Kanye West talks about how much he loves & admires Adolf Hitler with Alex Jones

On Thursday, Kanye “Ye” West was kanyeing. I’m not minimizing it, but I’m also not particularly shocked by what was said and what went down. I genuinely don’t understand people acting like any of this is new behavior, never-before-seen antisemitism, bigotry and despicable sh-t from Kanye. This is who he’s been for years. Literally, years. Kanye appeared on Alex Jones’s show yesterday. The same Alex Jones who just lost in civil court when he was sued by Sandy Hook families after he lied about their dead children and encouraged violent harassment against the parents who lost kids. Kanye and Alex Jones began talking about Adolf Hitler and how much they admired him.

It’s not funny, but Alex Jones trying to give Kanye an out by talking about the Hugo Boss Nazi uniforms from a design standpoint is sending me. But yeah, Kanye didn’t take the out. He’s talking about how much he loves Hitler. This is why all of his business deals were canceled – Kanye is a white supremacist, a neo-Nazi, a fascist Christian fundamentalist and one of the stupidest f–king people in the world.

After that, Kanye started ranting on Twitter about Balenciaga, Jesus and how Kim Kardashian slept with Chris Paul (???). Then he posted a swastika and suddenly it was game over. He was suspended from Twitter, per Elon Musk’s orders. I bet Kanye’s back on his account this weekend though, don’t you think?

Also: after the Alex Jones interview, Kanye’s deal to purchase Parler (the Nazi Twitter) was terminated. Apparently, that’s too much Hitler-love even for Parler.

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  1. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    I guess he doesn’t realize that in Hitler’s world he would have been fast-tracked to the ovens.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      He’s one of those deluded people that thinks just because he thinks/believes like they do and supports them then it makes him ‘a ok’. Being a collaborator will never work out the way you want it to.

      • OriginalLeigh says:

        Exactly. They are not accepting him. They are just using him to further their hateful message. The media needs to stop covering all of his ridiculous antics. The Nazis will drop him when he is no longer able to garner so much attention. If he is finally canceled then we should not need to keep talking about his pathetic a$$. (And I realize that I am contradicting myself by posting this comment but I really don’t want to hear about him anymore.)

    • FHMom says:

      He has severe delusions of grandeur. He is black. He is mentally ill. He’d have been one of the first ones to perish.

      • Christine says:

        This. It’s so hard to watch, because I can imagine other people believing him, and they are similarly not living in reality.

        It’s become like that stereotypical conversation sitcom parents have with their teenagers, about “if all of your friends jumped off a cliff, would you jump too?”

        The answer, apparently, is yes, and assholes are giving Kanye West a platform to really hurt people who are the most vulnerable.

    • C says:

      I don’t think he really thinks this. He is doubling down to be a professional victim like Dave Chappelle and JK Rowling. He’s more unhinged though, so even more dangerous.
      But of course even if he doesn’t really think this deep down, it’s just as dangerous and repulsive and of course serves to fan flames.

      • Erin says:

        I think it’s quite dangerous to assume he doesn’t actually believe it. People did the same with Trump: dismissing the most extreme things he said.

        It’s how these radical statements get normalized. It’s so extreme we don’t *want* to believe that Kanye believes it. But he most likely does believe it. As Kaiser said, Kanye has been this way FOR YEARS. It’s not an act.

      • Christine says:

        I think when people double down SO MUCH they actually do start to believe the stuff they say. They spend so much time obsessing that they lose the plot completely.

      • Lucy says:

        The fact is, it doesn’t matter if he believes it or not. He said it. He’s been saying it. It’s out there, and extreme right-wingers can use the “See?! A Black man said it!” to keep mainstreaming their dangerous ideas. Words matter. Platforming these ideas is dangerous. Period.

