Prince William & Kate are ‘arguing’ over Prince George’s role in the coronation

In recent years, Prince William and Kate have shown a willingness – if not an eagerness – to put their three children front-and-center at all times. They made Prince George wear a little banker’s suit on a hot day at Wimbledon. They were fine with Prince Louis having a tantrum in the middle of the Jubbly parade. They were fine with Princess Charlotte’s visible discomfort during the Commonwealth games. And on and on – we’ve seen so much of the kids in the past two years, especially since Will and Kate like to use the kids as human buffers. In any case, I wouldn’t think that William and Kate would be in any kind of disagreement over the kids’ roles during the coronation, but some people think they’re arguing about it:

Prince William and Kate Middleton are proud parents to three children, but the couple is reportedly arguing over their eldest son, Prince George. George — like his father — is the heir to the British monarchy, but his role in King Charles’ coronation might be too much for a 9-year-old to handle.

Royals expert Tom Quinn analyzed the possible concerns both William and Kate have surrounding Charles’ big day. “I’ve heard from my contacts that there is a bit of an argument going on about whether George should play a more formal role,” the author shared in an interview. “I’ve heard that Kate and William are worried that it will be too much for him. It’s almost an echo of the way William and Harry were sometimes made to attend formal occasions that they shouldn’t have been made to attend — most famously, the funeral of their mother, and walking behind her coffin at their age,” Quinn added.

While Quinn shared his thoughts on the possibility of George attending Charles’ crowning, the writer discussed the judgment His Majesty received following Princess Diana’s death. “A lot of people criticized that and said that it was a horrible thing to make two boys that young, and especially Harry, do,” Quinn explained of Prince Harry and Prince William. “So I think people are remembering this and thinking, ‘Well hang on a minute, if George is some sort of a pageboy, or has a similar role at the Coronation, is that going back too far towards the traditional roles?'”

Considering William and Kate’s focus on providing a sense of normalcy for their kids, Quinn doesn’t believe George will have a major role at the event.

“So I’ve heard that there is a debate going on quite fiercely at the moment about how to do that. And, as far as I’ve heard, it hasn’t been decided yet,” Quinn said while noting that the youngster’s responsibilities “won’t be too prominent.”

[From MSN]

Whatever argument between Will and Kate, I bet it was mitigated when they learned that the coronation was going to be all about Queen Camilla and HER family. I believe that when the Waleses heard about Camilla’s insistence that her grandchildren have significant roles in the Chubbly, that’s when the Waleses decided that all three of their kids MUST be included and that George MUST be front and center. That being said, I agree that a big, dumb coronation is not the place for three kids. I doubt Charles even wants George front-and-center?

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  1. Moxylady says:

    Yes. Fight among yourselves and leave the Sussexes out of it. Please.

    • But are they arguing about George or are they arguing about who stands where on the balcony. You all know Can’t loves front and center.

    • Cara says:

      Camilla has created this entire mess with her constant demands. She is never satisfied. First, she destroyed Diana and then ran Harry and his family out of the country … but still that is not enough. Why does Charles never say no to her? Is Camilla the real king??

      • Sue E Generis says:


      • Vexxy says:

        @Pattsy I know women are traditional scapegoats for mens’ behaviour (see: Meghan and Harry), but in this case it appears to be justified. Sometimes women ARE the cause of a man’s actions. Camilla has a strong hold on Charles. Yes, he did have other mistresses when he was with her. Camilla had a part in his marriage to Diana and Kanga at least claimed that Camilla had a part to play in approving certain mistresses. Notice how since he’s been with Camilla there have been zero murmurings about any mistress whatsoever.

        I think Charles is deeply in love with Camilla (or, whatever love is to him), but she seems to be the one who holds all the cards.

      • Cara says:

        Camilla is insisting HER grandchildren participate in the coronation. This is unprecedented. Because of this, a far too young George will be forced to participate in a more active way than just a carriage ride and a seat in the audience. Camilla always gets what she wants. It’s too bad she doesn’t get what she deserves.

  2. ThatsNotOkay says:

    I’m not sure George has the constitution yet to handle even a marginal role without a bit of hand-holding. If there’s an argument, I think that’s why. Bull doesn’t want him on display. Kate knows using her kids are the only way she remains relevant. They are, after all, solely an extension of her.

