Prince Edward might get the Duke of Edinburgh title after years of drama

Long story short, Prince Edward was supposed to “get” the Duke of Edinburgh title when his father died. QEII, Prince Philip and Edward worked out that deal years ago, when Edward married Sophie. When Philip passed away in 2021, Edward and Sophie went on a grief tour and they gave interviews in which they spoke openly about how they would receive the Edinburgh titles. Prince Charles put a stop to that pretty quickly, letting it be known that the title was his and he wouldn’t hand it to his younger brother, and that Charles thought the whole grief tour was tacky as hell. Then, after QEII died, Charles apparently told the Wessexes soon after that, again, they would not receive the Edinburgh titles. Charles even had a different scheme, and he was considering making Princess Charlotte the Duchess of Edinburgh. Well, now “sources” claim that Charles has had a change of heart.

The King is said to be keen to make amends with his youngest brother, Edward, Earl of Wessex, following claims that he was to be bypassed for the title of Duke of Edinburgh. It had long been thought that the honour would go to the Prince. But the King has yet to grant it – and well-placed sources said he had discussed whether it might go to Princess Charlotte when she was older.

Now, however, sources close to the family say the King has had a change of heart and the title is likely to be created for Edward after all – possibly in March next year when he turns 60.

Tension within the family rose when it appeared that the King might give his late father’s title to his granddaughter, Prince William’s daughter Charlotte. Charles and Edward are close, and the King is said to have relied on his advice as the threat of a US sex-abuse lawsuit hung over their brother Prince Andrew.

A source close to Edward said: ‘It was a slap in the face, particularly when Edward has been such a help to Charles over the Andrew farrago. Also because the Queen had promised him the title before she died and it was always believed by Edward and Sophie that, in time, the title would then be passed down to their son, Viscount Severn. Now it does look like the tide is turning. Clearly the King has had time to reflect on the late Queen’s wishes.’

One source told The Mail on Sunday that the King might ask for the title to revert to the Crown after Edward dies rather than being passed to his son.

An insider said: ‘The problem is you can have a situation where, in future, a senior title like Edinburgh, which is very important to the Union, is eventually held by someone far removed from the Throne.’

[From The Daily Mail]

“The King might ask for the title to revert to the Crown after Edward dies rather than being passed to his son…” Isn’t that somewhat common within the family though? If Prince Andrew had a son, that son would not automatically become the Duke of York, correct? Certain titles are merely “given” by the monarch and they’re not inherited. Maybe I’m wrong about that but it certainly feels true. Anyway, there’s been a real shift – I thought Charles was going to keep the DoE title for years (in abeyance) and then give it to one of William’s children. I wonder what changed Charles’s mind. Maybe it was everyone pointing out that Edward getting the DoE title was actually QEII and Philip’s express wish, which they put in writing. Charles looked like he was completely disregarding his mother and father’s wishes for entirely petty reasons.

Anyway, the rumor going around now is that Charles will give Edward the DoE next year for Edward’s 60th birthday (Edward is a Pisces, like CB).

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  1. Pinkosaurus says:

    I think our old gal Sofa has been feeding stories to the press again. I think they are stirring this up publicly to try to make one more issue for KC3 so they can force him to change his decision. We’ll see if they get set back in line again.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Or Edward threatened to go rogue like Harry and start spilling some tea anonymously. Harry has shown them all the way to get what they want.

      • equality says:

        I hope you’re right. I hope they are all blackmailing old Charles to get their way.

      • Startup Spouse says:

        This was my first thought. Edward threatened to write a book like Harry to get some leverage here.

        Harry’s given them the playbook. They could all be financially independent of the crown if they start spilling the secrets.

      • Tacky says:

        I don’t see anyone getting excited about a tell all from Edward. He and Sophie are so boring.

      • TheVolvesSeidr says:

        @Tacky, yeah but can you imagine the dirt Edward has on *everyone* in that family? I think he could absolutely get rich from a tell all.

