Prince Andrew’s mother left him ‘millions’ in her will, he’s assembling a ‘war chest’

These Prince Andrew updates keep getting more and more disgusting. Some people believe that there’s a reason why we’re getting all of these updates too, like King Charles is setting up his brother to fail, to be humiliated, to remind everyone that Andrew is the worst. But here’s my thing: I think even Charles knows that every time Andrew reminds people that he exists, it’s bad for the monarchy. Right?? Which leads me to believe this is Andrew running around, promoting himself to the Telegraph and the Mail, telling everyone that he’s going to keep using his HRH royal style and that he plans to overturn his settlement to Virginia Giuffre. Now a new layer of bulls–t: apparently, Andrew has assembled a “war chest” of funds so that he can pursue legal action against the human trafficking victim he raped. Where did he get this war chest? His mummy left him millions in her will.

Disgraced royal Prince Andrew is said to be amassing a war chest worth as much as £10 million in preparation to launch a legal challenge to his settlement with Virgina Giuffre over allegations she was forced to have sex with him when she was 17. The Duke of York, 62, who is no longer a working royal and is not allowed to use his HRH title after reaching a deal in which he paid out to Ms Giuffre while not accepting any culpability, has always denied her claims.

He is expected to argue that he never met Ms Giuffre and that the infamous photo of the two of them is a fake. Prince Andrew denied ever meeting Ms Giuffre in a disastrous Newsnight interview in 2021. He famously claimed he was at a Pizza Express in Woking at the time of one of the incidents mentioned by his accuser.

A royal source told the Sun that Andrew now wants to ‘prove’ his innocence in a US court. They said: ‘He was pressured into settling the case to avoid overshadowing the Platinum Jubilee and has paid a heavy price, personally and professionally. The King is happy for him to pursue this. As Head of State, he can’t back him publicly, but Andrew is still his brother and he wants the best for him.’

Andrew is reported to be more financially secure than ever after he and ex-wife Sarah Ferguson sold their Swiss chalet for £10 million last year. The Queen is also said to have left her son an inheritance worth ‘several million’, which he may also use to fund his case.

It comes as it was reported this week that Prince Andrew is pushing his brother, King Charles, to allow him to use the title HRH again. But top lawyers have dismissed his ambitions and said he should be ‘grateful that he is not in jail’, the Mirror reports.

[From The Daily Mail]

The sale of the Swiss chalet ended up being a more complicated financial situation, and it took months for Andrew to clear the way (and the debt) to sell the chalet. When the sale finally went through, months later, the original plan was that Andrew would use the chalet money to “pay back” the money his mother let him “borrow” to pay the settlement to Giuffre. I guess he didn’t have to pay it back, huh? And in addition to getting a “loan” from the Crown, he also received millions in his mother’s will? And instead of just going away and being disgusting privately, Andrew will use his inheritance and the chalet money to launch an unhinged campaign against Giuffre? Who the f–k is advising Andrew? Is it just Fergie, telling him that this is a brilliant scheme?

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  1. Blushandbashful says:

    What a privileged idiot douche.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      He’s stupid and disgusting! He’s also the biggest damage to the monarchy, no way Charles would let him do that unhindered… there wouldn’t be a big enough amount of “but Meghan!” covers to hide his idiocy and guilt.

      So either Charles lets him hang himself with this or he stops him from doing it altogether.

      • Fabiola says:

        I don’t think Charles will let him either. As long as Andrew stays in the background Charles will support him but if he comes out Charles will take the necessary measures.

  2. WiththeAmericann says:

    These disgusting people saw Johnny depp win by suing the woman he physically abused and so now he wants to run to the U.S. where conservatives will attack the victim on social media until she wishes she’d never opened her mouth.

    This is so sick. I can only hope he fails.

    • J says:

      Absolutely this. Such a dangerous and gross precedent set by the Depp PR machine

    • AlpineWitch says:

      As A. Heard said, her loss was a huge damage to abused women everywhere.

    • Esmerelda says:

      But Depp had die hard fans – no one is caping for Andrew.
      He’s the idiot that brought about his own downfall with the Newsnight interview, this new cunning plan will not fare better, he’ll just blow through more money.
      I can believe that either Charles or the courtiers want to somewhat rehabilitate Andrew’s image a bit, because he’ll be around for decades still. But harassing Virginia yet again to re-litigate a settled issue is not the way.

  3. BayTampaBay says:

    No one could be this stupid. I think this is British Tabloids just making up BS because, “But top lawyers have dismissed his ambitions and said he should be ‘grateful that he is not in jail’, the Mirror reports.”

