Prince William stepped out in London amid a post-‘Spare’ plunge in popularity

Here are some photos of Prince William on Thursday in London. He visited the London office of Depaul, an organization which works with homelessness in the UK. Homelessness is one of the few “issues” William has consistently worked on, and by that I mean, he usually does a few events every year with Centrepoint or what have you. But he’s been doing that since his early 20s. It’s one of the issues William considers “his.” “Africa” is also his issue, according to William. According to People, Diana visited Depaul several times. William “met with staff and spoke to clients, past and present.” It was a learning-and-listening visit. He might want to try not to look so alarmed when he’s interacting with Black women.

Before QEII passed away, William was already telling staffers – who then dutifully told the media – that he wanted to focus more on homelessness as an issue in the years to come. Of course, he’s doing this as he has four homes (that we know of) and he now controls the vast Duchy of Cornwall real estate empire. It will be interesting to see if he actually *does* something on this issue or if he merely visits shelters once or twice a year and makes faces at the people who work there.

Meanwhile, the British media has been filling their royal coverage with all kinds of unhinged “polls,” some of which I suspect were being conducted just as Prince Harry’s Spare came out and very few people had read it. The Telegraph reported on yet another poll, this one from Ipsos Mori (which is, in my opinion, a more legitimate pollster than the YouGov clownery). Ipsos found that post-Spare, William’s popularity has “plunged” eight percentage points. Kate’s popularity has also dipped five points. The same poll finds Prince Harry and Meghan’s popularity is in the gutter among British people, so once again, I wonder why British people are constantly being polled about people who haven’t lived in the UK in over three years.

Still, it’s interesting that there is a noticeable drop in William’s popularity. Not enough of a drop, if we’re being honest. I’ve been shocked to see how many British people completely shrugged off William’s violent assault on his brother.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Abby says:

    LOL his expressions in this photos. 😆 Kaiser thanks for choosing the best photos. Hahaha

    • Nev says:


      • Andy Dufresne says:

        LOL! Someone please tell Willy to control his facial expressions. It’s rude to look at people that way!

      • Lexistential says:

        My God. He looks like he’s holding in an atomic fart.

      • Gabby says:

        Why should he hold them in? Surely he thinks they don’t smell. In fact, one should be grateful that he deigned to fart in their presence.

    • DouchesOfCambridge says:

      You guys, he is genuinely concerned 24/7.
      He lost 8 and kkkhate 5 points, I’m disappointed it’s not more, but i’m happy to conclude that those are points that are gone forever. Anybody switching to team Harry & Meghan would never go back.

    • dawnchild says:

      That’s his Serious, Concerned, Listening Face. Sometimes combined with jazz hands. These people have a limited range….Kate gurning, Charles twisting his lips or smirking, Camilla grimacing…hope they enjoy paying for these clowns to look at for the next few decades. At least TQ could maintain a pleasant, open, relaxed face and a reasonably adult, engaged demeanor…

      • Athena says:

        @Dawnchild. You’re giving him too much credit, he’s just wondering about her hair and where she’s from, where she really is from.

      • NotSoSocialB says:

        I read that facial expression as DISDAIN, and I will die on that hill.

      • He over furrows his eyebrows in an attempt to visually express concern, like an actor in a play. But his real feelings of contempt still bleed through in his eyes and the way his lips are pursed, with one corner slightly lifted. You’re right @Notsosocialb, it is disdain, and his attempt to cover it with exaggerated concern just makes him look all the more weird and off-putting. Kate has been having the same problem as of late.

      • Princess Planky says:

        Don’t forget pointing. They’re all always pointing.

      • Lisabits says:

        Partway through Spare and what disgusts me even more than the physical assaults is weewilly’s abject stupidity, thoughtlessness and childishness in saying rhinos and elephants are mine, Africa is mine. Holy God, these precious and fabulous animals are severely threatened and baby boo boo thinks there’s not enough work for both of them. African peoples and animals are suffering to a staggering degree. His “work” is utter phony b.s. This ghastly, revolting charade needs to end yesterday. Brits who support them are truly fools. America is in decline, but glad we don’t have these uneducated, self-centered, spoiled children to support and curtsy to.

    • Liz Version 700 says:

      Kaiser you have a special gift!

    • Debbie says:

      Frankly, I think he looks constipated (as usual).

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Debbie, ditto! That’s the look he always has though. Willy the Bully doesn’t care one iota about the homeless nor any other person on this planet except himself and his latest conquests, as he has and will have many, many more.

      • Mary Pester says:

        That’s because he is full of sht. And as for those poles, who, what when where, be cause I haven’t seen any, or been asked. I think 99.9 %of poles are made up rubbish, because of the 1,000,000,million people I asked 99.9 000,000,said who the fk are you 😂😂😂😂just as I expect most normal people would do when asked stupid questions by a very stupid paper and let’s face it nearly ALL UK papers are stupid and racist as are the organisations who do these poles

    • Rnot says:

      The photo selections are a form of art!

    • Isabella says:

      Is there some reason why Will can’t establish something like a soup kitchen? All that wealth and the poor get nothing but photo opps. I hope he didn’t helicopter in.

      If I had a lot of money, I would want to help people get fed, like Meghan did.

      If they can’t bear to reach into their own pockets, they could open up one of the castles to tourists and donate the funds to charity. Charles, anyone?

      Are there laws agains the royals doing any actual funding? That’s what I’m wondering.

      • SomeChick says:

        lol, no. it’s Simply Not Done. supposedly all they can offer is smiles. (and terrible ones at that.)

    • SussexFan says:

      Sucks to be him, being so concerned with African animals rather than African people. He should start by composing himself with Africans. Screwing his face up like that.

  2. equality says:

    The people who shrug off Will’s actions are likely the same who shrug off Andrew’s sex offenses and Charles’ financial misdeeds. Because being married to a biracial American and telling the truth about your own life to correct BM lies is worse. How warped does that make them look?

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      There is a subset of the British public which is brainwashed by the never-ending propaganda. When the monarchy ceases to exist, they will need deprogramming.

      • NotSoSocialB says:

        Same situation in the US with the mind-numbed magas.

