The ‘unpopular’ Sussexes ‘aren’t considered for high-profile events’ in America

Of all the things to happen over the past decade, I honestly didn’t predict that Britain’s national media would become so pathetically obsessed with two people who left the UK over three years ago. Like, did anyone think the entire British media would turn into full stalkers, constantly thinking, writing and obsessing about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex? Not just that, but the British media is obsessed with Britsplaining America and American celebrity to their readers, and they’re trying to convince everyone that Harry and Meghan are what? Deeply unpopular in California, and thus America will “force” Harry and Meghan to go back to the UK? Why must these delusions be paraded out for all to see? So, there’s yet another story about how the Sussexes are “unpopular” in America. “Is America’s love affair with Harry and Meghan over? Sussexes’ star ‘is waning in Hollywood power circles’ following release of Netflix series and the Duke’s memoir Spare.” Imagine being this pathetically obsessed.

More concerning for the couple might be speculation by royal commentators that the couple are not being booked for high-profile events because of their profile.

American royal expert Kinsey Schofield told the Times: ‘I work with several publicists in LA and they say that Harry and Meghan aren’t considered for high-profile events because the fear is that all eyes will be on them and that will take away from the cause. I think people are starting to hesitate in associating with them because they seem to be a dramatic pair that fixates on the negative.’

This focus on ‘the negative’ is something Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have to change if they want to change their backslide in the polls, with revelations within the pages of Spare thought to be a large factor in a drop in support for the whole royal family, in the US and the UK.

Spare became the fastest-selling non-fiction book of all time on the day of its release earlier this month, topping sales charts around the world – including in the US, according to its publisher.

[From The Daily Mail]

The article also cites Harry and Meghan not being “invited” to that Oprah event, which was actually an event for a beauty brand. That’s what they’re clinging to – the Sussexes aren’t joined at the hip with Oprah. As for “Harry and Meghan aren’t considered for high-profile events because the fear is that all eyes will be on them and that will take away from the cause” – the Sussexes know their power, which is why they have their own foundation, which supports charities and NGOs around the world. Every charity would LOVE for the Sussexes to attend one of their fundraisers, but that’s not the model Harry and Meghan are using at the moment.

As I’ve said before, British people and the British media really don’t understand American celebrity culture. The Sussexes already cultivated an air of exclusivity because they aren’t seen at the opening of an envelope, and they’re not making constant appearances at LA events. Meanwhile, event organizers are dying to get the Sussexes at their events – it will be a coup for any organizer to book the Sussexes to attend that awards show or that red carpet.

Photos courtesy of Netflix.

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  1. usavgjoe says:

    The BritishPress are cray-cray… just sayin’
    They need to start reporting on the fact that their armed forces don’t have the funds needed to defend the UK due to the years of underfunding their military and over funding their Monarch… and Brexit didn’t help.

    • Osty says:

      They fool too much, in the same article they claim their popularity is declining but then go ahead and say if they are invited to an event all eyes will be on them and his book sold millions copies that isn’t bad for people whose popularity is declining, yes ? 🤔

      • Okay says:

        @Osty I think they are trying to imply that is the reason for the decline. I guess the new angle is ” the book is all over the world and now people see Harry for what he is and do not agree with him but purchases cannot be undone so here is our fake ass hell POLLS that we are guessing matter to Americans” I think they are stupid putting down Meghan for being American, then sending W+K to the U.S. like we didn’t hear it yelled from the mountain top from the RR and BRF to then say “Americans think this they do I swear they think it. You have to believe us” . The RR has been their undoing of the royals. Not only do the royals use them to leak things on each other the courtiers convinced BRF that respectable way to control the story all a while the RR had the BRF from their short and curlies completely under control. This is why H&M are dangerous to them. If the BRF actually used their power and dismantled the RR and had real media there would be cry for a republic or for democratic change. Their sad sham only works if the family works with them and the rogue prince left with all the charm and receipts. They really do feel they own Harry and the rest of them.

      • Okay says:

        They are outing themselves by admitting they don’t know how brand management works. How are you a record breaking worldwide best seller and a pariah. The smart H&M will go under the radar and let the BRF do as they wish. They said their peace and are ready to work once things die down and publicity can move towards their charitable causes. I think its so that when they to emerge and slay left and right that BM will look silly if they keep going months later about the Chubbly, Spare and trying to link them to whatever is happening in Salt Island, when they cant confirm anything that H&M do and what their next move is or isnt. By then I hope the new memoir from the survivor or Prince Andrew sexual abuse comes out. I will supporting her as well and this is going to happen… they will try to spill or bulk H&M back in and I hope people can see its all just a sad sham of a Monarchy and it does not represent in anyway the vibrant, diverse, modern and civilized people of the United Kingdom on the world stage.