    • Chloe says:

      Plus the newsnight interview happened in 2019, not 2021 as said in the article. Some stellar writing …NOT

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      I would have agreed it was a non starter, except…
      Andrew is a completely loose canon. His waltzing his mother up the church at his father’s memorial post his utter disgrace is just a taste of his misplaced determination and self belief.
      He has been cast out and his behaviour has impacted on the standing of his Princess daughters (something I disagree with because they seem fine by royal standards and I also have an utterly horrible father and would hate to be judged by his actions) something he cannot bear.
      The real jealousy in the Royal family lies between Andrew and Charles imo
      I also believe Depp has given so many abusers confidence they can win in court no matter the circumstances or evidence piled against them

      • Renae says:

        This is a Fergie & Camilla plan. Andy wants back “in”. Fergie wants to help. Fergie is best buds with side piece. Side piece is running the roost (try and convince me she’s not!). Therefore, Charlie three sticks says Andy can do it but without chuck’s name etc involved. Chuck’s good with it. Until it all flies in his face!

    • Emily_C says:

      Andrew could be this stupid. Andrew could also, like so many people, think that Depp won (he didn’t.) But for someone like Andy, who has no problems with groping his daughter in full view of cameras at his mother’s memorial service, and who doesn’t get punished for that in any way whatsoever, losing is literally unthinkable.

  4. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Please, Andrew. DO IT! Come to American and testify in an American court with Allen Dershowitz as your lawyer and Ghislane Maxwell your witness. I am BEGGING you!

  5. Amy Bee says:

    I think his appearance at the Christmas walk was the first step in the campaign to launder his image and he has the full backing of Charles and Camilla.

    • MsIam says:

      You would think Andrew was his son instead of Harry. Andrew is the son Charles deserves, not Harry. Someone just as smarmy and grifty as Charles.

    • Ceej says:

      There’s no way Charles is that stupid. He knows his reign is already on thin ice to be raising the profile of Andrew. The idea Andrew has his backing to draw more press to whether or not he assaulted women AND how Andrew was best friends with a convicted predator… and right before the coronation?!

      No. My guess is 1) Andrew whines and whines so he gets the odd bone of a family walk so he stops, and 2) the theory the gag order expires soon is true and Andrew is trying to puff up his chest and feign royal support and unlimited funds to intimidate her into staying quiet once it does. (I’ll even buy that Charles supports this effort so there’s no other bad press during his first couple years as king)

      But for someone as petty as to hate his own first wife for being more popular than him with the public, there’s no way Charles isn’t harbouring serious resentment and dislike for Andrew for being Mummy’s favourite son.

    • Concern Fae says:

      Nope. He and Charles have never gotten along. Charles would be happy if Andrew just somehow vanished and never needed money or a house or attention ever again.

      That Camilla might be pulling some 9th dimension bullshit to bring Andrew back in order to embiggen Charles is something I had not considered.

      Andrew is going to run through the money TQ left him in a year and he’s going to be fvcked.

    • Mel says:

      Charles and Andrew are what we would call frenemies. They’re brothers and unite when they have a common cause but Charles does not care for his brother. Remember QE2’s 1st set of kids and her second set have a significant age difference. Charles and Anne got a Mom who couldn’t pay much attention to so Charles was spoiled by Granny and Philip was rough on him while Anne was Philip’s darling girl. The Queen spend more time with her last two which is why Andrew is specifically such a spoiled twit. In Charles perfect world, Andrew would sit himself down somewhere taking care of Corgi’s and waiting to die. He doesn’t want him out there reminding everyone of how gross he is and tarring he family. Cams and Fergie are idiots, this will blow up in their faces. Proceed…….

    • Emily_C says:

      Yes, because Andrew has the dirt on Charles and everyone else. And they are so, so, SO dumb.

  6. RoyalBlue says:

    speaking of…. When will the public hear the contents of Her Majesty’s will?

    • Felicity Fox says:

      Her Majesty’s will not, more like.

    • Lauren says:

      either in 100 years or never, I can’t remember if they put a time limit on sealing her will like they did Philips or not.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      It is most likely sealed for a century.

      The British royals are very good at remaining inscrutable because the public will never have access to significant parts of their archives. This is something that serious historians have brought up as a very problematic thing.

    • Lady Esther says:

      What’s interesting about this story is that as the money is not a monarch-to-monarch transfer, Andrew should pay inheritance tax on whatever the Queen left him (that’s why the monarch usually leaves everything to the heir, that way it avoids tax). I wonder if he’ll find some way to dodge that?

      • Mary says:

        Lol, @lady esther, that was my first thought when I heard that Andrew had inherited millions from the Queen. When and how is he going to pay the taxes on that?! He will probably get away with not paying them at all.

        When his grandmother, the Queen Mother, died, her beneficiaries got away with not paying taxes because they basically lied and said that the Queen mother had given away all of the designated items and funds to her beneficiaries before 7 years before she died. It was my understanding the tax authorities knew that was bogus but just let it go and did not make the beneficiaries pay inheritance taxes.

