Kim Kardashian & Kanye West finalized their divorce, he’ll pay child support

At the end of the day, it took nearly two years for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to finalize their divorce. Kim filed for divorce in February 2021, after telegraphing it for two months or so. Kanye fought the divorce as much as possible for a year and a half, hiring and firing maybe a dozen divorce attorneys throughout 2021 and 2022. Earlier this year, the court agreed to sign off on a bifurcated divorce, meaning they were legally divorced before they settled all of their custodial and financial issues. Now they’ve settled everything – Kanye will pay child support and their prenup was upheld.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are officially divorced. The SKIMS founder, 42, and the rapper, 45, have finalized their split, with the exes coming to an agreement about child custody and property, PEOPLE confirms.

According to divorce documents obtained by PEOPLE, the former couple will have joint physical and legal custody of their four children: North, 9, Saint, 6, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 3.

The Grammy winner will be required to pay Kardashian $200,000 a month in child support. He will also be responsible for half of the children’s medical, educational, and security expenses. Both Kardashian and West waived spousal support.

The pair also agreed to settle disputes regarding the children by participating in mediation. However, if either party fails to take part, the other is allowed to make the decision in a dispute by default.

The couple’s assets, including their property, will be divided based upon their prenup.

[From People]

The Daily Mail had more details on the property split – Kanye is keeping his $60 million Malibu home, which has become his home base in California this year. Kim keeps the family home in Hidden Hills, which is the home where they’ve raised their kids. Surprisingly, Kim also got the home next door, which was purchased by Kanye so he could stalk Kim and be close to her. She’s going to tear it down. Kanye also got all of his Wyoming property and Chicago property.

I’m slightly surprised that Kim managed to get this finalized right now, given the state Kanye has been in recently. The man has been hanging out with white supremacists and neo-Nazis down at Mar-a-Lago, you know?

Kanye was out with North West last night. Um, does he only spend time with North and never the other kids? It seems like it.

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  1. Frippery says:

    Good for Kim. Good for the children.
    Full stop.

  2. Naomi says:

    Given Kanye’s mental instability and given how everyone in Kanye’s circle has known for years that he is a raging antisemite, he is anti-Black, he is a misogynist, and a conspiracy theorist, if *I* were Kim, I would push for full or 3/4 custody… or some kind of thing where the kids *must* be in the presence of some social worker or mediator when they are with their father. I personally would be concerned not only about their safety but about the influence he would be on their worldview and outlook. We know the Kardashians have no problem with Ye being anti-Black and misogynist/misogynoir, given their own track record. Still, I would have pushed for more custody of the children. but I haven’t been through a divorce, let alone with an abusive person, so maybe she decided this would be the easiest way to get the divorce over with.

    • Lucy says:

      On the other hand, they are at a high risk of body dysmorphia, hypersexualization, and exploitation by her family. It’s either the Kardashian Klan or the actual Klan…poor kids.

      • Josephine says:

        Ugh, I wish it were not true but it does seem that at least the girls will be exploited full stop on social media to bring in the money. I cannot believe any single person these days would have their kids so openly, brazenly working social media at such a young age. It’s so vile and it makes those kids so, so vulnerable. No parental instinct to protect among any of them.

  3. Emmi says:

    I think we only see him hang out with North because a) she’s old enough to take her places, b) he can’t handle younger kids, and c) he was probably most involved in raising her as opposed to the other children just based on the state his mental health has been in these last few years. Also, he’s enough of a narcissist to prefer his eldest because she looks like him the most. Just speculation of course.

    I wonder whether 200k a month is a lot of money for her and the lifestyle. I honestly cannot tell. To me it’s a crazy amount.

    • Snoozer says:

      I would add to that list that Ye is a raging narcissist and narcissistic parents often have a Golden Child. Then they either mostly ignore the rest or have a scapegoat and ignore the rest. I really hope he doesn’t have a scapegoat.

      Think Trump and Ivanka. It’s a very strong pattern.

      Narcissists see their children as an extension of and/or reflection of themselves. They like the things about the child that they see as similar to themselves or reflecting well on them.

      The downside of being the golden child, is that you spend your life jumping through hoops to meet your narcissistic parent’s expectations and to get those pats on the head. You crave their approval and fear their wrath when you get it wrong.

  4. SAS says:

    Gosh North looks so much like him. I’ve definitely seen Kanye with the younger kids too.

