Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ is #1 on the NYT Bestseller list, it’s breaking records globally

It’s genuinely funny (in a pathetic way) to watch the British media grapple with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s many successes. A hugely successful Netflix docuseries, check. A popular children’s book, check. The #1 podcast on Spotify, check. Huge ratings for every television interview, check. And now the #1 New York Times bestseller, check. This is why every British royal commentator is dusting off YouGov polls and Newsweek polls and crying about the Sussexes’ “popularity.” They are actively trying to convince their readers that Harry and Meghan are historically “unpopular,” despite all evidence to the contrary. Besides, with the brand Meghan and Harry have built for themselves in America and internationally, they really don’t need to have “the support” of the YouGov respondents.

Not only is Prince Harry’s a #1 NYT nonfiction bestseller, it’s selling out all over the world. Spare sold more than 64,000 print copies in Australia in its first week, “blitzing the previous record for the genre by nearly 45,000.” In Australia, more than 120,000 copies have been sold overall (meaning people are also buying the Audible or ebook copies at an equal rate as the print copy). In Germany, bookstores are selling the German-language and English-language editions of Spare, and both versions are selling out. Spare is also a massive bestseller in the Dutch market.

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  1. Snuffles says:

    I want official world wide first week sales numbers! How many did he sell in the US?

    • bananapanda says:

      I think it’s over 1.4 mn in the US.

      Weird Math Note: 64,000 may not seem that big compared to US, Canada and UK sales but the population of Australia is only ~25 mn so in US numbers (330 mn) that would like 700,000 sales!

  2. Noor says:

    Hope the UK people learn not to trust all the anti Harry naysayers in the tabloid and media . Takes everything you read with a giant pinch of salt.

    • Brit says:

      You have people literally trying to manifest them not being successful and unpopular. With each broken record, the documentary in the billion viewing numbers and every interview getting success, they’re grasping to the reality they so desperately want

    • Vivica says:

      I agree. I hope that this whole things blows the top off of the BM and that the general UK public starts pushing back.

    • Tacky says:

      I just picture them all growling over their breakfast as they read about Harry’s success. Haha.

    • ariel says:

      I read (somewhere) that the yougov poll people are run by a nephew(?) of camilla-

      • SURE says:

        A poll in which “voters” have to part with their money is more indicative of H’s popularity than one run by a conservative/royalist organisation like Yougov or Newsweek.

      • Kel says:

        @sure exactly. A poll of 1k people or less is not reflective of millions. AND polls don’t matter when it comes to these two. They aren’t running for office. I wish fans would focus less on stupid polls and more on promoting Spare.

        Stop repeating the lies that Harry and Meghan are hated when reality keeps showing your otherwise.
        You are just helping the British media and haters spread their talking points.
        Focus on the positivity!!

      • sammi says:

        Yes his name is Ben Elliot and he is on the board of Yougov which is a right wing
        statistical group. He is also co-chairman of the conservative party and has many companies called Quinitessential…Nephew of Queen Consort Camilla. She has a son Tom Parker Bowles who works for the Daily Fail as a food correspondent.

  3. Molocoy says:

    It makes me so happy to read this.
    I’ve almost finished Spare. Less than 2 hours on Audible, and I paused it now as I don’t want to let it go. It’s such a compelling read.
    It’s just so many important topics.
    Loss, grieving (and inability to!) Diana from the perspective of her son, life at Balmoral, the Windsors. And of course the relationship between the tabloid and the royal family.
    I’m enjoying Spare very, very much.

    • Lala11_7 says:

      I’m on my second run through of “Spare”…as I ADORE Harry’s melodious voice & the writing is SUBLIME❤️

    • Meghan says:

      I’ve got the paperback version and I’ve only just made it to part 2, but I might have to also get the Audible version bc I am reading the book in my head in his voice already!

    • Lady Esther says:

      I read the Kindle version in two days and really liked it, especially all of the details about Harry’s military service – I came away very impressed by what a great job he did, and how well he described being a FAC, his Apache training and being a gunner. The writing is beautiful too, the ghostwriter really captured something special. For example, the description of visual landmarks beginning each “scene” – taken from Harry’s experience in being a FAC. Loved it!