      • Sugarhere says:

        Or SPARE and the ensuing fear of cutting himself off from his few remaining supporters, might account for Charles’s sudden change of heart.

        The fact that the Sussexes are never coming back to the fold has altered the family dynamics. Even Petty Chuck was able to grasp that he cannot function if he loses another pair to another vexatious decision of his.

    • Chloe says:

      Or maybe they’ve threatened Charles. Maybe edward and sophie are busy courting the media and god knows that with the sussexes not holding back anymore, charles will need everyone on his side.

      • Lorelei says:

        Yeah, sadly, if Edward wrote a book and actually wanted anyone to buy it, it would need to be all about members of the family who are not him, lol. And IDK if his ego could take that. But I wouldn’t mind if they all started taking pages from Harry’s playbook!

    • DouchesOfCambridge says:

      Oh yes, this coronation will not go down without threats from family members at all corners against sausage finger Charles. And the title change needs to be done before coronation if not! lol
      Is there also trouble between william and charles?

    • Liz Version 700o says:

      She is exhausting. I mean they are all exhausting. All of this drama over a title. Such pathetic reasons for getting up in the morning. The lot of them would be exhausting to be related too. Meanwhile they ripped up H&M for wanting to genuinely help people

    • Emme says:

      Charles, vacillating YET again. The man has never made a decision by himself that he’s stuck to. He said he’d never marry again after his divorce from Princess Diana (look how THAT turned out.) He said Camilla would never be Queen (yeah, right.) He said he wouldn’t give Edward the DoE title…
      He’s a man who dithers and dithers. Decisiveness isn’t part of his personality. He’s a weak, wet lettuce.

      • Julia K says:

        Even the Queen used that very word. She told Charles to quit dithering about an engagement to Diana.

  2. Tessa says:

    Charles.may hold this over them for years

  3. Kiera says:

    I believe DOE is a hereditary title not a for life title. Given that is passed to Charles on Phillips death. They would have to make some major changes to change that I think. I think all of the ducal titles in the family are hereditary, lifetime peerages are more common for those who have been elevated to the peerage for service to the country/crown.

    It makes it very clear though that even if they do give it to Edward, Charles is not seeing his children as having a real future in the firm.

    • Elizabeth says:

      You are correct. The current Dukes of Kent and Gloucester inherited their royal dukedoms from their fathers, and their sons will inherit, but the dukedoms will no longer be royal. If Andrew had a son, he would inherit the title of Duke of York, just as Archie would inherit Duke of Sussex. Giving Edward the title of Duke of Edinburgh on his 60th birthday but telling him that his son won’t inherit is a new low even for Charles.

      • Julia K says:

        Could Andrew pass his title to his grandson August?

      • Ohso says:

        Andrew could not pass it on to any of his descendants- unless he remarries and has a male heir. His grandchildren are all in the female line and cannot inherit the ducal title.

      • Fortuona says:

        No ,and even if he did have the right Bea would get first shout if she has a son

  4. CC says:

    Lucy and the football.

  5. Becks1 says:

    No, I think Duke of York would have been inherited like any other title. It’s just that its been a long time since the Duke of York has had a son to pass the title to. For example, George V was Duke of York but then became Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales and when he became king, the title merged with the crown. his son was named Duke of York (EII’s father) but then became king and so the title again merged with the crown. And if he had stayed Duke of York, he only had two daughters, like Andrew.

    gloucester and Kent dukedoms will be passed down the line and will cease to be royal I think after the current dukes pass.

    So at this point DoY will revert to the crown and will likely be William’s to hand out. Louis might not get it though if Andrew is still alive when Louis gets married (a likely possibility in this family.)

    DoE likewise was not able to be given to Edward until the Queen died and Charles’ titles reverted to the crown, so there was no snub or anything until that point. Still, the refusal from Charles over the past 4 months to give the title to Edward is pretty blatant, especially considering he made W&K Prince and Princess of Wales basically immediately.

