Hailey Bieber addresses Selena Gomez-overlap rumors from, like, 2018

I hate that I know so much of the backstory of Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin and Selena Gomez. Selena and Justin were off-and-on for so many years. Selena was Justin’s first serious boyfriend and Justin was Selena’s first everything. They were chaotic and dramatic and Justin dated a lot of different women whenever he and Selena broke up. In late 2017 and early 2018, Justin and Selena started hanging out again and many thought that they were back “on” for a moment. Then nothing happened – Justin seemed to distance himself from her and move on. He reconnected with Hailey Baldwin and they got engaged in July 2018, after “dating” for about a month (although Hailey and Justin had known each other for a lot longer than that).

Hailey and Justin got legally married later in 2018 and they’ve been loved up and “happy” ever since. It honestly seems like a somewhat healthy relationship for Justin, much healthier than his toxic on-and-off cycles with Selena – I often think Justin and Selena brought out the worst in each other. Selena, meanwhile, has blossomed professionally and her career has never been better, and she’s got all kinds of projects in the works. But there remains this beef between Hailey and Selena, and the fandoms argue about whether Hailey “stole” Justin from Selena. Having covered it at the time, I don’t think there was any overlap – Justin had moved on from Selena and he was (arguably) trying to break their toxic cycle for good. Anyway, all of that is being debated once again because Hailey appears on the Call Her Daddy podcast this week:

Now Selena’s fans are mad that the pod refers to her as “Hailey’s husband’s ex” and that Hailey actually answers the question, it seems. Like… I think Hailey should probably avoid speaking about Selena too, it’s not a great look and Hailey does some shady sh-t online as well. That being said, Selena was still making ALBUMS about Justin and her feelings about him when he had been married to Hailey for a year. Selena was still talking about Justin and how she “hopes” that he hears all of the music she made about him and about them. Don’t tell me that Selena has moved on because she hasn’t. Her fans haven’t moved on either, which is why they climb all over Hailey over anything.

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  1. Noki says:

    Justin and Haileys relationship gives me the same vibes i get fron the Keens and JT and Jessica Biel. The guy acts like the woman should be grateful he ‘chose’ her and that he brings a lot more to the table and they must never forget it.

  2. Merricat says:

    You can’t “steal” a person.

  3. equality says:

    Personally don’t see what anyone sees in Justin. You can’t “steal” somebody though. It’s sad for Selena that she can’t seem to move on. Or maybe she’s like Taylor and just cashing in.

    • Red says:

      Selena isn’t even the one talking about this, but she can’t seem to move on? It’s Hailey bringing this up, and then fans making a big deal about it.

      • Bash says:

        I think Hailey is addressing it simply because a lot of fans just won’t let it go. She gets harassed about it relentlessly, to the point where I actually feel bad for her. It can’t be easy to face that constant questioning about the uncomfortable topic of an ex.
        I also have to agree with the article when they say Selena is not at all over it, though I wish she would be.

    • ElleV says:

      why is making an album about your highly publicized relationship a sign that you can’t move on?

      to me, if i was still hung up on someone, I wouldn’t want to make content for public consumption about those feelings, but once it’s over, it’s fair game and all grist for the mill!

      hailey seems more insecure about this (understandably so given justin’s seeming instability) than selena who has continued to grow her career and looks healthier since then

      unrelated, justin is a dweeb and doesn’t deserve either of them

    • equality says:

      I am just going by what the article said. I don’t follow them except on here. I hope you are right and she’s completely past him.

      • Carnivalbaby says:

        I get the impression that Selena has moved on. When Adele writes award winning songs about her past relationships no one has an issue. People move on eventually. But her life is also part of her career and paycheck. So I guess all these comments add value too. I’m older and generally like Selena’s songs and I try to give her grace. She’s been through alot.

    • Tiffany:) says:

      I don’t think it is Selena who is the one who “can’t move on”, here. Her songs were from 2019, which seems like a lifetime ago. Hailey is only talking about this because SHE needs attention, and she doesn’t have a lot to offer. Complaining about being a victim of nepotism can only fill so much space.

  4. girl_ninja says:

    Hailey did a podcast interview talking about how difficult being married was and how her mother had to talk to her about being patient, blah, blah, blah. After getting pushback/feedback about that interview, she said that she would never talk about her relationship with him publicly again. And yet, here she is.

