Princess Kate wore black opera gloves & gaudy earrings to the BAFTAs

For the first time since 2020, Prince William and Kate attended the BAFTAs. William is BAFTA president – it’s extremely notable that he refuses to go to the BAFTAs most years, just as it’s extremely notable that he refuses to attend the pre-BAFTA reception AT Kensington Palace every single year he’s been BAFTA president. This year, it was also notable that William apparently had a journalist banned from the ceremony because the journalist exposes the Windsors’ Russian-oligarch buddies.

But none of those things were the headline because the Princess of Wales can’t find a stylist worth a damn. Kate pranced up the BAFTA red carpet in a Jenny Packham gown and black opera gloves and the cherry on top was the pair of hideous Zara earrings. Usually, Kate veers more towards “everything is matchy-matchy,” but nothing goes together with this ensemble. The black gloves are so bad with this particular dress. The earrings don’t belong with any of it – they belong with a colorful maxi dress at a party. Kate cannot accessorize to save her life.

Many outlets claimed this was a repeat of the McQueen gown she wore to the BAFTAs in 2019, so I don’t know what to tell you. The bodice of the two gowns are similar, but the shoulder is completely different. Did she take her McQueen gown to Jenny Packham and ask them to alter it?? Because I strongly suspect she just bought a completely different one-shoulder, full-skirted white gown, because she’s that unimaginative. She really should get a qualified stylist on staff. Instead, Kate picks and chooses different pieces from her Meghan moodboard. Kate spent way too much time obsessing over Meghan’s gloves at QEII’s funeral.

She kept trying to touch him – at one point it looked like she grazed his ass.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

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  1. Layla says:

    I (and a few others) KNEW she’d wear a look inspired by Meghan at NAACP awards!
    This entire “outfit” was a whole Fahsion sum of Meghan looks:
    One shoulder gown altered to add a long train and Aquazurras a la NAACP image awards + white outfit accessorised with black a la RoH awards + Meghan’s QE funeral gloves = THIS MESS
    Her team really are pick and mixing at this point it’s hilarious!!
    Don’t give two sh*ts about the try-hard physical abuser.
    But lmao their efforts to look relatable is so obviously desperate which is funny because incidentally, whenever I see them all I can ever see now with W are his tantrums of “why can’t you let me have Africa?!” Whilst with K all i ever hear know is “I’m owed an apology” and her bullsh*t methods to try to dictate Meghan’s wedding.

    • Sam says:

      Yes, exactly! This is so sick and pathetic! She first wore this white dress in Feb 2019. 2 months before that, meghan wore a black one shoulder dress (awesome!) and was dragged through the dirt and insulted by the press because of this!

      Omg and the video! How morbidly she tries to talk to him and laughs while he doesn’t want to touch her. The butt slapping must have caused so much trouble and screaming at home.. Poor kids… After he obviously humiliated her, she had to do the same to him! The two have a healthy relationship…

      • SAS says:

        I’m not big on PDA personally but I still find their complete lack of contact so weird. Like *this* is what their fans will point to as them being so affectionate? A one-sided attempt at a fleeting physical contact point?

        Compare it to ANY other couple either on a red carpet or just in real life at a social or work event. They just constantly barge away from each other.

      • CC says:

        That just made me sad thinking he might have said, “Fine, I’ll hold your hand for the cameras but I refuse to
        make skin to skin contact.” Then he didn’t touch her dumb gloves anyway.

      • Feeshalori says:

        He didn’t even have to touch her bare skin, for crying out loud, though he did for a hot second when he grazed her shoulder. He would’ve just been clasping her hand through material. Geez, this duo need to get their act together and agree on a game plan beforehand about whether or not they’re going to have any semblance of PDA. This flailing and avoiding was just outright embarrassing.

      • TangerineTree says:

        He is communicating he does not want to hold her hand, so she slaps his behind to force contact. If this were reversed, people would be calling him out for aggressive behavior. This is not the first time she has slapped his butt in public when he did not want to make physical contact with her.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ SAS, what I find interesting is that they are extremely uncomfortable with each other. There’s no actual unity in their relationship and it shows. Bulliam is making every effort to keep his distance all while Keen is desperate for him to show some PDA. In the history of their marriage, they never showed PDA. This ongoing act is simply prompted by the fact that Meghan and Harry are so at ease in showing their love and support to each other. Keen is jealous and thirsty for her Bulliam to be seen as a loving couple but they aren’t and it shows in spades.

      • OnThisDay says:

        I had the same reaction. As awkward and unpleasant as it looks, he has the right to avoid physical contact. Touching his butt like that is out of bounds. And like you say, that would be clear of this were reversed. Everything about their public image says TOXIC!

      • Erin says:

        Yeah, I saw multiple fawning articles about this so called “PDA” on top of how Kate brought glamour to the BAFTAS, lmao! Um I saw the other women there and no Kate wasn’t bringing sh$t.

      • PrincessK says:

        People are feeling sorry for Kate. She tried to hold his hand and he cleverly got out of it by pretending to wave. I don’t know why she keeps on trying.

        As for the opera gloves, it looked like she was wearing athletic sleeves. Apparently she wore gold shoes?? To wear opera sleeves well the dress needs to be completely sleeveless. If the drape wasn’t over her shoulder it might have worked better. Also if the dress had a black velvet band around the waist the look might’ve been better received. I am a better stylist than the ones who advise her.

      • Ellie says:

        Has anyone noticed that there is a side zipper on this dress but at the base it looks like it is pinned. The belt at the waist looks just ‘Tacked’ in with rough stitches. Hmmm.

    • CROWHOOD says:

      I’m in the minority here that finds Kate’s actions consistently reprehensible but am not as offended by her buttons and coat jackets (likely because it hits too close to home to my own wardrobe lol) and while I absolutely think she copies Meghan I think sometimes Folks reach with those comparisons.

      That said- this whole outfit is tore up from the floor up. She looks RIDICULOUS. Utterly absurd.

      • Sugarhere says:

        The excess blush on the cheek and the flowy immaculate dress are probably meant to convey a pristine virginal look but her genetically bad skin betrays her.

        The black gloves are too matronly and clash with both the dress’s aerial texture and light color.

        The earrings look like 5-year-old Kate raided her aunt’s closet before Mardi Gras: cheap and tawdry as hell.

        Catherine Middleton almost doesn’t have a choice but to stalk the Duchess of Sussex in the sartorial department, if she wants to look decent in public. She must have a redeeming qualify somewhere? Where?

      • DouchesofCornwall says:

        It’s too obvious that the heavy velvet black gloves don’t fit with the flowy lightweight white dress. This to me smelled like the princess was trying to hide something.
        until I noticedthat she was maybe just trying to match her prince

      • Tacky says:

        She has been all over QEII’s jewels since the moment she died and she wears these tacky earrings to an event where diamonds aren’t just appropriate, they are expected.

    • tour malinn says:

      They both look so incredibly tacky, I don’t even know where to start. Whether with his velvet jacket, suit pants AND patent leather shoes or her white gown with a white cape AND black opera gloves. OMG

      • Yvette says:

        @tour malinn … What is up with those tacky velvet jackets in an array of tacky colors?? He appears to wear one for nearly every formal occasion. They don’t flatter him at all and the men’s velvet jacket is so 1950’s/early 1960’s ‘suave.’

      • BothSidesNow says:

        They both look hideous. WanK is desperate to keep 6 feet between them. It’s like watching two pigs in a rucksack fighting each other.

        All that money with access to all the designers in the world and this is WHAT
        Keen wore???? Keen and her entire ensemble here is tacky, hideous and dreadful……

      • Daisy May says:

        @sugarhere. While this definitely is a ridiculous get-up and she looks like a kid playing dress-up, the carping about her “genetically bad skin” is ludicrous, and even if it were true, such comments would meet the definition of bullying to a T. You don’t criticize people for the way they were born and, anyway, her skin looks very good to me.

      • SURE says:

        @Yvette H wore a velvet dinner jacket to his evening wedding reception and looked pretty hot. I think W’s trying to emulate H’s BDE.

    • Nan says:

      Please seek professional psychiatric help.

      • Mary says:

        @douchesofcornwall,. I think Kate is trying to hide something. When she previously wore the same or a similar dress a couple of years ago she was uber thin but still looked less gaunt than she does now. I’m thinking she was trying to hide her arms, which can look emaciated. She is of course aware of the problem, what with the long-sleeved sister wives dresses and the photoshopping of her arms (for example the picture of her getting the covid vaccination jab – arms photoshopped to the hilt).

        PS love your username!

    • Geegee says:

      This woman can afford a good stylist. What the hell?

    • Jane says:

      She just doesn’t have it. I’d rather she wore a Vivienne Westwood inspired gown. This whole ensemble is like out of desperation-trying-hard-to-be-Duchess-Meg collection. Btw why is she sporting Christmas trinkets for her earrings? CD

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate will never carry off fashion well because she just doesn’t have the confidence for it. And she is in a bubble that pretends she never gets it wrong, so she won’t be the next Diana no matter how hard she tries, which she has done since 2011. A decade in and with access to more money and jewels and she looks awful. She is just skinny and tall but that’s not enough to give someone charisma, which she doesn’t have.

