Hilaria Baldwin still isn’t sure if she’s done after giving birth to her seventh kid

In September, Hilaria Baldwin welcomed her seventh child, bebe Ilaria Catalina Irena. According to the official record, Hilaria is 38 years old, although I’ve always believed that she shaved a few years off. Her oldest child, Carmen Gabriela, is only 9 years old. So Hilaria has welcomed seven children in a decade, and only one of those kids was officially the result of surrogacy/gestational carrying. It’s a lot. It’s too much. So after the birth of Ilaria and now that Hilaria has three daughters, will she stop? Alec was ready for her to stop like three babies ago.

Seven kids and done? “I would have said before [that I’m] definitely done. Seven kids in, I feel like I am, but it’s Alec and me — so, time will tell!”

Things haven’t changed too much since Ilaria’s arrival. “I have to say that once I passed three kids, I just embraced the chaos. We have a wild and super fun house. Always something going on. Being truly present for each one of them is hard, and I obviously don’t get it right all the time. My two oldest have nightly homework that I do with them, and to balance play with the younger ones, breast-feeding the youngest — it can get to be quite a juggle.”

Mom guilt: Hilaria admitted that she experiences mom guilt “every single day,” but she tries to remind herself that she’s doing her best — and that she also gave birth just over one month ago. “It doesn’t matter if you have one kid or a million, I think many parents feel like we are never enough. This is where I’m trying to lean into self-compassion, realizing that I’m only one person trying her best, and by being kind to myself, I set a healthier example for my kids to be kind to themselves too.”

Her new iHeart podcast, “Witches Anonymous”: “We want to lean into the supportive woman we all have inside of us and examine why we can also be adversarial with other women. We’ll be talking about witches in pop culture and what it means to be a witch … and what sisterhood means in pop culture. We have so much forward momentum in our feminist community right now. How can we have open conversations in order to create change? We can totally do this!”

[From Us Weekly]

Yeah, I just don’t believe that Hilaria is some supermom, juggling everything all by herself. Granted, she doesn’t claim to do it all by herself, but she consistently refuses to acknowledge or give credit to all of the nannies and child-minders who work for her. Hilaria even gets mad when Alec acknowledges all of the childcare help they have – like, five babies ago, they employed five full-time nannies. Again, there’s nothing wrong with having childcare. But Hilaria definitely wants to leave the impression that she is taking care of all of her babies all by herself, in addition to running a yoga studio and plotting for more children. As I always say: loca in the cabeza.

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  1. Naomi says:

    Waiting for Nick Cannon to impregnate Hillary, in the perfect unhinged-celebrity procreation crossover!

  2. K8erade says:

    Hilaria is a baby hoarder. She likes the attention and sense of power she gets when she’s pregnant and she probably thinks Alec is less likely to cheat if she’s pregnant/has lots of kids (that was the logic of the baby hoarder I knew who has 7 kids she can barely afford). She really needs to get help and understand her constant need for attention. She seems like an exhausting person to be around.

    • Andie says:

      She also likes to present the image of being a pretty, fit mom of several kids. Like “omg you have seven kids and look like that? How do you do it?” The skin and bones bra pic surrounded by all her kids says it all

      • Jennifer says:

        I’m so grossed out every time I see a pic of her casually prancing around in her underwear while cuddling a baby, as literally everyone does at home in front of a camera 😛

      • Frnk27 says:

        Why is she wearing only a bra this photo shoot? Is she trying to convey she’s so busy she forgot to get fully dressed? Like “oops I forgot my shirt. Silly me. I have so many kids that I need to dress that sometimes I forget to dress myself!”

      • Jessica says:

        I’m so disturbed by her being in a bra, in a field, surrounded by her children who should be the focus of the picture, but no it’s their mother in her underwear. She has serious issues

    • FC says:

      It’s absolutely bonkers that Alec Baldwin is the person she chose to go on this journey with her.

      • Jennifer says:

        And he went along with that? The house must be a noisy zoo and he doesn’t seem like the type who would deal well with that.

    • Maddie says:

      You are correct! She’s a baby hoarder! Once they start to get out of the baby phase she pretty much ignores them on social media. I think they will have at least 2 more. She can’t help herself

      • Anna says:

        Those poor kids. Hope at least nannies give them attention and warmth. Their stupid parents just don’t care.