      • Mary Pester says:

        I’m a Brit lovey and live in cornwall, but as far as I’m concerned the best of the bunch lives warm, happy and safe in the US and I wouldn’t give you tuppence for the shower that are left over here
        Chinless Charles is a weak ineffectual king and Billy bully is even worse. Kate is nothing but a steptford wife and clothes horse and cowmilla shouldn’t be anywhere near the throne. God help George, Louis and Charlotte. George already looks worn down by it all. Louis has some SERIOUS behaviour problems and I want to know what is upsetting Charlotte so much that she always has her fingers crossed. That’s a sure sign of stress

    • Lorelei says:

      @Equality, so many of these disgusting people are all birds of a feather. This was an actual headline recently— these brutes absolutely believe William came out looking BETTER than Harry did in the fight story (nothing could be less shocking to me that it’s a friend of Tindall’s who said this 🙄):

      “Do you want to be the brother pushed into the dog bowl or the brother who does the pushing?’ Mike Tindall’s mate James Haskell pokes fun at Prince Harry’s claim William shoved him over during row”

      • ElleV says:

        i read somewhere that one of the major challenges in bridging the left/right divide is their increasingly different versions of morality, with the right valuing power as a virtue unto itself

        but I’ve never seen it put so succinctly as Haskell does in this quote

        not the thing i read, but an interesting related article about the different moral universes of the political spectrum:

      • Becks1 says:

        Interesting that its James Haskell, because he is a friend of Harry’s as well and went on Piers Morgan defending Harry’s and the memoir (he said he didn’t really care if it was true or not or whether he “should” have written it, so not a full throated defense, but that he understands why he wrote it and that this is Harrys story, written in his own words.)

        The interesting part of the interview comes next, when Piers says:
        “Let me tell you what would happen if they all did what he’s done the monarchy would die a very quick death.”

        And James agrees and says: “The mystique would go, real-life soap opera, it would be utterly catastrophic for the reputation of the Royal Family and the monarchy.”

        So I feel like that’s the part that’s really fueling so much of this, right? Not just that Harry has taken control of his own story. But even a toad like Morgan can see that this is a step towards the demise of the monarchy and the more is revealed about the royal family and how they are behind closed doors, the closer we are to dismantling the british monarchy, and thats viewed as a very real threat.

      • equality says:

        The mystique? What mystique is left with C&C or Andrew? It’s not “mystique”; it’s more like criminals lying low.

      • Harper says:

        The press should just open up their vault of royal secrets and let the monarchy combust. It would make for so much good reading. Plus, there will still be a rabid market for stories about former heir and Prince of Wales William and his ex-wife Kate, the former Princess of Wales and her three little aristos without a throne.

      • Emily_C says:

        @ElleV — It’s like that recent infamous tweet by someone who claimed Jesus was too much of a buff alpha to have died on the cross. Which goes against the entire point of Christianity. Right-wingers think might makes right, it’s horrifying.

      • Nick G says:

        @Ellev thanks for the article, it’s great

    • Isabella says:

      Weird to hear that Piers thinks more royals speaking out would lead to the family’s demise. That means that he and the tabloids can control the narrative. He specializes in blathering about the royals every day, focusing on the worst aspects. It’s the only gig he has left. And yet they still are there.

      And, as Harry keeps pointing out, the royals speak out constantly, through inside sources.

  3. aquarius64 says:

    Considering that Camilla’s nephew is part of YouGov, I’m not surprised the Sussexes’ numbers drop, but for the Waleses to take a hit? Is Camilla trying g to neutralize both of Diana’s sons?

    • AlpineWitch says:

      The Telegraph is also a strong Tory mouth-piece, I don’t think their statistics are reliable for anything.

      • Flower says:

        The Telegraph is to the Wiatrose set what the Daily Mail is to the foaming masses.

        The UK media is a mess and democracy is slowly being undermined.

      • Rnot says:

        The leader of the Tories is currently embroiled in a scandal about failure to pay taxes. (He’s since paid.) He owed MILLIONS on profits from his offshore investment in YouGov. If he owed millions in taxes then he must have earned more millions in profit.

      • Flower says:

        @Rnot I think you’re talking about Nadim Zahawi – the former chancellor ?

        Technically there is an argument that he has committed the same offence as Boris Becker who is in prison.

  4. C-Shell says:

    These performative events following every damned controversy are hideously hypocritical and obvious, and these dolts aren’t even any good at it making them even more so. I wish I could roll my eyes without pain!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    • Tacky says:

      If I were advising William and Kate I would tell them to do five events a day for the next ten weeks. Keeping themselves in the public eye crowds out the coverage as Spare. It’s an obvious PR tactic but they lack the smarts to use it.

      • C-Shell says:

        🤣🤣 If you were advising them (and even your great advice wouldn’t drown out the Spare revelations), they’d just ignore you, too. Sadly. I think their pr blunders are not just poor pr advisors — I think they genuinely think they have the best pr instincts, which is laughable, of course.

      • Jttrain says:

        They can’t. An overlooked part of this is that Kate and William are the Harry and Meghan to Charles and Camilla…still. It’s part of the reason Kate and William are so messed up now and why they feel fine paying forward their abuse.

      • OriginalLeigh says:

        Even if they do five events per day, they are way too dull to crowd out the Spare coverage…

      • Eurydice says:

        @Jttrain – that’s a super interesting observation about W&K being the new competition for C&C. We’ve been talking about the seeming battle between Charles and Will, but not Camilla and Kate – so much to look forward to.

      • Jan90067 says:

        If I had to do PR for these laze-abouts, I’d tell them to stop all this “listening and learning” sh*t! FFS, if homelessness has been “his” issue since his 20s, and he’s now 40, he’s either not got one functioning brain cell, or he doesn’t give a crap. I’m guessing it’s a 50-50 split.

        He should’ve “listened and learned” 20 odd yrs ago, and had some functioning projects working already in the last 10-15 yrs min.

        This family is really beyond pathetic.

      • Annalise says:

        @Tacky- W&K could do 10 events a day for 20 weeks, they’ll still be boring, half-assing it, and barely-reported on. Besides, what planet are YOU living on? They cant even do 5 events a WEEK. And now that PW is PoW, with PLENTY of funds at his disposal, and no Charles doling out events as sparingly as possible, I wonder what excuse, if any, W&K will have then, the Duke & Duchess of Doolittle.

    • Lorelei says:

      @C-Shell, I made the mistake of reading some of the coverage of this event yesterday and it was INFURIATING. First of all, one headline said that William was “left stunned after learning a homeless charity are helping children as young as 13.”

      Stunned? He was stunned? Homelessness was one of the first “issues” we heard that William was passionate about tackling, ever since he was a teenager, following in Diana’s footsteps, blah blah. Yet after however many decades, he’s _stunned_ to learn there are children in homeless shelters?
      (Not to mention, he’s also too stupid to realize that he shouldn’t say that out loud, because all he was doing was announcing to the world how little he pays attention or cares, if this is breaking news to him.)

      Secondly, and tbh, this one just made me laugh: one headline said that Willy was going to “focus on ending the homelessness crisis this year.” Ending it? THIS YEAR? Good luck with that, you absolute moron. (Funnily enough, the wording was changed and now it says he’s focused on “helping” the homelessness crisis this year. So I guess *someone* realized how asinine the idea of Willy alone completely solving this problem in 11 months sounded.)

