Did Olivia Wilde submit her special salad & dressing recipe to Food Network?

Yeah, per usual, a lot of women think Olivia Wilde is a sympathetic figure. I disagree. Olivia and Jason Sudeikis’s nanny sold her story (and texts) to the Daily Mail this week and the nanny really sold me on the profound dysfunction of both Olivia and Jason. I’ll never understand why so many women are tying themselves in knots to proclaim that Olivia is some kind of victim though – she was downright cruel to Jason, and he reacted to her cruelty poorly and emotionally. Then she lied about being cruel to Jason publicly and repeatedly for years. One of these people has consistently been a liar, a gaslighter and an emotional abuser and it’s not Jason.

One of the saddest details of the nanny’s story was that just weeks after Olivia began her affair with Harry Styles and just days after she dumped Jason, she stood in their shared kitchen and made her special salad and special salad dressing to pack up and take to Harry Styles. The fact that Olivia made the salad for Harry in front of Jason was some kind of big breaking point for Jason. But most people were incredibly curious about this f–king salad and why it was so special. Well, Page Six pointed out that Olivia submitted a salad recipe to Food Network at some point, and they think it may be her “special salad.”

You can see the recipe here. It’s made with roasted salmon, zucchini and potatoes. You use a lemon juice-based marinade/dressing on the salmon, which also consists of olive oil, dill, garlic, shallot, red pepper flakes and smoked paprika. You use that on the salmon before you throw it in the oven, and then use the same dressing for serving. There’s also a vinaigrette, which consists of red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, honey, salt and garlic, emulsified with olive oil. You put that dressing on the mixed greens, then put the roasted salmon, zucchini and potatoes on top. Oh, there’s feta cheese involved, which is disgusting (to me). But sure, that sounds like a special salad, I guess.

Update: So, after all that, Olivia posted a page from Nora Ephron’s Heartburn on her IG Stories. If you’ve never read Heartburn (or watched the incredible film adaptation), do so immediately! The wife/narrator is a food writer, and the story is interspersed with recipes. So, Olivia’s special salad dressing is just “the vinaigrette from Heartburn”?

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  1. Lisa says:

    it is not necessary to prop Jason up and say he is just a wounded person to dislike her. he seems gross. he is not Ted Lasso. ESH is a thing.

    • Mary says:

      Right. It’s also not necessary to bend over backwards to defend his abusive and red flag behavior. She can be the biggest a**hole ever and that’s still not ok, guys. This is the “perfect victim” narrative playing out here and it’s worrisome.

      Laying down under someone’s car so they cannot leave you is abusive. Period! End of story!

      • MK says:

        Hard agree

      • Kebbie says:


      • MC2 says:

        100% Cruel women still don’t deserve to be abused, harassed or forced to stay anywhere…and their children don’t deserve to watch it.

      • Lurker25 says:


      • SomeChick says:

        they seem to both be awful. I’m disappointed in all the caping for Jason, but I wish I could say I was surprised by it. he’s not Ted Lasso, but he is a wyt dude.

        does anyone else get “banging the nanny” (or wishes he could) vibes from Jason?

      • notunlikethewaves says:

        Yes, thank you, it’s exactly that, the impossible standard of embodying the ‘perfect victim’ in order to be extended the most essential acknowledgement of one’s situation. I know the predominantly mono, cishet audience on this site tends to construct infidelity as the ultimate ethical transgression regardless of context, but even so, it’s a bit much to insist on it in the context of a relationship so coercive one partner follows the other around, films them, rants at them, and ultimately lies in front of the other’s car to prevent them from taking control of their own time and space.

    • DouchesOfCambridge says:

      These two are pretty problematic. She doesnt seem to be have a genuine good heart, that salad episode was cruel, and Jason is problematic as well. Who knows what other kind of substances he was taking besides being drunk? Was he drunk all the time? It was written in the stars that this relationship was to end. Harry or not. And good luck to Harry. Hope that salad was good cuz she went through a barrage of obstacles before you could eat it.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      The next time a female public figure (especially if she’s childless and/or younger than Jason) is made out to be a crybaby, a spoiled vindictive bitch, crazy, a bimbo, etc. for talking about misogynistic abuse or some other traumatic thing she’s going through, let’s remember how people kid-gloved Jason.

