Jeremy Clarkson emailed an ‘apology’ to the Sussexes over his Sun column

In mid-December, the Sun published a violent screed written by Jeremy Clarkson. Just days before the column was published, Clarkson had a Christmas lunch with Queen Camilla, Piers Morgan and various other despicable people. We can only imagine the vile things that were said at the lunch, but we didn’t even have to imagine, because Clarkson made it pretty clear. In the column, he wrote about how he hates the Duchess of Sussex on a “cellular level” and he fantasized, in writing, about stripping her naked and parading her down the street so that people could throw sh-t at her. Clarkson also wrote that everyone of his generation felt the same. Gee, I wonder where and when he got that impression? Days later, the Sun finally removed the column and Clarkson made a half-assed statement about it. Now, weeks later, Clarkson has made a new statement on his Instagram, here’s almost all of it:

One of the strange things I’ve noticed in recent times is that whenever an MP or a well-known person is asked to apologise for something, no matter how heartfelt or profound that apology may be, it’s never enough for the people who called for it in the first place.

So I’m going to try and buck the trend this morning with an apology for the things I said in a Sun column recently about Meghan Markle. I really am sorry. All the way from the balls of my feet to the follicles on my head. This is me putting my hands up. It’s a mea culpa with bells on.

Usually, I read what I’ve written to someone else before filing, but I was home alone on that fateful day, and in a hurry. So when I’d finished, I just pressed send. And then, when the column appeared the next day, the land mine exploded.

It was a slow rumble to start with, and I ignored it. But then the rumble got louder. So I picked up a copy of The Sun to see what all the fuss was about. We’ve all been there, I guess. In that precise moment when we suddenly realise we’ve completely messed up. You are sweaty and cold at the same time. And your head pounds. And you feel sick. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Had I really said that? It was horrible.

I knew what had happened straight away. I’d been thinking of a scene in Games Of Thrones, but I’d forgotten to mention this. So it looked like I was actually calling for revolting violence to rain down on Meghan’s head.

I was very angry with myself because in all those controversial days on Top Gear, when I was accused of all sorts of things, it was very rarely sexism. We never did ‘women can’t park’ gags for instance. Or suggested that powerful cars were only for men. And I was thrilled when Jodie Kidd and Ellen MacArthur set fastest-ever laps in our reasonably-priced car. I’m just not sexist, and I abhor violence against women. And yet I seemed to be advocating just that.

I was mortified and so was everyone else. My phone went mad. Very close friends were furious. Even my own daughter took to Instagram to denounce me. The Sun quickly apologized and I tried to explain myself. But still, there were calls for me to be sacked and charged with a hate crime. More than 60 MPs demanded action be taken. ITV [was] incandescent…

I therefore wrote to everyone who works with me saying how sorry I was and then, on Christmas morning, I e-mailed Harry and Meghan in California to apologise to them too. I said I was baffled by what they had been saying on TV but that the language I’d used in my column was disgraceful and that I was profoundly sorry.

Over the last 30 years, I have written very nearly 5,000 newspaper and magazine columns, so it was inevitable that, one day, I’d do a Harry Kane and sky one of the damn things. Which is what happened with the piece about Meghan.”

Can I move on now? Not sure. It’s hard to be interesting and vigilant at the same time. You never hear peals of laughter coming from a health and safety seminar. But I promise you this, I will try.

[From Clarkson’s IG]

What a deplorable man. “Then, on Christmas morning, I e-mailed Harry and Meghan in California to apologise to them too. I said I was baffled by what they had been saying on TV…” So Clarkson waited about ten days after his Sun column was published to “apologize” over email, but his email was an attack on “what they had been saying on the TV.” Who emails their apologies on Christmas Day? Jesus. And I don’t even believe Clarkson would have their personal or professional email addresses either. When Harry spoke about the Clarkson sh-t in his Spare promotion, those interviews were conducted before Christmas, so it makes sense that Harry was still piping hot about it (Clarkson had not “emailed” his apology yet).

Beyond that, I’m a big believer in “your apology needs to be as loud as your disrespect.” Instead of this self-serving, patronizing bullsh-t on his Instagram, the Sun absolutely should have published a thorough apology from their editorial staff AND Clarkson. So no, I don’t give a sh-t.

Hilariously, Clarkson was a day late and a dollar short on this self-centered apology. Amazon is cutting ties with him after the final seasons of “The Grand Tour” and “Clarkson’s Farm” air. Racist loser.

After I wrote up all of that, the Sussexes released a statement. Holy sh-t, Clarkson only wrote TO Harry. Despicable.

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  1. Seaflower says:

    What a despicable jerk he is. And that’s being polite.

    H&M’s statement is on fire.

    • Josephine says:

      Their statement is exactly right. Jeremy is a small, pathetic man who has been gifted a huge platform because too many enjoy hearing his hate speech. He is a talentless hack who has learned that talent is not necessary when one is willing to be the face of bigotry and misogyny.

      His apology means nothing because he will continue to spit out his hate again and again and get paid for it by the likes of the Sun. They will both be remembered as the trash they are.

      And those of you buying the Sun — you’re an enormous part of the problem.

      • Elizabeth says:

        He makes it seem like this was the only time he’d slagged off on Meghan in one of his columns. It was the worst, yes, but someone on Twitter posted screenshots of previous columns where he’d trashed Meghan. So, of course, he only apologizes to her husband, like it’s the 1950s. And then waits a month before he posts an apology on Instagram, making it sound like he can’t believe he wrote something that horrible. He’s worried more about his bank account than actually being sincere. Unfortunately, people will fall for this hook, line, and sinker, thinking it is enough.

