Olivia Wilde is ‘disappointed’ post-Harry Styles: ‘The break has been difficult’

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles announced their split last Friday. “Someone” confirmed the news to People Magazine, and that someone was Olivia Wilde or her publicist. Sidenote: Can you even imagine being Olivia’s publicist? Lord, what a job. Anyway, the People report made it sound like Harry and Olivia decided mutually to split and that everything was “amicable” and that they’d been sort of falling apart for a few months. That was the impression I had, that as soon as Don’t Worry Darling’s promotion was done and dusted, it got harder and harder to stay together. Of course, they didn’t want to officially break up the second after promo was done because that would be too obvious. In any case, all of us knew that the “everything is amicable, there’s no drama” line would not hold. Here’s a soft-launch of Olivia’s post-Styles storyline:

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles’ recent break was the result of a “tricky situation.” PEOPLE reported Friday that the Don’t Worry Darling director, 38, and the “As It Was” singer, 28, are taking a break from their relationship after nearly two years together.

A source tells PEOPLE, “The break has been difficult for Olivia. They have had some issues, but Olivia thought they were gonna work through it all. She is disappointed. It’s just a tricky situation, though.”

An insider said last week that the “very amicable decision” to put their romance on pause was because Styles is “still touring and is now going abroad” while Wilde “is focusing on her kids and her work in L.A.”

They simply “have different priorities that are keeping them apart,” a friend of the pair added.

Wilde — along with her children, daughter Daisy, 6, and son Otis, 8 (she co-parents with ex-fiancé Jason Sudeikis) — were spotted dancing and singing along at Styles’ Nov. 15 concert in Los Angeles. She stepped out for the 13th Governors Awards on Saturday, her first red carpet appearance since news of their break. Styles, meanwhile, is heading abroad for his Love on Tour shows.

Over the course of their relationship, Wilde and Styles have had to endure drama surrounding the release of their film Don’t Worry Darling, namely persistent claims that Wilde and the film’s leading actress Florence Pugh were at odds.

“The public pressure on them has been difficult,” said the friend. “They’ve had ups and downs throughout the relationship.”

[From People]

“The break has been difficult for Olivia. They have had some issues, but Olivia thought they were gonna work through it all. She is disappointed. It’s just a tricky situation, though.” Hm. I assume this means that Harry wanted the breakup more than Olivia, and she was trying to persuade him to stick with it and he was like “nah.” And Olivia being “disappointed” – I assume this will be her thing, that she had to end it with Harry because of her disappointment in his immaturity or something like that? Well, there’s no need to try to figure this out now. Olivia will tell us her version of events in the weeks and months to come. Trust that she will find a way to make herself the victim and the heroine of the story!

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  1. Sandy says:

    I think for Harry it was just a fling, he is 28 and still not ready to settle down probably, Olivia took it more seriously. I hope she focuses on her children now

    • Silver Charm says:

      They dated for 2 years. That’s not a fling.

    • Anna says:

      Focuses on her children? What, she has no right to date? What has her love life to do with anything?

      • Debbie says:

        @Anna: I don’t think there was any malice, hidden meaning, or sexism in @Sandy’s statement. It was even stated in the People magazine article above: That Harry was going on tour, while Olivia was staying in L.A. and focusing on her work and her children.

  2. Normades says:

    Looking at their body language during the promo it looked to me that he was absolutely avoiding her gaze and not just to ‘play it cool’. My guess is that they were already or almost done but waited to announce it on her behalf.

    • FHMom says:

      I never got the point of pretending they weren’t together when everyone knew they were. Hollywood has been exploiting relationships for box office forever. See kStew/RPat, for example. I’d say Harry was over her by then and didn’t want to play along.

    • Kebbie says:

      The DWD premiere was so uncomfortable. It was painful to watch her gazing over at him just hoping for a glance from him. And he just wouldn’t do it.

      I hope when he’s really serious about someone he can summon the strength to go out on a limb for her and defend her to his fans. He clearly wouldn’t do that for Olivia. That should have been her sign.