  3. Lucy says:

    Every single thing she says about her alleged podcast is peak white feminism. Here’s hoping they keep the nannies consistent so the kids have some sort of anchor.

    I’m also starting to believe the conspiracy theory that they’re all via gestational carriers. Her face and body has never fluctuated in any pictures I’ve seen, although I don’t really see her anywhere other than here.

  4. Chaine says:

    Well at her age she has potentially ten more years of fertility, so at the rate they’ve been going the brood could still double. The only limitation is Alec’s lifespan.

  5. BB says:

    In every picture there’s one kid, top, that looks remotely happy.
    They are N.U.T.S.

  6. Ceej says:

    I’m kind of annoyed she’s co-opting witch and mystic cultures for her podcast.

  7. Chantal says:

    Didn’t Alec just reach a settlement with Halyna Hutchins’ family? She might want to hit the pause button since the investigation isn’t over. And a “Witches Anonymous” podcast? Seriously? Cute kids though.

  8. Janey says:

    what accent will the podcast be in?

    • Roop says:

      I was wondering the same thing!

      • Lady Baden-Baden says:

        Me too! I mean… has she ever reponded to all the questions about her fake accent? How does she talk now? There’s footage of her using that comedy Spanish accent and pretending she can’t pronounce English words – did she give up on all that once she was found out as a fraud or is she somehow still pretending? How?! What a fascinating monster!

      • Jennifer says:

        I guess she’s just going with it, a la Madonna?

  9. Size Does Matter says:

    Geez now she’s appropriating witch culture because Spanish wasn’t enough.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Is she trying to outdo Octomom? I’m surprised she hasn’t already appropriated the Spanish gypsy culture. I say that after a close family friend recently died, who was a Spanish gypsy, and enormously proud of her culture. She was a fascinating, funny, wonderful, generous, kind lady. She was *bohemian* from the day she was born, as was her family, and she bent and broke the rules throughout her life. She was feminism personified. She married a man who was the complete opposite to her and her family. He came from a very well-to-do military family, and was a pilot and very high-ranking officer in the Spanish air force. They were still like lovebirds even though they were/are in their 80s. He is dealing with her loss, but sadly, has just been diagnosed with bone cancer. Such beautiful, generous, caring, sincere people are hard to find.
      Every time I hear about this Baldwin woman I want to shake her until her eyes roll around in her skull. Her persona, and therefore life, is a lie, a fairytale that she just expects everyone to go along with.

  10. C says:

    Frankly, she should feel mom guilt – or maybe just plain old regular guilt – because this is an abnormal and emotionally abusive situation for the children. She is not “doing the best she can”.

  11. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    This woman is insane. She was spotted carrying a doll in a carrier yesterday, passing it off as the last babe. She won’t stop until all the embryos are done.

  12. Summer says:

    Hilaria definitely likes to pretend she does it all herself without help. I suppose when pressed she vaguely acknowledges she has help. But I watched one of her IG stories recently, and she was like “Thank God for my two eldest who watched the baby so I could shower.” A side note: when Leslie Jordan died, she put an IG story up where she had filmed herself crying (trying to cry) and talking about him (but really talking about herself) in that mincing babyish voice with her fake Spanish inflection as though English is her second language. I thought it was disgusting on so many levels. I feel like she’s a really sick woman. We don’t often see that so clearly on display.

  13. ohhey says:

    The kids faces in that family picture where she’s only wearing a bra says it all. There is no warmth or joy. It’s very, “No you rest your forehead against her head…”

    • faround says:

      Why is she wearing *just* a bra? For a family portrait with your kids? That is the most bizarre choice. WTAF?

      • Andie says:

        I’m pro-people wearing what they want so I’m like ok wear a bra for your family pic then. But I’m also like it’s a weird choice. Because it is. SUPER WEIRD.

  14. Cel2495 says:

    This woman is insane… there must be a term for women who are obsessed with having babies ? 7 kids and counting ?!

    • Ciotog says:

      On Reddit that term is “sperm goblin”!

    • BeanieBean says:

      I find the ‘she’s crazy ’cause she has 7 kids thing’ to be a little weird & quite frankly offensive. My mother is one of seven kids, my dad is one of ten; my grandmothers were NOT crazy.