      • C-Shell says:

        Not only has he written hate columns about Meghan for years, he’s used the fucking GoT “shame” schtick (nudity and excrement included) in a column years ago, although it was only the streets of York, not every village in Britain. His vision has expanded after getting the green light from #CamillaConsortsWithRacists

      • Sunday says:

        Yes, I hadn’t realized that the “article” in question was just the latest in a series of hateful rants against Meghan. That makes it SO MUCH WORSE that Camilla invited this monster to her luncheon – it wasn’t that he attended and then decided to write about Meghan (potentially after being given the green light by Camilla), it was that he had already been consistently abusing Meghan in the papers and Camilla thought yes, perfect, let’s have this one to lunch. Just disgusting on every level.

      • Debbie says:

        In addition to everything that’s been said here so far on this topic, this guy works in media, so he knows that (in any reputable media) the apology needs to be as big as, and as public as the smear. So, a privately email (quiet) apology is ridiculous. I also resent his referring to Meghan by her first name. I doubt that he knows her or is on a first name basis with her. I think he does it on purpose. Perhaps in that Piers Morgan/Jeremy Clarkson asylum they mentally inhabit, after you’ve dreamed of your quarry parading naked through the streets a few times, you’re on a first name basis, but that’s not how it works in the real world.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Yes, nothing says public apology like private and confidential.

    • CROWHOOD says:

      They day a sentient skin tag apologized to my husband for the things written about me would be his last day skin tagging. I’m not sure why but that he apologized to Harry but not her feels almost worse than what he said.

    • DouchesOfCambridge says:

      The letter is just a legal bait, they’re just waiting for Harry to tell on the letter and sue him because it’s obviously written private and confidential. Didn’t the Sun, for wich JC is working for, loose some kind of legal battle against Harry a few years back? Retaliation waiting

      • Yvette says:

        @DouchesOfCambridge … Good call. One of the British tabloids (sorry, can’t recall which at the moment) has already called Harry out as a hypocrite for publishing Kate and Meghan’s text exchange about the bridesmaids dresses.

        I’m surprised no one ever mentions the insult before that Game of Thrones nonsense where he says (I can’t recall the exact words) something about Meghan bringing Harry into compliance with ‘sexual promises in the bedroom.’ I actually thought ‘that’ little gem was on pare withe the Game of Thrones nugget. And what’s even more interesting is how everyone skips over it, even in the DM comments, and goes straight to the “Oh, it’s just something from the Game of Thrones and doesn’t mean anything … it’s harmless!”

    • Anne says:

      He’s also a just a terrible writer (which goes without saying). Just saw an IG post about his faux apology and it included a screenshot of a column that he wrote about Diana in 2017.

      It started with “I love Diana on a cellular level.” I think he must have a template and just plugs in different names and changes a few verb tenses.

      But the column goes on to say how he BOUGHT a condo that overlooked the parking lot of the gym she went to, saying that he was hoping to get a glimpse of her in her gym clothes. The worst part? He says, “annoyingly, she died a week later, so I ended up selling it.” He’s so vile. There are just not enough words in the English language to describe this piece of excrement.

      • Christine says:


        I have never heard that, and it’s appalling.

      • TangerineTree says:

        I just read the excerpt on twitter. He actually said that about Diana and now Meghan? Are there words for this sick obsession? That is the creepiest thing I have read. Just sickening.

    • Snoozer says:

      Yep, he is foul.

      This is not an apology. You can’t mix jest and excuses with a genuine apology.

      A genuine apology would look something like:

      “I am genuinely sorry for the harm I have caused. I am horrified at my own actions. My column was misogynistic and vile and constituted the worst parts of myself. I am embarking on a course of education to work on these aspects of myself.

      To the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, I unequivocally apologise. I do not expect your forgiveness; but I am sorry.

      Here are some resources for anyone whom my column impacted negatively.”

      Published not just on his IG but in The Sun (as a prominent full page ad paid for by himself if they wouldn’t publish it).

      Then an immediate private apology to both H&M.

      His non-apology is so self-serving and he clearly thinks he’s being funny.

    • Tarzana says:

      This man wrote, “I hate her on a cellular level.” On. A. Cellular. Level. After returning from a hate-filled day of Meghan Bashing with his like, kind, and quality people of similar character, he was all fired up and ready to publicly launch his hatred against Meghan, the half-black woman that Prince Harry chose to marry. He was home alone and no one was there to stop him, is part of his defense. On. A. Cellular. Level. Nah, reads to me like he meant every single word.

  2. UNCDancer says:

    First Clarkson statement: oh dear, I’ve ruffled some feathers. Second Clarkson statement: oh sh-t, this is going to cost me some money.

    • The Old Chick says:

      Yes but still its not major. He’s still got his contract for a couple of years? There clearly isn’t a clause about behaviour like normal people have. He should be terminated and charged

      • Jais says:

        I think those episodes are already filmed so they will be aired rather than scrapped. It seems like the shows are popular so the plan was likely to film more. But not anymore. Oh well. So sad. Not.

      • Jan says:

        He is finishing what he is contracted to, then Amazon is not signing up for any new content from him.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Amazon could renege on the current Jeremy Clarkson contract but then Amazon would have to pay Clarkson the same amount as if he made the contracted shows.