    • Tacky says:

      A long dull church service is hard enough to bear as an adult. Let the kids wave from the balcony for a few minutes. That is participation enough.

  3. Jensa says:

    Well Charles attended his mother’s coronation and he was only 4 at the time. On the other hand, I can imagine Charles won’t want George to steal his limelight. Yes, he is that petty.

    • Hyacinth Bucket says:

      I don’t know whether this link works, but Charles was merely a looker on, very bored and there wasn’t the same media circus as today.;center,top&resize=980:*

    • Nic919 says:

      Charles didn’t have a role in the ceremony and he was off with the queen mother and queen Mary, his grandmother. George being involved in the ceremony at 9 is a lot. And seeing as how Elizabeth didn’t have a role in her own father’s coronation at age 11, it does seem a bit much to have him involved.

      This is only being discussed because Camilla’s grandkids will be involved. If they weren’t then the kids would only attend for a short time and that’s it.

    • PrincessOfWaffles says:

      What they are actually fighting for is who will be in the historical imagethat will seal the coronation. Just like Melania Trump made sure Ivanka wasnt gonna be in some historical photo shots at the inauguration. There people are lame and petty and superficial like that. This is not about a family coming together, it’s an operation of who’s gonna take the most time, the best visual shot, you know, THE IMAGE of the event.

      • Kingston says:


        Youre absolutely right: “….it’s an operation of who’s gonna take the most time, the best visual shot, you know, THE IMAGE of the event.”

        !THIS! is what Im counting on…..that the concentration on/consideration of the IMAGE….of who was where in the photos and videos of this historical event will more and more come to dominate as the #1 goal, while the historicity of the event, i:e the the actual coronation of charles, falls into second place as just a procedural.

        As such, am keeping my fingers crossed that H will see it more definitively as an institutional event which, even tho its a once-in-a-lifetime event for his only living parent, he can separate the two and say: No-uh. Not going.

      • Isabella says:

        I am Team Ivanka on that one. Ivanka was not the First Lady. She should have taken a backseat. God knows she and Jared are just grifters and did terrible harm to our country.

  4. SueBarbri33 says:

    I watched a little bit of QEII’s coronation the other day. It was a dreadful bore and there is no role for children in the ceremony. I think they will be able to sit quietly for an hour or two in church while grandpa and grandmama Camilla are crowned, but that will be all. It kind of reminds me of the whole *Vigil of the Grandchildren* thing from the funeral, where they made a big deal about it, but it was really just rich people standing around a coffin for 5 minutes.

    • tamsin says:

      Except for James, all those grandchildren were adults and according to reports and documentaries, all had had a relationship with their grandmother. Paying tribute to their grandmother was something they wanted to do- it was reported that it was their idea.

    • PrincessK says:

      I don’t think that the Coronation would be boring for 9 year old.
      There will be a lot of sparkle and glitter and parading up and down, not to talk of music and crescendo singing in the Abbey. Fabulous!
      I am looking forward to the choir singing Handel’s Zadok the Priest. I expect they have started practicing.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I’m listening to that now on YouTube as I’m reading this thread. The coronation is only worthwhile for the glorious music.

      • Princessk says:

        @Feeshalori Yes, and the background to Zadok the Priest is very interesting.

  5. Tessa says:

    Charles watched.his mother’s coronation with aunt Margaret and grandmother. Charles was on a balcony watching and did not participate. I hope George does not have to participate. But he probably will decked out in royal robes and a crown.

  6. girl_ninja says:

    “I doubt Charles even wants George front-and-center?”

    No. Charles wants Charles front and center. This trash coronation is going to be such a spectacle.

    • Cj says:

      Correction, Charles wants CAMILLA front and centre.

      But I like the idea that him not wanting George there is exactly why William will insist on it ha

      • Sue E Generis says:

        Correction, Camilla wants Camilla and her grandchildren front and center and Charles is too weak and stupid to say no.

  7. Shawna says:

    Being a part of the coronation isn’t the same thing as the Diana funeral walk. Just let the kids process in for the cameras but maybe shuttle them away to some room they can play games in!