    I think Charles has realized he’s not making many friends as king and needs to do what he can to keep Edward close.

    • Yvette says:

      @Becks1 … Yep, and “Spare” has shown how petty the Royal Family can be, so I think deciding to give the title to Edward after all is a double win for Charles.

      According to Google, the Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, and Baron titles are hereditary, but only pass down through the male line (daughters traditionally don’t inherit these titles). This also might explain all the panic and uproar from some salty Brits about ‘removing Harry’s Title’ and for Harry and his children to be removed from the line of succession. They don’t want mixed-raced Archie inheriting a Duke’s Title.

      • Robert Phillips says:

        The problem they are all having is the only power they have over Harry now is removing his title. If they remove his title then all titles lose their power. Plus then all titles can be removed at the whim of the King. Harry is making the world realize this class system is all a joke.

      • Fortuona says:

        They cannot remove his titles only is he commits treason . if goes thru 2 years in court when Harry can defend himself and Archie can ask to get it back when his dad dies even if he loses

  6. Jessica says:

    Most titles are hereditary and pass to the oldest son. If Andrew had a son that son would inherit the title. They can make it a non hereditary title when it is creataed/given, but that has not been the normal practice.

  7. ThatsNotOkay says:

    This…is not the way to campaign for what you want. In this case, a title. Going to a paper to say that, although the king had a change of heart, he he was such a d*ck before about it when you were so good to him, but now you’re glad he’s come around. I mean, way to shoot yourself in the foot. Dear everyone: stop briefing the media about everything! Full stop. You’re too feebleminded to do it right.

  8. fireweaver says:

    The DoEs title as granted to Phillip, was hereditary. Since Charles became King, the title has become merged with the crown. KC can do a new creation of the DoE title for Edward(or any family member) and can make it a lifetime title, a hereditary for oldest son, or just for oldest child. He will have to specify in a letters patent about that tho

  9. Amy Bee says:

    I think Charles has realized it’s better to have Edward on his side.

  10. Jay says:

    It does feel like Edward is trying to leverage Andrew and how “helpful” he thinks he can be in curtailing Andrew’s mess. I’m not sure if anyone can really manage Andrew, but he’s welcome to try.

    What I want to know is why the queen didn’t just give Edward the title herself instead of relying on a letter to Charles? If she felt so strongly about it, during the jubilee would have been the best time to do it, right?

    • Feeshalori says:

      She couldn’t do it because Charles inherited the DOE title upon Philip’s death as the eldest son. Once Charles became king, all of his titles reverted back to the crown, and then that would have been the time for Edward to get that title if Charles was going to grant it.

  11. Jais says:

    Obviously, it done how it’s done with these silly titles, but the whole oldest son inheriting still makes my blood boil. How bout the oldest child inherits? Beatrice could be the duchess of York and Edward’s daughter(legit blanking on her name, blonde, drives carriages) could be the duchess of Edinburgh. For me, inherited titles are antiquated but if you’re gonna have them, at least get rid of this older son thing. My god.
    Louise! His daughters name is Louise.

  12. Unblinkered says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Princess Anne stepped in. It must be a serious affront to her that her youngest brother, Edward – with whom I think she’s always been on good terms – should be shabbily treated by withholding the DoE title when it was both their parents’ express wish that Edward should become DoE. And can’t imagine she’d have been overjoyed at the thought of any of W&K’s lot getting it instead!

    • Lizzie says:

      As if Anne has stood up for fairness in the family. Where is she on KC’s refusal to acknowledge Archie and Lili’s titles?

      • CourtneyB says:

        No one knows. Anne seems to play the fewest public games. Her opinion on a LOT isn’t known. But being more opinionated about a loved brother than a great niece and nephew you possibly haven’t even met is a bit different.

  13. lemontwist says:

    Yeah I wonder from which camp this story came from.
    Is it Edward & Sophie trying to force KC3’s hand? That seems unwise since hasn’t worked in the past though.

