The Sussexes aren’t suing ‘South Park’: ‘It’s all frankly nonsense, totally baseless’

For days now, the British media has been (almost exclusively) obsessed with one storyline: how did the Duke and Duchess of Sussex react to being parodied in last week’s South Park episode? Since British journalists don’t have ethics or sources within Camp Sussex, they’ve turned to their favorite resource: their asses. Story after story has been written about how Meghan is “upset and overwhelmed” about South Park, how this South Park episode is the end of the Sussexes’ American dream, how the Sussexes are so thin-skinned, they plan to SUE Matt Stone and Trey Parker. The absolute nonsense from Shutter Island got so bad that the Sussexes’ spokesperson actually went to People Magazine to clarify a few things.

A spokesperson for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is shooting down reports that the couple is suing over a recent South Park episode. On whether Harry and Meghan are pursuing legal action against the show, a spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex tells PEOPLE: “It’s all frankly nonsense. Totally baseless, boring reports.”

South Park’s episode that aired on Wednesday, titled “Worldwide Privacy Tour,” centered on a “prince of Canada” and his wife that settle in the fictional Colorado town. The characters’ similarities to Harry and Meghan were hard to miss, from the prince’s ginger hair and beard to the wife’s pink outfit and hat, a close match to Meghan’s ensemble at Trooping the Colour in 2018. The show saw the cartoon couple carrying “we want our privacy” and “stop looking at us” signs as they traveled to different locations around the world.

[From People]

People then published Meghan’s full quote about privacy, which she spoke about in the Oprah interview (it was televised as a bonus clip). Basically, the Sussexes were unbothered about the South Park episode, but the British media’s stupid fake-ass “reporting” got on their nerves. So they sent their spokesperson out to deny the “suing South Park” story. “Baseless, boring reports” – oof, Camilla Tominey will probably devote 10,000 words to that alone.

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  1. hangonamin says:

    obviously it was complete fanfiction. glad they refuted it. but part of me thinks the BM is happy they got a rise out of them and made them respond. part of the game is to write nasty articles that are totally untrue for clickbait, rely on people/websites to disseminate it, get a dialogue of whatever going, and hope to get a rise out of H/M. rinse/repeat. they really are awful.

    • Amy Bee says:

      The DM had a story about the statement saying that Harry and Meghan didn’t respond to the report that Meghan is overwhelmed or whatever so the press is still not satisfied with what they got. I didn’t want them to respond to this nonsense but I think, in the end, they did the right thing by refuting the story. The royal rota was going on TV saying that they were thin-skinned and that they were going to sue so Harry and Meghan had to put a stop to that.

      • Ash says:

        I saw that bit too, it only confirmed what I already knew, they baited Meghan into giving them something to write about for the next week. Hating Meghan makes them money, if she’s silent then who can they focus on?? Certainly not Prince and Princess Do Nothing or Prince Pedo.

      • Lorelei says:

        I love that they included “boring.” It makes it look like they’re totally over it the RRs are pathetic for caring so much

  2. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Haven’t watched the episode but, honestly, it sounds kind of funny, in theory. No one is above lampooning, and if you can’t laugh at yourself, you will have a miserable life. Yes, it’s a lazy take on what’s going on with them and the seriousness of the issues, especially when it comes to Meghan’s mental health and safety, but still. Who cares about a cartoon? No one. And no one with any sense is going to sue someone over a fictitious portrayal of someone who loosely resembles them, when it’s just stupid satire. And that’s when you absolutely knew the Brits were at it again—lying up at night fantasizing about Meghan crying as she was marched through the streets naked and…you know the rest. There should be orders of protection against all of them, they’re so obsessed and mentally unwell.

    • Noki says:

      I had a little chuckle because really it wasn’t that serious, like you said its a lampoon and silly satire. As someone who grew up watching the Naked Gun and Hot Shots movies and later even enjoying Scary Movies and Head Cases I always found it to just be nonsensical entertainment. I am sure Harry watched Spitting Images growing up and found it silly too.

