Princess Kate is the personification of ‘this could have been an email’

Remember in 2021, when President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden visited the UK, and Dr. Biden did an event with the then-Duchess of Cambridge? It was supposed to be this simple event about early childhood education, Kate’s “specialty.” Except that being put beside Dr. Biden completely exposed Kate’s incompetence, her inability to form complete sentences, her lack of expertise and all of her embarrassing hand-flapping and fake-accent work. It was especially bad because the palace couldn’t control it – Dr. Biden was there, and as such, the American media scrum had followed her to the event. It was a slow-motion trainwreck with international coverage.

Ever since that moment with Dr. Biden, Kensington Palace has taken pains to tightly control all of Kate’s busy-work projects. Shaping Us is just another in a long line of lightweight, do-nothing busy-work setpieces given to Kate. She’s told to go somewhere, make a speech and the palace controls the optics and the videos. So it was on Tuesday, when Kate debuted her Business Taskforce on Early Childhood. There is no plan, no fundraising campaign, no project to invest in. This was Kate in her keenest Meghan cosplay, making a big-girl business speech in front of big businessmen!

I ask again: are you not embarrassed? Because this is embarrassing. Kate is the personification of “this could have been an email.” The coverage really emphasized the entire keen endeavor too, that it was style over substance, that the important thing was that Kate got her big-girl business photo-op with business buildings in the background, looking businessy. That unhinged nutjob Daniela Elser even made this whole mess about Prince Harry, as in – look what Kate is able to accomplish as a royal, eat your heart out, Prince Harry. Meanwhile, absolutely no one has said what Kate’s Keen Business Taskforce will actually DO.

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  1. rori says:

    ok this lady is def lazy. but i disagree. an email does nothing. yes, this doesn’t affect immediate change but getting business leaders into one room to say they’re committing to something is better than just fundraising sometimes. one is trying to prioritize and get companies to change culture so that they value working parents. the other is offering more funds to set up programs offset the negative workplace culture. both are important. that being said, she could have outlined what the heck these companies are committing to. right move…poorly executed.

    • equality says:

      If the companies have commited to NOTHING then how is this better than an e-mail? If they had committed to something, why is it not mentioned in any articles even in the loosest terms because you know the companies would want the PR.

      • Mary Pester says:

        @EQUALITY, of course they were commited, oh not to donating funds for children in the UK who are going to school and bed hungry, not to making creches at their companies for their working mums. Not to local playschools to ensure they had enough funds, food, toys. Not to paying a bit towards staff wages at these places. NO, they were commited to giving princess pointless a photo op! And surely that idiot woman should have said, “, Kate LOOK AT MEGHAN AND HARRY and see what they can and have done WITHOUT the Royal rats

      • Princessk says:

        Why have these companies agreed to have their time wasted?
        They must have had their arms twisted.
        I can’t believe that she has not asked them to make some measurable commitments no matter how small.

    • Becks1 says:

      What are they committing to? So she got business leaders into one room to listen to her say that they need to priortize early years and their employees’ health or whatever word salad she was saying.

      there is no indication they committed to anything so yes, this meeting could have been an email where Kate outlined her priorities and expectations and THEN followed up with a meeting where concrete proposals were discussed.

      • usavgjoe says:

        Interesting Khate needs to look at her notes for the word “the…”. I don’t believe if she was asked in an interview, without notes, about her initiative if she could coherently explain it.

      • Nadia says:

        I read the transcript of her speech and I still can’t understand what she would want from these companies.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      The business people were only there to provide a captive audience for her pathetic “speech”.

      • Fifty-50 says:

        The thing that KP doesn’t understand is that businesses and big corporations now know what it’s like to work with a royal who ACTUALLY brings stuff to the table, who has savvy and good instincts and makes a real impact they can put in their reports. They can say sh-t like “P&G collaborated with the Archewell Foundation to do xyz” and the numbers are there to back it up— the people are there who can attest to the results and were positively impacted.

        The days of merely “raising awareness” and “raising money for grifting royal foundations” are past. Businesses aren’t going to throw money at the Keens just because she begs for it. They want to know their money is going somewhere. Why work with Buttons McQueen when you can work with Queen Meg instead?