      Anyway, the coverage of this was so ridiculous that I had to stop reading it altogether— but at least it exposed how disingenuous a lightweight Willy is when it comes to his “passion projects.”

      • Jais says:

        Okay, that’s really sad. Stunned that there are homeless children? Of course there are and yet he’s surprised. Please, by all means, solve it, William. We’re all waiting.

      • Christine says:

        Willnot coasted for YEARS, on the story that he “lived rough”, on the mean streets of London, after Diana died, in her memory, for one night. Apparently, he has been issued a MacGuffin, from some palace somewhere, and we are all supposed to pretend he’s just now realizing people are homeless?

  5. Becks1 says:

    I’m surprised his popularity dipped at all to be honest. I would think the people who were William fans a week ago would still be William fans.

    For the assault – I do think it was problematic and a big deal like I’ve said on here several times. But besides just the physical nature of it, I think the reason it was SO problematic and so revealing for many of us on here is because we’ve read for years now about William’s rage, his temper – even Jobson’s book couldn’t hide it. We’ve heard his temper and the way he talks to his father scares Camilla. We’ve heard he’s constantly “incandescent with rage.” And we’ve heard that there is something about William that the press is actively covering up.

    So when you look at the assault in that light, its just such an “aha” moment, I guess. Like now we have a clearer picture of what exactly happens when William is in a rage and WHAT He rages about (people not doing what he wants the instant he tells them, people not respecting his position as The Heir.) I think if you hadn’t heard all those other stories and tidbits about his temper over the past few years, that moment might not have been as revealing. I think those are the people who are passing it off as “brothers fight.” (which is BS as I’ve also said on here.)

    For many of us though, that story was like a lightbulb going off. “so this is what he’s like.”

    • Genevieve says:

      Yeah, most of the people I know who don’t follow this stuff much saw it as just an example of two brothers being immature, like they both had equal responsibility for a stupid scuffle. They didn’t see it as one unhinged adult assaulting another adult.

    • Rapunzel says:

      I think some people are just telling on themselves. They don’t see anything wrong with Willy because they approve of violence as a solution.

    • Chaine says:

      Having now finished the whole audiobook, what I haven’t seen covered in the news at all is that that is not the only time Willy manhandles Harry. The meeting after Prince Phillip funeral, Harry also describes Willy grabbing his collar and shaking him and forcing him to look at him, while Charles apparently just stands by without any intervention.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Exactly this. I have a friend who “likes both couples equally” but that’s bc she only follows them as closely as whatever People magazine puts out on them. I haven’t spoken to her about it bc we basically just agree to disagree as far as her thinking William and Kate are good people who are happily married, so I guarantee she’s in the camp that would be shocked by this example of William’s incandescent rage. No surprise whatsoever to any of us Celebitchies, however.

    • Jay says:

      I think that number is probably people who haven’t thought about William and Kate since their wedding, and were not so much “approving” of him as “apathetic”. Or people who thought he’d be an improvement on his father just due to their distaste for Charles, but didn’t know much about William specifically.

      I think it’s encouraging that the more people find out about William, the less they like him.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, I had that “aha” moment. And my next thoughts were – this can’t be the first time William has done this, and Harry can’t be the only one he’s done it to.

    • May Bench says:

      Baldy is mentally ill. It’s all the inbreeding from the past.
      I’m glad Harry and Meghan are living in California now. I really like them.

    • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

      Dickbaskets like Wootten, Morgan and whoever’s paying for the bots have been encouraging the addled tabloid readers to bay for William to beat up Harry. Looks now like a deliberate tactic to get the public to support that violence, in preparation for the story leaking.

    • Nic919 says:

      For the general public William was last seen at his wedding and he was one of Diana’s sons. His numbers have gone down because what has happened is that Diana’s other son exposed that William has serious anger issues and that he’s spread to a far larger audience than the people who already follow royals and would have heard the incandescent with rage stuff.

      A lot more people went from apathetic to “oh I guess he isn’t much better than Charles now”. That is dangerous for William. Same with Kate being exposed for being an ice cold bitch. Lots of people went from not really paying attention to her to “oh she wasn’t welcoming to her sister in law”. This will get worse as time goes on because neither of these two have built goodwill over the years. They really solely on the media facade to prop them up and the cracks are now showing. Plus they become less sympathetic as they age and become less attractive.

      The Brits will be the last to criticize them in large numbers because their media ecosystem still props them up. But we are seeing American, Australian and non British media be far more critical and include William and Kate as part of the problem with monarchy as much as Charles and Camilla. Hoping for a future king that will be enlightened and modern has been diminished with Harry’s words because William isn’t any more emotionally stable than his father.

  6. Zazzoo says:

    Why is there homelessness in Britain? Between government sponsored housing and a the RF who is meant to serve the welfare of the people, why is this such a huge issue? I realize mental illness and addiction are factors everywhere. But in the US we have large unhoused populations due to a crisis in lack of affordable housing. We don’t have anything equivalent to Britain’s council housing. But if money is the solution, doesn’t the RF have tons of it?

    • Chloe says:

      Lack of affordable housing is a problem everywhere. Not just in the US and the UK but certainly all across Europe. And part of that is because big corporations invest in property/ real estate, making the prices go up and making it unaffordable for people looking for a house. On top of that we have a refugee crisis and they also need housing. And then there’s inflation, the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, all which seem to be having an effect on each other

      • sunny says:

        Plus some of the remaining affordable housing stock is really run down and in deplorable conditions which diminishes the supply even further.

        Also with changes in the global financial markets and increased interest rates in Britain this has had a knock down effect on people mortgage rates, some people cannot afford to keep their homes.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Councils are not building housing and they’re selling their housing stock and land to high priced developers.

      • QuiteContrary says:

        Yeah, and years ago, people were being encouraged to buy their council houses. We had a lovely one-bedroom council flat that we would have purchased if we weren’t philosophically opposed to the concept. We could have purchased it for less than U.S. $50,000 — it’s now worth seven or eight times that. (We may not have a London flat, but we have our principles!)

        William is a moron if he really was stunned by the idea that children are unhoused. Or maybe he was just making his “stunned face.” Which he exhibits every time he’s around normal people.

    • Lola09 says:

      Seriously?? There is a huge lack of affordable housing in the UK too! Additionally we are experiencing a horrific cost of living crisis right now and have been governed by arsehole Tories for 12+ years that do not give a shit about anyone poor, black, brown, immigrant, LGBTQ+, disabled or female. Problematic as the RF are (I would love to see the monarchy scrapped) they are not the main cause of the country’s problems – the blame lies largely with our ‘elected’ politicians. Brexit was sold to the people with abject lies e.g. that it would free up £350 million extra to go to the NHS…yeah.