      • Ash says:

        I immediately stopped reading at “ American royal expert Kinsey Schofield”

        She’s a Deranger (right wing too) and a massive liar. She created the lie about Meghan not being invited to “Oprah’s birthday party” and has been pushing the narrative nobody wants anything to do with Meghan and Harry…

      • Daisy May says:

        There’s currently a massive cultural/political divide here in the U.S. The right wing is racist and “anti-woke.” They despise diversity of any kind. They oppose teaching the honest history of non-whites in America. They hate LBGTQ. They masquerade as Christians and consider members of all other religions to be terrorists, etc. They blindly or willfully oppose any effort to reduce the extreme income inequality here. Of course they hate Meghan and Harry and they go out of their way to post negative comments about them. Btw I’m a white, 4th generation native of Northern California. I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

  2. Polo says:

    Yeah these people don’t know how Hollywood works at all or they are purposely being obtuse. It’s most likely the later.
    They think if the repeat it often enough people will believe it.
    When an Indiana city official is bragging about all the amazing PR Indianapolis got for Meghan attending their event then you’re winning.
    I would love to see Harry and Meghan at more events for selfish reasons but I’m glad they pick and chose what they want to give their time to.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Kinsey is a well-known obsessed hater. I doubt she knows any A-list publicists. I doubt she spoke with any of them. Many publicists would kill to have the Sussexes on their books. Many event organisers would love to have them on the red carpet. Kinsey should watch and weep.

      • Sunday says:

        Yea, any publication quoting her as some kind of expert should also have to disclose that she’s a total creep who photoshopped her face onto Meghan’s from one of H & M’s engagement photos. She’s pathetic.

      • Is That So says:

        Kinsey Schofield Photoshopped her face over the Sussex’s engagement pictures on the People magazine cover. I think she had it scrubbed or made unfindable on the internet. I searched for it a couple of weeks ago and no keyword search could bring it up.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Kinsey is basically a deranger and a female version of the Sad Little Man. That photoshop stuff was creepy af. (lol @Is That So-you’re right-must have been scrubbed-very hard to find now-a couple out there yet)

        I’m suuurrre she is contact with lots of LA publicists telling her these things. Ya gotta laugh. Kinsey and her fellow right wing cohorts love dissing woke Hollywood and the woke Sussexes. Now, she wants to claim the Sussexes are unwanted because they might draw too much attention to causes and Something tells me Jose Andres/WCK and other groups that have received donations are not bothered by the attention they draw.

        When the Sussexes left/stepped down/bullied out, the BM claimed it was because they wanted to be more Hollywood. Article after article was foreseeing them on Hollywood events. Since, that isn’t what the Sussexes chose to do, these dipshits have to claim it’s because they weren’t invited.

        The hug that went around the world at the walkabout after QE2’s passing. The Sussexes are welcomed and liked amongst people that are not royalists.

    • Osty says:

      I think they don’t know how Hollywood works, these people don’t go out of their bubble and don’t actually know what happens outside there. They also think santa Barbara is close to Hollywood, New York and Boston etc

    • sunny says:

      Also are we forgetting that this is a couple with small children that they are actively involved in raising and people who like being at home? Like it would be a surprise if they were out every minute!

      So much of the press sounds unwell talking about Meghan and Harry. They have proven their brand has cache and they are very well connected.

  3. girl_ninja says:

    What are these events that the Sussex’s are NOT getting invited to? What are they talking about? Something like having an environmental awards event in another country? Inviting a bunch of celebrities come to the event but none of the actual award winners? Are those the types of events the Sussex’s should be clamoring to attend?

    • Eurydice says:

      Really, how many “high profile” events are there in the US that everyone recognizes? The US is a big country and what might be high-profile in one place or within one group isn’t high-profile anywhere else. Some events are more universally watched, like the Oscars and other award shows, but you have to be part of those industries.

      And the thing is that Harry and Meghan are intrinsically high-profile. With the way the BM are searching for any trace of them, even a blurry photo of them attending a friend’s party becomes a high-profile event, as far as press coverage is concerned.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think the highest profile event in the US is probably the Super Bowl, and Harry was there last year. Maybe the Oscars, but that’s an industry event, no one would really expect H&M there unless they are presenting.

        I’m just trying to think of another event in the US that I would consider high profile where H&M haven’t been invited. Events like the Anastasia thing are relatively common in Hollywood circles.

        (I know not everyone is a football follower or a sports fan, but at least we like the commercials right lol.)

      • Elizabeth says:

        I can’t see Harry and Meghan just turning up at the Oscars unless there is a reason. I’m sure that Anna Wintour would love for them to turn up at the Met Gala, but I can’t see that happening unless they are invited as hosts. Events like the Anastasia thing are the events that Meghan would have turned up at if she were still acting, but she’s not. If Harry is nominated for a Grammy next year for Spare, they might show up, but they will not attend the White House Correspondents dinner or anything like that.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Becks1 – I was going to mention the Super Bowl and that Harry had attended, but that doesn’t require an invitation, just a lot of money for ticket of some level.

