Denmark’s Prince Joachim & Marie will be exiled to America next year

Two months ago, Denmark’s Queen Margrethe suddenly announced that she was removing the royal titles from Prince Joachim’s four children. Joachim’s two oldest kids are over 18, and his two youngest are still in school. Joachim, his first wife and his second wife were all upset about the decision, and Joachim gave several emotional interviews, talking about how hurt he was and how his mother was pretty rude about it. The title issue exposed the more significant schisms within the Danish royal family, as Joachim and his wife Marie had basically been exiled in France for several years, and it turned out that Joachim and Crown Prince Frederik have also fallen out. Soon after the title dispute, Queen Margrethe asked Joachim to come home for a visit and they had some kind of summit. She also apologized to him publicly, but she didn’t reverse her decision. This week, Joachim gave another interview and he said: “There is a lot to work on. Communication was what was missing. Now we have met and we are on the right track.” Well, it looks like Joachim and Marie’s exile is getting even worse – they’ll be moving to America next year.

In a matter of weeks, the Danish monarchy will undergo a big change. At the behest of Queen Margrethe, Prince Joachim’s four children will lose their royal titles from 1 January 2023. They will instead be styled as His or Her Excellency Count / Countess of Monpezat.

The decision, when it was announced, caused great controversy amongst the royal family, with Joachim, his wife Princess Marie, and his ex-wife Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg, all speaking publicly of their upset.

And now it seems, the prince – Queen Margrethe’s second son – and wife Marie have decided to embark on a brand new chapter.

The royal couple have decided to relocate to America following the news that Joachim has landed a new job in the defence industry in Washington, Danish newspaper BT reports. Currently, Joachim and Marie are based in Paris for his work. That job is expected to come to an end in June time, meaning the family are likely to relocate across the Atlantic in the second half of the year.

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One thing that I slightly appreciate about the Danish royals is that Queen Margrethe seems to have a clear vision for how to exile her unwanted and unneeded relations. She hasn’t thrown Joachim out completely or cut her ties with her younger son – Joachim is clearly being given these important positions attached to Danish embassies, positions which reflect his status and importance as a royal. The Windsor equivalent would have been QEII appointing Prince Harry as governor-general of Australia, or as the British ambassador to Canada. QEII couldn’t do that because Charles and William would have thrown f–king tantrums about it. Anyway, Marie had some sh-t to say about Duchess Meghan, and now Marie is being exiled to America? LOL.

Meanwhile, it looks like the dysfunctional Danes won’t spend Christmas together this year. Queen Margrethe has announced plans to spend the holiday with her sister Princess Benedikte and some friends. Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are taking their kids to Australia to see her family – they haven’t visited Australia in several years because of the pandemic. And Joachim and Marie are planning a “trip abroad.” Hm.

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  1. equality says:

    So now the US has Princess Madeleine sometimes, Prince Harry, Princess Mako and Prince Joachim. What country next?

    • Becks1 says:

      It’s where all the exiled royals end up, apparently, LOL.

    • Zazzoo says:

      The growing list of royal exiles in the US really does highlight the absurdity of monarchies in the 21st century. Here where money and accomplishments/fame determine “royal” status not birth and titles, exiled royals are just average rich people unless/until they distinguish themselves by accomplishments. (I’m not saying we’re some glorious meritocracy just that we care more about money and fame than family lineage).

      • OriginalLeigh says:

        I think there are a few more in the U.S. I believe there’s a European princess currently living in Miami but I can’t remember which country she comes from. Given the messy dynamics of many of these royal houses, I think most of these people are likely choosing to run away from their crazy families rather than being exiled. DC, Los Angeles, Miami and New York are all great places to land. Good for them.

      • Becks1 says:

        @OriginalLeigh – I think you’re thinking of Princess Madeleine, who is Swedish and @Equality included in their list. But I’m sure there are a few more.

      • Seraphina says:

        @Zazzoo, I see the poetic justice of your observation – the exiled royalty in the US – a country that bucked the British crown. Quite right – a useless establishment.