      • C says:

        Erin- I don’t think Kanye does. I think his words enable a lot of others who do though. Ultimately it doesn’t matter, because most of the poster boys for these movements don’t need to believe in it because they’ll be able to mobilize the Proud Boys lower down on the totem pole to believe it for them and do their dirty work. We were speculating about whether he believes it, not the sociopolitical effects of saying the words.

        Lucy – Please reread my final sentence, seems like that got lost.
        I’m Jewish with Holocaust victims in my family, so it’s not like this is an alien subject to me. I see a lot of forms of denial and hate speech, and they don’t all manifest the same way.

    • zazzoo says:

      Has anyone read “My Grandfather Would have Shot Me?” It’s a memoir written by a black woman who grew up in an adopted family in Germany and discovers that one of her biological grandfathers was a Nazi; she has to come to terms with having that in her lineage. It’s not that I think Kanye reads or has the capacity for critical thought, but it’s heart breaking as this woman comes to terms with her own heritage and understands very clearly that a biological connection would not have a saved her. Kanye is a menace who unfortunately has a platform.

      • Cait C says:

        I read Destined to Witness by Hans Massaquoi. It’s the autobiography of a biracial boy who grew up in Hamburg during the time of the Nazis. It’s a great read

      • Zazzoo says:

        @Cait- Thanks for the recommendation. I’m putting it on my list.

    • ChillinginDC says:

      Black men like him never think that. Which is exhausting.

  2. Amukay says:

    It’s interesting because just the day before I saw a popular TikTok of him discussing the Balanciaga issue outside church and all the comments were saying how he seemed so reasonable these days and more sane than the Kardashians. I wonder if they all retain the same viewpoint today…

  3. Msmlnp says:

    Anyone who is giving Ye a forum right now is an arse.

    He had made his views known and no one should be shocked to hear them. This goes back years to “slavery is a choice”.

    Clearly this man is mentally ill and it’s exploitative to use him as a mouthpiece. Unless that’s the point- to faux clutch pearls when hate is spewed.

    • Tacky says:

      Alex Jones is one of the biggest arseholes to ever walk the earth so he is obviously the only person who will platform Kanye. And Jones’ compulsion for exploration is truly grotesque.

    • JayNay says:

      Please don’t excuse Nazi comments by saying he is “mentally ill”. A lot of people suffer from mental health issues, and yet somehow find it in them not to “love Hitler”.
      His mental illness didn’t cause his anti-semitism, being an anti-semitic asshole is what caused that.

      • Msmlnp says:

        In case I didn’t make myself clear

        1) Kanye is an as$hole
        2) Kanye is an anti-Semite
        3) Kanye is mentally ill
        4) Kanye is also being exploited by those who knowingly give him a mic to say these things, which makes them as$holes too. And likely antisemites by default because they know full well of his views and can pretended to act shocked while they throw bones to the rabid foaming at the mouth dogs of their base.

      • shanaynay says:

        @ JayNay says:
        You’re absolutely 100% right!

  4. Angel says:

    I can’t believe Kim Kardashian agreed to give him half custody of the kids. I would never leave the kids alone with him. He is on a downward spiral. Who knows where he will stop.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      She would have to prove to a family court judge that he is detrimental to their children’s well being. I think he is hurting their children by association. Those kids will have to grow up watching a mentally unstable dad.

      • Sue E Generis says:

        This might be an unpopular opinion, but she isn’t that much more suitable than he is.

      • Kitten says:

        Yeah but these people aren’t like us. They’re not *really* raising these kids–they have a team of people doing that. My hope is that these kids will get the support and nurturing they need from the qualified hires– if they can’t get it from their vapid parents.

      • Hello Kitty says:

        Agree, she really isn’t. shes vapid and materialistic. she lets cameras follow her children around for profit. she is terrible and i cant believe she is still given a platform of any kind, ever.

    • Beenie says:

      I have been thinking about this a lot. I think someday in the future we will get a better insight on what manoeuvrings are going on behind the scenes, with lawyers and security, etc. I have to believe she is keeping things mum for the safety of her kids, but that she has minders with them at all times. I would be petrified of him kidnapping them to another state/country… or worse.