      • Ann says:

        I’m a huge H&M fan and dare I say it, parts of the episode gave me a little chuckle too. Will and Kate’s wedding spoof was more offensive (though I wish they had left out the b word in this one). It was silly and stupid, because that’s what South Park is. (And where’s the faux outrage over lampooning the Queen’s death and funeral at the start of the episode?)

    • whatWHAT? says:

      and perhaps H&M learned that if you complain about how South Park parodies you…THEY GO HARDER. Plenty of celebs, especially Isaac Hayes, have learned this.

      plus, as noted, South Park is hardly relevant anymore.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Agreed! SP isn’t as relevant as the RR or Camel Toe would like Brits to believe.

      • Josephine says:

        not to mention that being parodied means that you are famous enough to parody. the brits are so, so keep on pretending that no one in the US cares about H&M anymore but south park suggests otherwise. brits are obsessed with Meghan – I think they are very seriously pissed that they got stuck with the much less intelligent, charismatic and fashionable princess.

    • Ash says:

      The thing is, Meghan and Harry don’t care, it’s the British media that kept saying Meghan is going to be upset, it then changed to “Meghan should be upset” to “Meghan is upset” to “Meghan is crying and losing sleep over the South Park dig” to “Meghan and Harry are blaming each other for the SP dig” to “Meghan is probably speaking to her lawyers about suing” to “Meghan IS going to sue.”

      It’s all bs! “Experts” created these false assertions and outlets decided to run with it as though it came directly from Meghan.

  3. Loretta says:

    I love their spokeperson!

    • Noki says:

      Their spokesperson sounds over it, she doesn’t use the normal PR lingo, even with the Jeremy Clarkson response.

    • Mary Pester says:

      Lorreta, me to, but oh how I wished she had added “, yes Harry and Megan did watch it but they didn’t find it as funny as the one done about William and Kate lol

      • BothSidesNow says:

        That’s brilliant!!! Oh how I wish she had added that bit in as well!!! Camel Toe would have lost all of her few remaining marbles 🤣

      • Lorelei says:

        @Mary Pester, LMFAO! Honestly, the fact that this brought the episode about W&K (which I’d never even seen, or knew existed) back into the spotlight is too perfect

  4. Polo says:

    They had to release a statement because it was starting to catch on in the US and them suing would have been a bigger deal than the actual SP episode.
    A majority of US media didn’t report on this episode and the couple that did moved on quickly.
    Meanwhile like you said the UK media had it as top news for the last week it seems and the trolls have been obsessed for days.
    Nothing new when it comes to a Sussex story but glad they addressed it. So now they’ll move on to another obsession.
    2 weeks ago it was the lady who took Harry’s virginity. Before that it was opinion polls and why isn’t Meghan promoting Spare.
    We’ll see what the next obsession will be in 2 weeks until the coronation..
    I hate this never ending cycle and I can’t wait until the coronation is over because finally there won’t be another event to drag H&M to and maybe then the rota will get it through their head that Harry and Meghan aren’t coming back. I know I know not happening but like Harry I can only hope lol.

    • C-Shell says:

      Oh! See? I’d forgotten about the digger driver already! This stuff is so laughable, really.

      What I’ve read about this episode of SP doesn’t make it sound very scathing, actually, nowhere near as bold as the #PrinceOfPegging episode! Which I still marvel at because it was so many years ago and yet Bulliam’s predilection was known even then.

      • Polo says:

        I haven’t watched it nor care about SP but from the summaries of others who have seen.. it really didn’t sound like a big deal.
        Sorry to remind you of that woman lol ..yeah with how fast news moves I think most people already forgot about her and they’ll forget about this just as quick.

      • Lorelei says:

        I’d forgotten about digger lady too! When I saw a reference to “digger” I didn’t even know wtf it meant. Hope it was worth it for that woman, selling her dignity, and she’s already over.

    • Islandgirl says:

      Sorry Polo. Of course there will be something. There’s always something…Balmoral in the summer, trooping of the whatever, Christmas with the family.
      They will find an event even if they have to make one up.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      It’s very difficult and pretty much impossible for public figures to sue over parodies in American civil courts. So the story of them suing never made any sense except as an excuse for the tabs to talk about them and to minimize Harry’s actual suit against them.