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        Business leaders DO NOT CARE about the welfare of young children or their working mothers. The less “rights” working mothers have, the better for businesses. The fewer services the government provides to children, the better for businesses. If these businesses are “keen” for Kate, it’s because they recognize that her do-nothing/accomplish nothing method is the best deal for businesses. They will champion HER because it means they don’t have to answer to someone who expects results or for businesses to pay their fair share.

    • maisie says:

      they come to the meeting. they have a croissant and a coffee. they sit politely for a few minutes, then beg off and go do their real work. after she’s gone they roll their eyes and remark about 1) how skinny she is, 2) what a pretty outfit, 3) how sore her feet must be in those shoes.

      • Iolanthe says:

        I just watched, again, Meghans unscripted , spontaneous three minute speech delivered with no notes , looking at everyone . 2018. Her first speech as a royal . At the launch of the community cookbook to benefit the victims of the Grenfell tower fire . So much is memorable because it’s spoken from the heart ..the way she spoke of how food connects rather than divides people of different cultures . But this is about Kate ..disinterested, disengaged, reading from notes and dead boring to boot . No contest and no wonder they get hives when the Sussexes show their faces . Kate should just stay home and stop wasting funds on clothes.

    • CindyP says:

      “Changing culture” is obnoxious corporate speak. Just like Kate “creating awareness”, this accomplishes nothing. All of them can pat themselves on the back for this meaningless grandstanding. Do these companies offer subsidized child care, flexible work hours, work from home? That would make a real difference.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Compare and contrast with Meghan who not only got businesses in the room, they actually worked together to create and donate products ala Smartworks. Lots of celebrities also backed the Grenfell kitchen. Miss Keenly Stealing Meghan’s Style on the other hand is all about photo ops. Not one single deliverable. Lord help us. Her PR people can only try but look at the material they have to work with.

      • Sam says:

        That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! And it does NOTHING! Besides, now we know what it’s all about. Not for our children but for MONEY!! What capitalist shit is that please!
        She’s the mouthpiece of the tories and the worst they could get… Even Boris could make better speeches and doesn’t always open his mouth like a dying fish. And he was a never-ending embarrassment…

      • Kathleen says:

        When I first saw the picture, I thought it was Meghan launching a second round of Archetypes. She copied the outfit Meghan wore to the Clegg school and the background colours of the marquee were so close to the Archetypes’, I was genuinely confused. I had to look twice to make sure that it was Kate. Has she no sense of self or shame?

    • Nic919 says:

      I agree. She wouldn’t be able to pose on a balcony while holding her hair in an email.

    • ELX says:

      Why can’t they just let her be a haus frau —have someone make up low cost recipes she can put out as her own, that sort of thing.

      • notasugarhere says:

        No. It is 2023.

        This whole idea that Keen should get to playact at being a SAHM and never do any royal ‘work’? That comes directly from the xenophobic, racist, anti-Meghan group. The ones who insist it is misogynistic to think Keen should have to work even 100 HOURS per year, poor little sausage.

    • Kingston says:


      LOL Your entire post is a perfect example of the fallacy: “saying it equals doing it.”

      Correct me if Im wrong but i think the christian god has been the only one who uttered words to make something real; as in: “Let there be light” and voila! there was light. Etc.

      You said: “…..getting business leaders into one room to say they’re committing to something is better than just fundraising sometimes.”


      In fact, the inverse is true: getting a one-on-one with a CEO or, better yet, meeting P R I V A T E L Y with a group of CEOs and getting their commitment to a MEASURABLE ACTION before putting them on publilc display for a photo op, is not only much more productive, it is a tried-and-true, result-oriented and effective process.

      Clearly, cosplay-k8 should have been paying attention to Duchess Meghan’s process more than her fashion. But who am I kidding, the girlie’s handlers know her limitations only too well.

    • Jenn says:

      What are business leaders committing to? Giving their employees more time with their children? Child care facilities in their premises? What?

    • BeanieBean says:

      Very poorly executed. But poorly conceived, as well. And she seemed very low-energy during this speech. I was expecting a big sigh at some point.

    • Tan says:

      Right? Right? This makes a difference pinky promise I swear! She def won’t be vacationing in a few days after tiring herself and her wigs

    • Lemons says:

      Sometimes, it’s best to be cynical. This is a nice photo op to put on the end of business CSR reports to say that they participated in early childhood development by joining up to Shaping Us with the Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cambrigde, Earl of …….HRH Catherine Middleton…her name alone takes up a line on the report!

