Virginia Giuffre likely only had a one-year gag order attached to her settlement

A year ago, an American civil court was gearing up to litigate Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse of a then-teenaged Virginia Giuffre. Virginia sued Andrew and he was throwing everything at her and he still lost all of the preliminary hearings. The case was headed for trial and the judge seemed very amenable towards Giuffre’s side. That’s when Prince Andrew settled out of court with Giuffre. We never learned (for sure) the amount Andrew paid out, although we did learn that Andrew “borrowed” the money from his mother. Considering Virginia held all of the cards in the negotiations, I’ve always believed that she made a deal for low eight-figures combined with no gag order, or a merely-temporary gag order. Considering Virginia’s silence over the past year, I do think we can safely say that there was a gag order as part of the settlement. Now the Telegraph (via the SMH) claims that the gag order was only for one year, and Virginia is gearing up to speak out even more against Andrew.

The Duke of York is braced for his sex abuse accuser to return to the public eye as a gagging clause signed by both parties is lifted in February. Prince Andrew paid millions to settle a civil case with Virginia Giuffre last year, securing a deal that bought him just one year of silence.

However, that agreement will come to an end within weeks, meaning that Giuffre, who now lives in Australia, is once again likely to be free to talk about the years of abuse she suffered at the hands of Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted sex offender. It raises the prospect that she could resume television interviews, or even write a book.

Giuffre sued the duke for unspecified damages last year, claiming she was forced to have sex with him on three separate occasions in 2001, when she was 17. The duke, who denied any wrongdoing, was determined to take the civil case to trial and clear his name. The duke did not admit any wrongdoing as part of the civil case settlement. But Buckingham Palace urged him to settle as increasingly damaging and lurid claims dominated the news agenda and threatened to overshadow Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The late Queen was becoming increasingly frail and may have known at the time that she did not have long to live.

The duke came under intense pressure to strike a deal – eventually announced on February 15 – that would draw a line under the case and allow him to retreat from the public eye. In order to facilitate the deal, the late Queen contributed to a hefty financial settlement that was accompanied by a 12-month gagging clause, ensuring that neither side could discuss any aspect of the case or the financial deal. The majority of the £9.9 million ($17.6 million) settlement went to Giuffre, while about $3 million was donated to her sex-trafficking charity, it is understood.

The inclusion of the gagging clause was considered critical and is understood to have been a prerequisite for borrowing sufficient money from his family to settle the case. However, some aides were said to be “incredulous” that the duke could have paid so much money only to have the allegations repeated after such a relatively short space of time.

A friend said when the deal was signed: “If you’re going to go for legal resolution at those sorts of prices then you want silence – but what we’ve got is silence for the Platinum Jubilee.”

[From The Sydney Morning Herald]

As I said, when the settlement was negotiated, Virginia was in a position of strength – Andrew had failed to get the case thrown out of court, and the judge had rejected all of Andrew’s legal arguments. They were headed for a trial in open court. That is when Andrew came to the settlement negotiations, from a position of weakness. So… I could totally see Andrew’s lawyers pushing for a lifetime gag order and Virginia balking and threatening to walk away. Andrew could probably only get a one-year gag order or else Virginia would have walked away from the negotiations and dragged him into a trial which the Windsors really, really did not want. Anyway, I hope Virginia is well and hopefully she spent the past year writing a book, which she’ll promote by giving tons of interviews.

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  1. Chic says:

    I love this for RF.The payout was to give Liz time to die and celebrate jubby.
    Doesn’t make sense why Charles allowed him to come to church at Xmas though? Paying for his security makes sense though because is getting brief on Andy’s whereabouts etc.. no more Woking.

  2. Becks1 says:

    She’s definitely going to talk more as soon as that gag order is lifted. Maybe if she had seen real consequences for
    Andrew from the RF she might feel differently, but as it is – nah. (And that’s a big maybe anyway).

    Meaning – if I’m Virginia, and I’m seeing Andrew front and center at The queen’s funeral, and I’m seeing him at the Christmas walk, and I know he still has security that Charles is paying, and he’s still at Royal Lodge – the only consequence is he was forced to retire early – I would probably be a little upset, just a bit. While she’s been silent I think it’s been easy for people to forget what she alleged and said happened to her – but when she starts talking again people will remember very quickly.

