King Charles will attend Princess Kate’s second Christmas Carol special

The British press machine is currently freaking out about whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Netflix will “go there” about the current Princess of Wales. While there’s clearly no love lost between the Sussexes and Kate in particular, I wonder if there will be any explicit blame placed on Kate. As in, Meghan or Harry explicitly saying: Kate mean-girled Meghan, Kate leaked the “Meghan made Kate cry” story, etc. We’ll have to wait and see. I’ve said in other posts that I believe Middleton Manor probably has a war room going. It’s hilarious to watch the Windsors be so reactive to Harry and Meghan, two people the Windsors insist are so unimportant.

Meanwhile, Kate is at least keeping up the pretense of being booked and busy. Her second annual “Christmas carol” service is scheduled for December 15th. That’s when the service actually goes down, it won’t be televised until Christmas Eve on ITV. Once again, the BBC didn’t want it, just like last year. Last year’s Catherine Presents a Keen Piano Recital and Christmas Carol Special was a ratings loser too, but Kate is going to keep doing them. I would imagine that’s because she does next to nothing to organize them – tons of staffers organize the event and Kate just waltzes in with her Christmas doll wiglet and takes credit for everything. This year, King Charles will be in attendance.

The Princess of Wales will be supported by her husband, Prince William, and King Charles III and the Queen Consort as she hosts her second annual carol service at Westminster Abbey next week, it has been announced.

Kate, 40, is set to be joined by senior royals as she celebrates the life of the late Queen Elizabeth II and pays tribute to community leaders across the country at the Together at Christmas carol service, which will take place on 15 December and broadcast on ITV on Christmas Eve.

The Princess of Wales will host a carol service at Westminster Abbey, to be attended by members of the royal family and filmed for broadcast on ITV. In its second year, the event is particularly significant because it is spearheaded by Kate as a solo initiative.

This year, carol service is dedicated to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the values Her Majesty demonstrated throughout her life, including duty, empathy, faith, service, kindness, compassion and support for others.

‘These principles are shared and personified by the inspirational guests who have been invited to the Abbey in recognition of their tireless work to help and care for those around them,’ Kensington Palace said in a release confirming details of the event.

[From Tatler]

The big question: will Kate “perform” this year? Last year, she prerecorded a piano recital ahead of the Abbey show, and it was spliced into the TV special. It was particularly asinine, because the whole point (we were told) about the carol special was that Kate was giving back to poor communities and families who had lost loved ones to Covid. Then Kate turned it into the Keen Piano Recital and that was the sole headline: Kate’s Piano Recital, Kate Kate Kate. Much like Prince William’s Earthshot, where he’s too much of an elitist narcissist to actually invite the award nominees and winners to the awards ceremony.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid, Instar and Kensington Palace.

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  1. Cel2495 says:

    😂 🤡

    Can’t wait for Friday!!

    • usavgjoe says:

      He’ll need something to sedate and divert his attention from the Netflix fallout.😓🥱😴

  2. blue says:

    Whee! Can hardly wait for Katie’s pitiful piano plinking!

    • Dawning says:

      Well hopefully she will have progressed to playing more than two chords. But in true Unable fashion, an accomplishment such as this will take at least a decade.

  3. India says:

    Look At All Of That Fake Effing Spaniel Hair. I just can’t with this idiot.

  4. SJ (they/them) says:

    re: the middleton manor war room, things are going to be very chaotic so what I think they should do is write down a list of everything that happened that COULD end up in the documentary, and then as they watch the documentary, they can cross-check what did or did not show up. Ideally include dates and full details of each occurrence on the list, so that if something is in the doc but is misrepresented, they can push back!

    Of course this will be a very valuable document for their planning, so they should make several copies to store in different places, for security. Anyone with an in to the middletons please feel free to pass along this free advice. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Chloe says:

    I don’t think they’ll have it out for kate in the documentary. In fact? I think they’ll touch upon the hounding of women by the british media in general. Diana and kate but also others. Maybe they’ll even talk about caroline flack?

