Prince William & Kate won’t move into Windsor Castle right away?

I totally missed this earlier in the week, but the Telegraph had some information about the new Prince and Princess of Wales and what’s next for them following the mourning period for Queen Elizabeth II. For a while now, it’s been somewhat established that when Charles became king, he would “give” Windsor Castle to William and Kate, as their official home. Charles doesn’t care for Windsor Castle, and he prefers to keep his Highgrove home as his official country abode. So, when will William and Kate move into the castle? Will they move into the castle? They literally just moved into Adelaide Cottage – a “humble” four-bedroom home on the Windsor estate – just about a week before QEII passed away. The Telegraph had those answers and even more. Some highlights:

They aren’t moving out of Adelaide Cottage at the moment: There is an expectation that the Prince and Princess will eventually move into Windsor Castle or one of the larger houses on the Windsor estate, something which has become more pressing with their change in status and seniority. But they have indicated to courtiers that they want to give their children a chance to settle into school and avoid any more upheaval for as long as possible, meaning that decisions on who lives in which property will be put on hold for now.

They won’t disrupt the children: “They won’t be starting from scratch when it comes to decisions on what happens to all of the royal properties,” said one source, “because there have been lots of conversations about that over the years, but things can change when family dynamics are taken into account and they will want as little disruption to their children’s lives as possible right now. They are very happy right now at Windsor and for the next decade or so everything will be pretty much dictated by what is right for the children.”

The PoW investiture: The Prince must also decide on arrangements for his investiture as Prince of Wales, which is scheduled to happen after the King’s coronation and is likely to be next year. William will become only the third Prince of Wales to be invested in Wales itself, and is said to favour a more low-key ceremony than the one at Caernarfon Castle for his father in 1969.
One possibility is that the investiture could take place at Cardiff Cathedral, and a decision must also be taken on the role of the Princess of Wales in the ceremony, as no Prince of Wales in recent history has inherited the title while married.

A celebration of Wales: One source familiar with the discussions said: “They want to make sure that any ceremony is about celebrating Wales, rather than focusing on them as individuals. They have lived in Wales and they have spent a lot of time going back to Wales and they want to make sure anything they do is in keeping with the wishes of the Welsh people.” The King spent 10 weeks learning the Welsh language and culture at Aberystwyth University before his investiture, though he had plenty of time to do so because the ceremony did not take place until 11 years after he was made Prince of Wales by the late Queen. Prince William is likely to want to brush up on his Welsh language skills now that he has the title.

King Charles wants Will & Kate to focus on the poor: As he handed on his title of Prince of Wales to his eldest son, the King gave him what was to all intents and purposes a mission statement: “Bring the marginal to the centre ground.” The Prince and Princess of Wales have been given their instructions to carry out a royal version of levelling-up, by making frequent and high-profile visits to the people and the areas that have for many years been left behind…the Prince and Princess are also likely to spend more time on official visits to some of the most economically depressed areas of the country, not only to lift awareness of their needs, but also to use their convening power to get communities, politicians and businesses together to find new ways of rejuvenating such places.

[From The Telegraph]

The fact that they’re not planning an immediate move to Windsor Castle is fascinating, and I suspect that some curious stuff will happen over the next six months. As in, Adelaide Cottage is now and was always intended as Kate’s separation cottage. Whereas William will have Kensington Palace and possibly “Windsor Castle or one of the larger houses on the Windsor estate.” Methinks William already has his eye on something larger for his own separation house. Perhaps Frogmore House (which is a palace) or Fort Belvedere, that medieval castle he seemed keen on. The parts about the investiture are also fascinating, huh? I wonder if Kate will even be included. And no, that’s not what “levelling up” means. But it’s hilarious.

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  1. girl_ninja says:

    People are homeless, hungry, jobless and dying and these people are taking about one of the 4-5 residences these two lazy bums have. What a disgrace.

    • MF says:

      Yep. Absurd that Charles is giving them a giant castle in one breath, and in the next, he’s telling them to focus on the poor. Of course, none of these people are bright enough to see the irony.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Can you imagine? Here’s your new title, work with the Welch (who don’t want you), and visit the poors while you’re at it. This is just mind-boggling to me. And as though K&W are actually going to ‘level up’. They’re holding steady at mediocre.
        Also, had to laugh at the ‘Charles had 11 years to learn Welsh, poor Willy Boy has to learn it NOW’. Charles was just a kid when named the POW!! It’s not like he started cramming then! Is this just their ready-made excuse for when Willy Boy butchers the language? He didn’t have the time that his father had to learn the language?

    • ELX says:

      Sell that ugly Christmas tree broach and donate the money to a food bank—people are going to starve this winter.