  5. Laura D says:

    I LOVED that they used their official spokesperson and that by doing so made a complete nonsense of all the claims by unnamed “sources.” I don’t know if it was by accident or design but, by letting the media run countless articles on how “they’re going to sue” have proven once again that these people cannot be trusted. Slowly, but, surely people are beginning to see the lies and manipulation these rags use to create stories based solely on fantasy.

    • C-Shell says:

      I think the timing was brilliant actually. Let the bullshit stories run and spool out, showing AGAIN how ridiculous and obsessed the British media is before dismissing it all as boring fiction.

  6. Rapunzel says:

    DM was still crowing that they didn’t respond to reports Meg was “upset and overwhelmed” by the episode. These dumb– f–kers are ridiculous.

    The episode was not funny. Period. That was the main issue. It was just regurgitating Rota talking points and there was nothing amusing. Baseless and boring could apply to the episode, as well as the lawsuit rumors.

    • Miranda says:

      Totally agree, it just wasn’t funny. It was lazy and disappointing, especially given that we know Trey Parker and Matt Stone are capable of some truly scathing and hilarious satire. This crap is coming from the same guys who had the audacity to mock and provoke Scientology and Tom Cruise, and had me laughing so hard that I thought I cracked a rib at The Book of Mormon?

      I’m a firm believer in the idea that any topic is fair game for comedy, but if you’re going to joke about something or someone controversial, or engage in dark humor, it had damn well better be funny.

      • Annalise/Typical Virgo says:

        @Miranda- I’m so happy to see someone besides me admit to liking South Park!! It’s admittedly not as relevant as it used to be, and at this stage, I would say its basically just another adult cartoon out of many, many adult cartoons, albeit one of the better ones. And the simple fact that it’s been for 26 YEARS is impressive alone, but to me the fact that I think it’s still good (actually I think it’s better than ever) after 26 years, is AMAZING.
        The show absolutely does brutally scathing social satire, imo is WAY less problematic than it used to be, and I would even argue has had moments of brilliance.
        Regarding the H&M episode, which I was incredibly UNDERWHELMED by, because it wasn’t funny or clever; I think that in 26 years it’s hard to keep coming up with new ideas for shows, and the fact that the H&M episode WAS so weak, just tells me that the writers/creators just don’t feel very strongly about H&M. If they actually HAD strong opinions about them, the episode would have been much more scathing. but it wasn’t. so that’s a good thing, imo
        Also, I LOVED the Book of Mormon. Saw it twice!

    • Emily says:

      It would be ridiculous to get your spokesperson to respond to rumours you are upset. It would look childish and unprofessional. I’m glad they ignored that stupid rumour and just addressed the fact that they have no intention of suing.

  7. Noki says:

    Well done rota rats, you got a response. If they took the time to see what H and M sue about they should have known this wouldn’t be it. They are trying to make it seem that they call their lawyers up for everything.

    • Rapunzel says:

      The way the Rota loves to project, I’m guessing it’s Willy that has his lawyer on speed dial. He’s probably the one who really threatens to sue at the drop of a hat.

  8. IForget says:

    The thing is, South Park were satirising something that is demonstrably false. Harry and Meghan sent out a communication like when, December/January? saying that they do not and have never wanted privacy, as that is the antithesis of what a philanthropist is. They want to be visible, so they can champion their causes.

    But of course, it’s much easier to obfuscate their point. I like south park, it’s a guilty pleasure. It’s not always brilliant, but it’s a comfort show for me from all the way back in middle school. Their libertarian nonsense has definitely helped the alt-right, so I know it’s not my best feature.

    Either way, they have bigger things to worry about than a has-been cartoon saying untruths about them. The mainstream media, hagiographers, and ‘royal experts’ have a journalistic ethics code they should be adhering to, that SP does not. As you said, they are trying to breathe life into this non-story but it’s just not going to happen.

