King Charles is mad at all of his siblings for having a shooting party in Windsor

Since Queen Elizabeth II’s death, King Charles has made it abundantly clear to Prince Andrew that he (the nonce) is persona non grata, that there will be no comeback, no formal or informal role, no charity work, no military positions. Andrew has not been able to get that through his thick skull. Additionally, Charles has made it perfectly clear to the Wessexes that they will not get the Edinburgh ducal title. King Charles is allowing his petty flag to fly freely, and he’s taking out decades of grievance on his siblings. But surely Charles and Princess Anne are fine, right? Wrong. Apparently, Charles is mad at Edward and Anne right now because they went on a shooting party with Andrew.

Relations at the top of the Royal Family turned decidedly frosty after Prince Andrew was spotted at a shooting party on the Windsor estate last Saturday with two of his siblings – a gathering from which King Charles has been keen to distance himself. Princess Anne and Prince Edward, along with other members of the Royal Family, were seen together at the Windsor shoot two days before His Majesty’s 74th birthday. But what had been intended as a show of support for the embattled Duke of York has had repercussions for their relationships with the new King.

A source told The Mail on Sunday that the King had decided not to attend the shoot – and was displeased that his younger brother Andrew was in attendance.

The source added: ‘King Charles was said to be displeased that Edward and Anne had been publicly meeting up with Andrew and wanted it made clear that he had not been part of the shoot. Anne and Edward had been privately concerned about Andrew and wanted to check on him. But Charles’s view is that he should not be in the public eye. His Majesty was not thrilled at all.’

While Andrew is expected to be received by the King at Sandringham for Christmas, he will not be included in the Royal Family’s annual walk to St Mary Magdalene Church on Christmas Day.

However, Andrew isn’t the only sibling with whom the King is said to have slightly frosty relations. Perhaps surprisingly, the Earl and Countess of Wessex, despite their tireless work supporting the late Queen and now the new King, do not appear to be in the new monarch’s inner-most circle. Edward has not been awarded with the Duke of Edinburgh title that many expected him to inherit after his father’s death a year and a half ago. At one point in time, the notion that Prince Edward would inherit his father’s title was such a certainty, it was even listed on the official Royal website. Today, however, it is still unknown when – or even if – the King will grant the honour. As one source close to the Royal Family icily remarked: ‘It hasn’t gone unnoticed.’

[From The Daily Mail]

First of all, I doubt most people would have even known about this Windsor shooting party if not for Charles throwing a tantrum about it. So was that the point? Is Charles putting all of his siblings on notice, even Anne? As much as I loathe Andrew and I wish Edward and Anne weren’t spending any time with him, this feels like a petty family grudge, especially with the mention of Charles’s birthday. Maybe it’s a little bit like “all of my siblings were hanging out without me, waaaaahhh.” As for the Wessex stuff… Edward and Sophie tried so hard to suck up to Charles, William and Kate. Sophie went on a two-year PR blitz to convince everyone that she was massively important to the institution. And now… lol. Charles said “that’s enough of that” and just blanked them entirely.

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79 Responses to “King Charles is mad at all of his siblings for having a shooting party in Windsor”

  1. Becks1 says:

    The title of this post made me laugh. It just sounds so gloriously petty. It really does have a feel of Charles being ticked that they got together without him.

    • Geegee says:

      It’s stories like this that make me feel sorry for Harry. Charles is a complete narcissist but at least ann edward and Andrew have each other. Poor Harry is stuck between his narcissist father and narcissist brother with no one else to turn to. Kinda wish he had at least one more sibling.

      • Tessa says:

        Harry has his wife and family to support him.

      • Noki says:

        Of course he has his family, but its also nice to know you have someone from the family you grew up in. Do people really believe that Harry is simply blissfully happy and not heartbroken and eternally damaged and hurt by his family? Doesn’t work like that!

      • Jan90067 says:

        He has Meghan, his kids, his cousins (E&B); he has his Spencer aunts… While I’m sure there will always be a hole where his birth family should be, he is *not* w/out someone to turn to.

        And who knows what would be with another sibling, dependent on the “mercy and good will” of his/her father and brother (well, we *do*know* what would happen to them now!).

      • Kingston says:

        @Noki says:
        “Do people really believe that Harry is simply blissfully happy and not heartbroken and eternally damaged and hurt by his family?”