    • mj says:

      I’d like to think they all have a group chat, “wayward royals”.

  2. ArtHistorian says:

    What I want to know is this: Is he still getting public money? Because I would like to stop having to pay for him and his family.

    • K8erade says:

      This isn’t the UK. Out of all the royals the Danes actually are actually skilled workers, even if they don’t work full time. My understanding is that the only “public” money The Danish Royals Family takes has to with the upkeep on the castles and for required positions within their household. I think Queen Margrethe has worked as a writer and translator, I want to say Fredrick went to law school (correct me if I’m wrong) and Joachim has in fact worked in Defense and International relations for years (albeit for the Danish government). The only one who I don’t think worked was Henrik, Margrethe’s husband.

      • Jess says:

        Yes Joachim is currently still receiving an apanage of at least $500k euros a year.

        His ex wife only stopped receiving an apanage because the public was concerned about her receiving public money and buying foreign property. Things like that is why Joachim is unpopular. The public paying for him for part time royal work and his ex wife for years.

        Fred isn’t a lawyer, he has a masters degree in political science. He isn’t dumb.

      • C says:

        ArtHistorian is Danish I believe and knows the situation well.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I am Danish and I know the situation. Joachim is on public money – and it is well-known that he won’t give that money up – and I think that is part of the reason why he’s so keen on being a full time royal because he knows that there’s been public debate about him receiving this money.

        The issue with his place in the DRF began after he sold his estate – and then didn’t seem to know what to do with himself. It seemed like he just expected to do public engagements but our country is tiny and we don’t need that many royals (especially since the 2 in line will soon come of age).

        Joachim and his wife was never meant to be full-time royals – but they seem to be unable to think up something new for themselves (even with all their privilege and connections). Jobs have been found for him and his wife – first in France and now in the US. And I’m sure that he’ll continue to receive his apanage of about 3 million Dkr a year, which is a lot of money.

        People don’t like him and his wife because they come across as super-entitled and whiney. And we just stopped paying for his ex-wife who has gotten public money for almost 2 decades after her divorce.

        Btw, Joachim’s job are unpaid because he gets public money. But it would be cheaper for the public/government for him to draw a salary than him getting the apanage.

        The royal get public money after a specific system. The monarch get a set amount with a certain percentage earmarked for the consort. The heir get a set amount with a percentage earmarked for the consort. This money cover their staff and other expenses. The upkeep of royal buildings is maintained by a separate governmental agency because most of these buildings are public property. The two private properties of the DRF are maintained by the family’s private means.

        However, Joachim got public money after his first marriage, which was new.

      • Zazzoo says:

        But he’s in the US for a public sector job? 500k plus whatever government salary in DC is upper middle class. They aren’t even especially rich. Very comfortable for sure but it’s a far cry from having access to royal properties and the accoutrements of that lifestyle.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        He also has a very large private fortune from the sale of his estate and other real estate deals. He’s not hurting for money.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Zazzoo it’s not clear from this article if he’s working for the government or not. It just says in the defense industry. That can be VERY lucrative, much more than a GS 15 salary or whatever.

      • Pilar says:

        Weather he is likable or not is sort of beside the point. It just seems effin idiotic to keep giving and taking away titles. It doesn’t make me think that the danish monarchy is modernising it really just highlights how absurd the whole thing is. Because we are meant to believe they are special by blood but if you can take away the title like that ( same goes for the Uk) then clearly it’s just a ridiculous charade that we should get rid of and has no legitimacy. And tbh I really don’t give a shit about paying for some “royal”here or there. That is peanuts compared to the vast fortunes and property they have accumulated much of it stolen from former colonies that they won’t give back ( and yes that includes Denmark). If they want to modernise then abolish the monarchy and give back what they stole. As long as Charles and Magrethe clings to the thrown, this chatter about their sons and family is just a convenient distraction from the real issue.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Whatever wealth past Danish kings amassed from their colonies is long gone because until the mid-19th century Denmark was an absolutist monarchy, which meant that the King WAS the State. His money was the money of the State and when the State went bankrupt in 1814, the King actually went bankrupt. The last absolutist king was Frederik VII and because he had no children he was succeeded by a prince from a cadet branch who didn’t have much money. The current ones have some private wealth – but Joachim is actually the one with the largest fortune after he sold his estate. Because of historical circumstances the royal families of Norway and Denmark have the smallest private fortunes – when you compare to the royal families of the UK, the Netherlands and the princely family of Lichtenstein (who are the richest of them all).