      • KC says:

        What’s interesting is that myself and I’m guessing a lot of other folks thought that was to distance themselves from the Shia-Miss Flo media nightmare/him not publicly looking to pic sides. But now I wonder if he didn’t care not only for the drama but also for that situation. That may have been what soured him and his handlers and brought the demise of the relationship.🤷🏾‍♀️

    • Ela (missing a G) says:

      That’s what I thought also. I think they were on the path of a break up and she was holding on to him.. or trying. But he for sure was over it.

  3. Veruca Salty says:

    Olivia Wilde needs to just lay low and go away for a while. This relationship has given her THE most press/attention she’s ever had in her entire career but it’s all been pretty bad/cringe.

    • Molly says:

      I still can’t believe she prioritized this relationship over her professional reputation. She had success with Book Smart, could have considered DWD mostly a miss, and still been considered a marginally successful actor-turned-director that people took seriously.

      Instead, they sucked face in the trailer and we all cringed at how desperately she wanted his attention while he ignored her at the premier. Add in the Florence madness, and Olivia clearly brought a nearly 40 year old knife to a 20-something gun fight.

      Hope the lovin’ was worth it.

      • KC says:

        Not just that, but going through a fresh divorce with young kids and a disgruntled ex. Chiiiiilllllle, that’s a lot-almost too much!😓

        I keep wondering if she just really wanted and saw him as a quick way to shut of the door on the marriage and fell hard or if she fancied she’d found her own Aaron Taylor-Johnson.🤔 He’s a POP SINGER and nothing about their relationship is the same. Also, didn’t he and Sam wait until AFTER the movie to pursue things? This is making Olivia look not very mature or wise, I could actually see Harry claiming HE wanted out because of HER immaturity.🫤. Hopefully, they both stay mum, let this die down, and she stays low and focuses on her kids for a while.

      • minx says:

        Not to keep repeating it, but Wilde and Sudeikis weren’t married.

  4. SomeChick says:

    wow, those red gloves look like dishwashing gloves.

    she looks pretty but sad in the top pic. altho that net panel on the bodice goes too high.

    it’s pretty funny that they never got called WildeStyles. too obscure I suppose.

  5. girl_ninja says:

    She fell hard and wanted far more than he was willing to give her. He IS 28 years old and a super star. It was really awful how she treated Florence and how this mess all went down but I think Olivia was also looking to get out of her relationship with Jason. I also think that the Harry fans were so incredibly horrible to her and she did not deserve the vitriol hurled at her. Harry certainly isn’t worth that mess IMO.

    • KFG says:

      Ehh, she’s a vapid pick me. He was just having fun and she was hoping to get more relevance from dating him. She literally tanked her own movie just to get with him. So sad. Welp, I wouldn’t trust her and I hope the tanking of DWD keeps her from making mediocre movies in the future.

      • Silver Charm says:

        Even a casual observer can tell you this isn’t true. The continued vitriol is disturbing, to put it mildly.

      • Normades says:

        No this was a serious relationship that went very sour. I think they were both very into it in the beginning but all her family/professional drama was too hard for him to sustain.
        Also 28 is an age where lots of people settle down. He knew full well what he was getting into and he wouldn’t have gone public with her if it wasn’t serious in the first place.

      • Pilar says:

        But how serious can a relationship with Harry styles be? He’s had a few relationships but unlike his former band mates who are also in their late 20s he’s always looked like the one who doesn’t do long term relationship. Olivia is the type that marries/starts a family with her boyfriends so she probably had other expectations.
        I don’t think it’s to do with age more that he’s extremely ambitious so will always do what his team tells him aka what’s best for his career. And clearly this mess with Olivia was not good for his rep. Someone on another site called him an industry plant which is a bit cruel. But look at how he is forever gassed up as the second coming of Bowie/ jagger and an outstanding actor, despite being a moderately talented musician and apparently a pretty terrible actor. He’s the embodiment of white male privilege and while I don’t like Olivia I do think he got minimal blow back compared to her for this mess. If say Jason S had left Olivia for a decade younger woman ( or had an affair) the woman would have been vilified. (See lily James etc). Harry on the other hand has been infantilised by both his stans and some commentators even on this site for his part in this mess.

      • LIONE says:

        “He’s the embodiment of white male privilege and while I don’t like Olivia I do think he got minimal blow back compared to her for this MESS”.