      They don’t have to do anything substantial…but it LOOKS substantial. And that’s the point. This isn’t by accident. Did you see any Black, Brown, or Asian business owners on that line up? Maybe a couple…and even then…I’m not sure. Anyone under 40? Maybe one? Again, it’s not an accident.

    • Elizabeth Phillips says:

      I just don’t understand this. If she wanted busy work, why not do something with fashion instead of children.

    • why says:

      what are they committing to? or the timeline to do that? or any benefits to their co if they do those initiatives? I don’t see anything substantive
      This could be an email from her PA to their PAs 😁

  2. Well I will argue the style over substance. 1. No style
    2. No substance.

    Photo ops only.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I concur. Stolen style with no substance.

    • Cara says:

      The staff who run the palace show (royal puppet masters, really) are lazy and behind the times. They send Kate out doing the same things and saying the same words they had the old Queen Mother doing and saying all those many years ago. The early child development platform doesn’t work for her because her college degree is in art history. Plus, there are two very young royal children she helped exile to California. Her “I love these children but not those children” thing rubs most of us the wrong way.

  3. equality says:

    When her endeavors are on the level of Travlyst, Invictus Games, and Sentebale, she and her RR friends can poke at PH. In the meantime….

  4. ThatsNotOkay says:

    STAND UP STRAIGHT AND STOP CRANING YOUR NECK! She’s going to develop a hunch. Dayum!

    She’s also emotionally and intellectually stunted so if the shell fits…

    • Chloe says:

      She’s the most inadequate person in the room and she knows it too. Therefore it shows in her body language

      • Ginger says:

        Agree. Kate’s whole entire royal “work” is ‘this could have been an e mail’ .

      • Fifty-50 says:

        I mean I would be nervous and slouching too if I’d gained a well-deserved reputation as a racist mean girl who tried to drive my sister-in-law to suicide. (In addition to the general incompetence.)

      • Nic919 says:

        Celebitchy posted a gif on Twitter with her sitting and making an odd face while the business people are standing behind her posing for a group photo. She really doesn’t belong and that gif makes it obvious.

      • Unblinkered says:

        Totally out of her depth.
        And surely the corporate folks in attendance will have seen right through her. Must have been uncomfortable for all concerned.

  5. PrincessOfWaffles says:

    I still dont get this campaign 😂 naming it TASKFORCE doesn’t mean she’s gonna work. Combining TASKFORCE with BUSINESS doesnt mean the businesses involved are going to understand wtf they’re doing there.

    • Chloe says:

      I had hoped this speech would make the purpose of the taskforce a bit more clear. But again my expectations were too high i should have known

      She talks about investing but how? What exactly is she calling for here? Is she encouraging for these businesses to invest in enterprises/ charities that support children and their parents? Or is she encouraging them to employ policies that are more beneficial to (new) parents in their own companies? Again: what is she aiming for here?

    • Lux says:

      I mean, it’s very easy for these businesses to “commit” if it’s heavily implied that there won’t be any actual work or investment involved.

      At minimum, how did she actually find these companies and why did they agree to join the task force? Lego, sure, makes sense, but she should better explain how they were selected and why their interests overlap with the Royal Centre of Early Childhood…Development…Foundation…for ants. Gosh, even typing out her shell foundation is giving me major second hand embarrassment.

      So to keep a tally, let’s see who she’s spoken to since “Shaping Us”: the press, to reveal her claymation; school-aged children, for a screening of her claymation; and now a group of businesses to talk about…treating their employees well or “investing” so they have good future employees (color me unsure). Um, is there a glaring omission there or am I hallucinating a quantum leap? Where are the parents, carers, and teachers? Maybe even some pediatricians, physical/speech therapists, special needs experts, and social workers? Remember the article in which an expert said no actual experts were involved in the campaign? Yeah, I believe it.

  6. Rapunzel says:

    Y’all do yourselves a favor and don’t click on the Daniela Elser article…. unless you’re looking to be ill.

    As for Kate, I said in another post, and I’ll say ot again: I’m nervous about doing a TED Talk at a Tedx event next month, and listening to Kate makes me feel soooo much better about my speaking skills.

  7. Becks1 says:

    This event was absolutely about Kate cosplaying a working business woman – the blazer, the photo ops with the City in the background and she’s just posing by herself, etc. this is what she thinks working women do – prance around tall buildings and give speeches where we say nothing and then go back to our “cottages” via helicopter with our nannies and chefs and everything else.

    the mistake I think KP is making here is that the more they try to portray her as this super serious person who wants to effect change and get things done etc, the more obvious it is that she is a lightweight who is just there for the aforementioned photo op.

