Prince Harry & Meghan are ‘having second thoughts’ on their Netflix series?

In a crazy, dystopian way, it’s fascinating to watch the royal establishment try to coordinate their smears on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, specifically by lying about the Sussexes’ work projects. For weeks now, there’s been a palace-led narrative that Prince Harry is trying to shelve his memoir or edit it to be more obsequious towards his father and brother. This is all wishful thinking on the part of Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace, but it’s being reported as if this information is coming from sources close to Harry. It’s the same thing with Harry and Meghan’s Netflix projects – all we know is that they’ve been working on a docu-series (or something like that) about their marriage and their work. The royal establishment is trying to force a counter-narrative that Harry and Meghan also want to re-edit their Netflix series in the wake of QEII’s death. I guess I never realized how Charles and William’s wishful thinking would somehow become mainstream reporting in the Murdoch press. But here we are, an “exclusive” from Page Six:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are at odds with Netflix and even their own production team, sources told Page Six, as they backtrack on what they want to show the public in their upcoming docuseries. The couple allegedly wants to cut chunks from the doc — which they have been filming for more than a year now — but Netflix chiefs are standing by the Sussexes’ filmmakers who want to keep the content, according to insiders.

“Harry and Meghan are having second thoughts on their own story, on their own project,” a Netflix source told Page Six this week.
According to another industry source, “Harry and Meghan are panicked about trying to tone down even the most basic language. But it’s their story, from their own mouths.”

Page Six previously revealed how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wanted to edit the show in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s death last month, as it’s believed to include a number of truth bombs involving King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla, as well as Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Sources now say the couple actually started rethinking the show — which is being produced by their own company, Archewell — before the monarch died on Sept. 8 at age 96.

“They’ve made significant requests to walk back content they themselves have provided — to the extent that some Netflix staff believe, if granted, it will effectively shelve the project indefinitely,” the Netflix source said. “Netflix is standing by the filmmakers.”

While Harry, 38, and Markle, 41, want the show to launch next year, the streaming service — which has paid the couple millions of dollars — has long wanted it to debut it right after season 5 of “The Crown,” which drops on Nov. 9.

“Netflix has made it clear that the project is going forward,” said the industry source.

Netflix and a representative for the duke and duchess did not respond to requests for comment. The filmmakers are not believed to have the final edit; that rests with the Sussexes and Netflix, sources said.

[From Page Six]

Let me get this straight – Harry and Meghan have their own production company, through which they’re executive producing a docuseries about themselves, over which they have final edit. And in the wake of QEII’s death, according to Page Six’s sources, Harry and Meghan want to constrain their narrative and re-edit the series and… the filmmakers aren’t happy, and Netflix is standing with the filmmakers? Do these palace sources – and make no mistake, this is ALL coming from Salt Island – understand the basics of production companies, final edits and how any of this works? Besides all of that, this is all part and parcel of the palace-specific narrative that Harry feels in any way conciliatory towards his father and brother now that QEII has passed. As opposed to Harry feeling like his last emotional tie with that family has been released and now he’s more than ready to burn it all down.

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  1. Jessie Quinton says:

    This is at best wishful thinking and at worst projection from the Salty people….

    • Swaz says:

      You notice that they left the only truthful statement for last.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Had to go back up & re-read that. Ha! They spend paragraphs writing fiction then at the end negate darn near everything they wrote.

      • HennyO says:

        If Harry and or Meghan are editing anything, be it in the memoir or the docuseries, it’s IN, not OUT. I believe that they have/feel no striations after Prince Philip and the Queen’s death. They have less or no considerations regarding Chuck and Wills.

      • HennyO says:

        correction: no striations = no restrictions

      • Liz says:

        There are stories all over going on about how Harry finally realized the mistake he made marrying Megan and wants to leave her…hum I guess this is also comming from KP. Evil people.

  2. ThatsNotOkay says:

    If they have final edit, there’s no story. They get to edit it the way they want and Netflix can air it or shelve it. Big whoop.

    The only reason they might like to edit it, imo, is to add info about their relationship with the Queen and what losing her has felt like to them. Otherwise, the doc is dated right out of the gate.

    • Snuffles says:

      Also, Netflix has ALWAYS been hands off with projects. They let the creators do whatever they want. Then when stuff drops, they measure the metrics and see if they will either give a show another season or give the creator another opportunity to make another project with them.

      This back and forth they keep claiming NEVER happens. They don’t operate like a typical TV Network or movie studio.

    • ChillinginDC says:

      Exactly. I am sure they will want to include her death as part of it. And no they weren’t filming during the funeral you derangers who lurk on Celebitchy.

