King Charles plans to carry out more firings & evictions after the coronation

King Charles reportedly evicted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from Frogmore Cottage on January 11, the day after Prince Harry’s memoir was released. It was meant to look punitive because it was punitive, a petty, vindictive father punishing his son for writing about generational trauma. Once the news came out, we learned that Charles had already offered Frogmore Cottage to Prince Andrew, apparently free of charge, solely because Charles wants to get Andrew out of Royal Lodge. Keep in mind, the Sussexes and Andrew all had valid leases on their Windsor properties, but Charles clearly doesn’t care. The palace is now openly lying to the media about what the Sussexes “paid back” for Frogmore’s renovation and the money they paid in advance for the lease. I bring this up because the Evening Standard has a new piece about how the Frogmore eviction is just one piece of a larger effort to make Charles’s freeloader family pay market-rate rent and stay barely staffed. Some highlights from the Evening Standard:

The Frogmore eviction is just the start: The eviction of Prince Harry and Meghan from Frogmore Cottage in Windsor will be “just the start” of King Charles’s plans to slim it down and modernise, according to sources. Subsidised rents for royals — even for some working royals — will be eradicated over time, with the King expecting them to finance their own homes and “cut their cloth” over the next five years, it is understood.

Camilla’s assistance: Senior figures have told the Standard that after the period of transition following the coronation, the King, assisted by Queen Camilla, will move to tackle inefficiencies in what is being viewed as a largely overstaffed and outdated system. Vice-Admiral Sir Tony Johnstone-Burt, Master of the Household, and the Keeper of the Privy Purse Sir Michael Stevens, responsible for finance, will execute the shake-up of what is described as a “top-heavy royal household”. Camilla has been overseeing the fine detail of the King’s plan to ensure that after the coronation the royal household will be run the “Clarence House way”.

Less is more: One senior figure said: “It is not about cuts, it is about getting the best value for money from those on the payroll. Sometimes less is more.” Another source added: “The King is not some sort of housing association for distant relatives.”

Financial independence?? Harry and Meghan were given use of Frogmore Cottage, a five-bedroom mansion on the Windsor estate in 2018, by the late Queen. The couple’s loss of the cottage, their only British home, is said to be just the “tip of the iceberg”. It is understood Charles is keen to reduce the number of royals with a financial dependence on the crown, especially if they do not have an active role to play.

Value for money: He wants funds from the Duchy of Lancaster, the portfolio of land, property and assets held in trust for the King, and the sovereign grant that covers the cost of royal travel on official engagements, to be spent more effectively. He also wants to pay his staff competitive salaries and pensions so that he gets the best people for the jobs. “There will be staff cutbacks. That has already started. The buzz phrase is ‘value for money,’” said the source.

No more London pads?? Several members of the extended royal family have enjoyed subsidised palace accommodation, with some having apartments that are being used by their children as “London pads”. The source said: “Over time, that is going to change. Properties will be let at commercial rates going forward and to people outside the family. Where it is in a palace environment they will of course be security vetted.”

Royals must fund themselves: Privately, the King’s senior staff have made it clear to members of the extended family that if they cannot afford where they are living, they should “cut their cloth”. “A lot of practices that have evolved during the last reign will be changing. The King is not heartless or reckless, but if the family members are not part of the core family and not working for the crown, it is fair for them to house themselves and fund themselves,” a senior figure said. The King’s focus, key figures say, is on making the monarchy “fit for purpose” over the next five years. He is working closely with his son and heir, the Prince of Wales, to achieve this.

Staff culling: One insider said: “The staffing has been on the top-heavy side. That has built up over time, with advisers to advisers and so on. That’s all going to stop. The boss wants effective people in effective positions doing effective jobs being paid appropriately.” The senior source added: “Much of what was in place doesn’t make economic sense and will be changed during the new reign.”

[From The Evening Standard]

First of all, King Charles has always been the most staff-heavy royal, followed by William and Kate. William and Kate have a HUGE staff and Kensington Palace, as a royal court, is famously dysfunctional and lazy. They literally couldn’t handle one American woman with a work ethic – they had to run her out because she was doing too much and making them look bad. Charles has barely fired anyone since becoming king – he’s still operating with most of his mother’s staff AND most of his Prince-of-Wales staff. I seriously doubt that Charles and William will cull their staff – this is about “the other royals” needing fewer staffers.

As for the whole “Windsors must pay their own way” thing… Charles is going to hate that when he sees it in practice. He’s doing to make Edward and Sophie pay market rate on Bagshot Park’s lease? What about Anne at Gatcombe? What about all of QEII’s cousins with their sweetheart deals on Kensington Palace apartments? And the Sussexes, who actually spent over $3 million to renovate, refurbish and lease one dilapidated shack in Windsor, are the first ones to be pushed out of their lease??? THAT is the signal Charles wanted to send? That even when Windsors pay their own way and pay a lot of money to keep a secure house or apartment, they’ll still be evicted? Charles is going to end up with absolutely zero family allies. And y’all know this is Camilla neighing in his ear too.

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  1. Tessa says:

    Camilla is part of the outdated system
    She probably is looking to get places for her children and grandchildren. Charles needs to hire somebody outside the outdated system who is objective but of course he rejects ideas that do not suit his own agenda.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yes thats what sticks out to me – she’s behind the extended family evictions so that her kids/grand kids can get those grace and favour homes. Once the coronation happens her children are going to start doing public engagements on her behalf, mark my words – she’s already said her son is going to have a role. You know the indiscreet one who drunkingly gossips to the paps.

