Nicholl: Prince William ‘simply can’t forgive’ Harry for refusing to be his wingman

Twenty-four hours before Queen Elizabeth II passed away, Omid Scobie’s weekly Yahoo UK column went up and it’s worth re-reading. It was all about Prince William and Prince Harry’s strained relationship and how neither of them is ready to bury any hatchet. Unlike the talking points issued straight from Middleton Manor and Kensington Palace, Scobie pointed out the thing that no other royal reporter ever likes to admit, which is that William did a lot of sh-t to Harry and Meghan behind-the-scenes, and Harry has good reason to not reconcile with William. Scobie quoted a family friend who said, “What [Harry] is waiting for is accountability… Many lines were crossed by William. He was at the centre of a number of painful moments, be it the actions of his own staff or turning his back when support was needed. It was a dark time and one that, so far, William has been unprepared to unpack.” Scobie also noted that William expects/demands an apology from Harry because Harry dared to speak about just a fraction of the sh-t he went through.

I bring this up because Katie Nicholl is currently promoting her latest book, The New Royals. It was excerpted in Vanity Fair, where sources lamented the idea that Harry and Meghan’s departure from the UK has been hard “particularly for William, whose young family has been thrust into the spotlight prematurely. He always expected Harry would be his wingman; there was a long-term plan in place for the brothers to work together and support one another.” Because everyone knows that William is incompetent and awful, “plans were in place” to ensure that William could hide behind his more charismatic workhorse brother indefinitely. William’s ass still hurts that Harry refused to stick around to be abused and bullied. Well, Nicholl had more to say in a new interview:

Prince William ‘simply can’t forgive’ Prince Harry for the way he has behaved – and ‘always thought his brother would be his wingman’, a royal expert has claimed.

Katie Nicholl, author of The New Royals – Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown, claimed the new Prince of Wales, 40, is unlikely to let bygones be bygones – despite putting on a united front with the Duke of Sussex, 38, during a walkabout in Windsor following the Queen’s death.

Speaking on Dan Wootton Tonight, Ms Nicholl said: ‘William simply can’t forgive [Harry], not just for his behaviour and what he’s done and how he’s done it, but look at how much now rests on William. He always thought Harry would be his wingman, now he’s doing it on his own. Thank goodness he’s got Kate by his side,’ added the author.

[From The Daily Mail]

Just in case anyone needed it underlined and head-bashed, Nicholl’s sources are almost entirely from Kensington Palace and Middleton Manor. And even she can’t sugarcoat it – a 40-year-old man is incandescent with rage because his younger brother refused to hang around indefinitely and “help” him. There have always been theories that William is jealous of Harry, jealous of Harry’s happy, loving marriage, jealous of Harry’s popularity and charisma, jealous of Harry’s ideas and work ethic. But I also think William is jealous of Meghan because she “got” Harry. Harry was supposed to be William’s toy. Anyway, just a reminder that for all of this talk that William “can’t forgive” Harry, Harry still wants accountability from William for all of the sh-t William did to him.

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  1. Dee says:

    God, William is so Ugly now

    • Lolo86lf says:

      Now Ms Dee let’s not get into the physical attributes shaming, it’s childish. Now if you really mean to say that William’s behavior toward his brother makes William look ugly I’m on board.

      • Noki says:

        I think sometimes when someone is so rotten it doesnt matter how good looking they are… they simply ugly. And yes once upon a time William was a pin up but because he is so Dr Evil now no one even says that about him anymore, even if he still had all his

      • sparrow says:

        I think people are simply shocked by the role reversal perhaps. When they were younger adults William was considered the looker, but then Harry rose in the ranking and has stayed there. I don’t think William is ugly – I think his ugly behaviour has coincided with his fall from on-high looks wise. I feel he is more natural than Kate when he is with people, from what I’ve seen of them at functions etc, but the well known anger issues behind the scenes have gnawed away at his inner being and these things reflect in your features. Ditto her.

      • Haylie says:

        No. He’s ugly. Inside and out.

      • Jaded says:

        Ugly is as ugly does. And others are right — when you’re that ugly inside, it always seeps out and shows itself physically.

      • duchess of hazard says:

        @Lolo, they say that at twenty, you have the face that you’re born with; at forty the face that you deserve.

        William deserves this.

      • MeganC says:

        If I was forced into a job I didn’t want and my income was completely controlled by my father until I was 40, I’d look like sh*t, too. William is trapped in a miserable bubble and instead of learning to cope, he’s learned to be petty and vindictive, which seems to run in the family.

    • Anita says:

      He does not give the impression of a happy, contented person. His (lack of) work indicates that he has no positive, imaginative, creative ideas, and if he does, his thoughts are petty, calculating, and vindictive. This is also evident in his appearance.
      This has cost him his attractiveness, he has no charisma at all.

      • Giddy says:

        I think that charismatic people usually show sincere interest in others. We know that Will has no interest in other people, and he struggles to look and act sincere, so, no charisma.

    • NoraFlamin says:

      The best thing for H&M is to get away and never come back.

  2. equality says:

    “Look at how much now rests on William”? If you want and think you deserve the top job and the top wealth, then the accountability and weight of the job should rest on you. That’s how the world works. If he wanted PH to take equal responsibility, there should be equal rewards. If they want to think of themselves as a “firm” then they need to understand some basic principles like this.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      William expected Harry to be his servant so to speak.

      • Well Wisher says:

        The question is why William feels entitled that Harry occupy a lower in status?
        Is it the recognition that Harry is competent?
        Why did he allow the staff to be disrespectful towards Harry and especially Meghan?

      • Yvette says:

        @Well Wisher … I sincerely believe both William and Kate instructed their staff to disrespect Meghan. Apparently neither had any high regard for her for different reasons, with jealousy at the top of the list. Both are probably upset at loosing their joint mediator in Harry as well:

        Kate: “Harry! William is ignoring me and has gone off again pruning Rose bushes at Anmer Hall. Tell him he’s being mean and make him stop!”

        William: “I’m off to Anmer Hall. I need you to distract Kate and please remind her that I don’t like polka dots!”

      • Jais says:

        Yeah, agree. I don’t think they explicitly said disrespect Megan but they explicitly said things like if she saying anything that’s too demanding let us know and we’ll take care of it. Or if she doesn’t understand her role or if she does something that’s not her place let us know and we’ll take care of it. Which is undermining and yes implicitly allowing and encouraging the staff to disrespect her. And yeah, Harry was 100% the joint mediator.

      • Nic919 says:

        Jason Knauf ran the KP staff and it’s why they were all so unprofessional. And his friend toubati wasn’t good at her job and was terminated so he then proceeded to bash Meghan for expecting competent staff and the rest of the staff knew that knauf was ok with them complaining about her.

    • VonBarron says:

      A whole Word!!!!

      • Well Wisher says:

        I read that it is a strategy used to get rid of a manager, let the staff disrespect the individual who then responds to the injurious behaviour
        Then use their response against the injured party.

    • Dot Gingell says:


    • Bettyrose says:

      Unearned privilege is a scourge in society at every level. Birth should not entitle you to positions of power/authority over those born with less.

    • Saram says:

      This. If the monarchy is a firm, act like a firm and reward the best workers accordingly. What they are suggesting is servitude for H&M.

    • Jenny says:

      Here’s the idea. Why doesn’t he pay the independent contractor known as Prince Harry a competitive rate. Who is popular and maybe expensive. They may have an opening for old time sake.

      • equality says:

        That’s what’s so stupid. Anne supposedly makes millions “working” for the RF and is allowed to make outside money from her farm and other ventures. Ed and Sophie have to be making loads just to maintain their large estate. But people lose it if PH gets anything and he gets told that Meghan can’t be financed. Forget writing memoirs, if PH wrote a book detailing the finances of the RF, it would be explosive.

    • Anastasia says:

      I would love to read about the finances of the royal family. Hell I would pay good money just to look at spreadsheets

      • Dee says:

        There is a book about the sleazy finances of the RF: Norman Baker, …And What Do You Do? What the Royal Family Don’t Want You to Know. Amazon for 18.95, Kindle for 7.49.

        Baker is or was (in 2020, pub date) a member of the Privy Council, which officially advises the monarch.

        The review says it examines both the RF’s “extravagant” use of public money and the appalling behavior of it’s members.

        After reading, it will probably make more sense that Peggington spent, what, 12 million on Earthshot BS while only 5 million went as grants.

    • No name please says:

      Yes! Exactly! Seems obvious to those of us who work for our pay…

  3. TeamMeg says:

    I visited The Fail yesterday and it was headline after front page headline of Meghan and Harry hate. Queen not yet a week in the tomb and this is all they have to talk about? It literally made me feel sick.

    • Noki says:

      I saw it too but i will say this though, there is certainly more people voicing how sick they are of the Meghan hate. Even ones that arent particularly fans are sick of seeing these articles. The FB Daily Fail were there are real accounts and not bots like the site ,you can see real people telling the DF to put a sock in it. The funeral coverage were they should have had some sense and left them alone but didnt really opened peoples eyes to their sickening coverage.

      • Tessa says:

        The dm is going full throttle and it is do shrill and there are leave them alone comments now

      • sparrow says:

        True. People are beginning to post “this scathing attack is why she left the UK” as if the scales have fallen from their eyes. Reading the DM is like picking at a scab; I hate the site but it’s where the hatred of M&H started pretty much and I like to monitor their behaviour and attitudes.

      • Snuffles says:

        Yup. There are a lot of people in the UK who hate the Sussex’s but they also don’t want to hear about them and wish they would disappear into oblivion. Previously, they would blame the Sussex’s for being “attention seekers”, but they are now realizing or finally acknowledging that it their own press that won’t shut up about them.

        Because if the BM only talked about them when they are out promoting their projects, then could go months without mentioning them.

      • Chic says:

        The articles don’t have staying power at the top anymore like they used too. They fall down the page within an hour.Also the stories quickly get rebutted on Twitter and start trending. It’s not the flex that KP and BP think they are.

    • Carmen says:

      It’s the only thing that sells their papers now.

    • Ginger says:

      It’s because there are like 5 royal books coming out at the same time. They have to get them out before Harry’s memoir.

    • whatever says:

      It’s pure distraction. What else would people talk about?

