‘Sources’ claim President Biden is ‘too old’ to travel to the coronation

While I feel safe and secure in Joe Biden’s America, I also acknowledge that, at times, President Biden’s age bothers me. Now, I think Biden is pretty sharp for his age or any age, but I also think he’s an 80 years old doing one of the most stressful and time-consuming jobs in the world. I’m sure that he has staff who try to manage the situations he’s in, ensuring that he’s not standing for long lengths of time and that he works better when he can be seated and in control of the room. Which is fine with me – I don’t need an 80-year-old president to prove his physical vitality, nor do I need to see Biden shipped all over the world to glad-hand (although he’s very good at that still, to this day). So, British sources close to King Charles seem to be using President Biden’s age as the “excuse” for why Biden won’t make the effort to attend the coronation. This genuinely reads like Buckingham Palace is calling Biden too old to “do the job” and attend the Chubbly. Which is pretty f–king insulting.

Joe Biden is too old to travel across the Atlantic twice in a month to visit the UK for the King’s Coronation, it has been claimed. The Telegraph understands that the US president will reject Buckingham Palace’s invitation to the event on May 6.

Sources have pointed out he is scheduled to visit Northern Ireland for an event later this month, but those close to the President, 80, are also keen to restrict his international movements to avoid him becoming too tired to perform his domestic duties.

Mr Biden is shortly expected to announce his intention to stand again in the 2024 presidential race and is also travelling to the G7 summit in Japan next month.

A source close to discussions on his attendance of the Coronation said: “The guy is 80. They space out his big bursts of activity quite considerably. They did that too with Trump, and he was younger. When Biden does something like the State of the Union address, we didn’t see much from him in the following 48 hours. They don’t like to push him around the world too much.”

Officials in both London and Washington stressed Mr Biden has not yet formally decided whether to attend the Coronation and said it should not be interpreted as a snub to the British monarchy if he decides to remain in the United States.

[From The Telegraph]

True story: King Charles is only six years younger than Scorpio Joe. King Charles’s staffers also make special efforts to accommodate the aging king and ensure that he’s not on his feet constantly and that he doesn’t have a full schedule right after a taxing international flight. Why is Charles’s staff making this into a thing? Besides, I’m half Biden’s age and I would have a hell of a time recovering from a multi-day conference in Japan AND a trip to Northern Ireland all in one month, and I would cancel any unnecessary travel too. It’s like the palace can’t admit that… President Biden just doesn’t want to come and it won’t hurt him politically or diplomatically to avoid the Chubbly.

The British right-wing freakout is… crazy.

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  1. Wendy says:

    This is so unbelievably dumb. There’s never been a US President at any coronation since the US became a nation. Eisenhower sent a delegation to the last one, and that’s what Biden’s planning to do.

    Rightwingers are fucking insane.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Wendy, honestly, and that’s something that is SO EASY to fact-check, but instead these maniacs just lose their minds over a complete nonissue.

      • Wendy says:

        @Lorelei, fact-checking is woke I guess. Sweet criminy.

      • Tacky says:

        Our nation literally defeated the king’s army. I would be appalled to see an American president at a coronation.

    • TarteAuCitron says:

      100%. That is what ambassadors are for. “Funny” how these RW patriots have no freaking clue about their nation’s history….

      • Renae says:

        Did the Queen come to the inauguration? Did Charles come? No? Were they dissing Biden? No! They didn’t attend because it just isn’t done. US presidents don’t go to Coronation and British royalty doesn’t go to inaugurals.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      It is, and it’s also fkn stupid to claim because he was just in UA- in wartime. jfc, these people. JB ought to embrace his age and joke about it and co-opt it just like with co-opting the Brandon/Dark Brandon meme from the rwnjs.

      Good ole grandpa joe. or uncle joe.

    • Ash says:

      Tbh he shouldn’t go or send a delegation, Charles and his media are so disgustingly disrespectful and Joe, nor Jill or any American should go to that crap.

      • Debbie says:

        Completely agree with you. Hell, I don’t even think Lionel Ritchie should attend this nonsense.

    • Lace says:

      I thought it’s been decided that Mrs Biden will attend KCIII’s coronation. ??

  2. Brassy Rebel says:

    Charles’ sycophants are going to get owned with this line of attack. Six years younger Charles looks six years older than Joe Biden. Maybe the royalists should stop and think before speaking.