      • Cerys says:

        Exactly. The problems in the UK are caused by years of Tory mismanagement which has been made worse by Brexit.

    • Chaine says:

      @zazzoo I used to work in a job dealing with poverty situations. there is an equivalent in the US. There is public housing and there is a voucher system called Section 8. The problem with our system is that construction of public housing has stalled, so the waitlists of eligible people who need a unit are years long. Additionally, not enough landlords participate in the Section 8 program, so again there are people who qualify for the vouchers but cannot find a landlord that will accept them, so they end up looking for years for a landlord that has available units and that is participating in the program. Lastly, I know for a fact that there are situations where white people qualify for public housing and there is space open for them, but they refuse the unit because they don’t want to live in racially integrated buildings. This is not the norm, but for a tiny percentage of unhoused people, it is their choice to reject the option available and that choice is because of their own racism.

    • Nanny to the Rescue says:

      I know this isn’t the point of this story but there are horror stories from all over Britain of terrible conditions in Council Housings, too (toddlers dying or getting sick because of the state of the apartments, mould everywhere etc.). So people not having right conditions to live in expends way past just literal homeless people sleeping on the streets of London. The whole country (like the rest of Europe and the US) has a huge affordable (good) housing crisis. Thank you, lousy governments.

    • SurelyNot says:

      I’ve been on contract in California since November and the homeless crisis out here FAR worse than anything you’ve seen on the news — this isn’t a lack of affordable housing crisis — this is decades of bad gov’t decisions, profound mental health conditions and rampant drug use.

      • trillion says:

        I work in a Federally Qualified Health Clinic that serves the homeless here in San Francisco. Homeless come here from all over CA, NV and probably other places, sometimes sent w/ one-way bus tickets after getting out of jail elsewhere. It’s because we have services here- but not enough to handle the current load plus the constant influx. In addition, I think we are still dealing with the fallout of Reagan closing CA institutions for the mentally ill in favor of community services that were never equipped for the mass exodus. IMO, we need to put loads of money into mental health (which includes addiction) as it affects us all either directly or otherwise.

      • WiththeAmericann says:

        But as Trillion said, this is fallout from Reagan’s closures of mental hospitals.

        Also, people come from all over to California knowing it’s warmer and there are services.

    • May Bench says:

      A large part of the homeless problem is drug usage. People who use drugs like Meth, heroin, and all the other crap, make themselves unemployable and fry their brains. In my town we have built and are continuing to build affordable housing so people can afford to pay for their housing. California is expensive to live in and affordable housing helps our farm workers etc.
      Places like San Francisco and LA don’t have or build affordable housing. They charge huge rents and people have to commute long distances to work.

    • zazzoo says:

      Wow, thank you all for these detailed responses. I’m guilty I guess of still thinking of Britain as a socialist utopia. That’s fueled by BritBox where shows often display single/teen parents living in practical apartments thanks to council housing. That’s not even thinkable in the U.S. A teen parent would never have their own apartment without family support. Full time minimum wage employees in the U.S. even without a child to support struggle to afford housing and often do without health care. So, I do still romanticize Britain along with European nations for their more advanced social services. I appreciate hearing the cold reality of it.

    • Jaded says:

      Here in Canada, all of the major cities are experiencing a huge uptick in homelessness, especially on the west coast where the winter weather is milder and has much less snow. The federal government, through CMHC and its provincial partners, invests around $2 billion every year towards suitable housing, but it’s a drop in the bucket. What MUST be done is to address the mentally ill and junkies who cannot be rehabilitated back into society and jobs, and that’s not happening. Safe locations to shoot up and handouts of food and used clothing do not work. Tent cities do not work. Renovating old hotel space doesn’t work as they are generally rendered uninhabitable after only a few months. Crime rates in neighbourhoods where tent cities and hotel housing are located show skyrocketing crime rates and vandalism. The problem needs to be addressed by reducing the supplies of dangerous drugs in tandem with appropriate facilities where people can be weaned off them safely. In many cases they would still have to be kept in a facility because they have pretty much destroyed their mental and physical health and require ongoing medical intervention. I volunteered at an homeless organization for several months before covid hit. It provides meals, some rooms, computer training, medical/dental care, showers, hairdressers, etc. but a good half of the homeless coming in just want a hot meal, a shower, then they’re back out on the street panhandling and using. The police are there constantly to break up fights, and control property damage and break-ins. People who have OD’d are constantly being picked up by ambulance and rushed to hospital. Our slipshod, bandaid approach to dealing with homelessness and drug addiction simply isn’t working.

      • Nic919 says:

        Housing prices have gone up exponentially in canada whereas income has not. A lot of it is fuelled by foreign owners buying up Canadian housing at insanely expensive prices that locals who work in canada cannot afford, mostly because canada has a huge money laundering issue, especially in Vancouver, toronto and Montreal.

        This isn’t about people taking drugs. It is about homes, condos etc being unaffordable for people making the average wage. Greed is behind why this is happening.

  7. nutella toast says:

    I clicked through to the polls and…why the heck are they polling Americans? And how are they polling Americans? If it’s by phone during the day, they’re reaching people over 65 who probably lean heavier towards conservative viewpoints than a 30 year old would by statistics. I’d love to know the methodology for the U.S. numbers.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Nutella Toast, for some reason I was subscribed to some Vanity Fair podcast about the monarchy, but I’d never listened to it because Katie Nicholl was one of the cohosts and I knew she’d just be spewing her usual crap.

      However, they released a “bonus” episode to discuss Spare, and I had it on in the background yesterday while I was doing stuff around the house — and I was pleasantly surprised at how the other host was really forcing Katie to explain some of her positions and arguing with her about many of her answers.

      But the absolute funniest part was when Katie starts talking about the polls: how the polls say this and the polls say that and how important the polls are, and when she asked the (American) cohost what polls were like here in the US, she was like, “We…really don’t do polls like this in the US?” And you could essentially hear Katie’s brain short-circuiting because all these people ever freaking talk about are their poll numbers. The RRs take those poll results as gospel even though it’s clear as day that they’re utter nonsense.

      At one point, Erin, the cohost, said something like, “I mean, Harry is just one of lots of things going on here. Yes, he was on 60 Minutes, but then there was another segment about Hans Zimmer. And sure he was on the ABC morning show, but not right away…they covered all of the real news first” (I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea).