        Go further back and there were kings that literally had to pawn their crown jewels to pay for their wars. It is insane the fortunes that were squandered by monarchs who really couldn’t afford it and put themselves into debt to live the high life.

      • zazzoo says:

        @Becks1 – Fair enough. And he may have massive funds from real estate as stated by others. It’s not like a normal person who achieves GS15, but as a former GS12 with no family wealth, I can say it’s a great position to be in, just not for someone seeking American socialite status. I only first heard of him today, so I’m no expert at all, but government work is great by American standards. Health and retirement benefits unknown to most in this nation.

    • JustBitchy says:

      AH, I bet very little “public “ money. I would bet that mom pulled some strings and a very large salary will be paid by the employer (defense I think) with a wink and a nod to continued government business. Mom could still support in the side. And maybe some security?

    • MissMarirose says:

      The responses to this comment actually trying to Dane-splain the DRF to an actual Danish citizen is absolutely WILD!

  3. Amy Bee says:

    All the best to them. I wonder what that means for their royal roles. They used to go back to Denmark on a regular basis to carry out engagements. Living in the US probably means they won’t be traveling to Denmark as often.

  4. OSTONE says:

    Well, Charlotte and Louis pretty much will end up in America too.
    I hope they see early on that they have to get out, too.

  5. girl_ninja says:

    “Anyway, Marie had some sh-t to say about Duchess Meghan, and now Marie is being exiled to America? LOL.”

    It always goes around…always.

    • Kelsey says:

      It really does. I live in the southern part of VA but I’m in DC on a pretty regular basis. I would crack tf up if I saw her fiveheaded ass walking down the street. You were talking all that good shit about Meghan complaining too much and how they could “stick it out” just to strike out in Meghan’s home country LMAOOOO. Wild.

      Anyway, I think it’s something to be said that all these royals would rather be in the US. If you’re lower/middle class it can be the pits at times (I realize this is an understatement for a lot of people) but if you’ve got money it’s pretty fucking wonderful I bet.

    • C says:

      Yep! That’s why I’m laughing at this.

  6. JJ McClay says:

    I love Princess Mary’s fashion choices.

    Also, as an Aussie, the idea of Prince Harry getting appointed as our Governor General is making me lol.

    • Amy Bee says:

      I don’t think Harry would have ever agreed to take that role. He would have been still under the control of the Royal Family

    • Snoozer says:

      Same! That’s not at all how it works! Not these days! The Queen does not choose the Governor General. The PM does and then she recognises the appointment. They are always an extremely distinguished Australian at the latter end of a storied career. Think very senior generals, storied lawyers and judges who’ve been the heads of major commissions and bodies, and so on and so forth. It hasn’t been a Brit since the 60s. If she had tried to get Harry that role it would NOT have gone down well. She is not supposed to interfere with the governance of our country these days. The idea that she would is just WILD. Does the UK or US press actually believe this was ever a real possibility? Did the palaces? Beyond silly.

      • Lindsay says:

        I never saw anyone float that idea other than Twitter randos. And if the Queen had been dumb enough to make that offer, Harry would have had the good sense not to take it. I read Kaiser as making an analogy to explain the types of positions Joachim has held in the Danish government, not suggesting that anyone had or should offer Harry such a position.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Governor-General is not a comparable analog for the position that Joachim has held within Danish governmental agencies. He worked as a military attachée at the Danish Embassy in Paris. It is not a job appointed by the monarch, it is an ordinary position that people usually apply for. He was simply given this job because he needed something to do. It is unclear whether they created an extra position just for him or if he actually took a job that was open of application. I suspect the latter because they didn’t have to budget for his salary.