        I know nothing about “The Grand Tour” but the second season/series of “Clarkson’s Farm” is completed and will debut in the USA via Amazon Prime on 10 February 2023. The third and final season/series of “Clarkson’s Farm” is currently in production.

  3. ThatsNotOkay says:

    The man tries to make light of his apology by excusing himself at every turn and trying to be funny in the process. He’s so sh*tty. Plus, he will never stoop to apologizing to Meghan, the woman he demeaned and offended, only to Harry, for insulting his “property.” Forget abolishing the monarchy for a moment, and instead first abolish the UK media.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      “It’s hard to be interesting and vigilant at the same time.” That and his apparent statement that he had no idea what he was doing at the time and was surprised and mortified to read the column the next morning proves beyond doubt that he is not sincere. Either that or there is a Jeremy Clarkson impersonator out there writing columns to embarrass this 🤡.

      • Jais says:

        That final piece about it being hard to be interesting and vigilant at the same time really ticked me off. It’s hard for you, Mr. Clarkson bc you’re not really very funny. Not everyone has that same problem. He had to to get in his final dig about how wokeness is killing comedy. He’s pathetic.

      • DK says:

        Exactly that, @Jais.

        Only crap comedians and writers have to whine about how they have to be vile and disgusting to be funny, and people who protest hatred are ruining comedy.

        The good ones just go about their business of actually being funny.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      This. There can be downsides to picking apart apologies, but not when it’s a case of someone inciting violence against another person or group. Too much self-pity, excusing, and patting himself on the back for a moment when he wasn’t being misogynistic.

  4. GirlOne says:

    Again I say: The throwing excrements bit of that column was the least offensive part to me. It was obviously flourish. Misogynist flourish but flourish. I don’t think he *actually* wants to see that happen to Meghan (although who knows at this point).
    But everything before that paragraph was horribly misogynist, too. Why is he not “apologizing” for that? Why are people not calling him out on it? Why would anybody believe that he is sorry when he’s just “apologizing” for the bit that people have called him out on? If you don’t feel embarrassed about suggesting that it’s ridiculous for a husband to take his wife’s name (“Harold Markle”), that the woman turned the man’s head with her wicked sexual ways or that Meg controls Harry and he has no idea what is happening to him because he’s “slightly dim”, you’re not sorry. You meant it all. You believe it all.

    • Ameerah M says:

      He ABSOLUTELY wants that to happen to Meghan. This isn’t the first time he has written about wanting horrible things to happen to her – it’s just the one that’s gotten the most attention.

      • Lady Digby says:

        A squaddie produced receipts of one of his columns in 2018 saying Meghan would end up being paraded naked in Leeds for some imagined reason? Dude has a sick obsession just as bad as Pisspoor. Looks like he made this “apology” to scramble now Prime have dropped both shows. Imagine still having the nerve to address his fakata “apology” only to H, once again excluding M? What a Neanderthal and yet Nigel Garage called them evil for destroying his career! JC has destroyed his own career although I am sure Murdoch will pick his option again!

      • Becks1 says:

        I said this below but that’s actually not what that article from 2018 says, when you see more of the context. He does say the part about her being paraded naked through the streets but he says that in the context of “this is what will happen if the press attacks don’t stop.” He actually seems to be kind of on her side?

        I guess he decided hating meghan paid better than defending her.

    • C says:

      I am bewildered by the people who want to downplay his Game of Thrones reference and for some reason there are always some people who say “that wasn’t the worst of it”. Um, it kind of was? People write about Harry being Meghan’s tool daily, but there’s a reason the vicious framing of THIS article got so much attention. As Lady Digby said, this is not the first time he’s said he wanted this to happen. Don’t give this dude the benefit of the doubt, please. He’s been horrible since forever anyway.

      • AmelieOriginal says:

        I mean he basically said he hated her more than Rose West, a friggin serial killer! I get that people outside of the UK may not be familiar with her. I follow true crime and I had heard the story on an episode of a true crime podcast, it’s an AWFUL story so just a huge trigger warning if you go looking it up. But imagine if he had inserted Ted Bundy instead as an equivalent for an American audience. What he wrote was utterly despicable and inflammatory. These people seriously wish real harm to Meghan.

      • C says:

        That was horrible too. It’s ALL horrible.

    • lanne says:

      It should not be our work to assess his intentions. He wrote what he wrote. he needs to own it, and we all need to hold his accountable. I don’t give 2 shits about his intentions. That’s the “acceptance creep” that allows this type of hateful rhetoric to be tolerated at best and condoned at worst.

      He wrote it because he intended it. End of story.

      • Petra (Brazen Archetyped Phenomenal Woman) says:

        And an editor or editors let it go to press. I’m glad Jeremy is getting what he deserves but what about the person/people that approved the garbage. I await their punishment too.

    • Josephine says:

      Yes, he does. He’s always been completely undone by the very existence of a gorgeous, well-spoken and charming black woman who stands up for herself. He very much wants to see that happen.

    • Formerly Lithe says:

      He does want to cause her harm. His hatred of her is truly frightening to me.

    • Iolanthe says:

      Boycott every single appearance of Jeremy Clarkson on screen . Money talks . The big media houses will realize only then that they are backing a loser . He should be out on his behind NOW, not sometime next year , after his contracts expire . Do Not Watch HIm. And maybe write to Amazon that you and your friends choose not to endorse these haters .

