The Princess of Wales wished the English rugby team luck, not the Welsh team

The Women’s Rugby World Cup is happening right now. The group stage is still going on. Apparently, there is no “British women’s rugby team” – there are national teams, meaning there’s a Scottish team, an English team and a Welsh team, and they’re all in competition currently. Back in February, the then-Duchess of Cambridge was given the patronages of the Rugby Football League and Rugby Football Union, meaning she’s the patroness of record for all of the English rugby teams (men’s and women’s). She took over those patronages from Prince Harry. The thing is, now Kate is Princess of WALES. And her first “video of support” as Princess of Wales was to… wish the English women’s team good luck.

Yeah, again – Princess of WALES is telling her patronage, the English women’s rugby team, to win it all. When the Welsh women’s team is also playing. As is the Scottish team. I realize that she did this for her patronage, but surely she could, I don’t know, wish all three BRITISH teams well?

Also: I actually looked it up, the red coat she’s wearing in this video isn’t the same one she wore to Wales last week. At least she didn’t record a message to the English team on the same day and wearing the same outfit as her visit to Wales.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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  1. Rapunzel says:

    Her “hair” is starting to look like straw. That’s all I got.

    • Cessily says:

      I noticed that too.. 🥴

    • Yup, Me says:

      And her stupid fake posh accent always sounds so garbled coming out of her mouth – like she’s half swallowing marbles.

      I wish she’d had enough of a sense of self to tell whomever told her to adopt that accent to kiss her ass. She sounds ridiculous.

    • Carty says:

      What’s going on with her left eye? The hair covering that side of her face and eyebrow seems intentional. Did the Botox go wanky again?

  2. Flowerlake says:

    I’m not British, but even I know how delecate this is and will not act as if England, and only England, is the United Kingdom when I’m there.

    How can anyone make this mistake while being Princess of Wales? Just don’t get the stupidity.

    • Elizabeth says:

      They still employ amateur league sycophant staff. These mistakes will continue to happen.

      • sparrow says:

        True. She also has zero interest in her job and its changing profile. She gets up, does what she’s told, has her gin and tonic, retires for the night.

    • MakeEverydayCount says:

      It didn’t take her long to F it up. They can’t think outside of what is in front of them.

      • Margaret says:

        And neither can the dunderhead who was responsible for Kate being given those patronages earlier this year. Those who decide these things should have realised that this woman was going to be the Princess of WALES fairly soon, and ought not be made patron of an English team. The optics are not good. I get angry and very republican when I see them cheering for England or Britain in a sporting activity against Australia. I suspect I would be furious if I was Welsh or Scottish and had to put up with the FFK’s wife openly wishing luck to England before a competition against my country. Nothing is going to make these royals themselves more intelligent so they need to employ better staff who possess the skills they lack.

    • swirlmamad says:

      We knew it wouldn’t take long for her very first gaffe as POW to present itself. She’s nothing but consistent in that way.

      • Amy Too says:

        They seem to be really doubling down on the fact that the Prince/ss of Wales title is all about an English person lording it over a country full of people they consider too stupid, or rebellious, or unimportant to rule over themselves. It’s very much “ha ha, we own you, and we don’t even care about you or your country at all. We’re basically just occupying forces.”

    • DouchesOfCambridge says:

      As meghan made it very clear, the staff is slow, lazy and incompetent. Gets confused when asked to work. Great example here with a patron that is completely clueless. If she had real interest in the patronage and/or the sport, she or somebody on her team would have pointed it out – she only does and reads what’s prompted

    • Debbie says:

      I don’t know. I still say that she got what she wanted out of it: the title of princess of Wales. So, she doesn’t really care about anything else, certainly not the work involved (such as it is), and not the athletes from Wales.

      • DK says:

        @Debbie, that is *exactly* it.

        Between Charles, the longest-running Prince of Wales, visiting for the first time as King on Owain Glyn Dwr Day;

        William pronouncing on *his* first visit that, despite four decades of knowing he would one day be the PoW, he hasn’t bothered to learn any Welsh yet;

        and Kate forgetting that “Princess of Wales” actually suggests she needs to have something to do with, you know, Wales,

        These three cannot telegraph hard enough that to them, Prince/Princess of Wales is just a title that indicates prestige, even fancier jewelry and more people needing to curtsy to you, and has not a darn thing to do about Wales in their mind.