        THIS. IS. SO. TRUE.

        He might just be another Brad Pitt.
        I do not get good vibes from the way he treats his gf, and read somewhere that he’s very controlling and demanding in his work.
        We, as a society, often put men on pedestals for “knowing exactly what they want” and excuse controlling behaviour as some genius-move. But on top of everything HS makes very average sounding music. His lyrics are so dumb, superficial and emotionally immature. (Queue another song about fruit).
        I’m surprised people don’t react more to his insanely flat lyrics and shallow “out-poring of soul”.
        (it’s too easy for men to be called geniuses, while a women are whiny and bitchy doing the same. Another debate for another day I guess).

        To me he seems calculated, cold and detached. I don’t think he’s a very good partner to have.
        And I just keep seeing a young Brad Pitt. Good looking (-ish), flat performer, superficial charm, no real substance and lots of hidden toxicity. Way too consumed with his public persona and image.
        He dated Kendall Jenner. That’s ALL you need to know about him.
        Nah…olivia Wilde might be a handful, but HS is no dream.

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        @KFG I agree with you. The amount of gaslighting Olivia Wilde has engaged in regarding her breakup, the situation with Shia LaBeouf, and the situation with Florence Pugh leads me to believe she’s a narcissist. Harry Styles was a high-profile star, and she wanted to attach herself to him. It didn’t work out, so now she’s gaslighting that they’re just on a “break”.

      • Extra says:

        I mean Harry dated Kendall Jenner that tells me he is vapid and stupid like her and he might go back with Kendall again so I hope Olivia knows that she just wasted her time with him and feels embarrassed but life goes on

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      ITA – she was really into the relationship and was willing to do what it took to make it work. He on the other hand treated her like sh!t – he never acknowledged her in public in any way. That says everything I need to know about what kind of man this queer baiting for money brat is. I’m not a fan of either of them but he stood silently by while his fans attacked her – he could have said something but he didn’t. Instead he chose to pander to them so that they will continue to give him their cash.

      Let’s see who his next gf is – someone who am sure he thinks will give him some legitimacy on whatever move he makes next. He’s obsessed with being taken seriously as an actor – I can see his next gf being an accomplished or serious actor like Flo.

      It will be interesting to see if he has any longevity – very few boy banders make it big solo. Take That were the exception as both Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams are exceptionally talented people.

      • Pilar says:

        He’s been the same with all his gfs.
        He dated that French model for a year. But unlike Olivia she didn’t care that he didn’t claim her in public because she’s not that kind of celebrity and never mentioned him herself.. Olivia couldn’t shut up about how amazing harry is, so it became more skewed when he never said anything.

        To be honest what you said about him standing by and not doing anything goes for a lot of these men including Robert Pattison who never said anything about the racist abuse FKA Twigs suffered when they dated. These men basically care more about their careers than their girlfriends.

      • Veruca Salty says:

        Calling someone a queer baiter is so problematic but that’s a whole other topic/convo that I’ll shelve for now…

        And so far, he HAS shown and proven longevity in his field. He’s released 3 albums, sold out worldwide stadiums, has an exclusive contract with Gucci (amongst others) has his own specialty line of products… he’s no flash in the pan. And he’s WAY more talented and successful than Robbie Williams. Gary Barlow can’t even be included in the same sentence as far as longevity. No disrespect to them, I love Take That! But Harry has conquered the U.S. market in a way that RW used to dream of when they tried to make him happen out here in the early aughts.

      • Pilar says:

        Don’t know about the people you mention but longevity means decades not a few years.
        He has charm and is an engaging performer but musically there’s like a LOT of people who are far more original and musically talented then him. His dad rock suits the middle American market on top of that he has a huge inbuilt fandom that he never alienated ( unlike some of the other 1D members) including choosing not to defend his gf from his fans vitriol- plus the backing of the most powerful people in the industry, like the azoffs. He might have done somewhat better than people expected but if he had failed it would have been quite remarkable considering all the money and PR that was pumped into his career.