    Is it KC3 trying to cook up a different family drama to deflect from H&M? Putting the title of Edinburgh decision off for a year gives the media that much more time to feed off the story.

    Maybe he just wants a public flex after Harry’s justified ultimatum about attending the coronation and this was the easiest picking.

  14. Maremotrice says:

    “An insider said: ‘The problem is you can have a situation where, in future, a senior title like Edinburgh, which is very important to the Union, is eventually held by someone far removed from the Throne.’”
    Another possibility is that in future Edinburgh won’t be in the United Kingdom any more.

    • Jay says:

      It would be perfectly fitting if these two brothers squabbled over the title for years and then the decision is moot because Scotland just up and left the union!

      • Lorelei says:

        @Jay, that would be perfect. And it’s not out of the question, I don’t think? It seems like a distinct possibility. I would laugh for days

      • Feeshalori says:

        He should bestow on him as a coronation honor. If he’s going to do it. But keep dragging your heels, Chuck.

  15. Concern Fae says:

    I think the royal dukedoms used to extend to the sovereign’s grandson. The change is to keep it to one generation.

  16. Jensa says:

    I do find it all faintly ridiculous, these ludicrous people fighting over these meaningless titles. Plus isn’t Edward already something like 13th in line? That’s a long way down, and will only go further. So much for Charles’ plans to slim things down.

    • Vivian says:

      This! It would also be a great idea for Harry and Meghan to drop their titles or put them in abeyance.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Vivian, why just Harry and Meghan? Let’s not forget the Duke of Kent, etc., why not have all of them drop their titles or put them in abeyance. After all the Kents and Gloucesters (sp ?) are farther down the line than the Sussexes. It would clean everything up nicely, don’t you think?

      • CourtneyB says:

        The dukes of Kent and Gloucester are still working royals. Andrew is the one who should give up the york title and give it a few decades to de-stink before someone like Louis inherits.

      • C says:

        They offered and were refused.
        We know you don’t like them, Vivian. Lol.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        CourtneyB, well I guess when they retire then they won’t need the titles, will they. It never ceases to amaze me that people harp on about the titles when there are strings of people whose titles can be removed and really clean everything up. Isn’t that what the King wants?

    • Lizzie says:

      Edward has a 150-year lease on a mansion with 120 rooms on 51 acres (per Wikipedia). Takes a lot of nerve for a Prince and Earl to cry he is being treated shabbily because he doesn’t have one more title.

      • PrincessK says:

        Yes, and he can barely afford to keep it running. The extra money from taking on more royal engagements might help and inheritance from his mother.

  17. Flower says:

    Chuckles is paying everyone off and making sure they’re on side for the fight of his life with Diana’s Son.

    • Doppelgangers R'Us says:

      The War of the Roses was at it’s heart a family squabbling over who got which title. Lol
      My family descends from both the York’s and Lancaster’s through second sons and daughters, even so the squabbling has still bred true. 🧐
      The BFR has long been known for backstabbing family members. At times with actual blades… 😳
      This could get very interesting. Especially if they start using duelling memoirs! 🤔🤣🤣🤣

      War Of Roses 2.0 I am here for it. 🍿

  18. SourcesclosetoKate says:

    Are they the only friends William and Kate have? Your uncle and aunt??

  19. Jackie says:

    The Duke of York title is hereditary. It has always been in the past. However, everyone that has held the title (second son of the sovereign) has either inherited the Crown or died without male heir. Which is why it keeps reverting back to Crown. It can only be used again in that case. That’s why Harry, despite being second son of a monarch, is unlikely to ever be created Duke of York. It’ll likely be Louis or George’s second son for the next creation.

    • Isabella says:

      In that case, it’s really weird that Charlotte, a girl, was added into the mix.

    • molly says:

      I don’t think anyone would get Duke of York for a good long while. (If ever.)