      How the king once dreamed of being the QC’s tampon? The Prince of Peggignton’s tendency to wander into random rose bushes? The Wales multiple residences when so many are struggling financially? How the King’s brother is a pedo rapist?

      If people are not talking about H&M, that leaves the rest of the royal fam and they sure don’t want that. H&M being exiled to outsiders makes for a lot easier scapegoat.

    • Lizzie says:

      What I saw looked like a repeat of lies the palace leaked prior to the Oprah interview.

  4. Alexandria says:

    You already have your Khate so why are you going on and on and on and on?

    • Lolo86lf says:

      Apparently William having his Kate/hate is not enough. He must have Harry at his beck and call to make him look good.

      • HennyO says:

        This is een BS narrative told over and over again.

        Why, in all this years, was any of Chucky’s siblings, ever ‘branded or appointed’ as his wingman/-woman, to help him to carry the weight of his (future) rein? Why did Betty never, at any point during her rein, had her only sister ‘branded or appointed’ as her wing woman?

        As a reference. None of the European kings/queens have branded or installed any of their siblings as their wingman/-woman. Let alone the kings in the middel eastern or African countries.

        Kingship/ queen ship is a one-person-rol.

        Some have official support from other family members in a formal (government) capacity, not in a position to be fade away or to cover-up the wrong-doings of the monarch.. Like when the queen let the government give Andrew a position as a business ambassador (which he screwed-up).

        We should stop echoing this UK media BS. William is just not fit for kingship, same as his father. That’s it, and they all should leave Harry, a grown man with his own family and responsibility as an provider for his family, alone. He is not asking his brother to help him to carry HIS responsibilities either.

      • Lorelei says:

        @HennyO, exactly what I was going to say. It isn’t as if Harry grew up seeing Anne or Andrew dedicating their lives to being Charles’s “wingman,” so where the hell did William even get this insane sense of entitlement from??

        He really appears to believe that he owns Harry; like Harry’s existence is purely for his convenience. I guess when you grow up being told your little brother is “the spare,” this is the result.

      • equality says:

        I guess, Margaret did stay around to support the monarchy though. She also did her “spare” job of creating controversy in the newspapers so that QE looked good in comparison. PA did the same for PC and Anne does a good deal of the tedious “work” for the RF. So PC still has his “spare” to deflect and someone to take on tasks. PW won’t have that. Boo hoo for him.

      • Nic919 says:

        Philip was a consort who actually helped his spouse so Margaret wasn’t needed on a variety of levels.

        William has a lazy and dim bulb for a spouse and so he is enabled to do little because he doesn’t have anyone who makes him be better or do more.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Exactly @HennyO. They really need to move on from this false narrative. Every time one of the royal commentators reference Harry as Will’s ‘wingman’ I think of single guys I know who’ve grumbled about one of their buds getting married and not being available to troll bars and help them pick up girls. Maybe they can promote Bellend Tindall to help Will out? Still laugh about their hugging pic after the Harry & Snacks polo photos.

        And please at all of them for over using the word behaviour/behavior. Harry made adult decisions for a mentally healthy life for himself, wife & children.

        The Prince of Wails is not an example of being a mental health advocate if he doesn’t get that. I suppose it’s hard for him to do since he(Will & co.) actively created a negative situation for Harry & Meghan.

        Jason Knauf has been Will’s wingman for at least five years now. Supplying evidence intended to besmirch Meghan more in her case against ANL and all the other evil bullsh&t reindeer games was sanctioned by Will. Will’s idea of wingman works one way.

  5. Lolo86lf says:

    One thing is very clear in my mind: Harry and Meghan both are more charming, charismatic and intelligent than William and Kate ever hope to be. William and Kate know this and they can’t and they won’t have Harry and Meghan steal their show in their own kingdom.

  6. Noki says:

    William needs to pick a battle, the way him and Katie seem to be unravelling he will probably make up with the Sussexes at some point lest he wants to be the common denominator. The War of Wales part deux will be interesting so he will need H and M more than ever.

    • Kokiri says:

      I bet that’s what Willy is most pissed about: his plans to dump Kate off are now in jeopardy.
      Willy planned to hoist her into Adelaide, divorce & move on.
      Now he can’t, the image is family man is all he s got. So they can separate but not divorce I think.

      • Jean says:

        Lol he is definitely stuck, he can never divorce her or even separate publicly, he has no achievements other than being happily married with kids, his popularity will tank if he leaves her.

      • Snuffles says:

        If William REALLY wants to divorce Kate it would be SO easy to start briefing against her and her family to the point the public believe that staying with her is a liability for a future king. And he wouldn’t even have to make anything up. Just expose the truth.

      • sparrow says:

        I agree with Jean. He’ll never divorce her. I suspect he has behaved badly throughout their relationship and she has sanctioned it (yuck). If he did divorce her, her life would be hell; she’d have to move into a separate property, knowing her she’d go back to her mum’s house, and then share the kids but face the massive press interest on her own. If I were William I’d fear that once the kids were older she’d write a book. I wonder what pre nup was signed for this eventuality? William has simply learned to love (read accept) his captor.

      • Merricat says:

        Lol, if the crown prince wants a divorce, he will get one.

      • Barbara says:

        If William wants to pave the way for a separation/divorce, now would be a great time to start briefing against her. He’s probably got 10-15 years until Charles dies so if he starts leaking bullying rumors and that courtiers are tired of her not working, he might be able to dump her in a year or two. Any fuss she makes will be a fairly distant memory by the time he’s king (IF he’s ever king).

      • Moxylady says:

        Snuffles- I kind of wonder if that’s what’s going on with the kkkate trending. William isn’t mentioned. Kate is the full bully who ran the sussexes away.

      • Gabby says:

        @Barbara, there have been a few stories over the past year or so where the running theory here at CB was that it was William briefing against KKKate. I can’t remember the specific stories. That seems to have paused recently.

        I consider KKKate a very likely suspect in the Baby Sussex skin color comment. William knows for sure doesn’t he? Let’s see if he starts back up again.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        If William wants a divorce, he can get one. Camilla is the blueprint for the case that side chicks can become queens, and Charles is the blueprint that a divorced and remarried prince can become a king. Precedent has been set, so it’s all up to William now.

    • Jais says:

      It’s possible that deep down William wants to make up with the Sussexes or at least Harry, primarily bc it would make him look good and maybe he could use Harry again in some way. But if he can’t admit to siding with the DM against Meghan then I’m not sure how that’s gonna happen if Harry wants accountability.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        Nah, I doubt it. He wouldn’t have happily participated in the leaking of these past 2-3 weeks if he really wanted to reconcile. Even though Nicholl loves to make things up, here she’s echoing what pretty much every other RR has said, so we know that William is still pissed. IF he and Kate ever split, I can see him exploiting the “no wife, no brother, I’m all alone” angle for sympathy to help his image.

      • Jais says:

        Hmm that’s true. I guess I mean more in the nostalgic wish for the good old days when his brother was there to pick up his slack. I’m really curious what specific things Harry sees William being a part of. Clearly the BS bullying leaks and Jason Knauf’s involvement in the DM case but there has to be more. As in I wonder how much Harry knows in regards to William working with specific tabloid writers against him or Meghan. Just always curious in how much he faults his family v the media. Not sure how much it matters. As in the media is guilty but damn you couldn’t fit a cigarette paper in between the family members and the media.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        William does not want to make up with the Sussexes. He and Kate are very lazy and hate Meghan and the new in-love Harry; for their popularity, for their loving relationship, for showing up their laziness and disdain for each other, and for forcing them to up their engagements.

  7. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    I also think that William hates that Meghan is a true help-mate to Harry, that they work together so successfully and really enjoy each other’s company. As Harry said recently, many members of his family have difficult time living and working together which he doesn’t understand cuz he has a wonderful work/life partner.

  8. tolly says:

    All of these royal “experts” are insisting that it would be shockingly tacky of Harry to release his book after the Queen’s passing, yet they haven’t hesitated to rush their own books out less than a week after her funeral. They’ve been exploiting the Sussexes’ (especially Meghan’s) presence there to fuel interest in their anonymously sourced gossip, which seems disrespectful both to the bereaved and to the late queen.

    • Chrissy says:

      Good point.

    • sparrow says:

      The one by Valentine Low (what a name) is particularly scummy. Even people on the DM are getting sick of the attack on Meghan just a few days after the funeral. Talk about cashing in. I read that Harry is delaying/doing rewrites on his book because of the queen’s death. It shows his grace and dignity, but in one way I wish he would leave it be and just publish later.

      • Midnight@theOasis says:

        Those stories about Harry delaying and doing rewrites of his memoir are tabloid fan fiction. There is no truth to them. Neither Harry or his publisher have issued any public statements regarding the status of his memoir.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Sparrow: The alleged rewrites or delay of the book has not been confirmed by Harry. This is just speculation by the press. So be careful with what you are reading.

      • Snuffles says:

        Once again, there is no legitimate source stating that Harry is delaying anything. Especially to add another chapter. The book is finished, it passed legal checks and will drop when the publisher wants it to drop. And the publisher could give two shits about the royal family’s fee fees. If he wants to add additional chapters, it could be next year in the paperback version.

      • sparrow says:

        Thanks. That is really good to know and a relief. I want the book to stay as is.

      • Jaded says:

        @Sparrow — don’t forget Harry has (I believe, correct me if I’m wrong) a multi-book deal with the publisher so clearly there will be a lot more to come in future volumes. William, the BRF and rota ratz will be sh*tting their pants and panic-briefing against the Sussexes for a long time to come.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Jaded, I hope that *the minute* Harry’s book hit shelves, his publisher announces the date that the next one will be released.

        Don’t give these people a single moment of peace. Let their default state be living in terror of their appalling actions being exposed, especially now that Gan-Gan is gone.

      • Anastasia says:


        I’m wonder if he has a royal family biography, or biography that focus more on his life in the royal family approved by his Grannie hidden in a malt somewhere.

        If she had a secret burner phone to talk to him, I wonder if she was more able to separate those rolls as she got older.

    • CrazyHeCallsMe says:

      All these Royal Rota books recycle the same tabloid stories over and over from unnamed sources. Their writing is one sided and basically H&M are wrong and to blame for everything. There’s no attempt at balanced writing and no new factual revelations. These Royal Rats seek to cash in by pretending to be Royal experts. They dread Harry writing his own story because that income stream dries up. Who wants to read their lies when you can read the truth straight from Harry.