      Looking forward to part deux, as Harry said he’s got enough for another book – the last part seemed skimmed over. I wanted lots more details about the Jubbly and the Queen’s funeral, about Montecito life and Archewell’s projects. tl;dr MORE!

      • Molocoy says:

        I agree! Part deux was really skimmed through, there is so much more to it.
        I swooned, reading about the courtship. I would love to read about the Montecito life!

      • AnneL says:

        I liked the segment on his military training and experiences too. Especially when he had to learn to fly the Apache, when he had hoped and expected to be flying a chopper that was easier to master and would get him back in the field more quickly.

        The narrative arc of his military years alone could make for a good movie, IMO. I love the part where the officer tells him that he was “meant” to fly the Apache. Also when he first flies over London and wonders what Granny is doing down there. That’s gold!

    • BeachBelle says:

      I also have the audiobook and was struck by his voice! He’s clear and evocative but also the emotion is there when necessary without being over the top. He has a clear passion for the environment and wildlife, (and admittedly I get guilty for thinking it, but eventually Sir Richard Attenborough will pass leaving an enormous void) but I think Harry would help fill that space and do a great job sharing his appreciation for the natural world to a wider audience. His passion is clear when talking about the wildlife in Africa.

      • Lady Esther says:

        You know, this is a genius idea. Brian Cox (the physicist, not the actor) is often mooted as the successor to Attenborough but Harry would be a good choice if he was willing to learn some biology…unfortunately, the BBC would never piss off the Royal Family by choosing Harry so it won’t happen!

      • Becks1 says:

        It doesn’t have to be BBC though. I would not be surprised at all if some sort of documentary about Harry’s work in Africa is being seriously discussed (or already being produced), and then I can see Harry narrating nature documentaries coming very naturally from that – not BBC, but NatGeo on DisneyPlus, or Netflix, etc.

      • booboocita says:

        Meghan narrated a documentary on elephants for Disney. Why shouldn’t Harry narrate his own documentary on an endangered African species? It’d be worth it just to see Bullyam’s head explode — “But Africa is MINE!”

    • Sodalis says:

      I have just finished the memoir. Very interesting and I think actually protective of the royal family. He wrote mostly about his own experiences and his lifelong effort to escape the paparazzi. He also addressed the lies that were written anout him. I can’t understand how Britain can conider itself a nation that respects human rights if its laws allow such persecution of is people.

  4. C-Shell says:

    When it went on presale, I had a feeling, but this beats all expectations. They can keep flogging the older generation’s opinions in their cockamamie YouGov polls, but I read last night that Gen Z in the UK favors abolishing the monarchy by more than 50%, and that’s a major shift since “Harry & Meghan” and “Spare”. Keep polling, folks, it’s very revealing.

  5. Brit says:

    Hence why they’re seen as a threat. They were not supposed to be successful and what I find ironic is that the British media, Royal Family and haters have contributed to their success. I think Spare would’ve been successful no matter what but if the press hadn’t gone on the deep end, I don’t think it would be breaking the records it’s breaking. The docuseries has over a billion viewing hours. Harry and Meghan have reversed the roles. The BM and haters are their unofficial hype machine. They can just sit back and enjoy while others foam at the mouth.

    • DouchesOfCambridge says:

      Everybody who broke away from
      the BM, everybody they sent away in the past, shut up. Bravo Harry for going against the wind to tell your story.

  6. Flower says:

    Very happy this book is doing well. What every the naysayers say, this is Harry’s truth and his marker in the annals of history.

    I hope Harry makes enough to set them up his family security wise for the next 20+ years at least. Then at least that head-ache is gone.

  7. Becks1 says:

    These numbers must be terrifying the British press and the BRF. People around the globe are reading Harry’s story in his own words and I think there are so many people who may not have been Team Harry before who now are. i’m seeing so many comments on social media that say things like “wow, I remember that rehab story, had no clue it was false” etc. He’s putting so much into perspective and shedding so much light on the BRF and the press – the toxic relationship between the two, yes, but also how some family members were allowed to exploit that relationship to their favor (Charles, Camilla) and he never was (even if he had wanted to.)