    If she stuck to the regular types of royal visits, like Anne does or Sophie or even Camilla, I don’t think there would be this sense of “wow, she really is useless isn’t she.” By trying to have people see her as this serious hardworking woman who wants to do things differently etc, it just emphasizes how pointless the whole royal family actually is.

    • UNCDancer says:

      Exactly this. And trying to make her feel like a heavy weight they are setting expectations that she won’t possibly be able to meet. While the British media and apparently the Australian media are fawning over her now, eventually people ask to see the impact. When families in the UK are still making choices between food for their children and heating their homes, this will wear thin really quickly.

    • Curmudgeon says:

      Omg when I saw that they made her pose on the roof with the buildings in the background?!? I laughed so hard. They really thought that they did something there. I don’t think Keen knows how pathetic she looks. The royals works so hard at pretending to look like they’re working but this was hilariously obvious.

      • Harper says:

        She absolutely showed her hand by going up on the patio/roof to pose for pictures. Real business people don’t have time to scout the location for Instagram backgrounds. But Princess Business Barbie wants to be seen in action and poseable.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        For Kate “work” is actually just photo ops – and it always has been.

    • Emme says:

      Dear Lord…..WHY isn’t she given basic guidelines like speak slower, establish eye contact with your audience, LEARN some of the speech so you don’t look a poor book reader, stand straight and look confident, sound passionate about the subject (not as though you’ve never heard of it before.)
      And that’s even before you look at the crap that doesn’t mean anything that you’re reading….

      • WHAT says:

        The problem is she can’t or won’t remember a full sentence so the words can flow to keep the audience attention. Also the room is not big yet you can barely hear her clearly. Also she’s failing to adjust her speech to the audience. This is a business speech with a business audience there should be more PowerPoint or bullet points to show up her so-called skills since this was supposedly her 💡. She’s reading the speech like she does all her speeches which is coming across as insincere and constantly looking at it like a bobblehead which makes the audience lose interest.
        Her saying words then pausing to look up then looking 🔙 down to finish the sentence says she’s not practicing or taking the time to better herself.
        She wants to appear to be something she clearly isn’t.

        The speech lacks this is what I want to accomplish, this is how much 💰 was raised, this is what we’re going to do with it and put it here, and this is the timeline for results when we meet 🔙 up again in autumn so you can see what has happened. Which is the reason why you can’t find the articles on this anymore and the rota went 🔙 to the people who are capturing everyone’s attention CA

    • Jais says:

      Yep. The hype is not helping. At all. But at this point, even doing regular type royal visits like Anne and Sophie might not help. Bc they’ve hyped her up so much as the princess that never puts a foot wrong, that literally anything she does comes across as a joke. The embiggening of Kate PR from Kate, her mom, team and the rota has turned her into a cringey embarrassment.

      • Becks1 says:

        right! at this point they’ve hyped her up so much that they can’t really walk it back to where she’s just doing the Anne-sophie type of visits. she really does come across as a joke and its mind boggling to me why she does not seem to be the least bit embarrassed.

      • Jais says:

        It is mind boggling. Sometimes, I project and imagine that somewhere deep inside she must be embarrassed. And it’s possible that she is. Maybe? But then she’ll do something even more shameless, like co-opting the archetypes font and colors or making her birthday talking points all about how she’s so much better than Meghan. Either way, there’s no walking it back and a never-ending joke has been created. Royal reporters breathlessly writing that she’s the jewel of the monarchy, never puts a foot wrong, and is an early years expert have really screwed her over. But it’s not like her team hasn’t played into those ideas and screwed themselves. A mess. And if she’s even embarrassed somewhere deep down, what would she do? How would she fix it? Work harder? Be honest about her strengths? Highly unlikely at this point. Have a nightly gin and tonic? Well, it’s been written that she does.

      • Lorelei says:

        The RRs must know deep down that what they’re writing about her is bullshit. And is this embarrassing photo op the best that her new “ball buster” can come up with? It’s all a joke.