    • Emily says:

      I agree that they may mention her when talking about press treatment of royal women but I doubt she will get much of attention in the doc. I think the focus will be on the media.

    • Nic919 says:

      They can generally avoid discussing Kate except for cry gate. That was one of the main stories used to vilify Meghan and push the angry black woman trope. And kate has her hands all over that.

      I don’t see how they avoid mentioning it.

      • Ginger says:

        Agreed. Especially with the Tatler article where Kate took all of the unflattering and ( according to her) untrue things said about her but kept the crying story in. I would love for her to exposed in this doc.

      • Becks1 says:

        I don’t see how they can avoid Cry-Gate when not only was that used to vilify Meghan, but it was also something that the palace flat out refused to correct on her behalf. So it shows two sides to what they will probably discuss – the false stories being planted, and the refusal to protect meghan.

        (and of course the refusal to protect Meghan makes sense if you consider who was planting the false stories, right?)

    • Nicki says:

      It’s the tabloids that are in the crosshairs, I think. But that will put a huge spotlight on the viper courtiers who leak and plant, and that has to spill over to the royals whose bidding they are doing.

    • Green girl says:

      Every photo in those trailers was selected with care. I feel the fact that the teaser trailer included the photo of the “Former Fab Four” in color and with the music was an interesting choice to me. If they were going to be sympathetic to Kate and how she was treated poorly by the media in the Waity years especially, why use that photo? If William is who to blame that photo of William and Harry at the statue unveiling (their backs are to each other) is more compelling.

      Do we know yet who all is interviewed in this series? That would be interesting.

  6. Osty says:

    They are really desperate for PR and good press 😀😀😀😀

  7. Flower says:

    I said it before and will say it again, Chuckles seems desperate to hang onto Kate hence dishing out the PPOW titles to trap William.

    I am going to guess Kate wanted out and now he’s outwardly being extra nice to keep her on side. What a total hypocrite given his history with Camilla.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      That’s an interesting theory. Charles wants Kate to remain for his own reputation. So stories about his failed marriage and ill treatment if Diana will remain in the past.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think this is a good theory. Kate wants out and Charles is trying desperately to keep her in the fold. Maybe he’s concerned that it will make the Windsors look that much worse if they keep driving the married-ins away (like @Lanne mentions below) or maybe he’s concerned that William needs SOMEONE to “anchor” him in some way. If it’s not harry, then it has to be Kate.

    • blue says:

      Katie wants to get the queenship & will stick like glue unless Willy boots her. Chuck will do everything he can to prevent that so I expect Willy to get lots of solo assignments & trips to far-flung places where he could have a gal pal secretly waiting. Maybe he’ll even get his own private hideaway lodge in a remote location?

    • C says:

      I don’t think so. I think it had more to do with wanting to make sure Wales had no time to petition for the title of Prince of Wales to be gotten rid of.
      It’s possible but I can’t see Kate wanting out. Why would she? People speculate that she is unhappy but her position is pretty sweet. She gets everything she wants and never ever has to increase her workload and they’ll embiggen her for absolutely nothing ie this Early Years stuff. She just got thousands of pounds worth of new clothes for doing nothing for three days. And it sucks but she’s definitely the more attention-drawing of the two. Both of these people are lazy and getting a divorce would take work. If Will wants it to happen it will, but I’m not sure he’ll ever be bestirred enough to want to.

    • Nic919 says:

      The only woman Charles cares about is Camilla. He doesn’t care about Kate any more than he did Meghan. He is attending because the theme is honouring the Queen and so it makes sense for him to be there. He was likely scheduled in even before the Netflix documentary was announced because unlike William and Kate, he actually does more than two things a week.