  7. Eurydice says:

    I don’t understand. If he’s already been living and working in Paris, then why hasn’t it been “exiled to France”? Is the US the only place to which a royal can be exiled?

    • Genevieve says:

      The article does refer to their life in France as exile. This is just a ‘worse’ exile – further away.

  8. MMC says:

    Are the governors appointed by the Queen or the Government? I thought the Queen didn’t have any real political power?

    • JJ McClay says:

      They’re technically “appointed” by the King/Queen, but on the advice of the Australian government. So the govt puts forward who they want and the Monarch rubber stamps it.

  9. Jess says:

    This isn’t a forced exile. He has to find work because he was always a part time royal. He is working a job with a defense contractor in the DC area. This is actually a great opportunity for Athena and Henrik to live in a culture where titles isn’t the focus. I think them moving back to small Denmark is out of the question with the reduced status. This is a great long term opportunity for Joachim and Marie. Joachim needs to give up his apanage though. That should be coming next. He receives about $500k euros for his very light duties. He isn’t even needed as regent because Mary can do that since 2019.

    • Watson says:


    • ArtHistorian says:

      Exactly! However, he won’t give up that money unless he is forced to – and then he’ll whine publicly about how unfair it is. That man is just so entitled and tone-deaf.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Yep, well, it was how Joachim was raised — to believe he’s special because he’s royal. He might be spoilt, whiny and over-entitled, but Queen Margrethe and her husband, Henrik, bear some responsibility for their second son’s puffed-up attitude and expectations. Certainly, Henrik’s utter peevishness about not being named king, never set a good example.

        It appears, just as in many of these over-inflated royal institutions with archaic traditions, that good familial communication, understanding, and close relationships, are fairly non-existent. Margrethe should have raised her second son, Joachim, to expect less. It’s rather cruel to suddenly strip his children of titles they were born with, especially when all four understood they would not hold their royal titles permanently. Why not allow the children’s royal titles to expire in their mid-twenties, as previously planned?

      • Concern Fae says:

        But the whole point of royals is that they are special. Expecting a royal not to believe that is strange. Their expectations of what that means are what matters. Does it mean a life of service or of being served?

        Being raised to be part of a certain world because of who your family is and then being pushed out, while the rest of your family stays fancy, is deeply effed up.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I have no idea why Margrethe didn’t stick to the original plan with their titles expiring in their mid-20s – but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was drama behind the scenes. Joachim seems to be similar to his father – and he might just have been utterly opposed to his children loosing their titles at all.

        Margrethe hasn’t been a good parent and it is actually something that she’s talked about as among her failings.

        I think that with the way society is today, there will inevitably be conflict in these royal families – because the entire structure is set up to benefit one person and that will create conflict with the private parenting the families do. They don’t want to treat their children differently from each other but the structure they inhabit does – and there’s also a public that has opinions about things like titles and apanage, etc. King Frederik’s nephews and nieces lost their titles upon marriage with commoners but that is a long time ago because the current Queen’s sisters married royalty and it seems that they didn’t really have a clear blueprint because a marriage with a commoner would no longer be seen as a legitimate reason for the removal of a royal title when the heir married a commoner. The Queen has been really clumsy in how she’s handled this whole affair but I also think that there’s more to this story than what the public is told.

        Why remove the titles at all? Well, if the children kept their titles should their future spouses and children then also get royal titles. And would it create private conflict if this was denied. When you look at it, the issue really isn’t uncomplicated. The best idea was IMO the original plan – they loose the titles as adults when they don’t represent the Crown. However, I suspect that this plan became untenable because Joachim was utterly opposed to it and didn’t offer an alternative proposal in the 5 months that this issue was being negotiated.