    • Nic919 says:

      Instead of putting in actual work, she’s trying to coast on establishment media to provide her with PR to coo over legacy nonsense. That can only work in certain circles. The meeting with Jill Biden exposed her to the world for the empty hack she truly is. She won’t recover from that but simply remain in the UK where she knows the media will protect her.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Becks1, she isn’t willing to show up for the Irish Guards without 10,000 pounds in new clothing. Even then she dodges appearances and doesn’t show up every year.

      If they only had her pinning ribbons on sheep? That would require her to show up more than 100 HOURS per year. Keen is having none of that. She’s playacting Serious Barbie and is too busy posing for photos, no intention to do more.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yes, good point Nota. It’s important for us all to remember that these big initiatives and projects were created so that Kate could give the appearance of being busy without actually having to be busy. don’t ask why she’s not doing 500 events a year like Anne – she’s got the Early Years to solve.

  8. girl_ninja says:

    as in – look what Kate is able to accomplish as a royal, eat your heart out, Prince Harry. Lololol!!!

    Yes. Imagine if Harry was able to establish a wildly population, valuable, influential and respected event that celebrates are worlds veterans? Imagine if Harry could do ALL. That. But instead according to the British loons, he’s actually eating his heart out over a 40 year old woman swathed in wiglets, cosplaying his wife who can barely form sentences.

    • Moxylady says:

      Look! She accomplished something after being in the Royal family for a decade plus! No one is saying what it is or what it is going to accomplish or even the goals she has set, but she’s made speeches. So ha!
      Also. Harry would be flipping happy if she was able to bring attention, funding and changes to how people see the needs of families and children during their early years. He would be over joyed if she accomplished something good. Because that’s what good people do. They aren’t jealous or upset that someone else did something that helps people. That’s the whole flipping point. It just goes to show that the BRF and the RR don’t see service as anything other than clout and don’t care about creating a lasting impact. It’s sad.

      • B says:

        Yes @Moxylady I’ve recently watched British mental health and domestic violence shelter charity leaders defend silencing conversation about mental health and defend husbands who punch their wives. Both charity leaders had a link to a royal. I’ve since come to the conclusion that for a certain subsect of the BRF and Brit population its just about clout and performative PR not service.

    • Nic919 says:

      To even pretend that anything kate has done is a fraction of the impact of Invictus Games is an insult to anyone with a functioning brain.

    • girl_ninja says:

      Yikes. Sorry for the errors in my comment guys 😒

  9. Flowerlake says:

    Did this woman graduate from a university?

    • Southern Fried says:

      Lol I know right? Supposedly. And so did Willy supposedly. It’s baffling.

    • windyriver says:

      I was thinking the same thing yesterday, after reading over comments by the multiple people here asking intelligent questions about this “task force”. This woman is stunningly uneducated, and would be, university degree or not, and is apparently just fine with that. Even one of the obvious pro-Kate trolls who drops in every so often had a more thoughtful comment about this event than anything Kate actually said.

    • Nic919 says:

      She gives St Andrews a bad name. I’m sure most graduates are capable, but she makes it obvious that rich kids, especially those who sleep with the future king and makes sure the school knows it don’t have to meet the same competency standards to get a degree.

    • Penelope Pittstop says:

      Only undergraduate in art history.

  10. The Old Chick says:

    I used to be on twitter and one of my guilty pleasures was asking RF and KP to illucidate exactly what their principles achieve and how its worth tax funds and 5 houses! But I was bullied so much by Wails stans (mind you everything I said was verifiable fact which they didn’t argue with) they bullied me personally saying dreadful things about me because everything I said WAS true. And with Kate, the bar was so low. What does Kate do is still the best question. The answer is nothing but wear 5k outfits

  11. The Duchess says:

    This has to be one of her worst speeches yet. She couldn’t look more disinterested if she tried! The longer KP push this ‘serious’ image on her, the more her uselessness shines through.

  12. PaperclipExtraordinaire says:

    Good God. That was bad. Man…I just…

    Can she not get some training, FFS?

  13. JM says:

    She has the money, influence and availability to *actually* make huge differences in any cause she picks and it infuriates me that she doesn’t. I would be donating so much money and doing everything I could to initiate real change if I was in her position instead of just trying to make sure my kids are fed and clothed every day. Money is wasted on her.

  14. Quinn says:

    This is the dumbest thing ever. Yes Kate, let’s ask some of the most ethically-challenged businesses in the world, led by some of the most nihilistic and soulless humans of the 21 century, to deeply care about toddlers.