      • ML says:

        That sort of stuck out to me as well, DigitalUnicorn. KC must have given the orders to flick people out of their homes and jobs, right? Yet the reporting about KC doing so is weirdly passive, “The eviction of Prince Harry and Meghan from Frogmore Cottage in Windsor will be “just the start” of King Charles’s plans to slim it down,…” And when Camzilla enters the conversation, “Camilla has been overseeing the fine detail of the King’s plan,…” You’re probably right that part of this involves installing her own clan in there, but she’s going to be the one who takes the heat on this as well. And something will go wrong here and she’s the face of the firings and evictions.

      • Steph says:

        Are there really not enough places for her children and grand children already. William is just going to kick them out eventually anyway. Why set them up for failure? Give them cash to build businesses. Something they can rely on and pass down.

    • ELX says:

      She certainly wants money for her children and probably a title for that louche son of hers.

      • Sue E Generis says:

        This is what is actually happening. I’ve recently come to realize that Camilla is behind everything done to Harry and Meghan, all Charles’ property and staffing decisions with the end goal of replacing all positions of influence and power with her family and loyal hangers on. Camilla is the monarch in all but name.

        And while I despise the monarchy and want it destroyed, how is Charles kicking people out with no notice to fend for themselves? Most of these people are in their 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. Are they going to be cashiers at Tesco? Charles really is a cold, ruthless, selfish man.

      • Lilacmaven says:

        @Sue This exactly! Many of the late Queen’s cousins are quite elderly. How on earth does Chucky expect them to suddenly become entirely self-supporting at 75+?

        He really should’ve pushed Mumsy to ship them off to job training courses 30+ years ago if making them obtain financial independence was the goal.

    • SarahCS says:

      That was one of my first reactions, she’s keen to move some of her extended family into these swanky addresses.

      Hand me the popcorn.

      • Robert Phillips says:

        Have Charles and Camilla not realized that most of these people know all of their secrets. And if kicked out of their homes will spill the beans for money. I wonder about Charles illegitimate children? Or all the illegal things he’s done with foreign governments. It’s all going to come out if this happens. I was pretty sure Charles would be the last King of England. And I’m even more sure now.

    • Fani says:

      She wasn’t good enough for his family.

      She is getting her revenge on all of them.

      His parents knew there wasn’t a Queen in her, because there isn’t.

      • Snuffles says:

        A while back Cardi B posted a hilarious video about the different levels to Trickin’

        Well, Camila exceeded EVERY level and has become a Super Saipan trick. That bitch is coming for the ENTIRE family and is erasing them to replace them with hers. Part of me has to admire how such an ugly bitch was able to do that.

      • MissMarirose says:

        @snuffles: idk. i don’t think Charles has Middle Eastern gas station owner money, so Camila isn’t 5th level. lol.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Fani, yup!! All I am seeing is vindictiveness, settling scores and making room for Parker-Bowles and company. Plus any other score that Camzilla wants to preemptively make.

      • The Recluse says:

        The Wars of the Roses 2.0.

    • The Recluse says:

      Camilla’s gonna figure out a way to use this to get more money for herself/for her offspring, and to house her kinfolk and her favorites, whoever those leeches are.
      Considering that only H & M can currently pay market value and yet they got thrown out, shows how half-a$$ed this whole scheme is.

    • Kathleen says:

      How can these creaking septuagenarian modernize the monarechy? There is no slimming down here. The house of Windsor is simply morphing into the house of Parker-Bowles.

  2. Tessa says:

    Oh dear. He is consulting bill. This does not bode well.

    • SarahCS says:

      Bill with four houses? Definitely the person to go to for advice on cutting back and streamlining.

      • Cara says:

        Cut off the head of the snake. Fire the king and be done with the monarchy once and for all.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Four Houses Bill is going to love having non-royal neighbors right there in KP.

  3. equality says:

    Anne owns Gatcombe. She is in the best position to give KC the finger and move on. I think this is code for “I am not going to spend money on other people, just on myself and Cam”. If it were a matter of market rate, IF H&M weren’t paying that on FC (which I doubt), he could have figured it up and offered that to them first. My thought is they have paid up and that is how he can offer it to PA for nothing. He wants to force them to finance the pervert. I don’t see a single thought in here about decreasing the SG, only decreasing those who receive it so more for C&C. I hope QE’s cousins have savings to fall back on and that B&E get a clue and flee the RF completely.

    • Athena says:

      I think the comment about royals with London apartments was meant for Anne. She has an apartment in St. James Palace which her children are known to use. Camilla is behind this one.

      I get the impression that Charles has been keeping a mental note of every slight, every look since he was a child and now he’s getting revenge on all the family members. It’s just sad to watch, this man waited his whole adult life for this and could have made his reign joyful instead it’s petty and vengeful.

      • JM says:

        He definitely strikes me as the type of person to have a notebook with all the money he’s spent on each person and all the perceived wrongs they’ve done to him

      • Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

        Beatrice also is living in St. James Palace as well. Will Charles make Beatrice and Edo pay what Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones pay in market rent? Maybe they need to think about moving to her mother’s Mayfair mansion.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Equality, Bea & Eugenie are already financially independent, and apparently, both are happily married with caring, attentive, working husbands. I don’t know how emotionally independent of being part of the royal family they are. 🤔 Of course, there has been unconfirmed gossip reports that Eugenie & Jack may eventually move to California.