    • Snuffles says:

      This winter is going to be a rough ride for the royals when their subjects are freezing and starving to death as they live in luxury on the taxpayers dime. I’m genuinely expecting protests and riots in the near future.

      • Bettyrose says:

        I know TQ was said to be secretly in favor of Brexit but she was hardly an economist. Do the pro Brexiters see any correlation to the current economic crisis? (The MAGATs lack any critical thinking skills so cause and effect are way beyond them.) The RF is truly living in a separate world from real Britain at this point.

  2. ThatsNotOkay says:

    These two are not about giving back. So they won’t give back any properties when they “level up” the castles and palaces, and they won’t give back to the poor because it sets a bad precedent. Like, they might then be expected to give back to the communities and countries the Royal Family has exploited to gain and maintain its unearned wealth.

  3. Birdie says:

    Separation cottage? I haven’t heard this elsewhere? Is this just a rumour from the vibes being given off?

    Also….kinda so what? I think they both went into it eyes open and if they have fallen out of love but are staying together for title and status….so? People stay married for much less.

    • Becks1 says:

      It’s been a theory for the past 14 months, once the move to Windsor came up with the insistence that they were going to keep Anmer and Kensington Palace 1A….and since the initial discussion wasn’t a move to Windsor, but Berkshire, and a private estate. The whole move really only makes sense if there is a separation.

      They are staying together for title and status which is fine, if it works for both of them, but I think its clear from recent appearances that it does not work for them, and also, a hidden separation is a lot harder to….well, hide…in 2022.

      • Birdie says:

        Interesting! Where did the theory come from? I’ve only ever seen it here.

      • Becks1 says:

        Oh its definitely not only here, you just have to read between the lines a lot with the royal reporting. Even in this article you can see it pretty clearly.

        For example, when the house hunting was first announced, it was “the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband, Prince William…” (which made him sound like an afterthought.) Lots of talk about how they “share” children, which is usually more what you would say for a divorced couple. Then factor in the Sandringham zooming, the separate arrivals to events, the insanely expensive trip to the Bond premiere (which only makes sense if someone was using a helicopter), and it starts to become pretty clear they live separate lives.

        No way in hell was william going to downgrade to Adelaide cottage, even when he was “just” the duke of cambridge.

    • Lizzie says:

      Someone on twitter called Adelaide cottage Kate’s she-shed. LOL

      • Anonymous says:

        LOL. I mean even if all is well, Kate may want her own separate place. Honestly, if I was in that fish bowl and I could have another house with no room for staff, which would ostensibly offer some privacy, I’d probably take it as a main, 4th/5th or she-shed house!

        That said, I wouldn’t be so lame with/about almost everything else, including my messaging.

        Let’s face it, if they’re going to Windsor Castle itself, they’re probably going to renovate first, so that alone will be why they don’t move in right away and use settling the kids in as an excuse!

        I doubt he’ll get Fort Belvedere, but if they want Royal Lodge and not Windsor, that will probably happen, unless they think keeping Andrew there is the only way to control him.

        I’ll say something nice: Kate looks better this week (starting with the paparazzi sunglasses drive) than she has in a long time. Maybe the stress of waiting for the inevitable to happen (the Queen’s passing and moving house and school for the kids) was weighing on her. I’m sure she’s had the wardrobe picked out since Philip passed at least, but her skin and everything about her just looks a lot better overall.

    • AmelieOriginal says:

      They’ve been arriving at events separately recently and we’ve been noticing. Obviously not for the funeral/events around the Queen’s death, they’ve been arriving together for those. But it’ll be interesting to see what happens for future joint events post-mourning period.

      • Snickers says:

        I am not aware of the Sandringham/ Anmer separation or living apart. Can anyone provide details?

      • Becks1 says:

        This has been discussed repeatedly for the past year in all the moving threads, but I’ll summarize:

        at some point, late 2020, early 2021, all of a sudden W&K start zooming from Sandringham. The RRs made a BIG point of making sure we all knew they were zooming from there. Why? What was wrong with Anmer, where they had been zooming since the pandemic started? Or KP? But no, Sandringham. It made sense if you considered that William was living at Sandringham and Kate was at Anmer.

        Then as discussed above the talk of the move to Windsor carried with it strong whiffs of “there is a lot more that the RRs aren’t saying but want to.” Consider Kate arriving separately with George to Wimbledon, and William arriving separately with Charlotte to Birmingham (why? that makes zero sense if they all live together) AND having an overnight bag with her when she got out of the helicopter (again, makes no sense if she was home like normal.) Separate lives just seems to make the most of sense.

        Then factor in that they can’t stand each other and it REALLY makes sense.

