Princess Kate wore a Solace London greenscreen dress to Earthshot in Boston

The Earthshot Awards were held Friday night in Boston. After all of those unhinged previews and promises to be keen, this marked the end of Prince William and Kate’s unsuccessful Boston trip. They wanted to be feted, respected and headline-grabbing. They once again went overseas and stumbled from one catastrophe to the next, and the only times they were the main story in their domestic press was when they were being booed at the Celtics game or when William’s godmother was outed as a racist a–hole.

Fashion notes: Kate wore a “rented” dress from Solace London. Apparently, the Palace is making a big deal about how she didn’t buy this dress, she rented it from HURR. Nevermind the fact that Kate did buy a dozen new pieces for this three-day trip, but sure, “sustainability.” The dress is too tight, in my opinion, and it’s basically just a greenscreen. Have fun with that! She also wore an emerald-and-diamond choker which was Princess Diana’s, although I think it’s part of the Royal Collection. Kate and Camilla really looted the Royal Collection as soon as QEII died, huh? Kate’s earrings are from Asprey.

Can we talk about the scheduling for a second? There’s a reason why most American awards shows are scheduled for Sunday evenings – because you want the awards to be a big story on Monday and throughout the work week. Scheduling something “big” on Friday is generally a bad idea in America because no one pays attention to the newscycle (or gossip cycle) on Saturday. Now, it’s different in the UK – the royals will do something on a Friday because they want it to be in the weekend newspapers (Sunday paper coverage is the “most important”). I’m just saying, Earthshot was still being done with William’s domestic audience in mind, and this mess won’t even air in the US until December 14th (lol) on PBS (lol).

Will and Kate are just so bad at looking like a happily married couple. Their awkward body language always reads like “coworkers who slept together once a decade ago and the sex was awful.”

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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  1. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    Girl wore at least $15,000 worth of new clothes and jewelry in 2.5 days and now try’s to be Mrs. Sustainability??

    • Nic919 says:

      Yeah the rented dress is meaningless with all the new outfits for a very short trip but the new accessories.

      Which doesn’t even account for them travelling there unnecessarily in the first place.

      • Bromptonviewer says:

        This is the worst look I’ve seen her in for ages. She looks like a highlighter and how does this dress make someone so anorexic look like she has a tummy?

      • Les says:

        She may have rented a dress but this dress was bought and tailored for her. Her body proportions and height preclude this being a rental.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        The color of the dress is awful and the dress is too tight. She needs to keep the jewels and the shoes, wear the same dress (because the design is nice) a size larger and in a contrasting, flattering color.

    • Happyoften says:

      Nothing says earth friendly like breaking it open to abscond with it’s pretty innards. Then again, diamonds are forever… So sustainability YAY!

      She dresses as though she has a very literal grasp of the assignment, kind of a KISS attitude about the whole thing.

    • Ginger says:

      And the “rented” dress was like $525. It the probably the cheapest thing she wore for this whole trip and it’s rented. They are SO bad at this.

      • Bea says:

        She rented the dress for £74

      • Ginger says:

        I think the dress was worth $525 and she rented it for $74. Someone posted the price on twitter. Either way, it’s the cheapest outfit she wore on the trip compared to everything else she wore.

      • Jay says:

        Oh, man. Everybody knows what will happen when you wear one of these green screen dresses – we’ve seen them at awards shows and famously on “Melanie” Trump. I think Kate might just be that desperate for the online engagement?

        Sorry, this posted in the wrong place!

      • equality says:

        @Jay Even QE got the green screen treatment so she should have definitely known she would.

      • Sam says:

        It does look as cheap as it is!

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Harla: It’s more than that. The Asprey earrings alone cost £15,000.

      • Mustang Sally says:

        Very often, famous jewelers (Harry Winston, Asprey’s, Cartier) will loan jewelry for the exposure in the news articles. As they (W&K) were attending events with people with a good deal of money, this type of thing is very often a very effective form of advertising (i.e., I saw Kate wearing that, so I bought it).

      • Jais says:

        V true but I thought it was against protocol for royals to do that… the black duchess would never have been allowed to do that while she was a working royal.

      • Nic919 says:

        Becky English asked about the earrings and they didn’t say anything except that it was a private gift. So not loaned.

    • cee says:

      She has HUNDREDS of dresses she could have reworn to this event, she didn’t need to rent a dress. Normal people like us rewear clothes all the time, THAT is sustainability, not renting a dress when you have millions in clothes stored somewhere in England and you tend to own the same coat in different colours and shades of the same colour.
      In fact, if they were smart or surrounded by smart people, she should have only worn previously worn clothes. The fashion industry is one of the main contaminants in the world yet she wore new clothes while promoting an environmental award. To me this just keeps proving the point they’re just lazy, vain, uncaring, and stupid people.

      • Sam says:

        Exactly!! The whole wardrobe for this trip was so UGLY! And the bright green dress was the absolute highlight!

    • Lorelei says:

      @Harla, $15,000? Surely you jest! Even the Fail is saying she spent around $50,000 on new stuff. For three days. In the name of sustainability and recycling or whatever

      And regardless of the price, I wouldn’t touch that hideous dress if it was marked down 95% in a sale bin. It’s atrocious

    • CindyP says:

      Three outfit changes on Wednesday alone. She should have quit while she was a head with the suit she wore off the plane. That tartan dress was dreadful & a Chanel jacket with sausage curls for a basketball game??

    • DouchesOfCambridge says:

      That 1st pic looks like she’s a tussaud wax figure. Her team with her as top CEO lack a smart chip. Instead of renting this 1 outfit, she should have just given all these new outfits to an rental pro-sustainability organism after the tour. Looks so bad

  2. mia girl says:

    Kate is totally giving grinch vibes in this dress.

    🎶 You’re a mean one…🎶

  3. Amy Too says:

    I really hate this dress. It’s a Diana cosplay, but this shade of green is so hard to pull off. This would’ve worked better last year when William was wearing his weird green velvet jacket and house slipper things. But this color? For no reason? At this time of year? On someone with her coloring? Yuck.

    • Princessk says:

      I actually think that she is copying Meghan with that bateau neckline.

      • Julia says:

        I love the IDEA of renting a dress (though not THAT dress; surely there are green dresses that would suit the theme and yet not be so harsh, right?), but she should have worn 100% recycled clothes for this tour, and *then* added the rental, as a good option for anyone who doesn’t have a literal archive of fancy dresses for events.

        As ever, I think their staff needs improvement. It’s not enough to make one good gesture: you need someone to ask the follow-up questions. “What about renting a dress? That’s sustainable!” needs to be followed up by “Yeah, but will it make the rest of the tour look bad in comparison? How can we avoid that?”

    • Taehyung’s Noona says:

      The dress reads SPRING, but it seems too thin to work with the necklace. I’m very curious to know what she eats. It can’t be easy remaining that thin after having three kids. It’s fairly obvious that maintaining this weight is very important to her. I understand why given the Sophie comments from yesterday.

      • Julia K says:

        What Sophie comments? About weight? Missed it.

      • Lady D says:

        The dress should have been a forest green colour.

      • Rnot says:

        No idea if it’s true but I read somewhere years ago that she and her mother and sister were devotees of the Dukan diet and that they basically lived off lettuce and fat-free cottage cheese.

      • The Recluse says:

        She had better be taking her vitamins.
        I’m also wondering if she divides her time between shopping and punishing her body with daily work outs.

    • Steph says:

      @amytoo: I don’t think the color is ugly or that it’s wrong on her complexion. It’s just wrong for this event. It doesn’t fit for a formal event or one that’s held in NE during the winter.

      • TheFarmer'sWife says:

        I think she looks fine in this dress, although I agree with everyone else who posted that renting a dress (when you’ve got hundreds to choose from) is not the best of ideas or looks. What are the 3Rs? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Her jewellery is off, too. She should’ve lost the choker and gone with those huge earrings she’s so fond of–this would’ve been the occasion to wear them! Perhaps even haul out some sapphires, aquamarine, or bright yellow citrine giant earrings–there must be some in the royal (cough) vaults? Khate’s makeup does not photograph well from certain angles, either. Anyway, I guess this is the best one can do with the staff she has–maybe her staff bully her because I don’t understand how she can get her “event clothes” so wrong so often.

    • SadieMae says:

      Yeah, I like the design of it (love the waist detail), but the color isn’t flattering (and doesn’t match that gorgeous choker!!) and it’s definitely too tight, especially across the chest, where it’s pressing her bust down flat in a weird way.

      • Annalise says:

        I agree that emeralds do not match that shade of green at ALL. I think green amethyst would have looked SO much better with that weird chewing-gum green…..
        I’ve seen quite a few royals fail to choose jewelry that compliments their gowns… Which there is ZERO excuse for since they own 90% of the world’s gems…….

      • Genevieve says:

        I think the problem with her bust is that it’s a strapless bra – you can see the shape of the bra. Personally, I’ve never had a good experience with a strapless bra, so avoid wearing anything that might require one. I don’t know if there was another solution (other than going free-range), but the bra is wrecking the line of the dress.

    • SarahLee says:

      Why oh why would she wear a green screen dress? Why? They had to know what it was going to turn into, right? They had to know! Does her stylist hate her?

      • Sparky says:

        It was more cosplay. She went green for the environment. Literally going green

      • Toots says:

        She’s gonna use it as a green screen. The carpet will be used as green screen too. This is just my guess. She’s gonna wear flowers and plants in the edited version. I think that’s what they kind of did last year.

    • BeanieBean says:

      It matches the green carpet at the event, I think she was going for that. Remember turning all the green lights on various public buildings at the start of this? That’s Kate & her literal dressing. First thing I noticed was ‘she’s wearing Diana’s emeralds!’. Take those off! Diana wore that choker as a headband; it’s a wonder she didn’t go for the matching earrings. Pretty sure there was an entire parure of these emeralds, Queen Mary’s, I think? Too lazy to google.

    • Seaflower says:

      This colour is just wrong for so many reasons – the primary one being people photoshoping onto the green screen.

      But also, violent day-glo green with emeralds? Somewhere every dead artist and fashion designer is rolling in their grave.

    • Chrissy says:

      No Kidding. WTH wears mint green in December???? And she thinks she looks good in this monstrosity!!!!!

  4. Kate says:

    I thought the color was a fun and unexpected choice for her. Same with the shoes, I love them and would have guessed she would go matchy matchy. The fit isn’t perfect but that makes sense when it’s rented. And I like that she may have brought some attention to fashion renting platforms by renting instead of rewearing something from her closet.
    Not sure the necklace works with this dress, the clashing greens don’t really work for me.

    • WHAT says:

      She didn’t bring the 💡 for rental dresses. Boris Johnson wife did. As usual Kate always copies what another woman does but never gets called out for it

      • Kate says:

        Well I didn’t hear about Boris Johnson’s wife so this is the first time I’ve heard of a celeb using a fashion rental service. I mean I have used Rent the Runway in the US so I know the concept but I think it’s a great thing to normalize generally, I really don’t care who was first to do it. I just hope it picks up traction since fast fashion and single use items are a big environmental problem.

