A mask with glycolic acid, lip repair ointment and cute jogger pants

From CB: My dog was eating through the retractable leashes whenever I let him sit down outside. Last week I got this retractable leash with a special plastic-coated no chew wire extension and he hasn’t destroyed it yet! It has a rechargeable light that’s really handy when I’m walking him in the dark too. I also got this backseat hammock-like car cover for him and it works great. He seems to really like it, it was easy to set up and I’ve used it in my son’s car too. It has places for seatbelts to pass through (I have this seatbelt for him), it protects my car and he can lie down and rest in the back. (Isn’t he so cute?! More pics here.) Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at on Amazon.

An intense lip repair ointment for chapped lip prevention and treatment

From CB: In Peridot’s post with Karrueche Tran’s beauty product recommendations, she included so many balms and lip glosses. Aquafor’s lip repair ointment is so affordable at just $4 a tube. It has over 33,000 ratings, 4.7 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say it really works to heal and prevent chapped, peeling lips. “The product in the squeeze tube is a lifesaver for painful chapped lips that get worse the longer they go untreated. There is no scent and no flavor, just pain relief. “ “My lips are smoother and softer. No chap lips, no split sides. Just what I needed.”

A carry on garment duffle bag that’s “perfect for a weekend trip”

From CB: I saw this cute bag on People magazine’s website. It’s a carry-on that comes in four different styles, all under $50, and has a garment bag for easy storage and unpacking. It has over 1,300 ratings, 4.3 stars and an A on Fakespot. Reviewers say it’s big, still fits in the overhead bin and is just what they needed for a weekend away. “The bag is way bigger than I thought it would be. The handles fit great over my rolling suitcase handle to make it easier to transport around the airport. And fit just fine in the overhead bin on all my flights.” “Adorable bag, great for a weekend getaway. Fashionable, roomy, and eliminates the need for a checked bag.”

A glycolic exfoliating mask for a glowy complexion

From CB: We featured this mask back in September, 2020 and I just used it again this morning. My skin is glowing and it feels so smooth I can’t stop touching it! This glycolic acid exfoliating face mask by trusted brand InstaNatural is formulated with vitamin C, turmeric, hibiscus and rosemary. It’s under $13 for a good sized jar that will last many applications and it has 3,650 ratings, 4.2 stars and a B on Fakespot. Reviewers say it transformed their skin. “Best mask/scrub I’ve used yet. With other ones I can still scratch dead skin off my face after I soak in the tub for a while. this one leaves my face clean, completely blackhead free, and not feeling dried out or oily. I can tell the difference in the mirror several days after.” “This is what took my skin care to the next level! After months of doing my old routine, I knew I needed something to even my tone, erase my stubborn blackheads and treat my extreme hyperpigmentation. THIS IS IT! I still have over half my jar left but you bet I’m going to reorder. My new staple for sure.”

Make-up pots for Halloween or a bold day look

From Hecate: This is a stretch but walk with me here, these pots of face and body make-up only cost between $14-$15 and they come in a whole bunch of gorgeous colors. They’re water activated and are safe to use on full face or body coverage if you needed to be entirely purple or bright red. But we used to use body paint to do dramatic eyes because the colors are so vibrant and the good ones don’t crease. These are made with aloe, vitamin E, cucumber, lemongrass, and avocado to apply smoothly and not pebble on the skin. They are also vegan and cruelty, paraben, and gluten free. As one of Amazon’s Best-Sellers, it has over 11,500 reviews with 4.6 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed. People say it’s easy to apply, “This stuff is perfect. Easy to put on just add water! I used a beauty blender to apply it on my skin.” And if you aren’t going all out for Halloween, this stuff is great for cosplay, Cons and whatever else, “I bought this for a cheshire cat cosplay, this product goes on nice. It stays on nice. Doesn’t cause skin irritation and honestly you can change consistency just like real paint by adding water.” Make sure you check out the photos in the comments.