    At their level of wealth, money is meaningless to these people, I think Kim will just be happy it’s finalised. She doesn’t need to chase him for money if he doesn’t pay or wait for him to attend mediation to sign off on a decision, it’ll pretty much just be shared custody on paper I’m thinking, full custody to her in reality.

  5. Eurydice says:

    He hasn’t been hanging out with neo-Nazis – he *is* a neo-Nazi.

    • Naomi says:

      This is what I’m saying above. If your ex is a neo-Nazi, maybe you don’t want the kids around him???

      • Coconut says:

        In my experience w a California divorce 10 years ago, unless a partner is abusing the child (?), it is unlikely the court will call for non joint custody. My lawyer explained it as *custody* is who’s making decisions and the overall situation, whereas *timeshare* is how you split the child’s time. No mention of timeshare. was mentioned in this post.

      • Frippery says:

        IANAL, but custody agreements aren’t one and done either. Like the bifurcation, this could be what Kim could accomplish now so at least something is settled. She can still petition for changes. Better to have some kind of legal agreement in place rather than nothing while Kanye rages and obfuscates for years. Yes, it’s child support, but don’t sleep on the section about making decisions if one parent won’t cooperate with the other. I’m sure things like medical and educational decision making authority are also spelled out.

  6. Normades says:

    If they have joint physical custody why is he paying child support? (Just legally speaking.)
    I’m sure she got everything she wanted and that ”joint custody” is in name only. She will continue to be the primary caregiver and Kayne will live his life and waltz in to visit North whenever he feels like it. The mediation is an interesting point and I’m sure she’s put in a ton of legal safeguards if he goes off the rails with the kids (which he will).

    • Enis says:

      Joint physical custody doesn’t always mean 50/50. My sister’s custody agreement is called joint and her ex has the kids every other weekend.

    • Swack says:

      Not sure how child support works in CA, but in my state it is based on a formula that includes both the amount of time each parent has with the child/children and what each parent has in income and is a per child amount.

  7. Chaine says:

    I read that he agreed to all this Monday night because his deposition was scheduled for Tuesday morning. There must have been things he did not want to have to say under oath.

  8. Steph says:

    I don’t know what it takes to get full custody. We know even Brad got supervised visitation with his kids even though he assaulted two of them.
    If I was Kim though, I would be freaking out. He showed intimate pics of her to random employees and he stay talking about North and sex in the same sentence. I’d be very worried about unsupervised visitation. But I think Kim was also really smart with mediator thing. Chances are if one is needed he won’t show up and she’ll get final say.

    • Coco says:

      If I remember correctly like you said Pitt had supervised visitation, but he also had limited visits and no overnight stays. I do believe both Maddox and Pax had no visitation with Pitt just it was just the 4 younger ones until they became of age to decide whether or not they wanted to see him and it seems like they all opted out.

  9. equality says:

    Poor children. They will learn horrible attitudes from dad and body issues from mom. I hope they have a super grounded nanny to bond with.

  10. SurelyNot says:

    The amount of child support is what interests me — we know he took a huge financial hit when Adidas told him to pound sand and child support is calculated on a formula to balance income disparity between divorcing parents so that the children can maintain their lifestyle with both parents…so how does a billionaire get 2.4 million a year in child support?

    • ME says:

      Kim is not actually a billionaire, that’s how. Skims is worth over a billion dollars but Kim owns 35% of it. She’s not the CEO and she’s not the sole owner or even sole founder of the company. I don’t believe she outright owns any of her company’s. It’s all smoke and mirrors with this family. There are rumblings that’s she’s trying to sell her share of Skims, not sure if it’s true but I think she knows their popularity is going downhill and she’s going to pull a “Kylie” and get out of it while she can.

    • Lens says:

      Yeah where I’m from all parents have what is called joint custody even if it’s only every other weekend and always can change depending on needs/wants of the child or circumstances of the adults. It is something that is not set in stone nor should it be. Sounds like Kanye pays child support for the over fifty percent of time they are with her. What surprises me is they didn’t make their divorce private like so many others in Hollywood. But then again nothing in their lives is private so why not publicly file.

  11. HeyKay says:

    The only thing those kids have is money.
    Seems to me Kims side is using them as plot lines and accessories.
    Kanye, IMO, is a possibly dangerous parent.

    I am burned out with all of it. I would not trade places with anyone involved.
    If SM and PR would stop giving KK, Ye, and Trump attention, will they go away? Ever?