      • WHAT says:

        Your follow up comments makes no sense since you yourself have used rent the runway. Also, there’s thrift stores and outlets all across the country, so what is your point? Your original comment was you hope she brings attention to renting gowns. My point is the UK always praised Boris Johnson wife for renting her designer wear gowns and Kate as usual sees what another woman is praised for and wants a bit for herself since she can’t get none on her own. Like others have said she’s always paying tribute to Diana, the queen and her first two outfits was her copying Meghan. You will NEVER have Kate in an article on her own. Kate is even being praised for signing a guest book like Charles. When has she ever rented a gown? It is about being first when no one will call her out for basically ALWAYS copying what other women have done before her.

      • LightPurple says:

        Everyone was asked to wear “sustainable fashion” to the event. Mayor Wu wore a dress made out of recycled carpet and cassette tapes.

    • Linda says:

      I agree, it’s different and fun. And while the choker may not exactly match in color, it’s an historic and iconic piece and it is amazing to see it again.

    • Babz says:

      Diana rocked that choker, especially when she wore it as a headband in Australia. It’s one of the most iconic pieces, and it will always be identified with her. If Kate shows up wearing it as a headband some day, the shark will be well and truly jumped, and her morphing process will be complete.

      BTW, I have to laugh at her apparently shunning Will’s hand here, especially since there are pictures of them holding hands at the Celtics’ game. She had her hand on his thigh, and he had his hand over it. That one time must have been enough for her. They must have felt the need to pretend PDA in the USA, because Sussexes…

      • Interested Gawker says:

        I think she should have gone full wiglet with the choker as an Alice band. That would have been a nod to Diana’s creativity but still in Kate’s style. A missed opportunity…

      • BeanieBean says:

        To me it seems as though he shunned he hand, not the other way around. He put out his hand to sort of turn her around & get her going in the right direction (he’s always trying to hurry her along), & she put her hand out to his but he didn’t take it.

    • LULULULUbro says:

      Actually renting clothes hurts the environment more than throwing them away. There is a whole right up on why rental is bad for the environment. Kate looks awful.

      • Lisa says:

        That doesn’t make any sense. What’s the theory?

      • rawiya says:

        @Lisa — according to a Guardian article (Renting clothes is ‘less green than throwing them away’), it’s due to transporting the clothes from the renters back and forth to the warehouse, all the packaging, and the dry cleaning.

      • Sarah says:

        Is that because of the shipping and cleaning? I have wondered about it.

      • Smices says:

        I’m guessing shipping , there and back.

      • Kate says:

        What I have read is more nuanced than that, but it also depends on the rental platform. But yes, if you are renting things and just wearing them once, and they come completely wrapped in loads of plastic that gets thrown out and the dry cleaning is not eco-friendly then it also causes harm.

      • Flowerlake says:

        They should promote charity shops. The UK has countless of them, for all kinds of charities. You can find plenty in London, but also small towns and anything in between.

        How it works: people can bring their clothes/books/lots of other stuff to a charity shop. They resell it for a cheap price, so the charity gets money and products are recycled.

        Your best bet is going to a “rich” neighborhood, since plenty of rich folks leave things there that they’ve worn once or twice, and are still in great condition. Charity shops do check if the donated products are in good condition. They don’t accept things with holes or stains in them.

        It’s also a great way for poor people to be able to afford clothes for a job interview or other occassions.

        If people walk or cycle or public ttansport there (which plenty do) then there are very little environmental costs.
        Especially for the stores that just keep it in their own store and don’t move it to another one. That’s most likely for smaller ones that aren’t part of a chain, but I guess you can ask 🙂

        Hope more countries will do that.

      • Eurydice says:

        There’s a new ordinance in Boston prohibiting people from throwing away old clothes and other textiles, also shoes and mattresses. They all have to be reused or recycled in some way – there are lots of charities here that collect such items for the poor and homeless, and also run charity shops, like Goodwill.

    • Lux says:

      Opinions of all kinds are surely welcome but that dress is plain hideum. Some polyester blend neon with pink glitter shoes and real diamonds and emeralds….my two year old daughter wouldn’t even approve.

      Everything is vying for attention: the green screams, the sparkle shoes shriek and the diamonds clash and ache to be the diva. The whole look is a mess and somehow incredibly inappropriate for the weather (as people have pointed out) as well as incredibly aging. If Keen wanted to do a matching set, put your hair up. Everything neck up looks tired. Word’s out: her stylist abhors her.

    • Isabella says:

      I think the chocker is too tight. It literally looks like it is choking her. No wonder Diana wore it as a headpiece.

  5. Zazzoo says:

    Is that color meant to represent nature??

  6. Nic919 says:

    She has so many green gowns that she could have reworn and which would have worked better with the emeralds. And of course are we supposed to pretend that the emerald choker aka colonialist loot is recycling? Rich people wearing jewels passed over the generations isn’t exactly what recycling means.

    • Seraphina says:

      Thank you! When I first saw this pic I felt sorry for those emeralds. What a waste of beautiful jewels on Kate.
      The color of the dress is throwing me off. I am not a fan, maybe I am old school and think this is more of a spring/summer color. Plus, I will be pretty, makes her look pea green with envy ……🤣🤣🤣

    • susan says:

      Jewels that at some point were looted from some desperately poor country

  7. Lissen says:

    Out of rampant curiosity, I clicked on a clip last night. Heard a bit of garbled onlooker interviews. One young woman said “Catherine, I came here to see Catherine!’ [Me: oh dear!] Then my attention was caught when she said rapturously, “I’m a big fan. I LOVE Moira!” Ah, that Catherine. Catherine O’Hara. Of course. What other Catherine is there last night? LOL.

  8. KBeth says:

    I like this silhouette on her, color is awful. You need personality to pull off bold color.

    • Josephine says:

      I’m stuck on how the dress makes her bustline look so low. That band at the top of the dress is doing really weird things to her bustline. With her straight figure, a dress with more interest might have been better. It feels like a cheap tube dress with a belt to me.

      • Elizabeth Phillips says:

        She’s obviously wearing a padded strapless bra. I saw one view from the back and I suspect she was also wearing butt pads.

      • CattieKeen says:

        The proportions were off with her long torso. I was genuinely trying to figure out where my bust line would be in comparison in this dress and realized that I was being weird and I should drink my coffee

  9. Snuffles says:

    “this mess won’t even air in the US until December 14th (lol) on PBS”

    It will probably be up against numerous Christmas specials on network television. AND it’s airing on a week day?

    I wonder if PBS will air repeats of it throughout the year or is it one and done?

    • Lorelei says:

      According to What Kate Wore, it will start streaming on Monday? But tbh, by then we’ll all probably have seen clips online and will have no need to sit through it (except for when Catherine O’Hara is on!)

      “US viewing: The program will begin streaming at 2pm ET on Monday, December 5, on and the PBS App and at 8pm ET on the PBS YouTube channel. PBS will also broadcast the event on Wednesday, December 14 at 8pm ET (check local listings).”

      • windyriver says:

        By Monday I expect Meghan and Harry will be in NYC; their event is Tuesday night. It would also make sense if they arrived tomorrow, and possibly do a visit of their own someplace on Monday. That’s who the press will be following. The Earthsh!t production will be overshadowed (again!) quickly; that is, if whatever interest there was hasn’t already completely evaporated.

    • KFG says:

      NONE OF THE WINNERS WERE THERE! Like wtf was the point if the actual award winners weren’t flown there, but a bunch of celebrities who have nothing to do with the awards, were flown out. They’re getting eaten alive on twitter.

      • Lady D says:

        Was it a fundraiser too? Probably not, all the Cambridge attention was focused on being the centre of the room. Plus, they’re not bright enough to think of something like that. Last night was all about admiring them.

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        WAIT, what the actual f***. Are you serious? Can you imagine the screaming if H&M attended an awards ceremony built around them and the award winners weren’t there? Holy cow. I’d be PO’d if I were asked to donate to this grifting mess.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        That is so funny yet not so funny @KFG. An awards ceremony/show where none of the recipients were in attendance. Not just a few but zero. OMG what a sh*tshow. One of the awardees? was from London too. It wouldn’t have been that hard to have a representative fly out with W&K to appear. Oops, no room for an awardee, RR’s took their seat. An absolute vanity project by Will.

        2nd paragraph, Kaiser’s take on Richard Kay’s dumb@ss Ya think Kay will self correct.lolz Five days ago.

      • Seaflower says:

        This. So a big gala event, no winners present but lots of B grade celebs (except CK). Does anyone know who the winners are? The only comments I’ve seen the news papers or online were either about the tour being a flop, photos of Will and Joe, and the green outfit. Nothing about the winners.

      • Alarmjaguar says:

        Right!? This seems like utter farce!

  10. Lissen says:

    Speaking of Moira Rose in Schitt’s Creek, her designer clothes were all used vintage finds from thrift shops/sites.

    I hope that Princess OfWilliam, aka POW, took advantage of last night’s opportunity to “listen and learn” from the beautiful, talented and kind Catherine O’Hara about HOW to wear clothes.

    • Josephine says:

      I was actually wondering if Kate would wear vintage. A lot of actresses wear vintage so successfully and it’s always so fun to see. Rented was a legit way to go (but as others have pointed out, not really impactful when literally every single other piece of clothing was purchased despite looking like everything else she wears) but I absolutely love resale markets and was hoping she would go that way.

    • Seaflower says:

      “Princess OfWilliam, aka POW” i see what you did there!

  11. Chica says:

    Her fillers and Botox are rounding her face out in a way that highlights her skinniness.
    Green 2×4

    • Laura says:

      Is it just me or is her jaw line looking more angled/wider… It’s strange

    • Elizabeth Phillips says:

      Yes. And I swear her eyebrows were higher in the evening than in the daytime. Is there some kind of gel that you can put on that holds things in place?

    • sparrow says:

      Last week, I told my partner about the lollypop head phenomenon. He’d never heard of it before. I’ve just showed him these photos and he said, “OK, now I see it, I won’t forget it!”. Thing is, she already has an enlarged head from dieting and now it’s puffed from fillers. There has been some very strange puffiness lately.

      • Lee says:

        I actually noticed that her eyebrows look…uneven? Like one is higher than the other. I think Botox didn’t settle correctly. Speaking from personal experience, haha, it looks like bad botox.

        I like the dress itself but dislike the color, for any time of year. Imagine this in an emerald green. Or burgundy. This color is just unflattering to almost anyone being photographed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Something is off with the Botox I think. I have to get it for a medical condition and sometimes I guess it just settles wrong (or maybe gets put in the wrong place?). I’ve been waiting weeks for mine to settle or dissipate (which I NEVER want because I always want it to last because of my medical condition)-it actually kind of hurts a little/was uncomfortable and I could definitely see where it was, which doesn’t usually ever happen. The only difference this time is they gave me some lidocaine first and I’ll never do that again because I think that could have contributed. Maybe not though, but it’s never happened before and it only happened where they gave me the lidocaine.

      Especially around her temples there I see the same weird shape on Kate as I did on me where I was in pain, I took one look at it and was almost certain.

  12. JanetDR says:

    I love the color for me 😃 but I don’t like the cut on Kate. It fits oddly around the middle. I guess props for not buying new? That would have been cool if she did it for the whole trip.