      • Frippery says:

        I said on the previous post that custody agreements are not permanent. Kanye has been obfuscating any kind of legal agreement regarding their children for too damn long, so it’s good she got *something* in writing. She also now has a legally binding piece of paper that says if Kanye won’t cooperate with her on parenting decisions, she can go ahead and make them. I am sure that authority over education and medical decisions is in that agreement too.

        She can absolutely take him back to court later to press for full custody.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think he has been radicalized and brainwashed by some hangers-on or associates (maybe ones who sought him out purposely because they saw he was vulnerable and an easy, accessible target) and she may have plans in place to try to de-program him at some point, in which case she would absolutely not tip her hand. And/or she sees this as a cry for help as he behaves more and more for shock value and she has some sort of plan in place for an intervention. Not sure what is really going on, but his behavior is not tracking as normal-even if he really was always of these beliefs, which I don’t think he was. I watched that documentary about him on Netflix and I think there is something else afoot here that is sinister. Kanye thinks he’s thinking for himself, but I think maybe a mental break, maybe drugs and maybe people using him for their agenda is/are at play. Not to excuse anything bad he’s saying or doing-but this whole thing seems off in an unusual way and he started hanging out with some very odd people around the time this started happening-including some of the people involved in his campaign.

      • OriginalLeigh says:

        @anonymous – If Kim had an effective plan for deprograming people who have become radicalized then she would mass market it and become a trillionaire. There is certainly a large global market for it…

    • Gabby says:

      It was just Monday so I bet the judge hasn’t signed off yet. Kim and the kids, plus their school, and frankly all the Kardashians need protective orders against this guy.

    • Nilestheninja says:


  5. Lolo86lf says:

    In addition to all the horrible things listed on this post, Twitter suspended Ye’s account for posting more antisemitic crap late last night. He is really unhinged out of his freaking mind. I am shocked that Elon Musk had the guts to suspend his buddy Ye.

    • Frippery says:

      The ONLY surprising part of the story is that he went too far for Elon Musk to have his back about free speech.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        I, too, was shocked to wake to the news that Musk had suspended Ye. Especially as Musk was commenting on Ye’s Jesus is King post (Musk saying how we should turn the other cheek) *after* Ye’s appearance on InfoWars. Ye left InfoWars to fly to Austin to meet up with Musk so my guess is that Ye was so unhinged when they met, Musk was afraid of what Ye would post next (or, more accurately, how it would reflect on Musk)

      • Lucy says:

        Make no mistake, this is Elon trying not to haemorrhage more advertisers and nothing more.

    • Seaflower says:

      Kanye poster a very unflattering photo oh Elong before he got suspended..

      • Tate says:

        Yup. That was what made Elon suspend his account. An unflattering picture of Elon. The both of them are horrendous.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      “I am shocked that Elon Musk had the guts to suspend his buddy Ye.”

      I’m guessing he has seen the writing on the wall regarding loss of ad revenue. if he doesn’t put a stop to the bigotry and abuse on there, he will soon lose ALL his advertisers and I think he finally understands that he needs the advertisers in order to make any kind of money for that company. and, I think he finally realized that Twitter needs advertisers more than advertisers need Twitter.

  6. Becks1 says:

    Has he always been like this and it’s been covered up? I’m not talking about the “slavery is a choice” comments – I mean way before that, like back in 05/06 when Gold digger was a huge hit etc. Was he making these comments back then and it just never went public?

    I’m disturbed that he keeps getting a platform but at the same time, there’s something kind of weird and awkward about Alex Jones realizing he’s going too far……

    • CC says:

      A few weeks ago there were articles where former employees, including at least one Jewish employee, went on record that he has been praising Hitler in private for a long time.