      “Congrats on the marriage, Louis! Remember your super creepy, great uncle Andrew with all that pesky r*pey stuff? Welp, that’s YOUR name now! Good luck cleaning up that SEO.”

  20. Niki says:

    Edward isn’t bright enough to write a book. I think Charles changed his mind because of Spare. The book depicts Charles as a small, detached and gloriously petty person. Not bestowing Edward the DoE title only reiterates that narrative. This gesture probably changes that in his mind.

    • equality says:

      Edward doesn’t need to be bright enough to write. He can get a co-author or ghost writer. Sophie, I bet, could write a book.

      • Rnot says:

        Agreed, he doesn’t need to be bright. He just needs to remember everything he saw and heard as the youngest child of the queen. I’d be interested in what he had to say.

      • Lorelei says:

        @RNOT, exactly! And I bet he has. You need to be ruthless to survive in that family, and Sophie *for sure* has a lengthy, detailed sh!t list.

  21. Eurydice says:

    Is the title worth anything? I mean, does it come with money or a house or a box of tiaras or something?

    • Doppelgangers R'Us says:

      I am pretty sure that Prince Philip had estates that he drew income from with the title. But I don’t know if they were entailed to the title though or something EII granted him.

  22. Murphy says:

    He wasn’t supposed to get it when Phil died, it was when the Queen died. And after that it was at Charles discretion. So the cat has played with the mouse a little bit, who cares? (besides Sophie)

  23. Pope Archibald says:

    I’m thinking that Chuckles creating Eddie of Edinburgh will be the last straw for Scotland to successfully gain independence, that Chuckles knows this is a likely outcome and will be able to blame Eddie and thus banishing him to the bowels of obsolescence where he belongs! A gal can dream. 🤣

  24. Reign says:

    What is with the British media and the RF slapping or being slapped in the face?
    It’s like a British Slap Comedy.

  25. QuiteContrary says:

    I’d like to think that all of this is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

    • Lorelei says:

      I don’t think you’re wrong. I do think the rearranging may go on for a lot longer than many of us here think or hope— decades, maybe, and it will probably outlive us all— but the BRF is on a downward trajectory for sure.

  26. AnneL says:

    It seems like a silly title to me. The whole system seems silly. But Philip and Elizabeth wanted Edward to have it, and they made that explicit. Now Chuck tries to reneg? That’s low.

    I think for Edward, this is a matter of the title being important because his father once held it. And to have your older brother shaft you by withholding something your parents wanted to be yours? That has to be pretty maddening.

    This kind of thing happens in families all the time, except the fighting is over things like silver candlesticks, not titles.

    You’re King, Chuck. Let your younger brother have the stupid title. Stop hogging everything. You’re not only a s**t father, you’re a s**t brother too.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      But why would Elizabeth’s wish carry more weight than Charles’ wish? Or more weight than the wish of Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, who was the one to bestow the title on Philip. By giving Philip that title, George VI knew it would be inherited by Philip’s oldest son if he had one, which means merging with the crown once Elizabeth died. So presumably that was George VI’s wish. Then Elizabeth became the monarch, and she had a different wish, that it go to Edward. Fine, the previous monarch was dead and Elizabeth had different views. But then Elizabeth died, and now Charles is the new monarch, and he apparently has a different view from Elizabeth. So my question is, why would Elizabeth’s wish be more important than her successor’s wish, or her predecessor’s wish?

      • equality says:

        Don’t really care about any of their wishes but apparently Charles agreed with her wishes at the time and gave his word. He is showing what his word is worth if he reneges.

  27. Emily_C says:

    Is it against protocol for royal women to wear bras that fit?

    Chuck wants everything for himself and nothing for anyone else. Which again is proof that Andrew has some serious shit on him.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Hey now, I dislike Sophie and the rest of that family too. But the ONE THING I would not criticize the Windsor women for, is wearing (or not wearing) a bra of their choice. Why shouldn’t they be comfortable? That’s more important that trying to starve themselves, or squeeze into girdles and corsettes, or worrying if they have the “proper support” whatever that means.