    • Concern Fae says:

      Dum-de-dum-dum. One of the reasons an upper class rots is because it starts believing that their innate wonderfulness is proven be the fact that they are naturally good at everything.

      Another fatal sign is refusing to hire anyone smarter than you are.

    • WestCoastBestCoast says:

      I’m honestly happy the whole family keeps stepping in it like this on a regular basis and generally being awful to Wales and Scotland….it just strengthens the calls and eventual success for independence!

      • Carolind says:

        I am Scottish. I do not want independence. I believe the UK is better together. Even if Scotland does get independence the monarchy will stay -for the moment anyway. The monarchy is quite separate from this though. Charles adores Scotland. He has been there most of the time since he became King. The late Queen also loved it.

  3. Maxine Branch says:

    The polite and best thing to have done would have been to wish all the players a good game. But we are writing about the Cambridges/Wales and doing the right thing or saying the right thing is not a part of their vernacular. Long May they continue to show how dumb and insensitive they are.

  4. Noki says:

    If anyone has a link or information where i can understand how the Royal family actually help these patronages!? They have hundreds, is work being actively done behind the scenes for them or its just the publicity when they go cut ribbons and accept flowers. What is the WORK they are doing ?

    • Amy Too says:

      There have been studies that show having a royal patron does nothing for fundraising or financially helping a patronage. It’s all PR for the BRF. A reason for them to dress up and go out in public. “Look at my pretty dress while I hyena grin at children!” “Look at me while I go to a sporting game, associate me with your team spirit!”

      • DK says:

        And when you think about the time, effort & money these organizations must spend preparing for these royal visits – I’m sure their usual charitable (or other) works get put on hold for days at least as they prepare for the space for photo ops, think of activities to keep these royals (grown adults!) entertained, probably feel pressured to buy fancy outfits just for the occasion, etc. …
        I wouldn’t be surprised if these visits actually end up in losses for these organizations and individuals who have to host these PR stunts.

      • Debbie says:

        @Amy Too and DK: Surely you too are not saying that having workers stop their work (at hospitals, no less) to watch them wave and curtsy to the BRF is not a reward for working people. Next, you’ll be telling me that closing food pantries an extra day to watch the royals look sad and parade for the queen’s death was not a good thing for some low income families. That’s crazy talk.

    • BeanieBean says:

      It’s PR in support of the BRF; it helps them pretend they earn their keep.

    • caitlin says:

      DK – I think you are right – the royals are actually a liability and when all is said and done, they end up costing organizations money v.s. adding value.

    • Carolind says:

      Princess Anne is a patron of Riding for the Disabled. I worked in a charity shop a few years back and one of my co-workers had disabilities and went horse-riding under supervision to help him. One time Princess Anne came up and went riding with them. It was great for his morale. He was so proud. The new King also does a load of work helping the community in Fife, helping young offenders get jobs is a tiny part of it.

  5. C-Shell says:

    And, she was reading a prepared speech — prepared by her staff, who are sooo bad at this, and she has no ability to read the drafts of this and TELL HER STAFF to fix it. FFS. She’s not only Princess of Wails, she’s the future Queen Consort of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. At some point she really ought to start acting like she’s part of a bigger role than just a patronage.

    • Amy Too says:

      I found it weird how long she paused between each sentence. I kept thinking she was done because she was being quiet for so long and then she’d say another sentence. Is someone literally holding up big cardboard cue cards and she has to wait for them the fumble around with them between each sentence?

      • Belli says:

        It comes across as though this is her first time reading it.

        Which it probably is.

      • Green girl says:

        Messaging aside, this is an underwhelming video. I would have thought there would be more pep in her message. Is it perhaps a cut that was accidentally posted online? Or are we thinking she is “one take Kate” and only recorded it once?

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah it was a super awkward video, especially the ending. I know the part about the alarm clock was supposed to be endearing or relatable but it just fell flat.

      • The Duchess says:

        The alarm clock part was so hilarious. You just know the staff included it in the message to try and make Kate seem edgy, but as per usual she made it fall flat. Especially when you know she has zero intention of actually watching the matches at 3am.