      • pk says:

        He did it while at TMZ. They edited it out of the show to cover for Kanye (really to cover for the Kardashians because Kim was still married to him at the time and this would not be good for their brand). The Kardashians are in TMZ’s pockets and feed them stories. Kim (during the days she followed Paris around like a puppy) used to show up at TMZ all the time to sell them stories about other celebs. Harvey Levin admitted it.

      • ChillinginDC says:

        He’s been like this before Kim apparently. It just seems like people now are calling it out.

  7. Anne says:

    I see two paths for Kanye: ending up in dire financial straits as a sad has-been and being forgotten until his obituary OR his handlers win and in mid-2023 he goes on the Mel Gibson redemption media tour (TM) complete with excuses and faux-apologies.

  8. Eurydice says:

    From what I’ve read, he didn’t just post a swastika, he posted a Star of David with a swastika inside it and said this would the logo for his presidential campaign.

    • Becks1 says:

      Holy Crap.

    • LightPurple says:

      Yes, that is the image he posted.

    • Flowerlake says:


      I literally just thought: “he can’t say any worse than he already has” and now I read your comment.

      • Carrot says:

        Ye say, “Hold my beer.”

      • Eurydice says:

        It’s insane, isn’t it? Like a tragic version of “Springtime for Hitler.” Like a PR company was hired to create the most offensive campaign symbol possible.

      • Flowerlake says:


        Who can even come up with something like this? Next level bad and also bizarre

    • Frippery says:

      Does he…. did he think that would be funny? I mean, how did he imagine people would react ??!?

    • NG_76 says:

      He had North wear a sweater with the Star of David on it this week.

      • OriginalLeigh says:

        North left Kim’s house in that sweater so there clearly the adult supervision on that side is not great either…

    • Debbie says:

      I’m a bottom-line kind of girl and I suspect that he really wanted to post the swastika by itself and in defiance, but he knew at this point that he couldn’t do so without alienating what’s left of his supporters. So, he included the Star of David as a cover. I thought the same when he posted the word “Shalom” upon his first return to Twitter. It’s a way of saying, “Who are you going to believe, what I said before, or what I’m posting now after losing all my major contracts?” Still, I always find it interesting when people malign a certain group, then try to use them for cover when they get into trouble. That takes a certain amount of chutzpah — if you’ll pardon the expression.

  9. BlueSky says:

    Before anyone starts, being mentally ill does not make someone antisemitic, anti black or a misogynist. This is who he has always been. This is not on his mother or his ex wife. He has agency. He knows what he is doing. This is what he wants out there. Let him implode.

  10. Sue E Generis says:

    My real issue is that there are STILL people supporting him. Many.

    • LightPurple says:

      This. I was watching the Daily Wire twitter feeds last night. For the past two years, they have been embracing Kanye. He posed with Candace Owens in that White Lives Matter t-shirt and Daily Wire guys were ecstatic. But Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro is Jewish Orthodox and over the last few days, they have been stepping back on the Kanye love. Last night, they were all tweeting that Kanye is in some sort of a psychotic breakdown but their minions were pushing back claiming Kanye was right, Kanye was justified from his own experiences, and that the DW was just “taking the side of Ben Shapiro.” It was disgusting.

    • N.L.O.G. says:

      Yep, even here. Some King Ye enablers are doing the most to make his behavior all about their dislike of the ex, and trying to make his actions noble in some way.

  11. Katie Beanstalk says:

    Hitler didn’t like black people. Am I missing something?

  12. Seaflower says:

    Pink’s tweet from 2009 is perfect
    “Kanye west is the biggest piece of shit on earth. Quote me.”

    • Flowerlake says:

      Look at those from the future comments.

      What makes it more interesting is that I see tweets from different years and even today rrsponding to it

    • SarahCS says:

      Its amazing what can hide in plain sight until it starts costing people/businesses money.

