Hugh Jackman’s 8,000 calorie bulking diet sounds hard to take

As we know by now, Hugh Jackman will reprise his very popular (and very dead) character Logan aka Wolverine in Ryan Reynolds next Deadpool movie. Hugh has been busy, both with films and a successful The Music Man run on Broadway. None of them, however, have called for Hugh’s famous Wolverine physique. So he is currently trying to get back into comic book shape, and to do so, he’s consuming over 8,000 calories a day. Eight thousand. That sounds like a punishment! I mean, I’d love to not have to count every tiny crumb I put in my mouth but if the alternative was to power down the entire buffet at Olive Garden, I think I’ll stick with my menopause diet, thankyouverymuch.

Hugh Jackman is bulking up to become Wolverine again.

The Golden Globe-winning actor shared a photo of a “day in the life” of becoming one of Marvel’s favorite X-Men. He has been gradually adding calories to his diet as he prepares to reprise the role he played over the course of nine films since 2000.

Now the actor is back on a diet fit for a mutant and packing on the protein with daily meal prep consisting of black bass with veggie rice and herb sauce (2,000 calories), Patagonia salmon with potatoes and hot sauce (2,100 calories), two chicken burgers with sweet potatoes (1,000 calories each) and two grass-fed sirloins with noodles (1,100 calories each.)

“Bulking. A day in the life,” Jackman captioned a photo of the calorie-rich meals. “Thank you, Chef Mario, for helping me stay healthy and properly fed whilst… Becoming. Wolverine. Again.”

The daily intake of 8,300 calories is paired with a rigorous fitness regimen, which the actor is also sharing via social media. In one post, Jackman, 54, shared a shot of himself with bulging biceps as he curled a massive weight. “He’s only 46. I’m older. But it’s not a competition,” reads the caption, which pokes fun at Ryan Reynolds.

[From LA Times]

Actually, reading what Hugh’s eating made me hungry. Those meals sound tasty. I couldn’t eat two burgers or sirloins, but I could put a dent in one. Hugh and I are the same age and I’m allowed less than 1/8th of his calorie allotment per day. I am not, however, powerlifting refrigerators in my downtime either. But this is so much. We speculated how Wolverine would factor into the new Deadpool and general consensus was probably in flashbacks. Which likely means digital de-aging for him, so couldn’t they also digitally bulk poor Hugh up? This is a flex – literally. Men love this crap. Watch me eat my way through Foster Farms while pulling a semi uphill all for a role. I’m so dedicated… and fit, perhaps you noticed. He’ll look phenomenal, he always does (except too veiny for my tastes). And I’ll have to hear about it from my husband who will start asking for chicken breasts and if we can run by Play It Again Sports on the way home to pick up another barbell. Why don’t men ever get inspired when actors in films do the dishes instead? Now that’s sexy.

Definitely go check out Hugh’s chef, Chef Mario Spina’s IG, though. Mmmmmmm.

Photo credit: Avalon and Instagram

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  1. Normades says:

    He doesn’t have to do this….I’m more interested in your menopause diet!

  2. Gill says:

    Tbf I’d take anything Hugh Jackman offered, hard or soft 🤣🤣😍

  3. SAS says:

    Isn’t under 1000 calories a starvation diet?

    I can’t imagine what he’s going is good for his body. Is the pay check worth it?

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ SAS, I wonder about that too. Though I understand why many women aren’t too keen on these types of diets for the sake of filmmaking. For women, it creates an enormous disfunction in their metabolic system. For men, I do not know. But why would you put yourself through this brutality simply for the sake of a film? Filmmakers are happy to CGI movies to the ends of the earth so why not the physical appearance of actors??

      On a side note, Dwayne Johnson eats 10,000 calories each day and his diet is very unpleasant to me. The daily choices of his breakfast alone makes me side eye his choices. I will happily stick with yogurt and fresh fruit.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      I was wondering about that too! I’m in my 50ies and my diet is at 1,200 calories and I barely manage a few things to stay within the limits, basically I give up trying to keep up every minute lol

      I was on a 5-2 10 years ago and the 2 days of fasting at 600 calories destroyed my mental health.

      • Heather F says:

        Have you heard of a reverse diet? It basically slowly increases calories to help restore your metabolism.

        Unfortunately extreme diets have really impacted many of our bodies

  4. North of Boston says:


    I like Hugh so this isn’t a knock on him, but this just seems so unnecessary. Sure get fit and a bit muscular, but to these extremes, purely for the visual? 8000 calories?

    Also, is it comic book authentic that Wolverine skips leg day?

    • Josephine says:

      I was a highly competitive swimmer as a teen and in college and I easily ate 8000 calories a day as I was in the pool 5 hours a day and also did dryland work. I didn’t find it that hard to hit the mark and did not eat tons of junk. 8000 just doesn’t seem that extreme to me.

  5. Sparkles says:

    Isn’t he Ivanka and Jared’s BFF? No thanks 🙅🏻‍♀️

    • Ameerah M says:

      I know he was friends with them pre-election and into 2016. Don’t know/think that is the case anymore.

      • Coco says:

        No they are still friends Hugh and his wife have been seen attending Ivanka birthday party and they been photographed handing out together.

      • Ameerah M says:

        @Coco – they haven’t been seen together since 2018. Which was when the birthday photos were taken. So there again isn’t any clear indication one way or the other if they are still friends.