        In real people world the dresses discussed were Sophie Turner Smith or Viola Davis. Not this mess. The spouse of the president of the academy awards doesn’t get fashion coverage and they need to accept that kate is no different.

    • Sorry Kate fans. She truly doesn’t have the X-factor. Exudes nothing for self-confidence. She’s just a blob there.

  2. Sam says:

    God this woman is sick..
    This is a copy of Meghan’s last big outfits: The white (!) off-the-shoulder ball gown last December and the black gloves during the funeral. The problem is that she just can’t get it right. As always…

    • Swaz says:

      She has been dying to wear gloves since the funeral 🤣 All three of my friends and I said that she was going to wear white 🤣 I’ll give her an A for trying, that’s for sure 😂

  3. Neners says:

    One of her worst looks. Nothing goes together. It’s visually exhausting.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      As a general rule, earrings are not to make contact with the shoulders.

      • Neners says:

        Agreed. I love a bold statement earring with the right look. This was not the look and these were not the earrings.

    • Becks1 says:

      “Visually exhausting” is a great way to describe it. There is so much going on that pulls your attention in a negative way.

      • Lux says:

        Seriously. I was so baffled by the look that I went into an archival digging of her past gowns to see what would’ve worked, seeing as she was so adamant about repeating a dress AND wearing those black gloves. Well, I saw nothing; she needed to buy a new strapless dress. And nothing would’ve saved the earrings with the horrible hair. Kate needs to know her strengths, and one of them is NOT center-split, slicked back hair that brings all focus on her face. That’s one burden too big for her visage, and she should’ve learned this lesson at the Top Gun premiere.

      • Cessily says:

        She looked absolutely horrible. Those earrings just scream tacky. I think this was a brand new dress and I have to ask why? The first one was ugly enough but to purchase a second one that was almost identical and just as ugly is just sad. As for the gloves, to long and far to tight. The entire ensemble looked cheap(but knowing her spending habits probably cost a small fortune)
        As someone pointed out on twitter she wore a white gauzy top without a foundation garment to cover her very visible nipples in several photos, if that had been Meghan that would be all they were discussing on the morning shows right now after splashing it all over the tabloid rags. As for Peggy he needs to loose the velvet it is ugly.
        As for the failed PDA they just need to stop it. It’s making them look even more desperate with every failed attempt

      • Thelma says:

        It looks like she was dressing for two different events. Those gloves are Tii heavy for this outfit. And if I was Princess of Wales I would surely have a better earring game. What a wasted opportunity for her to look glamorous and plucked together.

      • Nic919 says:

        The earrings just don’t work and are too much for her especially when she flattens out her hair like this.

        Who told her that flattening her hair like this is a good look on her? It’s not. She looked bad at the top gun premiere and the same here. Her face cannot pull off this look of long hair with wiglets dragging her already long face down more.

        Even with the botox setting on 11 last night, the hair still aged her.

      • Ponchorella says:

        Is anyone else catching Lohan vibes off some of these photos from a distance?

    • Seraphina says:

      I TRIED to like it but I could not. And you said it exactly right, visually exhausting. Do I focus on her arms or those crazy earrings. The earrings – out of ALL the ill gotten gems and diamonds she has to choose from THIS is what she brings to the table.

      • BeanieBean says:

        These earrings just illustrate how her mother’s connections got her that job at Jigsaw as a part-time, intermittent, short-term accessories buyer. She cannot accessorize to save her soul.

  4. Ginny says:

    If it was just the dress + the statement earrings, I wouldn’t have a problem with this look. But with both the major earrings AND the starkly contrasting black gloves competing to be the statement, it’s just too much…and I don’t understand why no one else realized that or told her that in the planning phase. Is Natasha still her stylist, btw?

    • First comment says:

      Not to mention her “golden ” shoes!!

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Yes, those shoes……WTF was she thinking???

        “Oh, I just don’t know which style to choose from my massive Meghan mood board. I did love her gloves. So the gloves..oh look at these cute earrings I bought when I was in Claire’s last month. These would look great! And I simply must wear a white flowing gown as I am a Wales now, as you know.”

    • Carrot says:

      Cruella vibes, and not in a good way
      Nothing goes together. Once again, bought expensive things but all together heaped up garbage. Who let her out like that?

      • Lucky Charm says:

        Reposting here my comment on another thread:

        WTH was she wearing?! Heavy black gloves with a summery white dress, and those hideous earrings? It’s almost like she got dressed at a home she doesn’t live in and only had a few things still kept there, so had to wear what was available.

      • Gruey says:

        Everyone pointing out how is the heavy black velvet is with that floaty chiffon spring debutant dress…just imagining seeing these clashing textures in person is breaking my brain. Like I’m imagining being in a room with someone wearing this combo and it’s even more jarring. Who the heck signed off on this??

    • susan says:

      those are statement earrings all right. the statement is “cheap”

      big earrings ≠ hair down. updo would be better, but why would she wear £40 tacky costume jewelry when she has the entire royal collection at her fingetips.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Maybe Camilla locked her out of the jewel vault.

      • Carrot says:

        @susan I think the earrings are pretty and fun, only there isn’t anything fun about the person wearing them or the rest of the outfit. And I was going to write a couple designers with 22/23WS collections that would have been amazing for K, but why give tips to someone who will make great stuff look terrible anyway?

      • Jais says:

        @feeshalori-honest to god, I wonder if Camilla really has locked her out of the jewelry vault. I’ve been thinking about that scene in spare where Kate and William blame the false crying story’s leak on Camilla. Obviously, they were all in on it but the Cambridges blamed Camilla when confronted. Camila can’t be happy about that and what better way to get revenge than to lock up the jewels😂

      • Feeshalori says:

        @Jais, Camilla is the Queen Bee now, large and in charge, and what better way to exact revenge and show who’s boss than to bar Kate from all those jewels. And if there was any occasion to wear those elaborate pearl and diamond earrings that Kate was prancing around in during the queen’s funeral, this was it. Those were Diana’s so they should have been available to her.

  5. Charlotte says:

    I actually love the earrings and the dress, I think the gloves looks awful – I wish the long glove trend would die, they ruin every look in my opinion. I do find it bizarre that she wore such a similar dress to the one from 2019 for the same event!

    • Chloe says:

      The white dress/ black gloves combo was her sad attempt to colour coordinate with william

    • Carrot says:

      The earrings are beautiful. I’d wear them all day and to bed too. They’re ruined with that dress though

      • BeanieBean says:

        Sorry, but if you wore them to bed they’d break. They’re too cheap to stand up to that. And the bottom part looks like fishing lures.

      • Carrot says:

        @BeanieBean! LMAO, a benediction?! Please let me wear these earrings to bed and have enough action that they break, thank you, Carrot

      • Christine says:

        I just spit out my iced tea, Carrot! LOLOLOLOLLLLLLLLL!

    • Fabiola says:

      I can’t stand the long glove trend. Make it stop. To me she’s copying Amal Clooney’s look at the Oscar’s when she wore those gloves that did not go with her dress.

    • Carmen says:

      Girl, please. Those earrings look like something from the Dollar Store. The black gloves were way too heavy to wear with a floaty white dress. The whole outfit was a disaster.

  6. Tessa says:

    I think it is a different gown similar so the spin is she is thrifty
    There were the usual dm comments saying she is not called Kate Middleton anymore and she is so stunning and modest . A lot of negative comments were let in. Kate was trying to flirt with will to no avail. The whole ensemble was bad and she had on a lot of makeup

    • Josephine says:

      The make-up aged her and she still looked exhausted despite the manic smile being out in full. He looked like a child playing dress up, worst he’s ever looked. Poor Khate looked so cheap.

      • Becks1 says:

        Agreed that she looked exhausted. I guess it takes a lot out of her for her to put together an outfit that bad?

      • Cecile730 says:

        Yes, she certainly paid a lot for that dress and still look like a potato sack….and it’s hurtful to potato sack that do have a purpose.

  7. Mary says:

    She just looks plain bad. Not a good look- with the gloves and earrings. And William clearly did not want to touch her despite her attempts.

    • Chloe says:

      Those earrings really annoy me because they look like birds nests hanging on her ears

    • FHMom says:

      Just so bad, and William doesn’t look any better. This seems like one of those events Kate would actually enjoy. Maybe it’s sabotage ?

      • Peggy Campbell says:

        They look like Boris and Natasha out for the evening. Bet I went over well with the Russian spy crowd.

  8. FancyPants says:

    Maybe she banged her elbow on something at the last minute and needed to cover up? Or some kind of skin rash or psoriasis flare? I can’t think of any other good reason for those gloves. I actually don’t hate the earrings, but they would have looked better with the dress before the added shoulder sash and she would look so much prettier overall with her hair in an elegant updo. William looks like he’s trying to out-scrawny his wife.