    • Zoid says:

      Stop and think?!!? Inconceivable!

      In all seriousness, I think Charles is mad and stomping his feet because Biden attended his mother’s funeral but won’t come to the Struggly. So he’s sending the media out to brief against Biden… how monumentally stupid, but again, this is not the brain trust of England. I’m not a huge patriot but dang the British media makes me want to defend America!

      • Debbie says:

        I know, right? I’m not a flag waver either, but these people are making me feel all Yankee Doodle over here.

    • Tacky says:

      I think Charles is panicking because no one wants to attend his stupid Chubbly.

      • PrincessOfWaffles says:

        Exactly. Again, their attempt to insult somebody is again going to slap them back in the face real soon. The coronation is simply not so important that Joe would need to break his schedule for it. Real soon KFC is going to regret having to invite al the aristocrats he originally didnt want to invite because he didnt have enough space for them in the church. LOL are you kidding, the place is half empty! Watch them say no to the invite too!

    • Dee Kay says:

      @Brassy Rebel: “Six years younger Charles looks six years older than Joe Biden.” And Charles does less than one-six-hundredth of what Biden does every single day. In fact, I would argue that most of what Charles seems to do actively harms the nation (by being a terrible public representative of fatherhood and manhood, and by taking cash for honors, and by actively briefing and cooperating with the evil tabloids against his own family members). While most of what Biden does helps Americans and strengthens our nation.

      • Tacky says:

        Charles has the Prince’s Trust and the Prince’s Charities that serve the public good in the UK. His historic preservation entity, Prince’s Foundation, is the shady one. He is also patron of 400 organizations. Charles’ work is nowhere near the importance of Biden’s, but he’s no less active.

      • Debbie says:

        Just because someone is the nominal royal “patron” of an organization doesn’t mean that they do the day-to-day work of that organization. That’s why they can have a high number of orgs., because it’s not a day-to-day matter and, when they do come, they’re making visits, being driven there, shaking hands, being bowed to, etc. I’m guessing that very few royals are strategizing with their organizations about particular projects. So, let’s not pretend that these British royals are holding down jobs, like a senator, president, or indeed anyone who must report to work to get paid. Honestly.

    • kirk says:

      Sounds to me like these ‘sources’ are coming from the fart-smeller herself, rather than Chuck.

    • booboocita says:

      The last report on the President’s health, issued by his physician in February 2023, said that Biden works out five times a week, and that his workout includes weightlifting. He has an occasional irregular heartbeat and high cholesterol, but is in almost all ways a very healthy man at 80. At 58, I should be in such good shape.

      Biden certainly appears to be far more fit than Chucky Boy. I doubt Chucky does more than the occasional stroll through his gardens. And I don’t think bending your elbow to lift a glass of whiskey counts as working out with weights.

  3. Cel2495 says:

    Now they want to bully a seating president to “ prove” his not old and attend this bullcrap? Please … I hope Twitter drags them today

    • Maeve says:

      It’s a bit rich because the Queen didn’t go to many major occasions in other monarchies, never mind in republics. You’ll not see royals at a presidential inauguration, other than where they were gaining independence from the UK. She almost always sent a one of her kids as representative to weddings, crownings and funerals American presidents haven’t traditionally attended British events but the First Lady has occasionally – Nancy Reagan went to Charles & Diana’s wedding.

      The coronation is an event primarily for countries where Charles is Head of State, the Church of England, the republics within the commonwealth, and then the rest of the world, in that order.

      • Flowerlake says:

        I’m from another country with a monarchy and to me someone showing up from a foreign royal house is more about them sending a representative who is not the monarch (or other head of state) just as a kind of witness and show of mutual goodwill.

        In the first place, it should be all about the country itself: showing symbolism but also celebrating. Foreign relations are a distant second in that. Pressuring a head of state to come by the disgusting, Tory-press (who would probably love to see a Republican in the US in power) is a new low.

        It seems very weird to me that heads of state are suddenly invited.

        They just had a funeral that many people attended.
        The UK is not that important anymore for everyone to show up.
        They’re not the ‘King of Kings’ from the Persian Empire at its height of power.

        Biden is doing way more important things, related to infrastructure and actually accomplishing quite a lot. Too bad that is not talked about so much and the Republicans/Tories try to make it all about his age and not the good things he’s doing.

      • Lace says:

        Men get bored quickly at this sort of thing. Women are better – the public will be interested in the clothes!
        Nobody looks at men.