  6. Emmi says:

    I have questions. How do you excercise with a full stomach? As in, he must be full all damn day, right? I have to stop eating at least 2h before I do anything physical. I know not everybody can work out on an empty stomach but for me it’s the only way to go so I cannot imagine what’s happening here. Also, …. that stuff has to be digested. Not to get graphic but how does his digestive system even cope? Since I’ve had my gallbladder out, I “go” more often than I used to and it’s annoying. HOW does any of this work? It sounds like horrible stress on the body.

    Also, I’m still not convinced he doesn’t take a little helper. He tends to get shredded. He didn’t in the beginning.

    • MissMarirose says:

      Oh, he’s almost certainly taking some type of steroid. You don’t go from one extreme to the other like that just by diet and exercise alone. I wish actors would be more honest about that.

      • Ameerah M says:

        I highly doubt that. He is in all likelihood taking HGH – which isn’t a steroid

  7. ML says:

    First off, “Why don’t men ever get inspired when actors in films do the dishes instead? Now that’s sexy.” this is a brilliant quote, Hecate!
    Next, Hugh Jackman is someone I view as sympathetic. That said, his diet is disordered eating disguised as “art.”

  8. Sean says:

    He may be consuming thousands of calories in beef, chicken and fish, however the true secret to his success is good old fashioned “chicken and rice”.

    I said this in another post a while ago but why can’t they just be honest about using steroids? They’re not athletes competing in an actual sport. There’s no cheating going on when actors use them to get buff for a role. Just be honest you’re creating a fictitious image for a fantasy. I feel like this is very similar to pro wrestling in the late 80s when Vince McMahon was claiming his wrestlers had all natural physiques. Then the steroid trial happened.

    • Rackel says:

      I don’t think he is using steroids at this point. He may uses them at the end but I don’t think he has a regimen. That’s probably why he can go back and forth between bulk and song&dance man. Hugh body isn’t big in the telltale places.
      I believe Ryan Reynolds used steroids for an extended time. The rock and Arnold scha stopped and you can see they lost inches and their faces aren’t so pulled back. The rock was deflating and still was too clunky.

    • Sandra says:

      I agree! Can’t they do the “with the help of herbs and supplements” the same way other celebrities “didn’t have plastic surgery, just fillers!” Ok, its fudged, but not to the point of leaving people thinking its something normal or attainable for the everyday person

  9. susan says:

    I love that there wasn’t a single chicken breast on the menu. blecch. the most bro food ever.

    with all the CGI out there I’m kinda shocked he is putting his body through this. it can’t be healthy.

  10. Veronica S. says:

    I literally gagged at the thought of eating that much haha. I really need to consume no more than 1600 to maintain a decent weight after thyroid disease, but it’s legitimately hard for my body to take in more than 2000 calories in my thirties. As soon as I hit the 2200-2500 range on those big foodie days like Thanksgiving, I feel sick after.

    I do wonder what the long term impact of diets like this are. Some of this big actors fluctuate between hardcore starvation diets and bulking ones, and I have to wonder what it does to their metabolism over time. It’s basically controlled disordered eating.

  11. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    Eating that much protein for months on end would be the end of my digestive system! More power to those who can do this and I’m Really looking forward to seeing Hugh in the new Deadpool movie!!

  12. Rackel says:

    It’s very hard on his body that’s why he kept trying to give up wolverine. He said it’s hard but he always gives bits and pieces as to why.
    some are saying why not do cgi. He started wolverine before cgi was good. Also, cgi still isn’t that good for him to rely on it. He really does try to be a character actor. In his defense the cgi people in Dr strange multitude of madness looked bad.

  13. Sara Owen says:

    His trainer or whoever else is supervising this knows nothing about nutritional biochemistry or clinical nutrition (I’m a registered dietitian in the US). Excessive protein does NOT translate into more muscle. I won’t get into the complex biochemistry involved. It turns into fat because it’s merely excess calories. He may be expending enough energy through exercise to offset this, but a huge burden of excess protein is very likely to cause some long-term problems including several that damage the kidneys–among many others. We are working with a bodybuilder right now who is transitioning to a plant-based diet with more than adequate nutrient intake for his goals. He feels fantastic, performs better, is making good progress, and tells us every day that he wishes he had ditched the more-protein nonsense long before now. The battle to correct ignorant cliches about protein intake is ongoing with bodybuilders–so much so that he is the last person who came to us with these incorrect notions that I’m going to take on. He’s delighted with the changes and will never go back.

  14. meli says:

    If anyone thinks this man is not taking PEDs to get that physique (and that he did previously and basically all of Hollywood too) I’ve got some news for you. There is absolutely NO way a man his age (or really any age) can fluctuate so much in muscle mass and not use PEDs. Sorry folks. Hollywood is a facade.

    Never take any ‘regimen’ as actually being truthful. Whether it’s diet, sleep only etc to stay young and fit. Absolute lies.

  15. SpankyB says:

    I wonder how hard it is for him to go back to eating normal amounts after this. I know if I over eat (like on a week long vacation) I have a hard time reeling back my amounts. I never gain weight while on vacation because I’m more active, it’s when I get back that I struggle with cutting back and that’s when I gain weight. I love to eat, I love good food, maybe I need to try the Wolverine workout and diet. LOL

  16. HeyKay says:

    At 54, should he be doing this?
    Healthy or dangerous?
    I prefer Hugh as a song and dance man. 🙂
    Had enough of all the Super Hero movies and he has no need for money, I should think.

  17. Emily_C says:

    Counting every calorie is an eating disorder.