Amazon will fire Jeremy Clarkson because he’s unpopular, not because he’s a pig

On Martin Luther King Day, racist pig Jeremy Clarkson decided to finally apologize to the Duchess of Sussex for his grotesque screed, which was published in the Sun one month ago. Clarkson’s “apology” was a lot like everything else he does: self-centered, long-winded, legendary in his own mind, and short on humility and contrition. It was clear that since the Sun published his horrid column, Clarkson has gotten a taste of the kind of public shunning he fantasized for Meghan. Soon after he posted his fauxpology, the Sussexes released a statement saying yes, Clarkson did email on Christmas day – but he only addressed the email to Meghan’s husband. He still hasn’t apologized to Meghan, the woman he wanted to strip naked and parade down the street while people threw feces at her. The Sussexes, as you can imagine, do not accept Clarkson’s apology.

Soon after that, Variety’s sources announced that Amazon would be parting ways with Clarkson. Clarkson does The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Prime, and while there are still episodes left to air, after that, Amazon wants out of the Jeremy Clarkson business. It seemed connected to his misogyny and racism towards Meghan, right? Wrong, says the Telegraph:

Amazon is reportedly ending its contract with Jeremy Clarkson, in what appears to be another intervention in the culture wars. Except that may not be entirely the case. The original story in Hollywood trade bible Variety reported that the presenter is “likely” to part ways with Amazon following “the conclusion of existing agreements.” There’s another series of The Grand Tour and another of two of Clarkson’s Farm on the way, but Variety claims the streaming giant won’t be commissioning the curmudgeonly columnist beyond that. Is this, as many assume, a moral stance over his desire for crowds to throw excrement at Meghan Markle?

While the presenter admitted that Amazon were “incandescent” over his controversial column in The Sun, there are other reasons for the deal to end. It’s true that the streaming service won’t be working with Clarkson beyond seasons of The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm that have already been commissioned. This does mean, however, that he’ll be on screen in one form or another until 2025. One senior figure connected to Amazon told the Telegraph that “any speculation that this has anything to do with anything like that [Harry and Meghan] is nonsense.”

“Amazon’s only interest in anything it makes or sells is does it make a profit?” says one media analyst. “This is a company that sells Mein Kampf, the Communist Manifesto, the Big Book of Serial Killers and Prime Video has a documentary on Charles Manson’s final words. I don’t think Jeremy Clarkson is quite in that league.”

Amazon was under no illusions about Clarkson’s controversial behaviour when it signed the former Top Gear team for a very healthy £160 million back in 2016 – he’d been sacked by the BBC in 2015 for punching one of Top Gear’s producers in the face after being told the team’s hotel couldn’t prepare Clarkson a sirloin steak late at night. Co-presenter James May later explained the fracas by comparing Clarkson and co to the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin or professional footballers.

[From The Telegraph]

Just in case anyone is keeping track, Clarkson said the n-word on camera in 2014-ish and he was able to keep his job on the BBC. Then he punched someone over a steak in 2015, then he was finally fired from the BBC that same year. Then in 2016, he got this massive Amazon contract and Americans still don’t give a sh-t. I literally howled at this though: “Amazon’s only interest in anything it makes or sells is does it make a profit?” OMG, someone taught a British media analyst how LITERALLY EVERY BUSINESS WORKS. The comparison to Adolf Hitler and Karl Marx was top shelf too, you can really tell that British people are enormously salty that their favorite violent, misogynistic racist won’t get paid tens of millions of dollars to drive cars and be a f–king pig. This, too, is a culture war! Jesus H.

Meanwhile, it’s also looking like Clarkson might be sacked from his ITV gig hosting Who Wants to be a Millionaire? ITV’s CEO Carolyn McCall has been trying to calm lawmakers who are outraged that a psycho like Clarkson is still employed on ITV.