  5. The Old Chick says:

    Ever time I f’ing hate his ugly face and he DIDN’T FIMG APOLOGISE. gees wtf why is every one making ugly old fat white man excuses. He needs to be punished

  6. Bklne says:

    Ugh. This statement from Clarkson is a self-pitying bid for himpathy. It lacks the hallmarks of a sincerity. Instead of “I was wrong to do/say X, I understand why, and I will do better in the future”, this is all “eh, I’ll try not to make myself so unpopular again, but it’s more important to be funny than kind, or, you know, a moral and ethical human being.”


    • Carrot says:

      Seeking higher audience conversion, clickbait
      Antagonistic, adversarial, vulgar — not an a apology

    • HelloDolly! says:

      Yes on your thoughts! Kinda funny, the first thing I thought was, “OMG imagine receiving any kind of missive from this man? On Christmas day? He absolutely creeps me out and unsettles me.”

  7. Beff says:

    Lots of “I’s” in that post. Certainly isn’t an apology, again.

    • Jenna says:

      I agree. Every time there was an “I” statement he was talking about himself. And he had sooooo many “I”‘s in there. Self centered POS.

      I also can’t believe he wrote his friends and coworkers and the MPs before he even thought to email Harry, but not Meghan. He is one of the worst human beings out there.

      • First comment says:

        He’s only sorry for the reaction towards him that his article caused and not for the things he wrote. That’s why he started to apologize to friends and coworkers and he left Harry (and not Meghan) last… case in point, his older articles with similar words… not to mention he’s afraid of his future professionally.

      • Debbie says:

        Somehow, I suspect that, as long as there’s an England, he’ll still find work. I mean, his statement started out with his analysis of people’s past reactions to other public apologies, then went on to include mocking remarks like being really sorry “from the balls of his feet to the follicles of his head” (which doubtless has lice) based on that photograph. Clearly, this is not sincere. Sick dude. This so-called apology is covered with excuses.

      • Feeshalori says:

        This man is festering with rot from within. You can it see from his decaying teeth. I’m sure he had to gum his food at that venomous lunch.

  8. Elaine says:

    They can’t stop telling on themselves.

    “You can’t take on the press dear boy.”

    Oh yes he can. He has and is demolishing them.

    • Brit says:

      What’s odd to me is that his media buddies are pushing so hard for them to accept the apology. Why? It’s like they want them to accept it to usage their own guilt. All they had to do was not be shitty people abusing another person who they don’t know and maybe it wouldn’t have gotten this far.

  9. Louise177 says:

    He didn’t even do his fake apology to Meghan just to Harry. That says everything.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      What a terrible way of not really apologizing to the offended person. At least Clarkson did not suggest that Meghan be tarred and feathered which it would be pretty painful. (eye roll)

  10. Amy Bee says:

    Whatever, it’s a non-apology and Harry and Meghan are within their right to not accept it. Someone on twitter found that this was not the first time Clarkson wrote about his fantasy about Meghan. He wrote an article in December 2018 wishing the same thing.

    • Interested Gawker says:

      I read that further up just now from Lady Digby! 2018!?

      • Becks1 says:

        I’m reading the excerpts from that 2018 article, and I cannot believe I am saying this, but he’s not saying the same thing. He almost seems to be defending M? He says “it wont be long before she is stripped and forced to walk naked through the streets of York….I can’t understand why this is happening. You don’t know her. I don’t know her. It’s ridiculous, cruel and heartless.”

        I had no idea who he was prior to that December 2022 article so no clue how much other hate he has put out there about Meghan, but it seems he got marching orders at some point that defending Meghan was not to be “done” and he could make a lot more money out of hating her.

  11. Brit says:

    I will never understand how people will fall on the sword for the royal family. Was a friendship with Camilla Parker Bowles worth it? You lost a bag for being a shitty human being and now you’re facing consequences. Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson don’t know when to stop and kissing ass for the royals isn’t getting you anywhere. Now they’re mad at Meghan and Harry for not accepting the apology when it’s bogus. This is going to increase the hate because now this is the second or third person whose lost their jobs/credibility because they’re obsessed with Meghan. It’s going to keep happening because these peoples egos and privilege is making them blind.

    • emmlo says:

      Especially because Camilla is defo not paying your bills!

      I love how he thinks the Game of Thrones reference would have been FINE if he had just explained it more. Uh, no.

    • Rnot says:

      Being obsessed with hating Meghan is a symptom of the following: inability to read critically, inability to adjust perspective, inability to assimilate new information, etc. It is those attributes that render them unfit for their jobs, not the Meghan hatred. It may also be a symptom of racism, sexism and xenophobia which would make them unfit for decent society.

  12. Feeshalori says:

    It’s all about him and his fee-fees. And to just email Harry is despicable, what about Meghan, the object of his abuse? He’s just sidestepping an apology with this. He’s not sorry at all, he’s just sorry he caught backlash. I’m glad Amazon is cutting ties with him, though it’s not fast enough.

  13. Ariel says:

    I know the British press is racist and in bed with the monarchy and their worst instincts/ but I need Camilla’s make mentioned with Clarkson every time. His “column” came after a boozy (presumably) lunch with this “queen” who has failed to condemn him, b/c she agrees with him and is not saying that pretty loudly.

    Even after seeing her disgusting behavior toward 19yo Diana on the crown – I was like, we all did something crappy to someone in our youth – but no, being a hateful, nasty b***h is who she is. Married to the king and leader of the “church” of England.
    These people are trash.