  8. Mary Pester says:

    Bullyam to Khate, “but I’m supposed to be the main one to support my father, the camera must be on me, oh and my father I suppose.
    Khate” Billy, I have the new dress, the new tiara, the new botox and I have spent thousands on my new wiglet, so of course the camera will be on George and ME.
    BULLYAM “Kate I don’t give a stuff what you think, wear or say, the camera will be on me and if George is a page, he will be in shot as well!
    Khate,” why must everything be about you? The peasants want to see me, not you or your father in fancy dress. Do you want horse face to have the camera on her and her offspring, or me with my flowing locks, perfect skin, and the children who I suppose have to be there?
    William “Khate I will not have this, I AM THE HEIR”,
    WILLIAM TO KHATE, “OH god Harry and his bloody family are coming, it’s pointless worrying about cameras now., we won’t get a look in 😂😂

  9. notasugarhere says:

    The look CC is giving Kate in the car. All three of the kids are over her PR games, yanking them around, posing them, and generally using them.

    • Deering24 says:

      I stand by my bet that Charlotte is going to rebel big time. If she doesn’t flee to Montecito, she’ll get a career that will get her away from The Firm–or do like her aunt: marry and leave the country.

    • Grandma Susan says:

      Yes! The look Charlotte is giving her mother is a mixture of anger/disgust and dislike.

      • Nic919 says:

        Ok troll let’s play. Micro expressions, of which that photo captures, are the true reflection of a person’s sentiments. Science backs it. That was a look of disgust plain and simple. Just like the hand over the mouth showed a lack of respect for a parent.

  10. Ripley says:

    What a weird family.

    • Jojo says:

      Understatement of the decade. Weird doesn’t even touch the sides. The only way I can even begin to relate to how they all are is to think of them as a cult rather than a family. Albeit, a cult lacking a charismatic leader.

      While I don’t really care who does what, when and where at this shindig I do think at his age George’s role should be easy and not stressful. He should probably just do something similar to what a pageboy at a wedding would do. Walk, along with his father perhaps, down the aisle behind KC then when they get to the top pew Willy continues onwards to eventually kneel before his king (or douse him with olive oil or whatever weird ritual he has to do) while George is escorted to a seat kept empty for him next to his mother for the rest of the service. No difference to what bridesmaids & pageboys do at royal weddings.

      • Tessa says:

        Charlotte should be sitting next to her mother. It would not be just George. Supposedly louis is attending too. I think it would be appropriate for the two eldest to sit together.

      • booboocita says:

        After the olive oil dousing, I *so* want Willy to toss Parmesan and oregano on him.

  11. Chloe says:

    Lot’s of william and kate arguing stories lately. Then again the source is msn.

    • Nic919 says:

      Tom Quinn is promoting his book and so it’s possible he has a source telling them that they are arguing. (The source being Camilla most likely).

      But it is interesting that we are seeing more of these types of “not really a happy couple” kind of stories.

    • The Recluse says:

      This has Camilla’s fingerprints all over it. She started it by making it about her success and insisting on her own family participate.

  12. Amy Bee says:

    “I believe that when the Waleses heard about Camilla’s insistence that her grandchildren have significant roles in the Chubbly, that’s when the Waleses decided that all three of their kids MUST be included and that George MUST be front and center.”

    Me too.

  13. Becks1 says:

    So I don’t think the kids need to be that involved in the ceremony or should be -I can see why they would want George to attend, but he does not need to have an active role. I also don’t think its a big deal if the kids only did the carriage ride or balcony etc.

    That said, there is a HUGE difference between the coronation and Diana’s funeral and what William and Harry were forced to do for that. George riding in a carriage and sitting in church for a 2 hour long service and then a balcony appearance for his grandfather is NOT the same thing AT ALL -emotionally/mentally as Harry and William being forced to put their grief on display for the world after their mother died so tragically and suddenly.

    No one seemed to have any issues bringing George and Charlotte out for the Queen’s funeral, which was a really long day for the kids, when they could have just attended the smaller service in Windsor.

    • Seraphina says:

      That’s what I thought too. There is no comparison between the two events. One is happy and used to be a sign of the continuing on and the other was the death of their beloved mother.