    • BeanieBean says:

      That’s what is wild to me. So many of these tabloid writers have been going on & on about Harry’s supposed treachery in releasing his memoir & yet they’re publishing their books about the royal family. Zero irony, zero self-awareness.

  9. Kokiri says:

    When the scapegoat child finally revolts, the rest of the family simply cannot handle that the gig is up.
    They’ll try anything to get him back, threats to manipulation to pleading to rage.

    Also, like I always say, the idea that the RF is put upon because they are Royal is ridiculous: they are more than amply compensated for any “service”. The very idea that living in such extreme wealth with a payout of events to equalize is insulting.

    • Seraphina says:

      @Kokiri, I am 100% on all you said. And as I read the article, it dawned on me that H&M were able to see just how much Wills needed him and would need him and so they knew the house of cards would fall quickly once they left. As others have said here before, it’s an abusive type of relationship and in a way, they are enablers (the BaRF). History has shown what happens when you have a temperamental and entitled person in power – no one is safe – so cut your loses and leave.
      And so sorry Wailses, along with your extreme wealth and all that comes with it comes service. That’s how the world works and it’s 2022. They are no longer needed to forge an army together to keep the realm intact. As future KoE and head of the Church of England he should know – To whom much is given, much will be required.

  10. Harper says:

    Everyone laid off William when Diana died so he would not be overwhelmed. When he went to college, everyone had to lay off William so he would not be overwhelmed. After he graduated, he skipped royal duties so he would not be overwhelmed because he had a lifetime to serve. Once he got married, he and Kate got to hide out so they could have a good start to their marriage and not be overwhelmed.

    He’s been pampered and treated with kid gloves his entire life to the point where the collective impression of him now is of a man-baby who needs a protective bubble around him and his brother is required to keep him company and safe from the pressures of the world. William is never going to be able to step up and sustain any kind of work load, neither will Kate. It’s nice that Harry is not there for them to hide behind anymore. William is kicking himself for ending up in the job alone with lazy Kate. Hope all those tricks he played on Harry and Meghan were worth it.

    • Tessa says:

      Then Kate had to research her charities and will wanted to do air ambulance work

      • kirk says:

        If I understand this site correctly, Willy’s air ambulance work was the ‘reason’ given he couldn’t perform royals type work, and then his royals type obligations gave him a ‘reason’ for not doing the same level of air ambulance work done by his ambulance coworkers. Always somethin’.

    • Chrissy says:

      Thanks, I never thought of his situation in that way. He’s been pampered and excused his entire life. Now, it’s sweet that after his crappy entitled behaviour toward the Sussexes, he finds himself in even a worse situation than even he could have imagined. So sweet!

    • MsIam says:

      If William doesn’t have Harry to make him look good, then he’s going to go after George and Charlotte to use as props. I hope he lets them grow up first. If Kate is really the “hands on mother” she/CarolE claim she is then she will step up herself for the sake of those kids. We’ll see what happens.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Perfect layout of the situation. Time for this coddled man-child to finally start growing up at the tender age of 40.

    • Seaflower says:


  11. Tessa says:

    It is wills way or the highway so he has to thrust his children in the spotlight did he want harry to have no life William is the worst

    • Lolo86lf says:

      William approaches the magical mirror and asks: Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the better looking and more charming brother, I or Harry? The mirror answers: your royal highness how many times do I have to tell you? It’s prince Harry you fool.

    • Blithe says:

      But he doesn’t Have To thrust his children into the spotlight — beyond cultivating some general interest in George as the FFK. Putting the spotlight on the kids is a choice that William and Kate are actively making, even though William himself realizes how damaging doing this could be for his kids. If William is truly as incapable as he appears, all he has to do is be a consistent figurehead for other people’s projects. He —and Kate — could carve out interests and support them publicly, while other people do the work. All he has to do is be consistent.

      I’ve wondered why William doesn’t use playing polo to support charities more than he does — and if it’s as simple as that he can’t tolerate the possibility of losing.

      • Jais says:

        Hard agree. I’m really not into this whole thing of the poor Cambridge children and how Harry and Meghan have hurt them. How they’ll be forced into the spotlight earlier just bc their uncle and aunt….moved away. Like you said, that’s a choice William and Kate are making. They don’t have to do that and could tell the rota to fuck off. But they won’t bc they’re trying to keep the press happy. Their priority is themselves.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Jais, ITA. I feel sorry for the Cambridge kids for a multitude of reasons, but absolutely none of them have to do with Harry and Meghan.

        And for the press to push the narrative that the kids’ lives are ruined now because the Sussexes are gone is gross and disingenuous (and flat-out untrue)..

        Like you said, all decisions concerning them have been made by their own parents. Whatever consequences they suffer, there will be no one else to blame besides W&K. And we know that W&K are shoving them out there to benefit themselves, not their children.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Ah, but Lorelei, the Sussexes should have stayed so that they could throw the Sussex kids under the bus and protect the Wails’ kids. I think besides the fact that Fails doesn’t have his wingman, Fails & Wails don’t have the sussex kids to mess with. Why in the world would they think the H&M would go back to that? These people need some really intense therapy.

  12. Snuffles says:

    “He always expected Harry would be his wingman; there was a long-term plan in place for the brothers to work together and support one another.”

    This was never a two way mutual support situation. It was always William leaching Harry dry and never giving anything in return.

    I doubt William will ever realize or acknowledge this in his lifetime, but maybe the Cambridge kids witnessing this now will break the cycle as adults. Especially since they have Uncle Harry and Auntie Meghan to look to as a blueprint.

    • Merricat says:

      When Harry asked for support from William, he got none. So yeah, not reciprocal in the least.

      • Well Wisher says:

        Will and Kate was the problem, why would Harry ask for support, after the documentary on the South African tour he publicly called Harry ‘fragile’.
        Harry never needed anything from William?

      • Merricat says:

        The point is that Harry has always supported William, but when Meghan needed help and Harry tried to get it through the palace, they were turned down. If William had supported Harry, it would have been helpful, and I think Harry did believe that William would help, until he found out otherwise.
        Harry needed help, Meghan needed help, they didn’t get it, and that’s part of why they left.

    • Eurydice says:

      But the monarchy isn’t about reciprocal anything. Everyone is a servant of the monarchy and the monarch is a servant of God. The RF has to deal with icky real life details – like getting enough money to live the way they want to live, and sending out heralds to sing their praises so that more money can keep coming in, and occasional public appearances so that even more money can come in – but, the basic model is that of a one-way street.

      What we, as normal human beings, don’t get is that the RF and those who support them have had centuries of thinking this way – it’s practically genetic at this point. When Meghan said she thought things would be fair, they just heard a record scratch – like, Wha? Does not compute.

      • Bklne says:

        Yeah, centuries of inbreeding will do that. 🙄😬

      • MsIam says:

        Well @Eurydice they should stop with the lie about being a family and how Will and Kate have “stable, middle class values” and all that b.s. Maybe a hundred or more years ago when the royal family could be hidden away shrouded in mystery you could get away with that. But in this age its pretty plain to see that this family is not “stable” or “middle class” or even have values and they have a lot more in common with some other “royal” despots than not.

      • Eurydice says:

        @MsIam – from what I’ve read it was TQ who pushed for the family image and for the “working royals” image. Perhaps this was her way of modernizing the monarchy and making it seem as if they worked for a living, I don’t know.

        As for middle class values, I suppose that means whatever values the middle class has. People use the words a lot, but I don’t know that anyone agrees on what they actually entail. All I can tell is that William wasn’t brought up in the middle class and Kate was. And, in general, I think everybody knows that that this is a fiction because the public doesn’t really want a monarchy that’s middle class – what’s the point of all the pomp and palaces and jewels and ermine if the royals are just regular folks?

        Of course the RF have more in common with royal despots than with regular people – they *are* royal despots at heart. It’s just that they’ve had to give up the “despot” part in order to survive. They’ve accepted the leash and agreed to stay ornamental, but that doesn’t erase a millennium of indoctrination.

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate was raised as a spoiled rich girl who didn’t need to have a real job so she would be available for William. That’s not middle class values and they whitewashed a lot of the critical commentary about her once the engagement was announced.

      • Tessa says:

        Kate never used her University degree, she idled away for months until the Queen was said to ask “what she did.” She stayed in the part time job Jigsaw for less than a year with extremely flexible hours. She never had to support herself before marriage. She was apparently scared that work deadlines would keep her from accepting dates or vacation trips with William. And her mother enabled her. She is totally was not raised to be average middle class.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Nic919 and @Tessa – “value” doesn’t necessarily mean good or admirable. Kate was clearly social climbing, but she was climbing from something, which is the middle class. The fact that she’s lazy is a personal failing – she’s a middle class person who happens to be lazy. There are a lot of them in every class – see William.

      • Eurydice says:

        Sorry, Nic919 and Tessa. I was trying to edit out my first sentence and it got posted anyway.

        Whatever, my point is that however Kate was brought up, it was in the “to err is human” way, not “I’m anointed by God and better that the rest of you lot” kind of way.” It’s a profound difference. Kate can be a wretched snob, but it will come from insecurity, not the blind and supreme entitlement of the royal family.

      • Bisynaptic says:


  13. W says:

    I don’t know how Katie Nicolle can continue to show her face after she lied about Harry having a crush on Meghan 2 years before he met her. Is she not embarrassed? Also, does anybody find it odd that she’s discussing this with Dan Wootton on what is supposed to be a “factual” news channel? I can’t even imagine CNN inviting a Kardashian biographer to debate on gossip about the Kardashian family. The UK is weird country

    • sparrow says:

      I always think how empty these people are. Didn’t Dan Wootton say Meghan was his Diana, rubbing his hands in glee – like he was going to run her into the ground while making as much money off her as possible. Dan Wootton looks as nasty and unattractive as he is on the inside.

      • Ginger says:

        Dan is the UK’s Perez Hilton. He is a stupid gossip that no one respects and everyone hates.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Ginger, I believe I forgot that Perez Hilton existed-he was so nasty to Angelina Jolie. He’s still around!? OMG-swap out hair coloring and he and Wootton are the same person.