      It was hilarious to me because the RR’s breathlessly report each week (or maybe even more than once a week; it seems like they never STFU about them 🙄) on every minute change in their precious polls, but these polls are bullsh!t, and it was enjoyable to hear Katie come to the realization in real time that not only are Americans not relying on them or even giving them a single thought, but there wouldn’t even BE any of their stupid polls on Harry here. (I mean, maybe Fox News does one, but sane people know that’s not real “news.”).

      Anyway, I’m with you— unless they’re able to clearly explain their methodology and conclusions, I dismiss polls entirely. I’ve never been polled about anything in my entire life nor do I know anyone who has, so I have no idea why so many people put so much stock into them. If you read the fine print, very often it’s like, “We asked 500 Daily Mail readers…”

      • kirk says:

        These ‘polls’ for BRFCo popularity are crazy. Saw a headline once that asserted Kitty and Willy were more popular in USA than Harry and Meghan 😝

  8. Brit says:

    The Telegraph has been taking shots at the Cambridge’s lately…hmm…I wonder what that’s about. They also had a spoof of a spare chapter and they alluded to the rumors of William and Rose and now you got them taking about their plunging popularity. I think you got parts of the media tugging on their chain. When Harry said they were trapped, he was absolutely correct. They’re letting William and Kate know what’s up. Same way Piers Morgan took that picture outside Kensington Palace after Oprah and said someone thanked him for sticking up for them.Then the Camilla Lunch with Meghan’s abusers fiasco. That media is circling the wagon around all of them.

    • Chloe says:

      I wonder if william is truly trapped. None of the media seem to be willing to spill on him despite having a story that would probably bring them in millions. Because several reporters have let it slip that whatever it is that they know about william is very juicy.

      • Brit says:

        I think William made deals with the press after he was found out about the affair. But he was also threatened by Harry and Meghan and it’s clear he despises her for whatever reason. He’s protected but for how long? Especially when the press want the Sussexes as they are their golden geese. He will forever be protected but he’ll be bullied in the process. His indiscretions will held over him.

      • swirlmamad says:

        They’re holding on to whatever “it” is about William as long as they possibly can because that is the power they wield over him. Say what you will about Harry and Meghan’s book, Netflix series, Oprah interview….the bottom line is they are free and it’s all out there. They have nothing to threaten them with anymore b/c Harry especially is saying “here it is, warts and all — on my terms. Try to tell these people something, anything they don’t know about me — you can’t because I already did.” Random comparison but it reminds me of the rap battle at the end of the movie 8 Mile when Eminem put it all out there first so his opponent had no ammunition and had to forfeit.

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        Would an affair really hurt William long-term, tho? It’s 2023. Charles had one and now his mistress is the queen, and that’s even after his very popular (faaaar more than Cate) ex-wife tragically dying.

        I would imagine if the tabloids have something juicy on William, it’s more than just one lady. Many affairs? Shady affairs? Prince Andrew-like ‘affairs’? You know, something powerful.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I’m thinking a child or children born outside of his marriage. That would blow his family image to smithereens.

      • Chloe says:

        @nanny; an affair would maybe slightly dip his approval rating but even then i don’t think it would slip below a 60%. Whatever the press has on him is either so powerful it could end the monarchy (and therefore they’re keeping mum because they don’t want it to end) or the press and william are both united in their hatred for Meghan and are more than happy to paint her out to be a devil.

        I refuse to believe that the media are scared of lawyers. We saw with meghans lawsuit that they aren’t afraid to go to court even if they are in the wrong

      • Tessa says:

        Nanny, Charles did not just have one affair during the marriage to Diana. He was on and off with his Canadian girlfriend Janet Jenkins. She gave an interview and there are love letters to prove their involvement. Charles also was involved with Dale Tryon and Camilla (who both had husbands and children) pre the marriage to Diana, and both competed for him. Charles was not exactly “faithful” to Camilla (who was a married woman and how could he be faithful to a married woman). It would be more “dangerous” for Kate if William really wanted only ONE other woman he could decide to go the divorce route.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Approval ratings don’t matter in an hereditary institution. This is the guy you’re getting unless you abolish the monarchy.

      • Cali says:

        I think it’s something much worse than having a child or multiple affairs.
        I believe William has physically battered someone and if that someone is a woman it’ would be truly horrifying. He is a tall strong man and could inflict a lot of damage.

      • Jaded says:

        Remember what Harry said…”If you only knew what I know”. I think the media coverup on William goes far deeper than just an affair. It could be that he’s in cahoots with the Tory gov’t to keep them in power, as is Charles. It’s cash for access and shady deals with Saudi or Russian arms dealers. It’s violence against other women, maybe even Kate. Maybe he even raped someone and it’s been hushed up. Perhaps drug use, a coke addiction could certainly provoke his violent behaviour. Whatever it is it’s huge and hanging over his head like the sword of Damocles.

      • Jan90067 says:

        I still think it has to do with the way he used to drink and drive when he was younger, falling out of clubs completely pissed to the gills. I remember reading a few times about his RPOs smoothing things over when he damaged property, got in accidents. It wouldn’t surprise me to know that he seriously injured/disabled someone (just like Philip did in that accident when he drove out of Sandringham (wasn’t it?) off the private road onto the public one and smashed into the two women in their car), or even had a fatality accident. Because you *know* that’d be covered/hushed up quickly.

      • Julia K says:

        What the tabloids have on Wm has nothing to do with sex. Most people by now have a ” so what ” view of cheating, it’s so rampant. Even if he was bi and had both male and female lovers, that’s not against the law. What they’ve got is either illegal or criminal.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        Willy is trapped for sure. He can’t leave, as he is unemployable and not financially independent. Heck, he is probably compromised in some dirty cash in bags scheme. If the palace tells him to jump he doesn’t even ask how high. He jumps. He was told what uniform to wear for his wedding, his wedding was announced, hell, they probably told him which ring to offer to Waity. He was told he can’t keep a beard etc. He is a puppet, who called his mother paranoid, upon command. There are lots of indicators to point to his having no choice but to stay put. And I love this for him.

    • India says:

      Could it possibly be something regarding the true origins of his three children?

      • notasugarhere says:

        If there are only three children (ie. William having outside children)? IVF wouldn’t matter, even if they did illegal gender selection to have a daughter it doesn’t impact the line of succession.

        What would be interesting is if he had an illegitimate child *before* George was born. Given how the former King of Belgium was legally required to accept his illegitimate daughter, Princess Delphine? She isn’t in the line of succession, but who knows what legal challenges could take place? I could see an illegitimate child making a case to the European Court of Human Right to be seen as the next Windsor heir.

        Doesn’t matter what has gone on in the past, laws are changing. Women are currently fighting to be the heirs to their aristocratic fortunes, which would overturn centuries of male primogeniture in the aristocracy in the UK. If Belgium had to accept her as a princess, things could change in the UK including changing inheritance/succession laws regardless of whether parents were married. Carol(E) would blow a gasket if her grandchildren didn’t end up being the heir to the heir.