      • swirlmamad says:

        She was absolutely reading from someone holding up cards or a teleprompter or something. You’re all right that that was probably the first time she was seeing the speech. It was just so flat, blah and meh. Forget comparing her to Meghan — I’m certainly no public speaker and even *I* would at least attempt to add more “oomph” to that little spiel. She’s hopeless.

      • Lizzie says:

        And they have been coaching her for a decade.

    • Pumpkin (Was Sofia) says:

      I sometimes wonder if her struggling to do any sort of “speech” (which I am putting in quotations marks because this video was not a traditional speech at all) is because she’s focusing all her energy on trying to do her accent. So she pauses at awkward places because she’s thinking about how to say the word in the accent she puts on.

      • MakeEverydayCount says:

        Absolutely. She can only say a few words at a time, or she will muddle up the entire statement, thus the nickname Mumbles.

    • Well Wisher says:

      Her staff is following orders. It doesn’t take a genius to intuit that the newly coined Wales, did not expend any time nor energy to research what gaining actually means.

      Most likely the staff was told to draft a message to her patronage, they did.

  6. Eurydice says:

    This red coat isn’t the same as that red coat. This is the reason why both the BM and the RF can’t let go of Harry and Meghan – because most everything the RF does is incredibly dull. There’s the occasional stupidity and criminal behavior to liven things up, but if H&M weren’t set up as the supervillains, there’d be nothing to say about the RF.

  7. CindyP says:

    She sounds like she has a mouthful of marbles. She’s trying so hard with that ridiculous, fake posh accent that you can’t understand what the hell she’s saying. Who thought it was a good idea for the PoW to not acknowledge the Welsh team? The same incompetent people working for Meghan?

    • Noki says:

      So did Ma Mids instruct all her kids to sound posh? Otherwise it would be silly for her to be the only Middleton with a toff accent. To be honest i dont even know what a posh English accent is(other than the very distinct late Queens way of speaking)..Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley sound posh to me.

      • SusieQ says:

        To my ears, it sounds like she’s doing a terrible impression of Claire Foy’s QEII in The Crown.

      • Nic919 says:

        Pippa does not sound this posh. What’s interesting is that Pippa’s accent seems perfectly fine and middle class enough that there was no reason for Kate to change hers. (Pippa did an appearance on the today a while back so you can hear her speak)

        And hearing Pippa speak confirms that Kate’s accent is not natural as they attended the same schools.

      • BohemianAngel says:

        Pippa sounds like a typical middle class girl that went to posh schools, she is in keeping with what she is.
        I really don’t know what Katie’s doing, she sounds posher than William who has a bit of estuary in his accent which a lot of Brits find endearing. Harry sounds slightly posher than William. Katie tries to sound more posh than than the whole ‘royal’ family put together!

      • The Hench says:

        @ Noki – Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley do speak in RP – Received Pronunciation aka ‘posh’ although neither of them is actually aristocratic.

        Two things on Kate’s accent:
        1. She didn’t used to speak like she had a mouth full of marbles
        2. Not sure where she got this accent from because even William doesn’t sound as posh. That, in itself, is a flag that it’s not natural. She’s trying too hard and the mumbling makes her almost unintelligible. The whole point about RP is that enunciation is supposed to be crisp and clear. Can’t have the staff not understanding one’s instructions!

    • Becks1 says:

      LOL that’s funny bc I actually thought she was more understandable here than she normally is. I didn’t need subtitles to understand her LOL.

      • sparrow says:

        I thought she was a bit better, too, but by god she’s got a struggle on with that voice. I am sure the way she speaks, which is different from how she used to, is an added burden to her public speeches. She no way spoke like that growing up – it’s very placed and a hard hold for her. Sad thing is, she can’t switch it off now, even at home, so her kids will always have known this fake brittle voice. Heaven knows what her family make of it. Carole probably loves it, but the others? I suspect she’s been told to scale it back but there’s no going back to a completely comfortable way of speaking for her.

      • Noki says:

        @ Sparrow I always wonder,does she speak in her normal accent at home and what about Wills he knew her i presume when she didnt talk like this!