        SERIOUSLY!!!???!!! “eTerNaLly dAmAgeD and hUrT????? In what universe?

        Its so effing annoying that folks who refuse to listen when Harry himself speaks about the work he has done and continues to do to strengthen his mental fitness, nevertheless, project their own inadequacies, insecurities and ignorance and pontificate about how he is feeling and thinking. Such effrontery.

        The man has told us so many times that the work of mental fitness is achieved when we approach it as we would our physical fitness……errybody knows about physical fitness, right? The workouts, the building of muscles and physical endurance. So he said: now apply that concept to how we achieve good mental health i:e mental fitness. And he has been doing that work.

        Unlike many people who are incapable of managing their mental health and refuse to go to therapy, Harry HAS DONE AND IS DOING THE WORK of recovering from the cult he was born and raised in. He’s fine. And he knows all about the ongoing work of taking time for selfcare.

        “Do people really believe that Harry is simply blissfully happy….”
        Er……nobody stays blissfully happy for any sustainable period. Its a temporary state of being that, if we’re lucky and if we work at it, like H&M are clearly doing, then we get to experience bliss from time to time..

      • Jaded says:

        @Noki — Harry’s father and brother turned on him in the most vile and spiteful way, condoned the persecution and death threats against Meghan by the racist tabloids leading to her suicidal ideation and breaking down in public, and smeared and leaked against them to the point where they had to escape in secret to Canada. Harry WAS damaged and hurt by his family, not just after he met Meghan but long before by being treated as merely the “spare” and a scapegoat for William. However he has worked hard with therapists to overcome the damage inflicted on him and IS blissfully happy in his new, successful life with his amazing wife and two beautiful kids. It DOES work like that.

      • Amy Too says:

        I am estranged from my birth family. My mother has borderline personality disorder and was abusive. My dad is her enabler. They hurt me greatly growing up and even after I moved out but was still in contact with them. They did lasting damage to my psyche that I go to therapy to deal with. I have no contact with them anymore.

        I am extremely happy with my husband and child and in-laws and friends and the life I’ve made for myself. I am making huge progress in therapy and feel and function better now than I ever did while in contact with my birth family.

        However, I am still sad and upset and angry and frustrated about it all. I sometimes feel guilt and shame. I sometimes feel intense anger, anxiety, and depression. My life is better without them, but one really doesn’t just completely “get over” the pain and the unfairness of it all. You come to terms with it and accept it and come to peace with it, but it still sucks. It just does. Like yes, I have a new family that I love a lot and that treat me well, way way better than my original family. But why can’t I have two good families? Or why can’t I have one awesome family and one even just normal, non-abusive family? It’s unfair that some people can’t have that while others can, and it doesn’t matter how worthy you are or how much you wanted it, sometimes some people just don’t get that option. And it’s something that has to be grieved.

        I get what Gee Gee is saying. I don’t think she’s saying Harry wallows in depression and pity every day and misses his dad and brother, because I think he’s probably happier and healthier than he’s ever been. But I do think that these deep childhood wounds that shape your world view, your self-talk, your very personality and ways of interacting with and trusting or distrusting the world, are never really gone. And I don’t think anyone who has happily gone no contact and made a great life for themselves wouldn’t rather have just had a good, normal family that they didn’t *have to* escape from. People don’t usually go no contact with their family of origin joyfully and with excitement. It’s a last resort sort of thing because of how hard it is and how many conflicting emotions come with it (even if being a part of their lives was worse in every way).

      • Gorgonia says:

        @ Amy: I quote everything you said, ’cause my personal story is so similar to yours. A virtual hug.

      • Becks1 says:

        @AmyToo I’m sorry for all you went through. My sister had borderline personality and it was hellish.

        I always put it this way to people – I was not sad that I didn’t have a relationship with HER, I was sad I didn’t have a relationship with “my sister.” I see people with these amazing relationships with their siblings and it makes me sad bc I never had that. My sister’s illness had a negative effect on my relationship with my brothers – we get along and there are no glaring issues, but the relationships are definitely affected by her and her illness.

        Harry can know that he’s better off and know that his family is better off while still grieving that it had to come to this, and that his brother and father are the way they are. Some people dont seem to get that and act like the mere suggestion of such grief is implying that Harry wants to go back or whatever.

  2. Snuffles says:

    It was probably a little bit of “Every one is having fun without me!” and “I didn’t approve of this! How DARE they defy me!!”