      • JaneBee says:

        @Birdie @Snickers The ‘details’ – from a Celebitchy perspective – can easily be found in the comments section on posts covering Rose Hanbury and Adelaide Cottage/Fort Belvedere. If you are genuinely interested, it would be worth going back over the archives and reading these. Of course, you’re super welcome to draw your own conclusions, but having the background would no doubt assist you.

        If you do follow royal gossip, it is curious that the separation rumours come as a total surprise to you?? While it was subsequently retracted, MSN published a high profile article in April or May this year that claimed a divorce/separation was underway, and included details of an argument between W+K, as overheard by a footman. This article was also picked up in France and Germany and covered by other media outlets. A German outlet refused to remove its article for weeks afterwards. There are even counter articles that cover the original divorce article in Elle and Marie Claire and refute it? It’s quite easy to Google something like ‘Duchess of Cambridge Kate Divorce separation rumour’ and get the gist of it.

        Do forgive me, but two separate posts claiming ignorance of these topics and requesting the Celebitchy community provide the ‘details’ does rather trigger the troll sensor…

  4. Becks1 says:

    I don’t think they’re moving to Windsor Castle as a family but I think the hope is that it will be easier to hide in Windsor than in London. As in, the separate lives continue but if they’re both at Windsor then its less obvious.

    This article is interesting bc it says they’re thinking about Windsor Castle OR one of the other large houses on the Windsor estate. One of the large houses that wasn’t available to them in the past year?

    I would be surprised if they move to WC period, bc Charles is going to need that for official events, and Highgrove belongs to the Duchy of Cornwall. But maybe negotiations are happening behind the scenes; I didn’t think they would get the Wales titles this soon and yet I was very very wrong, so who knows.

    • clarissa says:

      I’m surprised Charles tied up Highgrove in the Duchy of Cornwall, or why Lancaster doesn’t just buy it from Cornwall? Or Charles buy it out right? Surely by the time he bought it, the Cornwall money had been flowing into a bank account while he was a child. It’s always been basically a personal home. It only seems like a Prince of Wales home because he was POW for 5 decades

    • MakeEverydayCount says:

      If Kate moves to Windsor Castle, she will never leave even if there is a divorce. Charles isn’t going to risk that, IMO. I do believe Kate will get something bigger than AC. She does have some leverage because she can bring attention to the RF albeit superficial projects. IMO, Charles is negotiating with Harry. To bet the future of the Monarchy on Kate has to be scary prospect for Charles. IMO, half in and half out looks better and better each day for Charles. The question is does half in/half out have the same appeal to Harr/Meghan since they have had a bite of a life free of the Royal bubble.

      • Louisa says:

        I’d be very surprised if H&M had any interest in ever stepping foot in the UK again after this week and the vitriol M has received. (She held her husband’s hand?! That witch!)

      • EllenOlenska says:

        Maybe the price of something more special than Adelaide is putting up and shutting up during this weeks circus and a few more events…

      • KFG says:

        Harry isn’t going back. Those people tried to kill his wife and child and stressed his wife to the point she miscarried. They’re continuing to leak and brief against her and Chuck hasn’t said anything. What can chucky offer H&M ?

    • CourtneyB says:

      Charles was given life tenancy at highgrove when the Duchy bought it. He’s not going anywhere unless he wants to. He will have to pay William rent though.

    • Jean says:

      But don’t forget that Camilla and Charles have always maintained separate residences and the Queen and Phillip lived separately for decades, maybe W and K want to the same type of arrangement! Who knows…

      • Becks1 says:

        They absolutely could, and maybe they’re hoping that it wouldn’t be a big deal these days. But it kills the image of the happily married couple that are so “normal” and so down to earth etc. I don’t think it would be the end of their popularity, but I do think the public would look at them differently and I’m not sure they want that, hence why there seems to be so much coverup for this. Camilla spends a lot of time at Rays Mill, that’s just accepted and NBD, there is no cover up, you know?

      • JaneBee says:

        @Jean & @Becks1 These are both excellent points!!

      • Cairidh says:

        I think they’ll wait a while, pretend to be living together at Adelaide cottage, and then announce they’re moving into Windsor castle, but that Kate is keeping Adelaide as a retreat, to escape to, from the suffocating formal royal life, the way camilla does with Raymill. And theyll say it’s somewhere the children can run around and make noise unlike the formal Windsor castle, As they said about Raymill vs high grove re camillas grandchildren.

  5. Beach Dreams says:

    Sorry, something still stinks about this Windsor Castle narrative. If they were expecting to move to Windsor Castle in the near future, they wouldn’t have gone searching for private property to buy in Berkshire, let alone settle for a rather quaint (in comparison to what they already have) crown property near WC. They could’ve easily waited and done their typical separate living in Apt 1A and Anmer Hall.