      • sparrow says:

        For Noki. You see, this is where I think she’s made a huge rod for her own back. I don’t think she can turn off the voice. She’s got staff around a lot of the time, for one. Also, I don’t think it would work, going back and forth with an accent for someone like her; perhaps for a trained actor, but not someone like her – she could slip up. I was talking to a friend of mine who has been around the fringes of this group. She’s very well spoken but was saying that in this kind of company her voice gradually becomes more and more Downton Abbey. I suspect this happened to Kate at school, in order to fit in. But it is much worse now. Thing is, I’m not sure what happened at St Andrews. It is more relaxed environment, with a slightly more diluted class thing going on. Maybe being around William all the time made sure her voice continued its upward trajectory. That her voice kept its fake persona intact at uni is proof of something a bit sad – she probably had very few friendships beyond William’s, and that she didn’t bother to broaden her horizons by making friends from different backgrounds. That is one of the huge life changing experiences of tertiary education, and she likely did nothing to embrace it.

  8. Chaine says:

    Wow, either utterly tone deaf or purposefully signaling to Wales her contempt for them.

  9. Harper says:

    Wales was big mad about this. In the same position in the past, Harry has said may the best team win. Looks like Kate put a foot wrong here, ending her lifelong record of never putting a foot wrong (just kidding as we’ve seen her bum).

  10. TheOriginalMia says:

    Man the Welsh were mad yesterday. Which is understandable when you’re the princes of WALES. A title she’s been gagging for for decades with absolutely no thought how to represent the people of Wales.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      She personifies the Peter Principle. Being promoted to your level of incompetence. In her case that was two promotions ago.

      • Lizzie says:

        At what level was she competent? Real question.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Lizzie: I’m guessing when she was in school. Her bio on the royalty website spends a lot of time on her sporting accomplishments in grade school & high school, and not really much since then.

  11. Daphne says:

    Is it just me or did it look like she was about to cry at the very end?

    • sparrow says:

      Yes, I saw that. Weepy. Who knows, that video could’ve taken a long time to film because she finds this kind of speaking so difficult, and she’s tired. Homelife could be awful, which many of us suspect. And Or, she’s on something?

  12. Crowned Huntress says:

    It astounds me how bad they are at everything they do but then again their entire outlook is regressive and outdated.
    Their administrative teams are hand me downs of generations past, the sons and daughters of Lord so and so; each one just as out of step and clueless as the last.

    Abolish the Monarchy, please. This is too painful to watch.

  13. Deedee says:

    OMG she’s had 11 plus years to prepare for this. Hell her whole life has been dedicated to getting this POW title and this is what she does with it ?! Damn

    • Chrissy says:

      Karma has arrived! If she were an adult, she should have noticed this huge gaffe and acted accordingly. But she’s just as clueless of the optics as the rest of those fools who ‘work’ for her.

  14. Cathy says:

    The Women’s Rugby World Cup is being held in a Commonwealth country too, but Kate can’t mention that either?

    As Kate can only just manage to read what is written on cue cards then I’d look to the staff at KP to do better… But can they? Recent revelations suggest not?

  15. RiaH says:

    I Botox – what’s happened to her face? That’s not what Botox does to you. Is it her thinness? He face looks out of proportion – her eyes look further apart than they were, or maybe it’s her brows?

    • kelleybelle says:

      Oh, there is plenty of botox there, believe me.

      • The Duchess says:

        You’re right, botox is definitely present. But the problem with Kate is the fact she has zero weight on her face. If she wants the full effect of botox to make her look younger, she needs a balanced diet for starters. Otherwise, she’s just injecting useless toxins into her face to prevent the inevitable droopiness that is going to happen in 5 years. On some angles that process has already begun.

      • sparrow says:

        Like you both say, botox is a major factor in Kate’s skin care. She is also blighted by poor genetic facial firmness. If you look at her younger pictures you can see the droopy eyes and jowls are already there, and I’m talking about photos available from late teens/early 20s. When she got engaged she started to lose weight year after year. I agree, there is precious little she can do unless she eats more at least. I suspect she might be beyond that help. Like The Duchess says, she’s on a hiding to nothing and it’s almost painful to think about – all those botox injections into paper thin skin.