  13. Pointillist says:

    I reckon this is a mix of legitimate anti Blackness and antisemitism but also a psychotic break and trolling. I feel like it’s a psychotic break because of how he appeared on Alex Jones. The trolling (which is still super harmful) is the showing of porn, nude pictures of his ex wife in the workplace even while married to her (could you imagine how destroyed Kim must feel?) and he is willing to go this far with no boundaries. I reckon he means everything he says.

    He is willingly destroying himself because he feels he has nothing to lose and ironically has the deepest narcissism so he thinks he is untouchable. He is letting himself be used by white supremacists and antisemites. White media outcasts are broadcasting his crap to redeem themselves – oh I’m not as extreme as him.

    I think we need to ignore him but here I am commenting. I don’t think anything good comes from paying attention to West and Fuentes. I am tired of people like Louis Theroux giving white supremacists platforms.

    The thing with wastes of space like this is that they want to be the biggest and the best and while no one should be abused by corporations – we make choices in life. He is responsible for signing shitty deals so blaming Jewish people for financial conspiracy theory garbage is completely unacceptable; he is responsible for marrying Kim K and reducing her to a prize as if she is not human so if he couldn’t handle that he married a woman who has made a sex tape then that’s on him. I do believe that family trades on white supremacy but he chose to marry her. He is also responsible for all of his own reactions and choices. He is choosing to mix with white supremacists.
    He is responsible for thinking we made a choice to be slaves.

    He disgusts me and I feel heartsick for the people he is hurting and harming.

    • ChillinginDC says:

      Kanye has been like this for decades. Seriously. People have been not so quietly talking about him (were ignored) and this is all coming out now cause Kim isn’t hiding this mess anymore.

  14. Jan says:

    Parler is trying to save face, Ye don’t have the money to buy Parler, so all Nazi Candy buttering up work was in vain.
    She and her husband thought they could off load an unprofitable business on a Hilter acolyte.

  15. LORENA says:

    He’s unhinged but we knew that. However, the Twitter Memes relating to Chris Paul are sending me 😂😂😂😂

    Dont really believe that but then again Chris Paul does play with devin booker who was Kendall’s bf so there is a link but I still dont buy it

  16. nutella toast says:

    Psychotic breaks, dissociative disorders, psychosis, etc. don’t make you a racist – they just don’t. Especially when it’s been low-key (and then high-key) going on FOR YEARS. Check the DSM – it’s not a thing. You can have hallucinations, but again, that doesn’t make you racist. It might make you paranoid, but I don’t hear him expressing paranoia. I hear him expressing violence, bigotry, and opportunistic hate-group baiting with his vile buddy nodding enthusiastically. Maybe narcissistic personality disorder in there somewhere but hate isn’t a mental illness. For everyone who experiences extreme trauma and has a break down eventually due to all the pain, I’m NOT going to agree that this is all coming from some place he isn’t aware of and can’t control. I’m just not. If ALEX JONES sounds like the more reasonable person in the room, you have absolutely made CHOICES.

    • nutella toast says:

      *to be clear, I think he could have another diagnosis like manic-depressive or something, but I don’t believe that diagnosis inherently makes you a racist. I think you make lots of small choices and one day you just are where you are…because of choices.

      • SomeChick says:

        Some racists are also mentally ill. They might even have more than one disorder! Why is this so hard to understand?

        At least people are recognizing that mental illness is a factor, unlike the whole Charlie Sheen tiger blood thing which was considered a big joke by most people.

  17. Frippery says:

    It seems to be a recurring thing that he publicly accuses his ex-wife of having slept with this person or that person. Yes we are all having a laugh about it. But it’s something abusers do and it is not funny at all to imagine your husband screaming and ranting that you are ‘sleeping around’ or having an affair. It’s f—ing scary.

    • NG_76 says:

      Exactly this all scary abusive behaviour. Also, are we forgetting that Pete Davidson is jewish? This is his continued violence towards him and Kim as well.