    • Becks1 says:

      So I’m reading the article again, and they really are SCREAMING without screaming about a divorce/separation.

      “Decisions about who lives in which property will be put on hold.” Why? Why do any decisions need to be made? they just moved to AC bc they’re so “modest” and “normal,” why does that change now?

      “family dynamics taken into account.” What family dynamics? What has changed? I mean I know the Queen has passed but why should that impact where Will and Kate live?

      all the lines about upheaval to the children… I get that it would be annoying for the kids, but is it THAT much upheaval to move from a house they’ve lived in for two weeks to another house within walking distance that they’ve visited multiple times in the past (if its Windsor Castle?)

      But an official separation/divorce would be an upheaval.

      • Naomi says:

        Agreed. The line about “who lives where” JUMPED out at me, like OMG they are saying the quiet part loud!!!! I’m surprised no one else picked up on this juicy line… And yes the point about “what’s best for the kids” in the next “10 years or so”… I mean, is that not code for “wait until they’re older to divorce?”

      • Nic919 says:

        I agree. They likely knew the queen was in ill health and if the rumour about cancer is true, then they should have continued as is with their current arrangement. The push for Adelaide cottage screamed a need for a new location and the separate arrivals suggest separate lives already.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        You nailed it, Becks! At first, I thought they might be referencing Andrew & Royal Lodge, but that didn’t make any sense. And I’ve always said William wasn’t downgrading to Adelaide Cottage. But if he’s given Frogmore House or Belvedere and they keep AC, then that’s it for me. They are definitely separated.

      • Becks1 says:

        That’s a good point Nic. If it was cancer as has been suggested (which would fit with her losing weight, and having good days and bad days), then W&K would have known that, and if WC was in the offering, they could have held out. Maybe they did know WC was in the offering and moved so they could start the kids at Lambrook, rather than moving them, but then we’re back to why was WC necessary at all, with KP in London already, and if they knew the queen’s death was close (within months at least), why not just put them in Windsor as it was?

        It really makes no sense except for the obvious….Adelaide is for Kate.

      • QuiteContrary says:

        Becks1: You could be a Blather-to-English translator. This is a very sharp analysis.

  6. tamsin says:

    How is more frequent visits to the poor going to improve their lives? Will they just feel better with just a smile here and there given more often? In the real world, Charles would seem to be asking these two to tackle the problem of poverty, although maybe just in Wales. Good luck with that! However, in the royal world, it’s the mission to keep Welsh anti-monarchy sentiments down to a whisper.

    • Visit the poor and spread some cheerful largess (Simply consisting of smiles and waves) so the peasants wont come after you with the guillotines. This family is ridiculous and I’m glad the world is watching this insanity. They way they SHOVED that Prince of Wales title on him KNOWING that the majority of Welsh people find it insanely insulting (look up it’s history-its LITERALLY a slur) is just disgusting. Abolish the monarchy.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      Seriously, aren’t the poor suffering enough, without the expensively clad Kate bringing her empty jazz hands to their communities?

  7. FancyPants says:

    “Things can change when family dynamics are taken into account”…
    The “family dynamics” euphemism is doing a lot of work here.

  8. Canadian says:

    I’ve said this before – there’s no way King Charles gives Kate Princess of Wales if a divorce is pending. Their marriage is more solid than it appears. Adelaide is a temporary solution close to the school. Now that the Queen is gone, there will be a permanent shuffle of these estates and the Wales will be given a bigger property near Windsor or the Castle itself.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Erm, AC is already on the Windsor estate, is a 10 min walk to the castle and less than a 5 min drive.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        LOL thank you. Might I add that it’s painfully obvious Adelaide Cottage was never in their top 3 choices/”solutions”, let alone their number one choice. If that were the case, they could’ve easily chosen AC months ago instead of playing a year-long guessing game in which they were campaigning for every other home on the Windsor estate.

      • ELX says:

        Why get divorced? Mistresses start wanting things like public recognition, a ring, children, etc. I don’t think they’ll divorce, but that doesn’t mean they intend to live together in any meaningful way. It just suits everyone to keep putting lipstick on the pig. That being said, Bill has to throw red meat to the tabloids so they can get their clicks and money—and that means more smear campaign so his ‘gardening’ stays an unsubstantiated rumor.

    • JT says:

      Then why not wait for the queen to pass to move? Moving to AC and then another place, what, weeks/months after makes no sense. They could have stayed where the were, keep the kids in school, and hold off on getting more properties until the queen left. Most people theorized that the queen wouldn’t make it past this year. Her health has been declining rapidly for a long time. Now they just look even greedier, already eying the next castle, while they just acquired their 4th home.