  9. Eowyn says:

    Too bad-I’ve admired their refusal to engage with nonsense media, I’ve actually kept it in mind over a few months-I’m learning not to engage with local media related to some of my work at a charity. Finally realized I had more control focusing on making announcements, using social media and generating our own content since local outlets refuse to do in depth reporting on social issues and try and stir up “controversy” (in a rather small potato community) by getting uninformed opinions to create “both sides” clashes on issues that aren’t two sided at all.

    • Kel says:

      They literally had to respond because a couple of usual left leaning news organizations were taking it as truth. If they didn’t stop it..I guarantee it would’ve been all over US media.
      They’ve done a good job of ignoring a lot these last few years unless it was defamatory to their work or charity.

    • Rapunzel says:

      They have deals with major Hollywood players like Netflix and Spotify. I think it makes sense to send a terse statement denying this so those companies don’t think they’d sue over a satirical show. Like, those companies may have been asking questions, worried about their relationships with other players if the Sussexes sued.

      • Bas says:

        This is my take too

      • WHAT says:

        Hoping they’ll present the archewell award at the NAACP awards this weekend. There’s something when Kate and pickle peggers have an award show, kids are made a talking point, the 👑 that will be worn by Camilla, the not my king signs are STILL not enough to keep the rota content and talk about the leftovers in Britain. No they’re talking about two people who have not been in the UK for three years and in particular the obsession with Meg. But Kate keep hiring outsiders to elevate you and keep doing things the Cambridge Way. It’ll work out 😜 🔜

      • Jezza says:

        @what unfortunately I don’t think they are unless it’s top secret which is possible.
        I checked the website cause I was voting for a few of the awards and I don’t see their names listed anywhere.
        I guess we’ll see!

    • Ginger says:

      Nah, I’m all for defending yourself against a certain narrative. Good for them. I love that they can do this when they see fit.

  10. Anna says:

    “Baseless and boring” describes just about everything the British tabloids write about. Unless they’re going to report on things of actual relevance to the public (Chuck’s literal bags of money, for example), the likes of Camilla Tominey can keep their gabs shut.

  11. Becks1 says:

    Of course they weren’t going to sue, as much as the British press was hoping they would. Why would they? I’m sure they heard “south Park made an episode about you” and they rolled their eyes and moved on. South Park is not the cultural bellwether here in the US that the british press seems to think it is.

    • Cessily says:

      The British tabloids and rota have given SP more press time than ever in the history of the show. It definitely is not a mainstream show in the USA and it isn’t popular the Brit’s are truly pathetic in the reaching and assumptions about Americans. I’m glad they issued a statement, these sick rota were behaving like idiots in their glee with the false narratives they were creating. It truly was unbelievable to watch meyers on Australian tv only to have the Sussex spokesperson statement make him look like the petty vindictive liar he is.

  12. Ginger says:

    I’m glad they issued this short and sweet statement. I know there are some that don’t like when H&M issue statements on certain stories (which is odd) Harry and Meghan have said that if the RF defended them in the press over certain stories things would be different now and it looks like some miss when the media could push certain narratives. Odd. I am all for Harry and Meghan defending themselves.

    • Jazza says:

      Yeah some want them to respond some don’t want them to say anything and some say it’s not fast enough.
      It just won’t ever be perfect!
      There’s no blueprint for what Harry and Meghan are dealing with in regards to the British media especially the daily mail.

  13. MsIam says:

    I honestly didn’t know South Park was still making new episodes. I guess this whole thing accomplished their goal of letting folks know they are still around. But ha ha in thinking this will “end” Harry and Meghan. And I bet they’ll do an episode on the Corny too, let’s see if the tabloids find that “funny”.

    • Moxylady says:

      Is South Park the one where they always say “you killed Kenny” and the same character dies every episode?
      Firmly grounded in reality it seems. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve never watched it but I know it used to be good. My understanding is it’s gone down hill in the past 5-10 years. It’s an old ass show.

  14. Amy Bee says:

    The spokesperson sounds pissed off and I can’t blame her. The British press are just being nuisance now.

  15. JMoney says:

    This whole South Park charade shows just how the press really British press operate like the mob. If you don’t “play the game” and pay with stories/photos/leaks they will defame you in every way possible to get your attention and the sad part is a good portion of the public by into it. Hence why H&M are viewed as “controversial” by most bc the media did that as they themselves are not controversial.