      • Feeshalori says:

        They can always be invited to a Presidential inauguration if they’re skirting on the edges of politics. Oh, how minds would flip over that.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Eurydice – I feel like everything in the US is based on money, lol. Maybe the British press finds that degrading or something, but even with the Oscars after parties, I feel like enough money gets you an invite, right? And doesnt elton john host a big oscar party each year? I just cant picture an event where the uber wealthy and famous are shut out to make a point or bc someone doesnt like them or whatever. People can forgive and forget a lot when money is involved (cough Kardashians cough.)

        (I’m not saying H&M have done anything that needs forgiven, just that this idea that Hollywood doesnt like them so they arent getting invites is BS. Hollywood in general probably does like them a great deal but besides that, Hollywood cares about money, and H&M make a lot of money for the companies they partner with.)

      • Eurydice says:

        @Becks1 – so true. I imagine H&M get invitations all the time – they just don’t accept them. I just meant that with the SuperBowl any random dude with $5,000 and KC painted on his chest can get into the cheap seats – probably not so much to an Oscar after-party.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      In a way it doesn’t matter what ‘high profile’ events the Sussexes may or may not have been invited to. What matters is Kinsey Schofield’s failure to list any.imo She has not shown any evidence of their unpopularity. I’ll remove popularity. The Sussexes show up, there is interest. The BM has failed to prove otherwise.

      The Kentucky Derby is another high profile event. It’s also an event that has a lot of media coverage and security coverage. I’ve said in other posts that it would be great for Harry & family to appear at the fastest two minutes in sports on the day of Chuckle’s coronation. (it would be tv ratings gold) F*ck the Chubbly. Archie’s bday party at the Kentucky Derby. An event his great grandma was last seen at in 2007.

      Have to laugh that because they don’t appear at everything means they weren’t invited by the logic of Kinsey/BM.

  4. equality says:

    So Ripple of Hope and NAACP awards aren’t high profile? The UN on Mandela Day not high profile?

    • Layla says:

      About NAACP, archewell has an award collaboration with the organisation, any possible chance they’ll attend the awards this year to present the award to the recipient? I would so LOVE for that to be an annual thing

  5. Slush says:

    This really assumes Americans care enough about the Monarchy to dislike H&M.

    This is meant as absolutely no slight to H&M, but in my experience as an American, unless they’re into celebrity gossip, my friends/family don’t really care about them either way. They’re “just” regular celebrities here.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      EXACTLY! Slush! SO TRUE!

      Average Americans DO NOT care enough about the Monarchy to dislike H&M. They are too busy and too consumed with Marjorie Taylor Green and George Santos to have anything left over to actively analyze Harry & Meghan. With regards to the USA, the UK monarchy is unimportant, uninfluential and fodder for the grocery store checkout line tabloids, therefore rendering it harmless.

    • LadyE says:

      My family is definitely in the ‘don’t care about the Monarchy’ category. For my aunts and uncles, they knew of and respected QEII, knew of and generally liked Princess Di (aunts loved or really liked her, uncles more vague, but positive sentiment), remembered the princes from Princess Di’s funeral, all know Harry was in the military (multiple vets in my family) and really have like zero knowledge at all of any of the current stuff that’s happened. I’d say that they were mainly vaguely aware of who Meghan is, but not in any real sense. They watched the Queen’s funeral or coverage of it and were SOOOO shocked and horrified about Harry’s uniform. Like my uncle (Vietnam vet) brought it up unprompted, my aunt was straight up radicalized by the funeral behavior lol. So, my midwest, average American family definitely doesn’t dislike H&M, they also haven’t become fans in any sense, but they are definitely more disapproving of the RF.

  6. Vanessa says:

    The British media and the royal reporter are like Exes who needs constantly Validation that their exes life is horrible. Without them the ones who get drunk at the bar has to have their friends tell them oh course honey this person is miserable even though it’s not true . The Sussex’s are busy booked and are living their lives happy and healthy and don’t have their bank account control by Charles and company. They live rent free in this royal reporters minds it’s pathetic that they have to constantly try to convince their selfs that the Sussex’s are unpopular.

    • thatgworl says:

      Every time they write about how unpopular they are they just raise the Sussex profile even more. The most delusional bunch.

  7. Jais says:

    Kinsey Schofield is an American journalist. Pretty sure she’s essentially a deranger who’s cornering the royal reporting market. Bitch please, most people would love to have the Sussexes at an event. She knows this but she’s framing an agenda to get those hate clicks.

    • MsIam says:

      She’s the one who was crowing about how Harry and Meghan don’t get invited to any celebrity events and then the next day, bam, the Ellen and Portia party/vow renewal news comes out, lol. Its like bish, have several seats you know NOTHING about the Sussexes, who they hang with, etc.