  3. Laura-Lee MacDonald says:

    Like this series, I’ve long thought that Harry’s book will be about his own journey, with little to no ‘smears’ on his family. Now I think that even if that is what the book is really about, there will be triumphant cackles from ‘palace sources’ declaring that they successfully bullied Harry into taking the ‘smears’ out. Harry really can’t win with these idiots, can he? Even when he ignores them, they still have the media. It won’t matter what is actually put on Netflix, it’ll never end with the BRF. They truly still have the mentality of their ancestors who would just murder family they were jealous of.

    • GuestWho says:

      I’ve always thought that this is what the narrative is about – tell the world they are making changes to projects that had little or no content about his hideous family in the first place, and crow about how they were forced to make changes. The Salty Islanders and the MAGAs will absolutely buy into it.

    • Yvette says:

      I think that as well, but even if that’s true Salty Island will insist he made edits to his book (and/or the docu-series) because he and Meghan ‘panicked!’ and ‘too bad for them, they made their own beds!’ Then the British media and royal rota will run with that narrative for months of negative press.

      They’re setting up a win-win scenario for the tabloids. If the book has dirt, they’ll rant on that. If the book is strictly about Harry’s life and growth, they’ll rant on the ‘he made changes!’ narrative. Either way, Peggy who will be incandescent with rage.

      • Robert Phillips says:

        What I’m hoping happens with the book. I hope Harry doesn’t really mention his family. But comes down hard on the courtiers, and the media. Harry knows William and Charles really have no power what so ever. Their not nice people. But this was how they were raised. But the courtiers and media destroyed Harry’s parents marriage. And hounded his mother until her death. If he’s going to burn anyone it will be them.

    • Izzy says:

      I hope the book publisher and Netflix both issue statements clarifying that there were no substantive edits made to remove content, either before or after the death of the queen. I hope they issue those statements a couple of weeks before each project drops, so the vipers on Salt Island spend those weeks having to change their underwear every hour.

      • Eurydice says:

        Oh, I think radio silence is the best way – keep them guessing right until the last second.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Eurydice, since they don’t know what’s in the book just saying there were no substantive edits made will keep them guessing. It might even make them sweat!

  4. Snuffles says:

    It’s a combination of wishful thinking and a fishing expedition. They are hoping for any kind of response so they can get even a crumb of detail on the projects.
    Harry, Meghan and Netflix aren’t going to take the bait.

    Whatever the project is, it, like Harry’s memoir will drop without much notice. I’m still placing bets on November. It will all coincide with The Crown, Season 5. The Firm won’t know what hit them.

    • C-Shell says:

      This. Every trial balloon is to elicit some kind of response that they can then write about interminably. It’s laughable how greatly they do not understand HOW ANY OF THIS WORKS. I can’t wait for all this content (memoir, docuseries, The Crown) to drop — one right after the other. Harry and Meghan have proven how strategic they are about their work. I have to believe they’re working to coordinate everything with PRH, NetFlix, Spotify. It’s delicious to contemplate.

      • Steph says:

        Where does Archetypes fall in the timeline? Will the last episode be right before The Crown?

      • Eurydice says:

        I think there are supposed to be 10 episodes? Which would make the 9th one the day before The Crown starts on 11/9. If they hadn’t paused for TQ’s death, it would have been over at the end of this month.

      • what's inside says:

        This. They have been upfront about what they are doing.

    • Ginger says:

      It’s 12 episodes

  5. Ginger says:

    This reads as nothing was ever changed but they want it to look like Harry and Meghan have regrets. The memoir and documentary are still happening with no changes. And the UK press have no idea how production and publishing deals work.

    • The Hench says:

      Or the UK Press understand exactly how it all works – many of the RR having written their own books and appeared in multiple documentaries about the Royals – but they continue to exploit their readers’ naivety in order to create filler for their required column inches and to give them the option to write a narrative about changes being made, should the Sussex content not be full of truth bombs.

      If it IS full of scandal then they will gleefully crawl all over that. The naked cynicism of the British Press should never be underestimated. These are the people who tapped into the messages of a dead teenager in order to get a story.

  6. Noki says:

    I dont think they are having second thoughts entirely, but they are also human, could really be at their wits end and trying to minimise any more reasons to drag them through the mud.

    • Snuffles says:

      Disagree. I think they are long past caring. They used to care while in the system, but now that they are out they are pretty much “Fuck it. Let’s do and say what we want.”

      • North of Boston says:

        Yeah, they’ve been consistently smeared and dragged through the mud no matter WHAT they’ve done.

        The press lies about them and then drags them based on those lies, and then lies again.

        My guess is while they are being very strategic about which projects they take on, their appearances, how they launch and support stuff, NONE of that is predicated on trying to prevent idiots and glassbowls from launching attacks at them. Because they know the idiots and glassbowls are going to foam at the mouth spewing lies and hatred no matter what they do or don’t do.