    • First comment says:

      The only reason for the velvet gloves was to match Williams velvet jacket… they’re trying really hard to match

    • Serenity says:

      Maybe–and I am not making excuses for her–the gloves were covering up finger bruises. And she looks horrific.

    • Nic919 says:

      The gloves were likely because Meghan has worn them recently. It also helps hide the fact that she has extremely old looking hands that are bony for someone who is 41 and hasn’t done a lick of manual labour in her life.

      Let’s not pretend there is physical abuse here when she only wore gloves once in the last 11 years and we could see her arms and hands when she was younger and not as calorie deprived. This is a cover for ageing a la Madonna.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Thank you, Nic919. The number of people, especially new posters, who are falsely insisting she is a victim of physical abuse is *obvious*.

      • Debbie says:

        Yeah, some are really pulling “abuse” out of thin air, which would be just as wrong as saying without proof that Kate was wearing long gloves to hide needle tracks from drug use. It’s not a good thing to misuse domestic abuse to hide behind and try to shield Kate from fashion criticism.

      • Serenity says:

        @Nic919 You make a really good point here. And I’m not trying to make excuses for Khate, I was only trying to put forth another reason for the gloves. I said what I said because I think William and Khate are under the most pressure of their lives, and abuse does not always happen on a timetable (I know because I am a DV survivor). I’m pretty sure at least William is filled with catatonic incandescence fueled by his deepened hate towards not only HM but his father and Cowmilla. Secondly,

        Also Nota I f you were referring to me about being a new poster person for DV, you’re incorrect. First thing is, I am not a *new* poster; I have read this site since it began, but just rarely commented on the stories. I’m not trying to make *any* kind of promoting of opportunities for Will.


        And I’m not

      • SomeChick says:

        I’m a longtime poster (and so not a Kate apologist). I think it’s entirely possible that someone who physically menaces and attacks his brother is also abusive to his wife. that’s not an excuse for her horrible behavior, but it might well be true. I’m sure he at least threatens her, and probably his elderly father as well. terrible things can happen to horrible people. no way to know unless one of the kids writes a book (if even then). I doubt I’ll still be around to post here by that time.

      • notasugarhere says:

        As awful as William is, he is a physical coward. He only attacked Harry when he knew he had his RPOs outside waiting to attack Harry if Harry retaliated. And as awful as William is? He’s far too cunning and sly to give Kate and Carol(E) that kind of leverage. William and Kate are a matched set – equally emotionally and verbally abusive towards each other, but not physically abusive.

    • PrincessK says:

      The style for the evening was black and white. She was trying to match the other ladies. Apparently the style for the night was monochrome and Kate got the memo but did it all wrong.

    • PrincessK says:

      My first thoughts too. Is she hiding bruising or something worse?
      I just feel that one day there will be an announcement that Kate for health reasons will not be doing any further public engagements until further notice.

      • Jaded says:

        No she’s not hiding bruising. FFS, she’s trying to make a fashion statement that is very popular currently, but she failed. She overdid it as she usually does, and she will continue to show up for the bare minimum of useless events she normally attends. She simply has poor taste, copies looks without realizing how badly coordinated she is. There will be no announcement of her stepping back from public service. Kate’s sole purpose is to hang onto the FQC title as desperately as she can, even if it means faking a “happy” marriage.

  9. MsIam says:

    Didn’t Meghan wear black accessories with her all white Louis Vuitton outfit she wore to Ripple of Hope? Maybe that’s what Keen was going for? But yeah this is awful.

    • First comment says:

      The problem was that some of her accessories were golden (shoes) or rose gold (earrings)… they were too much!!

      • sparrow says:

        Black and white is a classic for everyone but, yes, you don’t tend to wear gold with black and white. You go for cool tone accessories; otherwise the whole thing jars and the gold looks cheap. She would have looked better with silver or a dark blue jewellery, and not so much of a drop to the earrings. I’m talking about Kate here.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      I think this is one recent look that has nothing to do with what Meghan wore. It’s too tragic.

  10. Bee says:

    My first though was I swore I’ve seen her wear a dress either similar or identical. This is so boring and the gloves just yikes! She had tonnes of opportunity to shine and it’s just a huge miss.

    Also white? This copying Meghan is getting a bit much! The straight hair, muted/neutral colours, the white dress reminds me of the one Meghan wore recently. I’m sorry this is giving me budget Duchess Meg vibes it’s glaringly obvious she has a style board of Meg at home.

    • Jais says:

      The more I look at it the more I think it’s a totally diff dress? Like not just the old one redone. I’m confused. Does anyone know for sure?

      • BeanieBean says:

        I checked the what Kate wore website–they do a good job of breaking down her outfits; example, the breakdown of that new brown coat so similar to the old brown coat–and it seems to be a re-worked version. She’s done this a couple of times in the past–nothing major, nothing requiring expert sewing skills, but subtle changes to previously-worn gowns.

      • Nic919 says:

        Even if it was a reworked dress there is still a cost to the significant alterations. The flowery type thing on the shoulder of the 2019 gown is completely different than the long draping of material on this dress.

        It’s not really thrifty to do this at all.

      • Jais says:

        The flowery thing looked so much better than the weird hanging piece of fabric in the front.

  11. Seaflower says:

    This has to be one of her worst looks – if not the worst.
    – straight hair with a floaty dress
    – heavy makeup with a floaty dress
    – the gloves – make them go away!
    – the gold shoes (yes gold shoes)
    – the earrings – my eyes, my eyes.

    Just atrocious.

    And then you see some of the amazing dresses actresses had n and you wonder if K is capable of feeling humiliation.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      The gloves look really bad.

    • Velvet Elvis says:

      Total trainwreck.

    • FHMom says:

      Also, it looks summery. Maybe that’s why she added the black glove. It’s laughable and her husband never held her hand.

    • Serenity says:

      @Seaflower OMG that was awesome!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 Thanks for making my day!

    • Liz Version 700 is says:

      It so bad. In theory black and white should look fine together. But these gloves go up so far they look like she is being swallowed by negative space into a parallel universe. So bad. The earrings are fun bbq with your aunt not big red carpet event, and then the gold shoes? Omg. And the purse matching the gloves makes it all so weird looking in pics. There is no safe place to look accept at her most boring accessory….her husband.

    • Liz Version 700 is says:

      Snort People Magazine is calling it one of her “Rare Fashion Risks” hahahahaha even they are having trouble glossing over the golden shoes and bizarre gloves and earring that are longer than her head.

  12. Moderatelywealthy says:

    My eyes…my eyey!!!!

  13. Lady Esther says:

    Where to begin? They both look like they got dressed in the dark!

    –She looks great from the neck up: great hair, makeup, and I love the earrings…but then you scroll down into a pile of WTF. Those earrings with white floaty Miss Haversham cosplay chiffon? And the modern hairstyle with all of it? And the gloves on top of all of that, those dark heavy gloves with white chiffon??!? Oh dear oh dear…

    –William is not only wearing a velvet jacket, but with contrast piping (!!) and it’s at least 2 sizes too small. The jacket and pants don’t go together. Then he wears shiny shoes with all of it? Why am I thinking of Mr Peanut?

    This look is a hot mess even by their standards…

    • ShazBot says:

      Imagine she’d worn the black velvet strapless gown she wore on one of her first ever formal occasions – with the hair, earrings, shoes and Will’s tux jacket, it would have been a great look. No gloves needed (but even they would have gone better with that dress)

      • CourtneyB says:

        Exactly. She has some great black velvet gowns.
        I really like this one and liked it’s predecessor. Just not with the gloves.
        I thought she looked much more relaxed and normal levels of smiling while walking in.

      • Nic919 says:

        I saw that black gown in social media and the gloves would have worked with that gown. But since it is such an old gown, I wonder if it is even in her possession or if it was sent off for use by Pippa or Carole. She was notorious for that in the early years.

      • zinjazin says:

        Every item is fine on its own, but they are completely mismatched, the materials the styles, the seasons. The earrings are like drinks with the girlfriends out about town, the velvet gloves are winter gala, the dress is summery romance, hair is slick like modern/Bond style.
        I dont know what her stylist was thinking honestly putting four clashing styles together..
        But I mean sure she still looks fine but mismatched.
        Its like Coco Chanel said, when you are dressed take away one item, less is more..

  14. Tessa says:

    Her hair needs to be trimmed and restyled.

  15. Grace says:

    If this is an altered gown, the changes haven’t done any favors to it. It looks like a white tea towel or a big napkin sneaked out of the house on her shoulder to compete with the skirt. The result is a mess with those odd gloves, tacky earrings and golden shoes. An updo might have saved something, now the shoulder part, hair and earrings are just weighing her down. No part of this outfit belongs together, period.

    • Lady Esther says:

      With my mental Kate paper doll, I cropped the dress into a mini, threw on a chunky green cocktail ring over the gloves and gave her thigh-high shiny red leather high heeled boots. Lean into the Vivienne Westwood of it all. THEN it might just work!