    • Layla says:

      @jais @msiam since this is coming from the woman who photoshopped her face into Meghan’s on the Sussex’s engagement pic, “obsessed” is a huge understatement
      “American royal expert” Please. To quote Harvey spectre ”I don’t know what fantasy land [schofield and the rota] are skipping in right now, but [they’re] there all by [themselves]”

    • Amy Bee says:

      Kinsey is basically a deranger. She went on GB news spouting royalist propaganda pushed by former Private Secretary Miguel Head that William supported Harry after was forced to leave Afghanistan. Harry says that he’s not sure if William and Charles were really supportive or just pretended to be supportive for the cameras and William was happy that he was forced to end his tour of duty in Afghanistan.

    • Jais says:

      I shoulda put journalist in quotation marks 😬. Seriously, she’s seems thirsty for royal camera gigs and she’s happy to tow the anti-sussex narratives.

  8. thatgworl says:

    All I can think about is how boring their English Prince, Princess, King, and Queen Consort are that the media is still so obsessed with Meg & Haz. Like you said they left 3 years ago and the British tabloids can’t fill that void anymore. LOL.

  9. Mary Pester says:

    “OPHRA DIDN’T INVITE THEM TO HER BIRTHDAY PARTY”, cos it wasn’t her bloody birthday party. “HARRY AND MEGAN DONT GET INVITED TO EVENTS ANYMORE”, gosh were those body doubles at Ellen’s last week. “CELEBRITIES DONT LIKE HARRY AND MEGAN”, OK so Aniston, Hanks and soooo many others aren’t celebrities in the British rags eyes. Harry and Megan work at what THEY believe in, they work for charities THEY support through Archwell, but hey, don’t expect the British gutter rags to look at things logically, because that doesn’t sell to their base

    • Jegede says:

      You would think if it were Oprah’s birthday her OG pals like Gayle King; Ana Duvarney; Tyler Perry e.t.c would be present.

      Then again, why let logic get in the way of an agenda.😒😒😒😒

    • Layla says:

      @mary pester just to add a couple more to the list (if you’ll allow me):
      Hugh grant, Hugh jackman, Adele, Queen BEYONCÉ, Dame helen mirren…

    • VoominVava says:

      This! It’s ridiculous. And I can’t help but wonder how they are teaching their children to behave. The constant berating of people for not being popular enough, being too honest and being strong enough to walk away from something that is toxic and pulling you under. I just fear for the future. Please don’t raise your kids to be bullies.

  10. Osty says:

    What did these fools talk about before Harry married Meghan cos their obsession with them is pathetic and sad .
    But maybe if they believe they are really irrelevant, then they can prove that by not talking about them and concentrating on the ones who they think are relevant. Their keen did her life time work and they didn’t fool like this about it like they are doing with whether Harry and Meghan were invited to a programme or not

  11. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Sounds like the person they interviewed was Madonna. (Don’t ask me why I say this.) Anyway, can you imagine being so insecure you need the spotlight only on you and are afraid of the mere presence of someone else eclipsing it? #1, you’re not a true friend, so who needs you. #2, you’re so deeply up your own azz and are so narcissistic, that no one around you is really your friend, they’re only using you, which you know, which makes you more insecure, which makes you keep other more popular people out of your orbit, so you only get the hangers-on and users, which you know, which makes your more insecure, which makes you keep other more popular people our of your orbit…

  12. Elizabeth Regina says:

    So much to unpack here. Kinsey is the obsessed chick who photoshopped herself onto the Harry and Meghan engagement photo. I know she’s not speaking with any high profile publicists. How do I know that? Well it’s because there are events where you have so many A listers in the room and they do not overshadow each other. Especially in the US where there are wall to wall stars. The overshadowing word and thing is a UK dog whistle. Harry and Meghan are the hottest couple on the planet right now and they bring column inches for days on end. We had the other princess bring out her ‘stars’ and my goodness we saw the calibre of her address book. Perhaps Kinsey should focus on that.

  13. Miranda says:

    Imagine being a “royal expert” and saying, with a straight face, that Harry and Meghan are the ones “fixated on the negative”.

    And I will never, ever get over the hilarity of the RR, and the BM in general, speaking disparagingly of American celebrity culture and acting as though the British royal family aren’t history’s oldest and boldest bunch of nepo babies. Coming out of the right vagina is literally ALL THEY HAVE.

  14. Brassy Rebel says:

    The British rags don’t know anything about American culture. Not one thing. As I mentioned in another context, the Daily Mail thought Bonnie Rait is an “unknown blues singer”. When they attempt to Britsplain America it’s like having a three year old explain Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

  15. Louise177 says:

    What gets me is that Harry and Meghan haven’t attended any major events since moving. The few awardshow/parties were more philanthropy oriented and where they were honored. The BM acts like they’ve been going to movie premiers and the Oscars for years but are now not getting invites.