  14. aquarius64 says:

    Like it or not, George is a future king. One goal of the Chubbly is to show the continuation of the monarchy and George represents that. What I think is really going on it fear that a poor performance by George means Bill and Kathy failed to prepare him for the throne. The soonest George becomes the Crown is 18, barring unusal circumstances. Other monarchies and principalities have prepared their heirs for the top job and what comes with it as soon as they come out of diapers. When George is out in public he looks apprehensive. I think Chuck is laying down the law to the Wailes telling them it’s time to get George ready for the throne and a Middle-class upbringing won’t cut it anymore.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, this. Charles is unpopular as it is, so it’s important to show that he’s just one more king in a long line that will be followed by Will and George. Whether George is old enough to handle it doesn’t come into it.

    • Tessa says:

      If George becomes king when he is underage he would still be technically king but with a recency until he comes of age. I think George is too young to seriously prepare for being king. He needs to get an education. He probably won’t be king for many decades. Charles got to go to school and to university. George should too. It’s too much for a 9 year old who is still a child.

    • February Pisces says:

      They did the same thing with William when he was younger and still popular after Charles lost his popularity over Diana. The thought of William reigning after Charles is what soften the thought of Charles being king, cos atleast William would follow him, and then it would be like Diana wins cos her son in on the throne.

      But now William has lost his looks, boyish charm and people are seeing him for exactly who he is, which is a copy of his father, George is the next best thing.

      Except that George doesn’t hold the same affection from the public the way William and Harry did when they were young, and that was because they were Diana’s boys,

      • PrincessK says:

        I don’t think William is a copy of his father, they are very different.
        I know who l would prefer to spend an hour talking to.

    • Nic919 says:

      In past coronations the UK avoided putting a child in the spotlight because it does not scream democracy but hereditary regime. George showing up to watch the ceremony is one thing but giving him a significant role for the coronation looks desperate.

    • JustBitchy says:

      This. George must be ready at this age

  15. Kyliegirl says:

    So no one had a problem with them being the only children at QEII funeral service at Westminster, but the chubby is too much? G and C sat through two long services for their great grandmother. Unfortunately the monarchy needs them at the ceremony since Charles and Camilla are so old. Not much of a draw. Plus, w&k want the front pages and will only get them with the kiddos. These poor kids are going to be paraded all their lives.

  16. The Duchess says:

    It’s been pretty obvious for quite a while now that the WanK’s don’t care about their children’s well-being. If the Queen wasn’t even in her own father’s coronation procession, then why the hell does the heir of the heir have to be? Not to mention it is also 2023, not 1923! Keep the kids out of it.

    Baldy & Keen have overexposed their children and stripped them of any sense of personal character, and that’s pretty sad. Their wrongdoings today will come back to haunt them tomorrow.

  17. Brassy Rebel says:

    They should all stay home, not just the kids. If Charles and Camilla insist on being formally crowned, they can have the Archbishop of Canterbury over and do it in the parlor. Problem solved. 😉

    These kids are going to be so effed up in a few years. I’m going on record now.

  18. Josephine says:

    really dislike all of these people but I don’t get the pearl clutching over a 9 year old sitting in a church for a couple hours or participating in some sort of ceremony. lots of kids participate in religious ceremonies that take a long time and require them to be fairly still. i think using him for attention of their own gain is crappy but i see nothing unusual about requiring a 9 year old to be able to handle himself for even 1/2 a day.

    • Jais says:

      Well, it’s not like a regular 9yr old sitting in a church for a couple of hours. The media cameras will be on him. So it’s not really the same. I’d imagine George can handle himself and sit still. He’s not Louis lol. Obv he’s older. However, there a good chance that he’ll look uncomfortable or bored and really anything he does will be scrutinized. One could argue he should get used to that. But it’s just not the same as some random kid sitting in a church. It’s more about the choice of whether to put him under the lens for the event and whether it’s necessary. Imo none of it’s necessary😂

    • Nic919 says:

      The discussion is about George participating in the ceremony though. Not just attending. Because he and Charlotte were going to attend from the time this was announced. It was the news that Camilla’s grandkids were taking part in the ceremony that has reopened the discussion about George doing something more.

  19. Murphy says:

    Yeah this surprises me, especially when it comes to George they typically want to embiggen him as much as possible as he’s an extension of themselves. So to think one of them wouldn’t want George to have as significant a role as possible is odd.