    • CheChe says:

      This same Katie wrote an article about Doria moving to England. She had the audacity to talk about the decor for the new space. This woman merrily makes up her own stories and with wide eyed wonder reports them to the public.

    • Over it says:

      The other day I forgot that I don’t watch ET and it was on and tjst ass kissing to the white royals Kevin Fraser was talking to Katie Nichols. I noticed how vile and easy to believe anything untrue and humiliating some people in the American media are about Harry and Meghan. It really bothered me because one, he is a fellow Black American, like show some backbone and dignity and push back on these British racist clowns. But then I remembered that not all black folks are kinfolks.
      And 2, why are these people so jealous of Meghan like she stole their man, Harry was ever ever going to look your way. Get over it Katie.

  14. Becks1 says:

    Of course a lot rests on William. That’s why he gets the money, the palaces, the land, the perks. This is a hierarchical family and William is almost at the top.

    Sometimes I wonder if the whole “William NEEDS Harry when he’s king” is just because William is lazy as eff and and everyone knows that and Harry leaving has everyone in a panic for that reason, not anything deeper related to rage etc. Harry was supposed to be his Anne but without William working like Charles.

    • Snuffles says:

      “Harry was supposed to be his Anne but without William working like Charles.”

      Yes! Hardworking yet perpetually dull and in the background never taking any of the public’s attention.

    • Over it says:

      Agree with you, William wants all the princely perks but none of the actual work.

    • LadyE says:

      Not only does Charles work hard (gotta give him that), but he certainly never expected “his Anne” to accept being fed to the tabloids as distraction when everything went down with Princess Diana. Anne certainly has been a workhorse for the monarchy, but she’s also always been protected, respected, and her family has never been trashed repeatedly by staff and “courtiers”.

      I don’t know if Harry and Meghan would have ultimately stayed, but in their interviews, they’ve been really clear (even Harry despite his hatred of the firm) that they were prepared to “do their duty”, but that the issue was not just not being protected, but being proactively fed to the tabloids to protect William. I think it’s possible Harry would have been William’s “wingman”, his “Anne”, at least for some period of time, if he and his family were treated at all respectfully.

      • equality says:

        PA fed himself to the tabloids with some help from Fergie. So who knows how PC might have handled things otherwise. Also TQ would have protected her baby and probably Anne as well. Then PC had PH to feed to the tabloids for himself and PW.

      • kirk says:

        Chuck the T’ird has also worked hard sticking his nose into political matters with letters to various MPs about his pet interests. He’s also worked hard at sucking up to foreigners for cash for his ‘charities’ while keeping everyone in the dark about Duchy of Cornwall finances (his personal piggy bank).

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, I think it’s as simple (and complicated) as “Harry disturbed the natural order.” In general, there seems to be some cloudy thinking going on. If Will had been self-aware and pragmatic about needing Harry as a wingman, then he wouldn’t have pushed out H&M. If the RF had had its priorities in order with regard to Will’s laziness, then they wouldn’t have pushed out H&M.

      But everyone seemed to think the “natural order” was something inviolate. Harry said “No, service to the crown is not the highest duty on the planet. You guys aren’t gods, you’re just people and not very nice ones, at that.” Blasphemy, really.

    • Nic919 says:

      Even though Charles and Diana had a bad marriage, they managed to do hundreds of engagements per year each. And this was with babies and young kids not in school full time.
      There was never any discussion of Charles needing Andrew or Anne to be future king.

      This discussion that William needs Harry as wingman is because William has never done the work and he married someone even lazier and incompetent than him.

      As it stands the three kids are in school full time so William and Kate have plenty of time to do hundreds of engagements per year. They chose not to.

      • SugarHere says:

        Bullyiam has chosen to dedicate his energy to his prolific side life. Somebody has to pick up the slack in the workload department.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Excellent points @Nic919. There are so many examples of their workshy laziness.

        Still remember how, Will, FFK at the time, pretty much dissed the 2017 Commonwealth Service day because of a ski trip involving his dad dancing and closeness with other females. Kate missed the service too if I remember correctly. She stayed home with the children…again.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Becks, I go back and forth— sometimes I agree that this is all it is, but then we get bombarded with article after article after book excerpt (even ones that are supposedly written to be flattering to William! like the ones around his birthday) that he is enraged all the time, he lives in a state of pure rage, Charles couldn’t control his temper, the Queen couldn’t control it, etc.— along with people in the press dropping nuggets like, “I can’t wait until we can tell the truth about William” —and I go back to wondering if there’s something deeper going on with him and Harry was the only person who was able to really handle it. And that they all know that things are only going to go from bad to worse with William going forward.

      • Jais says:

        Yeah becks1 makes a good point and it’s hilarious:
        What if the only thing wrong with William is how lazy AF he is and how bad he is at the job. Lolz for daze. But then you bring up that tweet @lotelei about I can’t wait until we can tell the truth about William. There’s a vid floating around on Twitter from Robert Jobsen back in the day taking about how 90% of the reporters knew about Camilla and Charles but couldn’t write about it. Mostly, I hope that whatever it is with William, we find out. That’s my gossip heart talking. Overall, I wish William would have a come to Jesus moment and treat his brother and sil with respect. I’m not even religious but I wish that for him just bc it would hopefully benefit the Sussexes. If that doesn’t happen, then may the press forever peck at his flesh. Not wishing that per se but it will be the inevitable outcome.

      • Nic919 says:

        I believe in that same clip Jobson also says that the media only covered Harry getting drunk but it was known that William got drunk a fair bit as well, but it was never covered.

      • Deering24 says:

        Lorelei, I’ve thought for a long time that there is something seriously wrong with William mentally. The BM and the courtiers stay in a state of panic about getting Harry to come back, and that extreme fear really seems to have a stronger basis than “Well, it’s Harry’s duty.” Why keep riding this dead horse without a good reason? Harry being regarded as the “William whisperer” explains a lot.

      • Petra (Brazen Arcthetyped Phenomenal Woman) says:

        I believe the main cause of this madness for 5 years has to do with the BRF lacking something. I dare say what they lack is in the quote below.

        “There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will be to treat others with respect, kindness, and generosity. People who do not experience self-love have little to no capacity to love others.”
        ― Nathaniel Branden

        Prince Harry and Meghan on the other hand know their worth and are living life with their heads held high.

        “When we learn how to be in an intimate relationship without abandoning our sense of self, when we learn how to be kind without being self-sacrificing when we learn how to cooperate with others without betraying our standards and convictions, we are practicing self-assertiveness.”
        ― Nathaniel Branden, The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

  15. Tessa says:

    And will got above himself wanting to be the one to approve or disapprove of Meghan as a bride for harry

  16. Ginger says:

    Doesn’t William have Kate, the savior of the monarchy, early years expert and peacemaker? Why does he need Harry? We never get articles claiming that Harry needs William. William needs to grow up. He is a 40 year old man and his need for his younger brother to be his ‘wingman’ is pathetic and sad. It also proves how many know William will make an awful king and the responsibility would have been with Harry.

    • Well Wisher says:

      Kate was expected to clean up the mess she started, she was filled with envy, behaved badly then projected that onto Meghan.
      She was leaking stuff to that awful tabloid media via staff members and when it got too close. She let them go and projected that on to Meghan.
      That was part, stop that behaviour and help save them from ill-repute.
      In terms of work, the best out of William is 5 days a month, that number increases if there’s an event like the jubilee then all attendance are included.
      He needs to do something, maybe seek help??

  17. Over it says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but Kate isn’t ever by William side, she is dutifully and dully and sleepily following behind him because this big cry baby can’t stand to have his wife as his equal by his side and Kate , well she would be a doormat for life if it means getting those Crown Jewels except when the occasional moments happen and I noticed they seem to happen a lot these days when she momentarily forgets about those jewels and she snaps at him and rolls her eyes
    And if one ,more royal ass Kissing commentator tells me one more time that Willy can’t forgive what Harry has done, I might pull out my hair.
    William set his his employee to help the daily mail destroy Harry wife.
    William told Robert Lacey that Harry wife was that bloody woman and unhinged.
    William sets his pals in the British media to write hurtful disgusting disparaging things about Harry wife every damn day.
    So William can go sit the f down and shut the f up and take all his media pals with him.
    And then he can try to grow the f up and maybe then he can see that what he wants isn’t always what he will get despite the fact that he has been raised to think differently.
    Has anyone ever gotten the feeling that Willy is also big mad that Meghan won’t look his way? Like he expected because he is the fk she should find him appealing and she just doesn’t.

    • Midnight@theOasis says:

      Agree with everything you wrote. It’s mind boggling the constant gas lighting. The BM and Rota Rats have one shared agenda and it is the same regardless of the facts and truth: Harry and Meghan are in the wrong for walking away and need to apologize for telling their truth. The messaging is so one sided and relentless. I guess the adage that if you tell a lie often and long enough it become the truth applies.

    • Blithe says:

      To your last point, I think that Meghan might be one of the few —or only — people in William’s adult life who has approached him simply as one person to another. She has probably questioned him, and even openly disagreed with him — which challenges his shallow image of himself that’s been constructed on a base of other people’s flattery.

      I’m also wondering what Kate hopes for — and how her treatment of Meghan might have been impacted by Kate’s own limits and limitations.

      • windyriver says:

        IMO, Kate strongest need is to be the center of attention. Over the years she’s tried at least three ways to do that: some exhibitionism (mooning in her earlier days, later refusing to weight her hems); her choice of clothing and jewelry, sometimes inappropriate (hot pink at a serious memorial, white at H&M’s wedding, diamond and pearl overload at two funerals); and copying more popular people (Diana, Meghan). You can probably throw in a fourth – going after the heir to the throne, which immediately elevated her on her marriage.

        Kate herself may not know what she needs (or why, a bigger psychological question) but I think what she ultimately hopes for is to be an icon, like Diana, at which point she doesn’t have to work to command attention, it’ll automatically be there. Until then, any admiring, fawning article in the press is just a short term, temporary fix.

        She also doesn’t have any recognition that Diana’s (and Meghan’s) popularity is based on work – actual effort, not just copying the format or ideas of someone else. Will’s problem with Harry is similar. Both Kate and William slid through their school years without having to do much of anything. I don’t think either of them get what work means in the way that M&H, or Diana, or Charles have worked.