  16. HeyKay says:

    H&M are well known, starting and running their own projects and charities.
    Exactly what high profiles events would they want to attend, besides their own?
    They are not actors, or politicians. They are now private citizens which is what they chose.

    Young family, doing good in their charity work. Tons more useful vs. Harrys birth relations, these days. Diana was a power unto herself, and I think she’d be very happy for H&M.

    Love the pic w/the American flag behind them. 👍

  17. Well Wisher says:

    The appropriate response is whatever…..
    Look what is being sold as news, since they left.
    Without access the fail is looking to amplify the culture wars by selling resentment towards the left side of politics, with blackness as a mascot, cheap news like crime, undermine the present PM although they are on the same page for politics.
    Underreporting of the effects of austerities in budget deficits, in order to make them get the tax reduction.
    Gossip in a mean way.
    Continued bullying. etc.

    The response to this latest ‘ gossip as projection’ is simply-


  18. MSTJ says:

    Who is Kinsey Schofield? When did she become a Royal expert/stalker? Another person joining the bandwagon to make money on fiction about H&M life outside the Royal trappings? These tabloid sycophants are like hyenas stalking the Sussexes daily. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • TheWigletOfWails says:

      Kinsey is an obsessed stalker who photoshopped her ugly mug on Meghan’s face in their engagement photos. I’d love to know the publicists working with her crazy ass.

      • Jegede says:

        No publicist is working with Lady Colin Campbell Jr.

        In Brexit Island, anyone with an American accent who is anti-Sussex is presumed a PR expert, showbiz analyst, or TV presenter.

      • Miranda says:

        She WHAT?! Oh my God, that is legit the most insane, creepy, unhinged thing…Jesus.

      • Emily_C says:

        Photoshopped *and shared* the pic. Photoshopping it at all is concerning, but that she felt it was perfectly good and fine to share the pic on social media is totally nutbar stalker territory.

  19. Ciotog says:

    “Not being invited to events because everyone will focus only on them” is THE EXACT OPPOSITE of “being unpopular.”

  20. booboocita says:

    I keep thinking about Harry on Late Night with Stephen Colbert, and the uproarious chants of “Har-RY! Har-RY!” Stephen Colbert was obviously charmed, the audience was thrilled, and even Tom Hanks did a skit with Harry. Meghan does 40×40 and ropes in Melissa McCarthy and other celebs to participate, she had the no. 1 podcast in this country (and possibly the world), and both of them win awards from the NAACP and the Robert Kennedy Foundation. But yeah, tell us all about how deeply unpopular the two are in the USA.

  21. Laura D says:

    These “reporters” really need to change their playbook. These “demands” might work on the vain British royals – Louis going on the Christmas walk springs to mind. But, the Sussexes have made it quite clear they’ll attend what they want when they want. They no longer have to come running when the British media whistle. These type of headlines tell me that Camilla and her goons at the Fail really didn’t know Meghan and Harry at all.

  22. ChillinginDC says:

    They didn’t go to stuff before they were in full time working Royals, why would they now?

    Also what? People keep hoping they show at awards ceremony’s. No one complained about them doing work with World Kitchen or Ulvade. Beyonce is calling Meghan. I think she and Harry are fine.

    The only thing that I think has shown them not having “power” was the Senators being annoyed when Meghan called them when the vote was going on about full time pay for family leave. But of course the Royal Reporters don’t understand or get politics at all so they would mess that up as well when speaking on it.

    • CheChe says:

      Wait… calling Congress is our job as concerned citizens. It has nothing to do with celebrity culture or reflecting star power. As an American citizen Meghan was exercising her responsibilities as a constituent. If Senators took issue with that maybe they’re confused with their purpose in tax funded positions.

      • ☝️ Exactly what Cheche said, especially the last sentence. Also from what I remember, the only Senator that had acted “annoyed” was that Trumper from Maine, whereas many others had praised Meghan at the time for her actions.

      • ChillinginDC says:

        Not disagreeing. But some in the Washington circles were annoyed she did it. That’s just a fact. And it was mostly Republicans who I don’t respect anyway.

        I think too many of the GOP were like ugh you are a celebrity, get lost. But she’s an American and has the right to call to voice her concerns.

    • Jais says:

      Certain senators might have been annoyed but oh well. That’s what gets me about Kate’s early years awareness campaign. Meghan is out here calling people trying to make full time paid leave for parents a real thing, which could profoundly support a child’s first 5 years, to have that time for bonding and not worry about a paycheck. Meghan is actually trying to do something even if it doesn’t pass. And Kate’s spending money on an asinine awareness campaign. GTFOH.

    • Emily_C says:

      Oh no, not annoying senators! Senators should be perfectly comfortable at all times! Yeah no the whole point of a democracy is to annoy the crap out of our elected officials as much as possible so that there’s a chance they’ll do what we want and need them to do.