  20. AnneL says:

    I think the coronation would be a bore for the kids. They might get fidgety, and with the cameras on them people might see that and judge them unfairly. So I don’t think they should be front and center, and they should be shielded from cameras to some degree, but I don’t see the harm in them attending in some capacity. Kids have to sit through things they don’t enjoy sometimes.

    It’s not the same thing as Diana’s funeral. Not even close. Their mother had just been tragically killed and they had to walk behind her coffin with the whole world watching. That’s traumatizing. Sitting through Granddad’s Chubbly is just tedious and awkward.

  21. tamsin says:

    There is no report of who are supporting Charles and holding HIS robe. Traditionally, a king needed the support of the nobles, so I suppose there will be traditional characters performing that role- i.e. members of the aristocracy. Since Camilla is only the Queen Consort, her grandchildren will do? I think this grandchildren business is a can of worms Camilla has opened.

  22. QuiteContrary says:

    Growing up in an Irish Catholic family, I and my siblings went to long church services from very early ages (Easter Vigil Mass was interminable).

    George is 9. He can handle going to church. It’s Camilla in a church I worry about — for the church’s foundations, not Camilla.

    Random thought: I hate that Kate has a half-pint of Guinness in the photo above. Years ago, when my sister and I traveled around Ireland, the bartenders automatically gave women half-pints. It annoyed me to no end. Of course, Katy probably didn’t want the calories of a whole pint.

    • PrincessK says:

      Oh yes, long Catholic services. I am not Catholic but attended a Catholic School for a year, and l once passed out during a long Easter service.

      • Harper says:

        The Coronation is on a par with the Easter Vigil, something most adult Catholics know to skip because it’s three hours on a Saturday night. I agree George can handle going to church but I believe everyone should be able to opt out of any church service that approaches two or more hours of captivity.

      • QuiteContrary says:

        We used to amuse ourselves by watching the altar servers sway … the incense and lilies didn’t help if the church was warm.

      • Isabella says:

        We used to fast and we would faint during the services.

      • Princessk says:

        @Isabella…good to know it wasn’t just me …lol!

  23. Jaded says:

    Keen and Mean would likely argue over anything — they’re both belligerent, self-obsessed, toxic people with infantile tempers. Kids under 10 should not be involved in anything other than watching the actual coronation then being taken quietly off to a playroom. Afterwards they can show up on the balcony so they can wave to the fawning masses. Cam’s grandchildren are all teenagers so they can deal with a long, boring event, but not the little kids. Jeezuz will this stupid Flubbly EVER be over…

    • Lady D says:

      So five teenagers no one recognizes will be front and center for the sacred part of the ceremony? That should go over well. I hope it makes Charles proud.

      • Tessa says:

        Camilla has ambitions
        I think Charles will confer titles soon. It is hypocritical of Charles since he did not want non working royal family members doing balcony appearances yet Camilla grandchildren will be prominent. Camilla had no royal children. It seems hypocritical to me.

  24. Feebee says:

    They’re just arguing, period. The press deciding it’s about George and the coronation is at best a guess and at worst a cover. It’s coming on the heels of that story about them fighting and both throwing things at each other.

    I wonder if they’ll be officially separated by year’s end? Maybe they’ll wait to see reaction to the coronation and the Parker Bowles takeover goes.

  25. Barb Mill says:

    The article mentioned possible page boy for George so I googled to find out who Queen Elizabeth’s page boys were. The first that I found the Duke of Devonshire who was 9 1/2. An interesting article about it and apparently it seemed the only thing he was worried about was his friends teasing him for the outfit and shoes he had to wear. Andrew Parker Bowles. at 13 was another page boy which I found interesting.

  26. Harper says:

    So much going on. Burger King mad because he can’t let Dairy Queen’s grandkids in the spotlight unless his heirs get equal or more attention. Kate mad because if they don’t give the tabs the kid pictures they want then they will put her unphotoshopped face on the front page. And what if behind the scenes maybe George does have anxiety or nerves or he gets picked on for being on tv and WanK have been cautioned to use kid gloves with him? How can they choose? And they don’t even know if Harry and Meghan will be there to give the Snubbly energy the papers love to distract from their problems?

    Lady Glenconner was an attendant at Eliz’s coronation and fainted during it.
    Coronations are very formal and very boring. it’s going to be an early morning out and at ‘em, and it’s not on the same par with a Catholic mass at all.