    He’s making sure they can’t use him and his past sins for cover ever again.

    Congrats harry on your #1 New York Times Bestseller!

  8. Amy Bee says:

    I saw the Newsweek (formerly Sun) royal reporter pushing out some unpopularity poll about Harry and Meghan. He doesn’t understand that polls about the Sussexes make no sense and mean nothing. According to the polls, the majority of the UK were not interested in Harry’s book only for it be the fasting selling and biggest non-fiction book in UK history.

    Most sane people knew it was going to be a bestseller. I’m really happy for Harry. I’ve finally got my copy and I’m enjoying it so far.

    • Ceej says:

      Yeah polls and YouGov also skewed heavily in favour of Brits saying no to brexit…

      And that didn’t happen. People will say whatever they think someone wants to hear and then just do what they want when no one looks. In this case, buying the book is a good result!

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      The BM (BRF too as silent partner) really have been employing/pushing out these polls with quite the frequency. Newsweek’s global headquarters is now in London and not NYC.

      Between yougov and Redfield & Winton they’ve been paying for a lot of polls.

      Open up a data table and you’ll see on the right hand side the weighting for the polls.

      “Targets for each weighting were derived from the US Census Bureau and results of the 2020 Presidential Election.”. Hmmmm..sounds like Trumpsters were polled.

      Go Harry! It’s an excellent book.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        A reminder, Newsweek is not the publication it once was. Jack Royston is a royalist. Newsweek pretty much published an “interview”(June 2017) by a royal commentator that didn’t take place. To this day, that commentator has provided zero evidence, the interview happened. She’s claimed to have accompanied Prince Harry to events for a year and a half. Without evidence. She’s claimed all sorts of things though the Newsweek interview published in June 2017 that pretty much encompassed information already out there.

        We know who I’m talking That aged wigged cabbaged head individual is my nemesis. (I also get why Laura Dern is Kaiser’s).

        I will repeat, Harry was not sharing his feelings or thoughts or gave time to someone who co-authored a book with Max Clifford questioning who his father is. At best, Harry flipped her an effin quarter to buy herself a clue.

  9. Lucy says:

    I’m hearing exciting reports that Meghan is going back to her influencer career!

    • Amy Bee says:

      Where did you hear those reports? I’ve haven’t seen anything like that.

    • Snuffles says:

      What have you heard!!

    • Kingston says:

      Those voices in ur head getting louder, huh Luce? Tut tutor.

    • Lissen says:

      Truth: Meghan already IS one of the biggest influencers!

      Look at members of the brf desperately trying to copy her. LOL

    • Jan says:

      Wish people would stop pushing what they Meghan to do.

    • Annalise says:

      Lucy- Meghan already has a shit ton of influence. Do you need another rundown of all of her and Harrys successes?

    • Kel says:

      I don’t know if Lucy means this in a bad way?
      I’m waiting for Meghan to relaunch the tig lol I would be soo happy!!!
      But I think she’ll do something similar? Lifestyle brand maybe? While still supporting humanitarian and charitable projects.
      Can’t wait!!!

      • mel says:

        I don’t think she’s going to go back to that. They have enough on their plate and I don’t think she wants to give people that much insight into her life anymore.

  10. S808 says:

    Congrats to Harry! Spare at its base is just genuinely a good book. It’s very well written and Harry is a very good narrator. I think this a memoir that will stand the test of time.

    • LB says:

      Totally agree that it is genuinely a good book. I just finished the audio book and his narration is great as well. I read some early bad reviews, so I didn’t expect much. But the book is actually good. Harry tells his story openly and honestly. The focus is not really on Meghan and how they were both mistreated. The book is his recounting of his life, experiences, and personal struggles. He examines his family dysfunction (the royal family), the tragic loss of his mother and the impact of profound grief on his life and development. He also exposes how the UK tabloid press works, and how certain palace staff manipulate media stories or inner workings of the palace. Yet he does not come across as vindictive or as a victim. He comes across as somebody who has worked on himself, found his person, established his own loving family and has finally found some peace, independence and stability.

  11. SarahCS says:

    Yesterday I learnt that the co-founder of YouGov is a former Tory chancellor and current chair of the party. Who’d have thought it! Right leaning you say?