    As for Anne and Edward being supportive of Andrew. Well, he’s a complete nonce, but he is their brother, so I wouldn’t begrudge them some family bonding time. Interesting that they still view Andrew as a part of the family and consider him welcome while Harry is considered persona non grata.

    That said, Charles isn’t going to engender ANY family loyalty if he keeps up this Olympic level petty marathon. They’re all gonna turn on him and increasingly do their own thing without a thought to what he wants or needs.

    • Lucy says:

      If Betty left them trust funds, Charles will have nothing to yank chains with. He’s told the Essexes they don’t get the title they’ve been waiting 20+ years for. Anne has affection for him as much as possible, but I feel like she wants to stay out of drama. So that leaves Charles with at least two sibling plus spouses who are ready to rumble.

      If Betty left no money, then Charles has all the stick and carrot he needs to keep them somewhat in line.

      I guess we’ll see what leaks once the Sussex stuff has settled in February? March?

    • Green girl says:

      To add to your point: if I am B or E and see how much the wessexes kissed up to Charles without any payoff, then that would stop me from trying to get in Charles’ good book. Because why bother?

      I can see more members of the family either distancing themselves from the monarchy completely or turning their attention to William.

    • Tigerlily says:

      I don’t begrudge Anne & Edward family time with Andrew but it doesn’t have to be as public as a shooting party. If they’re ‘privately concerned’, then invite Andrew over for a private Sunday lunch. I wonder if Anne & Edward are getting fed up with Chuckles & just decided to thumb their nose at him?

      • Sugarhere says:

        “It doesn’t have to be as public as a shooting party” : Yes, it does, especially if Charles confiscation of the promised title and land drew the scorned subling closer to the other two, on whose shoulder he can now cry.

        Charles’ diplomatic blunder is only just starting to bring his siblings closer together and to isolate him. I believe that the hunting pretext has a whiff of mutiny within the royal ranks, and more are yet to come.

    • Isabella says:

      As an American, I don’t get the whole shooting party thing. You all got together to shoot birds? In Windsor? That seems so urban. It seems like a bizarre activity.

  3. Noki says:

    This is so silly, they are siblings! Does Charles expect Andrew to wear an iron mask and be locked in a dungeon!?

    • Cheesus says:

      For what he did and took part in – yes, he should be locked up. Dungeon or jail, doesn’t matter to me.

      • Steph says:

        @Cheesus, while I agree with you, I’m gonna repeat something I’ve said a few times on this site. The family don’t think he committed a crime nor that he did something morally objectionable. What he did wrong was bring negative attention to the family.

    • Kokiri says:

      For rape?

      Why yes, I do think he should be locked in a dungeon somewhere. Forever.
      I’m surprised this is even a question.

      • HeatherC says:

        Well yes but if Chuckles was to lock the nonce up in a dungeon it wouldn’t be for rape, let’s face it. It would for the even worse sin of bringing negative attention to the Firm, a mortal sin for sure.

        This family thinks he’s innocent remember. Just has a damaged and damaging public persona and won’t lay low like he was told.

    • Julia M says:

      Don’t give him any ideas.

    • Jaded says:

      I think that would be appropriate punishment for someone who raped a trafficked teenager and was good friends with the two monsters who raped and trafficked her as well as many other girls. Context Noki…context.

    • Wendy says:

      I’m always amazed when people say things like this in defense of someone credibly accused of very serious crimes. I’m sure they think they’re doing something really noble, like demonstrating how much they value family or loyalty or whatever. But in truth, all they’re doing is telling the world how unsafe a person they are to be around. A person who leaps to the defense of Prince Andrew is a person with terrible morals, a person who cannot be trusted to do the right thing.

      • Noki says:

        @Wendy Excuse me I am not defending him!!! I mentioned Charles for a reason, he is the one that paid for his case to ‘go away’. He still leaves in a sprawling castle,has staff and I am sure he is still getting crown money somehow. So now after doing that, what does Charles expect!?

      • Noxy says:

        @Noki was in no way defending Andrew, why are you and others acting like they did? They aren’t denying Andrew is a rapist who should be thrown in the darkest dungeon to rot. In fact, they agreed.

        They’re just saying that from the perspective of the family he didn’t commit a heinous crime because they think he’s innocent of rape and so what he really did was embarrass the family with his friendship with child sex traffickers and ridiculous behaviour after it came out.