    I have seen unfortunate videos of how Justin has slammed the door on Hailey when they are out and about. Stomping around like a brat. I don’t think Justin should be with anyone cause he’s an entitled little monster. But Hailey wants to hang in there with her husband and they may even be doing well now.

    Ughhhh…I know wayyyy too much about these folks.

    • VoominVava says:

      There’s also a religious context to their relationship. I believe when they were dating, she was saving for marriage, so quickly marry they did. They do really fight to stay together through it all, but it may be not the healthiest relationship. I think it started strangely… Hailey was a fan of both of them when they were together, so it may be a little bit single white female ish. With all of that said, they should all move on and stop talking about it, but it gets attention and that’s why the interviewers etc, ask those questions.

  5. Emily says:

    Justin bounced back and forth between Hailey and Selena a few times. Selena was the “official” girlfriend and Hailey wasn’t. In some ways, Justin respected Hailey more because he didn’t start a real relationship until he was ready, whereas he cheated on Selena constantly.

    I do think Selena is over Justin. You can be over a person and still need to process the trauma; let’s face it, Justin emotionally abused her. Albums are also written long before they are released.

    • ElleV says:

      this! there’s no reason to avoid making content about something that was painful for you, and doing it doesn’t mean you’re still hung up on the person – quite the opposite, I’d argue

      it’s literally her job to sing songs that will connect with her fans and i think a lot of her fans probably connect with coming through a difficult first relationship – I definitely had some of her music on my breakup playlist and she expressed those complicated feelings well!

      • Lucía says:

        Agreed. Usually, by the time the song’s already been recorded and released, most songwriters (not just the famous ones) have already processed and gotten over whatever it was that led them to write those lyrics in the first place. Obviously everyone’s different, but it’s normal.

  6. littlegossipboy says:

    Hailey is the most vanilla flavor of vanilla. The last straw for me was her tiktok promoting “brownie glazed lips”… women of colour have been doing that since the 90s.

    • Hello Kitty says:

      OMG thank you for saying this! Yes yes and yes women of color have been doing this since forever, especially African American women and Latin women. In fact, it BECAME a trend in the 90’s BECAUSE African American women like Aaliyah were doing this. I saw her “brownie” lips video and laughed at her ignorance and hubris.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      so I didn’t know what you were referring to, so I googled.

      saw her tik tok. the only thing(s) I got from that are 1) yeah this trend is NOT new, Black women have been doing this since as long as I can remember and 2) her lips are WAY TOO INFLATED. she’s going to have the Kidman-wormlip soon if she doesn’t stop.

      • MissM says:

        Nothing about Haileys style is new, she dresses like every Gen Z girl with the early 2000s style who acts like they invented it

    • Tiffany:) says:

      She can gloss her face all she wants, but it doesn’t really change things. Her face is just not cute. Glazing it doesn’t help.

  7. Cindy says:

    Hailey and Justin a healthier relationship,LOL..Kaiser,you’re funny.. I see Justin being a brat with her every time and very domineering. Justin is not husband or boyfriend material, he is immature. I suspect he leans on heavily on his faith to control her.

  8. Amie says:

    Didn’t Justin and Hailey date during one of his off periods with Selena? Then Selena dated The Weeknd for about 10 months-ish (I hate that I know this lol) and then all of a sudden she and the Weeknd broke up because it looked like she abruptly reconnected with Justin. Then that fizzled out too and Justin went back to Hailey. He definitely dated both Selena and Hailey, but I didn’t think it was at the same time but like a ping pong he was going back and forth (especially to Selena).

    I’m too old to have been invested in any of these relationships. I don’t follow Justin and Hailey at all so I don’t know what they’re like as a couple but whenever I see something about them, it’s never good so I get the feeling they’re a toxic couple. As for Selena, I really hope she isn’t hung up on Justin! She doesn’t seem like it? I hope she finds someone who treats her well and makes her happy.

    • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

      We are all too old for this, but these three borings combine somehow to always make DRAMA or at least Gossip.

      Don’t forget in the timeline: Selena’s mother was hospitalized because she was so distressed that her daughter was back with Justin. I forget if this was pre-The Weeknd or post-The Weeknd.

