Suki Waterhouse on Robert Pattinson: ‘shocked I’m so happy with someone for 5 years’

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson have been together for almost five years now. I know next to nothing about the pairing other than there’s only a five-year age difference, they’re both in the industry and British. From a gossip perspective that’s a good thing. It generally means they keep to themselves and have little drama. They didn’t make their red carpet debut until 2022, three and a half years after they were first reported dating. Now, after a successful NYE’s party, Suki is ready to discuss their relationship publicly. She told The Times she can’t believe she’s been so happy with someone for half a decade. And then she went on to describe how giddy Robert makes her and I’ll admit, it was pretty sweet.

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson have been dating for five years — but they’ve kept their romance extremely private.

In a candid new interview, Suki just opened up about her relationship with Robert as well as the “colossal heartbreak” she went through in her 20s.

Although she didn’t specify who caused the major heartbreak, fans are speculating she was referring to Bradley Cooper, whom she dated from age 20 to 22.

“I was kind of depressed for a while,” she told the Times. “It stuck around for a long time. I think it was the breakup and also just being in my 20s and in the fucking trenches.”

Thankfully, Suki says she’s “utterly healed” from the heartbreak now and can’t believe how well things have worked with Robert.

“I’m shocked that I’m so happy with someone for nearly five years,” Suki shared, noting that they make sure to not go for too long apart.

She added, “I had two days off the other day, and it was like, no question, I’m going back to see him. Then, he’ll come out for a couple of days.”

Suki admitted she even still gets excited when Robert texts or calls her.
“I’m always incredibly excited when I see his name pop up [on my phone] or even a text, and I think he feels the same about me,” Suki said.

She continued, “We’ve always got so much to say, and I find him hilarious.”

[From The Times via Buzzfeed]

I’d forgotten about Suki and Bradley Cooper. He was almost twice her age at that time. If that’s the person who broke her heart, then yes, I absolutely get how hard that was for her to come back from. Getting your heart stomped on at an early age can become kind of the blueprint for what someone expects from relationships. In the article she talked about reading “about how much more beautiful the new girlfriend is” and dealing with “public humiliation,” which would compound any issues resulting from a bad breakup. Hell, they’d create problems even if the breakup wasn’t bad. So while I don’t know much about Suki, I’m low-key thrilled that she found this sort of giddiness with Robert. She sounds positively smitten in all the ways that make relationships fun. And if Suki never thought she’d have that, it makes it even sweeter.

I say I know nothing about Robert and Suki but that doesn’t mean I am clueless about Suki’s love life. Once upon a time I paid very close attention to her romantic wanderings because they were with Diego Luna, and I care very much what Diego does. Their romance came almost two years before Robert. She went from Diego to Darren Aronofsky and finally found Robert. I got the impression her relationship with Diego was one of convenience for both of them. As in, they got together when it was convenient, which worked because I’m sure Suki was still weary of older men and rumor is he prefers a looser definition of fidelity. I can’t imagine what Aronofsky brought to the table but I’m glad Suki excused herself quickly. And now she has Robert. And they’re happy and possibly in it for the long-haul. I’m happy for them.

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  1. Kirsten says:

    They seem like a cute couple and I like both of them.

  2. HeyKay says:

    They seem to be pretty private for a celeb couple.
    Thankfully none of the Megan Fox/MGK “twin flame” baloney.

  3. AppleCart says:

    BCoop seems like ice too. Once he is done with you. You cease to exist. He isn’t one to stay friends with exes. From what I have seen. If it wasn’t for his daughter. I doubt he would speak to Irina either. Glad she was able to move on and find a nice partner. Lord knows Rob’s been through it too with relationships.

  4. SJ (they/them) says:

    Good for them!!!!

  5. Noki says:

    Celebrity years just fly by, why do i feel like it was only a couple of years ago he was with FKA Twigs?

    • Imara219 says:

      I feel the same way. Seriously thought that was just a couple of years ago, no way it had to be at least 5.

    • Another Anne says:

      I know, hard to believe but they broke up in 2017! Twigs has been quite low key the last couple years but a lot of that probably has to do with the mess with Shia.

  6. Mothra says:

    There’s a serene happiness in those pics that I really like to see. I hope they keep on making each other happy.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Agree!!! They look adorable together and seem to make each other extremely happy and I love how giddy Suki speaks of their relationship!! Love is such a beautiful and wonderful thing 💗💗

  7. mia girl says:

    I like how aside from the occasional sighting, we don’t know very much about them as a couple. Makes me think their relationship has a solid foundation and really is about them, not part of their work/celebrity/brand.

    Am surprised by the momentum she’s built with her music. She has a sizable fan base that is devoted to her. Interested to see how she fares in Daisy Jones and the Six.

  8. teecee says:

    This relationship with her is one of the things that gives me pause about him. It’s almost the same with Taika and Rita Ora (except he had more outward signs of his now constant annoyingness.) But when I brought it up, even here, people told me I was nuts. Then Tairita got together, it was obvious to the world, and suddenly people saw what I did.

    It’s the same thing with Patterson. Eventually his mask will fall.

    • Fender says:

      He already showed us who he was when FKA Twigs was constantly harassed, to say the least, by his deplorable fans and he just stood there and barely said anything so that he wouldn’t upset them. She, on the other hand has established by now a crystal clear pattern, that of an obvious opportunistic that only dates guys with well established careers in the hopes of furthering her own cringy acting “career” (just as cringe as her so called music career) or at least get exposure from it. When has this woman ever dated a man who was her equal career-wise? And why can’t these men date women who are they equals as well? They are all the worst.

  9. Ana says:

    Just here to say she never dated Aronofsky.

    They look cute together and I wish them happiness.

  10. Emily says:

    Robert Pattinson is a beautiful man.

  11. tealily says:

    I don’t know, if they’re so secure and happy, it feels weird to me that she’s still talking about being crushed by a big previous break-up. This reeks of desperation to me. Does she still care about trying to make B Coop jealous??

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Hhmmm…why? People in good relationships do discuss their previous bad relationships. It’s situational or a correlation to a current conversation. I’ve been with my husband for over 30 years and both of our past relationships come up for different reasons. It’s never a jealousy related thing in any direction.

      I don’t know. Suki & RP look pretty comfortable and happy with each other. Don’t know a lot about them.

      I’m sure the idea that RP & KS (Bella Swan & Edward Cullen) not being a couple IRL throws some people off. Both RP & KS found love outside of Twilight!jmo They look cute & happy.

    • Seraphina says:

      You can be in a stable, happy relationship and still carry the scars of previous abuse.