    • Becks1 says:

      I mean he should be locked away for what he did.

      But let’s be honest, this is about Charles being mad that he was excluded and that Andrew is doing anything even semi-public – just bc of how it reflects on the Firm, not bc Charles thinks Andrew actually did anything wrong.

      • sunny says:

        Andrew should absolutely be shunned or at least actually held to account by his family. However, Charles’ beef with Andrew isn’t one driven by a moral dispute and Andrew’s crimes, it is driven by Chucky’s lingering anger that he wasn’t mummy’s favourite.

        God, these people would be way less terrible if they just went to therapy. Charles is just so pathetic.

    • Bisynaptic says:

      I bet he does.

  4. HeyKay says:

    Does one day ever go by without Charles or William being angry about something?
    Geez. Exhausting.

  5. Heat says:

    For once, I’m behind Chuck on this. He wants to make it abundantly clear that Andy is persona non grata, so showings of public support is a big no.
    As far as it goes with Edinburgh, that should have always gone to Harry. He would 100% be the best choice. One of my kids was involved with, and it was so great for her. It’s right up Harry’s alley.
    It would also be a great strategic move on Chuck’s part…if Harry would be willing to accept it.

    • Tessa says:

      Charles owes harry and Meghan an apology rather than bestowing a title on them.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Harry’s never expressed an interest in DoE Award. Edward has been groomed to take over that role. I think people underestimate how much Harry wanted out of that system.

    • Mary says:

      @heat, “Andy is persona non grata, so showings of public support is a big no.”. I agree with this sentiment, however, I don’t understand how a private shoot comprises a public showing of support. The public has never been apprised of every single Royal shoot and its members, so I am wondering if Charles is more upset at whomever leaked this information rather than the fact that the shoot was held.

      • A says:

        The shoot wasn’t actually private though. It’s just called private, but it was always going to be leaked, bc that was the whole plan. It was fully intended to be a show of support by Anne and Edward for Andrew, in the same sort of way the Queen would step out to spend time “privately” with Andrew (riding, going to church, him taking on her dogs and whatnot), all of which got very conveniently photographed and published. That’s what it was held for. So the leak isn’t really a leak. It was going to be made public and that’s why it was done at all.

        That’s why Charles is angry and upset. He’s angry that Anne and Edward went fully in on this scheme to be viewed supporting Andrew. He’s angry bc this IS a bad look for the monarchy, and I’ll bet he was angry with the Queen doing the same, but he couldn’t say or do anything bc it was the Queen, and she was above all criticism.

        Not only is this a bad look for Charles’ monarchy, it’s also an affront to his perceived authority, as monarch.

      • Gabby says:

        I think Charles’ is the one who leaked it to control Anne and Edward.

    • aftershocks says:

      @Heat: “As far as it goes with Edinburgh, that should have always gone to Harry.”

      LOL. Nope. On Harry’s wedding day in 2018, he became The Duke of Sussex, as previously planned by the Queen. At that point, Harry’s grandpa, Philip DoE, was still alive. Everyone was aware that Philip desired the DoE title to be passed to his youngest son after his own death, and Chuck’s ascension to the throne.

      Understand that Harry has a dukedom and thus he would not receive another one. That’s not how it works.

  6. Mslove says:

    Chuck might be worried his siblings are talking & scheming behind his back. Lol, Andrew & Edward are holding grudges against their petty, vindictive brother.

    • Snuffles says:

      He SHOULD be worried.

    • KFG says:

      Exactly!! One, I bet they ignored his birthday on purpose, and I think this was Pedrew and Anne’s way of saying they support Eddie the forgotten and each other. They also could be plotting to drop tell alls to cover their living expenses, bc chuck will never give them any money. Chuck better watch out bc some leaks may not be coming from old Peggington or Buttons, but from Eddie, anne and the ped.

  7. Amy Bee says:

    I mean I can see Charles getting upset that the others didn’t keep up the pretense that they’ve ostracized Andrew. The Palace wants the public to believe that Andrew is persona non grata. But that lie was exposed when the Queen died.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yes I think this is what’s going on. Charles isn’t mad that they aren’t ostracizing Andrew, he’s mad they aren’t keeping up the pretense of ostracization in public.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      It’s curious to me that this became a story at all. Surely they’ve gotten together for shooting parties on occasion, even after Andrew was banished from public life? It really feels like the tone around coverage of Charles shifted after the Queen’s funeral. I think the years-long talk of a “slimmed down” monarchy was code for Charles intending iron-fisted control over other royals once he became King.

