Sarah Ferguson will reportedly attend the Oscars & she’s been asked to present?

The Oscars are on Sunday and I’ve been waiting for the inevitable “what if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex go to the Oscars” stories in the British media. They’ve tried variations on that story for several years, usually with a twist of “well, tut tut, why would Harry and Meghan even be invited?!” Maybe this year will be different! Because it looks like Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, will be attending the Oscars. Because she’s close to the Presley family, and Baz Luhrmann’s cracked-out Elvis movie is up for several awards.

The Duchess of York is set to hand out a gong at the Oscars on ­Sunday — thanks to her close ties with Elvis Presley’s family. Sarah Ferguson, 63, has been tipped to appear at the LA ceremony — with the Elvis biopic up for eight awards.

A source said: “There have been discussions about The Duchess attending and it now looks as though that will happen — the plan is for her to present an award. She has been a very close friend of the Presley family, especially Elvis’ daughter Lisa Marie, and she even spoke at her funeral recently. That sparked some conversations about the possibility of her attending – and after some back and forth it looks like it’s happening.”

The royal has been spending a lot of time in the US of late as she looks to reinvent herself away from scandals at home, alongside her estranged ex-husband Prince Andrew.

The source added: “It’s a big deal to have her there, but it’s a big deal for the Duchess too. America looks likely to play a big part in her future after the problems in the UK over recent years.”

Despite divorcing in 1996, Fergie and Andrew remain close and still live together at Royal Lodge, Windsor, after reconciling their acrimonious split.

[From The Sun]

Fergie has lived in America and Switzerland at various points of the past 30 years when the heat got to be too much for her in the UK. But for a while now, she has lived rent-free in Royal Lodge with Prince Andrew, and lord knows where she’ll end up if Andrew is sent to a smaller home on the Windsor estate. That’s probably why her daughters helped her arrange the purchase of that Mayfair home – maybe Fergie finally has her own place in London? Who knows. But I doubt Fergie will be moving back to America…

As for the Oscar presenting stuff… I would think that Oscar producers would be much more interested in getting Harry and Meghan to present. It would be bizarre to ask Fergie (of all people!!!) to do a presenter gig on behalf of Elvis.

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  1. HeyKay says:

    Who thinks this is a good idea? No.

    • usavgjoe says:

      Unlike the baftas, The Oscar’s don’t “willy nilly” invite people to present Awards. For one, all presenters, except the Host, has skin in the game of nominated films or documentary, a major player in the development of the Art. Our Guilds and award ceremonies are very strict when it comes to the talent and participation in various trade events. Now, Fergie maybe invited as a guest of the Elvis team and family, but that will be it. She won’t be invited on stage. If there is a special dedication to QE2 it will be done by a distinguished British actor(s)… a former Oscar winner, not Fergie.

      • usavgjoe says:

        Being that Prince Harry is a blood prince of the realm and grandson of the late Queen, they might ask him to speak on behalf of an acknowledgement of her passing, but not Fergie.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        why would the Oscars have any sort of special dedication or memorial to The Queen? She had no ties or other skin in the game with the American Film industry and we are not a commonwealth country.

      • BQM says:

        Michelle Obama presented, albeit virtually, while FLOTUS and not nominated. The Oscars are always looking for something or someone to grab attention.

        I doubt the story but I could see Fergie doing the Best Picture intro package to Elvis rather than presenting.

  2. Why ? How the Oscars have fallen.

    • Josephine says:

      This is just one more reason not to watch (if it is even true). I can’t get behind anything nice for this woman – she consistently supports and makes excuses for her ex-husband, who should be rotting in jail imo. And she reportedly takes money from pedophiles (Epstein). Do we really have no standards at all anymore?

  3. Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

    I believe that she might attend, given how close she is to the Presley family, and also because Fergie will go to the opening of an envelope if it will get her attention, but I doubt that they would have her present. Although she worked on The Young Victoria movie years ago and I don’t remember her showing up for that Oscar ceremony when Sandy Powell was nominated for Best Costumes. I don’t know who is putting out this story, but I will be surprised if she shows up. Also, if she’s in LA, there will be speculation about whether she’s going to go up to Montecito to see Harry & Meghan.

  4. Sandra says:

    Can’t wait for the stories about her being/not being invited to Montecito. (Don’t think she’ll get an invite).
    Why Fergie? The Oscars are such a fiasco these days…

  5. CultureCannibal says:

    I wonder if these moves towards American acceptance are the motivation behind her recent conciliatory statements re: the Sussexes. She’s kept her head mostly below the parapet for much of the Windsor mud slinging, but of late she’s been what might be described as publicly “warmer” , though not actually
    Fergie has always had that animal survival instinct. Maybe the prospect of being flushed from her cushy royal den has her looking for new safe territory.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      “Animal survival instinct” is a great way to describe her.

    • MSTJ says:

      Maybe Charles and Camilla have selected her to be their US PR representative….considering her previous acceptance in the US after the UK shunned her. Those people are capable or any crackpot idea so it’s not outside of the realm of possibilities that they would consider to help their image on this side of the Atlantic. 🤷‍♀️

  6. Brassy Rebel says:

    I saw her at Lisa Marie’s funeral and I was like, how did this happen? Getting that same vibe here.

  7. MSTJ says:

    A presenter at the Oscars? Interesting 🤨

    She is not an actress or entertainer. Not a producer or director or any of the roles that are part of the film industry. Can’t see how her being a presenter adds up but I haven’t followed the Oscars in many years so I’m very much out of touch with it.

    Maybe they are they planning to present Lisa Marie Presley with a special award and the family chose her to present it?

    • swiftcreekrising says:

      Why would the Oscars be giving LMP a posthumous award? Grammy awards, *perhaps*, but not the Academy Awards.

      Maybe this is finally Fergie’s time in the spotlight after her cameo in Friends.

  8. Savvy Sue says:


  9. ThatsNotOkay says:

    How is Fergie relevant in any way or connected to moviemaking? It’s a bizarre choice and kind of try-hard, on the Oscars’ part.

  10. HeyJude says:

    Press X to doubt.

  11. Lightpurple says:

    Sounds like she was just invited by the Presley family or put on a list by the Presley family to whoever sends out the invitations.

    Not sure who chooses the person who introduces each film that’s nominated for Best Picture; it’s usually someone associated with the film in some way so maybe the film’s producers choose – in which case that’s likely the decision of the Presley family too.

  12. CC says:

    Only presenting? When is she going to receive recognition for her contribution to cinema through her Weight Watchers commercials?

  13. SpankyB says:

    Perfect choice. When I think of Elvis I automatically think of Fergie. Doesn’t everyone? 😐

  14. StellainNH says:

    Ever since a comment from yesterday said that a photo of her looked like Paul McCartney, I cannot unsee it.

  15. Concern Fae says:

    This is another case of people (publicist?) using the Oscars as a hook for a ridiculous story. Do the Elvis people get X number and did they give one to Fergie? Apparently, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she “can’t make it” at the last minute, because someone else who actually worked on the production realizes she’s got their seat. Don’t think she’ll be onstage, although there always seems to be one WTF presenter, probably just to give people something harmless to argue over.