      William’s outfit isn’t salveagable so I’d put him in full Ewan McGregor/Richard Madden kilt mode and call it a day…

    • Fifty-50 says:

      Agree re whatever that thing on her shoulder is. My first reaction was that someone TP’ed her dress.

    • Jais says:

      Tea towel on the shoulder is an accurate description.

      • Grace says:

        @Jais When I first saw this dress I actually thought of my granny who used to casually throw a tea towel on her shoulder when she was drying the dishes and taking them to their place. Lately I’ve started doing the same, so maybe my granny was fashion forward! If that piece in the dress is supposed to be a train, the length is odd.

  16. Tessa says:

    The earrings are too busy looks like key chains with lots of keys on them

  17. ThatsNotOkay says:

    What non-news. SWF stalks sister-in-law, cooykeens all her outfits at once. “I’m Kate. Could I BE wearing anymore clothes!?” It’s a hodgepodge of buffoonery. Hey: you didn’t have to wear black gloves so you could match your husband’s velour penguin suit. We know what color tuxedos are.

  18. Goldenkatz says:

    Actually this has Amal Clooney vibes for me—

    Except Amal has the charisma to pull this off.

    • SAS says:

      Im in the minority that actually loves gloves but of course Kate has no style to pull them off. See how Amal’s are an elegant length- it’s the gloves pulled up to the armpits that’s done me!!

      It actually had me looking whether her arms were unusually short or something lol! Or she’s just never worn gloves and doesn’t know you don’t have to yank them to full length.

    • Lux says:

      There are so many reasons why Amal’s look works and an endless list of why Kate’s doesn’t. Proportion, fabric, lines, texture, styling, use of complementary vs contrast colors, pose and panache…I understand the comparison but it’s really apples and oranges at this point.

  19. equality says:

    I’m not into style at all but to me the dress wants a necklace and simple earrings. Why not some black jewelry, maybe jet, as her jewels and lose the black gloves? Will would have looked better in a simple tux.

    • CourtneyB says:

      It would never happen, and the baftas probably wouldn’t be the event for it, but I’d love to see her in a sharp black tuxedo suit. Ala Angelina at the blood and honey (?) premiere. Diana wore a couple in her day.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      equality, you and I were thinking similarly. When I saw that I was astonished. I tried to make it work, and decided small earrings and a necklace. Silver and Onyx I think with her hair up. The gloves are way way too long. If she’s determined to wear them then get them just above the elbow. Shoes are harder for me with this. I wonder what black would look like? Or silver?

      I don’t particularly like her in white. I think she needs a color.

      Can anyone be this bad at dressing themselves and accessorizing? Is she doing this deliberately now?

  20. Tessa says:

    Will fusses over his bow tie while keen grins I n a n e l y at the cameras

  21. Jais says:

    Well, I did not have this particular look on my bingo card for Kate. I’m kinda impressed by the boldness to wear the opera gloves. If only she’d styled it better. The flap of fabric over the shoulder hides the top of one of the gloves and loses the whole effect. What should have been really dramatic was hidden by poor styling. And why those earrings? Baffling.

    • Chloe says:

      Honestly i was surprised by how bad she looked too. I actually like the dress. And on this occasion i am not going to criticize her for copying because it’s a rewear. I like what she done here better that the frills (or whatever that was) that originally was on the shoulder part of this dress.

      But those gloves simply don’t go with the dress. If she wants to colour block maybe she should have chosen a red dress and pink gloves or a dark blue/ light blue combo.

      And then just nothing else matched. She’s wearing golden shoes with rose gold earrings. Isn’t one of the basic fashion rules to stick to a colour palate of maximum 3?

  22. Joan Holloway says:

    It’s her worst look of all time, hands down.

  23. TeamAwesome says:

    I assumed this was Jenny Packham when I saw it, but then read the reports about it being the reworked McQueen. I would 💯 believe she just bought something new that could be speculated to be a recycle or that she just forgot about the other dress altogether.
    I love the earrings. That’s it. Those gloves are fugly.

  24. Brassy Rebel says:

    Speaking of weird looks, William looks like a maitre de or like he is going to start tap dancing. I think Fred Astaire wore this outfit (much better) in FLYING DOWN TO RIO.

    • Eurydice says:

      I don’t think Fred ever wore a double-breasted velvet smoking jacket in Flying Down to Rio – maybe in Royal Wedding? But, if he ever did in his entire life, it wouldn’t have had satin buttons, piping and thick pocket flaps that stick out at the hips. Fred Astaire was always impeccably stylish.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I remember him in a velvet smoking jacket ‘at home’ in a scene from Easter Parade, but that was set 100 years ago. William and his odd throwback velvet jackets will always be ridiculous.

  25. Miranda says:

    I would actually ADORE those earrings with a simple column gown, and I think she’d actually look great in that style. She could’ve worn gloves with it, too, though I don’t know why she’d want to (well, yes I do). The dress is too billowy and distracting for anything but simple accessories.

    • Becks1 says:

      A long simple white column gown (similar to the black one she wore to the Maverick premiere) would have been a much better look with the gloves and earrings. I don’t know if I would have liked it, but it would have been better.

    • Eurydice says:

      I love the earrings, too. They remind me of art pieces people make out of random metal from junk yards – but in a good way. Whimsical accessories need to be the star so everyone can enjoy the whimsy. Even the opera gloves would have worked with a different dress, but you need to have confidence in what you’re wearing. Kate has no confidence, so she keeps piling things one on top of another.

  26. JoJo says:

    I’m so torn on what to say about all this .

    1. My eyes…my eyes..


    2. Let’s crowdfund a full length mirror for the poor woman.


    3. No.. Kate…just no love…


    4. My mother taught me that if o had nothing nice to say then I should say nothing at all. So, ….🤐


    5. Gold shoes, black armpit length gloves, hideous ‘let’s play dress up’ plastic earrings, a black clutch (so it’s invisible cos of the aforementioned gloves lol) and (at last) a relatively attractive dress… that looks practically exactly the same as the dress you last wore to…(checks notes..) yup… this exact same event.

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I actually feel sorry for the media trying their best to sell this today as daring, edgy or an ensemble that anyone with functional eyes can see is simply awful.

    • BRC says:

      The gloves are toooo long. Looks like compression socks

    • Gina says:

      @JoJo You forgot the shoes. Golden shoes with white billowy dress + heavy black gloves + black clutch – awful combination. Also, the styling of the hair was bad – with this dress updo is needed. Not good look.
      As about Willy – why he is always wearing clothes that are too small or too short for him? This velvet jacket is hideous. It seems like his hips are wider than his shoulders…

      • JoJo says:

        Unfortunately @GINA I didn’t forget the shoes… I wish I could forget the shoes lol …but see no.5 in my comments. I did forget to mention the hair though, probably from being in total shock about the actual outfit (I wonder, is it breaking some kind of trades description law calling it an outfit?) Anyway, you’re absolutely right, an updo would have looked much better. Although, that would have revealed those horrendous earrings even more, so I’m a bit conflicted on which is worst of two evils.

    • BeanieBean says:

      The media are going with ‘thrifty’. Beggars belief.

  27. Nanea says:

    While we all know that Khate loves nothing better than to copykeen Meghan, this gown plus gloves reminded me of Amal Clooney’s look at the Golden Globes 2015, where she wore white gloves to a black one-shouldered Dior dress with a sash.

    Didn’t look good then, doesn’t look good now.

    PS: After writing this I see @Goldenkatz further up had the same idea.

  28. Loretta says:

    “Less is more” – Coco Chanel

    • JoJo says:

      Amen to that. Someone please, for the love of god, get this message to Kate or her stylist asap. Although I seriously have to doubt the existence of an actual stylist being in her employ at this point. No one can be that bad at their job.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        Perhaps Charlotte is her stylist. That looks like something a seven-year-old would put together lol!

    • sparrow says:

      Didn’t she also say, take the last thing off you add to an outfit because it’ll be too much and ruin the whole look … those gloves should have gone on and then off immediately.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Very similar to Marilyn Monroe’s turn around & look in the mirror & remove the first thing that catches your eye–which here would have been the gloves.

    • Feeshalori says:

      I’m sorry, but I don’t like skin-tight opera gloves. Someone mentioned that they looked like compression socks, which is an apt comparison. They were way too high, and even that may have been forgivable if there were some looseness and crease to them. But that’s a moot point because they definitely should not have been worn with this outfit.

      • Debbie says:

        We all know that Kate has a thing for wearing dated looks and costume wear, but lately she’s stepped away from those looks. Maybe she’s so into those costumed pieces at heart that she added the long opera gloves like ladies used to pair with Edwardian gowns in the old days. That’s the only thing I can think of (aside from losing a bet) which cause her to add the black gloves to the pile. The less said about the gold shoes, gypsy earrings and heavy makeup, the better.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      I’m glad I scrolled before posting, bc that was my first thought.