    • Debbie says:

      I suspect that Charles and his people are getting desperate about the lack of interest in his little shindig, so they’re very anxious to hype it as an “important” event by having as many high-profile guests as possible. At this point, the only way they know how to operate is by threats, and insults. It’s clearly an important event to them, but they just can’t believe that not everyone is that interested in their anemic Chubbly.

  4. MsIam says:

    When I think of Biden riding his bicycle and working out on his Peloton? Too old where? I’m 20 years younger and he would leave me in the dust. The right wing press is on a race to the bottom world wide and its embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as hosting a struggle Chubbly.

    • WiththeAmericann says:

      I was just thinking about how every weekend he’s riding his bike and media is like, wow, I couldn’t do that.

      Plus he travels all over all week long, visiting disasters and meeting with organizations and people. and he travels internationally. He went to the war zone in Ukraine, ffs. Let’s see Charles do that.

      He’s going to Ireland, after all. These people.

  5. Snuffles says:

    Yet Biden managed to take his rickety old ass to war torn Ukraine. Face it Charles, Biden is just not that into you.

  6. equality says:

    How is Biden traveling to the coronation of any benefit at all to the US? He is paid to do things for his own country, not to worry about what embiggens a figure-head king.

    • Flowerlake says:


      It has been known for decades that some in the UK still fancy themselves the King-Emperors of old. Germany is way ahead of them as an economy, but they’re not pressuring foreign heads of states to come to their inaugurations all the time.

      Suspect that this is a concerted effort by Republicans and the Tories to save face for Charles and use it as a dig at Biden.

  7. Normades says:

    Dark Brandon has the energy to go to Ukraine and N Ireland. He just doesn’t want to go to your dumb Chubbly. And yes it is a snub.

  8. Lauren says:

    They know the coronation is going to be a let down, and they have to make excuses now. They can’t admit it’s their own fault.

  9. Abby says:

    Most of the time I feel less patriotic than I did growing up. But I voted for Biden and I think he’s doing a good job. I also really dislike Charles and the monarchy. And I’m team Sussex. All that to say, this story made me really mad. Who do they think they are? Don’t call my president old. Coming from a country that had a nearly 100 year old queen. DON’T.

    I bet if Biden challenged King Charles to a foot race, Biden would win, and would be eating his ice cream at the finish line when Charles finally got there. Biden is really fit for his age, and not too old to do his job. Which does not include attending stupid coronations for petty kings apparently.

    Why am I so unreasonably annoyed at this? lol

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      It’s not unreasonable, Abby. The British media is turning me into a super patriot and staunch defender of all things American. I never saw this coming. 😆🤣

      • Abby says:

        Lol right!? I didn’t really consider myself patriotic until they insulted my president. 😆 gimme an American flag, quick!

      • Flowerlake says:

        I’m not even American and it turns into me a staunch defender of all things American 😉

        Also, I think Biden is doing many great things.
        Too bad there are so many shady characters (some seem clearly Russian or Russian-paid) online on other websites that are trying to stir anti-Biden sentiment by making up all kinds of crap that ‘communist’ Biden is supposedly doing or wanting to do and which triggers the less smart.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Abby, I’m dying at this:

      “I bet if Biden challenged King Charles to a foot race, Biden would win, and would be eating his ice cream at the finish line when Charles finally got there.”

      Too true (and also an absolutely hilarious mental image!).

    • Feeshalori says:

      They need our head of state to help give Charles his validation so of course, just jeer about his age as an enticement to his attending. They’re a fine one to talk with their nearly 100 year old queen on the throne before she died. They know the facts about no sitting president ever attending a coronation, but why let the truth get in the way of tabloid trash. I’m angry too that they’re dragging Biden into their mess and have the sudden desire to wear my 4th of July T shirt today. And I’ll wait at the finish line after the foot race to give him whatever flavor ice cream he would like.

      • Flowerlake says:

        Biden is very welcome to come to the Netherlands to eat ice cream with me and promote multiple-colored tulips on his instagram, but if he can’t come, I understand as he is an actual ELECTED head-of-state with more important things to do than humor me or the Dutch tulip industry.

        I wouldn’t therefore pressure him just because I want him to promote my pet cause.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It isn’t bulb-planting time, but do you have any fav species of tulips you recommend/adore? Unless you were kidding and I misread your sarcasm. I have tulips in all my garden borders and am always open to trying new ones.