        @Kaiser is right that it’s friggin’ Chuck whose known for living extravagantly and for employing a huge number of staff at every one of his grand homes! He’s so selfish and self-interested.

        @Elizabeth Kerri Mahon, do Zeta-Jones and Douglas actually rent out an apartment in one of the royal palaces?? 👀

    • Maeve says:

      Yup, Gatcombe was a gift from HM and isn’t part of the Crown Estate, and is operated as a commercial estate. Anne and Mark Phillips own it 50-50. It operates commercial ventures like the Horse Trials craft fairs twice a year.
      The Gloucesters have sold (or are selling, not sure if it’s actually sold yet) their ‘family’ home Barnwell Manor, which has been rented out for years while they live at KP. They’re likely relatIvely cash poor, as his dad used most of the money he inherited from George V to buy it. They also still do a lot of engagements. He’d have worked as an architect if his elder brother hadn’t died in a plane crash.
      Of the cousins The Kents are the ones who are probably most reliant on Charles’ support.

      • MaryContrary says:

        And they’re ancient, and have worked for the RF their whole lives. They don’t really seem like they’re high flyers-so not sure why he would come down hard on them.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        The Gloucesters have X10 the amount of money and assets that the Kents (Edward & Michael) have. The Kents (Edward & Michael) are the true poor royal family relations.

        Feel sorry for The Duke of Kent as he worked his whole life for QEII and is now way past retirement age.

      • Becks1 says:

        That’s what I don’t get. how is he going to throw out these relatives (some of who are older than Charles) and make them pay market rent when they’ve worked for the monarchy for 50+ years? If they have significant assets then its one thing but the Kents do not.

        I feel like there’s a big difference between telling anne that Zara and Peter can’t use her St James apartment for their own London doings and telling the Duke of Kent that he has to move out of KP within the year or something.

      • BQM says:

        I don’t think Charles is going to do anything to the elderly Duke of Kent who still carries out William level duties and plus has like 100x his patronages. Nor Alexandra Kent though she has money from her late husband angus Ogilvy.

        The Gloucesters will be fine. Their jewelry collection is *chef’s kiss*. Better than Kate’s for sure. Not just gorgeous pieces but truly historic ones. They could sell one tiara and be good for a long while. I actually hope a couple pieces come back into the main line eventually but they’ll probably be lost because the BRF is cheap. But seriously so many of the Gloucester pieces are more attractive and lightweight compared to some of the main line pieces.

      • Christine says:

        I guess we will find out if Chuck has managed to make Willnot and Cannot do their actual jobs, based on which relatives he doesn’t kick out?

    • LovelyRita says:

      I hope Cam’s kids and cousins who get these houses start saving their money immediately, because once it’s William they will be on the stoop with their boxes and grips.

      • Snuffles says:

        Oh, mark my words, the Super Saiyan trick has plans to oust William as well. You just know Camilla knows ALL of his dirty secrets and locked them in a vault to be strategically pulled out as needed. She will either force William to play ball or bury him.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Snuffles, Bullyiam had better be careful as Camzilla has much more influence than he or Keen have or had. Bullyiams only saving grace is that he will retaliate in spades!!

  4. ELX says:

    He wants the all the money for himself. But, in the next 10-15 years following the gross display of the chubbly, I think the British people are going to dump the whole lot of them.

    • kirk says:

      In the past I would have been inclined to agree with your statement. But after becoming acquainted with BRFCo after Meghan married in, I have been dismayed at the British public’s willingness to be duped and scammed by this grasping, greedy family whose only instinct for restraint is to deprive the public record of their shenanigans. How much loot have they hoovered away with 100-yr locked wills, tax-free monarch to monarch transfers and ensured transfer of public funds via Sovereign Grants based on opaque accounting? Perhaps the grasping of Chuck’s greedy sidebar winebag for her get-some family will exceed the British public’s tolerance. OTOH inertia is powerful.

  5. Brassy Rebel says:

    And it looks like he’s not saving money for the British taxpayer. He wants more money available for himself and the mistress. Disgusting old goat.

  6. Emma says:

    “…a housing association for distant relatives”

    He kicked his SON out first. His son.

    By all means cut back, but let’s see those properties handed back to the country, or opened up for visitors, or sold on the open market, and the money used for reparations.

    • SarahLee says:

      That quote jumped out at me as well. All the talk is about his son and his brother – hardly distant relatives. LOL!

      • Sue E Generis says:

        I’m guessing this is how Charles sees his son and siblings. He has no attachment to them at all. That seems quite clear to me.

    • BQM says:

      And yet for hundreds of years that’s what the RF has done—put up ancient relations. KP used to be called ‘the Aunt heap’ because of elderly princesses who lived there. Queen Mary was born in KP and spent early years with the Duchess of Inverness who resided there. She was the common born wife of queen Victoria’s uncle the Duke of Sussex. (The Duke was also the uncle of queen Mary’s mother, princess Mary of Cambridge.) The Duke of Sussex’s faithful servant also lived out his elderly years on the property. But Charles is gunning for those type of accommodations too.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Below is a list of the full time working royals and semi-retired former full time working royals:

      The core of the full time working royal family is made up of King Charles III and Queen Camilla; William, Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales; Anne, Princess Royal; and Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh and Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh. They carry out royal duties full-time.

      Semi-retired former full time working royals who still perform some royal duties are Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester and Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester; Prince Edward, Duke of Kent; and Princess Alexandra, The Hon. Lady Ogilvy.