  12. Gabby says:

    She is finally rid of him. I think there are stipulations regarding his time with the kids that were not made public (such as a grown up professional accompanying them). Frankly, Kanye does not deserve to be around kids at all.

  13. KAC says:

    What’s more interesting is why no mention of Kim NOT severing ties with Balenciaga.

    He hangs out with Trump and neo-Nazis, she does business with a company that is using images of children in grossly sexualized situations.

    • HeyKay says:

      KAC, Exactly what I am wondering. Why isn’t Kim getting more heat about this?
      That ad, they knew exactly what they were doing. It is “Anything to shock.”
      Vile, disgusting.

      Kim is money hungry. The fact that she didn’t come out At.Once. and quit and denounce, shows what she considers important.
      4 children and she continues to promote and do business with B. after that ad. Hell No.

    • ME says:

      The family is good at distracting the public. No one is talking about Balenciaga now…it’s all about the child support story. Also, Kim posted a video on North’s tiktok where North is showing off her own tree. It has 100 dollar bills hanging from it. You read that right…100 dollar bill hanging from the tree like ornaments. Why show this off? Why do this? Oh yeah, for attention and deflection. The Kardashians are desperate. Their ratings are garbage. If they want to keep doing the HULU show, they have to get the ratings up. We will see just how desperate they become in the coming months.

  14. Mel says:

    I’m not a fan of either and feel sorry for those kids because between both parents they are going to have issues. That being said, I don’t understand why some people are acting like he’s not supposed to pay child support because she has money. Are they not his children? Isn’t it still his responsibility to help support them? Wow….

    • Coco says:

      @Mel You are jumping to the wrong conclusion people were asking because it says both parents have physical custody of the kids so people automatically thought 50-50.

      If both parents have the kids 50% of the time then the nether parent would pay Child support because they’re both financially supporting the kids and physically doing the labor during the time the child/children are with them.

      The only time A parent has to pay child support when it’s 50-50 is when one parent has more money than the other.

  15. jferber says:

    I see Kanye has North wearing the Star of David. I’m sure this goes back to the horrible documentary (still available for $48 on Jeff Bezos’ Amazon) claiming that Black people are the true Jews or Israelites or I don’t even know. My understanding is that Ye and Kim are Christian? So I wonder what Ye is teaching North about his antisemitic theories. How can Kim monitor/stop this behavior? I’d NEVER want to co-parent with him.

    • ME says:

      Kanye picked North up from school Tuesday evening. She was wearing that shirt when he picked her up. I’m guessing she was at school late for practice or something. You can see pics of this on another site. Saint was with them for a short bit too, but Kanye and North left together in an SUV to go shopping. I don’t think he had anything to do with her wearing that shirt on that particular day because she didn’t spend the night before with her dad, she was at Kim’s house.
      Just to mention, that shirt is Merch from his show in Atlanta not too long ago. I have no idea what the shirt is supposed to represent but neither parent seems to have issue with it?

    • 2lazy4username says:

      My boyfriend has three minor kids and has 50/50 physical custody. He not only has to pay child support, he also has to pay spousal support, even though his ex-wife works. He makes almost 2x as much as she does so it’s considered “leveling” so their kids won’t experience disparity when going from house to house. Not that Kim and Kanye’s kids would ever know what “less than” looks like, but am wondering if this is the case here.

      Man, makes me so glad my daughter was over 18 when I had my divorce.

  16. Julia K says:

    A poster commented on this site some time ago that the West children never go to see their father alone. They are always accompanied by a nanny.

  17. jferber says:

    Me, the Star of David represents the Jewish religion. Given that he is a known antisemite and, I don’t think that shirt means anything good. How can it? There also seems to be some writing or symbol inside the star. And does Kim really care about antisemitism? With how problematic her ex-husband is, her least worry would be that he’s teaching their children antisemitism. If there is a nanny always with Kanye and his kids, maybe she’s more concerned about their physical safety or rampant emotional abuse? Remember, the guy he visited Trump with is a known antisemite, Holocaust denier and white supremacist. Teaching your kid any of that shit is emotional abuse to me. Kim must rue the day she ever met Kanye. And all for clout, too.

  18. jferber says:

    I just saw on another site that the Star of David shirt has a cross inside it. Have no idea what he’s doing with that image, but I’m sure it’s not anything positive about the Jewish religion. He’s a hideous man, truly. How could Kim have had so many children with him?