    He’s also being investigated for tax dealings in association with the business. Shocker.

    Harry and Meghan will always get this wave of hate from the right wing media but we all have eyes and things like this help the wider world (and non-CB audience) to get a better picture of what feelings towards them really are.

    • Inge says:

      Wasn’t Camilla’s nephew involved in YouGov as well?

      • Lurker25 says:

        Yes Camilla’s nephew was heading it pretty recently/still is.

        Wonder why these “unbiased” pills keep telling the UK public that H&M aren’t popular 🤔

  12. HarryforLife says:

    Not surprised at all! This is the only book I have in two formats (audio and hardcover). Harry does such a good job reading this!!! He should honestly consider more voiceover work. Harry, if you’re reading this, I would buy ANY Audible book you want to read us!

    Proud of him for sharing his story and finding success as well! Hope the BRF feels that trying to put an “uppity” WOC in her place was worth the clapback of their own very capable Harry.

  13. Susan says:

    Just finished the book and I’m surprised how long it took for Harry to say “I love you” to Meghan. It kinda shocked me

  14. equality says:

    KC better be nice to the royal-adjacents. This might inspire some of them to try for a book contract. You know Mike and Peter, at least, are jealous of the money it’s bringing in.

  15. Truthiness says:

    And this is the guy whose family predicted he’d be crawling back to the monarchy. What sweet sweet karma. The title alone will shut up every rota member saying “he hasn’t read the memo, he’s not the heir.” B-tch he knows, far deeper than the rota will ever understand.

  16. Lady Esther says:

    It would be interesting to know if other royal biographies got a sales boost from the success of Spare. I’m thinking particularly about Andrew Morton’s classic book on Diana, but even Charles’ Dimbleby biography, or one of the Queen’s, or the Queen Mother’s book…

    I bet William is just dying, dying, dying to do his own memoir!

    • Kingston says:

      I think BullyBoyWilly knows his limitations, thats why he’s so angry all the time and his face all scrunched-up (especially when he’s in H’s presence. Because he knows he’s inferior to H by any and every measure: physically; emotionally; intellectually; as a man; as a husband; as a father; as someone who gets shidt done; etc)

      So……no. BullyBoyWilly isnt even dreaming of writing a memoir.

    • Athena says:

      William already has a working title for his book, “HAIR”.

  17. Lissen says:

    Simple truths from Spare, e.g. the brothers were NOT each other’s best man. It’s just what the brf fooled us with. Fake. So much lying.

    Now, whenever I see a story about the brf, it’s totally suspect. Nah, you’re lying. Yes, the world sees you for what you are, liars.

    Polls? Money’s the best poll.

    • Abby says:

      Yeah, the number of times Harry said “the (insert media source) said ‘xyz.’ Utter nonsense.” Will stick with me. I cannot read any stories about the BRF, particularly H&M (who I know won’t leak through anonymous sources) without a huge grain of salt.

  18. Annalise says:

    Also, in the UK, the only royals to make the list of the 15 most – Googled people were Meghan and the Queen. Plus, in 2022, Meghan was Googled about 29 million times, Kate about 13 million.
    (womp WOMP-sad trombone)

  19. heygingersnaps says:

    Yet tabloids and the media establishment here keep harping on about how “Prince Harry’s popularity has officially nosedived in the US after his book.” This island is really salty and bitter.

  20. Alexandria says:

    Congratulations Harry🎉 he sold more than ten times than the next best seller. We are so proud of you!

  21. Lurker25 says:

    What I absolutely love is that Diana was the “disaster for the monarchy,” and it took 20 years of lying, winning/dining, backstabbing, kissing up to BM to get public to tolerate C&C. They even got the BBC to promise to bury the panorama interview.

    And here comes Harry, like “Oh, you thought we’re going to forget my mum? Here, hold my beer.”😂😂😂

  22. Lurker25 says:

    Kind of off topic, but reading Spare made me marvel anew at how boys love their mothers. (Obv intensified tragically with grief and the fact that it was frikkin Diana in this case.)

