Brad Pitt’s art pieces feature bullet holes in ‘family home’ sculptures

It’s sad, infuriating and disgusting to watch as Brad Pitt’s crisis management team flails around, calling in favors and (clearly) spending money on a Johnny Depp-esque social media campaign. What’s even more infuriating is that many media outlets – legitimate outlets – are actively helping Pitt. This week, Pitt covers Billboard Magazine to highlight the renovation of Chateau Miraval’s music studio. Now the Financial Times has a lengthy piece called “True bromance: Brad Pitt, Nick Cave and the artist helping them to heal.” It’s all about Pitt, Cave and Thomas Houseago’s art show in Tampere, Finland, which is being exhibited until January. That’s right, Pitt is using Houseago and Nick Cave to rescue his image and make himself look like an artiste. Some asinine highlights from this piece:

Thomas Houseago on their exhibit. “We know we are totally ridiculous. But it’s real. If you see Brad Pitt – the Brad Pitt, right? You know, six pack, abs, whatever – that’s a movie creation. It’s fantastic, I love it. He’s one of the greatest actors of his generation. But there’s another human, that I know, who has enabled me to breathe in a new way. And I would like to think I’ve done the same for him.”

Houseago on their collective trauma & addiction: “We were thrown together in trauma and catastrophe,” says Houseago, referring to their shared struggles that run from addiction – Houseago and Pitt with alcohol, Cave with heroin in the ’80s – to Pitt’s much-publicised divorce and custody battle, the deaths of two of Cave’s sons…

When Pitt met Houseago: They met six years ago at a New Year’s Eve party. Houseago was struggling with his mental health and Pitt had recently separated from his second wife, Angelina Jolie. A separation that has subsequently become a media frenzy. They hit it off immediately. “Our mutual misery became comic,” says Pitt, who began hanging out at the sculptor’s studio on a regular basis, finding an artistic outlet. “And out of this misery came a flame of joy in my life. I always wanted to be a sculptor; I’d always wanted to try it.”

The bro crew: After this, says Cave, “we started to meet up as a group – a weird, diverse collection of people who would sit around a table on weekends”. The dinners were joined by the likes of Dominik (who recently directed the film Blonde, produced by Pitt’s production company Plan B, and with a soundtrack by Cave and his longtime collaborator Warren Ellis), director Spike Jonze and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. “To go out and talk to people freely about things, that was something new to me,” continues Cave. “Normally, I just work away and do my thing, and I have my friends and all of that sort of stuff. But we were allowed to talk about anything. And, for me, that was a very freeing situation to be in.”

Pitt’s “sculptures”: Pitt’s work feels harder to place. His lockdown love of ceramics has been widely reported – and a cluster of his handcrafted porcelain candleholders are shown amid Houseago’s sculptures. His larger-scale sculptural works are more disturbing: a relief plaster panel imprinted with his own body to depict a filmic gunfight (but also, he suggests, “an inner conflict”) and a number of simplified house-shaped silicone structures that have each been shot at – titled Self-inflicted Gunshot Wound to the House – draw parallels about the destruction of his home life that are all too plain to see. “It’s all about self-reflection,” he explains. “I was looking at my own life and really concentrating on owning my own sh-t: where was I complicit in failures in my relationships, where have I mis-stepped. For me, it was born out of ownership of what I call a radical inventory of self, getting really brutally honest with me, and taking account of those I may have hurt.”

Pitt is open to scrutiny: Eating a sandwich later in the café, Pitt seems relieved to have put this out there. He’s surprisingly open for a man whose every move – from his signet ring to his sobriety and new skincare line – is subject to scrutiny. “It’s just exhausting to be anything but who you are,” he says. “You have to understand, at least where I grew up, we’re more the Clint Eastwood character; you hold everything within, you’re capable, you can deal with anything, you don’t show weakness. I see that in my dad and the older generations of actors, and, man, it’s exhausting. As I get older, I find such a comfort in friendships where you can be [completely yourself], and I want that to extend in the outer world. What people make of it: I’m fine. I feel safe here because there’s a focus on our struggles as human beings, because it’s fraught with peril. And joy as well.” How to talk openly about grief and trauma, yet not be defined by it, is a subject of much discussion. “I find I have to walk with the pain I experience, and I have to walk with the joy, the beauty,” says Pitt.