  23. Eurydice says:

    Uh huh, by that logic Rihanna shouldn’t have been invited to perform the Super Bowl half-time show because all eyes would be on her.

  24. Jay says:

    Whoa, @brassyrebel, they didn’t recognize Bonnie Rait? Yikes. There are definitely a lot of British celebs that might be famous within their own country that I wouldn’t recognize, but she has been an icon since the 70’s!

    I think the faux concern about the Sussexes lack of “A-list” events is also that they are not going full Kardashian as the BM had hoped.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      When she won the Grammy, all they had to do was Google her. They would have learned very fast that she is a legend, an icon, as you say, and not some “unknown blues singer”. They are very stupid.

      • Eurydice says:

        Well, they pretended to downplay Oprah as just a talk show host, until it was convenient to remember that she has real clout. Then it was all “Oprah didn’t invite H&M to her b’day party!!”

  25. anna says:

    they just have quotas for writing things every day about them. I think they really hoped that the UK would move on – and really hope that can happen one day.

  26. Tessa says:

    Such propaganda, trying to tell people how they think. I wonder if the Academy Award (will then attend?) will be next.

    • TheWigletOfWails says:

      Remember last year when they tried to convince people that Meghan was being shunned by Hollywood because she didn’t attend the Met gala and the Oscars. When Meghan was an actor she didn’t go to these events, why do they think she would go now?

    • Feeshalori says:

      If Harry is nominated for his narration of Spare, l can see them attending the Grammys next year. Because if William and Kate can attend the BAFTAS, Harry and Meghan can certainly attend an award ceremony if he’s nominated for one.

  27. Zazzoo says:

    They’d be top of my list for an invite or speaker engagement if I was planning a high profile charitable event.

  28. Jaded says:

    I’ve never heard of this Kinsey Schofield person and hope I never will after this. Another utterly useless hack with nothing new to say who just spews bile. And what’s with this “Hollywood” stuff? Meghan and Harry aren’t “Hollywood”. You’d think they’re trying desperately to woo the likes of Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Wang, Shonda Rhimes, Stephen Spielberg, etc. No Kinsey, the Sussexes have their OWN production company focusing on their foundation’s work. If anything, the important Hollywood people are trying to get a meeting with THEM.

    • She’s the crazy b*tch that once posted H&M’s engagement picture with her own face photoshopped over Meghan’s. That’s all that needs to be known about her.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I just googled her. She has a podcast called To Di For Daily, and she’s a regular on GB News in Britain, which is all you really need to know. She also kicked off her career on Party Monsters Cabo.

    • teecee says:

      I mean, anyone involved in content production would love to be working with Spielberg or Rhimes at least. I don’t think the Sussexes are trying to “woo” them, but the notion that they’re above individuals who have longer track records of stellar, influential, and frankly better, work in their chosen field is a little weird to me. I like Meghan and Harry too, but they would be lucky to work with Spielberg or Rhimes.

      Meghan was an actress. Most of her professional life was in the entertainment industry. I know the Rota tries to sneer and call the Sussexes “Hollywood”, as if that’s something to be ashamed of, but I don’t think observers should accept that narrative. If you look at what’s happened the past five years, it was Hollywood, specifically Black Hollywood, that was there for them in their time of need. Where TF were the toffs when Meghan was experiencing suicidal ideation??? Plus, the Hollywood element never leaked to tabloids about them, while the Palace has never stopped doing so. The notion that the British aristocracy is better than Hollywood is laughable.

      • kirk says:

        “The notion that the British aristocracy is better than Hollywood is laughable.”
        I’d argue that Hollywood has a better work ethic too; people are mostly working.

  29. TheWigletOfWails says:

    I still don’t get the British media’s obsession with the Sussex’s popularity. Unless they’re running for office, how is that something they’re supposed to care about in their day to day lives? They’re private citizens looking after their family and going about their business. We don’t hear about most celebrities here unless they have projects going on to promote or they have some major news to share. Why should H&M be in the news every time for them to be popular?

  30. Sno says:

    Kinsey Schofield

    Every time I see this bitch’s name, I’m going to remind everyone that this looney tunes is SO obsessed with Harry that she photoshopped her face onto Meghan’s in their wedding announcement photos.

    “Harry and Meghan aren’t considered for high-profile events because the fear is that all eyes will be on them and that will take away from the cause”

    The WHOLE POINT of inviting celebrities to an event or attaching them to a cause is the draw eyes to it. It’s good PR for the cause AND the celebrity. These rota rats don’t understand how ANYTHING works outside of royal circles.

    But, basically they are mad that Harry and Meghan aren’t out and about more to fuel their press cycle so they can profit off of them. They think they can shame them into going out more to prove them wrong.

  31. WhatKateHerselfSaidOnPageSix says:

    I honestly don’t think they care, they are happy, much happier than the people that write about them. Life isn’t a popularity contest and for those that think it is they are sad people.
    Btw that Americana picture is so cute!