  9. SophieJara says:

    I have like the opposite read on this situation. I think Justin pulled Selena back when he saw her finally moving on and happy with The Weeknd. And then when he “won” her back he lost interest, as usual.

    I think he “works” better with Hailey because she is a younger fan who idolized him, being married to him was her dream. So she puts up with him being a selfish brat, it’s her privilege to be the one who takes care of him.

    Selena was someone Justin looked up to, she’s older, I think she was less patient with him being a selfish d***.

  10. Turkeylurkey says:

    This is why Hailey is talking. Selena’s documentary. Note this is from Newsweek!


    She’s talking but doesn’t even know what exactly is in Selena’s documentary.

  11. Summer says:

    I’ve always thought, cynically, that marrying Justin Bieber was a big career move for Hailey. She was really trying to break into the upper echelons of fame, but she was one of the lesser nepotism models. The marriage has given her the level of fame she really wanted. So I don’t feel bad for her that she has to deal with Justin!

  12. Katie says:

    These people were aged 21-26 in 2018. It’s fine if it was messy.

  13. Lens says:

    I like Hailey and Justin together. For many your first love relationships don’t work out for the long run because you’ve gotten into a toxic back and forth tit for tat which I think was Justin and Selena’s deal. It’s a shame people can’t let go of couples they shipped for years. I cringed for Hailey when they were being interviewed at the Met red carpet there were Selena fans yelling ‘Selena’ at Hailey.

    • Bash says:

      I agree, Lens. I like them together too, and the way Selena’s fans acted at the Met Red Carpet was so awful. It did show a nice side of Justin though. He seemed very protective of Hailey and rushed to comfort her in what would have been a really upsetting situation. I think their relationship is stronger than a lot of people would think.

  14. Normades says:

    I think there was definitely a little bit of overlap. I think Hailey was in it to win it and always let Beibs know she’d be ride or die. I think you’re right though she does give him stability. I think he’s had some serious substance abuse and mental health issues and she’s been there for him.

  15. AppleCart says:

    Hailey offered Justin something he desperately wanted a tight religious family with the Baldwins (minus Alec & Billy). With Stephen’s deep religious roots he probably felt a sense of connection and peace. Which is why I assumed he married up so fast. And with her religous upbrining it’s truly ’till death do us part’ she isn’t leaving him for nothing. Besides the career glow up it gave her. And it’s always frustrating when you see a woman elevated just because of who she married. She has taken advantage of every opportunity and not wasted it. Building a brand and thriving business. At some point she may wake up and realize she doesn’t need him anymore. If he doesn’t treat her well as a partner and wife. But she seems pretty locked in for now.

  16. NCWoman says:

    “That being said, Selena was still making ALBUMS about Justin and her feelings about him when he had been married to Hailey for a year.” Sorry, I think you’re giving that man child way too much credit. Making art about the pain you experience often isn’t “about” the person who inflicted the pain. You aren’t playing the victim or unable to get over that person or what they did. You’re using pain to create. Men do this all the time and no one diminishes their art by focusing on who it’s “about.” But we do this to women constantly, and I think it trivializes women artists.

  17. HeyThere! says:

    I feel for HB. It would be like having my high school boyfriend I dated until 18 years old, from when I was 14, thrown in my face all the time now as an adult. People need to get over it and realize people grow and change. I hope HB speaks her peace this one time, then says she will never talk about it again. For her own mental health.

  18. Rice says:

    This sounds like high school drama.

  19. Casey says:

    Selena isn’t my fav by any means but she’s killing the game as far as her shows and music do u rly think she’d be as successful if she was still with Justin? No she’d be in his shadow. You can’t steal a person. Selena is the real winner here IMO. Justin is talented but he’s a child and she’s a nepotism “model” with a “skincare” line 🤣

  20. Case says:

    I mean, we don’t even know what she’s going to say about it yet, lol. I’m sure Hailey just wants to clarify that there was no cheating/overlap, and she’s allowed to address that when she’s been hounded by Selena fans for years. I don’t have a horse in this race at all, but I feel it’s fair to want to clarify something about rumors that won’t go away. Hailey and Selena both seem like nice women, I think it’s their fans that keep the argument going.