  9. Southern Fried says:

    I feel for the staffers who have to endure Willy’s visits, huge time wasters and the ignorance he demonstrates. We can only hope it is helpful in some small way.

    • One of the marys says:

      I want one of these organizations to prank him. He’d never come back so it has to be worth it. Like after he arrives, cameras rolling, say ‘thank you for coming and your $ donation to support our clients’ or ‘thank you for donating the 2 new refrigerators and filling them with meat and dairy, this will provide meals for the next two weeks “ My God if you could say that sincerely and warmly, pat him on the shoulder or arm while smiling to his face , Damn that would be great. Since he apparently doesn’t prep or read his notes maybe he’d go along, thinking it was legit 😆😆😆

  10. Amy Bee says:

    Even the sketchy YouGov had a poll that showed the Royal Family’s popularity had declined sharply from last September to January this year but the Royal rota didn’t push that poll. The press thinks that continuing to poll Harry and Meghan makes the Royal Family look good but it’s just hiding the true story about their so-called popularity.

  11. Polo says:

    Sadly they’ll always have the support of the British public because there’s too much propaganda and protection. No other way around it when BBC to Daily Mail are pedaling the same lies.
    But that won’t ever be enough for them because they are they’ll keep crazing American attention even though they have nothin to offer but photo opps

    • Nanny to the Rescue says:

      I was expecting that from the DM, but the BBC surprised me. And The Guardian writing many negative (some quite nasty) reviews of Spare. We’ll see where this goes.

      • Polo says:

        The guardian has always written nasty articles about Harry and Meghan just not as many as daily mail, sun etc. they are all establishment and will continue to be to protect their interests.
        Plus with Harry going after the press they are just protecting each other. Just like they do in the US with Maggie haberman and some of the White House press pool.

      • Milo's Mom says:

        The BBC is government funded so of course they do what their Tory masters tell them.

      • sparrow says:

        Milo’s Mom. That’s not the prevalent view over here at all. The vast majority of Tories want the BBC torn down because it charges a licence fee and most of its output, inc news, is considered left wing biased. The Conservatives are trying to push legislation for the scaling back and scrapped public funding of the BBC. Go tell the DM posters that the BBC does want its Tory masters tell it!! They would be laughing. The Tories want the BBC scrapped for the very reason that it is not a compliant body.

      • Milo's Mom says:

        @Sparrow Well that’s very interesting to hear! I’m not british so I was commenting from reports I read online. The BBC just seems biased to me, in that journnalists such as Laura Keunssberg go very soft on tories in political interviews. And they give that horrible Nicholas Witchell airtime to suck up to the royals. But as I said, I’m not british so now I’ll try to look at it through different eyes.

    • WiththeAmericann says:

      The way they thirst after American affection while also being snobby AF about Americans is pathetic. I wish I didn’t have to go there for work, it’s always felt cold which was fine with me, I’m not there to make friends, but now it’s awkward.

  12. Chantal says:

    For someone who loves and claims the continent of Africa, he sure acts like he’s allergic to Black people. For an obviously ill prepared 40 y.o future king, his obvious discomfort around Black people is both amusing and concerning. Where’s that one Black prop, er i mean friend, of his?

    If FreeWilly wasn’t so allergic to BAFTA and work, he could have gotten some tips on how to display more facial expressions than anger and alarm. His expressions are comedy gold though…

    • Beverley says:

      The Rage Monster is staring at her hair. It’s quite perplexing that the royals cannot hide their utter disgust and disdain for Black people. Willy couldn’t possibly fix his face into a pleasant, relaxed expression? He really couldn’t help himself and just HAD to stare at her as though she was a different species? What the hell is wrong with these dusty, ignorant, backward royals?


  13. Anna says:

    They both came off as awful in that piece of spare – two British princes fighting over Africa!? Not good. I do wish harry had then added in – in retrospect, it isn’t either of ours, what an inherited colonial mindset etc.

    • [insert_catchy_name] says:

      Yeah that whole thing was terrible and I don’t know why it isn’t being discussed more.

    • Kelsey says:

      As an African it didn’t bother me when I read it because I saw it in the context of William trying to take anything Harry was participating in…. Invictus, military etc..
      Plus it’s clear Harry has a connection to the continent and has chosen to give back rather than take from the land. I feel like that was established in the book

      • Ginni says:

        @Kelsey you certainly saw it through the whole episode and help me clear my mind of some doubts l had.

  14. JMoney says:

    I think the real reason the British press continue to poll H&M is twofold. By overexposing H&M the monarchy by default looks better in the overall UK’s eyes and it’s an easy way to bolster the RF without the RF needing to change. Those that say well they can’t do that for long I disagree, they will continue to do that until W&K children are in their teens.

    The second reason they’re doing this is it’s personal. The fact H disclosed publicly how painful the book leaks were to him made the UK oligarch press owners thrilled bc they hate him bc of the ongoing lawsuits and the fact he left bc oligarchs need the monarchy to hold their power.

  15. Jais says:

    William has 4 houses. Not sure this should be his thing. But really at this point what could he do that wouldn’t be hypocritical? Animals? Lol, idk?

    • notasugarhere says:

      Well, let’s see. He could talk about rescue pets. No wait, he and Keen get their pets from the Carol(E)/James puppy mill operations. Their first dog may have died so young (cancer) because of those shoddy/greedy breeding practices from Clan Middleton.

      He could talk about horses. That reminds people he sold Harry’s polo ponies out from under him.

      He could talk about how much he likes to eat animals. See the impoverished children (brown PR props) from the other day being forced to listed to Wm talk about how he likes his steak.

      He could talk about how much he likes to hunt animals. That brings up conversations of the birds at Sandringham being specifically bred to be unable to fly properly, making them easy marks. His hunting holidays with Jecca while Kate is home with babies. Wm killing two different species of endangered birds, which the Palace/press covered up with lies about Harry doing it.

      • Jais says:

        okay that’s a no to animals then😂😂😂
        But what’s left? Genuinely trying to think of an issue that somehow wouldn’t make him look terrible. Is there one?

      • Lorelei says:

        Okay, this is fun! Anything to do with gardening is out, after the time Willy the passionate mental health advocate held up that pink watering can and made fun of it when he visited the organization that helped men open up to each other by talking as they gardened side-by-side.

        (Actually, anything having to do with mental health period should be out, after the whole “Harry has been kidnapped by the cult of psychotherapy” or whatever that headline was, but we know that won’t happen.)

        The importance of vaccines or vaccine equity? Nope, because first he joked about COVID, and then he lied about having it.