      • Frnk27 says:

        I watched a HS interview a while ago where he was asked about his personal (dating) life. He declined the question and said he doesn’t share information about that part of his life. The interviewer called him out on it and he responded that paparazzi and the press put information out there, not him. It seems like he makes a habit of not talking about his dating life which makes sense with most relationship info coming from Olivia’s camp. I’m sure his people put stuff out there now and again but not HS himself. Maybe that’s why he never spoke up while she was being dragged by his fans?

    • SquiddusMaximus says:

      Agree on all points — namely, Olivia did not deserve the villification, and Harry is so not worthy. I mean, my god. Both Olivia and Flo are gorgeous, fierce, talented women who have managed to thrive in a very misogynistic industry. They both have looked on fire this press tour, too.

      Harry is weak coffee, man. Just a boy, with a high voice, weird clothing choices, and no discernible acting ability. I don’t listen to his music because I am an adult and grew up listening to real music from the 90’s.

      They both deserve better.

      • Veruca Salty says:

        Hey I’m an adult, too and can appreciate Harry Styles’ music lol.

      • SquiddusMaximus says:

        LOL, sorry! I knew that comment would come back to bit me in the ass! I was just casually insulting him, not anyone else!

      • Veruca Salty says:

        @SquiddusMaximus – haha no worries!! I know he’s not everyone’s cuppa tea!
        @Pilar – about longevity, I know HS still has a long way to go but I guess the point I was trying to make is that he wasn’t a one-hit solo artist. He’s been pretty consistent in the past 5 years and his popularity and accolades have increased with each new album release. Obviously, he’s got a great management team, too!

      • Jaded says:

        @SquiddusMaximus — Each era has/had great music, not just the 90s. Some of the best music ever came out of the 60s and 70s, groundbreaking stuff that was real, not autotuned and over produced. Think musicians like Cream, Yes, Dire Straits, Supertramp, Brothers Johnson, Earth Wind and Fire, Joni Mitchell, Linda Rondstadt, Bonnie Raitt, The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan. The 80s was a terrific decade for music — the English music scene was amazing. I could go on and on. Boy bands and pop stars of today are meh. All style no substance. Pun intended.

      • Whatnow says:

        Almost 50 years since he’s passed and he’s as beloved as ever.

    • Haylie says:

      I knew that relationship was doomed when his pathetic female fanbase began attacking her and he stayed on mute.

    • Isabella says:

      28 isn’t that young, especially in pop star years. The man once dated Taylor Swift. He is not a boy.

  6. shanaynay says:

    Her outfits are….something.

    • Barbara says:

      Yeah, I don’t want to come across as thin shaming her because maybe that’s just her natural body, but being able to see every bone in her chest is uncomfortable. I always think she chooses her fancy clothes to show off as many bones as possible (the plunging necklines, bandeau tops, etc.).

  7. Woke says:

    I can’t believe she put her professional reputation on the line for him. A man who can’t even say yes we’re together in interview and who avoided you like the plague when promoting the movie you both were apart of.

    She need to stop the tabloids fodder take a break from the public focus on her kids and come back.

    • SquiddusMaximus says:

      Kind of agree. It’s too bad – she’s too talented to risk her reputation for him. HIM. Not even Oscar Isaac!

      But seriously… infatuation can be overhwhelming, and it can make people do some fucked up shit. I hope she was less messy at home and protected her kids from any fallout, but I can’t help but feel some pity. Who hasn’t been in that relationship that you know is kind of dirty but you want it to fix itself even when all your friends and family are like, “Ew… girl.”

  8. Chaine says:

    I can’t say I feel sorry for her. She blew up her marriage and disrupted her children’s lives over an infatuation with a much younger workplace subordinate. That rarely ends well.

  9. Eowyn says:

    She. Will. Never. Stop. Talking. Next it will be “my breakfast omelette…was disappointing “. Gawd.

  10. María says:

    I just find it odd that she was at his concert the day prior.

  11. Aurora says:

    This means nothing. All couples have issues and are hopeful they’ll work them out until one party doesn’t. It indeed conveys ‘it wasn’t Olivia’s fault’ (which most likely means it was actually her fault) and ‘she was willing to keep putting in the work’ (again: it was her fault). Harry looks like an existencially high maintenance human being and I don’t doubt Olivia’s career clashed with it. But even if by the look of things they were in for real, her role in the whole MissFlo drama could have dropped his blindfold. Not as much regarding Olivia’s personal traits, but also their association with his carefully curated brand if they stayed together.