    • tealily says:

      Yeah, they both absolutely seem like assholes and Olivia is talking out of both sides of her mouth at all times. But those texts Jason was sending the nanny were manipulative and, if I’m honest, extremely triggering to read. I don’t know what their deal is, but it seems like a good thing that she left. This is not to say that she’s right to go flit off with a pop start, just that they should not be together and it’s good someone pulled the trigger on that. That said, I will absolutely be making this salad tonight.

      • Pilar says:

        @ Mary

        His behaviour is abusive. The problem is that her behaviour is also abusive, it’s not just being an “asshole” when you lie, cheat on and gaslight your partner. It’s abusive. And if you believe that Jason threw himself under the car or was drunk and scary then you should also believe that Olivia was sleeping naked in bed with Jason while with harry and kept saying she still loved him. Because that’s part of the same story that the nanny tells . So it sounds like Jason was heartbroken and abusive and drunk and Olivia was an abusive asshole who toyed with his feelings and enjoyed humiliating him.
        What is weird is that people use feminism as a reason to defend someone who is literally is the first to throw other women under the bus. She has done it twice now with Florence so it’s actually beyond she is not the perfect victim and her domestic situation. It’s someone who has shown her face as fake feminist and who actively undermines other women to protect herself if it serves her.

      • Allegra says:

        @Pilar, EXACTLY. What is going on here?

    • Jess says:

      Yea. I’m not necessarily pro-Olivia but I’m not assuming Jason is a good guy. When I left my ex he had a complete breakdown for a day (like near psychiatric hospital level) and then his friends were all wondering how I could be so cold and leave him. But they didn’t see his emotional abuse and neglect for years before that, that I always put a happy face on. So many guys are “shocked” when a woman leaves them, even if the woman has been warning the guy for months or years he needs to change, so I take any man’s claim of surprise at a wife’s departure or affair with a grain of salt.

      • CocofromCanada says:

        Omg Jess. I can relate so much ❤️ My ex is gay (not out to himself …)

      • Stacey Dresden says:

        Same here. Guy abused the sh*t out of me for 4 years when I was a vulnerable teen, to the point I was almost 100% isolated and a shell of myself with no concept of my own interests and morals. I finally got the nerve to leave the relationship (sadly while his father was passing from a prolonged illness, but sorry, there was never going to be a ‘good’ time) and I was vilified. My own mother claims to not have seen the signs of abuse. I did hide it i guess.

  2. ThatsNotOkay says:

    I’ll bet it’s a combination of the two. A Dijon vinaigrette with a secret ingredient like honey. And lemon. All I know is, I will be making variations of this heartbreaker this Thanksgiving and doing a family taste test!

  3. MK says:

    I do not like her at all, AND I think Jason cheated on her for years and is a pretty awful partner. No knots here, both can be true.

    • ElleV says:

      agreed MK – i don’t get why people struggle so much with the idea that they’re *both* behaving terribly? i said yesterday this is like an implosive teen relationship between two immature, selfish people who are trying to hurt each other

  4. girl_ninja says:

    I think both Olivia and Jason suck. The behavior he displayed or that the nanny said he displayed by laying front of the car did not just come out of nowhere. Like someone said, he is not Ted Lasso. Protect those babies, period.

    Also this nanny seemed to have a crush on Jason? She was and they were wayyyy to much in each others business.

    • tealily says:

      I read it as Jason had a crush on the nanny, or at least expected her to have a crush on him. Either way, the stuff he texted her made me really uncomfortable.

    • Kebbie says:

      The more recent texts from the nanny are insane. She repeatedly says “us” like she’s part of the family with Jason and their kids. She was basically egging Jason on and seemed very bitter towards Olivia. Jason and the nanny were so unprofessional with each other.

    • ChillinginDC says:

      Yeah. I don’t get why women are doing this thing when we have to excuse every time a woman does some problematic AF shit. She gaslit him. Full stop. He’s a messy ass person and had no business trying to trap her in their home together. Full stop.