    Going to london in April – king if want to go to her house and hold up a sign, but I am avoiding all things royal. Am going to see their looted goods from around the world though.

    • goofpuff says:

      Agreed. His name should be mentioned with Camilla’s every single time. Same with any other rota who regularly is the mouthpiece of any royal. Don’t let them have that plausible deniability.

  14. Mslove says:

    What apology? He made it worse. This is what happens when you align yourself with the likes of Camilla. She owes the Sussexes apologies too.

  15. Becks1 says:

    His apology is worthless and I”m glad H&M clapped back at him about it. It was one of the more disturbing things I’ve read in print. The fact that he emailed his apology to HARRY and not to Meghan speaks volumes.

  16. Laura D says:

    All I have to say is that being friends with royalty isn’t all they make it out to be!

    1. Piers Morgan – lost his job on GMB for his outrageous rants against Meghan
    2. Dame Judi – reputation tarnished for speaking out against The Crown only for it to be revealed she was turned down for a role because she wanted more money.
    3. Jeremy Clarkson – multi-million pound contract won’t be renewed because of disgusting article against Meghan.

    These are all “friends” who appear to have done the bidding of BP/CH/KP and yet no-one from the BRF has come out to defend them. Seriously, with friends like these, who needs enemies? The “kudos” of being so closely associated to the royals has cost these people dearly, I wonder if they still think it was worth it?

    • Brit says:

      This. Thanks to their foolishness, Camilla and her pack fo dogs exposed the invisible contract for the world to see and now they’re doing favors for people who let you face consequences. Piers Morgan has a show that barely gets ratings, Jeremy lost what little respect he had and lost his biggest career move yet and Judi Dench going to bat for a mistress.

  17. Brassy Rebel says:

    My first thought when I saw this was where in hell did he get their email addresses? Turns out, he only needed Harry’s. Pretty sure Harry’s stepmother has his email or knows where to find it.

  18. Selene says:

    ” I said I was baffled by what they had been saying on TV”. This is a lie. Harry hadn’t been interviewed for Spare until after the New Year, unless he was talking about the Oprah interview.

    • Becks1 says:

      I was confused by that too, but I think he meant the docuseries. Like he was “baffled” by their comments in that so he decided to write this article in response.

    • Jais says:

      He’s really taking the company line with that word “baffled.” Wasn’t there a source that said Charles and Camilla were mostly just baffled by Harry’s claims on the docuseries? Wonder where he got that word? Friends that gaslight together stay in the trash together.

    • Petra (Brazen Archetyped Phenomenal Woman) says:

      @Becks1, This was their retaliation to the Netflix documentary Harry and Meghan.

    • Debbie says:

      Apparently, he’s one of those delicate people who are perpetually “baffled”, confused, flustered, offended and flabbergasted by what the Sussexes say and do, yet they make it a point to watch and follow everything Sussex-related. There’s got to be a pill for that.

  19. Lizzie says:

    He wrote an entire article describing his hate in despicable detail. He relished every word, that’s the true reason for his initial silence and now these weasel excuses instead of a simple, direct apology.

  20. KG says:

    One note that seems to be missing in many pieces in this — Amazon is NOT totally cutting ties with him (how? why????), as that same Variety article that touts the tie-cutting also includes: “Prime Video already has a number of shows in the works with Clarkson, which are going to go ahead,”

    • Brit says:

      The shows were already more than likely finished but they won’t renew the shows. He still lost a big bag with a network giant because he wanted to be captain save a ho for the royals and from being a generally unpleasant human. They’re learning the hard way, outside that island, you can’t say or do whatever you want. Let’s be real here, I’m sure Amazon sees a potential working relationship with the Sussexes in the future. All those viewing numbers for the docuseries, book, and interviews is probably a factor as well. They’re big money and great for business. Jeremy and his bigotry, not so much.

    • Rnot says:

      They’re not going to throw out what they’ve already paid for but they won’t be buying any more of it. I can’t really complain about that.

      • Lisa says:

        Apparently Clarkson dropped out of promoting his new show with amazon.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Lisa – Amazon cancelled all Clarkson’s “in-person” promos for the second season/series of Clarkson’s Farm. Amazon cancelled NOT Clarkson.

  21. Izzy says:

    His apology: MEMEME BLAH BLAH BLAH

  22. Marisa says:

    It’s ironic that he can’t put up for 1 month what Megan and Harry have been dealing with for years.

    • Jais says:

      Exactly. He was suppose to have an appearance for his show today and he cancelled after the Sussexes put out they’re statement. Can’t take the heat apparently.

    • lanne says:


      To me, that word has nothing to do with cats. Nor in this context, a crude anatomical description.

      It’s a person who can’t take what he dishes out. The lowest of the low, The cowardliness of the cowards. Pond scum is more noble than he is.

  23. yellowy says:

    I love that inspire of the (insincere) apology Amazon shitcanned him anyway.

    Hopefully ITV will do the same, but I doubt it. He brings in the “anti-woke and proud of it!!!1!” demographic.

    • Feeshalori says:

      I’m sure Amazon received a ton of complaint letters about him, I wrote a very scathing one telling them that they’re colluding with Clarkson and as bad as he is if they don’t sever their relationship.

      • Jaded says:

        I sent a complaint to Amazon too, demanding they remove his shows from their platform. I hope Harry and Meghan sue him into the ground.