      • pk says:

        I used to watch KUWTK years ago. I remember a very old episode where Kim and Kourtney were signing Khloe up for an on-line dating site. While answering questions about the type of guy they want for Khloe, Kim said he has to be Christian. Kourtney then said “but Scott is Jewish”. Kim ignored her. I think Kim has some biases herself. Maybe she has overcome them, since she just recently dated Pete (or she just needed to use him for a storyline and clout). I don’t know, the show is scripted so it could have just been a way to get people talking, but why would you even say that if you don’t believe it? Kim has also said some homophobic things in the past as well (towards Kris Humphries and Tyson Beckford). She always seems to get a pass. I think she is more like Kanye than we think…but Kanye is clearly worse of course. He’s lost his mind.

      • Nmn says:

        Pete Davidson is not jewish.

  18. TikiChica says:

    I have news for you Kanye: he wouldn’t have liked you.

  19. Cara says:

    I highly recommend the podcast Knowledge Fight if you’re interested in figuring out what the heck is wrong with Alex Jones. It’s two comedians but the one who does the research is excellent and has spent the last 7 years studying Jones’ tricks. He was even called in to help during the Jones deposition for the Texas Sandy Hook case last December. The other host has been diagnosed with bipolar depression so I imagine his take on Kanye will be interesting. He talked a little about it on their Wednesday episode.

  20. Susie says:

    1) This is all very horrifying. And sorry to all the Jewish people who have had to deal with this in the media the past few days (and months). Late registration was the first cd I bought in gr 7 and while I’ve peaced out since the trump pic it’s still sad to see an artist that was a big part of your journey publicly show utter contempt for you
    2) how does this end? He HAS to be bleeeing money. He’s never been a saver and a lot of his wealth was future years income that has been cancelled now. While the slavery comments should have been disqualifying this level of public anti sémitism sure is. His ego And the state he is in now won’t let him cut back on his spending. It always won’t let him apologize. He is toxic to ALL brands (sketchers! Don’t want him). So WHAT will he do? And I don’t mean for his career I mean what is he going to do to
    (including his kids and Kim) to externalize all this. Like I get that for legal reasons Kim can only do so much when it comes to preventing access to the kids. And he probably sees north as an extension of himself but the other kids as a tool to hurt Kim with. Financially they will be Kardashians and fine but he has the access to do so much physical and mental harm to them and he has been escalating quickly. I just feel like Kim is probably going thru so much fear cuz I fear for her and the kids and I obviously don’t know them. I hope and pray a few weeks or months from now we don’t have a scary story. This is a man who derives a lot from being rich he will be losing money he WILL act out.

    • Yonati says:

      The last few days and months?????? OMG, we Jews carry around centuries of generational trauma from over 1000 years of being “othered” and murdered.

      We are exposed to antisemitism nearly every day of our lives thanks to the World Wide Web.

      Thank you for listening.

      • nemo says:

        The sad thing is that only antisemitism from one specific part of the political spectrum is highlighted, while the rest – which we suffer from, DAILY – is ignored.

      • Susie says:

        I meant this specific situation. Major public figures may be anti semitic or racist but they aren’t saying that with their whole chest they love hitler on very public and big platforms , thankfully. While anti semitism like racism and all bigotry is a daily aggression meant to break a person down there are specific situations that tend to shove it down your throat and are so public you can’t push it to the back. It must especially suck because regardless of how you feel about his music he has been a generational artist that soundtracked the youth of many many people. I personally tapped out during the slavery is choice period but that doesn’t erase that he was my first album I bought myself and he is probably a massive foundation of my musical taste as well as many others including many jewish people.
        I don’t want to seem defensive at your comment but I do want to point out finding out a big public figure that for decades was celebrated hates an integral part of you is a truly sucky feeling that isn’t like other dog whistles or micro aggressions. On some level we all know there are many bigots out there but having it forced into your face with absolute certainty on such a public platform has a special hurt or at least it does to me as a black woman. And I just wanted other Jewish people to hear I see you and I am sorry that your going thru this. One thing I’ve noticed is that people seem to be focusing more on their shock that he is willing to say this part out loud. But I remember the day after trump was elected and just sitting with “wow many white Americans really do hate black people” and I think we should acknowledge that many Jewish people are waking up this week realizing that many people would basically shrug if Hitler started walking them to a gas chamber tomorrow. And I don’t think that’s dramatic to say. It reminds of the Jewish lady who said the day after one of the pogroms that if all my neighbors apparently look horrified in the light of day then who were the people who came after us last night. Having incontrovertible upfront proof that you are hated for something you can’t control sucks on a soul deep level regardless if you knew at the back of your head that they hated you. It’s why bigotry is so exhausting and demoralizing