    • Feeshalori says:

      And THIS was the occasion when she should have worn those elaborate pearl and diamond earrings that she was wearing daytime for the queen’s funeral. This was the appropriate format evening event for them and they would have looked so much better with that dress sans gloves.

  29. India says:

    I am loving this look on Mean Girl Khhate. It is the worst looking thing she has ever graced us with and it goes to show what a complete fashion disaster she is and how utterly stupid she is. Keep Up Khhatie. The live entertainment you provide us with is immeasurable.

    • WHAT says:

      Yet the daily smell had articles about her global effect😂 that they 🧩 together hours before she showed up. Did anyone see how fast they got knocked out of the 🔝 headline spot once the social media comments started trending 😁. No originality, its always too much going on with her accessories and the fact she wants desperately to be in the super bowl with CA when she needs to stay and be content playing in the ⌛ 📦

      • Ponchorella says:

        I totally noticed how fast she got knocked waaaayyyyy down the front page of the Fail within 30 minutes. Guess she went over like a lead balloon.

    • Chrissy says:

      LOL! I totally agree. Kate trying to be edgy yet Meghanesque is a absolute fail! I hope Meghan is seeing this monstrosity and laughing along with us!

  30. Lightpurple says:

    The dress itself is pretty and also reminds me of one Diana wore but she totally ruined it with horrible styling. Everything was wrong: the shoes, the bag, those gloves, those earrings, the bad makeup, and the undone hair – none of it goes with that dress

  31. Amy Bee says:

    Just imagine the outrage if Meghan had tapped Harry’s ass in public. It tells you that Meghan’s presence in the Royal Family was the real issue not what she did or wore. As for Kate’s outfit it was one of her worst. As I’ve said before somebody needs to teach her how to accessorise. I believe she reworked her McQueen dress. Nothing is wrong with that you don’t wear it the same event.

    • Kit says:

      Agree Amy, l.thought she was overly confident walking in to the awards, playing to the camera’s of course but if you watch de clip as soon as the terrible two.sit down she totally turned her head away from William , had a face on and ignored him. lol.

      PS Her overall look is absolutely awful, she is spending a lot, a lot of money though

      • Beach Dreams says:

        😂 Maybe she was mad at him for ignoring her attempt to hold his hand (again). To me this looked even worse than the attempt at the Earthshot mess because you can clearly see her trying to move her hand in for the grab twice. She should’ve just furiously tapped his shoulder to force the issue like she did during the Disaster Tour last year (when she was in the gaudy pink gown).

      • Feeshalori says:

        I mentioned above that they should avoid these extremely embarrassing situations, and come to an agreement beforehand about whether or not they’ll have any form of PDA at all. This latest attempt was so cringing to watch.

  32. SunnyDays says:

    What in the mismatched hell is this?? My child looks more put together when they’re piecing some dress-up costumes together.

    Her hair should have been up. Those gaudy earrings do not go with the neckline/embellishments of the dress. The gloves…the gloves….I don’t know what to say about the gloves!

    Who let her out of the house this way? They must really dislike her. One of her worst looks in a long time.

    She dangles her hand away from her body to make it look as though they are about to hold hands but he never touches her. This whole thing is just SO sad!

  33. Becks1 says:

    I gasped when I saw this. Its just SO BAD. Someone said that its clear she doesnt have any friends bc they would not have let her leave the house dressed like this and I have to completely agree with that. Different earrings and no gloves – this would have been okay. Different dress and the gloves might have worked. But instead….its a disaster.

    I cant tell if this is the same McQueen dress from 2020 or not. If it is, then the alterations did no favors for it. If it isn’t, then she spent money on a new dress that is very similar to a dress she already owns except to add that weird hideous one shouldered cape monstrosity. Either way, she spent money on something just to make a very ugly dress.

    Their red carpet interactions were hilarious. He really does not want to touch her, lol.

    • Layla says:

      @becks1 right? I mean even if you just HAD to add the long train over the shoulder, which come one we all know why she just HAD to, leave the floral embellishment from the original. This just makes no sense. And Maybe the earrings would’ve worked

      Even the pink version of that gown. that she already had made (for Charles birthday remember?) would’ve worked with those earrings

    • Nic919 says:

      She doesn’t have any real friends because they would have told her the straight hair ages her a lot. And the gloves made her look like cruella deville. But it’s obvious her stylist either doesn’t have taste or that the stylist is in name only because this is a garbage look.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      For someone who thinks that others covet her fashion contacts LOLZZZZZ all week. Based on how she looked last night she can keep her ‘fashion contacts’.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      The last time Kate wore that white dress, she received high praise as the ultimate angel on Earth in contrast to Meghan getting eviscerated and torn apart for wearing the black one shouldered Givenchy a few weeks before that. It’s almost like this dress turned on her for her bullsh*t for the past few years by serving one of her worst looks ever in the same dress. If you repeat a dress, it shouldn’t be to the same event it was previously worn to.

  34. Abby says:

    The gloves make her look like a villain. I generally like Jenny Packham dresses and this one is fine.

    I feel like will adjusting his bow tie is like him adjusting his scarf at the Christmas wall at sandrinham so he didn’t have to hug … Meghan? Kate? I can’t remember. The guy needs to mess with his neck accessories.

  35. Nic919 says:

    She clearly doesn’t have a decent stylist because she stepped out looking like Cruella Deville.

    The flat long hair does not work on her and she needs to stop it. It drags her face down and while the botox was on high last night it still doesn’t counteract the long droopy flat hair. And the cheap earrings looked cheap and were fighting with the hair in her look. She needed her hair up for bulky dangly earrings.

    The dress on its own is ok, and I could buy it either way if it’s a rework of the 2019 dress or a new one made to resemble the old one, because she’s done that before too. But it’s those stupid black gloves that just makes this look so bad. They get lost on the side with the floaty shoulder thing and they are so tight for no real reason. They have been compared to calfing gloves and several pegging type jokes have followed because of this look.

    The gold shoes are also dumb but not really seen so small mercies.

    She’s just so bad at this a decade in. She has no idea how to accessorize or what works with her facial structure.

  36. JoJo says:

    Also, him! Wtaf! Did he just borrow his Uncle Andrew’s 1980’s ‘pulling’ jacket or what?

    • Liz Version 700 says:

      Oh yes! He is so lucky the awful gloves pulled attention from his Velvet monstrosity of a jacket!

  37. Digital Unicorn says:

    That was her worst look – ever! Twitter was all over how bad it was last night. EVERYTHING WAS WRONG.

    I loved Peggy channeling Melania with the ‘nope, not gonna hold ur hand’. It was soo obvious – he was clearly embarrassed to be seen with her.

    She was easily the WORST dressed on that carpet. Easily!!!!

    Am beginning to think there is something to the talk of her being on meds – she looked high on something on the carpet. Maybe it was the attention who knows but the mugging and attention seeking are off the charts.

    William needs to ditch the velvet jackets – they will never work for him.

    • Nic919 says:

      That clip of melania brushing off trump trying to hold her hand showed up a lot in social media last night. She’s a joke at this point. Not the glamour queen the British get paid to pretend she is.

    • Princessk says:

      Well at least he is trying to look different.
      Unlike Charles, his sons William and Harry seem to be totally uninterested in clothes.

  38. mellie says:

    She looks she proud of herself in her summer dress and winter gloves that I’d almost feel sorry for her and her bad fashion IF she wasn’t such an asshole.

  39. Noor says:

    Sartorially speaking , the virginal bridal white gown , the OTT armpit high black gloves and the heavy golden florid flower clusters earrings challenged each other for attention.
    Furthur, why highlight the arms when it would uncomfortably remind us of the South Park spoof on Kate and William wedding

  40. RoyalBlue says:

    You know Keen was just dying to wear opera gloves ever since Meghan wore them at the funeral so she took her chance at the BAFTAs and it flopped.

    Wondering why folks think this is Jenny Packham, is there a link to a similar dress somewhere? To me the waistband, the hem and the top all look like the same McQueen, with a repurposed shoulder piece. The gloves do not go with the cloth hanging down the shoulder. The gloves would match better with a simple, clean-cut dress. The dress has flounces and gathers and tucks and way too much going on to add the opera gloves to it.

  41. Mary Pester says:

    Where to start. BULLYAM, buy a jacket that FITS, you look like a sausage roll trying to escape it’s skin (but with your hair line you really, really look like one no matter what you wear) Wear a pair of sunglasses or your going to be blinded by the glare from those shoes, YUK. Your trousers, oh my maybe cut out the carbs for a month! And LEAVE YOUR TIE ALONE, we know you can’t bear to touch Kate but stop the fiddling.
    Khate, sorry dear, your not meghan and never will be Megan, so STOP copying her. Your just coming of as a cheap imitation. Megan knows when and where to wear gloves, so ASK HER how it’s done. Stop with the wiglets, or at least try and be consistent with the colour. Those day rave earings, just NO, not with that new dress. Because it is new, the waistline and draping give it away. GOLD SHOES, really? Or did you buy them to go with the gold coaches for the coronation and you were wearing them in, because there can be no other explanation for them. So both of you either PLEASE hire a new dresser or call your brother and sister in law for style tips. You both have it sooooo wrong again! I almost, almost feel sorry for this epic fail, but then I remember the way you treat family.!