  5. Persephone says:

    I won’t judge Olivia (or Jason) here.
    All I will say is that for this panful situation, I hope someone is attending to the kids because I’m sure this blows chunks for them.

  6. ML says:

    My gut reaction to OW is I don’t like her. However, after the nanny dropped receipts yesterday, I’ve had to examine my feelings. I still don’t really want her as my friend, but the whole situation gave off Amber and Johnny fumes to me. JS definitely lied about serving OW papers. The nanny, who’s more positive about JS than OW, allowed the DF to publish DMs in which JS gets scary to both her and OW. Just because he comes across as nicer, doesn’t make him trustworthy. Abusers can have a lot of charisma. JS tried to stop her leaving, may have a drinking problem, used a #believe hashtag—which meant crap, served his partner papers in a way which was humiliating, wants custody in NY where they don’t live. He wants a lot of control, and I don’t trust that.

    • MK says:

      💯💯💯💯💯 I help IPV and SA survivors navigate the legal system (mostly family court), and you said it perfectly.

    • Kebbie says:

      Very much this. I don’t care for Olivia, and I actually liked Jason (I’ve never seen Ted Lasso but he was funny on 30 Rock), but he comes off as very dark and manipulative in these stories. I imagine this is just the tip of the iceberg.

      He can clearly be charming which is why the nanny seems to prefer him to Olivia, but when he’s angry he’s literally scaring the women in his life.

      The video was removed before I could see it but apparently the nanny said he was walking around holding a bat around the time he laid down by her car.

      • Pilar says:

        The nanny doesn’t prefer him just because he’s charming it’s because she was literally with him most of the time and Olivia was off with harry.
        You guys are really cherry picking. Like I have no problem calling Jason’s behaviour abusive but not call olivias behaviour abusive based on the same interview with the nanny is really weird. Two things can be true.

  7. Macheath says:

    Haven’t there been rumours of him being unfaithful for years? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. He met his match and I sympathise with neither of them. All cheaters suck.

    Someone mentioned that in the now deleted video, the nanny claimed Jason was ranting, filming and following Olivia around with a baseball bat. That’s beyond hideous, if true.

    • Sandy says:

      I have a semi interesting comment on that – there HAVE been rumors for years. On another website that was an interesting thread about it though. No one could find any links or anything to these rumors, which I thought was quite odd.

      • VoominVava says:

        I believe that if the rumours had any inkling of truth to them, Olivia is the kind of person who would not hesitate to make sure the truth got out there to make her look better. She seems to only care about herself . She seems so entitled and self absorbed.
        ETA: regarding her posting the recipe.. Right at the start of the texts coming out, Someone said on twitter “Olivia needs to post that recipe on instagram asap” and the post went viral. I am sure she saw that post and thought it was funny and posted it. She is watching all of the attention and loving it.

  8. Annalise says:

    I still think that if Olivia was so scared of Jason the night of the big blowout between them, what she should have done was leave with her children and the nanny and take them to a hotel or family members house ….somewhere where they would feel safe. That’s what a good parent would have done. Harry would have understood.

    • ML says:

      @Annalise, I think this is where the nanny might be coming from. I get the idea that she didn’t appreciate JS, but she really disliked OW and questioned her actions. OW was definitely prioritizing time with HS. If she was trying to get away from JS to go to HS, she might not have thought the kids were in danger, just herself. Which is stupid, but might be true.

      • Sandy says:

        Its more than stupid. I don’t think she genuinely thought she was in danger, I think its another “poor me” situation. It seems that mindset is more than a PR tactic IMO

        If she genuinely feared for her safety from JS but then left the children with him she is either lying through her teeth about feeling unsafe or is a terrible mother. probably both.

        Its not like she didn’t have a second separate home close and the income to have whatever support or safety she needed or wanted at her disposal with the snap of her fingers.