  24. Noor says:

    One week before Jeremy Clarkson wrote his vile and horrific column in the Sun, it was reported on 10 Dec 2022 in The Daily Express that

    “Writing in his column for The Sun, Jeremy wrote: “I had a furious agreement with someone this week, and it got so out of hand, she crashed into a hedge.

    “We were dreaming up better and stronger insults, none of which can be published here, even though they’re all perfectly fair.

    “Until eventually, my friend became so lost in the insult thesaurus, she lost concentration and hit the hedge.”

    • Rnot says:

      Sounds like there’s a shocking amount of drunkenly ranting about Meghan. Hope he gets some help.

  25. Isabella says:

    He was fired by BBC for punching a producer, then Amazon hired him? Unbelievable.

  26. Bellah says:

    This frigging a$hole! 😠

    I take him at his word that “he HATES Meghan at a cellular level.” As such, he will continue to have hateful thoughts and say horrible things about her.
    He’s entitled to his opinions and deserves all (and more of) the consequences for voicing those putrid opinions in the public sphere.

  27. Chantal says:

    I’m glad the Sussexes told him to take his word vomit and shove it. And no, he’s not sorry he wrote about his violent and disgusting wet dream. These morons are slowly learning that most of the outside world isn’t putting up with their bs. They hate woke Hollywood but want that woke Hollywood money.

  28. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Dreg of society.

  29. Harper says:

    It’s hilarious to watch a nearly 70-year old man be told no for the first time.

  30. Sue E Generis says:

    Btw, this isn’t the first article he’s written about wnting her stripped naked and paraded through the streets to be abused and pelted with shit. He wrote the same thing in an article in December 2018 when she was pregnant with Archie. So not only is he not sorry, this was never a ‘mistake’ and he very much wanted it known far and wide.

    • cws says:

      He couldn’t bring himself to call her by her proper name as Meghan the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan Markle was her maiden name

  31. MissMarirose says:

    Of course, everyone here has already pointed out the major problems with Clarkson’s statement, but I also noticed that drive-by he did on Harry Kane. Even in a so-called apology, he has to be hateful to someone who has nothing to do with this. Kane has to be reacting like that Nene Leakes meme, “Now why am I in it?”

  32. Ginatop says:

    To all those Clarkson apologists on TV & Twitter saying his ‘apology’ should just be accepted. I say how?

    How can Meghan (the injured & insulted party) accept an apology she’s never actually received. Neither of the two public ‘apologies’ have been directed specifically to her and the Christmas day email ‘apology’ was not sent to her either.
    Jeremy Clarkson hasn’t actually apologised to Meghan so it’s impossible for her to accept what doesn’t yet exist.

    The key royals should also take particular note of this situation. Harry has specifically said they need to apologise to his wife. I don’t think he will accept a proxy apology from them either.

    They will certainly want to meet with just him (without Meghan – or ‘the wives’ 🙄) for any supposed pre-coronation reconciliation talks. While KC and Willy may be prepared to give a grudging (likely insincere) private apology to Harry to secure a smooth coronation day. I’m not convinced their fragile male egos will ever be up to a face to face apology to Meghan herself. I also don’t think Harry will settle for anything less.

    • Dee Kay says:

      For anyone — Royals or Clarkson or any other scumbag — to apologize to Meghan, they would have to acknowledge that she is human. A whole human being worthy of the respect that every human being is worth. They won’t acknowledge that, they really need her to be less than (less than Harry but especially less than themselves), so they will never, ever apologize to her. It’s despicable. Misogynoir as national sport.

    • Rnot says:

      I sincerely hope that H&M draw the line exactly where you describe. Nothing less will save the institution. I don’t think the RF are capable of doing it. They eventually caved to public opinion after Diana died but they weren’t going to have to interact with her again in the future.

  33. Wendy1 says:

    Once again: why does it being a reference to GoT make it any less awful? It doesn’t. Everyone knew what he was referencing. It made NO difference.

    For instance, if I were to write a column saying, “I dream of X having his head forced into an automated bear trap mask that will snap and crush his skull unless he digs the key to out of his eye socket with a rusty knife in 5 minutes”, it would not make it any less violent and loathsome if I added “Like in the Saw movies” at the end. It doesn’t matter that it’s a pop culture reference. It’s still an awful, messed up, violent thing to say.

    • Feeshalori says:

      Shaming women like that was a method used centuries ago, so this reference to GOT doesn’t water it down at all. It’s not a bit of fiction fantasized on TV, this was a known and horrific punishment directed at women. Recreating such a scene and then referencing it in his twisted fantasy doesn’t make that more acceptable.

  34. Petra (Brazen Archetyped Phenomenal Woman) says:

    The email was addressed to Prince Harry “Private and Confidential”. I’m surprised no one is asking if Jeremy was setting up Prince Harry for a legal suit if Prince Harry shared the email with Duchess Meghan. The only way Duchess Meghan gets to see this so-called apology is if Jeremy gave permission in the email, or asked that Prince Harry pass the email (message) to Duchess Meghan. Also, by attaching “Private and Confidential” he was legally binding Prince Harry from releasing the email without Jeremy’s consent. This pompous man thought he was outsmarting the Sussexes.

    I’m in awe of the Sussexes spokesperson and communications team. No beating around the bush, no word salad, just straight to the point. I will bet money that legal advice was sort before this statement was release. A word to BM and RR, you are not dealing with the amateurs in the BRF. Bring a little more “a-game “ if you intend on playing in the major league of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan.

