Bella Hadid says she’s five months sober, after previously going sober in 2021-22

In late January 2022, Bella Hadid spoke about the hot new trend for 20-somethings: sobriety. It’s something that happens to most generations, honestly – at some point in your 20s, you get all of the partying, drinking and drug-using out of your system, you’re tired of waking up hungover and puffy, and so you start to experiment with sobriety or “California sober” (meaning, no alcohol or hard drugs but some marijuana use). Anyway, Bella did six months of no alcohol in 2021-2022. Then she was drinking again at some point in 2022. Then she went sober again. She recently took a trip to Las Vegas and declared herself “five months sober.”

Bella Hadid has something to celebrate! The 26-year-old model proudly marked a new milestone over the weekend by taking an alcohol-free trip to Las Vegas in honor of reaching the fifth month in her sobriety journey.

“5 months alcohol free,” proclaimed Hadid in a TikTok shared on Sunday as she smiled with a gal pal as they spent time inside a casino.

The model also gave a glimpse of her method of travel by sharing snaps from inside a flight that had a colorful bouquet of flowers and cans of her non-alcoholic beverage drink Kin Euphorics.

[From People]

For Bella, she was getting to the point where her alcohol consumption was problematic – in previous interviews, she’s talked about how she would cancel on friends because she knew she would just end up a drunk mess, and she wanted to start exerting some control over her life and her drinking. I think it’s interesting that she did six months of sobriety last year, then gave it up for months, then went back to sobriety. Anyway, I’m proud of her, and I love that younger people have someone like Bella talking about sobriety and alcohol consumption in a real way.

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  1. Southern Fried says:

    Good for her! Her work ethic is excellent along with her sister Gigi. Once launched, however it came to be, they have worked their asses off. Admirable.

  2. ML says:

    It’s not clear to me if she’s saying that she has an addiction, but it certainly sounds like that. It takes a lot of fortitude to come to terms with alcohol abuse and it’s difficult. All the strength to Bella on her alcohol free journey.

  3. Normades says:

    I think Bella’s issues with substance abuse goes back much further and is more serious than they ever let on. Google ‘Bella Hadid’s underage DUI’ for context.

    • lunchcoma says:

      Yeah, and then Yolanda wrote her that horrible email that was super focused on how messy Bella’s car was and not nearly concerned enough about the danger to Bella and other people on the road with her. There are problems going way back, and I’m sure the family situation didn’t help.

  4. Moptop says:

    She’s not sober; she’s alcohol-free.

  5. lunchcoma says:

    I’m glad to hear that she’s not drinking, happy about it, and willing to share. I’ve been sober 5 years and took a lot longer to get my shit together, and I’m always glad when people realize they have a problem fairly early in life.

    All that being said, that buccal fat removal surgery is…not good. People who’ve had problems with alcohol generally look great 5 months afterwards, and those pictures are pretty bad. Maybe it’s just really bad makeup?

  6. Tashiro says:

    She looks awful. She does not look well.