        I don’t think JS was anything good in this situation, either. But if he was lying under the car is not the same. She can call an uber, or a friend, or walked out of the house to the corner. She was certainly not being detained

    • Sandy says:

      I think the “Harry would have understood” comment is the whole story. Not only did it seem like she was prioritizing him but she was neglecting the safety of her family in order to do so. Picking d*ck over your kids is gross.

      • nisa says:

        Sandy, agree. Not only did she leave, she went to a hotel with a “no kids” policy! That really stood out to me. You can’t find another hotel? Seriously?

    • J says:

      Not all men who are scary and abusive also abuse their children. It is very possible that she felt in danger but knew the kids would still be safe with him. My kids are safe with their dad but I had nights I worried about my own personal safety. It’s not always a both.

  9. Kokiri says:

    My family has many secret/special things. Like sayings from movies that have morphed into our own meanings, & special foods.
    If my husband, cheating on me, brought those things to his side piece, making them right in front of me, taunting me with my own pain?
    While our kids were in the house?

    I’d go ballistic. That level of emotional cruelty is deep deep within a person.
    That level of behaviour is sadistic.
    I don’t find it comparable to laying in front of a car. I find laying in front of the car an act of desperation, after being cruelly taunted with a freaking salad.

    Harry best be careful with this woman. Her boundaries are inconsistent & abusive. I do not understand what he sees in her.
    Also, her eyebrows are horrendous.

    • Allegra says:

      I agree. His behavior sounds like messy pathetic desperation, but not abuse.

      • Becks1 says:

        One of the reasons i’m sort of going back and forth here isn’t bc I want to defend JS, which I know people are going to accuse me, but just because there is still so much we don’t know. Was this normal behavior for JS? did he often drink so much that OW felt she had to leave the house to be safe (but leave the kids behind…)? Did he often try to control her comings and goings etc?

        In this particular context, I’m not sure he’s the bad guy. He acted poorly, for sure. Laying down behind a car is not only controlling but also just unsafe. But was he acting that way because the woman who had just been discussing marriage with him a week before (according to the nanny) is now leaving him with the special salad to go sleep with her new boyfriend? Like it sounds to me like he had an ugly breakdown in that moment.

        I do keep coming back to her leaving the kids, nanny or not. If someone were to excuse BP’s behavior on that plane as “breakdown,” we can look to Angelina’s actions to see how she interpreted his behavior. She felt unsafe, her kids were unsafe, she got them the hell out of there as fast as she could. Imagine if AJ had gotten off that plane and said “well, bye now!” and then gone off on a date with Leonardo diCaprio? It would give us a very different perspective on the whole thing.

        (I know she’s too old for Leo but I swear he was the only unmarried male celeb I could come up with on the spur of the momen.t)

        but I feel like that’s excusing JS’s behavior which was not okay behavior. IDK. Marriages and relationships and separations etc can be really messy and often there is not one party who is completely right and one who is completely wrong.

      • Jennifer says:

        I keep thinking same, Becks1. Is he like that ALL the time, or was he just having a total breakdown?

        I’m reminded of someone I used to know who always seemed chill and nice. Then due to my job I found out he had a very bad time period of his life where he stalked an ex, then shaped up, took his punishment, and stopped doing that. I never saw that side of him. I don’t want to defend Jason and I don’t necessarily think he’s a saint, but he was also brutally dumped for a younger hottie while having two kids. You might just snap there. I just hope he’s doing better.

    • Tessa says:

      Thank you, this.

    • mia girl says:

      @Kokiri – I don’t understand how others can see this? When you build a life with a person, there are things big and small that bond you and create your foundation.

      My roasted brussels sprouts are likely my family’s favorite thing I cook. I use, what many would consider, a pretty basic recipe to make them, but it is a dish that for whatever reason has become special and unique to them (brag to their friends, ask me to make it on special occasions etc). I’ve even taught my kids to make it. It is a shared family experience.

      So you better believe that if I was found out to be cheating on my husband and family AND then found to be roasting brussels sprouts in our kitchen to take to my lover, my husband and kids would take it as an especially cruel kind of betrayal. Can’t explain it, but I know it would be an particularly awful thing to do.