        Meghan was a threat to Kate immediately; at a minimum she was beautiful, and the newest thing. Prior to Meghan Kate was attracting negative attention because of how little she worked (e.g., in early 2016 she blew off the Irish Guards and a 100+ year tradition). Her biggest limitation is her determination not to work any more than she wants to. I’m not convinced she understands anything about why Meghan attracts attention, what the differences are between them, what limitations she has by comparison. If she did, she’d do something to address them (e.g., improve her skills on work outings). Instead, like the RF as a whole, and the BM, she continues to do the same things, expecting a different outcome.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Blithe, ITA. Meghan probably didn’t bow and scrape to William, and in his mind that made her “difficult” and “unsuitable,” etc.

        I think the number of reasons Kate is jealous of Meghan is countless, but yesterday on Twitter, someone posted two side-by-side clips of Kate and Meghan speaking publicly and YIKES. Kate literally could not get one word out correctly (and all she was doing was *saying the name* of her own patronage!), then it cut to Meghan speaking beautifully at the cookbook launch event (and with no note cards, obviously). The difference could not have been more striking.

      • Blithe says:

        windyriver, I think your assessments are excellent! I hadn’t considered the possibility that being the center of attention might be a goal in and of itself. That’s very different from the way that Harry and Meghan and even other members of the BRF have used the attention that they attract to garner support for the causes that they might champion.

      • Blithe says:

        Lorelei, I haven’t seen those clips, but your comments remind me of the efforts that “Shy Di” made to transform herself into a compelling public speaker in the service of causes that mattered to her.

        I haven’t seen The King’s Speech, but since public speaking skills are such an obvious asset, I’m surprised that this is something that was apparently overlooked in Kate’s “princess training”. I wonder how —or if —generations of BRF approach the issue with their kids.

      • Heyhey22 says:

        There’s talk about speculation that William was trying to “hit” Meghan behind Harry’s back and that’s the ruckus with her trying to go the firm /HR was about, him possibly sexually harassing her (and allegedly she wouldn’t be ethe first that Willie went after). That would also explain the move to Frogmore and alleged blowups between H and his brother. Not surprising, William has been groomed to believe he can do anything anyone he wants, so Meghan probably said “uh-uh” and he from them on, saw her as a problem.

    • Elizabeth says:

      This is the same William who would have been quite happy to exile Harry and Meghan to Africa.

      • Gabby says:

        Yes, but with an asterisk that they would be dispatched at his command whenever he had a job for them to do.

    • Angelica+Schuyler says:

      Reading your comment makes it even more clear to me just why William dislikes Meghan so much. Meghan represents everything William wants and does not have. Not only is she Black (a mortal sin for the BRF) but she is the key to Harry’s strength and Harry is not willing to sacrifice everything she brings to his life just to live life as William’s scapegoat/wingman.

      William is jealous that :
      Harry didn’t need to wait 10 years and test the waters to find his soulmate.
      Harry has in Meghan a partner with shared goals and ideals who works well together with him in business as well as family matters.
      Harry has in Meghan someone that truly loves him, not just the titles he can give her.
      Harry has with Meghan someone who has his best interest in developing as an individual and finding his own true happiness, and was willing to take the risk with him to leave the system he’s felt trapped in his entire life.
      Harry and Meghan support each other unfailingly in the face of hatred and vitriol on a worldwide stage. They are each other’s rock.

      William has none of this. Every time he sees Meghan he’s reminded that this exists, and he, the FK of England DOESN’T HAVE ANY OF IT. And being FK won’t get it for him either. He’s jealous of the Sussexes bond. Everything he does to break it, just makes them stronger as couple. It makes all of Will’s incandescent rage well up to the top. Kate is mad because she wishes William would be with her the way Harry is with Meghan. So together they are trying to destroy what they know they (the Wales’) don’t possess.

      Too bad William. Stay mad. Harry and Meghan share a love you’ll never have.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        “Kate is mad because she wishes William would be with her the way Harry is with Meghan.”

        This is definitely one of the many reasons she’s so jealous of Meghan. You could tell at Eugenie’s wedding, when she occasionally looked at Harry and Meghan being affectionate and she then tried to do the same with William (gripping his leg for dear life). She was probably fine with William’s lack of care and love for her before, because she had the money and other creature comforts to make up for it. Seeing Meghan have a Windsor man actually love and treat her respectfully while still having some of the material comforts (because we know the RF didn’t pay for her and of course there’s FC), probably had her questioning things about her own life/marriage and becoming very bitter.

    • Heyhey22 says:

      There’s talk about speculation that William was trying to “hit” Meghan behind Harry’s back and that’s the ruckus with her trying to go the firm /HR was about, him possibly sexually harassing her (and allegedly she wouldn’t be ethe first that Willie went after). That would also explain the move to Frogmore and alleged blowups between H and his brother. Not surprising, William has been groomed to believe he can do anything anyone he wants, so Meghan probably said “uh-uh” and he from them on, saw her as a problem.

  18. LadyE says:

    I know it has been said before, but no other monarch has needed a sibling as some sort of permanent crutch and certainly not to the degree that they interfered in their sibling finding a spouse and having their own personal life. William’s expectation demonstrates the extraordinary disrespect he has for his brother’s wellbeing and a sense of entitlement to controlling other people’s lives that is concerning, even for a Royal! Thank god Harry got away from him! If I were the rest of the extended family, I would be very concerned about the younger minor Royals and the fact that William appears to view his relatives’ entire purpose of existence as supporting him without care for their own views of how they want to live. Who is he going to demand step in and do the work he expected of Harry? Louise? Whoever it is, they certainly won’t get anything out of it, but will just be expected and if they refuse what? We’ll have another person being the punching bag of the tabloids, fed to the RR by William and his gross courtiers? Yuck

  19. Lady Digby says:

    W has K but she is no Diana or Anne is she? Is all this anger, resentment and bitterness against H for having a happy and successful marriage and work partnership whereas W and K are equally lazy and aren’t hiding their boredom with each other in public. The ship has sailed with H and M so it is up to W and K to make the best of their situation either together or apart. All are adults and have the right to self determination and to live their lives as they see fit. What I find sad is W and K now dragging their own children out as buffers. It is the kids who are trapped in this unhealthy cycle of belonging to the BM.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Lady Digby, I’ve been wondering just what Wails is up to. I believe it was apparent to anyone who bothered to watch any of the clips where Wails and Meghan were in the same space, that she was angry that Meghan was there. I also think she was angry that she was there. The way the Fails & Wails don’t interact with each other, and their facial expressions tells us that there is no relationship between them any longer. Wails is there because I think she’s been told to be there. I suspect Charles has given her marching orders. I think we’ll here about a separation, because the two of them in public is doing some damage.

      Something about KHate has changed. I think we are all aware of the dark KHate name she was given during the funeral circus. I don’t think that attitude is going to go away. She won’t ever be able to stop leaking crap about Meghan. It’s likely a compulsion with her. She’s simmering under the surface, and when it finally rises to the top it isn’t going to be pretty.

  20. Amy Bee says:

    I believe it was in Tina Brown’s book where she said that William was upset that Meghan took Harry away from him. So I think there’s some truth to that and I don’t think it started when they left the UK. Since they got engaged Harry stopped doing engagements with William and Kate and I think that upset them.

    • MsIam says:

      That is crazy, like Harry is a puppy or toy that belonged to William. But to be honest, that dynamic exists in regular families. When we got married, my SIL who was a single parent had a lot of issues with the fact that my husband couldn’t be at her beck and call anymore, like a surrogate spouse. It was like she felt she and her kids should always come first. I’ve seen it with parents too when the kids get married. I guess combined with money, fame and power its like conflict on steroids. Sometimes cutting ties is the only way, but I think the onus is on Harry’s family is to accept things have changed and don’t have control. Which has got to be mind blowing if you are the king, lol.

  21. CROWHOOD says:

    Dude is anointed by God to be the boss of everybody. I hope A lot rests on his shoulders bc if you really believe that shit, who else’s would it rest on?! These people man.

  22. girl_ninja says:

    What Willy wanted was a whipping boy, not a wingman. There is a huge difference there. As the older one Will was to lookout for Harry, protect Harry. What a f*cling ugly failure Will is. Disgusting.

    Thank God Harry has Meghan.

  23. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Can the RR please explain how one crown fits two heads? Will wants the big job so he can on with doing the work. I can’t recall any stories about Charles needing any of his siblings to rule. I’m starting to suspect that the RR knows something serious is up with William that the public don’t know yet.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Zapp Brannigan, I wonder if Fails is threatening more and more to quit and go off and have a life? Harry has shown him that is possible and that he’s happy in a life away from the brf. I don’t think Fails wanted to be King and they keep propping him up to keep him there.

      Interesting times ahead.

  24. Merricat says:

    Lol, no one cares about William’s forgiveness. Stay mad.

  25. ThatsNotOkay says:

    William behaves better in public toward the Sussexes than his wicked wife of Wales. She must really be getting put out to pasture by Willnot and blames them for it, or cannot stand the fact that they’re happy and committed, and the most she might get out of all this is a crown, duties, but no glory or love. If she were really Diana’s protege, she’d divorce Willyawn and find someone fabulously wealthier.

  26. JCallaa says:

    William should have advocated for the Sussexes to be half in half out if he wanted Harry’s help.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Exactly. But he and the rest of the Royal Family mistakenly believed that Harry and Meghan would have failed and crawled back to them within a year.

      • PunkPrincessPhD says:

        @Amy Bee: they *needed* Harry and Meghan to fail, and they believed H&M *needed* to fail in order to “learn their lesson”. And clearly there is no Plan B, because William and Charles repeatedly doubled down on this during the funeral proceedings.

    • Well Wisher says:

      William and his wife’s intolerable behaviour is the main reason for the Sussexes needing to remove themselves from the toxic environment.
      Why would he volunteer to be an advocate on their behalf?

      • Beach Dreams says:

        Exactly. What he (and Kate) should’ve done was to welcome Meghan and give her a proper chance. Especially Mrs. Wails since it’s been confirmed that she never bothered to get to know Meghan and disliked her from the start, and it really does seem like she and her mother practically jump-started the smear campaign. Now they’re crying about having to bring their children out because they can’t hide behind the Sussexes instead.