    I always wondered about those pap shots the DM and Sun in particular get from celebs and I think at this point there has to be an agreement by agencies to do “pap walks” by celebs as a form of payment in exchange for “good” press. Paps aren’t just “hanging out” (this isn’t early 00s) now they are called on purpose. H&M exposed the press game but notice not one of their friends who have supported them publicly criticizes the press in particular. There’s a reason for that.

  16. Eurydice says:

    What’s interesting to me is that they did it through People. It’s a kind of unofficial Sussex stamp of approval.

    • Becks1 says:

      My guess is People called and asked for a response and their spokesperson gave them this quote. People is obviously not on the list of media that the Sussexes wont work with, so if they contact their rep, they will probably get a response most of the time.

      But also, Harry was on the cover of People when promoting Spare, so its clear the Sussexes have no real issue with the magazine, even with their inane coverage of Kate and William lol.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Newsweek got the same statement. Apparently, their royal correspondent was on GMB talking about Harry and Meghan suing. My guess is that they gave the same statement to those who asked about it.

  17. Noor says:

    Why dignified the speculations by responding ,

  18. Harper says:

    Meghan telling the UK tabs they are boring makes me laugh so hard.

  19. Emily_C says:

    “Totally baseless, boring reports.”

    I want to focus on the “boring” here. This is the island that produced Shakespeare, Austen, E.M. Forster. But the tabloid writers who are paid to write lies can’t even come up with interesting ones! Everything they do is barren in both substance and style.

    And South Park is a fictional satirical show. People don’t sue those, and if they tried, they’d be thrown out of court and maybe even fined for a nuisance suit. So uh what?

  20. Hail says:

    I’m glad they also added the bit about what the Sussexes have said about privacy. It’s funny because Rihanna just recently explained what privacy is. Privacy is about consent and choice. A tabloid took unsolicited photos of her son, so she shared a tiktok and pics of her son before they published it. Yet no one’s saying she “invaded her own privacy” for choosing and consenting to having her son’s face on her british vogue cover. Everything Harry and Meghan have chosen to share with us has been their choice! Privacy is: choosing to do interviews to promote your projects, giving consent to netflix producers to include videos of your children in your docuseries, choosing what to share in your memoir, respecting your child’s godparents wishes to share their identity with the public, choosing what type of christening ceremony you want for your child, etc. Privacy is NOT: hacking phones to get personal information and conversations, endangering troops by leaking their location, putting a tracking device under someone’s car, hiring a PI to steal someone’s social security number, flying pap helicopters over a private property to take pictures of the inside thereby forcing the residents to move out, leaking a private address thereby forcing the residents to flee, blackmailing someone with bad press if they don’t have a public christening and leaking the names of the godparents, paying staff and neighbors and friends for personal stories, wanting to the names of 5 anonymous friends, leaking and editing a private letter or email, leaking the location of a baby shower and stalking a pregnant woman all over NYC, taking unsolicited photos of a mother walking with her child, flying drones over a private property to take photos of a grandmother playing with her grandson, etc. Anyone who fails to understand this, is a lost cause.

    • IForget says:

      Fantastic comment, this is the one!

      • Jojo says:

        Exactly. Perfectly explained @HAIL.

        I do wish that what you’ve written here could be tweeted and retweeted ad infinitum. It should be a standard cut & paste reply to any and all online dipshits who keep parroting the whiny party line of ‘they won’t go away, they won’t shut up, they want to be Hollywood celebrities etc. etc….so how can they claim to want privacy’. (Please imagine all of that last part being spoken in the whiniest most self-righteous tone possible…I always do when reading such rubbish).

      • Lorelei says:

        Seriously, I want to copy/paste it and put it on Twitter

    • kirk says:

      Unfortunately, there’s enough of a market of unconscious readers / viewers who are willing to consume unethically obtained content that the privacy invasions continue.

  21. aquarius64 says:

    I wish they didn’t respond but I understand why. The Sussexes don’t want to look like they sue at the drop of a hat. Harry and Meghan are tied to active lawsuits that may be impacted by this stupid story.