      • Murphy says:

        They weren’t crazy they just didn’t have access to reliable birth control.

      • nb says:

        @beaniebean Yes, but also that was a different time and religion could factor into that (no birth control). Most of the large families I know like my father’s, they had 10 kids because they wanted help on the farm. My BIL’s family had 10 kids because they were religious AND wanted help with the family business.

        As far as I know, Shillaria and Alex are not anti-birth control for religious reasons and they don’t need help with a family business. It’s purely, IMHO, an ego and status thing.

        “Aren’t these kids beautiful, they really look like Mommy/Daddy, what great genes!”
        “Look at us, we can afford to have 7 kids and send them all to private school!”
        “Aren’t we amazing having 7 kids and raising them all ourselves, we’re so busy but we make it work!”
        “I had 7 kids and my body still looks like this and I pump milk all day – I’m such an amazing woman!”

        Seriously, it’s gross and entirely about them – NOT the children.

      • skeptic says:

        I am the tenth in a family of ten kids. No twins, no adoptions, all same parents. I think my mom is crazy. Totally a religion thing. It’s nuts. No birth control allowed. So stupid. It’s not like I would send back any of my siblings but our lives were not blessed because we all had each other. More like our lives were bearable.

    • Jennifer says:

      “Broody?” “Clucky?”

  15. Amy Bee says:

    There’s no way she’s looking after 7 children so close in age without help.

  16. Lexilla says:

    Loca in the cucumber-a.

  17. Lionel says:

    I missed that she named the latest baby “Ilaria.” Wonder if the poor child’s legal name is “Illary.”

  18. HeatherC says:

    I can see her angling for a reality show now, to fill the gap left by the Duggars. It will be a trainwreck and honestly I’ll probably watch lol

  19. SJ says:

    She wants everyone to believe that she gave birth to all of those babies so that she can boast about staying fit. It’s strange that we haven’t seen her sweating her way through an intense workout routine like other influencers.

  20. angie_o717 says:

    I’m just going to say it… this woman seems to have serious mental health issues. She sounds immature and depressingly uninformed.

  21. Big Dee says:

    I don’t get the mom guilt.

    Having a child is a choice. You chose to have another child.

    And yet, you still can’t commit to not having more because who knows with you and Alec?

    She is weird.

  22. heather says:

    Oh you mean Hillary Thompson?? I can’t believe the world still calling her, oo um how you say, Hilaria.

    • Jennifer says:

      Literally hilari-ous.

      I think she’ll keep popping them out until the eggs run out, Alec’s sperm keel over, or menopause. And then probably get surrogates again.

  23. sparrow says:

    I met a woman out and about with her huge “brood” of at least seven possibly eight children. She was marching around with the lot of them straggling behind her. She said there were two groups – her teenagers were her babysitters for the infants & toddlers. The older kids looked so unhappy, one or two of them were miles older than the little ones. She thought it was great fun, for her. All she could talk about was how toned she was for having all these kids.

  24. skeptic says:

    Is it possible she is wearing one of those progressive pregnancy things where it takes you all the way through pregnancy to make it look real and that someone else is giving birth? Maybe that makes me crazy to think that LOL – – I just don’t know how she can look so fit after 7 kids!

  25. Escape says:

    Their children are adorable. I’m from a big family. The more the merrier if you can afford it.

  26. Robert Phillips says:

    Did this woman go to court and have her name changed? If she didn’t she is still Hillary. Not Hilaria. Stop letting people get away with this crap. Stop letting politicians lie. And use the word lie to them. You know they know better. And lie is a valid word. Be actual journalists. And not just PR people.

  27. jferber says:

    She can’t just say, yes, I’m done in desperate fear that the spotlight for crazy bitch fame adjacents will fly somewhere else. Mark me, she will NEVER say that she’s done, even at 60.

  28. Eulalia says:

    I hate-follow her on Instagram so me and my Spanish-speaking husband can LOL at her antics….like referring to her kid’s nap time as “siestas” 😂

    But I don’t think this will be the last one for her, she enjoys the attention of being a “hot skinny mum” too much and the baby-hoarding seems rooted in pathological need that’s not being met.