  10. Pumpkin (Was Sofia) says:

    I don’t think it’ll be viewed as exile in the eyes of the Danes lol. From what I’ve read from other Danish posters here and elsewhere, J&M aren’t super popular in Denmark and there isn’t much appetite for him and Marie to be back as full time working royals. And he apparently still receives money from the Danish equivalent of the Sovereign Grant (or he did in 2019 not sure about now) so it’s not like they’re both starting from nothing.

  11. K8erade says:

    I think the way Queen Margrethe communicated this was pretty bad but I do think it’s easy to see the line of thinking and decision making. I applaud Joachim and Marie for still handling this publicly with as much grace as possible. I think America will suit them and they can find happiness here. I think it’d be funny if there ended up being a royal block in Montecito.

  12. OriginalLeigh says:

    Are there any additional details on his new role? The article just says that it’s a new job in the defense industry in Washington. That sounds like a private sector position, not a position “attached to Danish embassies” but it’s hard to tell without additional details.

    • mellie says:

      I came to ask the same thing? What is this cat going to add to the defense industry in Washington D.C.? I mean seriously? Give me a break. There are plenty of experts in the field of defense…I can’t imagine what sort of expertise some spoiled ass exiled royal whine-bag is going to provide.

  13. misstroy says:

    I’m not sure the “exile” framing is appropriate here. Continental royal culture is quite different than Britain. It’s not expected that minor royals, especially those who no longer receive any form of public money, must live in their “home” country, particularly as *all* these royal families are all inter-related and have familial and social connections in other countries. Joachim and Marie have been living in Paris for several years if not longer, Frederik and Joachim’s father was French, Margarethe is a famous Francophile and the royal family owns a private vineyard in the south of France. Also, Marie is French. The Windsors are distinct from the continental royals in that they try to cultivate their national “British” identity more consciously by sticking to the British Isles. (this also gets at Britain’s relationship to the Continent, which has always been more complicated then say Denmark’s or Belgium’s). In any case, while this is a big move and it’s clear the Danish royal family is in some kind of crisis over what to do with the non-heir branch of the royal family, I don’t think it’s as neat as an involuntary exile, and certainly the decision for Joachim and Marie to live in France many years ago was not an exile.

  14. hangonamin says:

    who would have thought the USA would be #1 for exiled monarchs…

  15. molly says:

    Sooooo, just asking for a friend, are the attractive older sons coming too or no?

  16. aftershocks says:

    ^^ LOL. Maybe not right away, as they’re both at university, right? Plus, they both do some modeling on the side. Surely, they will often visit their Dad, younger half-siblings, and stepmom in D.C. Possibly, one or both may spend extended time in the U.S. at some point, depending upon where opportunities to make a living lead them. With their good looks and royal connections, the world is their oyster.

  17. Gin says:

    I don’t see where he’s so very rich. Some Danes just say oh he’s rich he shouldn’t be on the pay any more. That house money was probably spent a long time ago. Crown Prince Frederick is the one with the Duchy. He has all the money. I wonder where they will live. I think it’s more likely they’ll live in a nice house in Virginia. I see well off lifestyle not rich. I think it’s awful the way Queen Margarethe has handled this. The CP younger children should go about their lives now. All of this exile stuff for me is gross. People who live in monarchies are responsible for this uprooting of people’s lives as well. This should have been more carefully handled. I never like the response from citizens. They’re just oh they’re rich and whiny. You are toxic too. They act like they’re taking all the money when the elder one is. The minor royals have the worst time, because they are built for people to be jealous of and blame for everything, so they mock them. You don’t have the big job. You aren’t important and its hard to consider them and their children with consideration. How aren’t there enough patronages? That’s just a lie. They just wanted to get rid of them. Same with William. He’s no different.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Crown Prince Frederik DOESN’T have a Duchy! The Danish royals don’t have large landed estates like the British royals do. The two RF are set up in completely different ways. And that is because Denmark was an absolutist monarchy until 1849. That meant that the King literally was the State, he possessions was essentially State possession – and when Denmark became a constitutional monarchy many of these royal possessions because the assets of the Government and NOT the royal family. The Danish royals get a stipend from the State (the amount is decided by the government as well) and most of their residences are owned and maintained by the State. Whatever personal income they have is most likely in the form of investments – they simply don’t have the kind of wealth the British royal have.