      Then to top it off, when the news comes out about it, and my ex-partner and I issue a joint denial/state all we want is to protect our kids, I then can’t stop myself from leaning into an internet joke about the recipe by posting about it? Whether Wilde is making light of it or using Ephron’s work as some sort of coded message and shield for my behavior (maybe both), I am sorry, there is not gender slant to make, this person just clearly sucks.

      She sucked when she began an affair with Styles, she sucked when she lied about Shia Labeof, she sucked when she used feminism to shield her gaslighting, she sucked in her behavior to Pugh and now we find out that she used Pugh for cover on her affair with Styles.

      The nanny is still talking by the way, and she claims Wilde gave away the family dog because she couldn’t take care of it and also travel around with Styles. Holy smokes! Can we please not use feminism to defend a person who sucks? This person has no emotional boundaries she wont cross for her own personal desires.

      As for Sudeikis, is his reaction sane… no. Could I see a desperate person whose life is quickly spinning out of control and whose partner is in love with another person feeling desperate enough to lie down in front of a car – absolutely. Does he suck for it, yes. Could there be more to his story in that relationship, I would not be surprised. But what I don’t get is what @Becks1 points, out… Wilde had cause to be concerned about Sudeikis behavior, so why did she leave her kids there? Why didn’t she leave the hotel that did not allow kids and move to one that did to keep her kids with her? Why? Because she sucks.

      • ChillinginDC says:

        Wow on the dog. I got nothing.

      • Nikita says:

        Hard clap here. I followed the Heard/Depp story, and fell down a huge rabbit hole of misogyny. Same with Jolie/Pitt. I read this Wilde/Sudeikis story, and trying to overlook the obvious misogyny, still could not overcome my own questions – why wouldn’t you take your kids to a safe (hotel) place if you were so worried? Why would you leave all the issues to your (overworked, overinvolved) nanny? Trying to justify what is an obvious answer here- they both just suck.

      • Allegra says:

        @mia girl, Exactly. Isn’t there something kind of weird about all these ferocious condemnations of JS “abusively” lying down in behind a car whilst in a panicked breakdown, but not much noise at all about the calculated gaslighting and cruelty of OW’s behavior as described by the nanny? You lay it out well.

    • VoominVava says:

      Kokiri: I agree with this sentiment. While JS’ behaviour was NOT good and also manipulative. I can only imagine what he was going through emotionally with his partner cheating on him, and prioritizing that affair over everything else RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. I’m sorry, and I know I speak from a mental health insecurity point of view, but I would have been beside myself and acting out of grief and desperation to keep my family together. He can be a jerk, but he can also be heartbroken and in pain. I feel like I want to give him the benefit of the doubt in that moment because I know what it feels like to be so helpless and desperate to appeal to someone who just doesn’t care.
      ETA: She just seems so extremely self absorbed! I mean, when is the cover of every magazine with an article about a movie NOT the stars of the movie? They are ALL Olivia. I’ve never seen a director all over magazines and articles like this. It’s ridiculous.

    • Missy says:

      Agree 100%, eyebrow remark too

  10. ML says:

    When you find out that someone you know has been abused, and you have no effing clue, it’s incredibly shocking. The aftermath can be really difficult as well, because some people will continue to ignore it. Afterwards one of the first things you do is question all the interactions you’ve had with the abuser. In my case, I thought he was a friend, I liked him! Controlling someone is a huge red flag and to me, JS does this. I don’t know if he’s an abuser, but for me he gives off a vibe that makes him untrustworthy. So, OW can be terrible too, but he doesn’t get a pass from me.

  11. Twin Falls says:

    It was special “to Jason” “according to Jason” in the context of their relationship. OW never publicly boasted about having a secret super special salad dressing recipe so why drag her on whatever it might be? At least people are being obvious about their bias against her.

    JS was waaay too close to the nanny sharing intimate information about his marriage with her and then kicked her to the curb when she tried to confront him like petty assholes are wont to do.

  12. Peach says:

    Please read the comments under her salad recipe on the Food Network.