  35. cws says:

    He couldn’t bring himself to call her by her proper name as Meghan the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan Markle was her maiden name

    • Sophia’s Sideye says:

      All the little micro aggressions she has had to deal with. It’s horrible to watch, and to know so many black women live with this daily.

  36. HeyKay says:

    Jeremy Clarkson can go away with his BS.
    I despise people who are cruel to others and then think if they say “Sorry” that settles thing.
    No. Clarkson is awful and should retire from public life.

    Of course, we live in the age of Trump. Some awful people in this world.

  37. Surly Gale says:

    1. who is Harry Kane and why does JC compare himself to him (I believe he’s an athlete?). How is JC pulling a H Kane? Why is JC comparing himself to HK?
    2. I counted: He said I’ve twice, I’m twice, I thirty-two times, I’d 5 times and I’ll once. This is not an apology, he made it all about himself.
    3. My count was a quick once through and may not be completely accurate, there may be some I missed. His words are presented in the order of appearance.
    4. My son and I loved Top Gear. It was something we shared and enjoyed together. We’d have discussions about cars that went on for days. I gave up on Top Gear when I heard he decked a producer because he ran late and there was no hot meal waiting for him.
    5. He’s entitled and I hope he loses all credibility now and forever.

    • Jaded says:

      Harry Kane is a very accomplished and beloved English footballer.

    • PunkPrincessPhD says:

      @Surly Gale:
      Clarkson is referring to Kane’s infamous missed penalty at the recent world cup – sending the ball sailing over the bar i.e. totally missing the goal, f*ing up.

      As a metaphor though, it really isn’t comparable to “vomiting out my inner venom after a boozy lunch and regretting the consequences.”

  38. Formerly Lithe says:

    “whenever an MP or a well-known person is asked to apologize for something”

    “it’s never enough for the people who called for it in the first place”
    “Can I move on now?”

    If your apology is sincere, you don’t preface it with a complaint about being forced to deliver one. You don’t act like you fancy yourself a small (but super important) cheeky boy much like other small cheeky boys whose “apologies” for some reason seam to fall on unreasonably tiresome ears. And you certainly don’t act like all you need to do is say some words and the matter is over.

    “So it looked like I was actually calling for revolting violence to rain down on Meghan’s head.”
    “I’m just not sexist, and I abhor violence against women. And yet I seemed to be advocating just that.”

    All I see in this pretend-apology is an attempt to explain what HIS ACTIONS
    (1) cost him
    (2) evoked in the people he cares about.
    Spoiler alert: Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex is STILL not one of the people he cares about hurting.

    His “mea culpa” is no less damaging than that ONE article he’s now throwing some words of regret at. Because he is still dehumanizing Meghan. Nothing in that pile of words is directly addressed to Meghan. Nothing acknowledges the harm he caused her. Nothing suggests that she has feelings. He talks about her as if she’s a thing. An invisible inanimate thing.

    His statement is meant to give the appearance of an apology to those desperate to give him a pass, while still othering Meghan. He wants her to know that he isn’t repentant. And he thinks he’s being clever in adding insult to the injury he has caused. His pile of words is meant to make her life more difficult. Put her in the position of being seen as unreasonable if she doesn’t accept his pile of words as a sincere apology.

    This loathsome person is probably less dangerous when he is saying the quiet part out loud. This is not an apology. The quiet parts being whispered here are meant to cause further harm.

    You will know he has apologized when there is at least a show of respect towards her. It isn’t here.

  39. Vanessa says:

    This people like Jeremy or piers or the Karen’s of the internet can’t handle any sort of criticism or backlash. The Moment the experience any sort of push back they admitted play the victim card they can dish out all the abuse vile racism all day everyday about Meghan for six years straight the moment they are called out the freak out . Jeremy only apologized now because his bank account is being affected the actually balls on this guy to email Harry confidence and private after all the shit they have put the Sussex’s through this guy wants privacy. He knew damn well what he was doing with the article and the game of thrones line he was in fact inciting violence against Meghan he knew what he was doing .

  40. Emily_C says:

    E-mailing only to Harry. Of course. That’s what those like Clarkson do — Meghan is not a human being to him, she’s simply an adjunct to her husband. He’s a misogynistic patriarchal shitweasel. This is Camilla’s buddy. Of course he is — Camilla is also a misoygnistic patriarchal shitweasel.

  41. Jay says:

    This POS starts off by preemptively blaming everyone for not accepting an apology he hasn’t even given yet. No surprise that it’s very insincere, he hasn’t addressed why the imagery and wording he used was disgusting, wrong, and what steps he’ll take to do better if for some reason someone is foolish enough to hire him to write or present anything ever again.

  42. Well Wisher says:

    The callous apology did not save his show.
    Sigh of relief….

    I did not know anything in particular about him nor his career.
    So it is very easy to blank him, especially since he is so uncouth.

  43. amada basura says:

    He says he wrote it and hit send, then read it in print the next day. If true he told on himself because he had lunch with Cami on Wedneday, wrote the screed on Thursday, it was printed on Friday, he apologised on a Sunday but too bad this isn’t the end of Solomon Grundy.

  44. AmelieOriginal says:

    “One of the strange things I’ve noticed in recent times is that whenever an MP or a well-known person is asked to apologise for something, no matter how heartfelt or profound that apology may be, it’s never enough for the people who called for it in the first place.” So he starts off whining about how apologies for controversies never seem to be enough and how it’s being demanded of him–yes, they are usually picked apart and are never deemed to be enough. But he gets no sympathy for whining about having to apologize and then goes on with the most cringy and rambling apology I’ve ever read. Brevity is usually key in these kinds of apologies. You need to address what happened, say you are sorry for offending/apologizing (and not say “for those I may have offended” because you DID offend people if you are having to apologize), and that you will do better in the future. Not admit you tried to ignore and sweep away everyone’s outrage and then talk about unrelated events like Top Gear.