    At least half of these CEOs on this taskforce probably couldn’t tell you their own kids birthdays, assuming they even remember they have kids.

    Yet Kate thinks these are the folks who should help lead the way on improving early childhood outcomes in the UK??

    She should have put together a taskforce of everyday moms, dads, teachers, pediatricians, early childhood academics…literally anyone who interacts with kids on a regular basis!

  15. Inge says:

    but she does not get a new outfit if an email is sent…

  16. B says:

    Well at least Daniela Elser isn’t lying. Photo Ops is all that Harry and Meghan would have been allowed to do. Their determination to do work and photo ops that have tangible results is part of their clash with the royal system and partly contributed to why they left. Insane levels of jealousy from the 4 principals being another part of their reason for leaving.

    Give it another 3 yrs and everyone in the UK press will sing from the same hymn sheet. They will all speak the truth about how jealousy and certain people’s unwillingness to work led to the Sussexes being pushed out. Lol mostly because between Netflix, Spare, and the behavior of the remaining principals it will have become an obvious and accepted fact which they can’t ignore.

  17. MrsH says:

    So she believes people should work through their differences huh. Sure Jan. I’m sure you believe that.

  18. Moxylady says:

    Exponential Capitalism doesn’t care about investing in workers. People are completely replaceable and expendable. Use them till they burn out and then like a faulty cog, replace them.
    They literally do not care. At all. But I’m sure it was a status thing to be included in a talk where a princess thinks you can change the world or whatever she said.
    The UK has and is dismantling its programs for children and families and whatever safety net it had due to its maga style Torie government. I have no idea if it’s as bad for the average Joe over there as it is in America, but things are bleak af over here esp if you have kids. Has been for decades. Just in terms of trying to arrange for childcare when a child is sick or when they have a random day off of school or god help you if they are seriously sick or a spouse is or you are. Our societies sick obsessed belief that bad things in life – illness etc – are somehow your fault is appalling.

  19. Harper says:

    I wonder how the surfs at Party Pieces feel about their children’s chances when they come home after a hard day of being snapped at and bossed around by CarolE? Don’t those employees deserve the raised by a village treatment too?

  20. MJM says:

    A spam email at best.

  21. Jensa says:

    The most embarrassing thing about all this is that these were actual business people she was talking to. They will know only too well this was just a load of hot air. What were the action points they were supposed to take away from this? Next steps? Who is doing what?
    The only purpose here is to give the illusion that Kate is doing something. Nothing more.

  22. Amy Bee says:

    I saw stans raving about her business attire. Whatever, these were the same people who were outraged when Meghan wore pants and suits. Frauds.

    • Jais says:

      Well, since this is one her Meghan cosplay outfits, the stans are really telling on themselves 🙄

  23. C-Shell says:

    I rarely listen to her, but tried this time. I made it to 39 seconds before I couldn’t bear it any longer. It’s not just that she has to read from her notes, looking up every couple of seconds before ducking back into whatever drivel her staff has written, I just cannot stand her incomprehensible marble-mouthed evisceration of the language. My god.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      This is how I felt. I just couldn’t watch it a second longer. She is just so stinking terrible at all of this.

      I actually felt a pit at the bottom of my stomach — the secondhand embarrassment is so, well, keen.

  24. AnneL says:

    Not everyone is good at public speaking. It used to make me very nervous. But there’s a learning curve and people usually improve with time and experience. Kate has been in public life for years and she hasn’t gotten any better.

    She doesn’t have any sense of humor and she doesn’t know how to engage and connect with the audience. Her synapses just don’t seem to be firing.

    I am not making excuses for her but I truly think she is unwell in some way. She doesn’t eat enough. She might be on medication for depression and anxiety (I would be in her shoes). Something seems off, IDK.

    • Teagirl says:

      IMHO a key factor is that she doesn’t care about what she’s talking about. There’s no enthusiasm, no obvious love for the subject. Even if someone is not a very good speaker, it’s obvious when they care about what they are talking about, and this can carry an audience. Then there is the substance of the speech. As many other CBers have said, it lacks substance, direction etc. A poorly written speech badly delivered by an appallingly bad public speaker.

  25. Whyforthelove ish says:

    100% Kate’s entire task force could have been an email. I would submit that based on what we are seeing/have seen the title of the email should be “Bless Your Heart.”