    Don’t worry so much about Harry BRF – worry about the sex offender you’re protecting.

    • IForget says:

      I agree 100%. I think Harry’s had similar thought processes- if the RF took some time away, learned, and stopped the briefings (or in Virginia’s case, stop shoving Andrew front and centre of the RF), then speaking out may not be an option to consider. However, the RF can’t seem to help themselves- they never learn.

  3. blue says:

    I want to hear what Virginia says next.

    • Stacey Dresden says:

      Me too. I can’t wait to hear anything she wants to share. Sending so much love to Ms. Giuffre.

  4. C-Shell says:

    To any publisher that’s prepared to drop Virginia’s book on February 16, TAKE MY MONEY! So, in review, Harry and Meghan did some limited interviews in 2022, Meghan dropped her podcast, then Netflix releases the Crown season and H&M’s docuseries, then “Spare,” then Virginia’s book (“Sweat”) … then CIII’s Posh Coronation and Swell Trooping The Colour … makes your head spin, doesn’t it? Good times for the monarchy.

  5. Brassy Rebel says:

    After watching Andrew’s semi-rehab in the last year, she’s probably saltier than she was before the settlement. As some have said, the royals have been worrying about the wrong book.

    • Nem says:

      And they won’t be able to have the british press avoiding the subject, like they did for the wrath of the swiss chalet owner who was deceived about andrew money so she settled her case for peanut, and discovered virginia obtaining all these dollars.

  6. Julia K says:

    It makes sense that she would wait until Spare is released and the royal fallout over, then swoop in with the “boom” of her tell all right before the coronation. Circle complete.

  7. Sean says:

    I’m being petty this morning.

    If Virginia does speak out after the gag order has ended, I hope she dishes on all the details that would bring embarrassment to Andrew and the RF. I’ll leave it up to the imaginations of fellow CBers as to what I’m referring to. But I’d love for her to provide intimate details on EVERYTHING. Not that I want to know intimate details about Andrew, I’d just love for him to fret and squirm knowing that very personal information about him have been made public.

  8. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    Omg, that families obsession with the facata Jubbly is unbelievable!! The Facata Jubbly took precedence over the queens health, over common sense, was overdone and over wrought, costing the country millions that they could ill afford.

  9. MadMangoMal says:

    Let’s all cross our fingers, toes and ovaries that Virginia is the first guest on season two of Archetypes.

  10. Chantal says:

    I hope she healing and writes a tell all as well. There must be some rumblings/rumors for this article to pop up out of nowhere and remind everyone how despicable and evil Andrew is, the panic over the gag order lifting, and anger over the settlement, when the press has been mostly silent about him. FAFO is not playing around in 2023. So much more can happen between now and Archie’s birthday/C-Rex’ coronation…

  11. ML says:

    So Virginia essentially agreed to be silenced for the queen’s jubly year and the holidays, then everyone involved knew she could (and most likely will) go public? I really hope that she is okay, and that she stays okay: how much pressure is there to silence her now? I’m sort of worried for her and I also hope that she’s able to use her voice if she feels the need to do so.

    • Flower says:

      They silenced her as they knew the Queen was dying and my guess is that, they’d kept Liz ignorant about what Andy actually got up-to in the same way they kept Mountbatten’s secrets to protect her as he was the closet thing to a father-in-law.

      I think people don’t address this nearly enough – but Mountbatten essentially groomed Elizabeth when he introduced her to Philip so young.

      I also think her advisors over the years manipulated Liz – and this is what Harry was referencing re having the right people around her.

      The family have a very different idea as to what constitutes the abuse of minors – hence why they don’t see the big deal with Andy’s behaviour.

      • Emily_C says:

        It would have been rape if Virginia had been 47 too. She was trafficked. It’s not just abuse of minors that the family doesn’t have a problem with. If one of them — one of the men, at least — wants to do something to someone else, they see it as his literal God-given right. They see the rest of us as things, not people. I’m continually astonished that Harry turned out to be so different.