    • Well Wisher says:

      Why should they pretend otherwise?

  8. Tessa says:

    Charles resentment to his siblings is even more obvious now that he is in charge. I think he resents how his parents did not treat him as more special. It is gross that Charles seems to put harry in the same category as Andrew

  9. Jaded says:

    Well it’s quite obvious that now Charles is finally king, he’s taking out decades of grudges and extracting his pound of flesh from each and every one of them. He’s acting like a spoiled brat instead of a head of state. This is only going to get worse, or some might say better, because it will quite possibly speed up the self-destruction of the BRF. The tabloids must be rubbing their hands in glee at the possibility of letting many cats out of the bag.

  10. Asantewaa says:

    This is a non-story, guilty or not, he is still family, what they were doing was a family gathering, nothing to do with royal duty. Charles is power drunk, and wants the world to know that, he is ignoring Andrew, and in the process, alienating his other siblings, just for a good press, he is pathetic!

    • Well Wisher says:

      This was the prevailing thought among the non-bots.
      Obviously, they do not share negative opinion of lots of people.
      They have every right to support their brother.

      • QuiteContrary says:

        It’s still gross, though, that they support him.

        They just do not get it.
        (Not defending Charles, here — they are all terrible.)

  11. Lizzie says:

    You know who needed sibling support but never got it? Yup, Harry.

  12. Eurydice says:

    I think the point is that Charles is King now and the King can’t be seen hanging around with Andrew unless it’s absolutely necessary, like with the RF Christmas tradition. For all that TQ was beloved by the public, she still got criticism for not shunning him. Charles doesn’t love Andrew and was instrumental in having him stripped of everything, so this reaction from him isn’t new. As for why Anne and Edward are socializing with Andrew – did they do so before TQ died? I don’t remember. If this is something new, then it could be an interesting breaking of the ranks.

  13. CC says:

    If powerful, public figures in the royal family are supporting a rapist, I think the British people deserve to know.
    As others have said, however, this smacks less of any moral outrage by the king and more, “how dare you play Most Dangerous Game without me?!”

    • Sue E Generis says:

      Um, it’s their brother, not a co-worker. Families almost always support each other, even murderers, rapists and serial killers. Also, it’s been clear from the start that the family don’t care about what Andrew may or may not have done, they only care about the fallout. Not sure why everyone is acting surprised and offended that he’s still ensconced in the family.

      • Well Wisher says:

        Most powerful figures support each other especially if they are related, no surprise there.

        Andrew has support all over including media, even if they have questioned his judgement.

        This is just a reality.

      • Eurydice says:

        I don’t know how many examples we have to see over the centuries before we admit that this isn’t a family. They are a group of people connected through genetics and their devotion to the preservation of the monarchy. When a decision has to be made, it’s always in favor of the institution.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      CC, a sex trafficked teenager (17-underage) was raped by PA, and it was really interesting the differing of opinions between those in the UK (or maybe just the British?) and the Americans. Americans see it exactly as I stated. There were any number of people who came to PA’s defense because evidently a 17-year-old is of age in the UK, so that makes it alright. The sex trafficked part just gets overlooked or maybe there were some who didn’t believe it? I don’t know how this will play in the long run in the UK, but I can tell you that it doesn’t play here at all. Even the MAGAGAs (Trump is an idiot) are completely opposed to what PA did.

      I think this just might be a major awakening for the aristocracy. They need to really look at the fall out and ask themselves if they want any part of this in future. Of course, if they don’t believe any law applies to them, they will just carry on. I don’t think that strategy will work for them long term.

  14. Laura D says:

    Just a quick question. Is there a day in the week when Charles and/or William aren’t angry, incandescent, furious or mad about something? Seriously, it’s exhausting. Liz had her faults but, she was rarely heard (or seen) to be “outraged” about anything. In these uncertain times wouldn’t it be better for the country if our royals promoted calm and goodwill stories (like Charles’s appearance on The Repair Shop) rather than the spite and vitriol nonsense coming from the palaces these days?