  26. tamsin says:

    I remember Katie making her “escape” from Tom. Very cloak and dagger, and pretty brave of her. Now there is a story!

  27. Maremotrice says:

    Kate had me with “lays the scaffolding”. You don’t lay scaffolding, you (ahem) erect it.

  28. Noor says:

    It would be interesting to know how much money the Royal family are spending on PR and to compare it to other organizations.

  29. tamsin says:

    So Kate is turning out to be a very expensive dud and not at all good value for money. She costs a lot to house and clothe and doesn’t even show up to her share of ribbon cutting. Meghan, for whom it appears they did not pay a cent, was very effective and actually helped British people in her brief stint as a working royal. I haven’t read the original article, but were the the businesses that Kate spoke to named? I gather that she only asked for help in creating awareness. You see, Meghan could have mentored Kate, taken her by the hand and shown her how to develop a plan, and how to work behind the scenes and how to get a business to shell out money, product or expertise. Kate is totally ineffective because she doesn’t know how to swim in this pool and doesn’t seem to be taking lessons any time soon. She is a complete failure to launch.

  30. kelleybelle says:

    I feel like Erin Brockovich in the meeting where she said she was pissed off at the lame-assed offer that the water company offered. I listened to a few seconds of the speech and couldn’t stomach any more of it. Again she is standing there reading something she did NOT write nor try to learn the night before. Again no cue cards of the basic points so she doesn’t have to stand there and lamely read. Again she won’t project her voice. Again I have to struggle to understand the word salad this is. There is no way in hell she had anything to do with writing that. Again the photo-ops, all featuring wide smiles so her double jowls won’t be evident. Again with a covered pad (like Meghan) to appear “professional and business-like.” She hasn’t a bloody clue about any of this. But the palace and the press have what they want: their well-dressed (sometimes) puppet with the fake accent. Again, all this time and money and complete BS … to make their mannequin look good. And again she looks like hell. The most incredibly lame and hollow effort in years for the lazy married-in. Oh, but “royalty is more than giving speeches,” right Carole? When I heard some of the speech I didn’t know whether to gag or laugh.

  31. My opinion says:

    Kate’s cosplay is about stealing Meghan’s identity. Like the palace is aggressively trying to steal megs very soul and hang it on this mumbling idiot, scary really. But it will fail because this nitwit can’t even wear a designer gown without looking foolish.

    • kelleybelle says:

      That green “gown” she wore for Earthshot to me resembled a Star Wars light-sabre toy. And it didn’t even match the green of the emeralds on the choker she wore. She can’t even show off Diana’s jewels well. Most days she’s reduced to flashing Big Blue around, something I’m convinced has a curse on it. And don’t get me started on those black gloves with the white dress. I cringed that day.

  32. Lauren says:

    These photos are seriously reminding me of the photos released for Princess Ingrid of Norway’s 18th birthday, which is just embarrassing for Kate. Kate is a 40 year old women not a teenager who just got her first office

  33. Linney says:

    I’m sorry, but what exactly has Kate achieved here? Is she supposed to get credit for coming up with the idea that “early years” are important? Didn’t we know that already? Okay, so what has she exactly done with this topic? Her “five brilliant questions”? Her anecdotes about her own children? Can anyone point to one concrete thing she’s done other than buy new clothes and be hailed as an expert?
    I aways got the sense that the only reason Kate got this “keen” topic was because she had little kids so maybe she would show interest. Didn’t happen. I also have a feeling that when her kids get older she will become a “teenage development” expert that will also be a major fail. I mean, this woman is just an embarrassment.

  34. val says:

    I will say this, and take it however you want to. Only white women can get away this type of farce. A POC would get eaten alive. By the time a POC makes it to a position of status, you better believe that they know their shit, your shit and then some.
    Just wow.

  35. Therese says:

    After reading everyone’s replies, I went back to listen to her “reading”. Was going to say speech, but it was a reading. Hard to hear, yes, very bad posture, and I noticed how she dips with her body to emphasize her points.

  36. Annalise/Typical Virgo says:

    OMG those people in the back, all nodding encouragingly? Reminds me of when I was in a play in 3rd grade, and my father was in the audience, nodding encouragingly.