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  1. Flower says:

    I think two things are true here – Amazon have likely been looking for a way to exist their contract with JC and he then handed them a gift in the form of the column about Meghan. Notice he’d written an almost identical column about Meghan earlier in the year which gained almost zero traction so I am going to guess that this was like a gift of manna from Amazon.

    Personally I doubt Amazon would have invoked any sort of morality clause had JC been making money – but he’s gone anyway and I’m happy.

    Going to guess the Torygraph is putting this out to dispel the growing myth of H&M’s power as Hollywood elites. Can’t have the gammons believing they have power across the pond.

    • Brit says:

      You literally had the press get angry that Harry and Meghan didn’t forgive him as if he really needed it. Now, they’re trying to make him a victim and that didn’t work because the man has a history of being an ass. This wasn’t a one off. He’s been horrid for years and they seem upset because if they won’t forgive him, that’s a sign that they won’t move on from the abuse we gave and continue to give them. The war is still waging and it seems like that “apology” from Clarkson was supposed to be a public olive branch. Not just from Clarkson but the press. It’s like they wanted to see if Harry and Meghan, who are not afraid of them, will budge.

      • Isabella says:

        Yes, but he’ll be on until 2015. The streamers cancel far better shows all the time. Wish they’d pull the plug on this pig.

    • DouchesOfCambridge says:

      Nice try spinning it in a way not to be related with the Meghan mess. What i’m reading is he’s unpopular, his Amazon series are not profitable, so imagine how even less profitable he’s gonna be with the world against him because of his own mess with Meghan and Harry, the most popular couple in the world right now, that change everything they are touching in gold bars. I say fire him.

      • MK says:

        I SO want to believe it’s connected to Tyler Perry’s new deal with Amazon! You know he would said something about it. Love that guy! (I watched Harry & Meghan episode six again last night and sobbed! I wish every abused woman out there had a Tyler!)

  2. Andy Dufresne says:

    Something is really wrong here. This is beyond denial now, and just plainly choosing to turn a blind eye and covering their ears, singing “lalala”.

    What is supposed to be black and white misogyny and racist has been somewhat turned around and projected as some other type of excuse. What is wrong with these Brits and the media?!? Seriously, time for a full clean house on Fleet Street!

    • K8erade says:

      A nice sentiment that I agree with @andy. Sadly, it will never happen. All of Camilla’s friends are editors on Fleet Street now. However, looking forward to the 2025 election when Labor hopefully wipes the floor with the right.

  3. Brit says:

    So the apology was a PR blitz for people to feel sorry for him and it didn’t work? Oh well he can get a job on Talktv or GB news. You can tell these British commentators etc are not used to consequences. Maybe Camilla can make him a correspondent or assistant considering he’s become her ultimate defender.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Who knows? He sounds like the kind of people Charles and Camilla hire for their PR team.

    • Kate says:

      I still can’t get over that he thought it was all some misunderstanding because he didn’t literally want her to be paraded through the streets naked, he was merely referencing his favorite scene in game of thrones 🤦🏼‍♀️ Like his apology really thought once we all got that it’s just a metaphor for his hatred of this woman all would be okay.

      Of course he couldn’t apologize directly to Meghan what would he say? I’m sorry for my violent rhetoric I don’t actually want you assaulted. I mean I DO, I think about it all the time, but I don’t actually hold out hope of it happening. Okay? Best wishes, xo

  4. Brassy Rebel says:

    Bottom line: as long as he refrains from punching anyone, he will continue to be a beloved British media figure. Racism and misogyny are not deal breakers.

    • CJ says:

      I dunno, a lot of ppl were furious the bbc fired him when it was “just” a punch and the producer was “fine”. There was a lot of vindication when Amazon signed him trying to justify it as proof he hadn’t really done anything wrong.

      And it also came out he was extremely well paid at bbc and they managed to lose one of the top salaries and not have to publish it in their yearly reporting so not entirely sure the bbc found the punch that much worse than his racism – just a good opportunity to bank on press.