A hair wax stick for a polished look

From Hecate: I love the control of a wax stick. I dn’t know why I can handle it so much better than using my fingers but I can. Samnyte’s a good hair care brand and this stick’s on sale this week, normally $13, only $9 with an additional coupon for those who jump on it. They use natural ingredients so everyone can use it, including pregnant women and children. And I really like that this wax isn’t scented. It has almost 10,000 reviews, with 4.3 stars and B on Fakespot. People who bought it said if you’ve been thinking about buying it, do it now, you won’t be sorry, “I have thin straight Asian hair so after washing my hair my baby hairs go WILD, and they’re so annoying to deal with when it’s hot and windy because they slap everywhere around your face and if you’re sweaty it’s even worse ! But with this product, holy smokes, I regret not buying this sooner.” One said it cleans up a pony without looking greasy, “A friend recommended this to me to slick my hair back while in a clip or ponytail. I love it and it’s so easy to use and not make my hair look greasy.” Sold.

Cute jogger pants in fun patterns

From Hecate: These joggers came up on my Amazon home page in the camo print and I thought they were so cute, And so many of the reviews said they were comfortable, so I thought I’d pass them on here. The fabric is stretchy, with six pockets and gathered ankles in slim or baggy style. The come in sizes XS – 3XL, in several colors and three different camo patterns. And they’re $36. Over 1,000 people rated these with 4.5 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed. Most reviewers say these run true to size, “These are super comfy and the waistband is very stretchy.” A lot of the reviews talk about how much they love the fit. They also said the quality was good, “The quality is great, the color is great, the stretch is great.”

A small powerful blender to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet

From Hecate: I have added smoothies into my morning routine. Mainly fruit, but also peanut butter and banana, because that is my absolute favorite. And while I love them, taking the blender out and having to take it apart to clean it is kind of a pain in the neck. So one of these little handheld things would be really nice to have. This Hamilton Beach blender is usually $22 but some of the colors are $17 this week. It comes in five different colors with a 14 ounce cup capacity, so it’s perfect to whip up a small smoothie or shake. The description says not only is it easy to clean, but it fits in most cup holders, which is nice. Over 90,000 people have reviewed this and ReviewMeta gave it 4.3 stars. People said it got them to eat better, “This blender is getting me to eat (drink?) a lot more vegetables. It blends up frozen vegetables quickly and is easy to clean.” It’s also good for elderly pets with teeth problems, “Twice a day I put a can of cat food in this little blender with some water and it turns their food into a delicious smoothie they have no trouble eating.” One warning, a lot of people said you have to double check the lid to make sure it’s secure.

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  1. Southern Fried says:

    Thx! I’m buying the hair wax stick and excited about controlling fly-always better. Hoping it adds shine.

  2. HeatherC says:

    I have a jar of Aquaphor and I love it. I put a thick layer on my lips before bed, better and cheaper than any lip mask I’ve tried. Also great for feet, another thick layer on heels, cotton sock and sleep. Aquaphor is one of those magical ointments, I put a tube in the fridge and used it after radiation treatments and it helped so much with the discomfort.

    • Kaye says:

      Aquaphor was the one moisturizer my radiation oncologist not only recommended but urged its use. It’s great for lips also.

  3. alsf says:

    The bag is intriguing, wonder if it’s heavy.

  4. souperkay says:

    I don’t use retractable leashes for my 50-ish pound adult Saluki/shepherd mix. She’s a sight hound that likes to sniff so I thought it would be nice to give her a bit more freedom on woodsy walks. One day on the sidewalk, she sighted a squirrel, charged, the leash broke & she was loose on a busy street treeing a squirrel. She created enough tension with her charge to snap the fabric, which was not thick like a normal leash.

    What we think dogs need they do not actually need. They don’t need the extra leash or freedom because it can encourage them to do things like charging. Now that I have a second dog that is dog reactive, I will never do retractable again. It’s a safety issue for reactive dogs when non-reactive dogs have that leash length to approach people & dogs that don’t want them to.

    As I have learned with dog behaviorists and trainers, some dogs just do not like other dogs so things like retractable leashes complicate shared spaces & create safety problems. Also, your dog should be taking cues from you when walking for the safest experience, not making their own choices about chasing or approaches. I can’t tell you the number of small dogs on retractable leashes that aggressively approach either of my dogs w/intense contact & barking & no correction or limitation by their owners. It is also why I won’t walk without my large dogs being muzzled. They have no bite history, but I am also not going to let one be created.

  5. Miss Nesbitt says:

    25 years ago my dermatologist wrote me a prescription for aquaphor because it wasn’t available on its own over the counter (in the US at least). It was the base that pharmacies used to compound medicated ointments. I’m a believer!