  12. Emmi says:

    What am I reading. It’s a break up, it’s a pause on the relationship, it was very amicable, it is a tricky situation. No, it isn’t. This was never going to last, hasn’t there been enough High Drama around these two?

  13. Lola says:

    WHO IS STYLING HER? Bad bad bad bad!

  14. C says:

    We all saw it coming. I personally don’t think he’s much of a catch either, so while she’s annoying I think she’s better off.

  15. JustMe says:

    Something tells me she’s never been the dumpeee and was always the dumper.
    2 kids are a hard fit for a 28 yr old going on a music tour

    • Mia4s says:

      I think you may be on to something there. I’m getting the sense she’s calling this a “pause” or a “break”, and holding out some hope. For him I’m guessing it’s over, done, kaput….which means her “poor Olivia” stories have just started…sigh, I’m already tired.

    • KC says:

      @JUSTME THIS! I was just thinking “I hope she gives herself just as much time and grace to get over the shock of this as she gave to Jason”. If nothing else this might help her better empathize with all the men she’s left in her wake and inform her future interactions in relationships.

      If Harry did the dumping hopefully she can reach back into all her experiences of dumping guys, understand where he’s coming from, and that helps her move forward. It’s Thanksgiving so this seems the perfect time for her to hold her kids tight and count her blessings.

  16. D says:

    All the people saying this was a fling and she should have known it wasn’t going to last…he literally wrote an album about their relationship, so I think he was for sure giving her the idea it was serious. Regardless, it was probably too much of a heat score and with their schedules not really something they could maintain once the bloom was off the rose. I feel for her kids because man, both parents seem to have really put them through the wringer over the last few years. Imagine being around for all of that drama and the nanny being involved too. Ugh.

    I hope the kids’ lives calm down, they can stay in once place for a while and get some type of normal schedule going between parents. Everyone involved seems self absorbed and certainly not putting the children first, certainly not with all the leaking to the press. Just be quiet, focus on your kids and move on as best you can.

    I also have to say, she may be super annoying and have terrible style but she is so pretty.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yeah, I don’t think writing an album that was inspired by their relationship necessarily means he was into their actual relationship.

    • Pilar says:

      He wrote an album about the French model too. Her voice is even on the album and he dated her for only about a year.
      Taylor swift writes albums about people she dated for like a couple of months .
      Musicians take inspiration where they can find, fans/stans always read too much into it.

    • What says:

      The album is not about her, his producers even said it was recorded early-mid 2020

  17. HeatherC says:

    Take it from someone who is a single mother. It’s one thing to date a woman with kids for a while and a whole different animal to really commit to a woman with kids. Because the other party knows it’s not just the woman they’re committing to. It’s the kids, who didn’t ask for it, or volunteer to be in the middle of a tug of war.

    When she made it clear she was going to move her kids to London to be with Harry, and Jason filed his oh hell no back, that probably gave a 28 year old with no real history of settling down some pause.

    I’m Team Kids and hope they weren’t too attached to him.

    • Twin Falls says:

      This is my take as well as a divorced mom of two still youngish kids.

    • Nicole says:

      ITA – My old a$$ is thinking, “Girl! He’s 28! You are older and a full time parent. AND you’re trying to extricate from a SO who wants to be with his kids.” That is way too much drama for a rockstar creative. I definitely think it was too much drama and just plain too much period. After the infatuation fades you have good old fashioned work to maintain a relationship. I don’t think he was as vested as she was. Hopefully this won’t impact the kids too much. But regardless of the age divorce is gonna divorce. Hopefully there will be some family intervention to level set.

    • ChillinginDC says:

      Thank you. I realized many people here forget about that whole mess. Look, be in love girl, but uprooting your kids to another country where their father does not live and won’t be able to see them on a regular basis is just asking for trouble. I thought the whole thing was short sighted. Also her recent statements were like I am going to spend the next year focusing on being a single mom. So who knows what is happening with her.