      • Deering24 says:

        Proof, for the gazillionth time, that British media is a frickin’ club to which most non-white, non-prep-school, non-greedheads, non-incompetent folks are not invited. Guys like this keep getting hired because of endless connections–and the fact the media banks on folks having short memories. Unfortunately for this little game, the net now keeps their crap alive and kickin.

  5. Emmi says:

    He’ll be fine, he can do a daytime talk show with Piers Morgan. “Two Jowly Raisins: Why we hate women” It’ll be smashing success I imagine.

  6. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Look, Amazon IS a business and it looks at the bottom line. They don’t think Clarkson is worth as much as they paid for him and now after he blew up his own life, he’s worth even less. These things go hand in hand, they are not exclusive decisions.

    It’s also possible people behind the scenes hate Clarkson even more now, and you might have important individuals refusing to work on his shows. That’s going to lead him toward a fast exit too. All things are true—Amazon wants to make bank, Clarkson made himself unbankabke. I love that for him.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Maybe Amazon could do Clarkson’s Farm without………Clarkson!

      The best parts of the show, IMAO, are Georgia Craig, policy advisor at National Farmer’s Union, Caleb Copper and Gerald ‘The Stonewaller” Copper.

    • Becks1 says:

      “Amazon wants to make bank, Clarkson made himself unbankable.”

      This is exactly it. Of course Amazon (of all companies) is obsessed with the bottom line and their profits (most companies are!) So if Clarkson was still making them money, they would keep him on. He’s become a problem and is hurting their bottom line so they’re cutting him.

      And why has he become a problem? Well most recently because of his hateful article about Meghan. So like you said, the two are not mutually exclusive. Amazon may not be thinking “we don’t like what he said so we’re not renewing his contract” but they sure are thinking “lots of people didn’t like what he said and aren’t going to watch him anymore so we’re not renewing his contract.”

      Also, mein kempf? Really? When your defense is “its not like he’s HITLER!” then you should really just sit a few plays out.

  7. equality says:

    This is actually funnier than having him fired for his rantings. You know it’s a big blow to his ego to be told he’s unpopular. And he wouldn’t have learned anything from being fired for racism and misogyny anyway. There is a difference in the other content. The serial killers involved aren’t getting royalties off it.

    • Flower says:

      ^^ Exactly this.

      He’s no longer the big cheese anchor presenter networks covet.

      People like this thrive on relevance. ITV are saying they’ll stand by him (for now), but once the season of Millionaire is over – he’s toast and then his chickens will come home to roost.

      JC will still be rich, but irrelevant and this is what these characters fear the most.

  8. C-Shell says:

    A legend in his own mind, Clarkson is repulsive on every level: his warped/perverse mind, his soulless character, his disgusting physical “attributes.” #QueenConsortsWithRacists #QueenConsortsWithBullies #QueenConsortsWithMisogynists — birds of a feather.

  9. Brit says:

    Also, this maybe a little out there but do you all think these companies are seeing the Sussex success and thinking that could be us because Spotify, Netflix and Penguin Random House are making bank. I’m sure Amazon is thinking maybe we can work with them in the future. I’d rather bet on them then Clarkson. I’m sure this could also be a factor. Insulting people who we can establish potential business with is not good.

    • Becks1 says:

      No I thought the same thing. I’m sure a lot of companies would rather be on the good side of the Sussexes than the good side of someone like Clarkson.

    • windyriver says:

      Especially since Amazon is in the process of cost cutting. Thousands of layoffs, just revealed they’re ditching Smile after 10 years, closing down the telehealth venture. They’re concentrating on what will bring in the money.

      Which, apparently, includes a just announced deal with Tyler Perry…hmmm.