      Joachim and Marie do less royal duties than Kate – and they were never meant to be fulltime royals. That he decided to sell his estate was his choice – he should have considered another profession then. 3 million Dkr a year for doing pretty much nothing is a sweet deal – and I guess it is super-hard to downsize from a stately home into a luxury villa but you won’t find me crying for Joachim. He’s is incredibly privileged – and stating that we can’t criticize him because he loves Denmark is BS.

    • Pumpkin (Was Sofia) says:

      I really recommend you read @ArtHistorian’s previous comments too besides the one they replied to you with.

      This situation is not the same as “William = Frederick” and “Harry = Joachim”. It’s a different family all together. You cannot apply the dynamics of one family to another. There are legitimate issues with Joachim and Marie that were not present in Harry and Meghan.

  18. Solidgold says:

    The US should create an amendment that they do not recognize titles of nobility or something.
    America has turned into the land of refugee royals, migrants looking for a better life but still waving about their royal titles.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Solidgold, does this also apply to non royal titles? There are a number of titled individuals here. Some of them use the titles and some do not. What difference does it make? It doesn’t really affect anything.

  19. Luna17 says:

    Ehh can we pass on all these royals somehow cutting to the front of the immigration lines and get actual immigrant workers to get our economy going and fill some real jobs? We desperately need actual workers, not royals who have cushy jobs based on their connections.

    • Jess says:

      Who exactly are you referring to?

      Princess Madeleine’s husband has US citizenship. They live in Florida where he works.

      Princess Mako’s husband graduated from a NY law school and is working in New York and when has America ever turned down lawyers.

      Prince Harry’s wife Meghan retained her American citizenship. She simply moved back home with her husband. That’s always been common.

      Marie-Chantal’s father had American citizenship and so did she. Her and her family living in America isn’t unusual.

    • tamsin says:

      Seems like all the “royals” are working which also means paying their taxes. I don’t think any of them are on the dole and we don’t know about Joachim, but none of them seem to have taken a job away from an American. Prince Harry’s wife is an American citizen, and PrincessMadeleine’ husband I believe has dual citizenship, one being American.

  20. Well Wisher says:

    They have managed to keep this under wraps, just read Marie’s Closet, it was clear that the position in France was a three-year term.

    One has a feeling of three reasonable sides to this particular situation, the heir to the throne and his wife Mary, is spending their holidays in Australia.
    He has denied any involvement in the final decision.

    The Queen apologized.

    Where does it leave It?
    No more the wiser, as it should.
    They have an option to resolve this or not ..

  21. JJ says:

    Everyone who has come against Meghan and Harry (who are just for living their lives how they see fit) seems to eventually eat a slice or two of humble pie:)

  22. SuMu says:

    The Queen (and following her King Charles) does not choose the Governors General of Commonweath countries, nor does the Monarch appoint ambassadors. Here in Canada, our government chooses the Governor General, and the Queen gave the choice a ceremonial rubber stamp essentially. The Canadian government would never appoint a non-citizen such as Harry as our Head of State! Pretty sure the Australian government would not either. Ambassadors for the UK would be appointed by the UK government, not the Queen.

    • CourtneyB says:

      The royal Governor General went away with the empire. Canada had Victoria’s son Arthur and George V’s brother in law the Earl of Athlone (a British prince until 1917) while South Africa also had Athlone as well as Arthur’s son Arthur jr and Australia had the late Queen’s uncle the Duke of Gloucester.

    • NewCoB says:

      Yeah, I actually typed a long comment saying the same thing. I know it’s fashionable to attribute everything to Charles and William, but sometimes we must be realistic.
      Also, Governor General of Canada is not Canada’s head of state. That position is still the sovereign’s, on whose throne now sits Charles III. Governor General is his representative in Canada.