  15. Chantal says:

    Ah, C-Rex once again showing showing his ass for the world to see. I guess Katty isn’t the only exhibitionist in the RF.
    C-Rex running to the press every time he throws a tantrum to express his displeasure at some perceived slight by a family member isn’t going to bode well. His vindictiveness will only continue to antagonize his family and any would-be allies. How long before said family members and frenemies get fed up and decide to throw a few tantrums of their own in the BM? Bc C-Rex still has a lot of skeletons waiting to fall out of the closet. This live action “royal” soap opera keeps getting more entertaining.

  16. AnnaKist says:

    I’ll say it again: Charles is a petty, vindictive twat. He is using the fanciful term, “slimmed down monarchy”, but he is actually drunk on power. shoving aside anyone hey imagines may call him out on something. There is no “innermost circle”; what there is is a small square. Four corners, with room for only four people: Charles, Camila, William, Kate.

    I will bet my 219 pairs (I did a stock take yesterday morning) of fancy socks that his siblings are starting to understand why Harry and Meghan left Britain. I am now sure that Harry could see this coming. I feel a strange sense of vindication on Harry’s behalf. Yet some morons still hate him and still blame Meghan for taking Harry away. If this was my family I would have shot through like a Bondi tram. I have eight party-sized bags of Twisties, and three big bags of caramel popcorn. And wine. The next couple of months are going to be…. We’ll see.

    I absolutely love British slang. They have the best words for everything! Here in Oz, some of us use the term “nonce”. We also call them “rock spiders”. In our prisone, most are held in protective custody, for obvious reasons.

    • Lady D says:

      Where I lived, they created a whole prison just for them. The town got a whole new reputation. All kinds of people moved to town, mostly women with kids because it was easier to visit daddy in prison if they lived in the area.

    • Lady D says:

      Do you really have 219 pairs of socks, AnnaKist? I have 64 pairs of socks and thought I might be a wee bit obsessed with them. I now feel great about my collection, and a little miffed that yours is 3 times bigger than mine. I’m getting more.

  17. Athena says:

    I wish these were the days when royal siblings joined forces to take the crown from another sibling’s head.

    I rather feel sorry for him, here he is, the King of England, something he’s been waiting for most of his adult life and he’s too caught up in bitterness, jealousy, petty revenge to enjoy it. His just a sad, insecure old man too set in his ways to change.

    It was better when we knew less about the goings on of these royal families, the more the veil is lifted the less attractive their lives are.

    • Well Wisher says:

      There were three articles in the fail last weekend of note supporting the notion of TMI.

      Andrew as whipping boy had mixed results from its intended audience with ‘why bring this up again’ leading the credible answers..

      No D of E title reflected negatively on the King, quickly removed due to the king not keeping his word.

      The displeasure of shooting party also negative with the usual their inherent freedom to support their brother

      None reflected positively on the King.

      This is a boost your final thought on the subject. The less we know the better.

      • Feebee says:

        “Due to the King not keeping his word”. This is what it boils down to. It speaks volumes. I know people are dismissive of Eddie and Fiesta (lol) but even if it was to promote themselves a little, they put in the WORK. Who else is there to do to it? Charles the Petty is going to find without enough bodies, a lot of royal goodwill won’t be covered leading people to further question the point of them at all.

    • aftershocks says:

      @Athena: “It was better when we knew less about the goings on of these royal families…”

      Why better when we knew less? I disagree. The exposure and revelations are a good thing. Why should the public want to continue to be fooled about the over-entitled grifting, mean-spirited bickering, unwritten contract with the tabloid media, incessant leaks, puffed-up emptiness, and racism? There are lessons to be learned, and a cleansing sea change needs to happen.

  18. Well Wisher says:

    A recent English commenter asked the following question –
    When would the British royal family be royal again?

    Another answered stating that it died with the late Queen.

    I concur.

    • Jaded says:

      It will never be royal again. They’re acting like a bunch of empty-headed, petulant children and will eventually self-destruct. People are starting to see the sham behind all of the frippery.

    • A says:

      Here’s a better question: was it ever even royal in the first place?

      William the Conqueror was rumoured to be the illegitimate son of the Duke of Normandy and a commoner, Herleva, who was, legend has it, a tanner or a tanner’s daughter. Whether that’s actually true or not is uncertain, but the fact remains, one of the pre-eminent figures in British royal history was an illegitimate son born to a possible commoner.