    • ML says:

      Hmm, the 2nd trailer to Harry and Meghan dropped accusing the British press (and therefore due to the invisible contract, the RF) of having issues with the women who married into the RF. If KC wasn’t intending to come, his advisers want to get ahead of any problems with Kate. After all, his communications expert was responsible for several anti-Kate articles until Meghan showed up to take her place.

    • Annalise says:

      Flower- I think Will wanted out, but Charles forbid it, convincing him it would just like when him and Diana divorced, but WORSE with the addition of social media. William would be outed as the evil, philandering PoW who treated his wife terribly (JUST like Charles), and Kate would be PORTRAYED as the mistreated, cheated-on PoW, just like Diana (except nothing like Diana). So I think that convinced Will not to divorce Kate, and I think Kate was promised a VERY comfortable, jewelry filled life, will full visible support from C & C, if she was willing to just let Will go do what he wants when there are no cameras, but smile and pretend to be happily married when necessary. Remember when the tabloids made a big deal about Camilla gave Kate an equally prominent position on the balcony or something? We know how much Kate LOVES knocking people out of the way on the balcony! And when Charles blew her a kiss at the Jubilee? I do NOT believe thry are actually that friendly.

    • Gin says:

      I don’t see that at all. I think Willam simply said Kate can have it right now, but not always. If his second wife isn’t Camilla there is no reason to say she can’t be the Princess of Wales. Kate may go back to being the Duchess of Cambridge.

  8. HeyKay says:

    News on DM, man arrested for throwing eggs at King Charles.
    This is the second time in a month someone has thrown eggs at KC.

    What have I been saying? Stay home! Keep your heads down and STFU!
    Honestly, C&C and W&K you all need to get out of the public eye. You are losing ground in PR every time you try to do “jobs”

  9. lanne says:

    This Sussex business may very well benefit Ms Keen Piano-plinker. The royals have to show that they do support married in women, so she’s not likely to be kicked to the curb anytime soon. Also, Cain will have to do a better job of pretending he likes being in the same room as her. They are all stuck with each other, No Exit style. They have pinned all their glamor hopes on Kate as well. Any “magic” of the royal family will come from her. This very well could be the making of Unable. Her position could be solidified for years to come.

    • tolly says:

      I agree, although it depends on her tolerance for a role as the family sin-eater. The anonymous palace sources (i.e., courtiers) seem determined to wail “Oh no, poor Kate is under attack!!” every time some criticism comes their way. A lot of this so-called “support” is a tactic to put her name on every negative headline, which could come back to bite her if Wills ever wants out.

    • windyriver says:

      “They have pinned all their glamour hopes on Kate as well.”

      Don’t think so. Don’t see why they’d be less jealous of Kate’s “shine” than they were of Meghan and Diana. Especially given Kate’s habit of dressing in colors (and jewelry) to draw attention to herself at family events, even with TQ present; the way she shoves people around on balconies to get a central position; her fashion magazine poses at Philip’s, and to a less obvious extent, at TQ’s, funerals. I bet BTS a lot of the RF is pissed at Kate’s obsessive need to be the center of attention. These have always been petty, jealous people, especially KC. That hasn’t changed.

      Any “glamour” Kate has is useful because 1) it’s distracts from the fact however nicely dressed she is on any visit, there’s no actual work being done; and 2) focusing on her clothes can be a distraction from other things going on the the family they don’t want people paying attention to. Hey! Look over here at glamorous Kate!

      She’s useful for the moment. But I think any “magic” is already fading, because people have begun to realize how little work she does- and that’s partly due to the contrast with Meghan.

  10. Lauren says:

    If you want to see how a christmas carol show should be done if its about charity instead of ego look into the annual christmas show that Norway puts on which this year Crown Princess Mette-Marit is patron of. The Crown Princess selected Doctors Without Borders as the charity that will receive funds raised by the show.

    The more I learn about the other royal families the less impressed I am by the English Royal Family.

  11. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Please, for the love of God, stop trying to make Kate happen.

    • Christine says:

      “Kate, 40, is set to be joined by senior royals”…..