      • Flowerlake says:

        I was kidding. I am actually Dutch, but don’t know much more about tulips than you probably 😉

        It is Tulip Festival in Amsterdam in April, though.
        Maybe you’d like to have a look at some pictures to get inspiration:


        (there are tours, but many can be watched for free just walking/cycling through Amsterdam or other places).

      • Feeshalori says:

        Nota, l love the parrot tulips with their frilly edges. They’re quite lovely and really perk up a garden.

      • CallyForbes says:

        I bought some sad looking waterlily tulips in a pot from the bargain basement area of the Garden Centre one year, and they revived and produced a lovely display. Didn’t last for more than two Springs though, unfortunately.

      • Flowerlake says:

        hahah, I love how this turned into a conversation about tulips.
        Just wanted to make a point about how people shouldn’t expect high-powered individuals to attend something just because you want to promote something.

        Anyone, it’s nice to hear people are enjoying their tulips.
        Don’t forget some lavender etc for the bees as well 😉

      • notasugarhere says:

        See how bad I am at perceiving sarcasm online?

        Thanks for the suggestions ladies. The squirrels are known to dig up and 1) eat the bulbs or 2) replant them somewhere else in the yard. Argh.

        Flowerlake, I put up a miner/solitary bee box. Much better pollinators than honey bees and almost no work.

      • Flowerlake says:

        @notasugarhere ‘natural’ gardens, where not everything is planted in neat rows, is all the rage here, so those squirrels doing some DIY would not be a problem in that 😀

        Nice tip about the solitary bee box! Did you already get some visitors?

        Don’t worry about the perceiving sarcasm thing. I’m the same, hehe.

        Anyway, I’m off to sleep. It’s way too late here

      • notasugarhere says:

        I’ll try to remember that the next time I have to mow around the creative tulip placements in the grass.

        The bees are brought out of hibernation (whatever hibernation is called for bees) in the spring. Over winter, you store them in their tubes/hives somewhere like a garden shed or garage. Nowhere that will get too cold, nor warm enough to wake them up. Each bee is her own ‘queen’, has her own tube, and fills it with her future offspring, there’s no big collective hive. That’s why they’re called solitary bees.

        When spring comes you simply place the filled tubes out in the bee box. It has lots of empty tubes to be filled by the expanding population. You can also purchase a few starter ‘tubes’ with bees already in them.

        @Kaiser and @Hecate, they have these types of bee hives on Amazon. In case you want to add ‘solitary bee hives’ to one of your Amazon posts. Miner, solitary, mason bees – they have lots of different names.

    • WiththeAmericann says:

      Same. Bottom line is Biden has a lot more power than Chuck. Plus, Biden knows Camilla is an active alcoholic with a history of leaking lies to the media. He’s not going to spend any more time than necessary around them. This is all on Charles, he out Camilla in Queen consort role.

    • Alexandria says:

      I’m not even American and I’ll wave the American flag for Biden!

      Sincerely, coming from an ex colony. F off Chuck!

  10. CrazyHeCallsMe says:

    The British media and the Palace need to check themselves with this nonsense about Biden. No sitting American President has ever attended a British coronation. That is not about to change now cause the British are desperate to have Biden come to this stupid Chubbly.

  11. kulture says:

    The point is to stir enough drama so that Biden feels he has no choice but to go.
    The more people talk about the coronation the more people become interested in seeing what all this “talk” is about. It’s only helping draw more interest..

    That’s why people like Dan, Piers, and Camilla constantly troll and come up with the most unhinged Sussex talking points/articles.. It doesn’t matter if they are getting dragged. All that matters is that their names are trending and they are getting attention…they live for attention because they have nothing else to offer

    The British media is mad that Joe isn’t planning on going so far and they are trying to garner outrage so he has to respond and come so it doesn’t look like a snub. Problem is their racist counterparts in the US are more worried about trump.

    No it’s not an actual snub but it’s all about projecting and propaganda like they do with Harry and Meghan

    • tamra says:

      They can stir all they want. Biden has a top notch team of advisors and PR people who see through this kindergarten crap easily! LOL

      • Flowerlake says:

        They do, but some idiots do not.

        One thing I wished would happen is that more people would talk about the many good things Biden is doing.