    • Carmen says:

      I think the exact opposite. I love the design of the dress but that color is ghastly. It looks like green bile.

      • JanetDR says:

        It ‘s the cutest sundress and makes my eyes incredibly blue! I have these great chrysoprase with lemon citrine earrings that just pull it all together.

  13. Beach Dreams says:

    This dress is AWFUL. The cut is unflattering and highlights her broad shoulders too much (she’s been doing that all year with these dresses…it’s a choice, that’s for sure). Enough has been said about that awful green shade. And honestly, for someone who likes to center her PR around being “regal”, “a proper English rose”, and not like “tacky” Hollywood, she certainly looked like she could fit in with the excessively botoxed folks of Tinseltown. She looked downright villainous.

    • Lucy says:

      It’s at least a surprising choice? That’s the nicest thing I can say.

      And I hate the choker with it. HATE. She went sleek with her hair and the dress, she should’ve done the big earrings and then either no necklace or a long, delicate thing that gives movement.

      I guess colonizing’s low reward unless you wear all the jewels all the time though, at least when you’ve got husband that you can’t stand to touch.

      • Nic919 says:

        Let’s face it she thought what jewels can I wear that are green and she pulled these out because Camilla is going to stay away from a piece that Diana made famous.

        The choker does nothing for her. Because it clashes with the dress colour it just says “hey I got some more of the royal collection stolen jewels”

  14. Lady K says:

    This is the worst I’ve seen her look. The color is terrible on her and the combination of the material, cut and color makes the dress look cheap.

    • sparrow says:

      It’s also that one eyebrow that reaches up into the sky. Posters on here have said it’s botched botox. Will it ever come down?

      • Lee says:

        I missed this post as I posted above about the bad botox. It should “settle” or you can inject something to make it come back down.

        I do Botox for my 11s and once, only once, I did it on my forehead. This happened. I was also going through a breakup at the time and told my (soon to be ex) boyfriend I was upset, and he said “you don’t look upset at all?” Lesson learned. Haha.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^Yeah, I agree @Lady K about this look on Kate. It’s nothing special. Plus, again the copykeening of Meghan’s signature boatneck bodice. The boatneck style is not flattering on Kate with her bony shoulders and too thin frame.

    • Babz says:

      I also noticed the heavy, heavy eye makeup. Even for her, it’s overdone. I know she was going for a glamorous, smoky evening look, but in front of the cameras, it was really noticeable. The one picture I’ve seen the most is so unflattering – it points up all the work she’s had done, and not in a good way. She’s looking harder and harder, which not eating, a hateful nature, and overdoing the facial procedures combine to make her almost caricature-like. It’s only going to get worse as the years go by. Her days of being known as the perfect English rose are over.

      • BeanieBean says:

        I noticed her makeup, too, she definitely changed it up for this event.

      • Lady D says:

        I feel for Louise if she is given the ‘English Rose’ title next. Puts Kate in an interesting position, she’ll want to destroy her, but has to think about her relationship with the Fiesta who works her ass off in Kate’s stead. Think Sofie will object or passively allow her daughter to be used by Kate?

      • Babz says:

        Lady D, that’s an interesting thought. Even though Sophie paraded Louise around right after Philip’s death, trying to get that D of E title, I’m thinking she’d be the one torn between defending her daughter from Kate or not engaging. She’s shown a bullying personality, and bullies usually back down when challenged. All Kate has to do is remind her that she and Edward need Charles’ and William’s largesse to survive. The Wessexes have no bargaining chips, and they’re stuck needing financial support from the King and his heir.

    • Sunday says:

      It’s actually shocking when you consider that her appearance and wardrobe is her absolute top priority. Like, this event was the entire point of their trip, this was the most important outfit, a chance to do a real glam moment, and she went with …this?

      The styling the entire trip has been bad, honestly, from the orange-hosiery feet in pumps to forgetting to blend in her obvious wiglets to this. It’s even more baffling when you consider that her looks, wardrobe, and styling make up like 93% of the planning for these events. You’re telling me her team was so focused on finding her a notebook and pen or teaching her how to clap that they forgot to blend her makeup or find her proper stylish boots? Just staggering incompetence at what should be the absolute easiest wins for them.

  15. Jais says:

    Honestly, it was an unexpected choice. I did not expect to see her in skin-tight lime green.
    She gave us a true Christmas gift though with the meme potential and the obvious Grinch connection. The grinch is just so fitting for her. Merry Christmas, y’all.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      The look doesn’t work, especially with the jewelry, but I like that it’s a departure from what she usually does. At least it’s a surprise. The green screen possibilities are extremely unfortunate, though lol.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Jais, yeah, that’s the only ‘good’ thing I can say about this mess of a dress— it was unexpected. But so god-ugly and ill-fitting, not to mention the green screen debacle (although I’m lmao at your take on it being her Xmas gift to us. It did kind of feel like Xmas morning on Twitter last night!)

      I actually loved when Diana wore that necklace as a headband, but apparently it “upset” the Queen, lol

      • Debbie says:

        Just imagine your life being so well-planned that this is what upsets you. Geez, no wonder she lived to be that old.

      • Chrissy says:

        The Queen wore the same string of pearls for the over 70 years. Really, she was probably upset that fun and charismatic Diana overshadowed her cheating son. It didn’t take much.

  16. Kim says:

    Of course she rented the dress – a) she will never ever wear it again and b) this way she gets to wear a new dress and still fit the mandate of sustainability. I kind of feel like she was trolling Will with this dress. He hated when she wore a bright yellow dress so this color probably made him incandescent.

    On the positive side, no one”s going to accuse her of cosplaying Meghan this time.

    • Jan90067 says:

      Someone on Twitter put her side by side with Meg in her wedding dress and made Kate’s dress white, too.

      Gotta say…. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lol

      Not a good look or color for Katie Keen. Dress looks cheap and the emeralds are too “formal” for that fabric.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Kim, I also thought of the banana comment! I’m sure Will had some choice words about this one.

        @Jan, I saw one of those side-by-side “what you ordered vs. what you received” tweets with Kate in last night’s neon green dress next to a photo of Diana wearing the same necklace and a much better green dress, it was great

      • Kim says:

        Lol the color was so atrocious I didn’t even think of that! It’s almost insulting to Meghan’s wedding dress to compare the two but I can see it 🤣

    • aftershocks says:

      @Kim: “… no one”s going to accuse her of cosplaying Meghan this time.”

      LOL 🤣 — The Twitter sbs @Jan90067 mentions is unsurprising since Kate is most def trying to copykeen the boatneck style associated with Meghan. By now Kate’s copykeening of other women is so overdone and obvious that it’s par for the course and sometimes goes unnoticed. Kate simply has no style at all. Due to her royal Wails status, her Karen-ness will continue to be embiggened by royalists, Meghan-haters, and clueless kool-aid drinkers.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        The shills are already praising her, and some of the “body language expert” ones are trying to say how Will and Kate’s body language shows how in love they are. I know they are preaching to people who already believe that, but it’s weird that their fans are so blind, almost cult-like.

      • Kim says:

        Lol the color was just too distracting for me – I was like “Meghan would NEVER wear that” but yeah, if you change the color I could see it.

  17. susan says:

    Sorry but that shade of green is just awful. Makes her look like a giant highlighter.

    No wonder that dress is rented, who on earth would actually buy it? Her “stylist” either hates her, is colorblind, or has no sense of style herself.

  18. North of Boston says:

    It’s the most alive she looked all trip, maybe because she finally wore shoes that fit.

    • sparrow says:

      It’s because there’s a lot of flash going on, it bleaches out her wrinkles, sags and bags. She loves red carpet events for this reason. I’d love to know what people thought of her inside the venue.

  19. Tessa says:

    The slit to show her legs was on the tacky side

    • sparrow says:

      I hate slits, even tiny ones. I just tried on a dress I bought earlier in the year and was saving for winter and realised it has two little side splits. It’s going to charity.

      • Nicegirl says:

        Wonder if you could have it altered to fix the slits, like maybe w a cool textured leather cord or zippers or grommets or some kinda shiz?

  20. S808 says:

    Whoever suggested that dress hates her WOW. The color is terrible. Stick to jewel tomes.

  21. Feeshalori says:

    Kate is the happiest when she’s decked out in gowns and jewels. As an aside, that emerald choker belonged to Queen Mary the Magpie and Diana borrowed it from the royal collection. She made it iconic by wearing it as a bandeau on a trip to Australia in 1985.

    • Feeshalori says:

      And thank you for the Saturday posts, Kaiser, great for a rainy day!

      • Lorelei says:

        Ah I didn’t even realize we’re posting on a Saturday! Thank you, Kaiser. There’s certainly much to discuss 😂

  22. MY3CENTS says:

    How fitting she wore a green screen dress, so others can project their ideas on to her, her aspiration is to be a mannequin.

  23. Laura D says:

    I LOVE the dress because Twitter have been having a field day with it! My favourite is the muppet picture. where they’ve posted a Kermit head on her and another muppet character on William. It’s very funny and I doubt it was reaction she was aiming for when Tomb-raider chose the dress and raided the family jewels. 😉

    • Tessa says:

      At some point she dropped the grin because will did not hold her hand. Dress was bad and the heavy make-up

      • Nic919 says:

        The attempt at hand holding that William rebuffed was quite the public burn. He also would move her out of the way a few times on the carpet.

    • Nic919 says:

      It was Bert from Sesame Steeet of Bert and Ernie fame.

  24. Huggy says:

    Those shoes are gorgeous!

  25. Carrotface says:

    Perhaps it’s so subtle it’s only noticeable to us Bostonians, but Kate has actually pulled off some masterful theme dressing here!

    She’s obviously playing homage to the Green Monster. Tall, green, and flat!

    (For the uninitiated: )

    • sparrow says:

      That made me laugh! Thank you, Carrotface. I’m feeling crap. I had my covid jab a couple of weeks ago but have the symptoms. Going to test myself today. Typical timing; I think the kids have had it. I needed the smile.x

  26. tolly says:

    That dress is really neither fish nor fowl–too tight for daytime, too long for cocktail, too plain for evening, and the color is “none of the above” (unless you’re a dental hygienist). I’m surprised that a rental company allowed her signature skin-tight alterations.

  27. Amy Bee says:

    It’s just a terrible dress on her. It doesn’t suit her body type and the choker doesn’t go with the dress. Somebody needs to teach her how to wear jewelery. Apparently the nominees were not invited to the award show. They attended the show via video. Earthshot is really about promoting William and Kate not the innovators.

    • Nic919 says:

      If anything shows this is a vanity project it was that William, Kate and the presenters were flown in to the US, but the actual winners only spoke by zoom and weren’t given any opportunity to network with people who might help expand their project ideas.

      What a joke.

      • windyriver says:

        That’s a really good point, the actual winners had no opportunity to network.

        But also, what about the 10 nominees who didn’t win? Presumably their work was significant enough to be considered. I don’t recall them getting their work mentioned, let alone promoted, anywhere in the run up to this event. We knew almost nothing about any of the 15 nominees until write ups about the winners started appearing in a few places – after – those winners were announced.