      Um, they failed to recognize they demoted her, with their glowing praise. I’m super excited to see who they cough up as a senior royal, to parent Kitty, at her piano recital.

  12. Becks1 says:

    This is definitely a response to the docuseries dropping that day. This is so the Windsors can try to look happy and united and unbothered and “committed to service” while their minions in the press go bananas on their behalf.

    • Nic919 says:

      Charles is usually booked months in advance for things and with the theme being honouring the Queen, which he loves to link himself to, I think he was going from the start.

      • Becks1 says:

        That’s true, this could have been booked months ago, especially with Camilla attending as well (I kind of am dying to see her interact with Carole, haha) but the announcement of his attendance is certainly not a coincidence.

      • Jais says:

        Lol, have we ever seen Carole and Camilla interact together? Definitely, there would be class issues, but I wonder if there could be any chance of like recognizing like?

      • Jaded says:

        @Jais — CarolE and Camzilla have been together at a number of events but I don’t think there’s any love lost between them. Cam is said to have likened the Middletons to “Meet the Fockers” because of CarolE’s over-the-top grandmothering when George was born.

    • windyriver says:

      Volume 2 should drop right around breakfast time in the UK. That’ll get their day off to a rousing start! We’ll see how well everyone can manage their expressions for the cameras by the time filming rolls around later in the day.

  13. Feebee says:

    As if Charles needed another reason to be mad at the Sussexes but this will be one. This damn release has forced him to go to this event and it’s probably the last thing on earth he wants to be doing at this point but optics are a high priority right now so there we have it.

    • sparrow says:

      That is hilarious! You are so right. Can you imagine having to get involved in this charade just to save the family. Poor man.

  14. ollilesmom says:

    A 40 year old woman with long sausage curls.

    She looks like she’s fake playing that piano. I wonder how many months (or years) it took her to learn that one piece.

    • Nic919 says:

      There was another keyboard player there and so it’s doubtful anyone even heard the notes she was playing.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Nic919, perhaps Sophie can listen intently and then let OfWilliam know how poorly she played and tell her to not quit her day job.

      • Shawna says:

        @Saucy&Sassy – earning your username today! bwah haha

    • Tessa says:

      She can get all sparkly dressed like Liberace and will can play Santa

    • Moondust says:

      How glorious it would be if Camilla could burst into hysterical laughter while Copykhate pretends to play the piano.

  15. equality says:

    Who cares what KC is doing. Will Bea and Eugenie be roped in this year or have they been pushed out or declined an invite?

    • SueBarbri33 says:

      Last year’s event was insanely low-energy, and I enjoyed every moment of it! Long faces! Dreary fashions! Festive glances! Two-fingered piano playing! They all looked so sad and sullen that many of us speculated that the Queen had died just before the program. But no, it just turns out that they all really, really hate each other. What a family!

  16. Lady Esther says:

    “In its second year, the event is particularly significant because it is spearheaded by Kate as a solo initiative….”

    ??? I thought the entire press coverage of the event last year was about how this was Kate’s event, her initiative, her everything? What is different this year? Who helped her last year, then? This makes no sense. And Charles and Camilla pointedly stayed away last year, it’s interesting that they decided to come, unless….

    this is a good opportunity for the RF to present a united front (including with the Middletons all present as with the last event) and support Kate when she is under threat, supposedly from the Sussex docuseries. Shades of the walk with Kate, her family and everyone with Rose during the Christmas holidays? Is another family order in the offing, this time from Charles? Maybe with the diplomatic event coming up soon? Hmmm hmmmm….

    • Moneypenny424 says:

      Last year it was spearheaded by Duchess Kate, but this year, it is spearheaded by Princess Kate :).

      • sparrow says:

        Nice! That made me laugh. Yes, talk about changing the words to make the same sense. It was her pet project last year. And now it’s her pet project, again. Got to keep her up front.