        I suspect at this point, following the Queens funeral services, the Sussexes have well and truly dropped their end of the rope WRT TRF and the Firm.

        And they never did pay the British tabloid press much attention anyway, aside from slapping them with legal motions when warranted.

    • Maxine Branch says:

      I believe the Sussexes book (Harry) and the Docuseries is done and they are taking their time to present. I also believe the fear is being projected because as others have mentioned they have no clue re content and are throwing everything against the wall for talking points. These gutter rags and gossipers are completely threatened by the Sussexes. In addition, as mentioned they want a response but what they are essentially doing is creating a must read, see demand by the public. At this point, I believe the Sussexes are beyond caring about what this small island writes or says. They are allowing their work to speak for them. I applaud their tenacity and the professional manner they continue to display in the face of such vitrifications. They remain triumphant in their silence.

      • Ginger says:

        Exactly. When the Queen died there was more talk on Harry’s memoir than the Queen herself. They have thrown every possible scenario out there regarding the book and they were hoping for a response. When they didn’t get one they are now changing it to “Even Harry can’t stop the release of his book” We are in the last months of this year, if the publisher hasn’t put an official release on a delay then there isn’t one. To me, all of their projects are a go with no changes and no delays.

  7. Veda says:

    Chucky3 is literally a King now. Doesn’t he have more important things to worry about? Why this obsession with his son’s love story docu-series? What does he afraid it will have? Footage of Charles speaking to his bees?

    • Snuffles says:

      But what’s the point of being King if he can’t control EVERYTHING!?

      Seriously though, these people never had to deal with a situation they couldn’t manipulate or abuse their power with.

      • Lady D says:

        Charles thinks he needs to be shut up for good. William wants him back under his thumb doing all the work Will wants to take credit for. They have been out of that country for 2.5 years, and the RF is still singing the same sad song. How many years more before they realize Harry is never coming back?

      • Eurydice says:

        He can’t even control his own travel now. It’s not so great to be the king.

  8. SussexWatcher says:

    So…Netflix sources leaking in a favorable way about the Four Undertakers…and yet in the last paragraph it clearly says neither Netflix or the Sussexes have commented. So, it’s all lies. Sure, Jan.

    I am quite sure that Harry and Meghan would have written into their contracts that they have complete creative control, up to and including the final edit. They have had others speaking for them/lying about them for so long that I just can’t believe they’d enter into any business deals (fresh out of the royal family hell) without having complete control.

    So yes, I agree with Kaiser that this is all coming from C, C, W, K and the only changes I can see Harry wanting to make (especially Harry, and especially after their treatment at the funeral) is to burn the house down. There’s no way they’re wanting to edit it to be more conciliatory.

    And all of this leaking to “sources” shows that the Four Undertakers must have been even nastier and more cruel than we knew. Otherwise why are they so worried? If they were kind and welcoming – as they claim – they shouldn’t be worried at all!

  9. Enny says:

    editing would be a foreign concept to these rags. Anyone who has ever tried to get through a Fail article is immediately struck by how little of it is written in a language even resembling proper English. I’m sure editing seems to them like something that doesn’t normally happen, or is done ad hoc, or that there’s no hierarchy to it.

  10. Bisynaptic says:

    My god, they lie, so brazenly.

    • Cessily says:

      Yes they do, after the manic rota stories attacking everything the Sussex’s did during a period of mourning and the fear we all saw on Meghans face when Kate made aggressive moves towards her they are all delusional. They expect grace and respect when they show none there was no respect or grace shown to either of them during the funeral they all looked downright evil.

      (Forget to mention the “freezing out” direct cut by the wicked step mother and her minions caught by cameras worldwide)

  11. Susan says:

    Okay bear with me here, but I think I might understand what is going on, major assumption this stuff is true: I listen to the Tom and Lorenzo podcast, and they were talking the other day about how they wish H and M would move past the BRF and really focus on their whole new life here in America and all they have to offer. While I personally would love nothing more than ALL THE DIRT on the BRF, I can see from a long term career perspective, H and M may need/want to move past the BRF — focus on their charities, their work, etc. Expand upon their life here in America vs rehashing the BRF stuff. And maybe what they want to edit out is stuff about the BRF. Thoughts?

    • equality says:

      IF they truly are doing some sort of documentary about their love story, it would be impossible to entirely edit out the BRF. There are still lies being told about them and their time as “working” royals so why shouldn’t they tell the true version? If the BM woud “move past” H&M likely would.

    • Haylie says:

      Tom and Lorenzo are phony though. Meghan and Harry have been focusing on their lives in America and their charities. It’s the royalist who won’t keep their names out of their mouths.