      I wonder how many of the above people are still on speaking terms with KFCIII other than Peggington & Wiggington.

  7. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Yeah, he’ll be surrounded by the one-percenters if he’s looking for people to pay market rate. He might like the idea of that in theory, but the one-percenters are among the worst of humanity. At least one’s family has a modicum of loyalty. Those guys? None. I do like the idea of the grifters paying market rate from their own pockets (that last part is my interpretation, nothing that was said in the article), but people with no life skills are going to have a hard time transitioning to productive members of society when you gave them no warning for the past 60 years that this was coming. The rest of the money—from the Duchy of Lancaster—he wants to squirrel away and keep for himself. And apparently, he doesn’t even want people who can pay to stay there—he evicted his family who were demonstrating the very organizational chart he’s supposedly aiming for now. So he’s vetting his neighbors and doing his own redlining. No Blacks allowed.

    • Concern Fae says:

      This. These “apartments” were given at very low cost in lieu of salary or other subsidies. Which makes a lot of sense. I think he seriously believes that his friend’s children are supporting themselves at their frivolous jobs, not realizing that the parents are paying for rent, phone, credit card bills.

      It reminds me of jobs I’ve had where someone gets a promotion and decides to “fix the problems” that have been annoying them. Of course, things were done that way for perfectly good reasons, and the entire department just collapses. Perfectly good and profitable products get scrapped to cover up the mistakes made.

      • MsDoe says:

        Yes, exactly this Concern Fae.

        The intellectual dishonesty and cruelty of these supposed plans are staggering. Harry and Meghan were the only ones paying market rates; he’s going to just grab their money as some form of revenge, and plant PA in their lovingly renovated little home? All those cousins and others, who had relied on the Queen’s word will just be left to fend for themselves? For what reason: his own enrichment? To funnel the money from the Duchy of Lancaster to Camilla’s offspring in some way?

        If that’s the case, the British monarchy will implode. They will take their secrets to the press in order to try to make money and exact revenge. Charles was never a good people person, which is why he never appreciated Diana’s gifts to the monarchy. Camilla is just a manipulator, and since she has been successful, is arrogant enough to believe she will remain so. She obviously needs to read fairytales more often, because it never ends well for the wicked queen or cruel stepmother, especially not when a valiant prince and brave princess fight back.

  8. lleepar says:

    Although FrogCott *seemed* ideal for the Sussexes, in the end, it just became one more thing the BRF could use to jerk them around. I’m still sad they lost it, but coming to believe they’re better off having one less tie to the royal machinery.

    • HamsterJam says:

      So now KFC literally has nothing else that he can take from them.

    • BQM says:

      The Sussexes could afford to take a St. James’s apartment like Catherine zeta jones. I’d do that for residency and security. But if they’re rented as private citizens, like CZJ, they’d be able to sweep them for bugs. Don’t think tenants would like it if it was known there was any funny business. St James’s could have the Frogmore benefits without the drawbacks.

  9. Carol Mengel says:

    Let me get this straight. This is coming from a man with how many palaces and homes? With an heir with how many homes? Yet Harry, with his one home, was the first to be evicted. They’re all useless. And what is the latest tally on how much this coronation is costing the British people who can’t afford rent or to pay their one home mortgage.

    • NotTheOne says:

      The man who has a servant put toothpaste on his toothbrush and brings his own FURNITURE to house parties. Yeah, he’s slimming down alright.

  10. Moderatelywealthy says:

    Charles is alienating his family and the aristocracy that supports him. He is breaking their own rules. The heir is always meant to inherit all but the counterpart is that he must commit to support his extended family.

    Elizabeth was wrong many times,but she was right about Charles.

    • DARK says:

      Yup. Charles has basically backed the relatives into a corner where they have to use their connection to the BRF for commercial purposes because what else can they do. Lots of books and interviews will start to pop up. Royal families have been replaced or displaced before they should keep that in mind. Not sure you can have aristocracy without a monarch though so that might be Charles saving grace.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      The last thing Charles needs to is alienate the aristocracy. Unlike his “family” on the Royal dole, the aristocracy can and will fight back. The peerage as a whole is much disgusted and put out at not getting a blanket invitation to what they see as their proper place at the the Con-A-Nation.

      • lanne says:

        BTB, Charles seems willing to destroy the whole institution if it means “getting back” at Harry and Meghan. All of this is supposed to justify taking away Frogmore Cottage so it doesn’t look like the petty, racist tantrum it is, right? Racism makes people dumb. They use a bomb to sweep something away instead of a broom.

      • Shawna says:

        @Ianne – as I always tell my students, racism *is* dumb. It’s a logical fallacy, apart from the ethical horrors that it’s supposed to justify.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        KFCIII wants Andrew out of Royal Lodge at ANY cost.

        IMAO, I have always believed KFCIII’s primary reason for evicting the Sussexes from the Windsor Estate was to have a place to force Andrew to go for warehousing under a watchful eye with almost zero additional security costs. The fact that the Frogmore Cottage eviction scored points with the Daily Fail commentariat plus other hardcore and garden variety racists was just an added bonus.

  11. JT says:

    He is a terrible king. This will backfire. There is a reason why people were so fiercely loyal to QEII.

    • Sue E Generis says:

      People will break ranks and expose C&C. I can’t wait.

      • Blue Nails Betty says:

        This is my deepest wish. I hope the people Chuckles is screwing over get bigass publishing deals and they burn him and Camilla to the ground.