        We can be pretty sure Will and Kate’s team doesn’t have the ability or smarts to put together the kind of event presented last night. So, who else was involved that dropped the ball, and decided focusing exclusively on W&K was the way to present this event they supposedly have such high hopes for?

    • MipMip says:

      Really? The nominees weren’t even physically there? Not even the winners? (I know it’s an awards show but sometimes they release the winners beforehand). That is just bad event planning, isn’t it? Jason is the head of this thing right?

    • Jais says:

      Couldn’t the whole thing be a remote ceremony then? Remote performances etc. There’s something really disturbing about a ceremony of royals and celebrities on a stage but the winners being at home. Get that it’s supposed to be sustainable but clearly people traveled for this event so it was never going to be 100% sustainable. Is there something I’m missing here or is this how awards are done now?

    • equality says:

      Wow. Since traveling was involved, why not have the celebs who travelled each go on site and present something about the nominees instead of having performances? That way even those who didn’t win would get attention and possible donations or grants.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Wow. So the nominees weren’t even there in person?? Yet you have a big old green carpet gala with invited celebs? That is WILD. I’ve been thinking all week how crazy it is that we haven’t heard BOO about any of the nominees for this sham award; only how this is W+K big chance to take America by storm. Earthshit, indeed. What a complete and utter joke.

    • BeanieBean says:

      What?? The winners weren’t even there? Then what’s the ever lovin’ point of it all?? What a waste!!!!!

  28. Moderatelywealthy says:

    Instead of actually holding hands, they created a fake hand holding movement designed for phopt ops!

    Lol I love that for them, because it captures their ” mystique” so well. They never accomplish anything concrete other than having children. They are always ” keen on learning”,” ´coming into their own”, are always being ” mentored” by someone, always on the verge of doing something but not actually…

    • Tessa says:

      I think that was Williams idea. Kate looked miffed when he did not take her hand. This was from a clip i saw

    • equality says:

      I don’t think it was meant as that on Will’s part. He was just making a gesture to get her moving and she thought he was going to hold her hand.

      • swirlmamad says:

        They’re doing plenty of side-by-side comparisons with the gif of Melania slapping Trump’s hand on Twitter and it is giving all sorts of yikes. 😬

  29. Julia K says:

    I question if this dress is actually a rental. Just because her people say so doesn’t make it true. Who would have the exact body type and height ( and extreme slimness) to have made this an original buy for someone else? Knowing nothing about clothes rentals, is it allowed to tailor a rental to your own measurements? This is skin tight on her, less than size zero. If “it has to be green” was on her “want” list, what are the chances that this very tiny size was also incandescent lime green?

    • swirlmamad says:

      Might be just like one of those Rent the Runway styles that you can buy deeply discounted rather than rent type of deals….and then they spent time and money tailoring it down to fit her to a T. But it was “rented”…at some point or another.

  30. Cerys says:

    It seems that Kate was desperate for a new evening gown so to get round the Earthshot restrictions she “rented” something rather than buy it. She has plenty of other evening gowns that have only been worn once before that she could have reworn. The dress is a lovely colour but the style emphasises her very thin frame. Her shoes are lovely, though.
    As for the royal jewels, it would appear that anything worn by Diana will be used by Kate and Camilla will probably wear the rest.

  31. Tessa says:

    Kate cannot carry off the look. There are plenty of rental places and second hand outfits stores. Sarah Jessica Parker wore some great designer outfits she got from second hand stores.

  32. Beverley says:

    Mos def grinch vibes. There are three words to describe the villainess Mute OfWilliam: Stink, Stank, Stunk.

  33. Mrs. Smith says:

    Ha! Those Tweets are hilarious. I really don’t get why he just. Can’t. Relax. around her. He batted her hand away and stands a solid foot away at all times. Good grief. Their body language is so strange.

    Other tidbits — what is that deep side-part about? Is that a new wiglet or did they forget the fancy gala wiglet at the palace? It’s like a combover. Wills broke out the velvet jacket again, he must think he looks fetching.

    • Tessa says:

      The straight hair does not look good on her imo

    • Jen says:

      The deep side part was the first thing I saw when I googled photos last night. It looks unhinged, as does her eye shadow. I’ve never seen her wear less flattering eye makeup. And she wore this eye shadow look all day, at Harvard, too!

  34. Brassy Rebel says:

    I guess holding his wife’s hand is just a bridge too far for William’s big “Super Bowl” moment. The way he left her with her hand held out. Ouch!

    • Menega Sabidussi says:

      what is the matter with this guy that he will not even hold his wife’s hand in public? does he not realize just how bad that looks? how is this manchild ever going to shoulder being a king?

      • Blithe says:

        All this planning, embiggening, and splashy photo spreads, and, in the end, all that people like me will remember about this trip is the video of William refusing to take Kate’s hand, and how awesome Ngozi Fulani is.

  35. Carrot says:

    Kate looked very nice.

    Not my taste head to toe, solid green should be on her Ladies’ list of nonos obvi, the rental clearly required tailoring but OK, the emerald choker described as pre-loved is a snort, yet, Kate looked very nice

    • Carrot says:

      Adding JIC it bears mention: In NO WAY do W&K deserve a pass for their crap treatment of Harry & Meghan, their non-response to the systemic racism they espouse, their grasping at “divine right” which they certainly don’t have, and the long, long, list. JIC…

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Eh, I think that’s relative about Kate ‘looking nice.’ Plus, it depends on your definition of ‘nice.’ As a person, Khate definitely isn’t nice. She also lacks style, and she doesn’t know how to effectively work with accessories and pull together consistently appropriate looks for every occasion. She too often gets a blanket pass from undiscerning ‘white is always right’ observers, Meghan-haters, and diehard royalists.

        I never used to pay a ton of attention to Kate’s wardrobe. I always felt she & Will are humdrum and boring. At the same time, I was also fooled into thinking that they were at the very least decent, caring people. I was surprised to find out about the true pettiness and unkindness of their characters. They are both selfish, uncaring, insecure, bullying, puffed-up, and unworthy of the unearned status they take for granted in the world. Neither have done anything in their lives worthy of the regard they receive solely b/c Will is heir to the throne. The shine from being Diana’s oldest son has long since worn off of Will/ Cain.

        While Kate may often look presentable, if you look closer, there’s always something that’s just off, especially in recent years. If she had better sense, she’d get a complete makeover from style experts, lay off the Botox, stop copykeening, and try to work on improving herself personally instead of being jealous of her SIL. Kate also needs to learn the basics of putting in meaningful work, instead of being lazy and leaning on embiggening handlers.

  36. Snuffles says:

    So to save on carbon footprint, they didn’t fly out the winners. But Will and Kate flew to another country, flew in celebrities and probably spent more money on their appearance fees and putting on the “star-studded” show than all of the winners combined.

    • sparrow says:

      Exactly. The couple who catch helicopters like taxis. And a few weeks ago they were hinting about having a fourth child after Mrs Eco convinced Mr Eco to have just one more.; three is bad enough when you’re bleating on about population control, but to joke around about four…oh, well, at least she wore green.

    • Truthiness says:

      WHAT?! The winners were not there…but they had money to get Billy Eilish, Catherine O’Hara and more? So basically Will wanted a glitzy party in the US with some stars? Ew David

      Nice to see Peg get his photo op with Biden who was responsible for getting hundreds of billions to fight climate change, not the small amount awarded by Earthsh*t.

  37. Over it says:

    I don’t know what I am looking at but that dress she is wearing which is too tight is hurting my eyes . It’s like a neon light .
    Also Kaiser lololol. Your body language skills are perfection. lolol

  38. Kit says:

    Diana necklace is beautiful. Kates face looks different.esp.her eyes.? I like the dress, but she is de same colour as the carpet lol.

    Seriously Kate is very very slim. Does she need help ?? she fits her clothes very close to her body where she absolutely loves to show off her ailing figure. Someone mentioned before how they can’t really look at her photos anymore.and l have to.agree. l.wish she would stop been a total.door mat, show some respect and start doing your own solo events sans William ,as he doesn’t want to be with her and sadly probably hasn’t for years.

  39. Jensa says:

    They’re televising this thing in the UK on Sunday evening – at 5:35 p.m. (and only for an hour so I guess it’s highlights only). Not exactly prime time.
    Such a non-event.
    And I bet PW thought they would be “conquering” the US on this useless tour.

    • Polo says:

      Yeah I don’t think this was how it was supposed to go for them lol.
      Billie E also canceled on them last minute and had to do her performance remote. She was in NY like the day before so she could have made it to Boston. So cringe.
      Imagine not having the actual recipients of the award present? Like WHAT? Smh

      • Harper says:

        All that bragging about Billie Eilish and she goes remote on them.

      • Harper says:

        And, according to the Twitterverse, Billie E. was spotted at a Broadway show last night. I’d love to know if she always planned to perform remotely or if she bounced and decided to phone it in after the Latest Royal Racist Scandal.

      • Polo says:

        @harper no she was scheduled to actually be there but switched up last minute. A reporter got the scoop. Her fans had been waiting for a few hours and were pissed. But some of them were also tracking her from NY so just assumed she would hop over. Something def happened..

    • sparrow says:

      No one really watches Sunday afternoon TV here. (You are probably in the UK and I’m telling you something you already know!) So, yes, it’s crap scheduling. Saturday evening is the big pull; then Sunday night is saved for a series such as a thriller to keep the nation ready for Monday morning and with something to talk about thru the week. Oh, dear. They really are a lukewarm couple.

  40. Jessica says:

    I love that neckline, that style and Mountain Dew but not all together. This would have been much better in more of an emerald or maybe even a burgundy with that necklace could read holiday festive. I do love the shoes though.

  41. ⁸ usavgjoe says:

    Dude just WON’T touch Kate’s hand… she’s done for with him. Kate you better enjoy the Princess of Wales Title, because you ain’t becoming Queen when he becomes King. Handwriting is on the video and in y’all pictures with each other.

  42. Interested Gawker says:

    That green dress such a peculiar shade. That was the choker Di wore as a headband like a boss. Kate should have worn contemporary jewelry for this event, the choker is too fussy and heavy for such a clean line gown and the deep green of the gems clash against the dress. She should have had some eco/Gaia/sustainable modern accessories.

    I wish she had a stylist who could have leaned into ‘I’m wearing his mother’s famous necklace’ for real and dressed her wiglets with the choker as an Alice band across the top of her head. Her dark hair would have been cover for the gems not matching the dress and a nod to Diana’s look but in Kate’s own style -a bit old fashioned, ‘little girl look’. That could have answered the tittering article about whether she should cut her hair at her age too. She could have rocked her wiglets unapologetically with her late mother in law’s glamour on top.

  43. Pumpkin (Was Sofia) says:

    In terms of cut/dress shape, I think it’s a good dress but the color is clashing with the carpet and is an eyesore with me. And yes it does look like a green screen so I expect people on Twitter to have fun with that (seen a few already).

    As someone pointed out above, she’s got other green gowns she could have reworn. The Jenny Packham one comes to mind. Or that Vampire Wife one.