      T and L are part of that cabal who regularly attack Meghan and then claim she should stop talking about the royals.

      • ChillinginDC says:

        Yeah Tom and Lorenzo are full of crap. Meghan’s in the Cut wasn’t ranting about the RF at all. Whatever dudes.

    • Snuffles says:

      But here is the thing, Susan. 90% of the time it’s the British press trying to make it all about the royal family. They believe EVERYTHING Harry and Meghan do is in some way about the royal family and it’s just not. Literally yesterday they released a new picture and the immediate BM interpretation was that this MUST be a response the the Fab Four picture!

      That said, because of the above and everyone and their mother cashing in on the Sussex’s lives and largely making shit up and twisting narratives, Meghan and Harry NEED to show their side of the story. Now do I think they should do so in perpetuity? No. And I don’t think they want to either. They have and will continue to do projects that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the royal family. Despite the BM insisting it is.

      • The British media had to connect the Sussexes’ photo with the Flop Four photo because the latter wouldn’t have gotten international exposure and reach without the Sussexes connection. That’s a hard pill to swallow for the rotas and the Royal Family but that’s their reality now.

    • Jais says:

      Eh, that actually sounds like the type of stuff many in the BM say. Seems like a tactic to discourage them from talking about the RF, like how dare they air their dirty laundry. It feels disingenuous. Not saying they need to give all the details which I doubt they’d do anyways but they can talk about their lives too. Which includes the BRF.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Susan – Tom and Lorenzo are Meghan-hating mean boys, so I wouldn’t assume anything they say is having the best interest of the Sussexes in mind. That strategy sounds like exactly what the royal family would love for them to do – not talk about how badly they were treated, not share details and names about who made racist comments, etc. And Harry and Meghan have never told their side of the story yet, so it’s not a rehashing for them, it’s a first time. The rehashing is coming from the royal family, the RRs, and the British media who just cannot keep Meghan’s name out of their mouths. They are still smearing her constantly. Maybe they can start first by shutting the hell up about the Sussexes, and Meghan in particular. There are still dozens of awful stories about her everyday. Why should they move on when the BM and royal family won’t?

      The bullies and abusers always want the abused person to let it go and move on. So, no, this isn’t a path I want for Harry and Meghan. They shouldn’t have to continue to keep quiet while the whole of salt island is talking shit about them! I want the Sussexes to tell their story, and if that includes naming names and exposing Harry’s father and brother and sister-in-law as bullies and racists, then so be it. If you don’t want people to say bad things about you then don’t treat people badly.

      • equality says:

        “If you don’t want people to say bad things about you then don’t treat people badly.” EXACTLY.

    • Becks1 says:

      Tom and Lorenzo are pretty much worthless when it comes to discussing H&M.

      I say that bc if they think they need to “move beyond” the royal family, then they don’t listen to what they say. Yes, in the Oprah interview, the Dax interview and TMYCS they talked about the royal family, especially for the latter two as being in the Firm impacted their mental health.

      Meghan has barely mentioned the royals in any of her podcasts, and if she does its in a “my husband’s family” kind of way or a vague reference to her marriage. Harry did a whole round of promotions for IG and when he was asked (was that Hoda or Savannah?) point blank about his father, he blanked the question.

      In The Cut interview Meghan made a few comments about the royal family, but saying “I haven’t signed anything that keeps me from talking” isnt the same thing as saying something.

      they HAVE moved on from the royal family and I think the Netflix docuseries is going to be about that.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Tom and Lorenzo are not great arbiters of all things Harry and Meghan and they’re basically royalists.

    • Ginger says:

      To me, they are. Meghan’s podcast isn’t about the RF, her book wasn’t about the RF. The work she has done since leaving isn’t about the RF.

      Harry grew up in this environment so it’s harder for him. His mental health doc with Oprah was about growing up in a toxic family and finding happiness when he left, his memoir is about his life ( and it’s hard to NOT talk about the family regarding that) But his work since leaving has been Travelyst, Invictus, BetterUp, etc and these have nothing to do with the RF. The tabloids LOVE to tie everything these two do with the RF, even when it has nothing to do with them.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Susan, I think your misunderstanding about who is not letting go has to do with the bm. If you start paying attention, you will find that Harry & Meghan don’t do anything and the bm come out with numerous articles lying about what is or is not happening and always with the goal of smearing Meghan and sometimes Harry. Now pay attention to what H&M are saying. Silence the bm and suddenly there isn’t anything there connecting the brf and H&M except as family. Harry will always be a Prince of the Realm. There is nothing that that will change that. The Queen bestowed the Duke of Sussex title on him. My understanding is that Parliment would need to remove it. Are you getting my drift.