  10. Beenie says:

    Back in the early 2000s I really enjoyed watching top gear. The first few seasons were funny enough. I can’t remember what exactly was the last straw, but I know that at least a decade ago there were reports (or at the minimum, strong rumours) that Jeremy was a dick to people he worked with, misogynistic, possibly racist, and certainly a backer of some terrible political opinions in the UK. So… I stopped watching around season 3 or 4. Cut to his release of his Farm show in 2021. I was like – hey, this is great. I’m a farmer just a bit north of him. We could really use some more visibility, and the more people know what goes into farming the better. I watched the show and liked it (**ducks**). But in the interim, man does this guy just get worse and worse. Honestly he had an opportunity to do a good thing with the farming programme and he just absolutely ruined it by being even more vile and extreme than ever. I actually feel pretty embarrassed for liking season 1, and obviously I won’t be watching anything he puts out ever again. Its just a shame because he has the ability to make good programming…. if he wasn’t such an utter sexist and hateful arse.

    • Esmerelda says:

      Honestly, I’ve also enjoyed the farm show and some top gear specials (the grand tour is crap) – but I’m crediting the team of writers and producers behind those shows. Clarkson likes to hype his own contribution, but we can see how lame and repulsive he is when he’s writing for himself.
      They should do a second season of the farm show with some other Tory getting kicked in the nuts by sheep.

  11. Julia K says:

    Hard to believe that this man is the result of the winning sperm.

  12. Sooky says:

    Lordy…his face and those ghastly teeth…FUGLY!! Given what he did makes his appearance all the more repulsive. I find animal comparisons a regressive paradigm…it’s we humans who bring misery to animals, nature, AND fellow humans in endlessly exploitative and opportunistic ways. Such an insult to compare him to pigs, who are highly intelligent and have no interest in violent, contemptuous physical/verbal attacks on strangers. I can’t imagine having that as a parent…kudos to his daughter for immediately denouncing his conduct. Wonder what chats they’ve had about it…

    • Renae says:

      Pigs might be highly intelligent but that where agreement ends. Not violent? You must never have run across a Hawaiian wild/feral boar! Massive, mean and dangerous.

  13. Maeve says:

    His apology hasn’t gone down well in the UK at all, especially after it came out he’d addressed his apology to Harry. He still seems to think if he’d made clear he was wanting to re-enact a scene from Game of Thrones everyone would be fine. No mention of hating Meghan on a cellular level, more than he hates a serial killer. Nothing about the familiar old trope of a woman befuddling her poor innocent man with tricks in the bedroom. He really really doesn’t think he’s got anything to apologise for.

    And I’d bet money that the Christmas morning ‘apology’ only happened because his daughter gave him hell when she found out he’d contacted his coworkers but not the Sussexes.

    • Brit says:

      Ironically, the daily Mail went after Jeremy’s daughter recently and that was clearly intentional. She wasn’t supposed to do that. Anytime you have people standing up against hate, sexism and racism, some want revenge. The same thing happened when Adele chose Harry, who she’s friends with, over William in a vogue questions video, started dating her boyfriend sat down with Oprah. That ticked people in the press off.

  14. Jais says:

    The shows will air the through 2025. Amazon has time to find another quirky British personality and develop shows that will appeal to a similar audience. They have time to find new and less problematic talent. So why wouldn’t they? He’s not so amazing that he can’t be replaced. As he’s discovered. Too bad. So sad.

  15. heygingersnaps says:

    Lordy, I cannot stand this poor excuse of a man! I tried to get into Top Gear but could never watch it for a full episode. Another white man, deluded on his own pr hype. I logged on to Amazon video hoping to watch the Australian Open and this man’s mug is right there front and centre on the landing page. So after realising that Amazon has stopped showing tennis matches unless one subscribes to Discovery+ for an additional £6.99, I promptly close the tab.

  16. Kath says:

    The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm did do well though (The grand tour is especially popular in Norse countries), so I definitely think it’s more about the recent developments and calls for boycott.

  17. lunchcoma says:

    That’s actually better. Or worse, from his perspective. I don’t know if the original writer realized that, but what it means is that he won’t be very marketable (at least in American and international markets) even after a couple of years have passed and this becomes one of many things on his list of offensive behavior.