    • sparrow says:

      The woman changes from day to day. When she’s out and about she looks done in. When she can get her official photographer to do take the photos, as with the funeral, she looks like a soft focused picture, no lines. And when she is in these short videos, it’s as if she’s behind glass somehow. That is botox plus plus plus.

    • Nic919 says:

      She’s also using her hair to hide part of the left side of her face which is usually a huge no no in videos.
      And if you don’t have the sound on you can really notice how she blinks so much and moves around as she is talking. It’s distracting and really unprofessional.

      • sparrow says:

        The Duchess also noticed this, down thread. It never occurred to me. She’s hiding a botched eyebrow, apparently. You two are good at spotting the techniques. I can see botox galore, but not the poor job someone’s done, other than over doing it in the first place.

      • BeanieBean says:

        She’s bouncing up & down on her toes. We saw that in some video she did with William. It’s a nervous tic she can learn to control, should she want to improve.

  16. Chantal says:

    Wow! The phrase “a special kind of stupid” comes to mind. Why is their PR game so awful?? Leave it to this branch of the RF to do the complete opposite of the right and simplest things. They certainly are proficient in angering people and half assing things so there’s that!

  17. Becks1 says:

    Is this the red blazer she wore to the rugby match last February? When she was cosplaying Diana?

    Isn’t William patron of the Welsh Rugby League? Why not do a joint video, that could have been cute? Probably hard though if he’s in London/Norfolk and she’s in Windsor….

    • C says:

      A joint video WOULD have been cute, and thoughtful. But these two don’t do that very well.

    • Chrissy says:

      This jacket is different as it’s made of a boucle fabric ( the little loops are the telltale sign). The other coat was just regular wool from what I can see.

    • sparrow says:

      Becks1. You raise a good point re William. I think he should have done it by himself (although the rugby is hers, not his, so it’d have been a strange request). But, anyway, out of the two of them I always think he has a more professional speaking voice and a gentler interaction with people generally. The bar is low, but of the two he is more natural with people and speaking IMO.

  18. Steph says:

    Why is she so shaky?! I actually understood her this time but yeah, this is wild her not mentioning any of the other teams.

    • sparrow says:

      She is incredibly nervous when speaking formally, so she has a nervous bounce going on. Also, it gives her a beat to talk against, which she might have been told to do by a speech adviser, which sounds odd but I suspect she is so anxious about it, it’s the best advice the expert could come up with to give some kind of natural cadence to each sentence.

  19. The Duchess says:

    I noticed she tried to style her hair to swoop infront of the permanently botched eyebrow from all the botox. Nice try, Keen 😉

  20. aquarius64 says:

    With the current climate in Wales not happy being saddled with another English PoW, Kate and KP staff failed to read the room and commit this act of tone deafness. This was plain stupid.

  21. Teagirl says:

    Perhaps I am weird but I am totally fascinated by her facial movements. In a previous article post I commented that I was trying out that tonsil revealing guffaw in the mirror and could not do it. I’m now trying out the strained toothy grin shown in the picture after the video. My arm is getting tired holding my iPad so I can see the grin and try and replicate it in the mirror. I can’t do it for more than a second or two, it’s unnatural.

    I wonder if this is something she has come up with herself? Or has she been advised by the gold standard advisors that this is what she should do? Is it, as other commenters suggested, a way of minimizing facial droop from age and Botox?

    Back to practising in the mirror …

    • sparrow says:

      Teagirl! You’re the one who inspired me to try the Kate grin in front of a delivery driver. Never again – it really, really hurt! Kate does a constant pull up of her face to drag it up. It is making her under eye worse, so she has to keep smiling like she does in order to hide that, too. There was an article once about how her smile is different from her mother’s, which is smaller, and basically that Kate should stop smiling as much as she does and as high as she does because it is crinkling her eyes. Kate must know this, but her bigger concern is lifting her jowls IMO. (Please don’t ask me for the article; it’s somewhere way back in my brain!) Botox etc can only help her so far because there is an underlying weakness to her face and always has been. It’s the Middleton genetics. Instead of her facial shapes, I am practising the pattern of speech she has, which seems to have been broken into lines to give her a cadence to find her way to the end of each line!