      I really believe that instead of the bm screaming at H&M, they need to start reporting about the very real problems facing people in the UK. How are those issues being addressed? That’s why they scream and smear the Sussexes. The brf and the government don’t want the people looking closely at the very real issues, because if they do the people will realize the brf and government are contributing to the economic disparities.

  12. Moderatelywealthy says:

    Page six claim sources,but do not disclose from each camp these sources are.

    The supects:


    He has beef with Netflix and has been planting all these sorts of news regarding the streaming service and his family – mostly Camila- so far

    I do not think Charles has any indication of what Harry will or will not say in this upcoming documentary, so if this leak is coming from his team , it is another attempt at sowing dissent and an indirect way of asking Harry to tone it down.

    2) Netflix

    My money is on them based on the details provided.
    I think they do not want a high class, feel good effort. I think they want as salacious as they can force the Sussexes to make it. and also, they want to coincide with The Crown

    3) someone closer to Archewell

    Unlikely, but if this comes from them, is someone going rogue as the language used paints the Sussexes as renegading on their word and getting cold feet, which sounds like Chaz´s wet dream.

    Conclusion: I think the dispute, if one exists, is not about the content, but the tone,. Maybe the Sussexes edited some portions Netflix had deemed good and they are trying to get it back. Archwell has final cut and the only thing I can see the Sussexes relenting is on release date. Docs are not excatly difficilt to edit, no long post production, so they could be done in a month.

    • Rapunzel says:

      Or 4- the whole thing is just made up.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Exactly. Everything must fit the fantasy narrative that H&M are desperate to rejoin the monarchy as full time royals. Because after two weeks of being treated like dirt in September, they just can’t wait to be treated like dirt full time.

      • SisterTrout says:

        If you never have to name a source, everything can be the truth. The sources could be the reporter’s cat, a magic 8-ball, and a Ouija board for all we know.

      • Moderatelywealthy says:

        Or that!

  13. equality says:

    “TRUTH bombs”? So they are admitting any negative things about them will be the truth?

  14. Lolo86lf says:

    I think Harry and Meghan are business savvy people and they also have a good moral compass and they will go for a blend of profit and decency when making business decisions. I wish them the best of luck in their ventures. As a side note, I am still a bit iffy about their plan of upgrading to a more expensive home in Hope Ranch and I know they are doing it to be in a safer neighborhood but still. I must be thinking like a someone who has no money.

    • hangonamin says:

      you’re not wrong. Not sure if the story is true but if it is they would be getting the side eye from me. talk about how there were no funds, how they didn’t want to look at the house initially bc it was too pricey, then ultimately got the house and it’s their “forever home” to then move to another neighborhood. but rich people be rich people. harry and meghan are the 0.005% and it’s wrong to think they are not.

      • Becks1 says:

        The talk about how they could not afford the house was BEFORE the Netflix, Spotify etc deals. Meghan didn’t want to go look at a house that was out of their budget, then it became in their budget. That’s not that complicated.

    • dee(2) says:

      There’s no indication that they are planning to move, just a story that has grown from a small story in a smaller paper. I wouldn’t feel any sort of way about it. We have to make sure we ourselves don’t feed into the BM’s narrative of every single story written about them must have a kernel of truth. Think of all the things the BM didn’t know about, them leaving Tyler Perry’s house, buying their current home, Netflix and Spotify deal, Book Deals, James Corden and Ellen interview, Oprah interview, going to NY, going to Germany and to OYW, all those stories had no previous hints coming from the BM.

    • Becks1 says:

      We have no idea if they are moving, if the home is more expensive, or what area they might be moving to, so don’t worry, there is no need to feel “iffy” about people making a housing decision that works for them.

      • hangonamin says:

        You’re right. We don’t know if they’re moving. But my point is, this is what rich people do and it’s not something a regular person can always relate to. To have the means to travel first class all the time, or fly private if they choose, have rich friends like Oprah and Tyler Perry to offer their house, have “titles” and to buy a 14 million dollar house is an example of that. Let’s not put them out to be saints….they’re two of the most privileged in the world now. It’s a level of privilege that will always be out of touch with a normal person.

      • Becks1 says:

        Who said they weren’t privileged and wealthy?

        It seems like such a bizarre stance to criticize them for MAYBE moving to a house that MIGHT be more expensive because omg they’re RICH……like H&M aren’t allowed to enjoy their money and have nice things? It doesn’t mean they’re saints, no one is a saint, no one is perfect.

        It just seems to me that people count H&M’s coins in a way they don’t count others.

      • Eurydice says:

        @hangonamin – if you want to give them the side eye, there’s no reason to wait. They’re already living in a multi-million dollar home. Moving just means selling one expensive home and buying another one.

