Brad Pitt & Ines de Ramon ‘have been dating for a few months,’ they’re ‘not exclusive’

Brad Pitt really learned next to nothing from the Neri Oxman Debacle. About four years ago, Brad Pitt and his team were obsessed with making it sound like he could pull a beautiful MIT professor, like they were intellectual equals and she would waste her time on an abusive alcoholic douche. Pitt’s team hyped that sh-t like crazy, only for Neri Oxman to insist that she was actually dating a billionaire hedge-funder, and oh right, they got married and had a baby. Well, the only thing Pitt learned from that is to tell people that he’s never in an exclusive relationship. He just did that with Emily Ratajkowski last month, only to watch as she ran off with Pete Davidson. Now he’s doing the same with Ines de Ramon, a beautiful jeweler who happens to be Paul Wesley’s estranged wife.

Brad Pitt has a new romantic interest in Ines de Ramon. A source close to the Swiss 32-year-old industry tastemaker tells PEOPLE that she and Pitt, 58, “have been dating for a few months.”

De Ramon, who works for the jewelry brand Anita Ko, was photographed alongside the Oscar-winning actor on Sunday at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, where they attended a Bono concert. And according to the source, “Brad is really into” de Ramon, who separated from her husband, Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley, earlier this year.

“They met through a mutual friend. She is very nice,” the insider adds.

A source close to Pitt confirms to PEOPLE that the two “recently started dating,” but notes, “It’s not an exclusive relationship. Ines is cute, fun and energetic. She has a great personality. Brad enjoys spending time with her.”

A rep for Pitt had no comment on the relationship when reached by PEOPLE.

[From People]

Very similar strategy at play with Ines as he used with Emily Ratajkowski. If I’m being generous, I’ll guess that Pitt is legitimately being set up with attractive, available women by mutual friends (or by his crisis managers) and he’s f–king it all up within a few dates. The Emily thing was too weird for them to have not even known each other – I think they probably did go out once or twice and she was like “hell no, I need to stand in line for Pete Davidson.” I wonder if the same thing will happen here.

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  1. HeyKay says:

    Why does BP or his PR team think anyone cares anymore?
    BP has shown his a** for years now in how he treats his kids.
    F right off Brad.

  2. Nanz says:

    Why does he need to be associated with anyone? I don’t know why that’s part of his branding? Is it supposed to make him more desirable? He would have been better served staying out of the public eye, keeping his head down, and doing the work – both on himself and in his profession.

    • bergamot says:

      These stories change narratives – while press is breathlessly reporting about his much younger, pretty, possible dates they don’t talk about his addiction problems, his abuse of his family, his association with Weinstein, and the list goes on. They erase these relevant stories from public awareness with the onslaught of these frivolous ones. Pretty basic PR tactic.

      • bergamot says:

        Also, he has quid pro quo arrangement with tabloids, including People, where he gives them access and stories in return for positive coverage. This is not secret, Omid Scobie and Lainey wrote about that numerous times. New love interests is a great topic for those publications.

    • lucy2 says:

      It’s definitely to protect his brand and image, and make him seem desirable.

      Plus he needs a girlfriend so he knows how to style himself – he’s copied every partner for decades!

  3. girl_ninja says:

    He’s not just an abusive liar but he’s just So. Lame. So desperate and thirsty to stay relevant and in the forefront of pop culture. I hope she is safe and doesn’t compromise her life for notoriety or money. She really is a pretty young woman, slightly (very slightly) resembles Angie.

  4. Fancyhat says:

    I don’t care who Pitt is dating but you have a true talent for picking terrible pics of Pitt. Brightens my day every time I see a Pitt post.

  5. Valentina says:

    It is just fascinating to me that he can’t even hold down a PR relationship.

  6. ariel says:

    I mean we know what he did to his wife and children.
    But- in Hollywood- how creepy does a famous, used to be heartthrob have to be for all these young women to be like – hard pass – within a month.

    • Zut alors says:

      Probably spends all his time bitching about Angie. Who wants to hear that? That’s why the young ‘uns keep bailing on him.

  7. Jais says:

    Cute, fun and energetic? Why is this source close to Pitt describing her like she’s a fucking puppy? Abusers shouldn’t be allowed to adopt puppies anyways.

  8. Tacocat says:

    I think there needs to be a very generous dollop of the word ‘allegedly’ when discussing Brad Pitt’s love life.

  9. ML says:

    This was my comment from EmRata’s article earlier; I didn’t realize there would be a BP article where it’s a better fit:

    The number one picture BP would want out there (pr-wise) is one with him and his (happy-looking) kids. We haven’t seen that in years.
    The second thing BP badly seems to want is a tabloid-friendly, loving-looking romance. I can think if Neri, Nico, Ali, EmRata and now Inez think off the top of my head… and he hasn’t been able to replace AJ with a serious public girlfriend yet.
    If EmRata did date him briefly (which sucks), she didn’t stay and he wasn’t able to use her publicity to rehab his image. She also subtly trashed him via the MM movie and while they were supposedly dating, she was papped kissing a good-looking guy. Now BP’s story is that he’s been casually Inez during a time period which overlaps with when he was supposedly casually dating EmRata…that is not a good look for him.

  10. Well, well says:

    His team just cut and pasted what they wrote about Emily. They did not look like a couple that have been dating a few months, and according to E News, they’re just friends, which is what the pictures showed. If his team wants us to believe he’s dating a hot young woman, they should at least make it look believable.

    Also, notice how this story comes out a week after Jennifer Aniston revealed her fertility struggles, which made Brad look even worse for how he ended their marriage, the W Magazine photo shoot where he’s surrounded by all blonde, blue eyed boys, and the staged beach pictures playing with Maddox. He made sure the world knew he was leaving Jen to start a family.

  11. Solidgold says:

    As I said in the other post, I really hope this relationship sticks because his dating PR is really, really embarrassing. A man is his age and celebrity should not be turning tricks for good PR.

    His team is humiliating him at this point.

  12. María says:

    It’s getting really embarrassing for Brad at this point…

  13. Lively says:

    Yikes this old man is so embarrassing.
    Are his fans proud of how this man turned out.
    His pathetic.

  14. lucy2 says:

    He tried it with Charlize Theron too, but she shut that shit down quick.

  15. New.Here says:

    Sure, Jan.

  16. jferber says:

    He looks like such a douche with that open-mouth picture. Yuck.

  17. bisynaptic says:

    Brad Pitt + Julia Fox.
    —Why has no one thought of this.