    • Becks1 says:

      So I go back and forth on this. I agree that my first thought when he made her PoW is “no divorce.” I don’t think the marriage is solid per se, since they can’t stand each other, but its clear that they’ve decided no divorce and will just keep on as they have been.

      But, then I saw them in public and saw Kate’s face and behavior, and I have to wonder if giving them the title was kind of a “checkmate” from Charles. Like, maybe a divorce WAS looming so this is his way of blocking that, or forcing them into a higher profile and to do more work, etc.

      • L84Tea says:

        This. This is exactly what I think is happening.

      • Do we think it was Charles’s way to punish William (To make him stay with K) because the rumours that William cheating is what REALLY is behind the bad blood between the brothers?!?!?

        I swear, this family makes the Corleone family look functional.

      • Sid says:

        Someone here made a very good point and said that if W&K had known ahead of time that Chuck was going to confer the PoW title so soon, they wouldn’t have rushed to have their SM accounts updated with the Cornwall title right away and would have just waited until after Chuck’s speech. Your “checkmate” idea makes a lot of sense in context.

      • Christine says:

        I do too, and even more, I think Chuck wants to dilute the “Princess of Wales” title, and the “queen of hearts” narrative that surrounds it. Until last week, Google could only return Diana as the result of any search. This only benefits Chuck.

      • Nic919 says:

        I agree with your second scenario. Divorce was a likely possibility and Charles locked them in at least for a while. They are already separated that’s clear.

    • Dutch says:

      It does makes one wonder if the Andrew getting booted out of Royal Lodge narrative is in play. Andy gets banished to Scotland or the estate Fergie just bought and Billy gets RL, which he is said to have been coveting for quite a while.

      • L84Tea says:

        I’m beginning to suspect a deal between Charles and Andrew has been struck.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        The Scots don’t want Andrew – the talk of removing his Scottish title (Earl of Inverness) has started again, is currently trending on UK twitter.

      • Snickers says:

        This is what I think. To me, family dynamics suggests that Andrew may get the boot from the lodge and Kate/Will move in (setting any thoughts about separation aside).

      • QuiteContrary says:

        I’d want any house where Pedrew resided to be fumigated and sanitized before I moved in.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      There’s no evidence the marriage is more solid than it appears. It appears they can’t stand one another, and this hasn’t changed for years. It’s obvious everyone knows this by the deranges jealous obsession with M and H showing any affection for one another.

      That W and K are not divorcing is not the same thing as a solid marriage.

      • Canadian says:

        Oh I agree the marriage may not be “solid” in a normal view. In this context I meant they’re not separating (officially) or divorcing.

      • Jaded says:

        I’m sure they’re separated and Khate is angry and indignant as all hell that she got dumped in AC. The resentment just flows out of her. This has been a simmering pot since Meghan and Harry’s wedding and the pot is going to boil over in the coming months.

      • Cairidh says:

        In the mourning walkabout photos I couldn’t decide if Kate looked annoyed or if she just trying not to look happy about finally being princess of wales, the title she always wanted.

    • Rapunzel says:

      The PPoW titles don’t mean anything re: whether divorce is coming for the Cambridges. It doesn’t seem like they expected to get them, given the double change to their social media. The titles seem to have been Charles’ call, not the Keens. So it’s not a sign of anything being solid because it’s Charles’ decision and he either doesn’t care or is using the titles as a whip.

      The Cambridge marriage is rotting and the titles are either Charles’ last ditch attempt to prevent a total collapse, or Charles’ attempt to make War of the Wales II an even bigger scandal than War of the Wales I (because he knows the end of the marriage is inevitable). I lean towards the later theory, because it serves to make Chuck E. Three’s clownshow look better.

      • Ace says:

        I tend to think that giving them the PPoW titles so soon was just to prevent a major protest from Wales, but there’s the added bonus for Chuck that if the divorce was coming Wails would also have to drag an ex-wife Princess of Wales just like he did.

      • Harper says:

        I bet Camilla is weighing in on all these machinations and influencing Chuck. If William is hiding a sidepiece and striking deals with Kate to keep her quiet and protect his private image, Camilla might not want to play along with that now that Betty is gone. I think Cams has zero interest in protecting William and would really enjoy seeing another Prince and Princess of Wales struggle through it until one of them just implodes. There is a big element of “I went through it, now you have to too” running through that family (Harry refers to it in his now viral TMYCS clip) and William’s time is up.