      • hangonamin says:

        LITERALLY this entire gossip site with the comments always paint them as saints and put them up on a pedestal as the biggest and best humanitarians in the world. You yourself even agreed they’re like any rich person and some rich people behavior is eye roll worthy. There is no room for any sort of criticism with M&H. It’s like because they had a lot of hardships, you cannot critique ANYTHING. That is what i mean by treating them as saints. I’m merely pointing out that there are things that they go through and can experience that NONE OF US will ever have the privilege to.

      • Eurydice says:

        @hangonamin – I don’t know what’s going on here, but nobody is questioning what you’re pointing out. Nobody thinks Harry isn’t a prince and highly privileged. That’s why we’re all here, gawking at him like he’s an exotic animal at the zoo – because he is exotic and unlike anything we will see in real life. And of course, he’s rich – does anyone think someone that famous, a prince, the son of a super-celebrity, wouldn’t have money thrown at him from people who want to capitalize on that? It’s just a good thing that he wants to do some good with his money and privilege.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Hangonamin, but you’re criticizing them for something that no one is fighting? Like you think you’re making a point about their wealth and privilege that literally no one on here is refuting. And you’re talking about giving them the “side eye” because they might use their money to move to a nicer house, their money that they have earned?

        Look I think the Kardashians are effing ridiculous for a lot of reasons but if Kim K wants to use her money to buy herself another huge mansion, she can go right ahead.

    • SunRae says:

      I hope we learn nothing about their property investments because this slave-catching ass comment threat is already inappropriate. The BM created a bad precedent where everyday people think they can pocket watch H&M and make conclusions and judgements based on that.

      “I am still a bit iffy.” I’m sorry but who are YOU?

      • Lolo86lf says:

        Oh my goodness! Who am I! Who are you? “slave-catching comment threat”. I don’t even know what it means, but I assure you I did not mean it the way you are twisting it to be. Of course how much money Harry and Meghan spend on a home is none of my business but they are public figures and I love them and it would kind of worry me if they bought a home they couldn’t afford.

      • MsIam says:

        “It would worry you”? Ok, lol. Both Harry and Meghan seem like the type to not overspend. We know for certain Meghan is like that, she didn’t want to even look at a house that was not in their budget. Plus, unless they are planning to be landlords, they would be selling their current home if they moved, which is a huge IF, so I’m sure they would put the money down on a new place. Again, they have accountants to count their coins, they don’t need us to do it for them.

    • Snuffles says:


      It ain’t none our damn business how they spend their money. We have no idea what they can or cannot afford. Not if or why they would move. Why should any of us be “concerned” about how they handle their personal business. They aren’t on the tax payer dime anymore. People need to let go of that entitled mindset when it comes to the Sussex’s because it is no longer applicable.

      • Becks1 says:

        But we’re going to side eye them because they’re not saints, Snuffles!!!! Remember that!!

    • windyriver says:

      About this supposed move – the information originates from a small local newspaper (Santa Barbara News-Press), and the actual article begins with “Editor’s note: The News-Press today is launching a new column, “Rumors & Buzz”, written by a journalist who has chosen a nom de plume: Momus.” In other words, the information is from an anonymous writer, who’s starting off a brand new gossip column. Maybe H&M really are moving, or maybe their names were just used to attract attention for this new feature, as per so many larger media organizations – who have now dutifully picked up this “news”. It would be easy to just throw the name Hope Ranch out there since it’s a whole development, and the writer didn’t have to be specific about a particular property.

      The rest of the article, btw, is a rehash of recent items about the Sussexes, with the typical BM type slant and bias, along with a tidbit picked up from the internet “suggesting” SS actually dumped THEM for not paying their bills. I mentioned the other day I felt badly for H&M to have this stuff gone over yet again in such a local paper, especially since the additional filler reads like something you’d find on Page Six. You have to wonder why anything after the “they’re moving” details are included and what that information has to do with supposedly local Rumors and Buzz.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        windyriver, didn’t someone say that there’s a british writer in that area? I suspect this is him.

        I cannot imagine that anyone with that much money would buy real estate at this time. The market is cooling and prices are dropping in various areas–stand by because that’s going to happen to more places.

        Why would you buy something which will in all likelihood drop in value? Why would you buy now when interest rates are up? Sorry, but I’m not buying this.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Yes. There are two that I know of in the Santa Barbara area. Richard Mineards is a Brit that has worked with/for the Daily Fail. Usually writes for the Montecito Journal. Robert Eringer is an American who has lived in London and had some education there(has done some nefarious work in his past)-he’s worked for the Mirror Group of BM tabloids-he also has a column in the SBNP. They’ve both have written similar things about H & M like “Momus” & the BM write. Should be renamed Moanus.