  42. Tessa says:

    It’s hilarious how the dm trying to spin Kate’s touching will as a great romantic moment with flirting Kate. Ignoring how wills does not respond to her. Some s t a n s talk about their wanting baby no
    4. Ridiculous.

  43. DARK says:

    From a strictly visual perspective only this must be one of her worst looks. The white dress looks like a table cloth on her in this combination with the gloves and it completley takes over. I think it would have been a lot better without the earrings and the black gloves, every part looks separate from the whole and her. It might even have worked better with white gloves. I don’t think Kate has a enough contrast within her own coulours for this combination so the very stark contrast between optic white a quite shiny black is too much for her skin to handle. It makes her skin look a little sallow and I think that is just because of the colour choice. These people could have access to colour analysts and stylists why don’t they use them?

  44. 809Matriarch says:

    Those gloves! Like wearing white athletic socks with a Vera Wang cocktail gown.🤡

  45. Woods says:

    The opera gloves are certainty not going to help with the pegging rumors.

  46. Nx2 says:

    Horrible look. It’s like a non-creative first grader created a Cruella De Ville costume out of granny’s thrift store bag. It’s so obvious that she’s extremely jealous of Meghan’s style but does not have the eye, knowledge, affinity or “it” factor herself so we get these bad, cheesy, awful copies. How is that art is one of her passions???? Hard to believe.

  47. Beach Dreams says:

    Terrible from head to toe. The rose gold earrings AND gold shoes alone are just…huh???? She looks like a villain with those gloves. Even with the extensive procedures she still looks worn and tired. Personally I’m not totally convinced this is a rewear, because that dress material looked softer and smoother in a sense while here it looks cheap and like she wrapped herself in toilet paper.

    Oh and I totally think it was a choice to tap him on the ass, given the ongoing rumors. Very passive aggressive.

    • Nic919 says:

      I can easily see them lying about this being a reworked dress in order to pretend she is thrifty. It wouldn’t be the first time they openly lie about something to the media to look good.

  48. HeyKay says:

    I like Kates gown and gloves. Hate the ear rings. Her hair looked good tho.
    Is Williams tux velvet? Ugh.

    Velvet tuxes are hideous to me.

  49. Julia K says:

    I love the dress, whether it’s new or re worked, I don’t care. The gold earrings and gold shoes match, so we’re good so far. But what’s visually jarring are the black gloves and black clutch purse. They scream “too much is going on here”. It’s either white with gold or white with black, not all 3. Where are her girlfriends who could have clued her in?

    • L4Frimaire says:

      The gold plated earrings just look distracted don’t suit the dress at all. Saw someone describe it as the type of jewelry you wear to bottomless margarita night. The black accessories and the gold shoes/earrings just look too heavy and weighed down for such a diaphanous dress. The dress, if it’s a rewear, looked better before with the flower details, not that long scarf detail. The whole look is disjointed.

  50. Jay says:

    The flowy white dress should have styling to match – it just seems like the long black gloves and statement earrings go with another dress entirely, maybe a more structured cocktail dress or column dress so the accessories could shine.

    And WTF is with the scraggly flat-ironed hair? This woman has all the money and access you could ask for, but money can’t buy good taste.

    It looks to me like she was reaching for his hand and accidentally grazed his ass, which makes him startle like she just electrocuted him, then he tries to cover it with an awkward wave and the most cringeworthy pat on the shoulder. It’s painful to watch.

  51. Harper says:

    This get-up seriously upset me. 1) I originally thought it was an old photo, because who, who, who I ask you, would wear the exact same dress to the exact same event three years later? And it’s not as if it was a little-remembered event–the photo of her in her original BAFTA one-shoulder gown graced the cover of Tatler in that ill-fated Kate the Great article. It is one of her more famous looks, so let it rest. Even I don’t wear the exact same fuzzy sweater to have lunch with my friend that I know I wore last time I saw her.

    2) I physically recoiled as my senses took in the black formal gloves covering her entire arms contrasting with the white, flowy skirt swirling at her feet. Two comments I saw that represent the mass confusion this caused: 1) Is this some kind of mourning protocol for Betty? 2) Is she going straight from the BAFTAs to birth a baby cow?

    3) I couldn’t even scroll Instagram last night as feeds that I typically enjoy were posting this photo like it was not a giant joke. These were professional designers (okay I’m outing you Mark D Sikes) who know color theory and would never pair rose gold, regular gold, white chiffon and black velvet. Sometimes I cannot live in this world.

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate’s fashion is a joke in the regular world and those gloves have a suggested use of more than just birthing calves. I won’t get into it here but some suggested an activity a little more extreme than pegging.

    • Jais says:

      “Sometimes I cannot live in this world” 😂😂😂 @harper, your discontent is palpable and I love it.

  52. Rapunzel says:

    The earrings are hidden by the hair, the hair looks like it has too many fly aways, the gloves don’t go with the dress, the dress is either atrocious altered or a new dress so similar it’s a waste of money, and it’s all awful.

    I’m tempted to wonder if she’s covering bruises/a rash with the gloves, but with his velvet jacket, I think this an attempt at coordination. But her black velvet dress would be better for that.

    And the “ass tap”– are we sure she actually touched him? Cause the black against black makes it difficult to really tell. And if she did, notice the position of the thumb. Is she trolling him over the #PoP rumors?

    They could look a lot more affectionate if they just held hands like H&M. But that’s too much copykeening for Willy to handle. He really can’t stand her.

    • Nic919 says:

      The video really doesn’t show much of anything and it’s likely she just waved her hand in the general vicinity after he blew off her attempt at hand holding.

      Amanda Matta covered it in one of her TikTok’s and it’s not a love tap in any way. It’s a pathetic way to save face from a husband who publicly rejects your touch if anything.

  53. The whole look is horrid. Kate must be having nightmares regretting she ever wore this ensemble. She’s trying hard to look like Meghan, Amal Clooney, and Angelina Jolie. But she couldn’t come close to these fashion icons. She’s so tacky and her face looks severe.

    Their PDA which the British media is hyping is so totally awkward and has no loving vibe at all . She’s trying to talk to William but I’m sure whatever she told him was nonsense. It’s just a pretense for being too self-conscious. And William knows it but played to get along. She wants him to hold her hand (see how she reaches her hand out to him hoping for him to take and hold it ), but he only gave her a pat on the arm— like a friend or an employee— to tell her “good job, carry on.” These two are as cold as ice. Again no love energy there.

  54. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Showed this to granddaughter #1 and she was all “what?” She thought like Kaiser. Maxi dress (black), hair pinned up very loosely, those earrings (which she liked) and ballet slippers. She thought this look was all over the place and “what’s going on with those shoes?”

  55. CC says:

    Someone once said that Donald Trump acts how a poor person imagines a rich person to be.
    Kate’s outfit is what a unfashionable person, or a child, imagines glamour to be.

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate might have married in a higher social class but she’s almost always come off as The only way is Essex in her fashion sense. Or like Hyancith Bucket. There is no sophistication there.

  56. Meghan says:

    I was going to come and fight for the dress and say how beautiful it would be with just the white dress and the sapphire suite (which is Diana’s, right?)

    Like….. all yall were dumb and crazy and I was going to quit reading the gossip here (Okay not really) and then I saw the left arm and said “nope, even I cannot defend that.”

    I dont get to dress up for glamorous events (*sob*) but even I could style a white dress 1,000 different ways and have it look GOOD. Or get wild and style a dress around the long leather gloves. The earrings have go to go, though.

    ETA- I would fight for the dress if it had the small sleeves like in the pic under the “Kate desperately wants some affection from her husband” tweet video. THAT I could defend. One random long arm which seems to serve no purpose? Sorry chick, you’re on your own. (Meghan could probably pull it off though….but with no black leather gloves and better earrings. Or a necklace and no earrings yeah?)

    • Nic919 says:

      The dress in 2019 was actually one of her best looks. Had she not added the gloves and cheap earrings and did something better with her hair this could have been a top look for her as well. The dress on its own isn’t that bad.

      But kate can’t style for shit.

  57. Ann says:

    I don’t understand her wearing Zara earrings to a black tie event. I would if I liked them, because I’m a mere peasant on a budget. But if you literally have access to crown jewels, why not wear them?

  58. Elsa says:

    I don’t get the hate for her hair. I think it looked beautiful as did her face. The dress with the earrings would have been lovely. The black gloves were a complete miss and looked ridiculous. I think that the gloves were so overbearing that the entire look was ruined.

  59. sparrow says:

    It is such an awful, awful outfit. Alexander McQ must be spinning in his grave. But Kate loves the high flash of the red carpet like no other because her skin looks a bit normal and her bags disappear.