      • Emily_C says:

        I’ve got big boobs, and having them hang low like that would give me worse back problems than I already have. I need proper support. But whatever, I just think it’s weird that this seems to be a pattern among the royals. It does not look in the least comfortable to me.

  28. Lee says:

    I wonder what the title comes with? Money? Land etc what’s actually the point of the Dukedom and why all the hustling for it

  29. karkopolo says:

    honestly I can’t get past the fact that Eddie isn’t even 60 yet? That whole family ages so poorly, oof

    • Paisley25 says:

      Edward dresses terribly in oversized double breasted suits, but he’s in pretty good shape. He visited the troops in Estonia and Germany last year and looked much better in camouflage with his sleeves rolled up.

    • Emily_C says:

      They drink too much, they all seem to have really weird eating habits (mostly restrictive), and a lot of them smoke.

  30. Jen says:

    Whether each title is hereditary is a matter of law, which is why Charles was even able to do an end-run around his parents about Edward getting the title. By law, Charles got the DoE title on his father’s death, it wasn’t something his mother even as the Queen could legally change without his cooperation. He’s a total AH for not only going against their expressed, written wishes, but he apparently put in writing himself at the time or Edward’s marriage that he was onboard. His word is apparently worthless.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Jen, “His word is apparently worthless.” Yes, we all know that because after agreeing to continue security for the Sussexes for the one year review, he pulled it when they were most vulnerable. Does he want to continue to have people believe his work is worthless? I guess we’ll see if he ever gives the title to Edward.

      These people are expensive–do you know how much popcorn I’ve bought?

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I’m responding to people who say Elizabeth’s wishes should control, because I don’t understand why that is. Her father King George VI gave Philip that dukedom KNOWING it would pass to his eldest son, and then merge with the crown after Elizabeth’s death. That was George VI’s wish. So why should Elizabeth’s wish that it go to Edward over-ride her father’s wish? Because she was the next monarch? Fine, but now Charles is the next monarch, and the title will be bestowed (or not) according to HIS wish. That’s how it works. Either subsequent monarchs get to do things according to their own wishes, or they don’t. If they HAVE to follow a previous monarch’s wish, then Elizabeth should have never tried to give Edward the title.

      Also, I’m going to say something very unpopular here: Just because Elizabeth SAID Charles agreed that Edward should get the title, doesn’t mean that he did. As we’ve seen with Andrew, Elizabeth could be very shady in how she protects her more beloved sons. Could it contribute to why Charles resents his siblings? Possibly. But I’m throwing out the possibility that Charles never agreed in the first place, because I don’t trust anyone in that family and that includes Elizabeth and Philip.

      • Becks1 says:

        @MrsK I see your point but don’t fully agree with it. I mean I agree, each monarchs wish is just that and why should any wish be deemed more
        Important than any other monarchs wish and they can all undo everything if they want. But in this family, the Queen’s wish or desires or whatever have always been used to manipulate and control and for others to get their way. The Queen wanted Andrew to wear his uniform at one of her funeral events, so he did. I mean heck even now Andréws team is saying that the Queen wanted him to use his HRH again so that will be his way back there. Etc. I mean they celebrate Christmas the way they do bc that was how Victoria liked it, so they do put a lot of weight on former monarch’s wishes.

        As for whether or not Charles agreed – I think if he hadn’t we would have heard that at some point or another over the last 20+ years. Even NOW I think we would be hearing it, that he was never on board with that idea and the title was his to do what he wanted with.

        Instead we’re just hearing that he doesn’t want Edward’s son to be a Duke or some other such excuse. So I think he clearly signed off on the idea in 1999.

  31. Beverley says:

    Sofiesta was horrid to Meghan on multiple occasions, so I don’t give a damn if Eddie never gets the DoE title. I hope Meghan continues to outrank that cow for decades to come. This Karen thinks her whiteness makes her better than Meghan, so f*ck her.