      • The Recluse says:

        Camilla’s greed is definitely going to be a factor. There’s nothing to stop her from making a grab for wealth and influence for her mediocre family.

  12. Jais says:

    So he wants people to rent these places at market rate? Aside from the frogmore, how many of these places have been renovated? The novelty of living in a royal space won’t mean much if they’re falling apart. Not sure anyone will pay market for that. Assumedly it’d have to be someone well-off anyways and why would they choose that. But maybe I’m wrong and the novelty or location could be a real draw.

    • HamsterJam says:

      Maybe the plan is to use the taxpayer money to renovate the buildings and then charge the 1%’ers market rate for them and KFC pockets all the cash.

    • Jan90067 says:

      I did see an article in The Fail that said Michael Douglas and CZJ were “renting” in one of the palaces as their London “base” (can’t remember which, I think St. James). So *this* is the type of neighbor Charmless Charlie wants to be buying in.

      Hmmm… Wonder if MD & CZJ will bring a bale of hay or a bag of milk bones as a hostess gift for Crue-milla when they’re invited for drinks?

      • krity says:

        Yet “Hollywood” is the one (non-racist) slur they use most against Meghan and Harry. Meghan and Harry, who are out here earning honors, setting records with all their projects, etc, are “too Hollywood” and *beneath* royalty, but Original Recipe Nepo Baby Michael Douglas and CZJ are optimal residents, in the inner circle. Make it make sense.

  13. Seaflower says:

    We know why Pedrew’s making book noises – hoping to force Chuck to continue to subsidize him.

    What he and the rest don’t realise is they won’t get a Harry style deal for a book. They are stale and pale.

    • Mireille B Vaval says:

      Pedrew is threatening to write a tell-all coz Chuck refuses to share the Billions he inherited from mommy TQ with him Anne and Edwards. After it went monarch to monarch to avoid taxes he expected to get his share. TQ was his mother too and he was always by her side so did his daughters. They all get nothing. Now you know what Harry means when he says Camzilla is dangerous.

  14. Menlisa says:

    This is a terrible play. Elizabeth was smart to be generous with her wealth.
    Charles actions, the alienation is causing no one to be loyal to him.
    It is apparent the idea of royalty will end in the next coming years.

    • Steph says:

      They won’t get a lot of money but they’ll sure as he’ll tear down the monarchy. “If I don’t get some, neither will you!”

  15. Snuffles says:

    Oy vey! Look, I’ve long thought that funding the entire family and extended cousins was a huge waste of money. BUT, it did buy their undying loyalty and complete silence when the principals fucked up.

    On paper, it makes sense to make use of that VAST real estate portfolio and start charging market rates and renting it out for profit. But, I also believe that if they do that, the monarchy should be able to make enough money to self finance itself and drop the Sovereign Grant completely or at least drastically cut it. But we know they will NEVER do that and will keep taking that money and keep it for themselves.

    So this exercise will ultimately just cut off family members from the royal teet. Family members who will have no discernible skill sets and would never be able to support themselves financially in the real world.

    They’re going to look at Charles and William hoarding all the money and SEETHE in resentment. They will all start talking and air dirty laundry for profit. Same for all of those employees about to get sacked. Charles better hope those NDAS are air tight and life long.

    • equality says:

      They have set a precedent of ignoring NDA’s with Knauff offering testimony to the court, QE giving AK permission to write a book, and all the leaks coming from the palaces. I wonder if they actually have NDA’s, but I don’t see how they can pick and choose which ones are honored. Not to mention that the press seldom names sources anyway. I hope they all start talking.

    • sunny says:

      Pretty much all of this! And this move isolates Charles and we know historically its worked out great when a king has isolated himself and has no allies.

    • Emily_C says:

      They should not rent it for profit. It should be cut up into affordable housing, offices, museums, and public parks.

  16. EasternViolet says:

    This statement makes ZERO sense with the role David Rocksavage has been recently given. Unless this position is purely an appointment in name only with no wage or grant associated with it.

    On the other hand, I am hoping that we see a U-Haul backing into the Kensington apartments to see Princess Michael of Kent looking for more suitable accommodations.

    • Blue Nails Betty says:

      Prince Michael and Princess Blackamour should have to go work the register at a convenience store.

  17. Noor says:

    The changes in the above article are small and petty.
    The real cost savings to UK would be for the royals to start paying inheritance taxes, to return the income of one of the Duchy to the Treasury, to forgo a $100 million coronation etc

    • equality says:

      Return the income of both Duchy’s and give the “working” royals a salary more in line with what other “firms” pay and give them each one accommodation. Or better yet, let them live in the properties they actually own.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “give the “working” royals a salary more in line with what other “firms” pay”

        NOT going to happen as Parliament does NOT to be drawn into any discussion on “Royal” salaries or any type of “Royal” funding regarding payments to individual British Royals with their constituents or fellow MPs. Can you imagine the exchanges between Jacob Rees-Mogg and Keir Starmer on the floor of the House of Commons or when Labour, UKIP, LibDem or Green politician goes on a talk show or has a press conference.

        Prior to 2012 that is exactly what happened with the Civil List. The Civil List was **abolished in 2012 with The Sovereign Grant. With The Sovereign Grant the Sovereign (QEII & KCIII) makes the decision of who gets how much. With the Civil List, Parliament had input into who gets how much. Parliament wanted rid of the Civil List just as much as the Sovereign wanted rid of the Civil List. MPs did not want to answer questions from their constituents and on the floor of the House of Commons such as ***’What is Prince Margaret for” or ‘Why are we giving money to a sex offender to settle a lawsuit”. All responsibility and backlash for distribution of money to BRF now falls on the Sovereign not Parliament.

