2019 and they’re stunning. there was a massive line up to view them, definitely made me teary eyed and proud given it was during the Cheeto Mussolini Years.

  13. Joanne says:

    Both portraits are beautiful. I really love that Michelle has bare arms, the republicans must be scandalized. Michelle is gorgeous and so above them all.

  14. SeeJanet Ferber says:

    So in love with this reunion and all the people involved: real, normal, good. Such a contrast to the multiverse of 2016 to 2020, a time period that skewered and corrupted what America stood for for over 200 years. We’re still hurting and the political climate has taken a dive into a bad, bad place.

  15. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Love Love LOVE the portraits
    I miss the Obamas 😭
    I love Dark Brandon!!!!
    And good lord Dr. FLOTUS is TINY!!!!!!
    I had no idea

  16. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Normalcy never looked so good.