Lizzo’s new HBO Max documentary: ‘Nobody was trying to sign a fat Black girl’

Lizzo has a documentary coming out this Thanksgiving. It’s called Love, Lizzo and will include home movies from her growing up in Michigan and Texas and follow her career until now, including when she played James Madison’s flute. From the trailer, which is posted below, it sounds like the message Lizzo wants to convey is not just telling her story, but to give hope to others out there. She said that even though she’d been writing songs since she was a kid, she knew no one would want to let her record them. So she had to find her confidence to get where she is today. And she hopes when others look at her, they can see themselves in her shoes someday.

Just as she has her whole career, Lizzo is taking her story into her own hands.

The three-time Grammy winner, 34, shared the first trailer for her upcoming HBO documentay Love, Lizzo on Thursday, and gave her millions of “Lizzbians” an inside look into her life.

The film, of course, follows Lizzo’s career, starting from her beginnings in Detroit and Houston. Detailing her childhood, Lizzo explains in the trailer that she’d write pop songs as a little girl, despite not having the confidence in her voice to sing them herself.

“Nobody was trying to sign a fat Black girl that rapped, sang, and played the flute,” she said. “… It took so much hard work to get to where I am today, but I found my voice. Now, when people see me on stage, they see themselves.”

Love, Lizzo arrives on Nov. 24, giving Lizzo fans more to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, as they look back at archival footage from her many eras — including some concert footage and behind-the-scenes goodness. The trailer follows her as she records her 2022 album, Special, and even plays James Madison’s vintage crystal flute inside the Library of Congress.

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Clearly, I like Lizzo. I don’t just support her messaging, I love her music. I think she’s a good song writer and I like her voice. But I think she’s an even better flutist, I’d love to hear an instrumental album from her if she ever wanted to do one. So it’s insane to me that Lizzo would have ever felt like she wouldn’t be an incredibly popular entertainer. But I know, of course, that the music industry is as much about the image they can sell as the voice behind it. Kesha was almost destroyed trying to meet the image of the pop star they’d created for her. I’m so glad Lizzo found her voice. I don’t know if I could do a Lizzo-less morning workout.

It’s important that Lizzo stand on that stage and be unapologetically herself. I hope countless young ladies see themselves up there and chase their dreams as a result. Lizzo isn’t the first, I know. But every time someone take control of their talent and their life in their own way, they open another door. It’s wonderful to see.

And one lucky lady literally got to see herself as Lizzo when she asked Lizzo on social media if she could borrow her Emmy dress for an event. And Lizzo and shipped it to her!

Here’s the trailer for Love, Lizzo. It airs November 24 on HBO:

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  1. SAS says:

    Omigod the lady in her dress!! Dying from the cuteness, that has put an absolute spring in my step!

  2. wildwaffles says:

    Love Lizzo! And the lady in her dress was fantastic!

    • North of Boston says:


      And when she teared up, I teared up
      Such a sweet thing Lizzo did, and Auriel looked fantastic in that dress

  3. SomeChick says:

    Every single Lizzo story just makes me so happy! I’m looking forward to seeing her docu!

    And the dress video, omg. 💜

  4. FHMom says:

    She is insanely talented. The image side of the music industry has been destroying the music industry for decades

  5. Becks1 says:

    I love Lizzo. I honestly don’t know when I started, I’m pretty far out of the pop music scene (my running playlist still includes Womanizer lol), and even a lot of the Lizzo stories on here I just glossed over bc I didn’t know her music and wasn’t familiar with her etc. But at some point – maybe it was the James Madison flute incident, maybe it was her Emmy thank you speech, or maybe it was before that, I can’t remember. But at some point in the past 6 months or so I started listening to her music and added her to my running playlist lol and now I’m just a huge fan and want to get tickets when she comes to my city in the spring lol. I really love how she is so unapologetically Lizzo.

    so now I’m all abord the Lizzo fan train and I know I’m so late to the party but I’m here!! so I’m looking forward to this documentary.

  6. Nicegirl says:

    I’ve been waiting for this!! 🎶

    Thanksgiving plans set ✅ yay what a way to be thankful this year. I’m so down for a loving and being loved by Lizzo Thanksgiving!! Sign me up now, ‘take my money!!!!’, I’m no silly lemming wanna be accredited agent without vision. Lizzo is the real deal! Those people who were not trying to sign her??? Gosh I bet they’re all busy lamenting not counting all of their coin 🪙, sorry ya missed out on Lizzo, deniers!!! 😂 welp. To think, we nearly missed her! The horror!!!! Omg we are so lucky 🍀 world 🌎!!

    Lizzo is THE talent, in my opinion. We are infinitely lucky 🍀 she’s revealed herself to us all!! I’m a big fan. I love her music so much, her style, her attitude, her authenticity!!! and journey to self love, her amazing hustle, her whole persona just makes me feel happier, better, ok. Her voice is killer!, she’s a great dancer and I love when she raps, so much fun, SHE PLAYS HER FLUTE AT HER CONCERTS like, what?? I’ve paid to see her twice at concerts. The very first one I went to of hers was a solo celebratory event for me and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my entire life, being in that crowd, a part of that special evening, me alone by choice and yet together with the crowd, and with Lizzo. It was magical. Love her so much that I nearly can’t even with Lizzo!! I’m praying she is teaching us all to 🖖 for years to come. I love her like Emma Thompson’s character in Love Actually loves Joni Mitchell. It’s a lifetime typa love I have for Lizzo. I blame it on her juice.

    The lady in the dress’ soaring happiness is warming my heart omg shut up shut up shut up I love that lady so much!!! What a wonderful experience and so nice of her to share the love memories.

    I’m loving these two fits on Lizzo. The red romper is giving Christmas or even Valentines like post amazing nights and those amazingly sexy mornings that follow, cuddle me more vibes. And the gorgeous softy soft sexy two piece w those amazing pants and the not painful looking bandeau top?? I need to manifest some of this Yitty wear. I love those pieces! That’s my typa party pieces y’all 😂

    💕 H air 🫂

  7. K says:

    She is talented beautiful and kind. I love her.

  8. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Dammit Celebitchy. Don’t make me cry first thing! Jesus.

  9. ME says:

    I love Lizzo, I really do. She’s a breath of fresh air. She’s what we need and want. One thing, just one thing that bothered me about her is when she met Chris Brown and literally bowed down to him saying he was the greatest thing ever. Why Lizzo, why ???

  10. Notsoanonymous says:

    Just saw her live a week ago; I was a fan, but I didn’t know how much I loved her until the show. She’s the real deal on every level – I cannot with how amazing of a flutist she is! Lizzo Stan. Before the concert, I hadn’t really let my girls (6 & 9) listen to the new record due to the language. There were two girls in front of us at the show that were around 10 there with their moms. They knew every word and loved every minute. The next day, I sat my older one down and talked to her about what I thought of the show, what it means to be fat in a thin world, and how important Lizzo’s message of self love is to all of us. Looking forward to watching this with her!

  11. jferber says:

    Lizzo’s first documentary was fantastic and won an Emmy, I believe (Fat Girlzzzz). I will def watch this one. She’s such a breath of fresh air. So delightful and talented. Just everything.