    • TheWigletOfWails says:

      It’s projection. The remainers are obsessed with popularity and literally show up anywhere can be seen with any minor celebrity.

  32. lanne says:

    They are so unpopular that we write about them every day, and the only articles that get thousands of responses are sussex related. Doublethink is at work here: The Sussexes are so unpopular that no one cares about them, at the same time that articles are written about them daily, with major engagement.

    The tabloid will drag any rando onto their pages who can parrot their party line. That’s all these people are–randos.

    If no one cared about the Sussexes, there would be no reason to write about them at all. But the tabloid rags do care. It’s about hate. They are addicted to hating the Sussexes. They need to hate the Sussexes to generate revenue. What I wonder is: how long will the british public put up with this shit? When will they say, “them again?” and stop buying the papers. They publish this shit because people are buying it. What does that say?

  33. Cessily says:

    As the video of Portia and Ellen’s vow renewal proved.. no one knows what invitations they have received or what party they attend unless a photo or video is posted publicly. So these articles are just another way for the BRF to brief the tabloids to use the narrative that the Sussex’s some how aren’t popular and irrelevant and the BRF isn’t. It’s just twisted and shady af because they are the ones who have to drag the Sussex’s into every article over there because the BRF is irrelevant, stale and way past their expiration date.

  34. Becks1 says:

    Yeah these people really don’t understand the US or Hollywood. Some people may not like H&M, sure. But I just don’t think we have that culture of celebrity hate that the british press has for H&M. Like I think the US is very “out of sight, out of mind.” I can’t think of a celebrity that dominates our gossip pages but hasn’t been seen in public in months (for Meghan). And right now its a little different bc we had the docuseries and Spare (two months ago and one month ago), but in general H&M go quiet for months at a time and the US press forgets about them, more or less. There isn’t this obsession with reporting on private citizens who aren’t promoting work, aren’t promoting themselves in some other way (like debuting a new relationship for the paps or something), etc.

    We have plenty of other celebrity gossip and drama (not to mention politics) to focus on people who are just raising their children in their California house and working.

    Of course we also dont have a monarchy that has to be protected at all costs either.

  35. HeatherC says:

    So William’s wife released her life’s work and also involved celebrities….but the royal correspondents would rather talk about what parties Harry and Meghan are or are not invited to?

    Sure. I can easily tell which one they think is irrelevant.

    • SueBarbri33 says:

      Yep. The question isn’t “Why aren’t H&M seen at events in Hollywood?” The actual question is “Why aren’t Will and Kate seen anywhere in London?” It’s comical to me that H&M are expected to attend public events all over LA, but they never even bother to speculate about what Will and Kate do in their off hours. Whatever they’re hiding about them must be huge.

  36. MsIam says:

    I think almost everyone who is involved in “royal reporting” must have stopped maturing intellectually and emotionally at about 7-8 grade. If the Sussexes are seen out and about its “I thought they wanted privacy”. If they aren’t seen its ” Oh no one likes/wants them”. So exhausting! Good thing Harry and Meghan are paying them dust.

  37. Moi says:

    Kinsey schofeld is so embarrassing and cringe in her obsession with them .she is only fit for purpose to troll the Sussexes. Outside of that she has no clout or use whatsoever. So seeing her quoted as their source just lets you know this whole article is based on the delusion rantings of an inadequate Karen with “ I wish I was princess syndrome “…. Nothing to see here but noise and time wasted.

  38. Purley Pot says:

    Every other week a British journalist will come out with this nonsense.

    • WhatKateHerselfSaidOnPageSix says:

      They’ve got this tag team pile on thing going on. They’re disgusting they deserve every bad thing that happens to them, now that’s news I’d love them to report on.

  39. CrazyHeCallsMe says:

    The British media’s obsession and hate is off the charts. Stop stalking and writing nonsense about H&M. Do your jobs and report what’s happening in the U.K. And stop using the Sussexes as a distraction.

    I so hope H&M build a business enterprise that catapults them into the billionaire’s club. That will really set the crazies off.

  40. Okay says:

    All the star power came from Diana and it was transfer to her sons Will and Harry. Now Will has lost his mind with his hair and all the star power transferred to Harry. The he met Meghan and they both became this Supernova ever since and not W&K cause you can teach that mega level or allure, charisma, glamour and be relatable at the same time. RR is very scared that if they cant sacrificed H&M at the alter of the BM that the public will notice that nothing is left to be all that interested in. W&K and KC3 will bring out the dead horse of H&M stories until George and Charlotte start giving the RR something anything remotely interesting about the BRF and then history will repeat and Will will recent them for being overshadowed and leak stuff on his own kids while taking out any deep seeped anger at his spare running away from him on the new spare little Louise and that kinda breaks my heart. That is what Charles is also doing to Andrew way before the sex scandal that I always felt the fam knew about but looked the other way because he wasn’t going to be king. Its to obvious what is wrong with this people and yet here we are…

  41. zinjazin says:

    They sound pretty desperate lol.
    Harry just has an alltime bestseller and they both have a huge following and they are immensely popular across the board, what are they on about..?
    Talk about reaching!