    He clearly did not have a lawyer or crisis manager vet that statement. I am dying to know what he wrote to Harry but they won’t share it because it was marked as confidential. But I’m going to guess it was just as bad if he only addressed it to Harry and not Meghan.

  45. Nicky says:

    Even torturing them on Christmas Day. Class act.

    Yes, but ol’ Clarkson doesn’t like being on the receiving end remember the Super Injunction he had out covering his affair?

    He should’ve apologized as soon as he saw the response and even better had he been a grown ass man and never written the piece to begin with .

  46. MK says:

    Did y’all see Amazon announced a 4-movie deal with Tyler Perry today? I HOPE a condition of the deal was for Amazon to cut ties with Clarkson! Wouldn’t that be amazing????!

  47. TangerineTree says:

    That part also really bothers me, too:
    “… whenever an MP or a well-known person is asked to apologise for something, no matter how heartfelt or profound that apology may be, it’s never enough for the people who called for it in the first place.”
    He’s excusing himself right from the beginning. This is another joke to him. He is trash – all of Cam’s friends are trash.

  48. Hummingbird says:

    I waited most of today for you to cover this as I hear of these things in my wee corner of the world whilst most of you are asleep.
    I saw that Amazon were not renewing his content and just wanted to wake you all up with the good news.
    Get up kids, Santa’s been

  49. QuiteContrary says:

    This would be a perfect opportunity for Charles to make a statement of his own denouncing the original column — and Clarkson’s vile, pathetic “apology.” To say: “We were horrified by the column Jeremy Clarkson wrote condemning Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and we join Meghan and Harry in calling for real accountability from the press.”

    Of course, the palace — and Charles — would never do this.

    And for Clarkson to chalk up his disgusting column to haste. … As Harry and Meghan said, it was written not in haste, but in hate.

  50. Petra (Brazen Archetyped Phenomenal Woman) says:

    Another of his Harry Kane’s witty article is posted on Alexis( sowing discord in the west)
    @ArchewellBaby Twiiter page.

  51. j.ferber says:

    He’s only apologizing for self-preservation and the pursuit of cash. He had a hoot writing that piece, talking it all out with those hateful hags at a drunken lunch, laughing their heads off, and then putting it all down later. It was a dreadful piece, but not written in haste, I think. He wanted to get it just “right.” That bastard spent time getting it down exactly the way he wanted it. So f-ck him and let him get a stipend from Cowmilla to support himself in future.

  52. tamsin says:

    I have no words for the latest piece of crap he calls an apology. He is making fun of the whole idea. There is no apology there. He is insulting. And to write to Harry- he dehumanizes Meghan once again. He is disgusting.

  53. EllenOlenska says:

    What kills me is the F’ing arrogance of intruding on their lives ON CHRISTMAS DAY! Not that I think he has their private email address ( or let’s face it, Harry’s since he just wrote Harry) but why yes, Christmas is generally a nice private family day for many families ( even those who don’t celebrate the holiday in the states) and why yes, THE GUY WHO CALLED FOR YOUR WIFE TO BE PARADED NAKED IN THE STREETS AND PELTED WITH CRAP, would like you to see and respond to his weak apology?! What the F?!

    It’s not like his nasty column came out on Christmas Eve and he was responding to correct his error quickly…no, he just wanted to insert his BS again.

    He needs to be fired. And he should have been.

  54. blunt talker says:

    I thought the British knew all the correct manners there are-you apologize to the person you insulted not an adjacent person-sending it to Harry only makes it seems as if he really was not apologizing at all-just to another royal person-his mind is really back into the turn of the century-he does not consider Meghan worthy of an apology-that’s the reason he only sent to Harry- Jeremy is a real funky donkey with rotting teeth and brains. Good on the Sussexes for seeing his true colors.

  55. Serena says:

    “But I promise you this, I will try.” no please, don’t try. Stay back in the hole you crawled into and maybe take this to your pal Camilla.
    This ‘apology’ makes me even more furious, if possible. As he said himself, he did this only because powerful people demanded ‘action to be taken’, he wasn’t sorry at all. Leaving aside the despicable GOT reference, he said he hated Meghan, what was it, ‘on a cellular level’. On a newspaper. An article parading only hate, misogyny and cruelty. And then of course he only emails Harry (and btw I loved his reply). No, he will never be excused.

  56. Luna says:

    He looks and acts just like the small pathetic little weasel that he is. Why’s Camilla hanging out with him at a luncheon? Harry was right about her. “She’s dangerous!”
    Wish H & M could leave them all in the rear-view.

  57. sammi says:

    Not sure if this is true but I saw a post that Jeremy had sent a message to all his staff/friends wishing everyone a happy christmas except Meghan Markle. Then he sent his apology to Harry or as he calls him in print : Harold Markle.

    I am surprised more is not made of what he said about Harry in that article as it was disrespectful and rude in the extreme.

  58. bisynaptic says:

    LOL what is the sound of a recently-unemployed and unemployable man, crying?
    The Amazon firing must have burned.

  59. Alexandria says:

    I am definitely sorry I spent time watching Top Gear many years ago.