      I will say this, they both seemed into each other based on photos and she was really into him based on interviews. I just thought it was crap how he wouldn’t even claim their relationship in a recent interview. It does remind me of the mess that FKA Twigs and other women had to deal with when dating a celebrity. I recall thinking that Prince Harry was so much different because he did that whole “love shield’ thing and was like you are not going to do this to someone I am seeing.

      Olivia and Jason just both sounded a mess. I am sure the reveals about what went on behind the scenes of DWD, the number of actors who talked subtle crap (the two who got cut) and the fact that the movie didn’t cement Styles leading man bona fides didn’t help at all. Plus, as others had said, she could not stop talking. I kept cringing at her.

      • Nicegirl says:

        That love ❤️ shield 🛡️ thang tho 🔥

        Agree with your take here

      • Mcmmom says:

        Yep, I agree. As a divorced mom with kids who married a single dad with full custody of his kid, you get the whole package, not just the adult. I like Harry’s music, but his behavior strikes me as childish and I’m over him. I don’t find adolescents arrractive and he doesn’t seem very adult. As problematic as Olivia was, he should have had her back.

      • sunny says:

        Excellent take.

  18. Justpassingby says:

    I wonder if those rumors of him getting with Florence Pugh first, and that leading to her break-up with Zach Braff are true.

    • Fortuona says:

      A year and a half later

      DWD filmed in Autumn 2020
      Flo and Zach broke up in April ? 2022

      And him and Flo are still talking (see his Insta) and she was also running about with his niece in NY last week

  19. detritus says:

    I find it interesting they’re still using ‘break’. Not broken up. Not over. On a break. Do adults do that?

    • London says:

      It sounds a bit softer to say ” taking a break ” over broken up.

      Olivia’s publicist is working overtime to make it look like it was a mutual decision and most likely it can’t be further from the truth.

      Harry dumped Olivia, the drama she brought with her, all the negative press, her unprofessional behavior on the set of DWD, hooking up with a subordinate, 2 kids, messy split with her ex, the nanny disclosing some pretty bad info, it’s too much for a 28 year old pop star.

      I just turned 28 and I can’t even imagine being pregnant, not alone having 2 kids and all the massive responsibility to raise 2 kind an decent human beings in this messed up world.

      She fell hard, blew up her life over a young dude who probably had some fun, but when things turned a bit hard, he was looking for the exit, but did it in a more responsible way, so as not to hurt his reputation.

      Olivia needs to do some serious growing up, she seems extremely immature to me.

      I remember how awful she treated her 1st husband during their divorce.

  20. Kate says:

    He obviously dumped her.

  21. Aly says:

    Considering the number of plotholes in DWD it’s safe to say Olivia’s heart was not in the movie. She was too distracted by Harold Stylish. She had heavyweights like Miss Flo and Chris Pine in her cast. She could have used their potential on screen and make it to awards season..but she literally threw it away for a manchild.

    DWD almost seems like a Harry Styles fanservice movie with so much focus on his poor acting skills and unnecessarily long sex scenes that give no heat. A good director would have taken Harry’s rookie acting skills in consideration and made him play second fiddle to Chris Pine aka the only guy in that movie with serious acting chops. But Olivia clearly had Harold on her brain and that’s why she messed up so badly.

    • Mslove says:

      Remember when Kendall Jenner said Harry needed to shower & wear deodorant? I wonder if he still stinks. Also wondering if there’s something about soap that actors know about & we regulars don’t?

    • Stacey Dresden says:

      @Aly I’m dyingggggg lolllll

  22. Blujfly says:

    This makes her plan to move her children to London look completely irresponsible and like a selfish person with no intent to co-parent trying to do anything to cut the other spouse out of all their lives, with no real justification, sorry to say.

    • Fortuona says:

      According to the guy (or his sources ) who wass so broke up he moves onto a 14 years younger Page 3 model him 2 weeks later

    • Lux says:

      Love or lust can act like a drug on the brain, and according to the text revelations, OW was behaving like an addict. It’s sad that her (watermelon sugar) high comes from him. She really was all in and he, clearly, was not. Hopefully now that it’s over, she can reevaluate some of her personal and professional life choices. The broken engagement still seems like the right choice—I would be super disappointed to see her and JS back together—but “focusing on her kids” actually sounds like the healthy answer. She needs to make like Jennifer Lawrence and just hide out for a while (or as another commenter said, not attend the opening of an envelope like a d-lister).