    • Teagirl says:

      Yes, we certainly seen a lot of green especially on trips to Ireland. I wonder, though, if there might be more to the “gotta get new clothes” than we realize. Could it be that someone reads this site and others and takes notes of critical comment about this outfit and that outfit, and that Kate won’t wear them again because she was criticized? She seems to want to be the bestest ever, and perhaps the criticisms get to her?
      I know I’ve done this, stop wearing some thing that my BFF quietly pointed out didn’t show me at my best!

      • Pumpkin (Was Sofia) says:

        If they were reading this site, she’d be working more

      • Teagirl says:

        I can’t reply to @Pumpkin (Was Sofia), so I’m replying to my own post! There is a another possibility, and that is that the Wails’ people do read Celebitchy and may even agree with a lot of what we say. But can you imagine trying to tell the Wails anything? Telling them that they need to do better, or that some thing they did was not a success and it was down to them? Maybe that’s why there are staff changes, people get tired of hitting their head against a brick wall.

        I say this because I find it hard to imagine that every single person working in the support staff is a complete dud. Surely there are people that know better? And if there are, do they just shake their heads and carry on as normal, or do they try to change things? Certainly if I were in their employ, I would’ve quit by now.

  44. Mslove says:

    These two are not good partners, whether it’s marriage or the photo op vanity projects. They are like oil and water. It’s cringe to watch these two fools together, and I love that for them.

  45. TheVolvesSeidr says:

    They spent all kinds of $$$ going there, on accommodations, on her clothes, and they didn’t even have the prize recipients AT the party. They had to zoom in from where they live. WTF???? I’m blown away by that.

  46. Badgerette says:

    More theme dressing for Kate. She had to wear green bc “it’s for the environment”. Not to mention, it totally screams 90s prom dress.

  47. Midnight@theOasis says:

    Who were the winners and what were their projects? Is there any info other than about the Waleses? Were the winners in attendance?

    • Debbie says:

      All I know is that having an “award” ceremony without any nominees or winners present is like holding a Super Bowl (to use the BM’s example) and not inviting the two opposing teams.

  48. HeyKay says:

    I am no fan of The Firm. Down with the Monarchy. Down with wealth hoarding. I’ve said this repeatedly.
    They need to face the fact that they are currently D-list celebs = Kardashians. No one takes C&C, or W&K seriously, we watch them for the clothes or to see how they have stepped in it, again.

    But, here I come with a little tiny bit of support for W&K. Don’t kick me, OK?
    I thought Kates hair looked better than it has, I am a sucker for the huge royal jewelry (I can’t help it).
    Again I say, Diana did everything better than Kate!

    The dress should have been a darker shade of green. And yes, Kate must have had a green dress she could have reworn. Kate likely has 6 dresses in every color you can think of to re-wear, coats and hats too.

    I completely agree that this trip to USA was not needed. Charles and Will are bungling up almost every time they say anything. Seems to be going from worse to worse and they are in denial about the fact that the entire Monarchy is going out of business ASAP.

    Now, as for the “Will won’t hold her hand in public” I have seen several pictures of him holding her hand, his hand on her back at this event. I don’t do PDAs at my required work functions either. This is what passes as their job.
    How often do you see the foreign leaders at state functions holding hands? Rarely.

    H&M are now private citizens, non working royals so they don’t need to be following protocol, can hold hands at will, etc.

    These “events” are not helping C&C, W&K. They come off completely false and out of touch.
    All 4 of them should stay out of public as much as possible, IMO.

    • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

      Just saw the President of the United States and the President of France holding their wives hands during a state function. Also, this event was not a state event but an event put on by KP for William so really no better time for him to hold his wife’s hand.

      • Truthiness says:

        The Bidens and the Macrons looked cute af holding hands. Nancy Pelosi & daughter, Julia Louis Dreyfuss & son, also holding hands going in the entrance. The smiles, the love, and the joy was palpable.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Oh lord, not the ‘they’re not allowed to do PDA on the job’ BS again. W&K are the *only* Western royal couple who do not engage in PDA on the job. p.s. William touching her back for two seconds to move her to the proper position – because she pays no attention to where she’s supposed to stand – doesn’t count as PDA. Nor does it count when Kate grabs his hand for two seconds for a photo op, which he then shakes off quickly.

    • tamsin says:

      In the official photos of the Bidens and the Macrons at the state dinner, both couples were holding hands. I’d never seen that before, even from the Obamas, but it was a great shot.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      HeyKay, not only were the Bidens and Macrons holding hands, but EVERY couple who I found pictures of were holding hands. Find pictures from that night and the pictures of the couples (arriving I suspect), and you’ll see what I mean. That was a state dinner.

      Although H&M are smeared by the bm when holding hands, we know that it is perfectly fine for Zara and meathead to do so (see the funeral pictures). This isn’t about no one can hold hands for a “work” engagement. This is about two people who truly are not comfortable in each other’s company, and they don’t want to touch each other. Look at the pictures from the Celtics game. Was that genuine affection or performative? Looks performative to me.

    • Polo says:

      Girl bye!! The Biden’s, Trudeaus, and Macron were all holding hands even at the STATE FUNERAL! 🙄 just stop lol
      This wasn’t an official event either so it would have been a perfect opportunity to hold hands as many of their fans were hoping. Lol
      The Obama’s also held hands numerous times on official events. The outrage is only reserved for Harry and Meghan because it’s makes it obvious that something is off with Will and Kate. And by the way they used to hold hands a lot. It completely stopped once those affair rumors started…. 🙃

      • Nic919 says:

        Charles and Camilla also have way better chemistry when they interact. They don’t hold hands but they do touch hands and neither of them brush off the other. Hell even Charles and Diana had better chemistry in the early years of their marriage.

  49. Harper says:

    No to the Mountain Dew Lime green. And her hair combed back and sprayed to within an inch of its life isn’t a good look. I’m no fan of Kate, but even I can’t take watching that cringe moment of her reaching for his hand and coming up empty. She did seem to glare at him a few seconds before; overall Kate seemed annoyed from the moment she got out of the car.

  50. sparrow says:

    The green of the choker and the green of the dress don’t match. Just because two colours are the same by name doesn’t mean the base and their tones work out. Acid green has a lot of yellow in it. Emerald has blue in it. They jar together.

    Plenty posters have already mentioned the hypocrisy of this couple’s eco less life, but at least she got something right – the green of the dress makes her look like a recycling bin wearing heels instead of wheels.

  51. Tessa says:

    How much did taxpayers have to pay for the trip

    • sparrow says:

      Doesn’t bear thinking about, Tessa. It’s atrocious. Are you in the UK? It’s awful here. People are up against massive heating and food bills, and we’re meant to find the sight of these two swanning around at nonsense events in some way wonderfully diverting rather than insensitive??? The same woman who was talking about “the cost of living crisis” a couple of months ago. Earthshot will do bugger all for the environment; it’s a vanity project for William to look modern and concerned. They should’ve stayed home and packed up some stuff for charity.

    • Jais says:

      I’m actually curious if it was taxpayer SG money or earthshot money.

      • sparrow says:

        That’s an interesting point. Something to look into.

      • MsIam says:

        I thought Bloomberg was funding Earthsh*t. I’m guessing their security would be taxpayer funded. I wouldn’t be surprised if after this Earthsh*t becomes a Zoom event. They can just announce the prize winners, William can read a speech and that’s it.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I think it’s the height of hubris that these two fly to another country at great expense to organize an event around themselves and leave the actual stars, the winners of the awards who have been ignored, to zoom in from their locations. There was no reason for this boondoggle (other than the obvious one) and utterly disgraceful. This should have been entirely held by zoom and l really hope this is the last we see of this. Their need for approbation and competition has really gone too far.

  52. PunkPrincessPhD says:

    I absolutely LOVE the dress …

    With that smokin’ hot pic of Meghan and Harry ‘shopped over 😂

  53. Nadine says:

    So many issues, where to start?

    They didn’t even fly the winners to this shindig? WT H-E-double-hockey-sticks is wrong with these people?!?

    Her outfits cost a total of about 50k for this 3-day trip. Could have used some of that money towards plane tickets and hotel rooms.

    While the idea of renting a dress sounds good, she’s got probably dozens already in her closet and it had to be shipped to her so it’s not-so-green of a choice.

    Those jewels are wasted on her. I’ve never seen a woman who can make a 15 million dollar necklace look cheap and tacky like she can. Give them back to the country that “gifted “ them to the monarchy.

    Again, what is the purpose of them?

    • swirlmamad says:

      In 11 years of marriage and thousands of pieces of clothing bought during that time, I can guarantee she could’ve sourced her entire wardrobe for this trip from her stored-away clothes and the general public would not remember ever seeing her in it before. (Not talking about the fashion blogs which catalog everything she wears, but the regular public.) These people are the antithesis of sustainability.

  54. Steph says:

    I saw pics from the back and the side and the silhouette looked good. From the front though, it’s terrible. Does she draw her shoulders fwd trying to cover her crotch? That’s where it’s bad. At the shoulders. Also, the waistband thingy is too low (again only in the front. It seems to be in the right place in the back and from the side).
    The fabric and the color are completely wrong for this event. It doesn’t read as red carpet or as winter and looks especially off next to Peg’s velvet. Together they looked like the shorts and sweater combo she’s so keen on putting her boys in.
    Funny: apparently Biden scolded Pegs for not wearing an overcoat in the cold. Maybe they building an excuse to hide for a few weeks pay disaster tour: they got sick.

  55. sparrow says:

    Before I read any depressingly sycophantic stuff in the UK press, can any c’bers prepare me: Was this event considered a success? Are people saying it erased an otherwise shit tour? Thanks in advance.

    • HeyKay says:

      Sparrow, I would say it was a failure and No! it does not erase the foulness of their useless tour. Just my .02 tho.

      • sparrow says:

        Thank you, HeyKay. That’s great to hear. I saw the DM last night, with Kate’s dress etc. I couldn’t read any further and was wondering whether it’d get w/end coverage on celebitchy because I couldn’t face the nonsense angle they’d spin. Phew.

      • sparrow says:

        Also Tessa the one that goes “Kate always gets it right”…I couldn’t bear to look at the comments. Saw the dress. Anticipated the talk-through of the actual event this morning in the UK press but hopped on here instead.

    • Tessa says:

      The overused phrase in dm comments William chose well. Like they are reading a script.

      • Nic919 says:

        It’s a mix between “stunning” , “regal” and “classy”. All codes for saying white because these words have no meaning.

  56. Ina says:

    It’s not just the handholding swatting that’s of issue here. I saw other “Melania moment” clips where she’s all smiles, turns around, and the smile drops. As I mentioned before, she’s soooo not into this trip. Perhaps it was the Netflix drop that soured her mood or the plain fact that she’s terribly unhappy overall and the Netflix trailer pushed her over the edge.

  57. Lizzie says:

    Biden had a huge state dinner in DC while the wails were here. I think it’s a pretty big snub that they weren’t invited. I bet they begged for an invite. Instead Biden met Will only, standing outside for a photo op. As the winners weren’t there in person, the celebrities didn’t actually ‘hand out’ prizes as much as introduce the winners.