        Because there is a set of normally Democratically inclined voters who often stay home because they think Democrats don’t do anything. Reason being: they only see this kind of nonsense and memes of people with an agenda mocking his age and other irrelevant things. Since everything is arguing about that, they think nothing else happens.

    • Mary Pester says:

      OFFS I’m British, I live a couple of hundred miles from London and guess what, I WON’T BE GOING, maybe the press would like to print that, and dare they ask me why? I doubt it because they couldn’t possibly put my answer in print. President Biden is fitter and closer to a lot of his people and THEIR NEEDS than this crown wearing muppet will ever be. It’s about time the Royal media whores in this country woke up to the fact that Charles “ain’t all that”,and the world knows it. He is an adulterous, money loving pratt and doesn’t deserve ANY KIND OF RESPECT, not after the way he treated his first wife and youngest son. Defender of the faith!!!! Never in a million years

  12. Jais says:

    They’re just all about insulting the president and then saying gee it’s so weird that he won’t come to our Chubbly.

    • CJ says:

      All they know is negging. Maybe someone paid for a PUA to do a seminar to the British press.

      It’s weird how they haven’t worked out negging doesn’t work yet given the lack of success on H&M. But maybe someone’s convinced them it’s very “American” and this is as cultured as they get.

  13. ML says:

    Personally, I would love if Biden let it be known (after explaining that US presidents have never attended coronations and he will not be the first), that he is indeed in H&M’s corner. I would love to see DW’s hissy fit. Biden would never do it, but that would be great. And as to the age thingy: *cough* QE2?! *cough*?!

    • equality says:

      He needs to throw in some pro-Irish and pro-Jamaican republic remarks also. Then maybe mention all the performers who won’t be there and say the entertainment doesn’t sound good enough to make attending worth it.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      After all this I doubt they send Jill either. They should just send some low level aid from the U.S. Embassy.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I really hope she doesn’t go. They don’t deserve her as our representative. This briefing against the president is just disgraceful and Charles should be ashamed that he’s allowing this for a head of state. His true colors have really come out. Chuckie, what would your mother say?

  14. Brassy Rebel says:

    The media is still doing stories about all the entertainers who have turned down invitations to perform. Charles and his mistress are going to be awfully lonely at the Con-a-nation.

    • Renae says:

      If his RSVP’s are in negative numbers, Chuck can always invite trump and melanoma to his big hat party. At least that way this event might be less boring AND get more press. Unfortunately, the press would not be about Charles!

      • Lucky Charm says:

        Trump may not even have his passport by then, lol!

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        They better seize that passport at the arraignment or I will be pissed. He’s a fight risk if anyone ever was. I’ve been worrying all weekend because he still has it and access to his own plane.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I doubt taking his passport would stop him, so long as Saudi, UAE, or Russian would let him in without it.

  15. FancyPants says:

    Oh FFS, nobody from the US government is invited to the coronation! And the idea that Harry and Meghan have the White House on a hotline to advise POTUS… ludicrous.

    • HeatherC says:

      But delicious at the same time.

      Harry and Meghan are irrelevant nobodies and no one likes them and they sit home crying because no one invites them anywhere….but have the leader of the free world on speed dial to carry out pettiness for them. It makes no sense and I love to watch their gymnastics.

  16. Flowerlake says:

    Seems like Tories aligned with Republicans that use this as:
    A) an excuse to not make Charles look foolish for another person not coming.
    B) Taking a dig at Biden, which suits the Republicans.

    The man just went to Kiev.
    They really think he can’t go to London?


  17. Amy Bee says:

    I think it’s terrible that BP is briefing against Biden. I would have thought that once Charles became King he would have put an end to the briefing. The fact is US Presidents have never gone to the coronation of a British monarch so there’s nothing for the Palace and press to be upset about.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I’m not surprised at all.

      Charles will never put an end to ‘the briefing’ in order to secure his place (and Camilla’s) above everyone. Charles and William are Tories, Tories are like the US GOP. They secretly-and-not-so-secretly want conservative, right-wing, white males in charge and everyone else required to bow down as serfs/worker bees.

      Put it this way. Drumpf demanded a visit because he wanted to be seen with QEII, because he wants to be treated like an untouchable monarch. To be associated with a ruler for life so he can become an authoritarian ruler for life. In return, the Tories and UK monarchy want a US govt in place that will be pro-status quo (and maybe openly anti-Sussex as Drumpf is).