  23. Twinkle says:

    I wish she would stop wearing these low cut dresses. She’s all bony up top and her boobs look like dried up raisins. It’s not attractive.

    • memow says:

      She’s gorgeous? Whatever goes on with her personally and professionally she always looks great.

  24. KC says:

    Oh wow! 😱 This is completely shocking info for me!🙄. Yeah, I suspect she’ll be trying to pour us more of her tepid tea later.

    What really WAS very surprising and new news for me….Harry is the one who’s been singing “As It Was”?!!!!😯. I really thought A-Ha had just re-released it. 🤔Are they even still alive? Tbh, since I stopped dancing I’m not really up-to-date on music. I was just explaining to someone Monday I got my car Dec 2017 and still don’t know how to work/program the radio because I’m always listening to audiobooks and podcasts.🤷🏾‍♀️

    • JanetDR says:

      Mine’s a 2015 and same! I did program in a couple of stations once when I was waiting for someone last year 😂

  25. [insert_catchy_name] says:

    Anyone else get the feeling she will be one of those ex’s who just can’t let go??

  26. Trish says:

    I knew she didn’t want it. I mean, men are only as faithful as their options and he’s a rockstar ten years younger. I don’t think this will be the end of it tho, those Aquarius/ Pisces relationships tend to be long. She won’t let go and depending on who he can find that will put up with his nonsense, they will be back.

    • J says:

      Sorry I don’t agree “men are only as faithful as their options”. That is really cynical and doesn’t consider the integrity and character many good men out there possess. I have seen a man turn down a younger woman because he was a good guy and committed to his wife and family. I hope it isn’t rare. While there are a lot of entitled assholes out there, there are a lot of good guys flying under the radar who quietly turn down options all the time

  27. Coco says:

    Is Olivia always this attention-seeking? Between her running to the tabloids every 5 minutes and going to the opening of an envelope, it’s giving D-listed vibes.

    She needs to focus on herself and her kids because it doesn’t seems like that is what she been doing. She running after some man willing to go through a big nasty custody battle by moving to another country. Having the kids not seeing their dad regularly and Messing up her career for a man that is not even whiling move to LA to make it easier for her kids to come on.

  28. Stef says:

    I don’t see his appeal whatsoever. He looks like a whiney teenager. He can’t act and his music is mediocre at best. Yawn.

    • Sudie says:

      ITA. Harry Styles is uber popular now because of teen girls, the same as it’s always been for decades for rock/pop stars! He won’t have a decades long music career because as many have said, his music is meh and immature. As soon as those teens age out and the next pop sensation comes on the scene, Harry Styles will be a footnote, pretty much like Bieber is now, y’all remember Bieber don’t you? Harry Styles doesn’t have what it takes to be a music legend, he doesn’t appeal to the masses. Stepping his foot into acting hasn’t played out well either. What he is now will be the highlight of his career.

  29. Scout says:

    So they just now realized that Harry will need to tour and Olivia has children? Please. This was a relationship on both sides….yet I think Harry was shielded from the destruction Olivia did to her life to be with him.

    But I think he totally knew about her actions on set and seemed to be fine with them.

    And THEN the info started spilling out into the public…. And Harry decided to cut bait awhile ago…but as stated, he had to wait awhile until after the movie publicity ended.

  30. J says:

    Aw man she made her bed and has to lie on it now but I feel kinda bad for her. I know I shouldn’t, she played stupid games and won the stupid prize…but I do feel for OW. She seems immature and selfish but also kind of lost and flailing. I hope she gets help. Maybe she can grown, maybe there is a better more solid woman underneath all this mess we see right now. I hope so for her sake and her kids

  31. CC says:

    Since, according to all blind items Harry is in the closet, this isn’t a surprise.

  32. Angela says:

    I have a feeling Olivia and Jason will be spotted hanging out in the next 6 months and this time next year they’ll be full-on back together.