Nicole Kidman & Gwyneth Paltrow cast as husband & wife

Nicole Kidman

Oh, I can hardly wait for this one! I’m literally shivering in anticipation! This film will chillingly suck the frozen life out of anyone cold-hearted enough to watch it. Enough with the “icy” or “frozen” references, you say? Too bad! This casting monstrosity wasn’t my idea, and I’m going to ride this joke into its icy grave. Here is the epic casting decision: The Goop (Gwyneth Paltrow) will be playing Nicole Kidman’s wife (named Greta) in the true story of the first post-operative transsexual. Nicole Kidman will be playing the husband, Einar Wegener, who becomes a woman. The film is called The Danish Girl, and Greta/Goop (the wife) was allegedly fully supportive of her husband at first, encouraging him to dress as a woman, but she becomes less supportive when people start talking about “surgeries” and “cutting things off”.

Gwyneth Paltrow will join Nicole Kidman in “The Danish Girl,” an adaptation of the David Ebershoff novel that tells the story of a relationship between the first post-operative transsexual, Einar Wegener, and his wife Greta.

Thomas Alfredson (“Let the Right One In”) is directing a script by Lucinda Coxon. Gail Mutrux, Anne Harrison and Linda Reisman are producing, along with Kidman and Per Saari.

One afternoon in 1920s Copenhagen, Greta, a portrait painter, asked her husband to stand in for an absent female model. Slipping on a dress, stockings and woman’s shoes began a metamorphosis into Lili. When the photos became wildly popular, Greta encouraged her husband to do more, but a harmless game evolved into something deeper that threatens their marriage.

Kidman had already been attached to play Einar, and Paltrow will play Greta, who stood by her partner through the sex-change operation, finally letting go when she realized the man she married no longer exists.

Paltrow most recently wrapped “Iron Man 2,” which opens May 7, 2010. She’s repped by UTA and Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

[From Variety]

As Lainey Gossip pointed out, both Gwyneth and Nicole have been box office poison as of late (with the exception of IronMan, but who really went to see that movie because of Gwyneth?), and pairing the two actresses isn’t going to result in any kind of box office gold. That’s not why they’re making the film, though – it will be a smaller, independent film that will likely aim for critical acclaim and some acting awards. But couldn’t you just die? Between Gwyneth’s snotty voice and her “get the roaches out of here” attitude and Nicole Kidman’s taut, unmoving face, this film is going to be heaven for gossips.

In one other piece of Gwyneth news, Fox News 411 had an interesting piece about the alleged affair between Chris Martin and Kate Bosworth. According to Fox’s sources, the affair story is false, but the story gets denied in hilarious fashion. The source says: “Chris did not hook up with Kate in public or private. Chris has enough to deal with his work, his children and Gwyneth. He is not adding an affair with another A-lister to his list of things to do.” An affair with another A-lister? Kate Bosworth is an A-lister? Seriously? Cough cough Bosworth’s publicist is the source cough cough. But there’s more! The source also says: “Chris pretty much laughed off the accusations and even Gwyneth was fairly unaffected. She trusts Chris would not cheat on her in such a blatant, public manner.” Um… “blatant, public manner”? But if he was quiet about, that would be okay?

Fox News 411 goes on though – apparently, all of the rumors about the cracks in Chris and Gwyneth’s marriage is dead-on. The source says: “Chris wishes that Gwyneth would loosen up and be a little less uptight about everything, but he would never hurt his family this way. He actually loves to mock Gwyneth and all her projects. That’s a bigger problem for them than the rumors. People pick up on it and some play along with him because he’s just so cool. Guys that work for Gwyneth always want to be buds with Chris and it crosses a line for her when he gets them to start goading her, too. It’s one of those couple problems.” Chuckle. So, Goopy can brush off rumors that Chris is bangin’ her “younger version” but Gwyneth is at her wit’s end when Chris mocks The Goop?

Here’s Nicole taking daughter Sunday to the doctor on November 4th. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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  1. anna says:

    NO ONE is going to pay money see this crap. A Massengill ad would be more entertaining to sit through.

  2. BitterBetty says:

    Talk about your nightmare casting. Fishticks sucks the life out of every character she plays and Nicole doesn’t even look human anymore. what a joke. dead and deader need to retire.

  3. ela says:

    Gwyneth and Nicole are box office poison, and George Clooney?? if pitt, damon and ocean boys arent in the movie with G.C his movies barely register at the box office.

    His -The Men Who Stare At Goats- did poorly on boxoffice this weekend.

  4. Praise St. Angie! says:

    That banner pic of Kidman is scaring me.

  5. Prissa says:

    Nicole’s forehead is soooo huge!! I wonder why she doesn’t get some bangs or a sidesweep, something, anything!

  6. Dorothy says:

    Are you kidding??!!! I am dying to see this movie!