  13. Mel says:

    The White Woman feminism here is so exhausting at times. I don’t know who did what to who, I have a feeling that both of them are tiring, selfish, exhausting human beings who don’t know how to treat others . The “Woman as victim” trope all the time needs to stop. Stop making excuses when a woman behaves badly , stop saying she must be reacting to abuse when she behaves badly. People are MESSY, all of us, women , men do awful things. We are not children who are always victims, sometimes we are and sometimes we mess up. They both can suck, two things can be true at the same time. It’s telling that some of you think that salad dressing story was some kind blow for the abused on her part. It was tacky , vindictive and mean, but continue on about how poor Olivia is a victim.

    • Tessa says:

      The virtue signaling gets to be exhausting too. Not sure where you see the white woman feminism. There are plenty of people who are calling her out, there are plenty of people who are calling both out. Yes, there are some people taking her side, but 1) you don’t even know that they are feminist or white 2) people are allowed to have a different opinion just because 3) their opinion could be colored by a personal experience, not a philosophy, etc., etc.

    • Sally says:

      He was following her around the house screaming while carrying a baseball hat. Stop trying shame white woman for standing up against abuse because the victim is white. That don’t fly with me.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Both assholes are privileged white people. It’s not some win for Asian people or any other community of color to side with either of them.

      @Sally: I’m going to have to re-read what the nanny said, because I completely missed the detail about him having a bat when he followed her. Yikes. Cheating does not excuse that kind of behavior.

  14. Gem says:

    Another vote for they both suck. It turns out Jason isn’t Ted Lasso and Olivia has her own issues. They’re both messy.

  15. Normades says:

    At this point I am more interested in the salad than these two.

  16. Murphy says:

    All these pics of Olivia Wilde these days, I keep thinking she’s Melania Trump at first

  17. Kirsten says:

    I don’t really understand the folks calling JS an abuser. He got drunk when he found out his partner was having an affair and behaved in a distraught way. It’s not the most mature thing, but it’s not abusive. Also, in the text messages, it’s actually Jason saying that he doesn’t feel safe with Olivia in the house — not the other way around.

    • Jenn says:

      In the text messages I read—a two-parter at the Daily Mail—it’s actually the *nanny* telling Jason he’s “scaring her.” He is insisting that she come downstairs to “just talk” (he discovered she had been texting OW) when the nanny tells him she is packing her bags and just wants to go crawl in bed with “Cooper” (the nanny’s dog)

  18. AmyB says:

    Ok, does anyone else find it strange/borderline amusing that Olivia went and submitted the recipe for her “special salad” to the Food Network?? Olvia and Jason made a joint statement that basically the nanny was lying. So why confirm the special salad? So that part is true? HUH? 🙄

    I am another person who finds both of them problematic, but as others have pointed out, finding out your life-long partner is lying, cheating, and taunting you (the salad incident) can make you desperate and crazed. Anyone who has experienced that can attest to that. I am not excusing his behavior (and some of it, if true is scary!), but it seems a well-documented fact that Olivia is a perpetual liar. All of the drama surrounding her movie, saying Shia Labeouf was fired to protect Pugh, when that was not the case. He said he left because of their disagreements and unprofessionalism. Lying about Harry and Florence having an affair when it was really her. She presents as a huge mess to me.

    But clearly Jason and Olivia together at this point seems extremely toxic!!

    Hopefully their kids are okay.

    • Kebbie says:

      The salad recipe was posted on the food network website two years ago. She was on a show called “Questlove’s Potluck” in 2020 during the pandemic. It was like a virtual show with celebrities sharing recipes to raise money for charity. Then after this story came out people dug that up and speculated maybe it was her special dressing.

  19. Lizzie Bathory says:

    This just…sounds like a salmon Niçoise to me? I guess my brussels sprouts salade Lyonnaise recipe would make Jason’s head explode.

  20. Bibliomommy96 says:

    Why isn’t it mentioned that JS & OW put a statement out together saying this didn’t happen?