    My family runs to girls – sisters, nieces, girl cousins, aunts. Then I had a boy. And it’s taken me and everyone else aback at how he’s been a self-appointed mommy protector and cheerleader since he was three. I’m sure I’ll be a giant embarrassment once puberty hits (he’s almost 8 now), but wow … I remember thinking my mom was the greatest when I was young but never as publicly, intensely, as this.

    • equality says:

      Since the rest of Harry and Will’s family seem so cold in comparison, that likely intensified how they felt about her.

    • Nick G says:

      @Lurker that’s sweet. My son was like that too; he’s twenty now and more private, but I think he still feels the same.
      In his teens he finally met a racist uncle (my in-law) who had decided to not come to our wedding back in the day, and my son silently refused to shake his hand. I only found out about it two years later!
      So I bet your son will always be a mom-defender.

      • Lurker25 says:

        @Nick G – wow, extraordinary that you picked up on the race/color aspect, bc same with me! I’m a dark South Asian and my son is white. I got the nanny comments, etc (feel ya Doria!)
        Anyway, around 4-5 he got into ships, then shipwrecks, then WWII (bc u-boats, subs, wrecks)… Which lead to Nazis.
        I will never ever forget the solemnity with which he said, all 35lbs of him in his little toddler voice, “ammi, if Nazis ever come I’ll cover you with my body so they can’t see you” 🥹

      • Nick G says:

        Your son sounds amazing.
        Signed, a mom who had to once refuse to provide ID to a random woman who thought I was kidnapping my own kids.

  23. JJ says:

    When I see this news, that old DJ Khaled song goes through my head; “All I do is win win win no matter what”. Everything H&M touches is a hit but the BM trying to convince everyone that they are unpopular and nobody cares about them is hilarious! That’s like saying, “No the sky isn’t blue. Don’t trust your eyes. I’m here to tell you it’s red.” Meghan just won a People’s Choice award LAST MONTH for her wildly popular podcast. People literally had to vote for her to get that award so yeah, she’s popular. Harry’s interview ratings and book sales numbers… Harry and Meghan are prom king and queen and the BM is trying to convince us they aren’t even invited to the party. smh

  24. Kebbie says:

    I borrowed the ebook from my library right as it became available and finished it quickly. I ordered the hardcover today. It’s definitely a book I’d like to read again.

  25. Over it says:

    You know what i really enjoyed in Harry book and thought dam that was beautifully done? When he described how grand willy and Kate lived in kp. All the money that was sucked into that place the most expensive molding and priceless pieces , yet these
    People want us to believe that they are living the simple life in Adele cottage. After all that money that was spent on kp, these people moved. Like how do the British people not completely blow a gasket?

  26. Gem says:

    #1 on Amazon too! I see friends that I didn’t even know were into the royals posting on social media about reading the book. I’m so happy for Harry.

  27. Renae says:

    So, you are telling me that all those comments to articles in the tabloids that scream ” i’ll never but it;nobody wants to read his lies” are, in fact, lies?
    Here’s a crazy idea. Chuck , for years, has been mocked for his talking to his plants/garden. Perhaps he could read Harry’s book to them. That way he could read it without ever admitting he did. Careful, snap dragons might get angry.

  28. Lurker25 says:

    Something he brought up in Spare that I’d like to see discussed more is the Sandringham Summit.
    We know that they discussed options 1-5, all in to all out, that he wanted option 3, half/half.
    What’s new in the book is that when, finally, all out with a 1 year trial was agreed to, Edward Young, sitting right there in the meeting, handed out papers with the details.
    Harry, surprised, was like “wait, we JUST discussed this. You didn’t even leave the room. How do you have it written up and printed?”
    Young says oh we wrote up all the options ahead of time to prepare.
    So Harry pushes him and asks to see copies of the other options.
    Young then says, oh! Well right after we printed this the printer broke.
    It gets better-
    After the meeting adjurns, Harry walks to the staff area. He knows the layout well since this is where he was dumped and had to sleep at some point (don’t remember exactly when right now but before Meghan).
    He hears the sound of printers going full speed, FINDS THEM, asks the secretary there so this works? Yes sir. No problems? Yes sir. Any issues at all? No sir, these things are tanks.