      • Flower says:

        Harry made a continual decision to be different because of the love of his mother.

        I think what Spare is revealing to me is that Harry constantly felt out of place like he did not begin.

        As soon as he left the Army he was forever changed. There’s a passage in the book that is as clear as day about that. The army made Harry and then he did the work slowly in the run up to meeting Meghan, thereafter and continues to do the work. He also seems to understand that this is a life long journey with Meghan and his children.

        Harry is the archetypal wounded healer and I would love for him to have a podcast – speaking to other men about mental health and vulnerability,

  12. phaedra7 says:

    Just A Sidebar Point=> Did anyone ever think that Andrew might’ve had some covert alliances with the press (British, American and others) to shift the focus on Harry and Meghan, making M look like the villainess of the RF–so that his infractions in the Jeffrey Epstein Debacle would not have the dots connected? IMPHO, it all seems sus to me. He has denied many times over that he didn’t have anything to do with Virginia, although he was a JE’s mansion and hung out with him, shown in the infamous photo of him and Virginia (hand around her waist). Andrew is definitely part of the Institution and will continue to cover himself by any means to make himself and the RF appear innocent. 🤨

    • Renae says:

      On the other hand, I see chuck and billy-bully etc diverting the attention from claims in Harry’s book to “Hey, here’s Andy with all his foibles” (perfectly showing Harry’s claim about briefing against each other). Well played!

    • Suusan says:

      Yes. It’s well known he plays tabloid games. Usually it’s to get work or to praise his kids and Sarah Ferguson. I don’t know if this is true, but he was accused of briefing on Chuck through the years. Basically saying himself is an asset and William should be king. I believe the first part; the second maybe a lie.

  13. Mslove says:

    I’m sure Virginia & Harry aren’t the only ones the BRF did wrong. I hope 2023 is the year everybody comes forward and airs their grievances against this horrible family.

    • Julia K says:

      Money is a powerful motivator to stay silent. The employees who were in service positions and privy to lots of private conversations and know where the bodies are buried have either signed NDAs or are protecting their paycheck or the income of others in their family who have gossiped in private. I don’t hold out much hope for tea to be spilled anytime soon.

      • Mslove says:

        I wonder how much money the stingy & comically ignorant Windsor family has paid out so far. With taxpayer money.

      • SAS says:

        Even without NDAs, doesn’t the super-injunction make it illegal to report on certain things about Willian, whether true or not? So shady.

  14. Lola09 says:

    Oh I am convinced of it! I mean W&K and C&C have done a ton of that to divert attention from simply being generally unpleasant/lazy/ragey/whatever so no doubt A will have to cover up his raping pedo ways.

    Sorry this was meant as a reply to Phaedra

  15. Jenni says:

    Go off girl… spill that tea!!!

  16. Jaded says:

    I think she’s been writing a book all along as part of the healing process. She may not have a publisher yet but any publisher worth their salt would drool at the prospect of getting her book. If I were her I sure as hell would be planning a tell-all, it’s time to pile on the BRF with every bit of ammunition they have.

  17. HeyKay says:

    IMO, Virginia has been thru enough in her life.
    She brought her truth out to the world, saw it thru for decades.
    Maybe just let her be a private citizen, it of course will be her decision in the future.

    What about G. Maxwell? Why isn’t she under huge pressure to give details and help bring those other vile criminals to court? We all know Epstein, Maxwell, Andrew were not the only ones involved.
    No other “big” name has been criminally charged have they?
    Lots of speculation at the time, Clinton, Gates, were supposedly repeat visitors on Epsteins Island, no?

    • Julia K says:

      @heykay, there are a lot of big names. A lot. Where are they and why are they being protected? Is it because it would implicate persons at the top of countries governments?

  18. Normades says:

    That picture gives me the absolute creeps every time.

  19. Jennifer says:

    I’m surprised it was only a year instead of the rest of her life?

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Jennifer, I suspect she refused that option. She was in the power position and ready to go to trial. Pedrew did NOT want a trial where all of the details would come out. I’m sure he paid well for that year.

  20. Murphy says:

    So the Queen knew she had less than a year to live :/