[From The Financial Times]

For months/years now, people have made comparisons between Pitt and Johnny Depp, and people believe that Pitt’s team (many of whom are on Depp’s team) is trying to turn Angelina into the next Amber Heard. I believe that’s the game plan, no doubt, but I’d never realized before now that Pitt’s turn is just as pathetic as Depp’s. The aging matinee idol turned druggy alcoholic loser and artist poseur, clinging desperately to his “coolness,” surrounding himself with sycophants and enablers. Abuse, violence and addiction as solely a male-abuser-centered narrative, with no space given to the voices of the women and children hurt and traumatized by the Abuser Artist.

“A number of simplified house-shaped silicone structures that have each been shot at – titled Self-inflicted Gunshot Wound to the House…” As in, Brad’s art pieces represent his desire to shoot up the family home of his ex-wife and children. The artist as family annihilator.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. CROWHOOD says:

    Le vomi.

  2. ohhey says:

    ***Tim Gunn voice***
    Student work.

  3. girl_ninja says:

    ‘Eating a sandwich later in the café, Pitt seems relieved to have put this out there. He’s surprisingly open for a man whose every move – from his signet ring to his sobriety and new skincare line – is subject to scrutiny. “It’s just exhausting to be anything but who you are,” he says. ‘

    What does that even mean? He is just so awful and pretentious.

    • ML says:

      Good question @GirlNinja! I obviously don’t think he’s been open at all, surprisingly or otherwise.

    • Ceej says:

      Presumably hiding the fact that he’s an abuser and pretending he gave a rat’s ass about his children was starting to get to him, and now it’s all out there and he can just sit back, be pretty, and pay people to make being an abuser an attractive quality.

  4. Ewww says:

    Shocked and dismayed by everyone helping this clear monster.

  5. Emily_C says:

    He is an example of why therapy does not work for abusers unless it’s specifically tailored to get them to stop being abusers. (And even then it’s a crapshoot.) He wraps himself in what he knows he’s supposed to say about healing and owning his own responsibility and stuff, but it’s all lies. Therapy has only helped him lie and get away with his abuse better.

    • Coco says:

      He didn’t go to therapy he just hung out with his artiste friends and called it therapy.

    • Kebbie says:

      That’s what gets me. He is mostly saying everything he should be saying and he sounds so sincere as though he has actually done the work and taken responsibility while simultaneously dragging Angelina to court and lying about what he did through “sources.”

      It’s telling that he says he was “complicit” in the failures of his relationships. So he clearly has not accepted that he is solely to blame.

      Also not at all surprised that he’s been cavorting with the misogynistic POS that directed Blonde.

    • SophieJara says:

      So true Emily C. I had a friend who worked in court appointed therapy for domestic abuse. His “wins” were SO small. Very thankless task.

    • MK says:


    • Turtledove says:


      “For me, it was born out of ownership of what I call a radical inventory of self, getting really brutally honest with me, and taking account of those I may have hurt.”

      Those he MAY have hurt? You STRANGLED your child (amongst other things) That whole sentence is BS, but adding the “may have” in there is just…WOW.

  6. HeyKay says:

    I say we should all ignore him.

    DV against his children and his wife. What more is there to say?

  7. Underhill says:

    Aging alcoholic has-been? But let’s face it, this describes so very many men of that age, famous or no. It is endemic. Which doesn’t excuse anything in any individual, because there are many examples of those who have not similarly succumbed. Hope he gets his shit together, his children may want to have a relationship with their dad some day.

  8. A says:

    He’s so far up himself he could lick his own liver.

  9. ThatsNotOkay says:

    He thinks the shot-up houses represent self inflicted destruction of the family home? Another thing he misinterprets and is bad at: art.

  10. Talie says:

    By the time Depp had all his issues, his career was in a major downturn because he insisted on doing these big blockbusters that flopped. Pitt likes to consider himself an artist so he does smaller/mid-size films that if they become successful – he gets major credit. This has helped him as he ages.

    I’m skeptical of any real backlash occurring…unless his kids starting speaking out. For now, he has cultivated enough relationships in Hollywood to assist. Angelina has more power than Amber Heard though, so there’s no real comparison, IMO. She has her own legacy.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      Angelina for sure has her own power much more than Amber ever did, and AJ was a master controller of the press.

      That said, I think she met her match in Brad, he has the a list connections and gold old boy buds and he is making the big movie money. She isn’t, relatively speaking. So we could see this Depp style attack on her take root.

      It’s absolutely appalling to see abuser after abuser win again.

      • Coco says:

        No Pitt is not making big movie money Jolie has Disney and marvel movie money which tropes anything Pitt is bring in. Not to mention Pitt has a billionaire and his billion dollar company gunning for Pitt for his shady business dealings and is on Jolie side.