    • Guest says:

      It’s probably too late for you to see this, but as a Jewish person I am grateful to see someone thinking about how this moment feels for us. Hatred against us that is often deadly has become the topic of the day, but it’s discussed in such an abstract way that is feels like no one sees our humanity. So, thank you for your comments. I only wish that others – including on this thread! – showed the same empathy.

    • Fabiola says:

      Everyone says how he will end up broke but wouldn’t he still get money from his music being played in the radio and in movies? He should be getting residuals from that to still be wealthy. Not as wealthy as he was but well off.

  21. Katie Beanstalk says:

    If you have a mental illness the thing to do is get professional help. It’s strange people are taking what he says seriously when it could all be psychosis.

  22. Nina says:

    His views are abhorrent and completely independent of his mental health issues. But when it comes to the latter: he’s been clearly manic for A WHILE. Why has he been allowed to roam free in this state while Brittany Spears was imprisoned under a conservatorship for a decade for less?

    Oh yeah. Misogyny.

  23. ME says:

    Chris Paul is a married man so I hope he didn’t cheat on his wife with Kim. Chris Paul and Devon Booker (Kendall’s former boyfriend) are very close friends. Chris’s kids go to the same school as Kim’s. Chris is also a brand ambassador for Beyond Meat, as is Kim. There are many connections with these two. Who knows, but I do think sometimes Kanye does tell the truth. I do find it odd that whenever Kim is getting backlash for anything, Kanye immediately changes the narrative and puts the pressure on himself. It’s like he tries to “save” her or something. Onle last thing, I find it extremely gross that Kim put her used Balenciaga clothes up for sale on Kardashian Kloset…like just a day or so ago. Seriously? Like I said many times, I feel sorry for those kids, they have a really f*cked up father and a slightly less f*cked up mother.

    • N.L.O.G. says:

      ^ When internalized misogyny mixes with Kim Derangement Syndrome.

      • ME says:

        Ummm yeah ok if you say so. Nothing wrong with what I said. Kanye is an a$$hole no doubt about it, but Kim isn’t a whole lot better. Just because someone has a mental illness doesn’t mean they are a liar. He could be telling the truth. Kim has a reputation for lying, but we should automatically believe anything she says because she wasn’t diagnosed with a mental illness? Wow ok.

      • N.L.O.G. says:

        Who said anything about a diagnosis? They’re both liars. But you’re bending over backwards to find some kind of out for this violent, hateful little man that makes his dangerous behavior the fault of the woman he’s abusing just because you’ve invested years of your life into hate following her. That’s not healthy.

  24. Aevajohnson says:

    I remember sitting with my boyfriend at the time watching the Hurricane Katrina Benefit Concert in 2005 and Kanye coming on and saying, “George W. Bush does not care about black people.” It’s wild to think 17 years later, he’s wearing white lives matter shirts and talking about his love for Hitler and Nazis. Boggles the mind.

    • ME says:

      Well Kanye never said HE himself cares about Black people so…maybe he hasn’t changed at all? It’s not like he became a racist a$$hole overnight. His wife, his friends, and probably even his kids have heard him say racist sh*t. Racists love talking don’t they? I just don’t understand why so many covered for him? I guess the clout and money was too good. The thing is people are still supporting him. He still has fans. He will still make money. All he needs to do is put out another really good album and all will be forgiven. That’s the f*cked up world we live in.