  7. SomeChick says:

    does anyone really think that a grown man who tantrums over the arrangement of his teddy bears is taking any advice whatsoever about anything from anyone?!

    this photo is so haunting to me. the gross prince with his fingers right on Virginia’s skin. smug pimp Ghislaine lurking behind. and also, I had those same pants. they were pricey, Diesel I think. (scored them off the clearance rack, myself. hers were probably a bribe.) I was older than Virginia (I’m older than the Wailses) but it makes it kinda hit home even more, you know?

    I eagerly await the day her gag order expires. may I live to see it – as well as the downfall of the monarchy!

    • Betsy says:

      Every time I see this picture it reminds me how she is just so clearly a teenaged child. Entitled to have her own age-appropriate sexual experiences, but just a child and how ever loving idiotic did Andrew have to be to have intercourse with an American child? Giufre is pretty close in age to his own daughters, for gods sake. He knew. He knew what he was doing. He could have had as much illicit sex with adult women as he wanted, but he went after and raped a child.

      • SomeChick says:

        This, ALL DAY LONG! she’s his daughters’ age. even if she was over 18 it’s still gross and creepy! and unfair. I need to stop talking about this before steam comes out of my ears.

      • Emily_C says:

        He groped one of his own daughters at his mother’s memorial service in full view of the cameras.

  8. MsIam says:

    Ok, I’m no lawyer, but if somehow Andrew got the settlement overturned its not like Virginia would go away. Plus the judge already said the case could go to trial. I think Andrew is trying to be preemptive because he knows Virginia may start talking soon. Then again its the Daily Fail, so….

    • Chaine says:

      Yeah I don’t get it either. A settlement is a contract and he paid her the money. It’s not like he is going to get it back now. Isn’t he worried that by stirring this all up again he could revive possible criminal investigations against him for his Epstein activities?

    • Chloe says:

      I’m not a lawyer either but simce he pushed for settlement, isn’t that sort of an admittance to guilt? How is he planning on turning that around?

    • C-Shell says:

      A civil settlement is, as @Chaine says, a contract. There are very limited bases for rescinding a contract, and Paedrew does not have them, although he COULD argue that he lacked the mental capacity to enter into the contract LOL. He can’t claim duress, mistake or breach. I s’pose he’d try to claim Virginia committed fraud or misrepresented facts (i.e. lied) — oh, please Andrew, pleeeease claim she misrepresented facts!! We want depositions, discovery! 🙏🏻

  9. A says:


    Instead of this, and bear with me here because it’s complicated, Andrew could simply pay for an extremely large hole to be dug at the location of his and his family’s choosing and then jump into it, never to be seen again.

  10. Afken says:

    If Andrew is “more financially secure than ever” why is Charles considering paying £3m a year for his security??

  11. Feeshalori says:

    They grow them dumb in the royal family with the exception of Harry, who smartened up and got himself and his family the hell out of Dodge. Do come to the US, Andrew, where the FBI would like to arrange a little chat with you.

  12. Princess Peach says:

    I hope he tries this because he will lose his little inheritance money.

  13. Jessamine says:

    Honestly, let us let these people show us who they are.

  14. KinChicago says:

    First, he would have to in person arrive in The United States to file- which he is not going to do (welcome to try and get imnediately questioned by the FBI and State and City authorities). Perhaps, with his demonstrated pedophile trafficking entitlement and dismal history of money management- he thinks he can buy that off too. Please try.

    I bet approximately 8-10 years before he has pissed all funds away and continues to make himself an embarrassment. Mark my words.
    He may be flush now but that won’t last…

    • Startup Spouse says:

      I’ll see your 8-10 years and give him 3-5 years before he’s in financial distress again.

  15. IB says:

    Did prince Harry ever mention prince andrew in spare? Just curious. I raised at an eyebrow at reading an excerpt that said he and Cressida would would vacation at his chalet, and joined on prince andrew’s sketchy Kazakhstan ski trip

    • Chaine says:

      Yes, Harry’s memoir mentioned Andrew a few times, including an absolutely hilarious anecdote that the first time Meghan met the queen, Andrew was just standing around holding the queen’s handbag for her and no one introduced him, and after he left, Meghan asked Harry “Who was the queen’s assistant”

  16. Athena says:

    How much exactly did she leave him and how much is he ready to part with in attorneys fee? During the Court case, I read he was calling the lawyers all the time, those calls can get pretty expensive.

  17. Eating Popcorn says:

    He would have to have legal grounds to overturn his settlement. There are none. He received the best legal advice money could buy. This is smoke and mirrors and is a diversion from Spare. Nothing will come of this. Someone knows that there is a way to make Charles look good, remind the public of the member of the RF who looks so much worse. I give you the FAKE rehabilitation of Prince Paedo. I give you the fake Dukedom of Prince Edward…. these people!