      • Facts says:

        White American I think u fail to realize the power and influence Angelina holds outside of HW. I think he has met his MATCH. She could have sank his azz years ago but when he decided to sue her I think she drew the line! He has never had this kind of backlash. But nice try to make light that he has more power and money. It he is more bankable?l lol

      • KLS says:

        Brad is stupid….He had it all when he had Angie….Now he’ll flit around with women 25+ years his junior,,,,

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        Answering everyone, I do not fail to see the power she has. But she made enemies because she knew her own power, she’s a woman, and she isn’t currently the mega Oscar pretender producer he is now. She took time to be a parent. He obviously hasn’t.

        He has Bullet Train making good BO, he produced Blonde, he is cashing in on his bro network.

        I can’t stand him, so this doesn’t make me happy. I hope she prevails. I just think she is up against the biggest PR smear of her career, with a lot of help from industry people who don’t tend to like powerful women.

        When it’s a male star against a woman star, the man wins. That’s history. If anyone can change it, it’s AJ. So here’s to her taking him down. I hope it happens.

      • Coco says:

        Blonde has poor reviews across-the-board and has been trashed for it’s disgusting misogyny all over the Internet.

  11. Jillian says:

    I had to Google this to see which Nick Cave I’m severely disappointed in. Its the Australian goth musician, for anyone else wondering. The better Nick Cave remains unassailable (visual artist that lives in Chicago, MCA is currently hosting a retrospective)

    • Lurker257 says:

      The goth musician Nick cave wrote some pretty amazing songs I’m depressed to say. Johnny cash did a whole album of covers and his cover of cave’s “mercy seat” is a standout. I didn’t know about his sons. Ugh…

      Everything Pitt says here reminds me of the main male character in “Do Revenge”-Netflix teen thriller/comedy that is AMAZING. Central male character knows ALL the right lingo, darvo’s like crazy and is a total psychopath.

      • ClaireB says:

        Nick Cave music was really moving for me for a time in my young adulthood. I don’t listen to him anymore, but this is still disappointing.

      • Lucy says:

        I’m sad to see this about Nick Cave also. Black Eyed Dog has always been important to me. I knew he’d lost a child, I didn’t realize it was two.

      • Lurker257 says:

        One last Nick cave factoid: his wife is the designer behind The Vampires Wife dresses. (Nick obv is the vampire.,) The dresses look good on the small subset of women with the right body type (tall but also curvy) and presence (aloof, commanding,) to pull it off.
        Unfortunately kkkhate thinks she can, and doesn’t.

      • laurie says:

        Just have to add my two cents about Nick Cave. When I saw him mentioned I said to myself, awww not Nick Cave!!! NYTimes magazine article on him lately. He’s been through so much tragedy in his life and he’s an absolute talent. I really hope he’s not involved with this a-hat.

      • Kirsten says:

        Lurker: whaaatt? I did not know his wife designs those dresses. Those gowns are gorgeous and I already loved them, but this makes me like them even more.

      • Emily_C says:

        Well I’m tall, curvy, and can have presence when I feel like it, but I find those dresses appallingly hideous. They look like they were made from ugly upholstery.

    • Turtledove says:

      I am a huge fan of Nick Cave’s music and this story makes me positively ill.

      • ciotogista says:

        Cave also criticized the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ music and now seems to be friends with Flea.

  12. Andrea1 says:

    You guys even the dailymail is turning on Pitt y’all need to read their latest article I don’t know if I’ll be allowed to post the link here I’ll drop it anyways

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      “So let’s be clear: Angelina Jolie isn’t the crazed, hysterical woman Brad Pitt would have us believe.
      And remember, Pitt’s shown us who he is before. He’s the guy who callously dumped first wife Jennifer Aniston for Jolie, implying that Aniston was too vain and ambitious — code words for bad woman, worse wife — to give him children.
      He’s a self-admitted alcoholic with rage issues. Per his opposing claims of parental devotion versus parental alienation, he looks, to me, like a liar.”

      Stunned The Daily Mail printed the above, just stunned.

      • Andrea1 says:

        Seriously stunned they printed this. More media are calling out the amber heard treatment being meted out to Jolie. The guardian and glamour Uk. Lainey and Pajiba has an excellent take on the whole issue as well. I am beginning to have hope in the media he can continue to give njoy the support of Hollywood but in the end people know him for what he truly is now. An abuser

      • Hello Kitty says:

        Hit the nail on the head!!!!