    • Nic919 says:

      The photoshop was on high for a lot of photos. There wasn’t a lot of video and it was from a distance and them walking quickly by.

  60. Agreatreckoning says:

    Place a black & white jester cap ‘n’ bells on her head and she’s good to go for the Mardi Gras parade.

    That’s the only context this outfit works.

  61. HK9 says:

    The black opera gloves look absolutely ridiculous. Those earrings are just – like what??? She’s got access to the best jewellry in the world. Pull out some nice diamond art deco (earrings & bracelet) and it would’ve been elegant. I’m convinced her stylist hates her.

    • Dilettante says:

      @HK9- thank goodness someone else voiced what I was thinking, that her stylist can’t stand her. And Kate has no personality or taste so she thinks what her stylist does is fine. And then the bots praise her to the skies, so she feels good about how she’s dressed.

  62. Jazz Hands says:

    My ‘say something nice’ is her brows look symmetrical… in some of the photos.

  63. Jan says:

    One Twitter someone posted a picture of a Panda Bear.

  64. Geeeneyedgirl says:

    This may be her worst look ever! Nothing matches. The dress is nice, but does not go with the earrings or gloves. To me the gloves are the most ridiculous part of the whole getup. Heavy velvet gloves, with a soft flowy dress? I think the gloves were a poor attempt to match Willys velvet jacket. The earrings, I actually like, but not with this, statement earrings should be the main focus. I wear plenty of handmade beaded statement earrings daily, and they are the only jewelry I wear when I do. This is awful. Willy looks okay, but then again he always has better clothing than her and for the most part knows what works for him.

  65. Mle428 says:

    She reminds me of my early 20’s when I didn’t know how to accessorize (in my defense the 00’s were pretty tacky fashion-wise lol). I can’t believe that she went with rose gold earrings (which I love BTW…just not with this dress) when wearing black and white. I’m just a middle class pleeb who buys her designer wear resale on Real Real, but I do know how to put together a whole look these days.

  66. Cara says:

    This convinces me she’s trolling. They know if she does this kind of thing, it kicks up the Meghan comparison. Then M’s fans and K’s fans both go to social media to yell at each other and she gets a hit of dopamine from her fans saying she’s the most graceful and elegant to ever do it.

  67. Beverley says:

    Money doesn’t mean class or taste. Kkkhate is burning throuh cash right now, to no avail. Diana, the Princess of Wales, had flawless taste. Kkkhate is a flop as a fashionista…and a person. Behold, your new PoW.

  68. AnneL says:

    Zara earrings!? I like Zara, but if you’re Princess of Wales, you don’t wear their costume jewelry to a big formal event like this! Is she trying to be “relatable” with her affordable earrings? We all know she has access to the Windsor jewels and we’ve seen her wearing them all the time. She’s not “Waity Katy” any more. Those earrings just won’t do.

    The dress is nice. I can’t see the shoes but I’ll assume they are all wrong as others are saying. There’s nothing wrong with gold shoes, depending on the gown, the shoe, the event, all of it.

    But the gloves are the worst. So harsh and jarring. They look like they’re part of a pirate costume.

  69. A says:

    She looks great!! I love the whole look.

  70. Ali says:

    Don’t usually troll fashion but think there’s a deeper meaning behind this.

    It’s like she’s deliberately trying to be unfashionable with the recycled dress and floaty Grecian dress with funny gloves.

    I feel like the vibe is ‘too royal to try’

    The area groping was because she was asked to. She smiled back at the photographers afterwards as if they were in on a private joke/request

    • Tessa says:

      I think Kate made her own choice to touch William
      Kate always seeks out the cameras. Maybe some paparazzi called out for will to take her hand and he ignored them

  71. SIde Eye says:

    You guys we just don’t get her and her avant garde fashion sense!!! She’s clearly telling us she’s not a racist by pairing black and white together! My problem with this look? She doesn’t go far enough!

    She needs black lipstick with this. Zara used to sell a pair of plastic earrings that were dice- she needed to find those and go even bigger with this theme. She missed a golden opportunity to signal something to Tom Cruise – dice? Casino Royale? Amiright?

    i also think she doesn’t go far enough with the Meghan obsession. Why not just wear the Meghan tiara? The dress is already kind of bridal. Go big it go home!

    She forgot to add a pop of color by wearing big blue OVER the gloves! We haven’t seen big blue in 14 seconds! We needed to see big blue! Since she loves matching, she should have added a chunky blue belt (maybe a different shade of blue but in the blue family) to this outfit.

    If she wanted to add a pop of gold she should have popped a gold cap in her mouth. I don’t know if those gold shoes work.

    She also should have crimped her hair for a little more volume and carried a rose to let us know all is cool with William’s Rose – nothing to see here! She’s not afraid of being near roses!

    Now that would have been a look. So this was a near miss that just needed a little work. She’s trying guys! She’s super keen and still learning. She’ll get it right next time.

  72. Denise says:

    I usually think Kate looks better (for herself) than most people on this site give her credit for (and I agree she’s copying others) but this look is ROUGH!!

    • Denise says:

      I’m coming back to say that I just got a good look at William and it’s bad too. I know he probably will never be the one to push the boundaries of men’s fashion (and that’s okay) but this look is just bad. They have too many mirrors and employees to leave the house looking like this.

  73. Over it says:

    What the actual F am I looking at? His velvet jacket looks like he raided Hugh heifner closet and all he could find was his smokers jacket .
    Kate good lord. There is nothing complimentary to say about anything she is wearing.
    As for the video. Nope. He can’t even bring himself to hold her hands when covered in gloves. Yup, definitely no love between these two

  74. alexc says:

    Ha ha, so bad. Looks like a 5 year old dressed Barbie for the big party.

  75. notasugarhere says:

    This is very Diana and Fergie in the late 80s. Bad gowns and silly long glove combinations.

    • Tessa says:

      Kate is badly dressed this ensemble was the worst. Diana’s gowns did well at the charity auction I doubt kates wardrobe would do as well. Sarah has the excuse that her look.was in during the eighties. Kate seems to have bad fashion sense. The black gloves clash badly with the white gown.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I get that you love Diana, but she had years of horrible fashion whether or not obsessive stans were willing to buy her gowns at auction. The high-low hemlines, harsh colour blocking, puff sleeves, satin, mis-matched gloves. There was a whole lot of bad fashion from Diana for a decade+.

      • Tessa says:

        I agree Kate s t a n s would buy her gowns. She may never donate them to a charity auction but keep them for herself. Diana’s gowns in the early years were not her best looks. I liked the outfits she wore on her early tours. She was trying to emulate the stodgy royal looks in her early years as royal wife. She dressed better and was at her best.1989 and after. I would say kates fashion sense is mediocre.

      • Princessk says:

        Well it was the 80s.
        Interestingly the high waisted jeans she used to wear are back in fashion.

  76. JanetDR says:

    They both look they were rummaging in the dress up bin.

  77. L4Frimaire says:

    The whole look is a mess. Those earrings are the worst. They look cheap and are cheap. The black gloves are way too harsh with such a light dress. Thr gloves just suck the energy out of the whole look and make her hands look really big and get arms look really long. The gold dangling earrings and gold shoes look gaudy-should have worn diamonds and a black or white shoes or strapping sandals. Usually she dresses better, even if a bit frumpy or try hard. I don’t know what the thinking is behind this pile up but at least it looks like all Kate and not directly copying anyone, because who else would wear this?

  78. Emily_C says:

    Okay but Willy’s velvet jackets. Why. Why does he insist on these things.

  79. aquarius64 says:

    That butt pat. Don’t tell me Billy and BP didn’t ream Kate out for that move. Conduct unbecoming a future queen. The Turnip Toffs and the rest of the British aristos are laughing at Kate over breakfast now. They think that tacky move is proof she and her family is low class and her family are.

  80. Tessa says:

    Like Ken and Barbie on the ref carpet

  81. QuiteContrary says:

    This outfit — the black gloves with the white gown — reminds me of crappy wedding party wear, in which the men wear black dress shirts under white vests. It is a terrible look.

    She’s an utter mess. A style abyss.

    • Jaded says:

      I see that black and white was a big fashion look at the Grammys this year but this is just not on. It even eclipses the tragic Sparkle Plenty gown from the Bond premiere. All that money and so little taste….SMH.

      • Tessa says:

        In the met gala the ladies did the opera gloves look with matching black gown. Kate wearing this with the chiffon gown was a mismatch

  82. hangonamin says:

    can’t stop staring at the earrings. those look like christmas ornaments in the sale bin at a grocery store. everything is a miss. dress is flowy and feminine but makeup is harsh/dramatic, opera gloves are minimalist in a gown that isn’t minimal at all. bag looks like something i can get at TJ Maxx. girl, you’re rich and this is what you wear?

    • Jojo says:

      No, sorry, I can’t even agree to that. I like my Christmas tree looking subtle & classy thank you very much.