        **The Duke of Edinburgh received a parliamentary annuity of £359,000 per year from the Treasury. I believe this was until the end of his life.

        *** ‘What is Prince Margaret for” – This question was actually ask on the floor of the House Commons in the 1980s and again in the early 1990s when the Civil List individual allocations came up for discussion in the House of Commons.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “The Civil List was **abolished in 2012 with The Sovereign Grant”

        Should read: “The Civil List was **abolished in 2012 with The Sovereign Grant Act of 2012”

        ETA: The Queen Mother received £649,000 until she kicked the bucket in 2002.

    • UNCDancer says:

      Exactly this. He is culling the flock but to what end? Are those market-rate rents going back into the national coffers? Will he take a smaller Sovereign Grant? Will those old houses become museums that support the nation? This is just about him lining his pockets and ensuring he is passing lots down to his son and his widow (because you know that crone will outlive him). Until he says something about how the proceeds from the so-called efficiencies will be used to benefit the country, this is nothing more than just another grift.

    • Julianna says:

      Noor, you are absolutely correct in your comments!!!

  18. Dani says:

    Is it sustainability, or does he just want to hoard more money? I’m sure he believes it’s his fair due, after all.

  19. Amy Bee says:

    I have a hard time believing that Frogmore was the start of something bigger. Charles needs allies and he’s not going to antagonise them by booting them out or raising their rent.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Other than Edward & Andrew, who is there to boot out???

      All of the other Royals live at St. James Palace or The Kensington Palace complex because that is where The Met and British Royal Security Service want them as it is easier to provide personal protection and is the most economical way to provide personal protection for working British Royals. .

      • Amy Bee says:

        The Gloucesters and the Kents

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Amy Bee – That is what I am saying; The Gloucesters and the Kents reside at The Kensington Palace complex. Neither the Kents (Wren House) or the the Gloucesters (Old Stables) have a large abode in the Kensington Palace complex .

        Charles cannot evict them without cutting off their 24/7 Royal Security Service.

  20. Emily_C says:

    He wants to stop giving money to anyone else so he can hoard it all for himself. He will certainly not be volunteering to cut the Sovereign Grant or hand over any of his way too many properties to the state, or return stolen art and jewels, or even let any of the private royal art collection go to a museum. It is his, all his.

  21. hangonamin says:

    good. next, fire yourself and your toxic af OG nepo family.

  22. Gina says:

    Two possible scenarios, IMO: 1. It’s Camilla’s doing. She can kill two birds with one stone – to free space for her own family and to isolate KFC3 in his own family, making him dependant on her even more. Revenge on “unfriendly ” Royals can be part of it too.
    2. KFC3 realized that the eviction of his son and his grandchildren is not looking good internationally and even domestically, so he leaked that it’s just the beginning of great changes, when in reality he is not going to touch others in his family. Just trying not to look himself- petty, vindictive, cold and cruel person. Too late, I’d say.

    • Ace says:

      I think there’s a part of your second option in play here. Because I doubt Chuck will throw out the old cousins, it would look awful. He needs to give something to Andrew to keep him as quiet as possible but B&E are obviously out. When it comes to the Wessexes, he really needs them. Who’s going to work instead of them? WanK??

      But I won’t be surprised if Camilla’s kids get houses either, it’s clear she’s arrived exactly where she wanted and she’s going to get as many things as he can out of Chuck before he dies.

      • Lexistential says:

        Sure, Camilla can get titles and housing for her kids/grandkids from Chuck before he dies. And while the titles would remain, wouldn’t the “grace and favor” housing depend on William allowing her to keep it? As we’re seeing with the Frogmore squabbles and AK-47, people can be booted out with the change of monarch, and her kids/grandkids could be turfed out ASAP.

      • The Recluse says:

        If Camzilla can arrange for her offspring to have a set up like Princess Anne’s, then it might be harder for William to retaliate.

  23. Visa Diva says:

    It may make sense financially to evict the Dukes of Kent and Gloucester but it’s bad optics since the youngest of them is 79 and they do engagements for the crown. I’d let then stay until end of their lives and then transition, none of their children have royal duties so there’s no expectation.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      It makes no financial sense whatsoever to evict the full-time working Royals or the retired former full-time working Royals from “grace & favor” moderate accommodations.

      The Gloucesters downsized and moved from the substantial Apartment 1 in Kensington Palace to the much-much smaller Old Stables in the kensington Palace Complex which is adequate and fair for an empty-nest semi-retired full-time working couple. No 1%er or 10%er would want this middle class abode. The same is true for the Kents and Wren House.

      The Michael Kents are a different case and actually are more of potential embarrassment for KFCII’s. They would sell ANYONE out if their back is against the wall as prior actions have demonstrated.

      The Wessexes have lodgings in Buckingham Palace and Bagshot Park in Surrey. Charles could give them a choice to keep one or the other but it will backfire in his face as he needs the Wessexes to keep on working as they currently are and to also step-up the pace by 10%. As KFCIII has already stated the Edinburgh title is for Sophie & Edward’s life only, the Wessex have nothing to lose by throwing all keys back at Chucky and informing him what day their book will be dropped by their publisher. (Parliament will not touch the Earl of Wessex title with Chucky’s or Andy’s 10 foot pole).