  25. Dahlia says:

    Why are we still talking about this poorly dressed mediocrity?

  26. p says:

    You know a while back when Kim and Kanye were still married, Drake said he had some tea that could ruin Kanye’s marriage. He also posted a pic of him and two other dudes all wearing Chris Paul jerseys. Chris Paul used to live next door to Khloe. He also used to live in the same apartment complex as Reggie Bush back in the day. Hey I remember Kim saying she’s been cheated on by every guy she’s ever been with. She said she cheats on them out of retaliation. This was during an old Access Hollywood interview. Kanye admitted to cheating during the marriage, so hey Kim could have cheated as retaliation. Who knows. But damn, why with a married man? I know the Kardashians will use Kanye’s mental illness as a reason to not believe anything he says, but I do think sometimes he does tell the truth. Also, the Kardashians are the biggest liars on the planet so there’s that.

    • Emily_C says:

      What does Kanye’s Naziism have to do with any of this? It’s not Kim’s fault.

      • p says:

        This is about what he said about her supposedly cheating…not about his Naziism. Did you read the whole article ?

    • N.L.O.G. says:

      Mental illness isn’t the first or even second biggest reason why things this man says about people should be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism. The first reason is the fact that he’s an abusive, vindictive, power hungry tyrant fueled by a need for attention and filled with hatred for several groups of people. That alone makes what he has to say about a sizeable chunk of the population untrustworthy. The second reason is that he’s already told some big petty lies himself.

  27. Solidgold says:

    It’s a wrap for Kanye. He gave up his credibility and respect for what?

  28. Lila says:

    Kanye literally became Clayton Bigsby.

  29. Mar says:

    I am done with him. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for so long

  30. Luna17 says:

    So I guess Elon isn’t actually a free speech champion like all those Elon bro supporters said?! Are they all gonna start whining about censorship again? Kanye is just a terrible human and has been showing exactly who he is for years. I’m done with the mental illness excuse with him. He isn’t sick , he is just awful garbage with money.

  31. Emily_C says:

    When Alex Jones ends up better on an issue than you…

    Pink was right. I wonder what happened behind the scenes to make her say that. Or was it something everyone knew and memory holed in the name of furthering the myth that Kanye was a genius?

  32. Jemima says:

    Kanye is the definition of self-hatred, though lacking the insight to see it. His buddy Dumpy has some of the same qualities buried under their gold-plated self-denial. Just wish it didn’t have to involve us. When Dumpty would rant on Twitter I thought why report it? It’s not an appropriate medium for a president to communicate through. Hope his pride keeps him off now, but I doubt it. Funniest part ever was Kan telling Dump he could be his VP and Dumpy screaming you’d lose!! Lol!

  33. Master and margarita says:

    He’s in the middle of psychosis, or manic episode not sure. His grandiose ideas, reckless spending, reckless sex behavior ie showing porn (I’m sure he cheated, I think I read on here that he was boasting about being with two women while on tour and while still married) are case book symptoms of bipolar. He’s probably gonna run out of cash soon or get into debt. I think the Kardashians covered for him for a long time, paid off TMZ to minimize coverage when he was hospitalized, helped get him back on track financially but not anymore.

    My ex’s brother had bipolar and he acted in all these ways when he was off meds. The anti semitism tho, I don’t know how to explain that. I don’t think it’s mental illness. Wasn’t there a recent report he wanted to name an album in 2018 after Hitler? That is wild and that means this has been kept under wraps for a while.

  34. Kmiller says:

    Kim stuck around for awhile and had kids w someone she knew was openly racist and antisemitic, even if the world didn’t know yet. No pass for kim. Wouldn’t surprise me if she felt as much antipathy towards Jews as he does.