      The GOP, Murdoch, and their racist minions want the idea out there that Biden is too old to be US president. That’s a common theme they’ve expounded on for years. They will also continue to attack Harry and Meghan – because they think Sussex Family is a threat to their choke-hold on small d democracy.

  18. Chantal says:

    How embarrassing! Someone needs to send the BM a copy of the US Declaration of Independence with a photo of a middle finger as a reminder that the US is not a British colony nor part of the Commonwealth. No US Prez has ever attended a coronation. But please BM keep insulting our president and see how often you get invited back on our shows…

    These continuous attacks will definitely help the “special relationship” between our countries, esp with C-Rex’ deafening silence… A normal and intelligent head of state would have said or done something by now, esp since ours is the only head of state being attacked in these ridiculous articles. Ageism is an esp ignorant line of attack when the king is in his mid seventies and royals typically have longer life spans.

  19. Mary S says:

    It seems counterproductive to insult a guest you want to attend your party. You would think the RF has learned the BM does them a huge disservice as their “spokespersons”.

  20. Mslove says:

    If President Biden is too old to travel to the chubbly, then Chuck is too old to have one, considering he’ll be on the throne for about 30 years max. All that money poured into the chubbly for a mere thirty year reign? A huge waste.

  21. Hannah says:

    Lolz at the likes of Wootton getting his knickers in a knot. What a complete w*nker.

    He knows USA Presidents don’t attend British coronations. Such stupid clickbait shit. I expect nothing more and nothing less from him.

    I’m trying to think if our PM attends the USA inauguration? I seriously doubt it. I don’t remember the late Queen attending ever!

    Completely irrelevant Wootton *trying* to stir up shit when there is absolutely nothing to stir. Tosser!

    May the fleas of a thousand camels infest his crotch and nest there

    • Rackel says:

      Wootten must have gotten the job because he is someone’s boyfriend. There is no way he was hired based on merit.

  22. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    Britain really is becoming smaller and smaller while Chuck and his ego are at delusional proportions. No grace, no nobility, just futile attempts at bullying. This just panders to the non-egg throwing crowd they hope to keep onside. Where’s the headline about Murdoch being too old to do anything? Selective ageism.

  23. North of Boston says:

    If you want to be respected and treated with respect, treat other people with respect.

    PS – gossiping about people passing gas, or any bodily functions and making up lies about frailty, impacts of old age aren’t “treating people with respect”

    Also, Charles has been groomed and trained to be monarch since the day he was born, and has multiple institutions and suitcases full of other people’s money to support him in this role.

    What does it say about him that he is SO insecure about his abilities and his status in the role that he’s got his minions out making ish up and trash talking heads of state. Weren’t you gesturing madly about the “special relationship” JUST the other day? Haven’t any of the courtiers and others whose reason d’etre is protocol noticed NO US presidents have ever attended English coronations for previous monarchs. CIII and his minions are such whiny nasty losers.

    • Feeshalori says:

      He has no majesty and doesn’t deserve to be addressed that way. Neither does his wife nor his son, if he ever gets to the throne or if it’s still there at that time. For me, the late queen, despite her foibles and faults, was the last embodiment of diplomacy, grace and majesty. The curtain has truly been stripped away.

  24. Jensa says:

    I do wonder if this is coming from the Palace. Charles’ vanity and self-importance knows no bounds. He sees himself as an international statesman, revered by his peers (I think the old fart is deluded enough that he sees Biden as a peer). He would be beside himself if all the important people show up, like they did for mummy’s funeral.
    I imagine things are not going that well. It’s a while since we heard anything about that concert (that no one wants to do). National interest in the Coronation here in the UK ranges from underwhelmed to downright hostile. I bet Charles is throwing a lot of tantrums right now.

  25. Laura D says:

    Whenever I see the ridiculous headlines about Biden “snubbing” the conanation, I’m reminded that the BRF used up their presidential favours when they badgered the president into the pointless Earthshot photo-op. The king (and his advisers) seem to forget that “Overseas” fought a war to get rid of the monarchy. So, it begs the question, why on earth would the president of “Overseas” want to attend the conanation? A ceremony which goes against the freedoms fought by their forefathers to free “Overseas” from the tyrannies of the crown. The president is not “avoiding” the conanation because of his age. The president is reminding Charles (and his advisers) that Overseas” is no longer a British colony, it’s not part of the Commonwealth so, there’s no real need for the president to adjust his (very busy) schedule to attend.