        He made fun of all of the peasants at Wimbledon one year because there was a transit strike going on at the time, so how ever would they get themselves home, LOLOL? Hilarious, Willy! So anything to do with assisting the “little people” who actually keep the country running is out, because he’s alienated them.

        He openly BRAGGED about not having bothered to read the briefing notes his staff prepared for him when he visited that hospital that Diana had opened, so cross that off the list.

        And he just admitted that he knows less than nothing about the homelessness problem by admitting he was “stunned” to learn that there are children living in shelters. So IDK how soon he’ll be welcome back there.

        I’m sure if we all put our thinking caps on, maybe we can come up with one group of people William hasn’t already offended and who might welcome his help!

      • QuiteContrary says:

        William can establish the “Prince of Wales School for Princes Who Can’t Prince Good and Who Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too.”

    • EllenOlenska says:

      At this cool new school will their be any “Bespoke” courses….for those of us princes who can’t Prince good but really don’t want to invest much more time because it might interrupt our dad dancing…

  16. Concern Fae says:

    What these clowns don’t realize is that Willie having four houses is only problematic when so many people have none. A rich country with a broadly comfortable lower and middle classes wouldn’t care as much. However, when there is such horrific inequality the royals become the face of it. Which serves the purposes of the oligarchs well.

  17. girl_ninja says:

    He and his wife have what 4-5 homes? Why is he taking up the issue of homelessness when he clearly isn’t serious about it? This loser who expected his younger brother and wife to give him Easter gifts. He and his whole family are greedy frauds.

  18. Kel says:

    KP is apparently looking for someone to take on the homeless crisis for spring 2023. They said they have a groundbreaking project that they need someone to lead ….So they are hiring lol

    Everything is always groundbreaking with them.. but unless they are creating affordable housing, helping with rent, or working with the government I don’t see what they can do.. people are already aware there’s a homelessness problem.

  19. Flower says:

    Every photo op is a black face?

    This is so exhausting.

  20. Harper says:

    I love to see Burger King’s popularity not only drop, but to be headlined in the British press. In addition to being seething mad all the time at the tiniest hint of disrespect, we also know that Burger King is as impulsive as a six-year old. He will definitely use these poll numbers to argue that the wall of silence response to SPARE was wrong. Odds are he has already been on the phone to whomever demanding that he be allowed to do something about this. And there is where the hilarity begins, because Burger King’s idea of what he needs to do to win those people back is always pompous, entitled or requires hauling out the kids.

  21. Monlette says:

    This is just the beginning though. The tabloids readers have been spoonfed so much propaganda that of course they are confused and in denial, but they can no longer ignore the Joffery like tendencies that he will no doubt exhibit from this point onward.

  22. Tessa says:

    If Harry has fallen in popularity (which I doubt), it certainly does not show in the book sales with their flying off the shelves.

  23. Lady Digby says:

    The appeal for a lot of Willy approvers is the belief that unlike his dad, he is steady in his attachment to Kate and has a happy marriage blessed with 3 cute kids. I know this because I have been told this by a lot of older generation friends and neighbours and fellow commuters. Discussing Spare with them I have come up against their ingrained propaganda from the tabs that Willy wouldn’t do any of that because he is just too decent and he’d never cheat on Kate knowing how daddy treated his mother!
    However I have been greatly heartened by younger friends 30-50s age range who follow Mic Wright , British media critic on twitter, who know Willy and co have bullied H and M out of the UK. We don’t all support the RF especially those of us who remember how Diana was also thrown to the wolves once separated.

    • Tessa says:

      I think it is more evident that Harry and Meghan have a real love match. Those who say Kate and Will have the happy marriage don’t think about how William kept Kate waiting 10 years and they had a major break up and several cooling off periods and breakups. William was out and about looking for other prospects who turned him down. I think he finally settled for Kate.William is more like his father, and he does have a mean streak imo. William’s fans say he was upset the way his father treated his mother, yet William called his mother paranoid and censored her Bashir interview.

  24. Well Wisher says:

    They are polling a small area that is probably known as pro-monarchy.

    Polling is expensive, if done correctly to be of use in important decision making.

    It is fair to say that William’s popularity is cultivated from a small ‘coveted’ sample used by the media that is spiteful towards Harry and Meghan.
    These are individuals whose self worth and world view is intertwined with the British monarchy.
    They have been inculcated to think in this manner.
    They are probably decent people with internalized biases from they media they consume.
    They are now being used to manufacture consent and keep their leakers, ie royal aide, palace sources etc unhappy and competitive.
    This gives them the edge in the contract.

    This leads to this William’s go-to pet project when faced with a challenge.
    It is a waste of time to the people who work in this field and the people who access the service to accommodate these types of visit.
    Nothing in it to better their situation.

    The book sales indicate the ludicrous idea of using polling in this manner.

    Harry’s popularity is not up to discussion, enough people are willing to read and listen and not respond to a poll.
    The only good thing about the low numbers is that people want to hear less about Harry.
    It is only normal to want to tap out after allegedly over millions of articles written almost all in the last 6 years negative.

    I hope the media that are spiteful towards Harry and Meghan honour their polls and leave them alone.
    Their polls responders have a moral responsibility not to consume news about people they dislike.

    Meanwhile the reality is the book sales of ‘Spare’ are thousands times larger than the poll sample.
    Remove the people who consume in hate his popularity is much higher.
    If not, why engage in malicious reporting and including the Sussexes in headlines distanced from them.
    Low polls should equal low reporting on poll target to avoid low sales.
    This is the opposite of what is happening.

  25. Cinder says:

    The RR seem to think there are only 2 sides to this. Either H/M or the RF. But there’s a definitely a third growing faction that couldn’t care less and would be happy to see all of the royals go away. A decline in H/M’s popularity is not automatically a positive for the RF. Especially not after the release of Spare.

    There was a headline I saw about how Spare made the writer think it’s time to ‘stop breeding royals in captivity’ which is just so sad. That’s what they’re doing to George, Char and Louis. Training them like zoo animals to provide the next 50 years of tabloid entertainment and the whole thing is so gross.

  26. Saucy&Sassy says:

    There is no reason to include H&M in these polls. They’ve been living in the US for almost three years. The only reason they do include them IMO is so that they are polled to be the least liked/approved of.

    Take the Sussexes out entirely and who ends up in the last positions?

  27. Nicky says:

    Sorry, but SHAME on those organizations for ‘working’ (giving him a photo opportunity) with him.
    This is the man who used a dying woman with cancer to insert himself into her narrative and give her a damehood to make himself look human.
    Oh yes, Willy all those people must hate H&M soo much they gave good money (they wouldn’t spend on you if they had the choice) for the book.
    Homelessness? Disgusting. That lady should’ve put him on the spot and asked him why he needs so many homes. He’s out of touch and inhuman. Vile man.