  21. sunny says:

    Heartburn is such a good read! And I love how food is used through. I can never eat key lime pie without thinking of heartburn

    • Lens says:

      I know. So good and my mouth was watering through the whole read and I actually made a few (including the simple vinaigrette). Nora E. was blessed with the ability to turn her marital tragedy into a book and movie to cleverly get her side out. All parties though are guilty of acting badly/almost insane like during a dinner party throwing a pie in a husband’s face/making salad and saying it’s only for my side piece not you/laying down in front of a car so the other won’t leave to go to their lover. All parties here are behaving horribly and to think this was back in 2020 and it’s only gone downhill from then. The true victims are and still are the two kids one hundred percent.

    • Mel says:

      I love the movie but I never read the book. I might try it….

  22. Kelly says:

    I’ll just say as the child of divorced parents, I feel for these kids. I can’t even read the comments here because it’s so triggering. So much enabling of abuse in these comments. So much.

    Both of them are manipulative, selfish trash and I have no sympathy for either of them.

  23. Maddie says:

    The comments posted yesterday on the food network recipe are so funny!

  24. Birdie says:

    I think he sucks, she sucks, and the nanny sucks too for airing this dirty laundry for cash.

  25. Jaded says:

    No wonder Flo walked away from almost all the promotion work. OW threw her under the bus with no remorse by; 1) telling Jason (and who knows who else) that she was having an affair with Harry despite being in a relationship with Zach Braff at the time, and 2) Telling Flo that she’d fired Shia to protect her when, in fact, she was trying to entice him back into the picture and that “Miss Flo” was the problem and getting above herself. Now they’re trying to throw the nanny under the bus. Honestly…these two are TOXIC and I feel soooo sorry for their kids.

    • Pilar says:

      She just comes across as manipulative and quite callous. The nanny basically says she kept stringing Jason a long right up til December by keeping his hope up.
      From the mail.
      “Olivia Wilde flaunted her vintage engagement ring during a Labour Day family trip to Malibu with Jason Sudeikis – weeks before she left him for Harry Styles.

      The nanny alleged the relationship between Wilde and Sudeikis was complicated even after she moved out of the family home and officially called things off.

      The actress reportedly continued sending loving messages to Sudeikis and making visits to the house for weeks after their split.

      According to the nanny, Wilde strung Sudeikis along by telling him she loved him up until December 29.

      Wilde then went public with Styles five days later.”

  26. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    I’ve read some of the comments and my two-cents is not required, but I guess I will anyway. LOL. Which is bland, I feel uncomfortable with this anti-OW media flow lately and I did with Katherine Heigl too. *shrug* There seems to be smoke for both women, but I’m hopeful for the children. If nothing else, they both seem to be loving parents and break-ups bring out the worst in people. I have never seen anyone not go through a few swings with a divorce/split and here’s wishing the kids the best in the long run.

  27. Emily_C says:

    You realize a person can be both victim and villain, right? That being a mess does not preclude being abused? And that if the Daily Heil story is not a tissue of lies (which I still think it probably is), Jason had been drinking heavily and frightening Olivia for quite some time, yes? And that causing someone physical fear is not okay, even if it’s because she cheated? That’s an excuse abusers use all the time!

    Cripes. Women really do have to be perfect to get sympathy, don’t we. Sorry, but when I was abused, I wasn’t able to be Angelina Jolie either. When my mother wanted out of her abusive relationship with her abusive alcoholic husband, the lifeline she grabbed was another man too. And this is where I’m supposed to say “I’m not excusing it.” But know what? I am.

    I am not excusing Wilde for her unprofessional behavior at all. However, I also am curious how people would be reacting if her jumpoff had been Key Grip 2, rather than Harry Styles. Whatever woman Harry Styles dated was always going to get shit on massively. And he was never going to defend her, whoever it was.

  28. LANITA says:

    They’ve both come out and said none of what the nanny said is true and that she’s been harassing both of them for 6 months

    • Jaded says:

      Actually they have said it was 18 months. Watch the interview with the nanny. She comes across as very credible. The reason they’ve portrayed her as some scheming grifter is because the didn’t want to pay her severance, hence they forced her to resign with no grounds. Given all the outright lies OW has been telling, to lie about someone as insignificant as the nanny is a piece of cake. Well, revenge is a dish best served cold as they say.