      Andrew has already been evicted from Buckingham Palace and supposedly offered something much less desirable in St. James Palace. I would have no problem 100% evicting Andrew from all his London lodgings but I would be aware that Andrew can and will call major trouble.

      So the only people left are those who are “in-service” to the Crown. The high echelon people (and they cannot keep the jobs filled as it stands now) will not accept the job without first class employment contract accommodations due to royal pay being anywhere from 25%-75% lower than market rate. The lower echelon people (and they cannot keep the jobs filled as it stands now either) cannot afford to live in London or Windsor even if they are paid market rate so they must have employment contract accommodations.

      My questions becomes; Who does KFCIII plan to evict and/or fire with no detriment to himself, the Royal Household and/or The crown. Inquiring Minds Want to Know.

      QEII understood all of the above and took care of everyone important.

  24. TIFFANY says:

    He’s doing this because he is going to make it easy for oligarchy to launder their money. We go be hearing alot of stories about billionaires ‘renting’ these homes in the future.

    • Shawna says:

      Oh snap. We need to keep track of that!

    • Cecile730 says:

      This ☝️
      Plus that way he can pettily attack the people who “wronged” him aka didn’t licked the ground he walked on even if they already groveling around him.
      It’s not going to look good.

    • Emily_C says:

      That makes a whole lot of sense.

  25. JD says:

    I wonder if, given all of these threats to make family members homeless, if they will still be happy to attend the coronation and cheer KC on as their king? What would happen if it’s not just H&M who don’t come, but a LOT of the family? The mutiny from inside could bring down the whole institution.

    Which is probably why William wants to become “a global statesman” all of a sudden…just in case there is a collapse, he may need a new job.

    • TIFFANY says:

      If I was a family member and I saw this story in the paper, I would not attend. Period.

  26. girl_ninja says:

    I honestly think that if Willy wasn’t the spare-heir that Charles would kick him out of his home and give it to Camilla’s kid(s).

  27. thaisajs says:

    Well, I certainly hope Chuck and Camilla enjoy these royal tell-all books and family members going on reality TV shows. The reality here is that all of the royal family has lived above their means for years and they don’t have the kind of trust funds that the 1% need to live such a lavish lifestyle. Maybe some of them do. But many won’t and they aren’t equipped to make enough money to live like this. So many will take the easy way out and sell what they have, which is access and inside dirt.

    Thoughts and prayers, your majesty.

  28. Steph says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Anne outright own her place? I don’t think Charles can kick her out, plus I think she might be the only blood relation Charles genuinely cares for.
    As for Frogmore, we all know this makes no financial sense. The Sussexes paid to makes this a fit for living space then paid a market value lease. They are letting Andrew live there for free? We know W&K are getting Royal Lodge for free. Who gonna pay for Edward’s place? Who has the finances and can pass a background check to lease his place?
    This just seems cruel bc most out the cousins are seniors who were never equipped to earn a living and won’t start know. It should be a generational phase out, not a five year plan.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      You are Correct. Charles cannot kick Anne out of Gatcombe Park as she and her ex-husband own it out right.

      However, he can force Anne to pay for 24/7 security provided by the “Royal Security Service” at the private Gatcombe Park estate by cutting off all her security except for when she is actively on an official royal engagement or attending to a royal duty thereby “on the royal clock” working for the crown.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “Who has the finances and can pass a background check to lease his place”

      Richard Branson or the Galen Weston Family or Rishi Sunak’s wife and/or father-in-law or Elizabeth Murdoch or Elon Musk or Reese Witherspoon or Daniel Radcliffe (he needs a bigger place and more secure place in the city and a big place in the country as he is expecting a baby), Sting, Harry Styles or any Russian or Middle Easter Oligarch, pick one!

  29. Okay says:

    Do it Charles, do it yesterday! Kick them out, leave them out in the rain for not puling their weight! I can’t wait to see how many of those people sell you out.

    He is shooting himself in the foot the same way that he did with Harry. All he wants to do is snub, evict and threaten. THIS is why the queen stayed on and didn’t seem to like him very much. She was vile too but she took great financial care of her children and of her family including princess Margaret. Charles seems to forget that a “Grace and Favor” home required favors for the Crown. These things won’t go down well for him. I think he got carried away with what he did to Andrew and Harry and thinks its a great idea and is being advised that its a great idea…. its not. His staff and those that hold family secrets will show him in due time that he is nothing now that QE3 is gone. Charles and William are going to be at each others throats. Those homes are going to Camilla’s family and trusted stooges now.

    H&M got out right in time.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I do not see how KFCIII could re-house members of Camilla’s family in Crown Properties without an outrage accompanied with possible riots and organized demonstrations from the public and Parliament (House of Commons AND House of Lords). Camilla is not popular. Even the majority of the commentariat of the Daily Fail cannot stand her.

      • Okay says:


        Charles married her, is making her Queen, kicked out his son, sold out both his sons for year just for her, is including her family in the Snubbly, isn’t inviting all the lords in the UK and is instead inviting foreign monarchs. Do you really thinks he is showing any restraint ?

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Okay – NO! I do not think he is showing any restraint or any common sense. All of this is going to come back to bite KFCIII (and Peggington to some degree) in his royal buttocks and it is going to hurt. However, I do not believe that Camilla’s children will be allowed any type of royal “grace & favor” residence.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Should be “will not be allowed ant type of”. Sorry as mind is working faster than fingers.