  27. First comment says:

    “He always thought Harry would be his wingman, now he’s doing it on his own. ” what exactly is he doing on his own? Judging by the royal calendar he hardly does anything, apart from meetings with his team (we don’t really know if he even attends them, probably, the team discuss and they simply inform him) , phone calls (!), and, now and then, some public appearances where he just offers a smile, a “thanks” etc. He even wants help with that? Is he really so incompetent? Those RR don’t do him any favors with this kind of statements in their haste to criticize Harry once more.

    • Betsy says:

      Yes, that was the point. Harry “the wingman” was supposed to do all the work and William would tag along on the big special days making it look like William is an involved prince. In this situation, the “wingman” would really be more of the “point man” but William doesn’t care. He just doesn’t want to work, ever.

  28. ShazBot says:

    I guess nobody remembers 2019 when the royals went FULL TILT into the “future of the family” making it clear that Harry had no place in the future???? It was all about the succession and Charles and William’s family. They made it exceedingly clear that Harry was not needed.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Thanks for reminding me. Yes it was December 2019 when they thought that Harry and Meghan were just in vacation. The Palace via the press did put out the word that Harry wasn’t part of the future. I guess they never believed that Harry would leave.

    • Well Wisher says:

      That was mainly William’s punitive vision. He started using the threat of disinheritance as a means of control.
      It backfired.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      *Thank you*. It was especially nasty because until Meghan came into Harry’s life, the whole talking point of the ‘slimmed down monarchy’ was that both of Charles’ sons AND their wives would comprise the new lineup. After Harry married Meghan, a lot of discourse started about him not having a real, distinct role in the monarchy and needing to figure something out for himself. They even had that picture of Elizabeth and her three heirs to strike the point home, and while at the time I didn’t think it was necessarily meant to insult/shut out Harry, the past couple of years definitely changed my perspective on that photo op.

      • Lorelei says:

        @BeachDreams, yup. I was trying to explain this to my mother last week because she kept referring back to, “Well, Charles has always said he wants to slim down the monarchy, blah blah” and I was like, “Yes, but that plan was supposed to include both William AND Harry AND their wives working! There’s no way it could work with fewer people than that. But then Harry married a biracial American and “tainted” the precious royal bloodline, which was unacceptable, so here we are” (in hell).

      • Nic919 says:

        Exactly. Harry was on the balcony during the diamond jubilee in 2012, with Charles, Camilla, William and Kate. The story was that they were the future and that was why the yorks and Wessexes were not on that balcony with the queen.

  29. Roo says:

    Can you imagine the press saying the same thing about President Biden or Bill Gates or Hillary Clinton or Kamala Harris – famous people with jobs that bigger and more impactful than Wiliam’s decorative role? None of them needed a sibling to share the load and certainly none of them have complained to the press about their sibling growing up, getting married and pursuing their own career and family life. It’s so odd and sad.

  30. WiththeAmerican says:

    I do not understand how Wills young family is “thrust into the limelight “

    Are the kids doing Harry’s events? How exactly has Harry forced these kids to work?

    • Sunday says:

      Exactly! Will had the choice to stand on his own or to pretend he can stand his own wife, and instead he was like nah, let’s use the kids instead. The children being “thrust into the limelight” is a situation entirely of his own making. He wouldn’t need to use them as tabloid fodder if his own closet weren’t chock-full of skeletons he was desperate to keep the media quiet on.

      Also, bringing the kids to engagements doesn’t have to mean dressing them up like bankers and making them stand about silently and shake hands. They could bring them to an event with other children and (gasp!) have them play sports or have fun at a park or whatever. But we can’t have them mingling with the commoners so a suit and tie it is!

    • Beach Dreams says:

      They’re “thrust into the limelight” because their lazy parents can’t use their aunt and uncle as a shield from work and from having their issues exposed. It goes back to that story in 2020 when Kate whined about the Sussexes “throwing her children under the bus.” She and William really expected to be able to hide behind them forever while continuing to coast.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Or from a different perspective, they want Harry, a grown man, to do what could by done by children? Bunch of weirdos.

    • Jais says:

      And even worse, imagine that Meghan and Harry stayed and what would happen to their kids. The Cambridge children would be portrayed as never putting a foot wrong while the sussex children would be portrayed as….can’t even go there but it would be vile. I get a cold shiver even thinking about this. So if kkkhate was banking on that future scenario then yeah in her mind the Sussexes threw her kids under the bus. Where are the scapegoats for her kids??? I know it’s often seen as the Cambridges will have to work more etc but I think that comment was also about having the sussex baby scapegoats taken away. Which is sick. Thank god they left. .

      • Heyhey22 says:

        They were already testing the waters when they writing articles, calling one year Archie “likely to be a spoiled brat” due to his LA upbringing ” and saying the Cambridge kids have the “right ingredients ” to succeed so your theory isn’t that far off sadly.

  31. kelleybelle says:



  32. Steph says:

    OMG. William, put on your big boy breeches. You’re going to be monarch. MONARCH. It’s always been a single person job. It’s right there in the name.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Yup. No such thing as a co-king, or co-prince of Wales. I thought in their line of thinking, the wife is supposed to be the supporter.

  33. Rapunzel says:

    It’s pretty simple: William needs Harry to make up for his laziness, lack of charm, and lack of intelligence. William also needs Harry to serve as distraction from any negative stories about William.

    The “you can’t be half in, half out” was to keep Harry subservient to William and the crown. Nobody thought Harry would chose to fully leave. Nobody thought once Harry left that he’d succeed.

    This is why they harp on Netflix, Spotify, and the memoir. They can’t stand that Harry is capable of existing on his own.

    Now that Will is PoW, it’s going to get worse. He really needs something to make him look better.

    • Well Wisher says:

      I think he is unwell and cannot cope with the responsibilities.
      Having acknowledging that fact, he does not well with others.
      He was prematurely promoted and had no business making important decisions concerning his brother and his wife.
      POW refused his brother the same opportunity that he enjoyed at the beginning of his marriage. He had a part time position in Wales where he did very little work.
      The business deals of the Sussexes means financial independence, they get to be productive members of society without the use of inherited titles.
      Titles open the door, productivity and profitability in output keep the Sussexes firmly in demand.
      William is just being himself, for better or worse.
      It is no one’s problem.

  34. Eowyn says:

    As long as H & M keep doing, and are strategic with their talking they’ll continue to be more successful than these deeply damaged people briefing against them

  35. SugarHere says:

    Interestingly, we have not once heard any of these royal sycophants claim that Henry had made up the narrative around William’s jealousy, possessiveness, deterrent racist rhetoric, and sabotage of Meghan through staff briefing. None of them has attempted to belie or disprove the Sussexes’ allegations. Why?

    Instead, the so called experts obsessively refer to William’s godly power to grant or deny forgiveness, no matter who’s at fault for creating a hostile environment around Henry’s nuptials, Meghan’s pregnancy, and Archie’s christening.

    In their crooked rationale, Meghan is expected to be Karen’s lady in waiting looking up to her from every corner of the ball room while fu…king William (future king, of course 🤥) can take it out on Harry the wingman. I believe there’s no need or obligation for reconciliation, but the Royal Family has an agenda for conveniently weaponizing the notion if reconciliation: this whole notion of extending an olive branch is a faux peace offering designed to guilt the Sussexes into a one-way subservience deal.

    • Well Wisher says:

      They are given a script to write, that is not in it.
      They are paid to follow the script, drunk with self importance, they are betting that they can destroy any one’s reputation by simply repeating untruths.
      It is up to their customers.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      SugarHere, and they spent two weeks freezing out H&M for the world to see. When the brf talks about an olive branch, who believes it?

  36. Sunday says:

    It’s one thing to be close with your siblings, but if you cannot function as an adult without having your brother beside you then it’s absolutely a ‘you’ problem. Do they get that they make William seem unwell when they wring their hands and exclaim that he can’t possibly do his job if Harry isn’t there to do it with him? Like it’s actually sick if at 40 you still expect your brother to prioritize your life and family over his own. Call me crazy but jealousy, insecurity, and codependency aren’t exactly the qualities you want to see in a king.

    • Well Wisher says:

      If he is unwell, it is his responsibility to seek help.
      If that fails, and he is unfit: appoint a regent to stand for his heir should this occurrence takes place before George is 18.
      Harry left the job in the armed forces to fill in some of grandfather’s roles upon his retirement.
      He also chose to help his brother until George was old enough to attend events.

      • Jais says:

        Didn’t Harry also leave the military bc his location was leaked? Who in the palace allowed that leak? Who needed him home as cover? Maybe I’m wrong, but I do not believe the military was responsible. But it could’ve been anyone from Charles or William’s camps.

      • Well Wisher says:

        On his first tour to Afghanistan, the location was leaked, he was trained for another position involving helicopters.
        Then returned until his family asked that he retire to help as the older members wanted to also retire.
        Harry’s retirement has a write up in
        It is clear, that he was to carve out his own position due to his passion. That was the army in his grandfather’s footsteps and the Commonwealth trust for his grandmother.
        (Among the earlier patronages taken away from him as they left the rf.)

        He was paired with his brother at KP because his father paid the operating expenses from the Duchy of Cornwall, but his grandmother the monarch, was his “boss”.

        The rest is history.

  37. aquarius64 says:

    Bill realizes he is one heartbeat away from the Crown now and he would have to deal with responsibilities like the daily red boxes, And Kate becoming Counsellor of State? She’s not even on the Privy Council after 11 years with the Firm. William is mad he & Kate will face more scrutiny now and it will come out Bill is unfit for office. Being Diana’s son will only get you so far.

  38. Julie says:

    So Bower, Nichols, Levin, and Low all have books out at around the same time. Was this meant to create chaos to overshadow Meghan’s podcast and Harry’s book? Because otherwise isn’t this bad planning? Are derangers willing to shell out for all of these books?

    • Well Wisher says:

      To get out their fictional stories before the truth emerges.
      One last grab at the gravy boat.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Apparently they were expecting Harry’s book to drop around this time or shortly afterward, but that’s clearly not happening. It really is hilariously bad timing on their part.

