The Waleses wanted to ‘meet people who do incredible things on the environment’

Are we still talking about Prince William and Kate’s Boston trip? Yes!! It was a flop and I love every piece of its floppiness. I love that William and Kate got booed at the Celtics game. I love that Caroline Kennedy and John Kerry blanked on them at their arrival. I love that the crowds were so sparse and that most Bostonians were more worried about the traffic. I also love that the Earthshot Awards are such a giant scam and they’re slowly being exposed. William didn’t invite the Earthshot finalists to the show, but he got celebrities to fly into Boston so he could get his photos taken with them and not the environmentalists. Besides that, William and Kate showed zero interest in the American media – they gave zero interviews to American outlets, not even a friendly outlet like People. People Mag also didn’t give them the cover this week!! But People did give them a very gentle write-up summarizing their dumb flop tour. Some highlights:

“Obstacles”: The Prince and Princess of Wales’ first visit to the United States since 2014 wasn’t without obstacles. Just hours before the couple touched down in Boston on Nov. 30, domestic abuse activist Ngozi Fulani said she was repeatedly asked racially-loaded questions by an aide at a Buckingham Palace event. A spokesman for Prince William and Kate addressed the controversy on Wednesday, saying: “I was really disappointed to hear about the guest’s experience. Racism has no place in our society. These comments were unacceptable, and it’s right that the individual has stepped aside with immediate effect.”

Booed at the Celtics game: That evening, Kate and William’s appearance on the Jumbotron at the Boston Celtics game was met with scattered boos and “U-S-A” chants. Then early on Thursday morning, Netflix released the first trailer for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s docuseries, which hinted at their rift with the royal family.

No distractions: But the royal couple showed no signs of stress, determined to keep the focus on the causes they were there to highlight — including Prince William’s Earthshot Prize to celebrate those working to protect the environment. “They were not distracted by anything and just got on with the job,” a royal source tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “Their smiles and the wanting to get out there and meet folks reflected their mood.” A senior royal insider adds, “They stick to the program.”

They listened! At the Earthshot Prize Awards Ceremony on Friday evening, Princess Kate and Prince William happily waved to onlookers gathered across the street and smiled as they posed for photos on the green carpet. Inside, they listened carefully to each presenter and prize winner, giving each other reassuring pats on the back after Kate’s presentation and William’s speech.

Mission accomplished! The Boston trip accomplished “exactly what they wanted to do,” says the royal source, “which was to meet people who do incredible things on the environment.”

[From People]

They wanted “to meet people who do incredible things on the environment” which is why William did not invite the Earthshot finalists and recipients to Boston. I see. But they listened, you guys! They listened to the finalists speak via satellite linkup, all while William cozied up to the celebrities he had flown into Boston.

The whole “they weren’t distracted” thing is bullsh-t too, as we saw in real time. While William and Kate were too lazy to speak to American media, William was screeching and raging to his favorite British rota people back home as soon as Netflix’s Harry & Meghan trailer dropped in the middle of the trip. William must have personally briefed at least a half dozen journalists judging from the similarity in comments published about how angry he was/is and how he thinks the Sussexes are “like the Kardashians.”

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Cover Images.

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  1. C says:

    So why didn’t they fly them in?

  2. Digital Unicorn says:

    To me this reads as Peggy hasn’t even bothered to speak to the finalists/winners – another confirmation that this event and trip was nothing more than an ego and PR boost for the Wails. The fact that they both were literally patting each other on the back – things just keep getting worse for them with this event.

  3. crushton says:

    “Reassuring pats on the back”

    And people think H&M are the sexier couple…

  4. Izzy says:

    Her perma-raised eyebrow is so distracting…

  5. ML says:

    About them not giving interviews: it probably isn’t because they’re too lazy, but because they couldn’t control the narrative. In Holland, I was just reminded by my husband that the Dutch Royal Family usually gets to approve what is asked and what they’ll respond to. Michelle Obama did this on her book tour as well. If the American media refused to allow them to vet the questions, W&K would have been stupid to agree to interviews (especially due to the RFK awards and Netflix special). I think they would have loved to get a pro-Peggington narrative out that ignored H&M, but weren’t able to get the US media to agree.