    • MsIam says:

      Biden doesn’t look too thrilled about the meeting either. And William looks like a fidgety little kid standing there. I bet his @ss was freezing with no coat on, lol.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Yeah, Biden was just being generous and diplomatic in squeezing into his schedule this p.r. photo-op, b/c Cain is heir to the British throne. Will/ Cain just looks sheepish and useless. There’s no real connection nor friendly dynamic like in the Invictus photos of Harry with the Bidens and with the Obamas.

    • Seaflower says:

      Can someone recommend a new tailor for Willie?

  58. Vanessa says:

    I wonder how much Kate spend on this nonsensical Tour If Kensington Palace is going out there to make a huge deal that this ugly dress is rented . Then it must be a lot she could easily reworn old clothes for this tour but since Meghan is gone their no longer a reason for Kate to pretended to be Fugal anymore .

    • Babz says:

      She’s finally got her hands on that Duchy money, and she’s wasting no time in spending it. Her marriage is empty, she’s miserable, and now she has an unending supply of money to use for retail therapy. She always was a spender on clothes – of Charles’ money, that is – but now, with her own black AMEX, or whatever the highest caliber card there is – there will be no stopping her. It will be rare that she’s ever seen wearing the same outfit twice again.

  59. Otterton says:

    Good lord this dress is HIDEOUS! the color is just gross and it fits weird, ans why aren’t all the rota rats losing their shit about how tight and body con it is? I mean, if she wanted to do her ridiculous theme dressing, she could have gone with a nice dark hunter green and leaned into the upcoming holidays as well, or some other shade of green, there’s lots of varieties out there. This is too light, it reads spring, and it’s just….yuck. but hooray for the green screen memes that will be coming! 😂

    • Candy says:

      I think her advisers are telling her to dress more body con to compete with Meghan and Harry. I can hear them telling her to show off her figure.

      I’m almost 40 and my days of trying to dress sexy are over, not because I can’t but because I think it looks tragic. She never developed herself beyond being William’s girlfriend and it shows.

  60. Azblue says:

    They should have had this event in Texas, because Kates makeup is a pageant queen cosplay – big hair, tight dress, garish jewels, and over the top makeup.

  61. Eyebroweretical Theorist says:

    A Theory: The neon green dress is meant to detract from her curiously-disappearing-yet-somehow-still-also-thickening right (her right) eyebrow. It’s a success! No one is noticing that the right eyebrow is “very much not a family” with the left eyebrow. Forget conflict with the Sussexes. Kate’s eyebrows are at war! For my own peace of mind, for eyebrow peace, as an Eyebroweretical Theorist, I must photoshop an eyebrow correction on one of these photos STAT!

    • sparrow says:

      Her left eyebrow has been botched by botox or something and is always raised. So I learned on here a couple of weeks ago. Isn’t the phrase with brows that they shouldn’t be identical because it’s impossible but try for “sisters not twins”? Hers are like estranged cousins.

      • MsIam says:

        Yeah “sisters not twins” is the rule of thumb for eyebrows. I guess Kate is going for “neighbors who aren’t speaking to each other”.

      • Nic919 says:

        She has always had an asymmetrical face so her features don’t seem even. However, the excessive use of botox has really made that more obvious as time goes on. Whoever is doing her work is really bad at it.

  62. Linney says:

    I have read comments on other “pro Keen” sites that are not positive at all. As far as this green dress goes, it looks awful — ill fitting, lumpy, bumpy, etc. People are pointing out elsewhere that it is a joke to “rent” a dress when she already spent a fortune on the rest of her tour warddrobe. I also agree that her face looks odd and those eyebrows deserve their own zip code.

  63. Jaded says:

    What was she thinking?! That dress is all kinds of awful, it only accentuates how scary skinny she is and I swear she’s got butt pads underneath it because she does NOT have that curvy a rear end. The colour is bilious, the off-the-shoulder neckline is weird and the jewelry does not match the outfit at all. She should have worn more modern and sleek pieces. I think we can all chalk this up to another massive, expensive, useless and self-aggrandizing fail.

    • Ina says:

      She should stop with the bodycon clothes because they are supremely unflattering for her body type. I noticed she started wearing them after Meghan’s classic blue bodycon dress in the rain picture. Looked fab on Meghan. Fail on skeletal Kate.

    • First comment says:

      I think she’s trolling William and his earth shot project… I can’t believe that anyone from her team or herself thought even for a moment that this neon dress was a good choice for her.. I believe she was trolling him during the whole trip as she had a completely new and expensive wardrobe when the whole point of his “so called” lifetime project is the protection of the environment and sustainability… she knew (or at least her team knew) how this spending would look… she didn’t want to be a part of it that’s why she looked bored and definitely “off” during the whole tour. She acted like a petulant child who is forced to do something he doesn’t want… side note: she should stop messing with botox… her face looks awful but it’s nothing that a few gained pounds can fix..

  64. Side Eye says:

    Ok something nice: her hair looks nice. I like the choker.

    That dress is just no. Like the Grinch had group sex with Kermit the Frog and a bunch of tennis balls and brussel sprout throw up. What am I looking at here?

    The crazy thing is – it wouldn’t be half bad in an emerald color – or jade. Or mint green. It’s still not a flattering cut because I think you need to be a gorgeous, radiant beauty with delicate shoulders and excellent posture to pull that off. Oh wait – I know of someone with those attributes…

  65. Sumodo1 says:

    These two idiots have their hands covering their private parts, a big no-no as posed pictures go. “The fig leaf posture is a signal that one wishes to hide the genitals from exposure because one is feeling emotionally overexposed.”

  66. Lucky Charm says:

    The dress itself is fine, but the color is way off. It should have been a darker, richer jewel tone. Which then of course begs the question: Why rent at all when she already has several emerald or dark green evening gowns she could have reworn? Or why not white/silver to show off those gorgeous emeralds she’s wearing? And which would complement William’s navy blue velvet jacket better than that green she’s wearing.

  67. Serena says:

    The dress colour is just 😂, almost matching the carpet..that’s a big NO for me. The make up also looks too heavy but other than that she looks fine (I love all the edita lmao). Bulliams looks as dull as ever.

  68. Carolind says:

    I am not a Kate fan but I liked the dress and loved the choker. I remember it from
    the Diana days but I did not like it when Diana wore it on her head. Unless you are going to rent the whole time as Boris Johnston’s wife did, it does not count. Quite a few award ceremonies in the UK are through the week as they feature soap stars. Our big sporting award ceremony is on a Sunday evening which I think harked back to the days when football etc was always played on a Saturday. I thought theatre awards being on a Sunday night was because theatres used to be closed on a Sunday and the stars were available. To go back to Kate she does not suit straight hair.

  69. tamsin says:

    Considering that William, Kate, and celebrities flew into Boston from all over, and the winners were not (I was wondering where they were and why there were no interviews or reception involving William and them), this whole debacle was a crime against the environment. What a huge carbon footprint! The whole trip seemed useless, and wasted the time and money of many, and brought no benefits to anyone (except for the work of the ES winners). A vanity project for William does really describe the whole thing exactly.

    • FTBRF says:

      THIS! And the Earthshot and Wales social media didn’t even bother highlighting the winners individually. We all knew this is a vanity project but come on.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      It’s actually kind of shocking how blatant they are being about it. Nonstop “Will’s superbowl” before (gag) and then not even having the winners at the ceremony, but inviting celebrities? FFS that looks bad.

  70. Feeshalori says:

    Somewhere a green carpet is looking for its missing patch.

  71. Twinkle says:

    The color of this dress is obnoxious. The design is meh. It looks like a student project with remnant fabric.

  72. HeyKay says:

    Let’s talk about Kate and her wardrobe for a minute.
    Didn’t Diana wear a lot of British/UK designers to support them?
    Her wedding dress was certainly British. Overdone but she was so beautiful.

    Isn’t supporting the UK fashion, linen, embroidery, industry sort of a BRF thing?
    Why is Kate wearing so many ugly outfits? Her stylists are not talented.

    Also, wouldn’t most fashion designers “donate” or reduce price items for the “status” of being worm by FFQ?
    Is that not allowed? Or, is that something else Charles has been using his duchy money for?

    The amount of ungodly wealth Charles and William have access to, I really can not get my head around.

    Btw, I do think that Kate & Melina are both deeply shallow and unhappy in their private lives. But they both knew what they were marrying into and still went ahead.

  73. MsIam says:

    The color is hideous. Spring green is good for accessories or a short flirty dress. A big column of it is way too much. She looks like a walking Shamrock Shake. Anyway, they’ve had their “Super Bowl moment” are we all free to look away now?

  74. Case says:

    I think this is her worst “theme dressing” to date. Matching the red carpet in a green screen dress? God awful.

  75. L4Frimaire says:

    I gotta say that green dress is just awful. It’s the exact color as the carpet and is just a green screen column that conveys nothing. It definitely looks rented and frankly a bit shabby. The emerald choker looks too tight and wonder what colony those stones were extracted from. The cost of the jewelery could have funded this trip. The worst part about this though is that the actual recipients weren’t even present. This whole thing was a vanity junket.

    • BeanieBean says:

      India. Queen Mary picked up a fab parure of emeralds & diamonds (& likely other goodies) during the Delhi Durbar of 1911.

  76. Anna says:

    1. This is Megs green from YCHABBT.
    2. Kate really loves to show off how thin she is.
    3. Maybe she rented but she must have tailored this dress because I don’t believe there is accidentally someone else equally thin who had this dress first.
    4. Her make up (or something else) makes her look like she had a crazy face lift and looks like a cat woman.

    • LeaTheFrench says:

      Yeah I have similar views. I actually think the dress fits her very well, but the colour was not particularly flattering. You want people to take some risks on the red carpet, and sometimes that means they will fail. She looks much better is darker shades of green. Here is what is truly bothering me with that dress:
      – She did not need yet another one, rented or not;
      – Someone who picks a dress with that fit values their thinness way too much. You don’t dress like that unless you want to show off how thin you are, and it is quite pathetic that this is where Kate is placing her value;
      – The theme dressing thing’s got to stop. Seriously. A green dress for a green prize? My 6yo daughter has a more sophisticated and nuanced approach to her outfits;
      – That dress was made to draw attention – the focus should be on the awardees, not the Duchess. It’s pulling focus away from them and that’s awful because I’m sure there are valuable projects there.
      – The body language between the two of them in the vidéo: comedy gold 🤣🤣

  77. Athena says:

    The Nobel prize ceremony is done similarly to a state dinner. This Earthshot thing is staged like a Hollywood award show. The saddest part is after weeks of hearing about this we have no idea who the nominees were, or the winners.

    • Marjorie says:

      Absolutely, Athena, thank you for mentioning! Who were the nominees? What are the projects?!!

    • Debbie says:

      No, actually Hollywood award shows invite all the nominee and engage with the eventual winners to their events. They’re well attended and broadcast at such times to get maximum viewing. Nope, this is a pure British royal family venture so, for once, let’s not blame Americans for the Cambridges’ misadventures. American do know how to stage events.

  78. equality says:

    So a rental dress for ONE event? And that is supposed to cover not living sustainably or being thrifty every other event or in daily life?

    • Emmy says:

      I believe it’s called ‘greenwashing’.

      You can thank Kate for defining the word to a T.