        Moanus already showed their lack of knowledge calling Hope Ranch a gated community. It’s not. Then we have comments about how there is only one home in Hope Ranch for sale and it’s a Tudor style AND it’s 22 million dollars. OMG-the Sussexes are being bad examples and regular people or the BRF/BM are going to have sh*tfits. There are at least 15 homes for sale between 3 million? (plus or minus a few hundred thousand) and a lot more than 22 million in Hope Ranch. Other posters have posted this fact out.

        Appreciate the made-you-look comments though. It’s not for sale-the previous home of Mickey Gilbert(Hollywood stuntman-Redford/Newman to name two) came up in a search. It’s like a little fairy castle nestled in hills overlooking the ocean. Love the yard, back patio, balconies off rooms..a few things I would change. Otherwise, my dream home. There is a vimeo for it. The address is 4170 La Ladera. It might not be your taste but I could hang there for weeks, months, years.

        I know it’ shocking that the BM would be creatively generous with the truth, the camera story is a bit different than how the BM “misinterpreted” it. If you want to know the truth-search License Plate Readers Coming to Montecito by Sharon Byrne.

  15. L84Tea says:

    They wish. They so so wish.

  16. Rapunzel says:

    Do we even know what the docuseries is about? I thought the only confirmed one was on Invictus. Why would that need editing?

    “Harry and Meghan are panicked about trying to tone down even the most basic language. But it’s their story, from their own mouths.”—-Why would basic language need toning down? If it’s basic, it’s likely already toned down.

    And the filmmakers don’t have final edit, but the Sussexes and Netflix do. So it’s not the filmmakers’ project. It’s the Sussexes, and the filmmakers work for them. Why would they be complaining when they know they’ve been hired to complete the Sussexes vision, not create their own?

    None of this makes any sense. At all.

    • Becks1 says:

      No, we don’t know if there IS a docuseries, and we don’t know what it is about it if it exists. It’s all speculation so the RRs can rant about “netflix cameras” all day long.

      Personally, the only reason I think they would be editing anything is to pull out all the stops at this point, bc they no longer care about protecting the Queen, since she’s dead.

      • The Hench says:

        I’m with you @Becks1 on the only edits the Sussexes would make at this stage is to pull out all the stops with no Queen left to protect.

        I go back and forth on whether they should just burn it all down. Personally I’d LOVE to get the truth and see the RF get their come uppence. Sanitising sunlight very badly needs shining into the iffy crevices of the British Royal Family.

        But, if as we have debated on here, H&M are in possession of VERY damaging knowledge – not just family being arseh*les – but legal improprieties like fraud, cash for honours and misappropriation of Royal Foundation funds (cough*missing £7.5m for Earthshot*cough) then it could well mean the end of the Monarchy. I think that’s something that H&M would not want to be responsible for but where do you draw the line? How much truth is enough truth? If you start the digging, where would it end?

    • CourtneyB says:

      Meghan sort of confirmed a docuseries in The Cut piece but it was super vague. It comes about midway through the profile.

      • Ginger says:

        Yeah, it’s apparently about their love story and probably starting up their foundation. I think the Invictus one is coming out this year. Hopefully. It would be cool if it came out the same day as his memoir.

  17. Eurydice says:

    As far as the RF and BM are concerned, the monarchy is the center of the universe. We’ve already seen that even when H&M are talking about or doing something totally unrelated, it’s interpreted as a slam against the RF. No amount of editing will change that.

  18. MsIam says:

    Another gobbledygook article from Page Six. If its not the Netflix series, then its Harry’s book. Once again, if the Unroyals are so worried about what the Sussexes will say about them, then they should have treated them better.

  19. Brassy Rebel says:

    If the Sussexes are the filmmakers, which according to Page Six, they are. And they have final edit, which again Page Six says they do, who are these mysterious folks who refuse to allow them to edit their own work? I think it’s Page Six which requires a rewrite and a new editor.

    • The Hench says:

      Yup. Beautifully put. This article tells us in this article that this article is, in fact, utter nonsense.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Accurately put @Brassy Rebel. You missed including needing a new owner- one that isn’t currently involved in lawsuit with Harry. Like Murdoch is.

  20. María says:

    I would actually love to see a docu-series about their marriage!

  21. girl_ninja says:

    Please. Those vultures cannot WAIT for this docu-series or whatever it is to come out. They will be feasting on the contents for YEARS. They are so obsessed with the Sussex’s, their appeal, their drip, their star power they cannot even control themselves.

  22. Polo says:

    Once again it’s rinse and repeat when it comes to any project from Harry and Meghan. Weren’t they saying this about Spotify too? Oh she has nothing to talk about, Spotify is getting worried blah blah…
    Unfortunately we’ll always have these kind of stories from the Brf and British media..