  37. Annalise/Typical Virgo says:

    Didn’t Meghan wear this (almost) exact outfit during her and Harry’s final events as working royals, back in 2020?
    It was a daytime event

  38. Jenn says:

    I am mortified listening to this. She looks and sounds like a frightened teenager, and the speech itself sounds like what you write when you only have two hours left to fill a page (“resilient” AND “flexible”??). I realize the BRF is limited in its efficacy and can only “champion” causes, as opposed to effecting actual change, but sheesh. (Also: I had never heard her speak before! She really took her elocution classes to heart, huh.) Well, I do like her blazer. And the pants.

    I’m grumpy now, because the topic IS important. Emotional trauma and its long-term physical effects are the biggest looming threat, after Covid, to public health and safety. Creating a curriculum similar to that of DBT and introducing it in schools, and in an age-appropriate way, would actually foster the type of large-scale, generational well-being Kate describes in her incredibly abstract speech. Emotional self-regulation, healthier coping (“distress tolerance”), and interpersonal skills are all resources that ought to be learned during one’s formative years but, due to various emotional interruptions, are often not. That’s what I would like to hear someone say in a speech.

  39. Annalise/Typical Virgo says:

    FTR- I couldnt find a lot of pics of Meghans look from the event I’m referring to above, but Kate is ABSOLUTELY copying Meghan’s look. Cream blazer, white/cream scoop neck top, black pants…… only difference is the shoes. Meghan’s were very distinctive and much cuter, Kate probably couldn’t find them online. Anyway this link shows some pics of Meghans outfit from that day, you have to scroll down fyi

    it seems like such a basic outfit most of us have worn at one point, except Kate had never worn outfits like this before….

    • Becks1 says:

      so I see a lot of people saying Kate is cosplaying Meghan here, and I do think she is, but Kate has also absolutely worn a very similar outfit to this one. She first wore this in Canada in 2016, and then we saw her repeat the look in 2017 ( I had to double check the year) and then she wore this white blazer in 2021 for the euro finals.

      • Nic919 says:

        That first outfit didn’t have trousers but her version of nautical style culottes and flats. She had worn blazers pre Meghan but almost always with jeggings and this one time with culottes. It’s not the work outfit she’s worn since Meghan showed proper trousers are a possible option.

  40. Tessa says:

    She makes those odd faces when she talks in the p o s h accent

  41. jgerber says:

    “Scaffolding” is a word educators use, so she has that going for her, I guess.

    • Tessa says:

      Kate is so not an educator she just parrots jargon. She never taught in school an never really worked pre marriage.

  42. AC says:

    I bet they were clearly embarrassed that Kate had to stand next to Jill, who’s intelligent and articulate, compared to Kate’s incompetence. And in front of the American media, lol. Not surprising- Kate’s never have a real job in her life, her only accomplishment is being a party girl (like her sister) and attaching themselves to wealthy men. I mean I guess the BRF only used her to get their heirs anyways. She was forced to take fertility tests before they got married to make sure she can get pregnant.

  43. AC says:

    @Annalise- agree, I was going to say also that yeah she’s copying Meghan’s look. I’ve seen Meghan in a similar outfit before . They literally are obsessed with Meghan- I mean she is a self-made successful woman.

  44. Sue E Generis says:

    You can tell this trick never worked a day in her life and has zero clue whaat business is about.

  45. Evev says:

    That was painful to watch. Just when I think she can’t get any worse at her job, she proves me wrong. And I’m with Kaiser, why would you not ask for donations from these corporations and put them to good use? She is pathetic, as is this farce of Shaping Us/Broken Britain/whatever the hell she’s calling it these days.
    Oh, and a bit OT but I saw an article the other day that said Kate is more relatable than Megan because the last time we saw Meghan, she was dressed in head to toe brand name, but Kate only wears the occasional Alexander McQueen and wears expensive clothing only very occasionally. I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or scream. The lying and sucking up to the Wails is just disgusting at this point.

  46. Beverley says:

    Kkkhate is a useless, empty shell. I’d almost feel for her, if she weren’t such an ugly person – inside and out.

  47. Bellah says:

    I don’t understand the underlying goal here.
    Businesses hire adults and are not responsible for children under five.
    Other than providing daycare benefits or flex work schedules for caregiver employees which many large companies already do (especially after the pandemic lockdown forced many to transition to a hybrid work model.)

    Without specific simply stated objectives, I don’t get it.
    We don’t need her to keep raising awareness. Everyone is already fully aware of the problem.
    What are the tangible solutions being offered? This seems no more than yet another PR campaign to keep HER in the spotlight.