    • Sparky says:

      She could have worn previously worn clothes for the entire trip and then let that be known to the press that she was doing her part for the environment

  79. Emmy says:

    Earthshot is shite.

    No actual prize winners were at the event. Press coverage barely mentioned them or their work..

    All the Hollywood green carpet glam photos put ‘Save the Earth’ BS to rest. This was about ‘Save the Wales’.

    W&K are nothing more than celebrities, and they suck at it.

    • Jen says:

      I found the winners easily when I googled last night, but I didn’t know that none o them were there. what a joke!

      • windyriver says:

        They should have been introducing the world to the 15 nominees and the work they’re doing for the past few months as a run up to this event. We shouldn’t have to ask who they are. Isn’t that supposed to be the whole point of this organization, to amplify and expand innovative, promising environmental solutions? It’s clearly a vanity project for Will & Kate, no surprise there, that’s how they roll. But why are otherwise reputable people like Caroline Kennedy, John Kerry, Cate Blanchett etc. agreeing to be a part of this when the promotion makes it looks so shallow? (Oh, and the Earthshot website has a major typo – “Mett All Our Winners and Finalists”.)

  80. Carol says:

    She looked absolutely stunning!

  81. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I can’t add to what’s already been said. I will say that her eyebrows are a mystery. Look at recent previous pictures. It used to be her right eyebrow that was nothing like her left, but now it’s her left eyebrow that looks higher? What is going on there?

    • Unblinkered says:

      I’d say she’s had botox to her left eyebrow that took it too high and they’ve tried to level things up with a stab of eyebrow pencil on the RHS just above her brow. Creates an illusion of levelling her brows.
      It won’t have fooled the American aesthetic commentators but probably will the Brits.
      The dress is stunning, though it pains me to say it, but her hair and face need urgent work. As said elsewhere on here, straight hair doesn’t suit her. She needs hair volume to soften what is quite a hard face.

  82. TheOriginalMia says:

    I will say from the choker up she looks fine. But man…that dress was not it. A darker green, a better neckline…so many choices that would have made her look 100X better. Because the memes…they are going to be magnificent.

  83. Marjorie says:

    I also can’t add to the brilliant comments on the Wales’ dog whistling, bullying, mean-girl behaviors, and the total hypocrisy and tone-deafness of Earthshot – who were the nominees as another comment wrote?! i am not a fan of the Firm either – I’d juuuuust caution us to not extend our vitriol to Kate’s eating disorder or body dysmorphia – it is obviously part of HER story of needing to control, being the most ‘slim/beautiful/best’, whatever – but body shaming puts us closer to their category. Let’s keep calling out the hypocrisy, colonialist cosplay…

  84. Escape says:


  85. Solidgold says:

    Will and Cathy’s Super Bowl was all a ploy to deceive. The lured the Billie
    fans and did not even invite the winners to the event. Everything they do is self promotional which is why the general public show little interest in them.

  86. Plums says:

    The more I read and think about earthshot as it is, the more ludicrous it becomes.

    Why are they attempting to turn something that should be looking towards things like Nobel awards or MacArthur grants for inspiration into some glitzy, red carpet celeb award ceremony like the Oscars? And making it an international event even though it’s ostensibly an award ceremony for people who are more concerned about their carbon footprint than the majority of people? It’s so conspicuously wasteful that the actual honorees only participated remotely due to environmental ethics. So you basically just hosted a big dumb wasteful party for yourselves and your A List guests so you would look glamorous and important while awarding what is basically, at the end of the day, grant money for environmental work to people who didn’t even want to be there in person. But you sure as shit spent millions on yourselves and your glamorous ceremony so everyone will know how important you are! And isn’t that what *really* matters?

    stg, the only reason why they’re trying to make earthshot into a third rate international Event of an awards show is because Harry has such a successful, high profile, annual international event with the Invictus Games. But it actually makes sense for that to be an international event- It’s an olympics for disabled veterans. It’s not rank hypocrisy to require so many resources to host it like earthshot.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ You hit the nail on the head @Plums. Will’s handlers came up with Earthshizz to try and compete with Harry’s projects, just like Khate’s handlers came up with ‘Airly Yahrs,’ simply to try and compete with Meghan’s Together Cookbook launch. Of course, Meg quickly moved on to other amazing humanitarian endeavors, while continuing to support the Hubb women and to facilitate their connection with like-minded entrepreneurs and benefactors.

      Meanwhile, performative pie-charts, zzzzz, jazz hands, faux note-taking, and crickets from Khate’s fake, closeted so-called ‘Airly Yahrs’ foundation. And Will just wants to show up every year for ‘Superbowl’ p.r. embiggening. I see no evidence that he genuinely cares about saving the environment.

  87. Cel2495 says:

    The dress is really a bad fit for her body type. She has a super long torso and this dress is all kinds of bad for her. Mind you social media will have fun with it 😂

    Also, these two have no chemistry at all! They can even hold hands 😂

  88. Eulalia says:

    I can’t believe she spent money to look like THE RIDDLER 😂

  89. HeyKay says:

    I have had a job that required me to organize, socialize, attend and also introduce people in public for work events.
    I hated all of it. I negotiated every renewing employment contract, trying to get released from these chores. And they were chores to me. I am a complete introvert and being forced to do these events caused me anxiety, headaches and I was a witch to live with a week beforehand. I felt a complete liar and a fraud, plastered a smile on my face and got it over with.
    For me it was 3x a year at most.

    But W&K knew this is the job. It will always be the job. Like performing monkeys, always in the spotlight. How can they almost always do these events and come off so badly?
    Stay home.

    • BW says:

      You had the tough job of organizing the event. W&K just have to show up. The people attending want to meet them. They don’t even have to do introductions. Someone else will introduce them.

      Again, someone else had the tough job of organizing this, and they couldn’t even be bothered to make sure the winners were there to meet and mingle with the famous people? And W&K signed off on this. They only wanted an event to walk the red / green carpet. If the winners weren’t going to be there, W&K could have done this in England. There was absolutely no reason to do it in the USA.

  90. QuiteContrary says:

    I’m almost embarrassed by how shabby this event was. The marquee entertainer phoned it in? The honorees weren’t even there? And who — aside from the Grinch — wears neon green in December?
    Have to laugh that Kate is so uninteresting that even the green screen memes are just trickling in. Hoping to see more today.

    The attempted hand holding was just sad.

  91. FuefinaWG says:

    “I’m gonna wear an ugly green dress just like Diana did with a choker that doesn’t match, and everyone will love me more than Diana and Meghan because I’m now the Princess of Wails, and my husband hates me just like Charles hated Diana. It’s gonna be keen.”

  92. Mommy2b says:

    I don’t understand the negative comments about her torso. The dress looks nice, just a bit too tight and the wrong color, but her body looks fine. You can tell she’s athletic, not just skinny.
    -signed a “skinny” girl with a long torso

  93. anna says:

    It’s ridiculous for so many reasons:
    1. she yet again creepily copied diana. I didn’t think she did, but when diana wore the same choker she also wore a green dress in the exact same shade (but her’s looked much better)
    2. they didn’t even bring the awardees to the event?!?!? it was only for the royals and the celebrities – the actual people doing good environmental work won their awards via zoom. what on earth was the point then (aside from will’s ego and a vanity project and pathetic attempt to compete with his brother). the awardees didn’t get to have a fun night and be properly celebrated, nor did they meet anyone cool – it was all just for will and kate. will and kate should have zoomed in while everyone else go to have a good time. or they should just get the money and same the emissions by staying home.

    • Noor says:

      Is this a cost cutting idea from Kate and William. How ridiculous that the awardees were not physically present at the award show.

  94. Lola says:

    I kinda like it. But then they were NOT thinking about the whole green screen meme effect waiting to happen.

    God they are so bad at this

  95. BW says:

    In the photo where she’s striding and the slit in the back is stretched to its limit, you can see the lining isn’t long enough to cover the hem or the side seams. And the hem is RIPPED!

    I also cannot believe she matched her dress to the carpet. Always a bad idea. And that she picked a color that’s a green screen. A really bad idea.

    • ohhey says:

      I love this dress but it belongs at the MTV music awards on a person who courts controversy. Whoever styles her must actively hate her. This is a designers “revenge dress”

  96. tamsin says:

    If William really wanted to honour the environmentalists, he should just get professionally done doumentary made and try to get one of the streaming services to buy it. Leave himself out of it, other than identifying the prize as created by HRH The Prince William. It’s clear that the whole thing is just to create a gala occasion for him and Kate to attend. The production could then compete with anything Harry and Meghan put out.

  97. tamsin says:

    I think Kate is doing a double cosplay here- both Diana and Meghan. The pictures of Meghan and Harry at the Marines Christmas concert are all over twitter because of the Netflix trailer and just brings up the connection. Kate is going for the same silhouette. Same with the white cape dress at the state dinner for South Africa. That emerald choker is absolutely gorgeous, but considering the political climate, the Windsors might want to avoid wearing stuff from the royal collection for a bit.

  98. Marley says:

    If you want some cognitive dissonance, head on over to What Kate Wore. Absolutely stunning? Sensational? Knocked it out of the park? Absolute perfection in every detail? Prince William always comes across as proud of his wife and attentive to her?

    Who are these people and what have they been drinking? Even those who admit they don’t love the dress continue to fawn over Kate in all other ways. I just don’t understand how we can be talking about the same person…

  99. Annalise says:

    I think peridot, green amethyst, or even green garnet would have looked SO much better with the green of her dress. Those two greens do NOT go together. In fact I’m gonna say DEFINITELY green amethyst, because it’s a bit lighter than her dress but isn’t too yellow green, like peridot and green garnet are. I noticed Camilla doing that recently too, clashing her jewelry with her dress. she was dripping in dark blue sapphires while her dress was a lighter, brighter “stewardess dress” blue that weren’t even different shades of the same blue. One was distinctly cooler than the other, and the overall effect was “cheap”, which is amazing because her jewelry alone cost more than the GDP of some countries. Same with Kate. That shade of green looks cheap. Cheap cheap cheap
    PS- light green is VERY hard to pull off, but an example of someone who DID pull it off is Beatrice, who recently rocked an icy green dress which worked because the accents (hair band, dress belt) were black.

  100. Emmy says:

    W&K missed a very big opportunity for real statesman legitimacy.

    You want Nobel Prize winning gravitas for Earthshot, you got it within spitting distance. Boston area has a plethora of outstanding minds. Probably the biggest concentration of Nobel and scientific prize winners on earth.

    Earthshot could have linked up innovative Earthshot nominees and winners face to face with scientific experts and even bigger donors to fund and expand their endeavors. It could have been an opportunity where academia and research meet up with practical hands-on innovative application. The world gets none of that.

    Instead W&K went for the same old tired schtick they’ve been doing: dress up for meet and greet to talk a lot, but say nothing of substance. So we get glossy photos of a watered down Windsor version of the Oscar with green carpet walk and gazillion cameras flashing. Readers could be forgiven from the photos if they confused the event for a movie premiere.

    This is why Harvard gave them 30 minutes. This is why experienced politicians shake their hand and smile. This isn’t these people’s first rodeo with self serving VIPs seeking self congratulatory photo-ops. Common people can spot a grift, even ones with royal pedigree dripping in looted jewels and designer outfits.