      Other than a fancy dress accessory (maybe wear one of them as part of an overall female Jack Sparrow look ?) I can’t imagine a single example of where/when these earrings would look ok.

      I suppose you could hang them from the arms of a scarecrow in a field to jangle about & frighten the crows.

  83. Lily says:

    I love the dress but the gloves seem to steal the show. I would have done Ivory just past the elbow gloves. Also, I think maybe a choker …..something …

  84. Normades says:

    A structured not one shoulder white dress with black gloves could be statement and fashion but this is just so off. And the earrings again, so off. Can she not get a competent stylist?

  85. sammi says:

    Jenny Packham is a wedding dress designer whose brother is Chris Packham the amazing TV BBC Springwatch presenter and nature activist. He has criticised the Royal Family and Tories/rich landowers who abuse nature and engage in fox hunting/grouse shooting and other rubbish countyside pursuits. He has so far not got any awards attached to his name so hoping he refused them as he would be a real catch for William’s so called conservation passion. David Attenborough is a big Royalist but he is in his nineties now . Chris also produced a BBC 2 programme on Autism which is worth watching . I hope he stays well away from W and K but he loves his sister.

  86. Candy says:

    I’ll just say it, this is her midlife crisis phase. I can relate, I’m in my late 30s and at this age your youth does feel like it’s slipping. But this weird obsession she has with dressing like she’s 25 and her hair always being in this crazy long poof. She’s not a picture of elegance you would expect from a future queen. And gloves with a one-shoulder dress? Honey no.

  87. Emily_C says:

    Can you go into detail about your opinion? What do you like about these looks exactly?

  88. S808 says:

    Y’know, I thought that green screen dress but rock bottom but looks like she found new depth with this one. Her stylist needs a new day job. Those gloves are terrible with that dress. A more contrasted dress would’ve been better a la Gigi Hadid at the Met Gala.

  89. Little Red says:

    I will chime in with my own analysis.

    1) The dress is fine. I can’t tell if this is the previous one-shouldered white gown with a reworked shoulder design or if a new one but it’s fine. It’s feels out of season and would have been better at the height of summer.
    2) Those gloves are all wrong with this dress
    a) With the shoulder feature draping her left shoulder, the drama of the gloves is being hidden.
    b) The black velvet undercuts the lightness of the white chiffon (??) dress.
    3) The earrings are literally fast fashion junk. She could have worn those pearl earrings she’s so fond of wearing during the day.
    4) If she wanted to wear dramatic chandelier earrings, then her hair should have been up in a simple updo and not that bird’s nest from the Bond movie premiere.

  90. sunny says:

    This is a terrible look. It baffles me that a beautiful woman with access to money is often so so poorly dressed. More often than not, she completely gets it wrong. This is one of those times. It reminds me of the look from her 40th birthday pictures, Victorian era ghost.

    The combination of insane royal rules, Kate’s total lack of any sense of self(and the sense of style that goes with it), her need to copy other women in bizarre one-sided rivalries, results in total disaster. It seems to me that this woman does not know how to style an outfit or how accessories are suppose to work together at all.

    How has she not found an effective stylist yet? How??? Somebody please find her a good stylist

    • Anna says:

      Kate’s need of a stylist is the same issue as Will’s need of a PR specialist – they desperately need them but are too stupid and arrogant to realize it. Will thinks he’s a PR genius and Kate believes she dresses amazingly. Lost causes.

    • Rnot says:

      You can’t help someone who won’t take advice.

  91. Sass says:

    Once again a beautiful dress ruined by trying too hard. Someone save that poor dress.

  92. lucy2 says:

    I like the dress, but not the earrings or gloves.

  93. Carolind says:

    This was inspired by an outfit worn by Diana when diana wore two different coloured gloves . Diana’s outfit was more informal though. This was too formal a dress to wear with those gloves. It maybe wasn’t so bad with the bare shoulder but it was just a mess where the sleeve got tangled up with the glove. My main complaint though is her hair. She does not suit long, straight hair. When the camera flashed on them in the BAFTA audience I did not recognise Kate to begin with. She had a face like fizz and looks about 10 years older than William.

    • Diana can pull off any dress because she has confidence, gravitas and she has more to offer than just her looks. Kate can never be a Diana. She’s an empty vessel who unfortunately is now UK’s POW. What a waste. Not even her husband William is proud of her. No matter how much she’s propped up by the kiss-a_s British media she doesn’t stick as someone who can be a role model for young children. Duh…

    • Tootsie says:

      I agree that she doesn’t suit long straight hair. I’ve always thought she looked great with her hair up though. However, she’s been trying to change it up with the straight hair lately and it’s been a miss every time. I think she suits bigger, more voluminous hair. I am the same.

      She does look older than William by a lot, a decade or so. I know people think William looks old but I actually don’t think he does. Perhaps a few years older at most. It’s just he has an unpleasant face, is unfashionable, and generally seems not with the times, (despite not being that old) so he SEEMS older. The hair doesn’t help either but his actual face reads man in his 40s. Unfortunately, Kate’s jowls and eye bags age her tremendously. I do think the alleged facelift has helped her jawline. The jowls are still present but much less severe. It’s the lifted brows that age her, in my opinion. It makes her look like a well taken care of older woman in her 50s. If she lets the brows back down I do think she would look younger.

      • Tessa says:

        Kate looks bad imo with straight hair it looks like helmet hair. She needs a trim and a softer look to her hair

  94. Christina says:

    That outfit is jarringly bad. Just awful.

  95. First comment says:

    I’ve just read the reason behind the black gloves, the white dress and the gold shoes: she’s cosplaying the logo of Baftas!!! Can you believe it?

    • Interested Gawker says:

      Is this true?
      I will legit drink alcohol if this is true.

    • SIde Eye says:

      OMG @First Comment!!! You may be right! Holy snap! I completely missed this.

      I have a friend who accidentally pepper sprayed herself in the late 90s. She was never in any danger, and she told us this hilarious story where she described blinking 4000 times in under a minute as her brain was trying to process what just happened.

      This was pretty much my same reaction seeing this outfit. But never in a million years would I have guessed she was theme dressing to go with the BAFTA logo!

  96. Mrs. Smith says:

    All of you are on fire! The fact K does not have a stylist is now crystal clear. A professional stylist would never assemble or approve this outfit for any occasion, much less the BAFTA red carpet. It looks to me that she dressed herself. The gloves, with the dress’s large shoulder detail, is a no. If she wore the off the shoulder black dress with white neckline (from the Maverick premiere) with these gloves, that would have been a stronger, more pulled-together look. And she still could have worn her hair down.

    I swear the dead giveaway that they live separately is how they dress for carpets as a “couple.” I believe they did not get dressed at the same home or knew what the other was wearing (just a memo to K reading : velvet smoking jacket) and they just met up looking like this. I’m begging this new publicist of hers to please, please help her. This is embarrassing.

  97. solidgold says:

    The gloves just do not pair well with the dress. She is wearing statement gloves and earrings which are both overkill.

    She should have nixed the gloves, kept the earrings and wore her hair up.

    Will looks like a smelly foot as usual.

  98. Peachy says:

    What in the hell is that and why did she think it was a good idea?

  99. Rnot says:

    Maybe she planned for a different dress and then there was a wardrobe mishap minutes before she had to leave? The whole look would make so much more sense if the shoes, the earrings, the gloves, the purse, and the hair were all intended for a different dress. It might also explain why it’s nearly identical to the one she wore the last time she attended THIS event. Surely even Kate wouldn’t do that on purpose? If that was a deliberate choice then her judgement is more off then I thought.

  100. Margaret says:

    Yikes! What a mess! She got dressed in the dark. And for goodness sake Kate, shut your mouth; you look ridiculous with those exaggerated open-mouthed grins. She has not an ounce of gravitas.

  101. okayyy says:

    I have come to the conclusion that Catherine the Ok is hated at the palace as well. Her own husband looked at her and said nothing. Not one of her office handlers, not one UK designer friend, not one courtier, not the driver and not even Prince George. They just all said … “good we needed a new scapegoat”.

  102. SURE says:

    So no one thinks the accessories were hastily put together to distract from the story that W had an investigative journalist banned from attending the BAFTAS? Everyone is now focused on what K wore and not on what W allegedly did. If KFC awards her a shiny new medal later this year I will assume that it was for going above and beyond with this distracting ensemble.

    • Tessa says:

      I think Kate has no fashion sense and it was not self sabotage to distract
      I think Kate believes her own publicity.

  103. Raz says:

    This looks like something Cruella De Ville would wear.

  104. Sharon says:

    She looks fantastic, so on trend, Bravo Kate x

  105. LizzieB says:

    I actually love love love the earrings and have no issue with them with this dress – but holy hell those black gloves are dumb. Every picture I see it looks like she has no arms because they melt into the dark background. What the hell was she thinking???

  106. Lizzie says:

    Worried about displaying their lavish lifestyle, Kate was refused royal jewels and a new gown, so she created this spectacle.