    • ML says:

      @Andrea1, thanks for posting the link. I’m glad the DM published a BP critical article. I would love to know why they finally did that now.

    • Coco says:

      @Andrea1 thanks for the link.

      I suggest everyone clicks on the link to give this article traction even if you’re like me and don’t go on a DF for obvious reasons.

      Pitt and his PR team got called out by a expert in international wealth management publicly. For having #BradPittIsAnAbuser wiped from social-media on the daily only for #BradPittGoToJail to start tending.

    • Solidgold says:

      Maureen Callaghan is awful as is the Fail. She may be right this time but it is not enough to overlook all the other crap she writes.

      • Coco says:

        @ Solidgold

        I also hate the DF also and haven’t visited that site in years, but I click the link and shard the story to give it more traction/ views.

  13. Mireille says:

    This man is pushing 60. And he’s still got that high school mentality to win the “Most Popular” award in Hollywood. He’s pathetic, desperate and an abusive terror to his family. Angelina talks about women being oppressed in Iran; Brad sells himself passed out drunk on an advert promoting wine.

  14. JCallas says:

    Brad pretends like he’s taken responsibility for the collapse of his marriage in interviews while simultaneously continuing to attack his ex wife with annobymous sources and now a lawsuit. It’s sad the media is letting him get away with it.

    • Kebbie says:

      It’s so bizarre how he talks about “owning his side of the street” and has sculptures implying the destruction of his family was self-inflicted, yet he denies all of her accusations of violence. How exactly did he destroy his family then? She up and left him because he raised his voice? His life was flipped upside down and he had to get sober because of that? GTFO. He pretends he’s taking responsibility but denies all the ugly details.

      • Ivy says:

        It’s like he gets so close to getting there but then remembers about Hollywood and his image so he backtracks. We aren’t dumb. We know the 8 figures are representing the family and they’re all of him because HE caused the breakdown due to his internal issue. We get it. So why can’t he without downplaying it.

    • HeyKay says:

      BP has proven himself to be an awful human.
      I hope he goes broke and loses all his power.
      DV against his wife and children, he deserves to pay a huge price, and for his ego the highest cost would be for him to be ignored.

  15. Mslove says:

    JFC, another privileged white male, who isn’t held to account for his wrongs, who expects everyone to fawn over him, who drinks & rages & strangles. And we’re supposed to go along with that. Whatever.

  16. Lila says:

    Skincare line??? Whatever that man is doing, it ain’t working. His face appears to be melting into his neck.

    • Lucy says:

      He had some pock marked skin when he started in Hollywood, I remember seeing pictures before Photoshop was on everything where he had some rough texture. I don’t know if that was corrected somehow or Photoshopped out, but whatever he was doing isn’t working anymore.

  17. lucy2 says:

    He has spent his life jumping to the next thing and showing it off in the media to deflect from justified criticism of his repeatedly terrible behavior. This time it’s his art – which as always, is all about him – his pain, his healing, blah blah freaking blah. None of the good things he’s supposedly pursuing are for anyone but himself, not the children he terrified and abused or the wife that he physically and now financially abuses.
    He’s had 6 years to work on himself and try to heal some of the damage he’s caused, and all he’s done is cause more damage. It’s unlikely someone like that ever changes, and I think he’s going to end up lonely and bitter, if he already isn’t there.

  18. Lizzie Bathory says:

    Jesus Christ. It sounds like these toxic bros are just toxic bro-ing & making bad art together in lieu of therapy & actual self reflection.

    I get that Brad likely lacks empathy or the capacity for serious self reflection, but I’m regularly struck by how rarely emotionally intimate relationships are modeled for (cis het) men. This all seems so unhealthy.

  19. Snarkle says:

    I actually chocked on my coffee when I read about their “weird, diverse collection of people”. ???
    Ummmm pretty sure they are all powerful, rich, white older men with addiction issue. Good gawd *severe eyeroll*

  20. Jaded says:

    What a bunch of pretentious poseurs. It’s pathetic actually, a bunch of aging, misogynistic man-babies with addiction issues and a shared love of bro-bonding over faux art. Brad Pitt makes me sick, and the fact that his two BFFs support and gush over a man who physically abused his wife and kids makes me want to punch the wall.

  21. TheOriginalMia says:

    So much pretentious bs. How do they communicate with each other when their heads are so far up Pitt’s ass?