  23. Harper says:

    Yes, because the first thing stressed out, depleted Harry and Meghan did upon coming back from that funeral-palooza was to start immediately publicizing their every thought about this or that. You know H&M, always letting us know what they are thinking as they go about making decisions about their work and their future. Especially second thoughts about things, because those indicate that they have regrets, because regret is what the Rota Rats think that the Sussexes should be feeling all the time, every second of the day for leaving the royals in the dust. This is just part of their theme–Harry and Meghan will regret it. Actually, it is William who is always “thinking” about things and they just apply that “thinking” theme to H&M when they need a quickie negative H&M article to feed the peasants.

  24. Shawna says:

    Pretending for a moment this has any basis in fact, they would have a right to panic about every word choice. Everything they do is raked over the coals. But really, this is just another attempt for the press to manufacture stories and then take them back, which retraction then makes new stories, and create a fictitious effect that Harry and Meghan are bothered by the royal family and let them rule their decisions. (And that anyone has sources left in the Sussex camp…)

  25. Amy Bee says:

    The press keep floating these stories to see if they will get a reaction and The Sun is using Page Six to do it.

  26. flo says:

    What the heck did they do to Harry & Meghan that has Salty King, Consort, Peggers & Village Idiot so worried?

  27. Mitch says:

    They prob actually want to edit it to add more content and horrible behavior during the mourning time and more power to them.

  28. Lizzie says:

    Who even knows if they have a docuseries. If they do it will be along the lines of Meghan’s podcast. Each episode thoroughly thought out, each one probably focusing on one charity or event. Beginning and ending with H&M discussing how the charity fit’s into their lives. Do we think they will film in their home or show children and dogs? The DM expects a Real Housewives confessional where Meghan or Harry gossips, they will be disappointed.

  29. HennyO says:

    If Harry and or Meghan are editing anything, be it in the memoir or the docuseries, it’s IN, not OUT. I believe that they have/feel no restrictions after Prince Philip and the Queen’s death. They have less or no considerations regarding Chuck and Wills.

  30. Vanessa says:

    Remind again how many homes does William and Kate have now how many house does Charles owned . How many private cooperation does the royal family have in trust that the public doesn’t know about . It’s amazing how when it’s a woman of color all suddenly people wanted to know what Meghan and Harry are spending what’s their network let’s be clearly its money that they earned for work that they are doing there not living on the backs of hard working taxpayers like the royal family is doing . Why are people so obsessed with Meghan and Harry wallet and their lifestyle while the royal family is sitting on billions of dollars stolen jewelry living In castle while the country is suffering with heat cost living cost .

  31. Well Wisher says:

    I assume from the headlines that the new PM elected by less than 7% of the population is having another well deserved terrible day.
    The mini budget is being roasted at all corners except the few who stood to benefit the most.
    The mini budget crafted by the ‘overseer’ better known as the Chancellor has imploded and he has retreated.
    Waving the race card did not help, the distraction of Prince Charles editing a black newspaper failed as black Britons ignored the attempted virtue signalling via diversity.
    Instead the recognised the attempt to put a black face on the endless austerity was duly noted.

    The continued war on the poor.

    While US companies left the UK due to brexit, Meghan faced some of the most abuses sanctioned by some in the rf.

    This time they’ve included Harry. This is not about Netflix, this is about the nastiness of envy amongst the medicores.

  32. tamsin says:

    Has a docuseries for Netflix about the Sussexes ever been confirmed? I can see the Sussexes documenting their work for their own archives at Archewell, but when was the confirmation that the documentation was for Netflix?

  33. L4Frimaire says:

    So far we’ve gotten the podcast ( very good btw) and a few photos, but all we hear is constant speculation about the Sussexes. I don’t think the “ memory of the Queen” is gonna be a good attack and no one cares about Charles so they need to give up on that line. We know very little about the Invictus documentary and even less about what this project is. The Cut interview was also very vague on it. Honestly this type of genre doesn’t appeal to me but , again, we have no idea what this series is about. I think a good behind the scenes documentary was the September Issue, which was about Vogue and The Me You Can’t see was very good. What I don’t get is why all this laser focus on the Sussexes now.

  34. QuiteContrary says:

    I’m enjoying the fact that Charles finally has ascended to the throne with his side chick, but still has no real power — he can’t speak at an important climate conference; he cannot control his smart and happily married son and his son’s brilliant wife; he can’t control Netflix.

    Should have listened to the Rolling Stones, Chaz: You can’t always get what you want (and sometimes, you can’t get what you think you need, either).

  35. Dimbulb says:

    I think the docuseries will come out as scheduled. All of the “delay” chatter is rumor. Nobody’s on the record. Just my opinion.

  36. Mary says:

    I am hoping that Harry, to fulfill in part his contract with Netflix, is acting as an advisor to this season’s episodes of the Crown!