        Also, Chuck gave Burger King the POW title because he needs him to start working now. No more hiding out, no more phone calls counting as work, no more limiting your summer appearances to football, Wimbledon and Ascot. Get your scissors sharpened and start cutting those ribbons.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Harper along those same lines, Camilla might not like all the tweets about how she’s a role model for sidepieces or whatever. She may not want to be the only former mistress/now wife on the throne, you know?

    • Cairidh says:

      I Think they recently settled, officially, but secretly, a separation that would consist of William and Kate living in separate houses, shared custody of the children (term time half in Windsor castle with William, half the time in AC with Kate, holidays half with Kate at Carole’s house, half with William in London and norfolk) but pretending to still be married/together in public. Which means no divorce.

      So, not surprising Kate’s been made princess of wales.

    • Couch potato says:

      Lets not forget that Chuck wants everyone to forget about Diana. With Kate as a new princess of Wales the title isn’t automatically connected to Diana anymore.

  9. Digital Unicorn says:

    My prediction – they are not moving into Windsor Castle, they are getting kicked out of KP and moved into Clarence House, Chuck wants them under his eye.

    If they keep AC then that’s because its kHates divorce home. She ain’t getting anything bigger than that.

  10. Amy Bee says:

    William will quietly move to Windsor Castle while Kate will stay at Adelaide. It will be like they did during the lockdown when William was at Sandringham and Kate was at Amner. Looking back on that now, I think that was a trial separation.

    • Moderatelywealthy says:

      and I think Chuck gave them the Wales titles ( which they obviously were not expecting) for two reasons : 1- because Charles does not want the name Diana associated with the title and 2) because if William decides to divorce, Charles can safely say his son is not the better husband and the better farther he was meant to be.

      It is really all on William now if you come to think .

      • Cairidh says:

        Or as someone here said the other day, he gave them the titles to get them to work. They’ve been saying for years they don’t have to work more because they’re lower on the totem pole and they’ll work once they’re prince and princess of wales.

    • Giddy says:

      If W&K divorce, is the POW title available for a new wife of William’s?

      • Becks1 says:

        Yes, which is why many of us speculated that how soon William was given PoW would indicate how likely a divorce was. So if there is a divorce, she becomes Catherine, Princess of Wales, and the new wife is HRH The Princess of Wales. The working theory was that Charles wouldn’t want two Princesses of Wales running around, so if he named William PoW, it meant no divorce. (which was my first reaction on hearing the news, that there would not be a divorce.)

        But considering they changed their social media to Duke and Duchess of Cornwall (why not wait 24 hours for the Wales title?) tells me they did not know it was coming this soon, and considering Kate looks sort of shell-shocked, I think she was caught off guard.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        @Becks1 – If they divorce (she looses the HRH styling but keeps the titles) and if he then remarries she looses the PoW title and other titles associated with his position. I think she gets to keep the Duchess of Cambridge title but that would likely be negotiated – as mother of the future King she’ll get a title anyway.

      • Cairidh says:

        No she’d be Catherine, duchess of Cambridge instead of HRH the duchess of Cambridge.

        The new wife wouldn’t use the title duchess of Cambridge but would technically possess it, as William still has the title duke of Cambridge.

      • Becks1 says:

        @DU – oh really? I didn’t realize that. I knew she lost the title if SHE remarried, didn’t realize she lost it if William remarried. Hmm, that’s interesting.

      • Talia says:

        She doesn’t lose it if William remarries. Becks1 has it right. The title changes slightly on divorce (Catherine, Princess of Wales) but she had it for life unless she remarries. What William does in terms of a second wife has no effect.

  11. Eurydice says:

    Maybe I’m too separation-conscious, but “decisions on who lives in which property will be put on hold for now” sounds ominous to me.

    • JT says:

      For real. Because the only people getting new properties are W&K.

    • The Hench says:

      Haha @Eurydice – I thought the same. If this was an episode of Game of Thrones we’d say it had a LOT of foreshadowing:
      “who lives in which property”
      “things can change when family dynamics are taken into account ”
      “a decision must also be taken on the role of the Princess of Wales in the ceremony”

      Tune in next week for developments…

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        The Hench, do you know what the difference is before and after William’s ceremony after’s C3PO’s coronation? Does it make a difference? It sounds like Fails is the first to be married when getting the POW title, so they don’t know what to do with her for the ceremony (investiture?). I have a feeling she’ll be left out of it.

        IMO, I don’t think it matters what they do or don’t do. Fails&Wails can’t stand each other. If you think that’s going to get better anytime soon when they’re in public, I’ll sell you Nevada beach front. Wails is going to just do less and less and simply fade away–or she’ll be drug out periodically to stand on the balcony as far away as possible from Fails.