    If they must have George, seat him off side with Nanny Maria, allow one camera shot to establish his presence, and whisk him away before i’s over. For once put his comfort first.

  27. Lauren says:

    The headlines I saw made it seem like it was Will and Kate arguing with Charles not with each other

  28. equality says:

    Or maybe W and/or K don’t want George to share the spotlight with Cam’s grandchildren and said if they are in, George is out?

  29. TheOriginalMia says:

    These are the same folks who dragged their two oldest kids to their great-grandmother’s funeral, so spare me this contrived story about there being disagreement over George’s role. These two have shoved that poor kid into more occasions when he’d have been better served being at home with his siblings than I can count. They aren’t going to let Camilla’s grandkids take the spotlight off of William’s heir and spare. George will probably be decked out in his own little suit and saber and be right up next to his pa and grandpa. Charlotte will have a tiara and a big dress.

  30. Lee says:

    Big deal, a 9 year old can attend a church service, he can and should be there, seated quietly with relatives.

  31. Betty says:

    Camilla is involved in this fiasco because of being a marriage killer!!! Her kids and grandkids should NOT be involved in the coronation!!!! Camilla is only along for the ride and how the citizens of England tolerate her is a mystery!!! Do we think Charles will last long????

    • Well Wisher says:

      Who says that they do? They may simply pretend that Camilla does not exist and get on with it.

    • Mary Pester says:

      @PATTSY, Two points
      One, your very wrong, the Royal family need Harry far more than he needs them! There is a growing anti royal movement in the UK, and with the age group of 18 to 35, Harry is far more popular than any of them, and it’s THAT age group the Royal family need the most to continue in the future.That is why they are trying so hard to get Harry to attend Plus, if you can’t see that having camzillas grandchildren and children play a major role, in the ROYAL coronation, then I respectfully request you need to re think it. The late Queen gave way to Charlie, because when he married camzilla, it was understood that she would only ever be known as PRINCESS CONSORT, in the Queen’s last address before she died, she told the British people, of which I AM ONE, that she wanted camzilla known as Queen CONSORT. That was an appeasement to Charlie. So not only has Charlie disrespected his late mother’s wishes and instructions, he’s now foisting her children and grandchildren on us and into Royal Royals. He is single handedly destroying the Royal family, because a very large majority will never accept her or her family

    • Carolind says:

      I think it is better Camilla’s own family not getting involved BUT she is getting crowned Queen and why should she not have her grandchildren doing something that Ladies in Waiting would be doing? The late Queen’s cousin on her mother’s side, Margaret Rhodes, gave the impression in her book that she was furious she was not allowed to attend the coronation of her uncle by marriage George Vi because she was considered too young. She was especially angry because the King’s daughter, another Margaret, who was younger than Margaret Rhodes, would be there! It is swings and roundabouts.

  32. JustBitchy says:

    Hello – look at the role Princesses Amalia played in her fathers coronation (and since) ! My god! Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Spain they all seem to get their heirs involved appropriately.

    • Nic919 says:

      In this case William is the heir and should have a prominent role. And had they not forced him out Harry would have had a role as the younger son of the king and only other child. A lot of this mess is because Charles and William got jealous of Harry’s popularity.

  33. jgerber says:

    Somehow I envision William carrying George on his shoulders to reinforce the imagery of the line of succession and so that he will be head and shoulders above Camilla’s grandchildren. If Kate and Will are arguing, it’s only about how they can make George MORE prominent in the coronation.

  34. Silkworm says:

    All the royal grandchildren except Camilla’s can watch with the other royal family members. Camilla’s children and grandchildren aren’t apart of the royal family. They’re commoner’s. They can watch at home like the rest of us.
    Charles is a weak and selfish man who needs to abdicate in favor of William.

    • Tessa says:

      Will drove his brother and sister in law out he is worse than his father in many ways. William is just another Charles. Imo

      • notasugarhere says:

        I agree, Tessa, William is much worse than Charles. William made (false) promises to Harry throughout their lives that they’d never betray each other, they were in it together, everything would be different in the future. All while Wm was busy bullying and abusing Harry but promising to be better later.

  35. Justjan says:

    I think Camilla is feeding her branch of the family to the press. The whole thing is silly.