    With all his petty Virgo avenging glory he dives into the fact that the man Lied. To. His. Face.

    Unsaid but implied with a breadcrumb trial so thick you could see it from a plane – we were set up. All along, we were set up. We were BOTH now the spares, and we were going to be crushed until we submitted.

    • Jaded says:

      Considering it was Edward Young who promised to take Harry’s request to pay for his own RPO security to Ravec for approval, then didn’t, and who cockblocked Harry from visiting TQ when he was in England for the Diana memorial even though she said she didn’t have anything on her calendar for the entire week, this is sweet revenge. I’m really glad he took EY down and exposed his lies to the world.

  29. AnneL says:

    All right…..who should play Harry in the movie?

    This could absolutely be a movie.

  30. Hummingbird says:

    I am part way through Spare on Audiobook but I keep falling asleep. Not because I’m bored, but because Harry has a really meliflous voice.
    I close my eyes and he wafts me to Botswana. He has a big future in voiceover work or narration.
    Note to self; read it in daytime.

  31. Lurker25 says:

    @annel He told James Cordon he would pick Damien Lewis…

    Edit: sorry think this reply is on the wrong place

    • AnneL says:

      Lewis is too old to play Harry. I think they would need someone who could credibly look 25-38 so they could cover those years. No one comes to mind. There aren’t a lot of red-haired actors.

      • Lady Esther says:

        Agree Damien Lewis is too old…I’d pick Jack Lowden, he doesn’t have Philip/Harry’s face, but he’s a good actor, particularly at action scenes – he’s great in Slow Horses – is a ginger and the right age. Domhall Gleeson is too old unfortunately; he has arresting facial features, like Philip/Harry. Anyone but Eddie Remayne, he’s known as “Fish Lips” in our house!

  32. L84Tea says:

    My book club can be a tough crowd. The subject of H&M has come up now and then and they all tend to be of the “they are whining” set, but they are also oblivious and completely uninformed when it comes to anything royal related. I always stick up for H&M and try to explain the basics of what we all here know is true, but I admit I usually give up and change the subject because I can tell it would take way too much to set them all straight. Just last night, the one who’s turn is next month chose Spare as her book. I am so eager to see how reading this affects all of them. It’s going to be a very, very interesting night.

    • SomeChick says:

      Oh how cool! Please do report back and let us know how it goes!

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      On board with a later report from your book group. A few days ago, I met up with someone I haven’t seen for a while. We’re talking about life and what not and they asked me if I finally watched something from Netflix they recommended. It was From Scratch. Haven’t watched it yet I replied. Want to. (disclosure-they lean towards being a Republican, not Magat way though).

      Mentioned, lol, that I would like to watch From Scratch from reviews I’ve read except I didn’t have Netflix until I decided to join again to watch the Harry & Meghan docuseries. They asked me if I watched. Said yes. They were like great, “I’ve been wanting to talk about this with someone”.

      So we talked. They said, “I’ve been neutral with everything I’ve read for the last few years. I’ve been going back and forth with what I know as tabloid lies (a given) and what I feel as someone who has voted for a Republican simply for my beliefs that I’m conservative.”. I’m still keeping my tongue in check.

      Then they said the thing. They said watching the docuseries and seeing all the headlines put out by the British Media made her stomach churn. They (just keeping their privacy gender neutral) said, the voice overs from commentators and then the headline that included ‘niggling’ was their tipping point. That was when they understood all of the things presented by Harry.

  33. L4Frimaire says:

    It’s interesting how in light of the record book sales and very watched interviews, all of a sudden, there is once again attempts to downplay their popularity. The book has made an impact and has some people panicking. I think it has taken some of the blame and focus off Meghan, hence the where’s Meghan questions and trying to draw out the Clarkson “apology “ thing. Whether or not you like the book, what Harry has revealed can’t be unseen, it will impact how the press and monarchy is viewed. Meanwhile the other royals will pretend everything is fine, while they seem to scurry around. The Sussexes don’t really need to do anything. They said what they have to say. We’re all waiting to see what they do next.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      It’s like the red wave polls. Jack Royston & Newsweek’s/BM bs can kiss my mid(north)western, swing state, that has a democratic Governor, caucasian @ss.