  7. stinabelle says:

    What is this face Gwyneth is making? Does this dress make anyone else think she’s shrugging?

  8. lin234 says:

    Goop has a more manly face then Kidman.

  9. MizzExpert says:

    Nicole doesn’t have very far to go to get there now…

  10. danielle says:

    Lol, got frostbite reading this post!

  11. lrm says:

    man,i used to love GP back when….thought she was a good actress w/potential.
    then she got even snottier,and began treating acting like a side hobby….
    kidman,never really a fan—dont really know any of her films-have only seen eyes wide shut.
    tend to think she is miscast incessantly,too.
    but DO think she was absolutely gorgeous pre-botox.
    actually,they were both more attractive pre-procedures.

    where are the actresses who really age gracefully?
    I mean,in their age bracket? 35-45….halle berry? anyone?

  12. Obvious says:

    I’m very disappointed. Goop is much manlier then nicole.

    I’d pay lots of money to see goop as a man. she couldn’t be any worse looking than she is as a woman (to be fair i think this is mainly because of her attitude-but the face ain’t pretty itself)

  13. ha says:

    chris Martin doesn’t give the cool vibe at all. they are both boring and fug

  14. cuppycake says:

    I loved the book and think they could have done MUCH better than this. Quite depressing.
    On a happy note, look at how cute little Sunday is!

  15. lolo says:

    Introducing Mr and Ms Freeze.

    Casting the both of them together is so cartoonish, it’s like casting the villains for the next Batman flick.

  16. Juice In LA says:

    Sure sure I get the “Ice” references, but I am flabbergasted that no one took the opportunity to make a “Nicole Kidman is the perfect tranny” joke?

    sigh, Ok I’ll do it. its her own fault. Plastic surgery makes all women eventually look like trannies. Nic is no exception.

  17. Kaboom says:

    The movie title “The Hags” would have been more appropriate.

  18. birdie says:

    This movie is based on a book that was realllly good, and both Nicole and Gwyneth have impressed me in films before. I doubt this will be a box office blockbuster, but it has to the potential to be a very good film. There are people who like to see interesting unique independent films (like me) and not Transformers, or other films that do well in the box office but have absolutely no plot whatsoever. Box office success is not the end all, be all.

  19. Sumodo says:

    Anybody see some of the crazy movies Nicole has been in, like “Fur?” ACKKK! And, who remembers Goopy in that fat suit movie? UFFFFF! The two of the togther? GLURGH!

  20. loldongs says:


    One looks bat-shit bug-fucking insane, and the other looks dejected.

  21. Aspie says:

    LMAO @ Kaboom!

  22. BlueSkies says:

    Both of these broads sold their souls through connections. Both not classicly beautiful. Or even pretty.

  23. Essie says:

    Irm, honey, if you think Halle Berry is “aging gracefully” you need to seriously take a look at her!! I mean, yes, she is beautiful but the girl has had some botox or something, in her forehead and around the eyes. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t give her credit she doesn’t deserve!!

    As for this movie . . . I cannot imagine anybody paying $12-$15 to see a movie with these two broads!! It sounds just to horrible!! They are both BO poison so I hope nobody is putting too much money into this thing!!

    P.S.: I love Gwynnie and I subscribe to GOOP, so I’m not a hater. I also believe that, yes, if Chris keeps his affairs on the downlow, Gwynnie would be just fine with it because she doesn’t want to break up her family. Gwynnie’s mother spent most of her married life with a man who cheated on her but she stood by him for the sake of her children and her status. That’s what some women do. I’m not judging!!

  24. TwinkleToes says:

    Gone are the days of true beauties like Vivienne Leigh, Grace Kelly and Liz Taylor. Gone. The only beauty is Megan Fox and she’s ruined herself with tacky tattoos-and her talking shit.

  25. Bete says:

    Two words:
    Too skinny!

    Nicole resembles Skeletor. If the film conforms to the Kidman curse, it’ll go straight to DVD. Why do directors bother with her?

  26. fizXgirl314 says:

    why does kidman look like shit? does she relaly think she looks good?

  27. elusive says:

    Megan fox is as plastic as the rest of them…beauty is bought in hollywood.

  28. JaNa'e says:

    that’s going to be a boring movie, both of them have about as much emotion on screen as a cold dead fish.

  29. bc says:

    What is with Gwynneth Paltrow and her obsession with transsexuals???? I saw her on “The Marriage Ref” on cable Thursday May 6…and she said that girls who wear miniskirts are dressing like “trannies”… and after finding this blog, I understand a little better. She is obsessed with them. Is she one? Is she throwing stones to keep someone from throwing one at her? Why wouldn’t she say girls in miniskirts look like “hookers” or “ho’s”…but no-this chick is obsessed with transsexuals? Food for thought kids.