  39. Anita says:

    Watching the videos of William and Harry over the last few days, my main impression was that William was relieved and, if not happy, then satisfied to have Harry with him. As if he drew comfort from Harry’s presence.
    Very different from the funeral of PP, where William was clearly sitting on a horse so high it would have taken his head off as he rode through the Arc de Triomphe.
    I mean, in recent days we have seen him reach out to Harry (and Meghan) in a way he has not been able to in recent years. To me, that was something completely different. I do not think it was just for show. Whatever the reason, I got that impression.
    Harry was having none of it, LOL.
    ETA And yes, I fully agree that William is jealous that Meghan got Harry, that Harry is happy without him. He’s jealous and lonely and unhappy, and it’s all his own fault.

    • MsIam says:

      Unfortunately its all a lie because he has been briefing harder than ever against Harry and Charles. People keep saying Will doesn’t want the responsibility but he is sure giving the impression of someone trying to elbow everyone else out of the way to get to the top.

      • tolly says:

        The tabloid briefings have been out of control, right? You’d think that everyone would observe a grace period after the death of a monarch, but Wills, Charles, Sophie, Andrew, Angela and every single anonymous bootlicker on the payroll have been leaking nonstop over the past two weeks, mostly about the Sussexes (although, pardon the threadjack, I would love to discuss Charles changing the locks on Angela).

      • Anita says:

        Agreed. There is something schizophrenic about it. This whole family is toxic AF and I imagine the real behind the scenes happenings make the most biting soap seem tame in comparison.
        (Still, I stand by my comment above, no idea why I got that feeling. Maybe I am conditioned by seeing the two brothers, maybe W is such a good actor. it would impress me if the latter were the case).

      • Beach Dreams says:

        @MsIam: Agreed. If nothing else, William knows how to put on a civil face and do the bare minimum of *seeming* somewhat diplomatic. He did this because there was far more global attention on this funeral than on Philip’s. Also, it honestly seems like he’s a lot happier about snagging the Wails title than Kate has been (which is still surprising to me), and a part of that is probably because he is well and truly “above” his brother now.

  40. s808 says:

    well william, boo-freakin-hoo. grow up and do your job or abdicate. it’s YOUR fault H&M got out of there. if YOU and YOUR wife hadn’t teamed up with the press to make working and living in the UK so unbearable, they’d still be there. they WANTED to work, they WANTED to uphold that sh*t institution but YOU and YOUR coat hanger for a wife couldn’t handle another couple being the least bit popular. they were hard working, isn’t that what you need? YOU could’ve teamed up with them, their popularity could’ve rubbed off on YOU. but noooo those 2 brain cells you and your wife share combusted at the thought. well guess what? now you have no one and its exactly what you deserve. I hope every time you look at your kids, you hear the countdown of their fleeting freedom. that’s YOUR. FAULT.

    • ToLizaLou says:

      Willie classic narcissist. Kate self-centered climber. Both sick to death of their public roles and of each other. I’m wondering if, in some almost instinctual way, Prince Louis is acting out and rebelling against the tensions within the family and the stresses regarding what’s expected of them in their roles both present and future. At four, he knows how he’s expected to behave, and is rebelling.

  41. HennyO says:

    We should stop echoing this RRs and UK media BS narrative of Harry as Williams wingman, told over and over again.

    Why, in all this years, was any of Chucky’s siblings, ever ‘branded or appointed’ as his wingman/- woman, to help him to carry the weight of his (future) rein? Why did Betty never, at any point during her rein, had her only sister ‘branded or appointed’ as her wing woman?

    As a reference. None of the European kings/queens have branded or installed any of their siblings as their wingman/- woman. Let alone the kings in the middel eastern or African countries.

    Kingship/ queen ship is a one-person-rol.

    Some have official support from other family members in a formal (government) capacity, not in a position to be fade away or to cover-up the wrong-doings of the monarch. Like when the queen let the government give Andrew a position as a business ambassador (which he screwed-up anyway).

    The fact of the matter is that William is just not fit for kingship, same as his father. That’s it, and they all should leave Harry, a grown man with his own family and responsibility as an provider for his family, alone. He is not asking his brother to help him to carry HIS responsibilities.

  42. Tessa says:

    I worry about George will is such a control freak he may keep George from living his own life and disapproving of the woman George wants to marry

  43. Well Wisher says:

    Until they are willing to honestly address the elephant in the room: William’s constant need to denigrate his brother and the Duchess. His unreasonable expectations and cowardly conduct.

    This is an exercise in futility.

    William needs his four S. Harry was one of them, he was the supply, the other three are safety, sex and security.

    Until he accesses mental therapy, this will be his sad song, his slanderous take on the state of his situation.

  44. Jaded says:

    What William did to Harry (and Meghan) is reprehensible. He’s a spoiled, lazy, entitled and jealous man-child who hasn’t matured into someone who has empathy, a sense of remorse and a desire to better himself. His way of dealing with his egregious behaviour is to lash out and blame everyone else — to project his own bad qualities onto everyone around him, especially to Harry because he’s pathologically jealous of Harry’s accomplishments. He knows in every other way than the order of birth, he’s the “lesser” brother and can’t stand it. This isn’t a case of not being able to forgive Harry for refusing to be his wingman, he can’t stand the fact that Harry had the smarts, the focus, the determination and the good character to step away from a untenable situation that was consuming his life and making his wife suicidal. It all boils down to jealousy which, as we all know, is the cornerstone of narcissism.

  45. Tessa says:

    Probably deranged will not buy the new books they can just say oh he is right or she is right and spend no money

  46. Mslove says:

    Treating Diana so shabbily, divorcing her and her subsequent death was the first fatal blow against that family and it’s been downhill since. The final nail in the coffin is the treatment Duchess Meghan was/is receiving. It put into focus how unqualified Chuck & bill really are. Do the Brits really want Chuck or Bill as head of the church? It’s a clusterf@ck. If Bill really needs Harry so badly, why did he force him out? If Harry were to dump Duchess Meghan & his kids & go crawling back to Bill, how is that a good look for the RF? It would ruin Harry. Not that he would ever consider it. I just don’t think this mess can ever be fixed. Bill has dug himself into a deep hole, and I don’t see how he can undo any of this.

  47. phaedra7 says:

    Ugly is as ugly does. And others are right — when you’re that ugly inside, it always seeps out and shows itself physically.

    I totally agree with fellow CB member Jade’s post. This is very self-evident in one main person’s case===> Take-A-💩 Trump! He has soooo much hatred/malice towards different people (women, POCs, LGBTQIA persons, persons with different political views, etc.) to the greater degree that he was the instigating element that threatened U.S.A.’s democracy!🤬 Whatever is bad on the inside will show up on the outside! 👆☝🏽

  48. L4Frimaire says:

    Every time I read articles like this, I get the impression that they never expected Harry to marry anyone. I think
    they wanted the fun bachelor uncle to just hang around, to do the heavy lifting, be fodder for princess fantasies, and be condescended toward. I didn’t follow them before Meghan but was Harry really that big a wingman before? I got the impression that none of them did a whole lot in terms of the bread and butter stuff, but at least Harry did tours and had his causes like Invictus and African Parks that he really worked at. What were the Wales/Cambridges doing then? They really think they did nothing wrong, even when you see their blatantly rude behavior towards Harry and his wife. It seems to be a lot of pleading for Harry to come back while trying to once again attack Meghan at the same time. Make it make sense.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      “I didn’t follow them before Meghan but was Harry really that big a wingman before?” Oh yeah. He was often stuck on engagements with Will and Kate for some of the earlier years of their marriage, to the point that a lot of royal fans became quite fond of their little “Three Musketeers” setup. In fact, he often played babysitter for Kate in a way because even back then, William didn’t pay her much mind on the engagements (he was definitely less cranky about being around her though). Harry seemed to ease/distract from W&K’s dynamic with his presence. They didn’t seem quite as awkward when he was around.

    • Blithe says:

      What would make it make sense would be for Harry and Meghan to accept the view that they don’t deserve agency in their own lives, but exist solely to prop up the monarchy and Charles’ and William’s views of themselves as being ordained for greatness. Fortunately, for their sakes, neither Harry nor Meghan are willing to sacrifice themselves and their children in the service of this delusion. (That’s my take on it, any way.)

  49. GDubslady says:

    Things are getting bumpy already with Camilla’s authorized biography. The knives are out. The story about Andrew trying to replace Charles when William was a teenager is an example. Now might be a good time for the Firm to blame Kate for Megxit. Her jealousy over Harry and mean girl actions during the walkabout and not letting Meghan take her seat first at the funeral support that narrative. He can just say that Kate and her staff made up all the bullying stories and he believed her until Meghan cane out with the receipts. They can definitely make Kate out as an attention whore if William wanted to divorce her. He could also emphasize how much time he had to spend catering to Kate rather than his duties. William would suffer less damage to his reputation than his father because it looks like he at least tried to make the marriage work. Whereas Kate went after William for the title not for him. However if he still wants in the marriage then they really need deep counseling.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      GDubslady, ITA. We’ve discussed this before that KHate would be sacrificed so that Fails would look good. KHate played as big a part as Fails did in all of the leaks and siccing Jason Knauf on Meghan.

      I would really like to know what Fails & Wails marriage arrangement was. It’s pretty obvious that she believes she doesn’t need to work. That was never going to work long term, so I don’t know what the current arrangement is but she’s definitely not happy about it.

      If Fails was married to someone who had something on the ball and worked with him on projects (to show him how and to be the creative one), he wouldn’t need Harry at all. I wonder if that’s finally occurred to him? He may have someone in the wings who is capable of doing that. If so, it could explain Wails attitude of late.

  50. blunt talker says:

    Willy WoodPegger looks very weak to be crying about Harry being his wingman-Willy has to grow up and act like an adult who is married with three children-very famous or rich men in the world today don’t go around crying about someone to prop them up so they can do their job-most men of means work in a high powered way and manage their home life duties-Harry has grown up and has a wife and two small children of his own-he has decided to create his own space for a work life and his family life-he is not crying about being attached to someone else to make his job or home life easier-the fear Harry’s book has caused makes people think something is evil or not right about the royal family-I am not saying it is the case but all these tabloid authors screaming like banshees about Harry’s book is making the case seem worse than it is -the only reason for doing this attack mode before the book comes out is that they know some horrible secrets about the royal family and they are afraid or angry Harry writes about it first instead of them.-God please keep the Sussex family safe in your hands.