      Wondering if the BM/affiliates have asked Marquette Law School for a poll.

  34. Laura D says:

    I don’t know if I should post it here but, I did have a lol moment on Twitter. There was a clip of 4Takes spouting off his usual drivel about “Spare” but, what made me laugh is how he joyfully told the panel that Harry had called him a “sadlittleman”. He sounded so happy that Harry mentioned him in the book, he didn’t seem to care what had been written because Harry had acknowledged he existed. 😆 😆 😆

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      I’m sure it’s okay to post about 4Takes Dan here. For those that don’t know, Dan Wootton posted a video of himself memorializing QE2 with flowers outside of wherever? Unfortunately, for DW, someone, outside of the person recording his video, was recording DW’s foolery.

      It took DW’s 4 takes to get things right. LOL Thus, 4Takes Dan. It also appears that 4Takes snaggled someone else’s bouquet as his.

      Did ‘sadlittleman’ say ‘sadlittleman’ like he hisses out Sussexquad (which is funnier than shit)?

      Reminder: Harry, if I’m not mistaken?, didn’t say SadLittleMan’s name? Right?

      SadLittleMan has also spent the last 6 years spewing incendiary vitriolic diatribes against Harry & Meghan. Designed to encite certain groups. He also wrote a very creepy love letter article to Will. Quite skeevie and creepy.

  35. Elsa says:

    I am loving this book so much and am listening via audible. I was a little disturbed by the talk of the goats eyes. Harry didn’t say anything wrong, but the image was in my head after I heard it and I just wish that I hadn’t heard that part. I love H&M so much. I have a sensitive, queasiness when it comes to animals.

    • Kp says:

      Remember all those stories about Meghan being vegan or Harry not hunting when over and over we hear them eating meat but also Harry still hunts he just doesn’t want to be around the toxicity, neglect and abuse of his family.

  36. Jacqueline says:

    Listening to the audio book now!

  37. Well Wisher says:

    A rare anomaly, a royal couple that spoke at the UN are now NYT best-sellers.

  38. SIde Eye says:

    I am so happy for them! I am enjoying Spare. I’m reading the hardcover. I started this week and I’m still on part 1.but only because I’m savoring it I don’t want it to end! It’s such a great read. After I am done I’m going to get the audible version. Everyone on here inspired me. I already love Harry’s voice, tone, accent – so I know I am going to love listening to it.

  39. AC says:

    Just read an article that came out today from the Atlantic written by Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter. And I’m so glad she spoke out how the Press misused her words so they can “spin” negativity against HM. This justifies even more how HM has been telling the truth for years, the words written in this book are facts, and the British Press and BRF likes to Spin things and writes Crap for their own personal advantage. The Daily Fail, the Independent, Telegraph must be embarrassed for being exposed at their own game LOL.
    Karma’s a B 🙂

  40. blunt talker says:

    This is a very good thing Harry did to cleanse his soul for some of the awful events in his life growing up a royal-I would not wish this on my worst enemy-the feelings and emotions are so hurtful that it can scar a person for the rest of their lives-anybody thinks playing games with their children’s mental health is something to play with are donwright ignorant and stupid on raising children-Harry and Meghan see this but they decided to work through this to be better parents for their children-no generational pain if they can help it-I liked that poster above telling about a racist relative at her wedding-when her child became adult and saw this relative later on in life-he refused to shake his hand-the child refused to let this relative off with just a smile and handshake-a good note to all racists-this can comeback as a slap in the face later in life-I wish Harry, Meghan, Archie, and Lilibeth all the best as they continue to live their lives in the best possible way.

  41. blunt talker says:

    PS-thanks for a historical record for the future-other royals can definitely learn a thing or two from this book.

  42. Belina Shisia says:

    I am from Africa and I am appalled by the lies in the British media against Harry and Meghan. I have lost respect for those firms and wonder whether the UK government is completely helpless in deterring such lies or it is part of the racist cartel. I congratulate Harry for his best new York seller- the spare and for saying his truth thus exposing the lies. It’s now upto the RF to change or burry their heads in the sand and perish.