  17. girl_ninja says:

    One day she’s gonna get tangled in those wiglets, trip and fall. Or get strangled by it, one of the two is bound to happen.

    • Jaded says:

      Hah!! The wiglet of doom! “It’s ALIVE!!!!!!”

    • sparrow says:

      I always think she’s going to catch one of her wiglets on something. Or a kid giving her a bunch of flowers will get hold of it by mistake and pull it off. I bet there is emergency planning for this event. All of a sudden, her guards will rush over and cover her with their coats and get her out of there. I’m being funny, and then not. Because the fear of this happening would make me never wear one, particularly as she is in front of 100s of people. Her one act of bravery!

  18. Athena says:

    Maybe they’ll invite the Earthshot winners to the Christmas recital.

    Let’s see if Eugenie and Beatrice show up again this year. Can’t believe KCIII is showing up for this.

  19. QuiteContrary says:

    Better him than me.

    I’d rather be anywhere else than at Kate’s Carols & Curl Toss.

  20. tamsin says:

    I think the children might attend. Then they can do a show of unity as well as slimmed down monarchy. On the other hand, since this is dedicated to the Queen, it would churlish not to invite the rest of her family. Was last year a “cousins” support? Anne, Andrew, and Edward were not there?

  21. Eurydice says:

    My condolences to the people of the UK. I hope they have a happy holiday anyway.

  22. Tessa says:

    Maybe she will sing and dance now.will William want to pose with her for lovey dovey photo ops

  23. Lizzie says:

    And they just made me feel a little sorry for Chuck.

  24. Jaded says:

    Another snooze-fest. I’ll watch it if I have insomnia that night, it’ll put me right out.

  25. Well Wisher says:

    It would make a big difference in viewership?
    Why close the paddock, the horse has already left?
    It will confirm that the now monarch and his heir did the deed as expressed by……

    Kate never “put a foot wrong” she just tried to save? no….solidify her marriage er titles and access to jewellery?

  26. Madchester says:

    I’m really hoping they have enough artistic power over the edit and trailers to have planted a bunch of misdirection to prove their point of UK media and some of it’s people.
    The way that 3 minutes has ignited such fury it comical but also shows the vitriol they illicit for daring to cross the firm

  27. Red Weather Tiger says:

    How long will every event be billed as a “tribute to the late queen”? A year? Five years? The rest of their natural lives? I mean, sure, this year it’s fine, but it just seems like everything they do has to be associated in some way with QE2, again, because they have nothing of their own. No personalities, no portfolio of work, no joy. Constantly glomming on to the memory of the monarch that no one threw eggs at is a desperate choice by desperately unlikable people.

  28. Amy Bee says:

    I’m interested to see what she does this year to make herself the main story of this event.

  29. sparrow says:

    Has anyone on here been brave enough/ bored enough to watch the BBC Earthshot programme? I can’t bear to do it. I don’t want to bump up the figures and I don’t want the second hand embarrassment if she did a speech.

  30. Flying fish says:

    I cannot wait for December 8, 2022 to watch Harry and Meghan’s documentary!

  31. Carolind says:

    No need to watch it. I certainly won’t be. I watch Carols from Kings every Christmas Eve and then go to Church. Certainly don’t want to watch that schmaltz. As for her wanting out, you must be mad. All she wants is to be queen.

  32. Kit says:

    Lady Ester, Agreed. I saw a journalist speaking with the BBC earlier about Netflix documentary. They believe when Harry says ‘that was a turning point’ or tipping point can’t remember but anyway was when the Kate story appeared that Megan made Kate cry. They might not directly mention Kate but he says they all know what he is talking about.

    If this is ture well then the media know what went down and also when we noticed Kates relationship with William go down de drain !!!! Has he blamed her and is Kate Middleton Wales about to be thrown under de royal coach??

  33. PrincessK says:

    I want to know why Kate is trying to steal the Sussexes thunder by having the concert on the same day as the second part of the documentary drops.