    • Chrissy says:


    • SIde Eye says:

      Omg @Teagirl I love this post! I too have tried this and it’s painful.

      • Peachy says:

        I’ve never tried but I have tomorrow off to perfect the demented grimace of exaggerated hilarity!

  22. Jen says:

    I checked the comments on that tweet and um… they aren’t really flattering. I can imagine she did her hair (which looks fine btw, when people go lighter texture can change, jeez!) a certain way to hide some of the Botox issues she’s encountering, which sucks… but that’s just kind of how it goes sometimes.

    The video is… fine. That’s all they do, the bare minimum. The just barely fine kind of quality of work.

    It is crazy tone deaf though to not mention Wales…

  23. Amy Bee says:

    Also the Prince of Wales visited the England Football training facility last week. This just illustrates why the PoW should have been abolished.

    • Fortuona says:

      Well he was President of the FA for the last 16 years and the vice patron/patron of the WRU for the same length of time

      The problem here is Kate taking over Harry’s gigs as Patron of the RFU/RL

      so it goes Anne is patron of the SRU with no patron for the SRL or the SFA
      William does the FA and the WRU/WRFL
      Kate is Patron of the RFU/RLF

  24. FarFromRealTV says:

    Basic stuff not basic to the Princess of Wales. Someone commented here that Charles gave her the title to stop the association with Diana. I find that quite feasible – she’s well on her way to tarnishing it completely.

    • Well Wisher says:

      Instead, it highlights how effective Princess Diana was in that capacity.
      Unfortunately for Kate, she will never measure up to that standard.
      That was probably King Charles111 true intention, make it no longer prestigious.

  25. Qtpi says:

    Harry wouldn’t have screwed this up. So. Another brilliant job well done by the BRF and Firm.

    Tick Tock on the time it takes to dissolve this farce.

  26. Qtpi says:

    What’s with the awkward hair bump in the front?

  27. Jaded says:

    She has all the charisma of a boiled potato. And holy camera filters, believe me she does NOT look like that in person. The hair swoop on her left side is definitely distracting, guess her latest round of ‘tox or injectibles is causing some eyebrow imbalance. This came off as nothing more than reading off a teleprompter and totally lacks enthusiasm, pride and genuine sincerity.

    • sparrow says:

      I love the potato idea! Thanks for the smile. She can barely join two sentences together, it’s true. And yes, Kate, we all know you look nothing like this. Even a DM poster wrote “I’ve seen her and it’s grim”! Have you seen her, Jaded? I know some people who’ve met her, but years ago, and they said she’s unbelievably thin and her face has gone south.

      • Jaded says:

        Hi Sparrow — I saw them when they came to Victoria (Vancouver Island) in 2016. I was already downtown for a dentist appointment so I spun by the Parliament buildings and had a looksee. She’s scary skinny and has pretty rough looking skin, she actually looked haggard and that was 6 years ago so she was only 34. Years of power tanning, smoking and starving herself have not been kind to her.

      • sparrow says:

        Thanks, Jaded. Wow! 34. She must hate being seen in public, which perhaps adds to her nerves. She seems so anxious out and about.

    • Emily_C says:

      Now now, boiled potatoes are good and useful things.

      • Peachy says:

        Does she truly smoke? I’ve seen several comments under various articles but surely it would be impossible for her to hide it in this era of cellphone cameras…

    • SIde Eye says:

      LOL @Jaded!

  28. ML says:

    That’s because this speech is so much easier for Kate to make in English as opposed to Welsh.

  29. Bingo says:

    Kate has done this sort of thing before. At one of the commonwealth games – or maybe it was the olympics in London? – she was given a kangaroo stuffy / mascot by a member of the Australian olympic team. She refused to take it. That’s a problem and I was offended as an Australia. She’s the future Queen of Australia. That will be one of her formal titles when William ascends the crown. So rejecting Australian support and affection at a sports event… and showing partiality against Wales for the soccer is very myopic – even if she is a patron.

    My sense is W&K really don’t care about the Commonwealth or Wales or anything really outside of England… with the exception, maybe, of the US.

    H&M were much more interested in the Commonwealth. They should have been kept in – at least half way – with a role specifically designed to serve Commonwealth countries. Have K&W focus on the home turf and the international stars, H&W, serve the Monarch’s broader interests. Again… myopic in their lack of strategic planning and foresight.