    I’m sure Clarkson’s people would rather have it framed as two powerful celebrities evilly scheming to cancel him, because that can inspire a defensive reaction. Instead, here comes the Telegraph making it clear he just isn’t very good at his job.

  18. girl_ninja says:

    I cannot get over how bulbus his head is and how ugly he is.

  19. aquarius64 says:

    Amazon cut Clarkson loose because he was a profit drain and he hurt the brand. When MPs are pushing for a network to get rid of you, it shows these media ratchets there are limits to their vile rhetoric and they can be replaced. I don’t see the Palace pushing for Clarkson to keep his job. These Crown ride or dies need to realize the BRF will sit back and let them twist in the wind when they get in trouble.

    • Brit says:

      Yep. The royals can’t come out and say we support you because it’s a bad look for them. It’s hilarious to me these people will defend the monarchy and get absolutely nothing in return. When Piers said that someone thanked him for attacking Meghan and took that picture outside Kensington Palace, that was intentional on his part. He was letting the palace know that he knows where the calls came from and you better stay on my good side. The royals are just digging a bigger hole for themselves especially with their invisible contract.

  20. diANNa says:

    I wonder if more BM will post articles seeking ways to mitigate the humiliation and seeming downfall of that odious misogynist, because they are allies and concerned that people will begin calling out and cancelling Rota Rats for future vileness.
    In their own minds, they can dismiss Amazon as an American corporation and it matters less to them but this talk of Clarkson being sh-t canned from ITV might have them worried. Cause that’s right there in merry old England and it would really signal a sea change in what can be written or said about Meghan.
    They might be freaking out that the gravy train from fomenting public hate of the Duchess is coming to an end.
    Love that the Sussexes finally sharing their truth is forcing both the BRF and the BM to tread so softly at least for a while. Hopefully karma is starting to show itself . . . .

  21. QuiteContrary says:

    All I’ll say is that calling Clarkson a pig is an insult to pigs.

    At least pigs roll around in the mud for good reasons.

  22. snappyfish says:

    When I first saw the photo I thought it was Hugh Grant…not flattering that he resembles an odious man

  23. Feeshalori says:

    Once you get past his disgusting teeth, you have to wonder about those wonky eyebrows.

  24. Jaded says:

    Everyone who works with this disingenuous sack of sh*t will rapidly become tainted by association. He’s becoming a has-been and a pariah except for the likes of that old racist wine-bag Camzilla who seems to be collecting racist toadies as her media mouthpieces these days.

  25. Blue Nails Betty says:

    Actually, media analyst, platforming people like Clarkson IS how we end up with people like Hitler, Manson, Trump, etc…

  26. Well Wisher says:

    In other words, ‘Meghan as hate figure’ is not and was not profitable?

    Amazon did a early review and the figures do not compute, due to the rate of return he has been made redundant, but they have to honour the contract?

    As usual the use of the article from telegraph rather limited, when one considers conjecture.

    Hopefully the rest of the malicious and spiteful media in the UK, take note.

  27. Thelma says:

    He’s really disgusting and with a long and bad track record of saying problematic things and behaving badly. Tells me a lot that Queen Cowmilla (Camilla) is friends with someone so vile. Shame on Camilla!

  28. Feebee says:

    I figure he’s unpopular because he’s a pig. He got away with it before but things change and time’s been called on his particular pigginess.

    No kudos to Amazon.

  29. Eurogirl70 says:

    As an aside, the man looks like he should have spent his money 1) getting his neck circumcised 2) lipo around his mid section and 3) fix those f-kd up teeth. Dear God what is it with some Brits, who have money, and their aversion to dental hygiene and care?

  30. AC says:

    It only took a very influential American/Multi-National company to cancel his upcoming shows that ITV is actually considering to do something . (Rolling eyes emoji multiply by 3 )