        I honestly think the best thing that could happen to KHate would be to get divorced and have some say in her own life. She might even gain 10-20 pounds. I think the children would also be more relaxed. I keep thinking of them in all of this and the only way I see them finally getting any sense of peace and security is if their parents divorce, and no one is having to live a lie. Adalaide Cottage might be a really good spot for Wails, because it is private.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah, its a really weird way to say “the Cambridges may move to a larger house now.” the press is antsy to start reporting on what’s really happening.

  12. Lucky Charm says:

    Lol Kaiser, they did say “the royal version” of leveling up though.
    As for William, how much bigger than the castle can you get on the Windsor estate? I’m sure he’s already living there while Kate has AC, but since it hadn’t been announced or made public he’s not “officially” there. In a few weeks they’ll mention something about the “official” move into Windsor castle (really meaning just the kids).

  13. Izzy says:

    “… decisions on who lives in which property will be put on hold for now…”
    “… things can change when family dynamics are taken into account…”

    Well, the media are really trying to tell us they’re separated without telling us they’re separated.

    • Siobhan says:

      I think the article was likely referring to all of the family members who live at Windsor and also other properties, and also in the grace and favour houses, and even where Charles will be based going forward and all the reshuffling that causes – I think that’s what they meant about which family members live where.

  14. Shawna says:

    I absolutely knew it! This cottage nonsense was just temporary to try to buy them some good credit when they decide they want to move into some other place at Windsor, well keeping their convention apartment and Anmer and the Scottish cottage.

  15. Merricat says:

    I do think that if Kate is already saying she won’t work, it’s because she won’t get the big prize. Separation cottage only.

    • Eurydice says:

      Awww, so sad. Only 4 bedrooms and just a handful of bathrooms…

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Eurydice, well, she does have the consolation of having two public rooms, the Queen’s retiring room and the pages room. Let’s hope that will be enough for her.

  16. Cara says:

    It’s not the kids. They want time to renovate.

  17. Cerys says:

    It would be very crass even by their standards to move into Windsor Castle just now since the last occupant, the late Queen, is not even buried yet.
    I’m quite sure that officially they will move in soon but in reality it will just be William while Kate remains at Adelaide Cottage. The children will move between the two properties depending on the custody agreement.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think its pretty crass that we’re even hearing that they’re NOT moving in…..yet.

      Like it really gives off this whole vibe of “oh thank goodness now that she’s gone we can live in the castle! Yay castles! Yay leveling up! Yay more jewels! Yay more money!” like its just……gross.

      • Chrissy says:

        To me it means that they’re thinking of even more renovations at the big castle. Think ripping out kitchens and carpets, adding more closet space, a games room for the kids, a home theatre etc.

      • JaneBee says:

        @Chrissy Know what you mean, although technically, the royals and aristos would rather die than have carpet covering the floors of their castles/houses 🙃

  18. Jessie Quinton says:

    I honestly don’t think these two will last another six months at this rate.

    • Andrea says:

      @jessiequinton I agree. They seemed desperate for a separation and weren’t willing to wait out The Queen’s demise. Also, Charlotte appearing with William separately from Kate and her waving to her like she hadnt seen her in awhile screamed week on week off. I will be surprised if they make it to 2024 especially with her expressions at the walkabout. They weren’t all jealous towards Meghan.

  19. MA says:

    The part about Wales and helping the poor is so patronizing. I had no idea about the ugly history behind the prince of wales title and how embittered the Welsh are about it. One theory about why Charles granted the controversial title to William so quickly was to prevent protests in Wales and it would be lost in the queen’s mourning. If anyone is interested in the history look under the #notmyprince hashtag on Twitter

  20. Blue Nails Betty says:

    “Ewww, poors.”

    —Will and Kate, probably

  21. Well Wisher says:

    This is last of a series of leaks, three to be exact, the other two are the Sussexes children’s titles and Kay’s piece in the fail.
    A terrible psychological OP on Prince Harry.
    As directed to Harry, it is as follows
    – This is what you’ve have had
    The article about the children’s titles sourced royally is as follows
    – This is what you’ve lost
    The opinion piece from Kay, conceded
    negotiations did not pan out but………
    One last try put bluntly with a little
    emotional blackmail is as follows….
    – You do as I say and here are the terms
    once more, met all my unrealistic
    demands or else exile???
    The Crown Estates and titles were on the table, already their birthright. One couple conceded, while the male heir of the other chose the ideals of his grand parents. They would’ve so proud.

  22. Steph says:

    Everything for the next decade will be about what is best for the children. I’m other words, they are letting everyone know they have no intention on working.

  23. MsIam says:

    I keep remembering that article by Wooty-Tooty from last year where he said William and Kate will not divorce while the queen is alive. Anyone remember that? Well…..that won’t be an issue anymore. And what an odd thing to say about a couple supposedly “in love” whatever that means. Something is up with those two.