  42. phlyfiremama says:

    So basically they are saying H&M are so unpopular in America that…they will overshadow the events they attend??!! Is that a proper interpretation here??

  43. Elsa says:

    I adore them. I was a Princess Diana fan because we are the same generation. After that I minimally followed the royals. Pretty much everything I know I learned here. And now I follow a few other accounts on insta. Reading Spare really opened my eyes.

  44. Amy Bee says:

    What are the high profile events that the British press expected Harry and Meghan to attend? I remember when they first moved to California, the press poured scorn on them for moving there and said that they had gone Hollywood. Now, their narrative has been proven to be wrong they’re saying Harry and Meghan are being snubbed. I have no doubt that they get invited to a lot of events but that was not their reason for moving to the US. Meghan’s American and she essentially went home as the press told her to do. They live in California because that’s were Meghan is from and they get to live in peace away from the British press and the Royal Family.

  45. QuiteContrary says:

    Game recognizes game. That’s one reason H&M are friends with Serena Williams, Tyler Perry and, yes, Oprah.

    The British media can’t identify the special qualities (of leadership, charisma, excellence) that all these individuals share because they can’t see past the complexions of Serena, Tyler, Oprah and Meghan. In their vile and backward assessment, Black people cannot possibly be that powerful. H&M may be friends with these high-profile celebs, but these aren’t the celebs who count, according to the British tabloids.

    The British tabs genuinely seem to think that the opinion of someone like Rupert Everett holds more weight than that of Tyler Perry.

  46. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I rather think this article was written because, “with revelations within the pages of Spare thought to be a large factor in a drop in support for the whole royal family, in the US and the UK.” The want everyone to believe that H&M have little support in the UK. I think they have more than the brf are comfortable with.

    The brf lost popularity after Spare was published. That’s on them. If they want to do something to rehabilitate themselves, they need to start doing the work. I can’t see them ever apologizing to H&M and taking accountability for their actions. I can’t see them ever apologizing and taking accountability for all of the people they abducted and enslaved. I think the second is more important, but in order to go there they will have to acknowledge that racism was the root of the problem they had/have with Meghan.

  47. Kate McCallister says:

    “Hello Pot? This is Kettle. You’re black.”

  48. Lola says:

    There is a HUGE asterisk next to any reporting by Kinsey Schofield. She is NOT an honest broker.

    She is the same royal reporter that not only photoshopped her picture over Meghan’s face in Harry & Meghan’s engagement photos. Kinsey Schofield also felt it was totally cool to release her creepy, stalker, deranged photo edit.

    Receipt for those who have yet to see her handiwork.

  49. Debbie says:

    For some reason, the BM’s take on Oprah’s beauty brand event and the absence of the Sussexes at that event just reminds of a conversation in The Age of Innocence between Newland Archer and Ellen Olenska in which he tells her that the Van Luydens are a very popular couple and it’s considered a coup to be invited to their parties because they so rarely entertain. Then, Ellen (as an outsider) quips that perhaps that’s why they’re so well sought ought — because they are comfortable with keeping to themselves and saying no to invitations. They are rarely seen. Anyway, another day and another desperate BM story longing to see the Sussexes.

  50. J.Ferber says:

    Oh, so they weren’t invited to speak at the United Nations in New York City, while TOB was never invited and pushed himself and his awful wife into Boston without ANY of the recipients of the Earthshit awards? Could he describe the purpose and scope of Earthshit in one sentence? I didn’t think so. The Brits have lost sight of reality and are creating their own delusions. What a miserable, hateful crop of people they are.

  51. blunt talker says:

    THe Sussex baby brains in the UK really don’t understand going to events that you have a project or vested interest-Meghan and Harry don’t attend events for events sake-Most events they have attended have something to do with their work-Just going to something to be seen is not their style-The Uk is becoming a dead head nation with no thinking power to go to the future.

  52. Anti royal says:

    NOBODY LIKES THESE TWO FOOLS!! Dont you get it yet? The jig is up.

  53. AC says:

    Macron was a big hit in DC and Louisiana. WK we’re just blah in Boston. Even one of the expert royal reporters from the Daily Beast had to justify WK boringness in Boston as a success – LOL. As for the British Press, they don’t like the US and they don’t like HM, but they are so obsessed they can’t let go and they can’t get enough of either American culture and HM. Someone commented above they can’t wait until WK kids grow up to take the spotlight as the current monarchy is just plain boring , one of the reasons why the Brit press keeps focusing on HM California life. To be honest, hope they leave Archie and Lilibeth alone- I can see them being the star power beautiful children growing up in America that the BP will prob be obsessed about in the near future .