  22. Ivy says:

    “Can I tell you something that happened this morning?” says Cave, setting the scene of the lakeside house in which they’re all staying, and where they were celebrating the birthday of his wife – fashion designer Susie Cave – the night before. “This is what it’s been like: I woke up this morning, made a coffee in my underwear and noticed that Brad was sitting there. He started playing the guitar and sang one of my songs to me – “Palaces of Montezuma” – and then Thomas walked in [in his pyjamas] and joined in.”

    Is this a joke

  23. Solidgold says:

    Brad using art as therapy or owning his side is fine. It is the gaslighting of Angelina that highly annoys me. Just like Will and Kate, he can hide behind plausible deniability but anyone with a brain can see he is attacking Jolie using the media.

  24. Well, well says:

    Thomas was exposed last year on Instagram for his mistreatment of Black women. ALLEGEDLY, he uses his connections with Pitt, Cave and Flea to lure young Black women with the promise to mentor them in the art world and calls them his “muse,” but once she arrives, he pressures her sex. The post tagged Cave and Flea and was later removed, and Thomas removed his Instagram account. There should still be Reddit posts available discussing it.

    Thomas also did an interview last year where he confirms he and Brad use the chateau for an artist compound. He also admitted he tried to kill himself a few years ago by hitting himself in the head with a rock. It’s just interesting that this is Brad’s BFF, especially with Brad having a Black daughter, but seems ok with hanging out with someone who allegedly abuses Black women.

  25. Sammie says:

    What’s so nauseating about this all is he is literally telling everyone what he did and the abuser that he is through his actions and coy word play. It’s like he’s taunting those he hurt by proving that even if he confirms what he did, no one will believe them or care.

  26. Liz in A says:

    I’ve read good reviews of the exhibit and seems artisitically there is some there there with Brad Pitt’s sculptures.

    If art helps him face himself and his actions great I hope he carries on with it cause otherwise his actions are those of a crap abuser in denial.

    • Coco says:

      Ya no and stop with this BS

    • Jaded says:

      Nope, he doesn’t deserve a cookie for his pretentious faux-art no matter what the Guardian (a shabby tabloid) says. His *art* is bullshit, as are his skin-care products, and nothing is going to make him face himself and his actions because he’s a narcissistic bully and abuser.

  27. JMoney says:

    The difference between Johnny Depp and Pitt that is not discussed nearly enough is that Pitt clearly has a network of “friends” in high places. I say that b/c the compromised judge that allowed for that ruling for so long, the FBI not pressing charges and the fact so many legitimate magazines and newspaper still profile Pitt in such a positive light says it all (this is def not just his PR alone this is clearly additional “help”). He has alot more power than ppl think. I know Jenn Aniston is heavily involved in politics as a donor but I think Pitt might be, too.

    • Coco says:

      The compromised judge work with Pitts Lawyers even before Pitt hired them it was a scam they have been pulling for years with other people. It had nothing to do with Pitt having that kind of pull. The reason that judge was in charge of the case for so long is that Jolie and her Lawyer didn’t find out later on. It wasn’t the FBI they thought chargers should be filed it was the LA DA that didn’t file charges.

      Pitt PR is paying for these articles to be printed they are not doing it on their own. They post what they are paired to post. Jolie is not fighting back PR wise she doing everything in curt and has won multiple case against Pitt.

  28. MsGnomer says:

    I can attest that shotgun holes are considered art in the Ozarks. The general public gun conceal/carry knowledge is better than the general public health. Wild Bill Hickok rides again.

  29. jferber says:

    He’s ready for his next face lift. To hell with his violent, crappy “art work.”

  30. Hanna says:

    Nick cave music was for theme of Peaky Blinders tv series.And Brad know how manipulatie people.Young people.peaky blinders succes etc etcetera abd the guitar he carrière on every airport entertainment and exit just an clown poser

  31. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, I’m not surprised. The press has always treated BP with kid gloves even when he is gaslighting an ex.

    In his first marriage he treated JA like trash and pushed her out of Plan B. Plan B got great press regardless of his inappropriate conduct.

    For his second marriage he tried to financially screw AJ and push her out of decisions in Miraval. Now he will get good press for his recording studio and his art. Not a word about abuse to his ex wife and kids. Apparently, Hollywood does not really care about women and children.

    • Coco says:

      ( Not a word about abuse to his ex wife and kids)

      Not true check out the link Andrea1 posted in a above comment.

      Also guardian and glamour Uk, Lainey and Pajiba just to name a few have posted articles calling him out.

  32. serena says:

    I’m so disgusted by him I don’t even know what to say anymore. What he did is public and people still defend him like this?? It’s really beyond me.