  24. Lizzie Bathory says:

    Adelaide for Kate; Windsor for William. The kids can go between mom & dad. They really do seem caught off guard by the Wales titles. Charles has given them marching orders–make “frequent and high-profile” visits to gawp at the poors. And William’s investiture will take place sometime next year, which allows Charles to hold that over him for a bit.

    Nothing is more important to Charles than his image as King & he cannot afford a lazy Prince or Princess of Wales. (I’d argue that he probably can’t afford incompetent ones, either, but he has to work with what he has.) They can’t coast off Harry anymore. I think William & Kate are going to haaaaaaaate this.

    • justysaying says:

      “They really do seem caught off guard by the Wales titles”

      I figured Charles would have held it over his head for a couple of years – he would even have a good excuse by saying he didn’t want to bestow the title until closer to when they could hold an investiture and then say they can’t do that for another two years so that the funeral, coronation, and investiture are all spread out over different years.

      For a long time I’ve figured that William’s plan was to wait until the Queen died to divorce, but to divorce before becoming PoW so that Kate wouldn’t be able to use to the title and his next wife could have it. Maybe this is Charles’ way of being like “nope, you’re stuck with her.”

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        I thought the same.

        But it would also be on brand for Charles to have divorced the Princess of Wales, waged a tabloid war against the mother of his sons, named his mistress Queen, only to then try to trap his heir in a miserable marriage. If he doesn’t care about his younger son’s safety, I doubt he cares about his older son’s happiness.

      • Becks1 says:

        Charles only care about William’s happiness to the point the extent that it affects his reign and image. He didn’t care when Harry was hurting and miserable behind the scenes, or when his wife (Diana) was, or when his daughter in law was…..why would he care if William is happy? He would only care if William’s unhappiness started to affect him in some way.

  25. Samajones says:

    But Kate is not officially POW yet! Not until the investiture ceremony! Until then, a lot could change!

    • Becks1 says:

      No, she is. Charles was PoW from the time he was 8 or 9 or something and wasn’t invested until he was 21. someone on here the other day said that there have only been two investiture ceremonies for PoWs – Charles’ and I think Edward VIII, maybe? when he was PoW obviously.

      • Talia says:

        The investiture is like the Coronation – a formal public ceremony to acknowledge a situation that already exists.

  26. KansasGal says:

    The Prince and Princess of Putrescence!

  27. aquarius64 says:

    Given the Welsh don’t want a PoW the investiture is bad options. And I think Charles set them up to crash and burn.

  28. Jennifer says:

    Have fun learning Welsh, Wills!!!!!!

    • Siobhan says:

      Alternate tinfoil hat theory: everyone is saying that Will and Kate must not have known how close the queen was to dying, it they had known they would have held out for Windsor Palace or a grander house. I think the opposite, that the royal family likely knew the queen was gravely ill over the past year and particularly the past 6 months. Over the past few months Charles was visiting her every day which was very unusual. I believe what was going on was beyond “mobility issues” the past year and the family knew she didn’t have a lot of time left. I think that created extra stress behind the scenes in the jockeying for positions and being set up for life after she was gone. I also think that William felt like he had to rush to get Kate set up in a house on Windsor property while the queen was still alive and while there was an ostensible reason to move into a smaller house there – all the whole knowing she would soon pass and he could set himself up at a larger house on Windsor property at that time with everyone assuming that they just got a larger family house at Windsor as well after the queen died. I think they will retain both Adelaide and also a larger house (or quarters in Windsor Castle) going forward and split time between both – one parent at one location, one at the other. New school and routines also means noone there knows what is usually or unusual for them and with no live in servants at Adelaide less chance of leaks or gossip. I think it was known all along the queen would soon pass and that they had a chance to secure a small house shortly before it happened, and then a bigger one also at Windsor right afterwards.

  29. Carolind says:

    I still cannot see them getting the Castle until William is king, whether the new King wants it or not.

  30. notasugarhere says:

    Convinced William is the reincarnation of Uncle David, which is why he’d want Fort Belvedere. 23 June 1894 vs. 21 June 1982

  31. Over it says:

    The wording in this article about things can change when family diamamic are taken into account and wanting what’s best for the kids , tells me that keeny and Peggy definitely are separated,Peggy will possibly move to Windsor castle but keeny won’t be. If they both live on the Windsors grounds, the privacy allows them to shuttle themselves and the kids back and forth without the public noticing. Although reading this,the media already knows that these two are over

  32. 411downunder says:

    I think they’re moving into WC. They just didn’t think it would happen so soon. Everyone’s speculation about divorce is rubbish. Never gonna happen.