  51. Truthiness says:

    All of the attacks out of KP show Will is simply not fit to be a king, over and over again. The ranting and tantrums paint him as a Humpty Dumpty that can’t be put together again once Meghan came into Harry’s life. They left years ago! Get over it and move on.

  52. Same says:

    so Willy gets a pass and should just go ahead and blame everything on Kate? Chuck gets a pass on pulling security from his child and grandchild and just blame it on Kate? TQ gets a pass on refusing to let them work out a half in/out scenario and blame it on Kate? Did Kate pin that brooch on Princess Michael too?

    Everyone gets forgiven if only Willy files for divorce. If this broad had half the power and influence she gets credit for on this blog, she SHOULD be the Queen of England.

    • equality says:

      I doubt anyone thinks that Will should get a pass. They are simply pointing out that, with the way the media and RF screws around with the truth, everything could be put off on her and her family very easily because they were all willing participants in the smear. If Meghan had half the powers of making PH do things that are ascribed to her in the media, she’s the one who should be Queen. Nobody on here is saying that Kate made PW do things.

    • Merricat says:

      Royal blood > married-in commoner to the monarchy. Always.

    • Nic919 says:

      People blame William all the time on this site including in the comments above.

  53. Lizzie Bathory says:

    Oh my God: “He always thought Harry would be his wingman, now he’s doing it on his own. Thank goodness he’s got Kate by his side,’ added the author.”

    So much about William’s feelings about being abandoned by Harry, how he’s all alone. And then a throwaway acknowledgement that he has a wife, the shiny new Princess of Wales tucked away in Adelaide Cottage cooing over buttons & wiglets.

    • Well Wisher says:

      Maybe he should explore the underlying feelings of abandonment instead of projecting it on his little brother.
      His brother has a reasonable expectation of self actualization to his authentic self, independent of all others.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      “Kate by his side” is a phrase that has been used quite a bit since the move to Adelaide. If anyone wants proof they are living separate lives, this is it.

  54. SussexFan says:

    Maaaan, I just cannot believe this s–t.

    Meghan isn’t the Duchess of Windsor reborn. Allegedly Prince Philip held the same view about her and Harry before he died. She’s simply Meghan. So Charles is pissed because she supported Harry in leaving, and/or because she couldn’t take the mental and spiritual bashing. This makes her a villain?

    Wills had better get with it. He wants all the money and the titles, but he doesn’t want to do the work. So what is he there for?

    Blaming it all on the Sussexes is going to wear pretty thin after a while. I think some are beginning to get a clue that this isn’t half about Harry but more about William. And cutting (Queen Mother-style) and wailing about the Sussexes is foul.

    George III was pitied because of his madness. George IV was one of the worst regents/kings ever. What indeed will Charles and William become? If Harry returns without Meghan–like everyone seems to hope–he will have far less stones than I thought. Stay out of there, Susssexes. Don’t even go to the Coronation.

  55. CrazyHeCallsMe says:

    I swear the BRF and BM operate in some alternate reality. The lies and crap they sell are beyond fan fiction.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Right. On one hand they talk about how unpopular the Sussexes are and they’re “irrelevant”. Then after 500 hundred million thousand articles later about the Sussexes…..Meghan did this imaginary thing and Harry is refusing to be Will’s scapegoat. If the Sussexes were actually that unpopular in the UK-the BM wouldn’t need to talk about it.imo

  56. Athena says:

    I don’t understand why William needs Harry. Elizabeth became queen at 25, with two small children and went on to have two more, we have not heard any stories about how Elizabeth needed Margaret to rule. QEII asked her cousins to help, one or two had to give up their careers to help her and she showed appreciation. She paid them, she provided housing and did not sacrifice them to the press to over up for her negative press.

    It’s been three, four years now and this 40year old man is still moaning about his brother moving on with his own life.

    • Flying Fish says:

      Because, William is no Elizabeth. Williams is lazy and so is his Wife. William has no charisma, lacks the ability to think beyond what is in his best interest and cares nothing for anyone else but himself.
      William and Kate now has to rely on trotting out their children to garner any significant attention. Attention that Harry received in spades.

    • N. says:

      It’s like they’ve all decided Diana intended them as a “two-fer” (U.S. expression) to the nation because the underlying truth is that Will doesn’t really have a lot of kingly qualities – Harry’s character and achievements have grown to redeem both of them. Harry & Meghan choosing mental wellness and their own personal integrity over sucking up to that den of depraved people with their equally-depraved cheerleaders is EVERYTHING. The funniest thing is how fast and furious the mudslinging has become. Harry & Meghan should just say nothing and let them all drown in their own vitriol.

    • equality says:

      TQ also didn’t sacrifice her own children to the press to look better like PC has.

  57. Christina says:

    William should wear a hat at all times.

  58. TEALIEF says:

    What in actual Hades is, “[William] always thought that Harry would be his wingman”?  Not a wingman, but his wingman. This is medieval. She might have might have well used the words liege lord and liege man. These people are not helping William’s case. Top Gun is not real life for most people. Tom Cruise is not a naval aviator/fighter pilot codenamed Maverick and neither is William, as much as he would like it to be. If anything, Harry’s actual choice to leave is a maverick decision and William’s codename should be Goose, as in his goose is cooked. Congratulations, P&PoW you overplayed your hand and played yourselves.

    • Caribbean says:

      The only interaction I suspect that Kate and William and the Royal have with black people are where they see them as subjects. To have a black woman within the family as equal and even outshining them must have been very surprising and became unacceptable. This is what all this is about

      • Concern Fae says:

        Nobody within that family is an equal. It’s hierarchy by birth order, all the way. Reading all the articles last week, I couldn’t get over how ghoulish everyone was about “minor royals.” It gave the rota little fireworks to be able to shite all over these powerful and royal people. It’s a nasty gruel that fuels the readers of the tabloid press. It worked before because the Queen was above reproach. But Charles isn’t going to be able to stay above this in the same way. Not exactly cheering for what is inevitably coming, but will watch with interest and a quiet smile.

  59. Nevia says:

    I can’t with these insanely privileged people and their endless moaning.

  60. QuiteContrary says:

    Charles is a man-baby. William is a man-baby. Harry is a freaking miracle.

  61. Robin Samuels says:

    William, age 40, expects to have Harry, age 38, as a personal scapegoat for life. William knows that Harry knows he is a significant player in the vicious smear campaign waged against Meghan. Everyone inside KP is not pro-William. William’s body language around Meghan during KC#3’s “My Mother Died 10-Day Extravaganza” signals guilt. He tried to distance himself from Kate, with the mean girl facade, but it was impossible. Harry appeared tolerant, but Meghan showed no interest in communicating with either William or Kate. Harry and Meghan know that Jason Knauf could not provide the court with a copy of her letter without William’s approval.
    William’s “inside palace sources” talk to the media, but Harry’s “inside palace sources” speak to Harry. I don’t believe he was ever a kind and loving brother. When he realized Harry was serious about Meghan, he recognized the possibility of losing control, which frightened and angered him, and he resorted to vindictiveness. He didn’t know any other way to relieve his fears and anxiety. William did not understand the depth of Harry’s love for Meghan, and he would run her off with the help of his willing bride. The plan backfired. The “S-P-A-C-E” between the brothers is real and justified. Being the heir apparent to the throne doesn’t give you the right to abuse. Besides, Harry had his fill of sibling abuse. Feigning hurt and needing an apology will not work this time.
    Kick rocks, Nichols.

  62. jferber says:

    Robin Samuels, Exactly what you said.

  63. Meri says:

    M&H don’t need any of this and Kaiser is awesome. The. End.

  64. Agreatreckoning says:

    @sparrow, the problem with Valentine Low’s book isn’t that it’s ‘particularly scummy’ with initial excerpts sounding/being like repetion of tabloid stories. (I’m hoping CB/Kaiser post about it. Don’t want to threadjack on details.) Like Bower’s book, Low is going through a publisher (if my research is correct-could be wrong), that isn’t concerned about fact checking. The truth isn’t important-commercial entertainment purposes is more or less the concern. Both Bower’s & Low’s books didn’t go through a legal department. SHOCKING. /s Much like twisted sister’s self published book.

    Low’s book is ‘particulary scummy’ because of how it’s being marketed.imo

    Like how Angela L. sold her Harry book. Claiming she spent lots of time with him. She did not. Blurbs on Low’s book is about how courtiers work. So far, that work remains to be hidden. Unless their actual work is planting stories with the British Media in accordance with the wishes of the BRF hierarchy. Courtiers are not leaking like sieves, they’ve been planting stories about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex like the most experienced gardeners.

  65. ML says:

    I also love the “My Mother Died 10-Day Extravaganza!”
    Nicholl’s et al are bursting on to the scene with venomous books written before the “10-Day Extravaganza,” and I’m curious as to how their vitriol will be received after the funeral. In public, William was generally able to behave normally toward H&M. Kate was not. And now you get a ton of stories including this one where the newly titled PoW can’t handle his job without his little brother by his side? After all the uninvited/ uniform gate/ 2nd row nose bleed seas, etc drama where people really started questioning the RR narrative. Essentially 2 (4?) people are easily able to quash stories that are not favorable towards them: Peggington and C the t’ird. This story makes William and the monarchy look super incompetent, so how long will this news cycle last?

  66. Linney says:

    I absolutely agree that William expected Harry to be his “wingman.” (An odd word, imho!) Imagine being a sixth grader and then being told you must go into twelfth grade. You would be shocked and ill-prepared. This is where William and Kate are right now. They are so lazy and incompetent (a lot of this incompetence is because they never took the time to learn) and now they are expected to be THE PRINCE AND PRINCESS OF WALES. What a jump! It will be much harder for them to disappear for months at a time, do minimal work and collect homes. People are going to expect more, and William can’t use the excuse of, “Yes, I know I’m forty, but why should I work more when there are two people ahead of me?” Now there is only ONE person ahead of him (Charles). However, if Harry had stayed, William could have shoved so much work onto Harry, not in the interest of public service, but so that he could continue his pampered, lazy lifestyle. There is a great difference between being supportive or helpful and being a scapegoat/crutch. That’s what William wanted. Someone to blame if things went wrong and someone who would work hard and make Prince Lazy look good. There is no doubt this is a huge reason why William is so angry.