  101. Winter Day says:

    The design of the dress isn’t that bad. I agree with Kaiser, it’s way too tight.

    My real issue is the color. What is with the neon 80’s green. I had a sweatshirt and lace gloves that color when I was in junior high in 1985. Neon clothing needs to stay in the decade where it belongs, Green is Kate’s best color when it comes to clothing. Her stylist should be straight up fired.

  102. Candy says:

    That dress looks so uncomfortable. And almost no woman could wear that silhouette. She’s really into her thinness. I guess you would have to be to starve yourself that much. Her makeup is atrocious, sorry. She went from fussy humble to fussy eccentric, overnight. I preferred her style before this recent shift.

  103. Christine says:

    I just saw an article on People about how I could potentially be lucky enough to rent a dress Cannot wore once!

    Meanwhile, on Earth, showing up to shine a light on something means you show up and don’t make it about renting your dress later.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Lol. Lucky enough to wear the dress Kate wore?!? Maybe my 11-year-old, who has no hips or curves because she hasn’t grown into her body yet would fit into that dress. That dress wouldn’t even fit over my thighs.

  104. SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

    That dress is absolutely the worst shade of green in existence (in my personal Green Ranking System), or possibly the second worst, after the colour of highway signs and astroturf. The whole thing’s just horrendously badly fitted and tacky, and how dumb do you need to be to wear greenscreen colour? Must have been Queen Bitch of Bitchdonia to her stylist.

    • Chrissy says:

      LOL! “Queen Bitch of Bitchdonia”? Is that in Wales?

    • kelleybelle says:

      Nor does the dress shade even match the emeralds in the choker. It’s still too extravagant for the occasion, out of place. Like the huge evening diamond necklace she wore to Philip’s funeral. And check out that brilliant botox shine. She’s just had a fresh lot of it.

  105. JJ says:

    She could have borrowed a dress from a designer’s latest collection or a vintage collection instead of that green mess. Designers always let celebs borrow dresses from their collections for public appearances so that they get free press and promotion for their brand. That is sustainable, economical, and fashionable. Matter of fact, she should have done that the whole time she was in Boston.

  106. SAS says:

    Enough has been said about the look itself but I’m just dying at the pose of them standing next to each other. “They’re at work”- no other royals pose like this!!

    It’s like colleagues who have recently completed sexual harassment training or something. If this was two lead actors in a film, we would 100% believe they hated each other.

    Where is the brilliant CB commenter whose husband has a gift for analysing whether someone is boning from a photograph? There’s just no way!

  107. Nicegirl says:

    NGL I feel some type of way now when of William wears showy emerald jewelry bc Meghan didn’t get to wear the emerald tiara 👑. Not to be mean but I can’t stand the dress. Especially the color w the emerald necklace.

  108. Emily_C says:

    I’m way late, but I need to talk about Will’s propensity for velvet jackets. Just… why.

    • Chrissy says:

      Velvet jackets on men always remind me of Lounge Lizards – those do-nothing men who consider socializing their job. Fits Willnot to a tee!

  109. victoria says:

    at least it blended well with the

  110. Digital Unicorn says:

    This is the worst look ever and its a total Diana cosplay as she worse a dress this colour and that choker to an event in Australia.

    She, again, pulled focus from both William and the event – he is not going to be happy about that.

    The body language was seriously seriously awkward AF and don’t get me started of the posed BW photo’s and them trying to recreate that Sussex rain shot with these 2 walking hand in hand into the event shot from the back. They tried so so hard to be HW during this visit – everything was a disaster and there is no coming back from it.

    This trip and the racist incident at BP has seriously damaged the Cambridge brand – make no mistake Peggy was chucked under the bus to protect both the King and QC. No matter how Peggy and his team tried to distance themselves the press were not having it and kept putting his name with hers. And it was deliberate this was them telling us that Lady Susan is not the only racist.

  111. Watson says:

    This dress is pure fug.

  112. HuffnPuff says:

    She looks like an alien. I like the style of the dress but the color didn’t do her any favors. She had to plaster on a ton of make up to try to pull it off and that made her look really old. The hair style is off as well.

  113. Melissa says:

    You and your followers are so biased and ridiculous.
    She looks beautiful and the dress is stunning.
    If MM were wearing this you would all be salivating all over yourselves kissing her ass.

    • Kit says:

      Melissa l.suppose it’s just a matter of taste really , Katie can wear whatever she wants ,its a personal choice and she does not matter de cost to de British People who are in the middle of a severe recession. My opinion is that de colour is just well awful , far too tight and alas matches de carpet ??

      Gosh she sure loves her late mother inlaws jewellery.doesnt she , you have to wonder does her husband not buy her any ??. Shame it just doesn’t same on her.

    • Nicegirl says:

      I’m seriously not meaning any offense or like to give a read with this reply at all Melissa (love that name & meaning = honey 🍯 bee 🐝 ), but I’m just gonna say the quiet part out loud here real quick. Like, f-ck yes a large portion of we celebitches are biased toward our American amiga. Yep 👍 she is our fave Duchess and we do love her style (both in fashion and unpretentious humanitarianism). Maybe some of us even think this neatly structured green screen gown would look better on Mama Archewell, I think it could. We may be cool being thought of as Ridic for being loyal members of Team Sussex. Like, Service is Universal. If we’re wrong maybe we don’t wanna be right ok lady. I’m personally learning to discern folks’ behaviors/actions in my older ages 🤦‍♀️. I’m down with Meghan’s pursuits and community spirit big time. 🖖

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Melissa, I doubt that Meghan would have worn a dress that was fitted like this one. I can’t for the life of me see her wearing a spring/summer color in December in Boston. The only reason I can come up with to do so is to make sure that all eyes are on you, because that color would definitely stand out. My question to you is what was this evening about? Was it about the award recipients or ? Because this shows that she believes it’s all about her.

    • Jaded says:

      If MM were wearing this she’d be receiving an award for actually accomplishing something good instead of nothing more than empty, performative self-aggrandizing. THAT’S why we love Meghan here, for the tireless work she does promoting women and children’s issues, pay equity, voting rights, education, health care and freedom of choice. There is no comparison between Kate and Meghan, Meghan is light years ahead of anything Kate has done or will do in her useless, rich life.

    • SAS says:

      @Melissa, hilariously, as soon as I saw the dress I thought, this is made for a black woman’s skin tone, not Kate’s. Granted, I was thinking more Jodie Turner-Smith or Danai Guraira but sure, let Megs give it a whirl and let’s do a side-by-side who wore it better lol!!

  114. Hannah says:

    I positively loathe everything about this whole look.

    – the green screen dress *could* have looked ok as a teal/jewel/deep emerald green colour if shoes and jewels totally different

    – it’s a very “Kate” dress – reminded me of the Windsor Walk Queens passing dress, just longer

    – shoes are too much, I know Kate has a pair of plain silver pumps – should have worn them rather

    – shoes looked like one of the kiddies did some crafting in mummy’s glitter closet

    – art deco choker (already being hailed as the “revenge choker” reportedly worth $20 million USD is gauche. Derangers having a field day saying her choker worth more than H & M’s house 😵‍💫 Take it back to 1923 where it belongs

    – Gasp! In a daily mail pic, I notice a side shot of Kate and she had a VPL! And a teeny teeny *mum pooch* I know, I know 😳

    So too much going on / competing with each other here: glitter shoes, ultra modern, ill fitting body con neon green dress, antique art deco gauche choker and honker earrings & of course, Big Blue 🫣

    I saw a pic of Zara in Australia in silvery blue Paolo Sebastian (King of Princess dresses) but only tiny little earrings, and hair elegantly in some sort of bun – that’s how you do *princessy*

    I actually like the designer ‘Solace’ had a look at their site (dresses for very skinny bitches tho) but I still like their stuff. I would have chose this for Kate (but it’s probs too *Meghan* for Kate

    And if she had to do a themed re-wear, I probably would have chosen this:

  115. Bonnie says:

    A lady must have a flawless figure to wear that dress. Catherine looked fantastic in it and was rocking Queen Mary’s emerald and diamond choker. The choker was on permanent loan to Princess Diana and now Catherine is able to wear it as the new HRH Princess of Wales. Well done!

    • sevenblue says:

      lol. A lady must not eat anything to wear that dress. Come on now, let’s not go through heroin chic era all over again. It is clear Kate has a eating disorder, stop normalizing it.

    • swirlmamad says:

      And I guess having a “flawless figure” is her only accomplishment? This is just twisted thinking.

    • Marley says:

      Bonnie, first of all, no one has a flawless figure, and the quest to live up to the concept of “flawless” as portrayed on social media and in airbrushed photos of Kate is quite damaging to women. Secondly, the ideal body type varies tremendously from culture to culture; are you saying Kate has a flawless figure as determined by white upperclass women? Ask my Motswana sister-in-law what she thinks of Kate’s figure, and you will get a look of pity and concern. Finally, I don’t think that being able to wear a piece of pricey jewelry simply because someone has died and you have moved up in the pecking order deserves a “well done.” And frankly, gloating about it on her behalf is not a good look for her fans.

    • Emily_C says:

      Her figure is not flawless, unless you think skeletons are the shape that women should aspire to. Honestly at this point, her fans should be deeply ashamed of saying things like this. You’re encouraging eating disorders, and you’re also not at all worried about Kate’s extreme illness for her own sake.

  116. kelleybelle says:

    In the last picture Will just looks constipated and she is trying to fake some interaction. It looks to be irritating him. Absolutely no warmth, just discomfort.

  117. Nicegirl says:

    Oooh Sparrow 🦜 maybe 🧷 👗 🍀

  118. Alexis says:

    Kates green dress photo in Tatler, one of her feet is visible and is facing sideways, at a right angle in front of her body. It is not physically possible to do this. Photoshopping error ??

  119. Margaret says:

    She needs better advisors. That dress does not go well with the choker. For one thing it is the wrong colour – too much yellow – and for another the neckline does not suit her or the choker. The emeralds should be the focus not just an accessory, and that dress does not do the job. That horizontal neckline just emphasises Kate’s broad shoulders and narrow hips and long waist; It does her no favours. It does not suit her. Diana wore the choker with dresses that complemented it, or maybe it is just that Diana had an innate sense of style and presence that Kate lacks.

  120. Greeneyedgirl says:

    I actually don’t hate the color, but it’s so plain. A color this bright shouldn’t be boring but it is. The jewelry does not go with the dress. A long chain to break up the plainness of the dress and simple earrings would work. The hair is a no for me also. A sleek ponytail would be so much better. I don’t hate the color, I think it’s sorta a fun, unexpected color for her, but somehow again she misses the mark.

  121. Betsy says:

    I said it about the 70s burgundy and pink pantsuit, but Kate is a GD genius at wearing clothes poorly. Once again she is in an outfit that is so bad it’s good. She cannot select or wear clothing. She looks terrible! It’s so amazingly bad. She’s a campy dresser but probably thinks she’s really classing up the joint.

    The Windsors show really called her style when they chose her wedding dress for her and Wills’ renewal of vows. That’s Katie in a nutshell.