  28. aquarius64 says:

    My take for the possible Big Willie scandal: Bill has an official side piece (Russian lawyer?) and she’s a honeypot for the Kremlin. Pillow talk is giving her information on power people in the UK, government or non government , that Russia could squeeze to upset financial and other infrastructure.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      aquarius64, would the Home Office or MI5 or someone tell him to stop and find some other woman? Would they just turn a blind eye?

      • Wasn’t there an article sometime back about William having to meet with MI5, and the RR claiming it was for “secret spy training”?

      • Mary says:

        @andawayigo, William was reported to have visited their offices several times over the past few years!

      • notasugarhere says:

        iirc there was a helicopter flight to a security agency, one we were told was ‘private’ to discuss dangerous SM activity. Once the news got out about the cost of the flight, they hastily changed their tune and said it was an official visit. I cannot find the info now, but I wonder what Bill was told at that meeting.

        Was he informed about how many credible threats there were against Harry and Meghan online, then encouraged his staff to ‘keep up the good work’ of fomenting hate against Harry/Meghan before they were even engaged? You know, back when Wm was doing all that performative ‘work’ around ending cyberbullying. All while encouraging hate against Harry/Meghan. Getting KP staff to delete any negative posts about himself and Kate – but keeping all the hate against Meghan up on the official KP threads.

    • Cairidh says:

      William wouldn’t know any insider info about the government, he doesn’t even read his briefing notes.

      The only secrets he could tell would be royal family secrets.

  29. Nicky says:

    C-Shell, you’re right, but they are being given bad advice on purpose as they employ Murdoch Minions who feed this stuff back to the Murdoch press.
    William is that stupid he thinks they are giving him advice to make him look good. The papers don’t care as long as they have good copy and whether that makes Willy look good or not is of no importance to the gutter press.
    Polls can never be trusted, ask any politician.
    The pact with the Devil has been signed and they will have to pay the Piper until the end of their days unless they take Harry’s offer and speak privately to keep the press out.
    Most people would advise the royals for a small amount of whatever they’re paying the Murdoch Minions, but they’re too stupid and more importantly, too arrogant to take strong truth.

  30. AC says:

    After the last midterm elections polls are such a joke . The only one that predicted right was Michael Moore who actually and genuinely talked to a variety of people at diners, neighborhoods , at their homes , etc. I do agree with whoever the US correspondent that said, why would Americans be polled about the BRF. Do we even have polls about our own celebs lol.

  31. AC says:

    Going back to W. I just read a recent article from Cosmopolitan which talked about the timeline of H and W riff. One thing I liked about this timeline was it showed some Facts, not only just quotes from so called royal experts . It just baffles me why this psychotic Hatred of Meghan in the royal family. I mean what did Meghan do to produce so much hate. Is it because she’s American, divorced, mixed, she’s a WOC. And how they first dragged Meghan and Kate to have this riff, but all this time it was really about William and Harry, esp regarding disagreements they had about Meghan. There’s 2 things I didn’t notice before that was pointed out in this timeline article which I just noticed now. 1.) During the official photo of Archie’s christening, the only one not smiling with a very stoic look in the photo was William. Everyone else were smiling inc Charles, Camilla and Kate. It’s very obvious now that William was not happy at all in this photo. And 2.) during the timeline the Cosmo article also pointed out a previous video of a Christmas gathering where it was literally painful to watch William try to fix his scarf – and interestingly enough, exactly right after he and Meghan had a quick eye contact. As someone from CA, you’re always innocently smiling(as Meghan was doing in the video) , so it just happened at that moment there was this quick smile/glance and then the very awkward scarf handling occurred.
    When this first happened, I didn’t pay much attention as the press had spinned it to William ignoring Meghan- I thought it was just another crap writing from the British tabloids and no big deal . Going back to that same video, esp after some of the things have been revealed from the book, it’s now a bit of a different perspective .

    • Mary says:

      Lol, @ac, in that video William clearly was appearing to ignore Meghan. I do not know if this was related at all or intended but at one Wimbledon William and or Kate were arriving for their seats and Priyanka Chopra was seated directly behind them and the whole time they were entering the aisle and sitting down, while everyone else was ogling the Royals, Priyanka just sat there and played with her scarf!

      • Lorelei says:

        A fairly prominent Meghan-hater on Twitter actually has an account named “Prince William’s Scarf.” They’re so proud of that moment, because they think he did a great job humiliating Meghan. (At church. On Christmas.)

  32. HarryforLife says:

    Ugh, I made the mistake of reading a CNN article today, extolling the wonderfully “quiet” RF, their adherence and honor to “duty” and the “unprovable” collusion with the media and BRF that Harry “claims”. Like… hellooooo…. My poor blood pressure lol.

    Media/Institutional Gaslighting is so pervasive. Grateful for this forum to help keep sanity and reality somewhere besides “poll” numbers.

    As for Prince Baldy’s popularity, his incandescence must be approaching “visible from space” levels given he was booed in Boston, his Earthshit tour was a huge flop and Harry is just out here setting Guinness world records.

    • kirk says:

      Unfortunately, it seems some US outlets have turned to Brit counterparts for commentary on H-M. I’ve learned to immediately check byline after clicking on article. If they’re British, or even US person that’s been in London > 1 yr, I immediately check right back out. Tabloid taint is toxic, pervasive; sometimes even Reuters isn’t immune, rare, but still.

      • HarryforLife says:

        @ Kirk: good advice! I was lured by the innocuous headline and then was sitting mouth agape and hand on forehead. Will def be more careful and selective next time!

        @J. Ferber: so true, I feel like at this point I’m just going to get all my H&M news filtered here because even US outlets are drinking from the BRF teat. So over it.

  33. j.ferber says:

    HarryforLife: F-ck CNN. The GALL of them–promising balanced and fair coverage, the anti-FOX News and now this pro-Tory RF shit, constantly, from them. Again, also vastly disappointed with the NYT for the same reason (except for Roxanne Gay, who is a BOSS).

  34. Nic919 says:

    William is the landowner of the Duchy of Cornwall. He could literally build affordable housing on that property. Right now. That the media doesn’t mention this shows they aren’t a free media. So all talk about homelessness being an issue for him is absurd when he can do more than most.

  35. PrincessK says:

    What the papers don’t report is that the in the polls the Sussexes are very popular with the younger generation and ethnic minority groups unlike W and K, who should be very concerned about this as that group are their future constituency, not elderly white people.
    This is why W and K are keen to be seen with young black people but most encounters appear very unnatural. Even Charles has a better and more natural engagement with the black and
    is more at ease.