Angelina Jolie & Zahara were in NYC this week, shopping & going to the opera

Angelina Jolie and Zahara Jolie-Pitt have been in New York this week. I have no idea if some or all of the rest of the kids are also in New York or if this was just a special trip for Jolie and Zahara. Zahara is in college now, although she’s been on her winter break since mid-December, I guess. I wonder when Spelman (and most colleges) go back for the spring semester? I’m trying to remember what it was like in my day, when in January did classes begin again? It was around this time. Update: okay, it seems that Angie and Zahara went to the opera!

Anyway, it definitely looks like this was some kind of special trip for Zahara before she goes back to school. They’ve been out shopping and they also went to Lincoln Center on Wednesday night. Jolie got all dressed up in a satin dress and cape, while Zahara looked less formal. I wonder what they were seeing? Let me look up the Lincoln Center’s calendar… it looks like they went to a New York Film Festival screening? Hm. That’s just my guess.

I’m really glad Angelina and Zahara were out of LA during the Golden Globes. Brad Pitt’s newly tightened and varnished face was heavily featured in the cutaways and in winners’ speeches. It was so gross that, post-Globes, #BradPittIsAnAbuser has been trending on and off. It’s like no one in Hollywood gives a sh-t that there was plenty of evidence, including eyewitness and victim testimony, that he violently assaulted and terrorized his wife and his children.

Angelina’s obsession with aviator frames is kind of funny, that woman LOVES aviators more than J.Lo.

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  1. Truth hurts says:

    Angie looks amazing. I remember back in 2016 we were lil worried about her and now we know why!
    All the hoopla about DB has faired well imho. People that had no clue, and people who only saw his one sided lies. Social media can be anti but a lot of people got an education yesterday. And here she is still doing work, raising kids and researching her next role. Not caring about his attention seeking PR at a suspect HFP event without his 29 yr ole gf sitting next to Robbie trying to sell tickets to a movie no one wants to see!!!

  2. TeamMeg says:

    Zahara’s bronze braids are so gorgeous. She looks amazing. College agrees with her!

    • Serenity says:

      Came to say the same; she is *rocking* those braids! And it’s so sweet that the girls still hold hands with their amazing Mom 🥰 and that she takes time with them separately like this. 🥰

      • Mireille says:

        LOL! It’s more like Mom ain’t letting go that easy. It seems like every time Zahara has time off from school…zip…Angie’s there to hang!!!! It is adorable though. They are so close.

      • Davita Watts says:

        So glad they’re out and about having a great time! Hope they keep up this tradition!

  3. Zut Alors says:

    I love that the kids dress however they like. Still cannot believe Zahara is 18 now. I remember the first pics of her in Angelina’s arms 😭

  4. bergamot says:

    They went to see opera, there were tweets from excited performers. I guess, she is preparing for Callas.

  5. Smile says:

    Zahara’s style is on point!

  6. Isabella says:

    I want Angie’s coat. So hard to find the one basic piece.

  7. Mireille says:

    OK, Zahara I see you and I can relate. The many times I had to wear a dress or gown for formal occasions, I should have paired them with sneakers. Being in heels 4-6 hours in the evening…what…was…I…thinking. My feet didn’t speak to me for a week. She has the right idea here. Pretty outfit, comfortable shoes.

  8. JMoney says:

    Unless you are on twitter there really is no way of knowing about Brad Pitt being an abuser. Its not in People Magazine as a cover story. On Instagram (where Millennials and Gen X are) you have to really search for it but there’s no info on credible news IG pages. You see some on TT (not alot) but again that’s geared towards a much younger demo which where the minority demographic at the GG. This is all bydesign btw. Brad Pitt’s publicists work mad overtime to give him good press and to their credit its worked. The average person down the street has no clue about these allegations and that’s intentional.

    • Coco says:

      True, but #Bradpittabuser was trending on social media, and Jezebel, the daily dot, and other websites were calling Pitt and the GG out and calling Pitt an abuser and posting the documents.

  9. Julia K says:

    Zahara will someday be thankful that she wore sensible, comfortable shoes in her youth. Painful feet, legs and back pain from wearing high heels throughout the young professional years take it’s toll .

  10. SarahCS says:

    Cape! She’s wearing a cape. I love this woman.

    Sometimes I go on net-a-porter and search capes just to dream a bit.

  11. Kate’s Jeggings says:

    Angie loves both aviators and Saint Laurent bags. Girl finds something she likes and sticks with it.

  12. Katie Beanstalk says:

    Those sunglasses look good on Ange. They have a greenish tint.

  13. Wtf says:

    I love that Zaharia doesn’t wear a lot of makeup. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just nice to see a woman going into a formal event without it. Bare skin is beautifuL too and I don’t think we see that enough.