  22. Mary Pester says:

    At the moment I’m fit to be tied. I wish I could get my hands on the idiots at the Express, they have printed no less than 10 articles on line that range from, Harry and Megan have been told not to pull any stunts at the coronation like they did at the jubilee by holding a birthday party for lillbet and releasing a picture of her!! To Harry and Megan are so unpopular in the US that Harry now has a popularity rating of – 17. WTF is wrong with these people???

    • Jazza says:

      It’s the express which is similar to the inquirer and those magazines you see at Walmart.
      They reprint headlines every second. Why even entertain them? It doesn’t matter what they say.
      As long as you are giving them your engagement and your clicks they will keep doing the same thing.

    • Ginger says:

      The Newsweek poll only polled 2,000 in the U.S. Thats it. The U.S has a population of over 300 million. And trust me, us Americans prefer Harry and Meghan over Camilla.

      • Lorelei says:

        Polls are such bullshit

      • Julia says:

        They also used a UK based polling company. The US is very difficult to poll accurately and I’m not sure the company they use is selecting respondents very carefully. If a poll shows Camilla is more popular in the US something is wrong with the methodology. Do people in the US even think about Camilla? Also how can Meghan’s poll results go down in a month when she hasn’t been seen or heard? Makes no sense. Very unreliable data. Remember how badly wrong pollsters got the Midterms?

      • Emily says:

        It’s probably a push poll. Where they ask leading questions to get the results they want and are selective with who they poll. How many Americans would willing take part i a poll about the royal family? Jack Royston has to write his quota of hate articles to keep his job!

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        So, I looked at the R&W’s site. I didn’t see where there was a recent paid for poll done by Newsweek. Maybe missed something? That Camilla would be more popular in America than either of the Sussexes is completely ludiricous. It just is. Royston is full of shit. He failed to link to said poll. Wonder why that is?hmmm

    • Emily says:

      There is a NBC poll done in January that showed Charles had an approval rating in the US of 15%. The UK media didn’t pick up that poll. Which showed Harry more popular than his father and Harry and Meghan more popular couple than William and Kate. I don’t trust polls but at least this one was done by a US polling company that understands how to poll the US. All the polls they use in the UK are done by Uk polling companies and the results don’t really add up. Best to ignore. Harry’s book is NYT #1 for the 6th week which is strange if Americans hate him so much.

    • Moxylady says:

      -17? Does that mean that people have died from how much they hate meghan and Harry and somehow let it be know that their cause of death was raging hatred as they passed?
      Also why the heck are they polling people about the Sussex’s? That’s so flipping bizarre. That’s not how America works. At all.
      The majority of us – the sane ones, not the hate filled following the Fox News script ones – change our minds on politicians and celebrities and corporations etc etc etc when presented with new information. We change our spending habits accordingly.
      Example. I cried when the space x falcon heavy was launched and most made it back safely. I watched with my little kids.
      Now? F no. We decided not to buy a Tesla. We deleted our Twitter accounts. And we refused star link when it came to our area.
      That’s America dudes. We vote with our money.

  23. Mary Pester says:

    Jazz I don’t entertain them, they pop up on Google every few minutes! I see the headline and that’s enough for me, glad I’m to weak at the moment to throw anything as I think I would have a phone shaped with hole in my window!!

  24. QuiteContrary says:

    “Baseless and boring” … perfection.

    Also, perfection from Kaiser: “Since British journalists don’t have ethics or sources within Camp Sussex, they’ve turned to their favorite resource: their asses.”

    I LOL’d.

    • Jojo says:

      Yeah 😂. Must admit the… ‘favourite resource: their asses’ elicited a giggle from me too. Unfortunately it’s fairly accurate though.

  25. Vanessa says:

    I think the only reason Meghan and Harry even respond was because the Royal Reporters we’re once again making up lies and creating a narrative.

  26. Scm154 says:

    To me, the most important word in the response from Harry and Meghan’s spokesperson is the adjective”boring.” I wish more people were highlighting it. Using it emphasizes how insignificant this story is and also how above the fray Harry and Meghan are.