    Why can’t these people get some good strategists on their team? Go and pick out some foreigners and mix it up – people from outside the English class system. Poach people from McKinsey, Clifford Chance or Goldman Sachs and come up with some decent longterm, meta-planning.

    My God. All that wealth, all that privilege, all that access and they have the strategic finesse of a beached whale (no offence to whales).

    • BohemianAngel says:

      Kate is very English as in the way she views the world outside of it. A LOT of English people believe the world starts and ends with England. She doesn’t care about Wales, she doesn’t care about Scotland or Northern Ireland or any of the commonwealth countries. She is a little Englander through and through.

      • sparrow says:

        True. As a Brit I can say this happens. In fact, people of her parents’ generation would often have said they were “English” or “from England” rather than British/from the UK/Britain. Funny thing is, she applied for Edinburgh and stalked William to St Andrews, both Scotland. You’d have thought she’d have widened her blinkered little eyes a bit more.

  30. one of the marys says:

    To me she looks like someone who had Bell’s palsy a long time ago but I’ll take all your word for it that’s it’s the Botox

  31. Dee says:

    Looking dried up. Raisin muffin

  32. RoyalBlue says:

    She is no diplomat.

  33. MangoAngelesque says:

    This chick really isn’t very bright, is she? Sharp as a sack of potatoes, quick as a fleet of snails, clever as a pile of firewood, etc.

  34. QuiteContrary says:

    She’s no Michael Sheen, that’s for sure.

    • EBS says:

      I was literally coming to the bottom to make this comment. I mean, no one else alive could do Michael Sheen’s particular brand of fire-breathing inspiration (now that Richard Burton is no longer with us) but Kate seems all the flatter by comparison.

  35. VespaRed says:

    I actually listened to her speak for the first time with that tweet. If I had heard it without knowing that it was her, I would’ve thought it was somebody at a dinner party trying to mimic the queen after binge watching the Crown. It doesn’t quite sound right.

  36. Carolind says:

    The late Queen, new King, Princess Anne represented all parts of the UK. Kate and William are English.

  37. SIde Eye says:

    I captioned the crab claws pic in the mustard dress. Cause I’m petty and have time on my hands this evening.

    “Everyone wants me to work. But this combination of grinning and hand gesturing IS WORK. It’s very difficult to do both of these things at the same time. And have you tried doing this going down a slide, while wearing a very heavy sapphire ring? And in heels? That is work. Maintaining 4 mansions is work. Mothering is work especially during THE EARLY YEARS. It’s the fusion of all these things together (gestures her hands) – doing all of these things at the same time that is, frankly, exhausting.

    I know the peasantry is worried about how they will feed themselves or pay their heating bills this winter, and that’s interesting to me. It’s all very fascinating and you know I wish you well in that. I don’t have any money or donations. I don’t have any coffee or donuts for volunteers. But I do, I do have a very big smile for you. For those of you who have small children it’s such a fun time. Such a wonderful time in your lives. So yes go to the food pantry, but afterwards, spend time in fresh air. Go to the country. Let your kids run in open spaces. Also enjoy this time. Enjoy life. It’s really, really wonderful.”

  38. jferber says:

    So if Kate and William are the best England can offer, I’d call that country a shithole. Now for Scotland, Wales and Ireland, they’re a whole different story. Time to break ties (chains) with England.

  39. Fascinating Fascinator says:

    I do not understand Kate’s affection for cheap jewelry – those earrings are truly hideous. The brooch is fine (although feels hard to believe there isn’t a better rose jewel somewhere?) but those earrings are unforgivable. I was really hoping she would wear real jewelry all the time now that she is the POW but once again Kate disappoints. She has the Diana pearls and Queen pearls – those would have looked better here and gotten her favorite kind of press. I want the ladies to start getting into the jewels!

  40. Peachy says:

    That complete pretense drop at the end was awful. They should have cut the video at least a half second sooner so no one saw the obvious change of expression into bored and annoyed.

  41. ee says:

    you would think it would be easy to write a statement about how she is proud to have connections to all of these teams and hopes everybody plays their best etc