  18. Eurydice says:

    Yes, please, please let’s have many more articles about disgusting Andrew’s criminal past. A fitting prelude to Charles’ Cremation.

  19. Tessa says:

    The Jubilee is such a poor excuse for Andrew settling the suit (with money from his mother IMO), So he paid for someone he says never met not to spoil his Mother’s Jubilee. Yeah right.

  20. Harper says:

    Feels like the disbursement of the Queen’s will has happened and Andrew and Edward have their money and are now telling Chuck to eff off or they will get a book deal of their own.

    • Becks1 says:

      It does feel like something has shifted, right? With Edward once again openly campaigning for DoE and Andrew pushing this stuff about his HRH and overturning the settlement etc….I bet they did get something from the queen’s will. They have to pay inheritance tax on it so I wonder if it will ever come out how much they got.

  21. girl_ninja says:

    Aren’t they making that news night interview into a film or some sh*t? That interview showed him as a dumb pervert deviant. I hope this humbles him big time.

  22. Still In My Robe says:

    Where’s a Thomas Cromwell when you need him…..

  23. Stella says:

    Dunning-Kruger in the flesh. I can’t see Andrew spending his “own” money on anything, but if he does, it’ll be pissed away on pricey lawyers who keep the meter running on this foolish appeal for years and years.

    The level of self-delusion is incredible with this one. Awful, awful, loathsome man.

  24. Lizzie says:

    Isn’t he still hiding from the FBI so they cannot interview him? I think he would throw all of the money away trying to clear his name and reclaim his glory days, but Fergie is going to try and get her hands on some of that money.

  25. Mslove says:

    I hope Virginia talks & tells all about Andrew & his relationship with his bestie Epstein. After all, Andrew spent a lot of time in Epstein’s NYC townhouse & god knows where else. It’s such an affront for this rapist to blather on about his “innocence” & his stupid war chest. And you know he & Fergie will blow through all that money within the year.

  26. Lolo86lf says:

    His mother left him millions! How much money did she leave her spare grandson Harry? Her deserving descendant gets nothing but her bad son gets a ton of money to settle out of court and millions more. I wonder how fair Queen Elizabeth the second was in her old age.

  27. Beverley says:

    Please Andrew, please come for Virginia G. in an American court of law. The FBI has been wanting to chat with you for years! Even in a civil case, there will be plenty of discovery and depositions under oath. Come on over and do your thang, Duke of York. It’ll be so very entertaining!

    • Tigerlily says:

      @Beverly He’s probably delusional enough to assume that the FBI would treat him with same kid gloves that British police have. Sure Andy. Bring it on, go to America & sort this out 🙄

      • QuiteContrary says:

        Fingers crossed that this dumb f*ck tries to clear his name in the U.S. They don’t allow teddy bears — and there are no servants to straighten them — in American prisons, Andy.

        But try it. Please try it. We could all use the laughs.

  28. SarahCS says:

    I think various things can be true.

    Andrew doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong (remember the interview??) and would love to ‘fight’ this.

    Andrew loves money.

    Charles is on board with a level of rehabilitation – see Andrews presence at various events – because he’s still one of the Family.

    Charles will throw more money at him to get him to shut up because even if Chuck also thinks he didn’t do anything wrong (and it makes my skin creep juts typing that), he does at least see that going this far would be bad for the institution.

    • Emily_C says:

      Of course Chuck doesn’t think Andy did anything wrong. One of Chuck’s best friends was Jimmy Saville, who raped every girl and woman he possibly could.

  29. Lee says:

    I have a feeling that he may be quietly supported by Charles who I think wants to deal with every problem in his family before his coronation.

  30. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Okay, let’s have a trial. Didn’t I read something about another woman who would testify for Virginia? Another trafficked kid? Sure, Randy Andy, let’s go with a trial.

    He doesn’t have the favor of the US and add to that he raped a trafficked teenager. Does he understand what he would be up against in the press? You want a trial, Andy? Okay!

  31. Badgerette says:

    all these Andrew embiggening stories are to squash Harry’s claim that the spare is left out to dry. We know they have awful PR instincts, so why not prop up awful Andy, as long as we can stick it to Harry. I think that’s why the tide changed right around the same time as the Netflix series/memoir.

  32. BeanieBean says:

    I thought the 10 million they got for the chalet went toward paying off the mortgage they had on the chalet? Wasn’t it something twisted like that? He didn’t net a profit, that 10 mil was already committed

  33. rea says:

    Now with his mother gone; Andrew needs to play it safe and accept the responsibility for his actions. He is fortunate his mother left his money and he should save it because I doubt his brother KC will lend or give him money. He seems at odd from him since they were young since he was QE favorite and the former public’s darling.

  34. SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

    Here’s hoping that this is a humiliating disaster for him.

  35. bisynaptic says:

    Imagine being worth $8B—and leaving your favorite son only a few mil.