    • ML says:

      That article makes it clear that KC and PW’s offices were contacted for comment on H&M’s Netflix series. KC and PW offices declined to, HOWEVER, they said that they hadn’t been asked to comment. Naturally, Netflix has receipts, so lying did not work in their favor and they had to come up with an excuse as to why they lied… This ties in to why I don’t believe W&K wanted to speak to the US press. In the UK, the RR functions as the communications department (we just learned that from Harry in the Netflix series), and the RR is very willing yo publish what the RF wants to public to know. Outside of the UK, that doesn’t work. I’m pretty sure that the lack of control over the US media was the reason W&K declined to speak to the press.

  6. TigerMcQueen says:

    They wanted to speak to environmentalists so didn’t invite the winners.

    Oooooh kay.

    Also, the praise for listening carefully to each presenter and prize winner makes the Wails sound like toddlers learning how to pay attention in preschool. Wow. Was the person who wrote that throwing shade or are they actually serious with such a low level of expectations?

    • SarahCS says:

      And as though this was new information to them. So you’re telling me they’d had no involvement in the shortlisting or judging? Colour me shocked.

      They keep telling on themselves.

  7. Becks1 says:

    Saying they listened to the presenters and prize winners conveys to things to me:

    1) they had never heard of the prize winners before this so their videotaped speeches or whatever all contained brand new info for them

    2) that’s the bare minimum they were expected to do and they did it. They waved, they listened, and then they quite literally patted themselves on the back for it.

    These two are so useless.

  8. Eurydice says:

    They make me so tired.

  9. Well Wisher says:

    So did they actually met those people? What about the prize monies?

    The cheque(s) are in the mail?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  10. GirlMonday says:

    That pic where it looks like they’re holding hands but arent is sad to me.

  11. girl_ninja says:

    I don’t know why I am surprised by their hubris and incompetence of these two. They are absolutely clueless and have no desire to grow in any way At. All.

  12. Still In My Robe says:

    Also just occurred to me: since they have no qualms themselves getting on planes and flying around the world for their own self-aggrandizement, why haven’t they done that? Do we have any evidence that they’ve ever once had follow up briefings with the award winners? Even Zoom calls? Seems like such radio silence outside of the award ceremony.

  13. Nope says:

    “… and smiled as theas they posed for photos on the green carpet.” 🤣🤣🤣 AKA Kate? Ouch!😆😆😆

  14. Concern Fae says:

    As I said previously, I worked at a Boston area university that had VIP visits and gave out awards. Actual scientific awards events look nothing like this. There’s at least a day of festivities. All the award winners and nominees are invited and do public presentations of their work. (Not always public, sometimes the awards are part of a conference where donors are the audience.) It’s not just the thank you speech at the ceremony, but a full hour talk where they give details and answer questions. There are lots of chances for the winners to meet the donors and the academic people involved. The whole point of an event like this is for the nominees to meet each other and people who may be able to push the work forward.

    That this is getting so much attention is foolishness. I can’t imagine how much eye-rolling is going on at The Media Lab and other places that run this sort of event monthly. I’m still getting the show as a YouTube ad. They are up to 1.8M views.

  15. Beverley says:

    Mute OfWilliam and the Prince of Pegging refused to talk to the American media for 2 basic reasons:

    1) They wouldn’t be able to control the questions or the narrative, and they knew H&M would be a huge topic, not to mention the rampant racism in the British media and the Firm.
    2) Not only is Mumbles unable to coherently converse, she’s extraordinarily dull and the American media wouldn’t be likely to photoshop her dried up, homely, Botoxed face.

  16. Nic919 says:

    There is no justification to have a show about the environment and not invite in person the actual people who are working to make it better. And even worse that the elites who use up a significant majority of the resources to be the only ones present.

    It is a vanity project pure and simple. I mean last year they were calling it the green Nobel Prize and this year it’s the superbowl. So out of touch with reality.

  17. Lorelei says:

    I think this tour (“visit?” whatever) would actually be getting much more poor press if it wasn’t for the fact that the Caribbean one was such an unmitigated sh!tshow. Anything after that will seem at least okay-ish in comparison to that bleak mess.

  18. phlyfiremama says:

    So why didn’t they meet them?? LOL