      Royalty as a concept is entirely contrived. If QEII hadn’t been born into the family she was born into, something that happened entirely at random and by luck, would she be indistinguishable from literally any of the other women of her generation, who weren’t in her position? No. The only distinction she has is bc of her accident of birth. That’s the only thing that separates any of us from royalty. Nothing bought or even earned through merit. Just sheer dumb luck, awarded to some of the most mediocre, white pudding people.

  19. JCallas says:

    Imagine what Charles would have been doing to the Sussexes if they were still there.

  20. AnneL says:

    Andrew deserves to be ostracized. Freezing him out would be right and understandable, but we all know Charles isn’t doing it for the right reasons.

    Charles doesn’t really think Andrew was in the wrong or care about his victims. He just cares about image. If he’s mad at Anne and Edward for attending a social event with their brother, that springs from his deep and long-held resentment of his (male) siblings, his need for control and obeisance, and his belief that he is the sun around which his adult siblings and pretty much everyone else should revolve.

  21. HeyKay says:

    “The British royal family will never be royal again.”
    Absolutely correct.

    The Queen was the last of it. She worked to keep things under the rug and because of her longevity as Ruler, she had a lot of goodwill. Becoming as she aged The Nations Grandmother.

    With all sides being exposed on social media, books, pr, paps, etc. the more they are exposed the less royal they are, the rose colored glasses are off.

  22. Robin Samuels says:

    The Queen died two months ago, and one would think the anniversary of her death is approaching. All the events surrounding the funeral, and just like that, her name disappears from the daily royal news. Her jewelry collection is on display, the horses sold, and her favorite son sponsors a shooting party. Charles is probably having the Tower remodeled and prepared for future use. I can’t imagine how many can hold such a dysfunctional group of people in high esteem. Crown Royal is a moderate brand of whiskey. The royal family is an inappropriate label for the Windsors. The family dynamics could be better.
    There is more fact than fantasy in Season Five of the Crown. Andrew can travel to Baharain and attend the Christmas church service. Still, he can’t host a shooting party on the estate property or join the family on the after-service walk. King Charles has created a half-in, half-out scenario for Andrew.
    Charles waited too long to become King. He’s not aging gracefully, is impatient, probably not feeling 100% many days, is envious, and still harboring childhood anger.
    I cringe to think about the content of the Christmas message.

  23. Janice says:

    stop shooting things you stupid useless royals

  24. A says:

    Why did Charles ever expect that Edward would be on his side, on anything? Especially after Charles made it perfectly clear that he was going to hoard the DoE title for himself, going back on the promise he made to Edward at the time of Edward’s wedding. What incentive would Edward even have for being on the side of such a disingenuous person?

    It doesn’t excuse Edward running off to spend time with Pedo Andy. It’s appalling that people in this family think sticking it to Charles means it’s okay to go off and support a person like Andrew, in public view. Like….it’s one thing to be petty, it’s another to exercise your pettiness in this manner. That’s just too much.

    But the only reason Charles really even cares about Andrew and Andrew’s behaviour is bc it reflects poorly on him and the monarchy he wants to sustain. I don’t think Charles gives much of a sh-t abt what Andrew actually did. He just doesn’t want to look bad. Andrew has also been an embarrassment for decades, so this is a great way for Charles to give him the boot. So in that way, all of these people are on the same page, in a way, regarding Andrew. They don’t regard his actual crimes as the issue. It’s all just a question of optics. Which is better than nothing, if you’re placing the bar on the floor.

    So in that way, of course Edward is showing his support for Andrew. I can’t say much for why Anne is doing the same, considering not much has changed for her in terms of her standing or her position within the family. But for Edward, this is just a way to get back at Charles for bilking him of what he feels is his due.

    Interesting thing abt Edward too: he was granted a new, additional title a few years ago, a Scottish peerage–the Earldom of Forfar. So he’s the Earl of Wessex in England, and the Earl of Forfar in Scotland. It happened a year or two before the Queen passed, I think. I wonder if the Queen gave him another title, and a Scottish one at that, to make up for the fact that Charles was refusing to give up the DoE title. But an earldom is not the same in either rank or prestige as a dukedom, and it’s not even close to the same as being the Duke of Edinburgh. These people live and die by their titles, they take that sh-t incredibly seriously. Edward is probably seething with rage underneath, lmao.

  25. Zelka says:

    Sounds like bull

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