      • IWesley says:

        This is Charles, who allegedly has ignored the Queen’s wishes in relation to monetary & other bequests she asked him to make but left out of the Will to avoid tax. Money is a terrible drug.

  30. L4Frimaire says:

    Between this and how things are with Harry, it seems like Charles’s made little to no preparation to assume his role as king. He’s floundering and just making decisions based on his moods or whatever courtier or press baron is outraged that day. This man had years to start formulating how he would rule and be more prepared. Instead the last few years was standing by passively or maybe actively while his son was pushed out of the country, there is no direction or vision of this slimmed down monarchy and he seems disengaged from
    the realities of the country while trying to be photographed abroad as a “statesman”. His biggest goal is this coronation and hoarding all the assets for himself. He actually sounds paranoid when it comes to the Sussexes and getting worse. He’s so weak and loathsome.

  31. Mary Pester says:

    Yes go on camzilla keep the pillow talk going (YUK, DOUBLE YUK) because one day soon your going to sack the aide who will do a knaph (ignore his NDA) and move abroad or to Scotland where you can’t touch him and CONFIRM EVERYTHING HARRY HAS SAID. So please continue and don’t keep karma waiting to long to bite you in your wrinkly old arse

  32. JCallas says:

    It seems like Camilla is punishing her enemies (like the Sussexes) and laying the groundwork to bring her people into the fold.

  33. BeanieBean says:

    I swear, I misread that headline as KC plans to carry out more firings and executions. Yikes!! Time to close the computer & get on with my day, ’cause that seemed all to plausible any more.

  34. PrincessOfWaffles says:

    This is trying to get people to agree with Charles’ plans on saving money and make him a “good king” when he’s bad all the way and trying to minimize him throwing out his son. The key word is probably “in time” it will get done and in time all this brewing up, making the royals fend for themselves is because they’re gonna get cut off from the tax payers one day – hopefully – and to avoid getting gold differ social climbers that are lazy and clueless like Kate.

  35. tamra says:

    So is he going to fire the royal toothpaste squeezer? LOL

    • PrincessOfWaffles says:

      Well, no! How is he gonna get his teeth brushed and can you imagine Camila’s teeth without him? No a pretty picture

  36. Leslie says:

    Charles has proven himself to be a vainglorious, avaricious, embittered old man who is completely ruled by his even nastier wife. How the British public can endorse any of his actions beggars belief. History will show how he and his consort destroyed the monarchy.

  37. QuiteContrary says:

    This is all royal theater. He’s not going to make the monarchy more cost-efficient — that’s impossible because the country’s return on investment is likely minimal, which is why there’s no transparency around it.

    He’s just going to give the appearance of cost efficiency. It’s all fake. Like the monarchy itself.

  38. Well Wisher says:

    King Charles is implementing austerity measures on his family, just like the uncaring and undemocratic Tory government that brought Brexit to the UK. I suspect that he is preparing to be just King of England, that ….co-reign with a Tory govt that does not want to govern, but rule indefinitely…
    And Camilla’ need for vengeance……
    Something will have to give….

  39. Sarah B. says:

    My astrology side is coming out. Charles is a scorpio. They can be incredibly vengeful. I am married to one. For some scorpios, if they don’t have the right partner by their side they can lead down a path of destruction. I have to remind my husband we can’t sue the school because someone hurt our daughter’s feelings or plot revenge because someone bumped into you and didn’t say sorry. Camilla indulges all of Charles bad tendencies and it be the death of that monarchy. If Charles and Camilla don’t destroy it, William and Kate definitely will. At Charles and Camilla work even if they are vengeful. William and Kate are lazy and full of rage and that’s a recipe for disaster.

    • tamsin says:

      History is full of vengeful, stupid, petty, criminal, and downright evil rulers and monarchs. The insitution has survived because there is another one waiting in the wings or they kill each other. I think finally in the 20th century, people might be starting to think that monarchies might have an expiry date.

  40. HuffnPuff says:

    So basically it’s a chicken move. He needs these family members to show up for the chubbly to make him feel special and then to thank them, he’s going to shoo them out of their residences or make them pay up. He kicked out H&M ahead of time since he doesn’t want them at the chubbly. The announcement about Andrew came about ahead of the chubbly for the same reason. He’s too problematic (not because he’s a sex offender though – that’s not a big deal to the RF). I agree that Cam’s kids and grandkids will take up residence in any open properties but I doubt they will pay market price if anything at all.

  41. tamsin says:

    If Charles invests housing and trusts in Camilla’s children, he will be enhancing the line of another man- the Parker Bowles line. He’s trying to diminish his own family line?

  42. aftershocks says:

    @Maeve, @BTB, and @BQM are right about the Kents & the Gloucesters, tho’ I didn’t know about the Gloucesters possessing so much jewelry. Likely most of it was owned by Henry of Gloucester’s wife, Princess Alice (current Duke’s mother). Alice may have inherited some through her own family, and been gifted pieces by QE-II, with whom Alice was seemingly close.

    The Kents are definitely cash poorest stemming from their mother, Greek Princess Marina’s poverty, coupled with their father’s death during WWII, when they were very young children. Historically, the Kent family has been graciously taken care of by George V and by QE-II. In turn, the Kents have been exceedingly loyal and obeisant. QE-II was very close to her first cousins, Edward, Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra (not as much to Prince Michael and his wife). Still, all the Kents have been treated well under previous reigns.