    However, I’m pretty sure the president will make sure his diary is clear to make sure he can attend celebrations on July 4th. 😉

  26. Brenda says:

    That sounds like a statement that his physician is the appropriate person to make after examining him.
    So far, his physician has not made this statement.
    I’ll believe it when I hear it coming from Walter Reed.
    Of note, I haven’t seen him using accessory muscles of respiration to breathe while cosplaying the Evita balcony moment.

  27. teresa says:

    I absolutely take issue with The Daily Beast publishing such drivel. Unbelievable, since exactly zero President have ever attended their medieval pageants.

    I did remind the few British friends that I have, that we did fight an entire war to rid ourselves of this type of folly, and it’s no shade, it’s just not our thing and they should get over it and quit insulting our President.

    It’s sort of hilarious that the Wooten guy says it’s because of Harry and Meghan, because what? Really? Umm, you guys forgot all about that little thing called the Revolutionary War? How bizarre.

  28. GDubslady says:

    I really don’t think it’s appropriate for a US President to attend the Coronation of any King or Queen Biden was put in the nose bleed section at QE2s funeral which was very disrespectful. FLOTUS may go or VP.

  29. tamsin says:

    How come we haven’t heard which European heads of state are attending? This event is a month away, give or take a day or two. Will Charles be able to fill the Abbey at all? Will he have to invite the entire aristocracy and peerage who should have been invited in the first place? This coronation is important only to the UK. Next in importance, I suppose, would be Commonwealth prime ministers and prime ministers of the realms. They are probably sending their high commissioners or some such delegation. I don’t know if it’s the press or BP, but the way this thing is evolving is farcical and should be embarrassing to the monarchy. And it’s still not clear whether actual invitations have been sent. Are they only sending invites to those who have replied to the Save the Date? What kind of amateur performance is that? The BM is making it sound like they are begging people to come? In this context, the so called pomp and spectacle will seem rather empty and pathetic.

  30. Eurydice says:

    Blah, blah, blah. The article states that officials in both London and the US don’t consider it a snub if Biden doesn’t attend. So, if Washington says it’s not a snub and London says it not a snub, why would anyone care what Wootton says?

  31. Izzy says:

    LMAO just for this, he should show up in South effin’ Korea on the day of the chubbly.

  32. AC says:

    I don’t even know why they even care if Biden goes or not. Goes back to that “obsession”, bitter for not being a world power anymore and their once in a time colonies took it from them. How about the other heads of state from other countries. Not to mention worry about the Commonwealth they “currently” have (which a lot of people in these countries doesn’t want Charles to be on their currency and starting to lose patience of why they need a BRF in the first place ). Majority in the commonwealth are POC, and you think it went down well for them how the BRF and their horrible media treated Meghan.

    • Rackel says:

      Exactly, they are the original, “we can’t make it better so let’s steal from these people”. Try fixing England up. English music, TV, and movies have been trash for years. They have allowed foreigners to buy up all the land and charge insane rent– the usa is doing this too. Their grocery stores are almost all foreign owned and the prices reflect that. It’s crazy how privatization is strangling them. It happened so quick. It just started in the 90s really.

  33. Malcolm says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again : Dan Wootton is a literal psychopath. He spends all day obsessing over H&M and takes every opportunity to “stick it” to them. Only he just looks desperate and weird. What human garbage.

  34. Anna says:

    An opening scene from White Logos comes to mind, where the hotel manager welcomed new guest and said: it is surprising you’re here, it’s a long journey and you’re so old! Looks like someone found an inspiration….

  35. Rackel says:

    No, American president should be at a coronation.
    Honestly, my first thought was, he is too elderly to attend. Second thought is Camilla f it up by telling that alleged poot story.

  36. Bingo says:

    If Trump had won a second election. I think he would have gone. Regardless of how inappropriate it would have been. He loved to waste taxpayer money on unnecessary travel. And he loves the idea of dictatorships and the pomp and circumstance of a Monarchy. He probably would have returned to the US and ordained himself King of America.

    • Rackel says:

      Agree. Trump mainly stole documents that stated he was the president. He would’ve went and been happy he was invited. He then would ask Charles to declare him king. Charles would probably do it. Then fight him to be king of the usa. Lol.

      • booboocita says:

        I don’t think they’re doing it this time, but there’s a point in the coronation ceremony where the attending nobility put on little gold coronets. Trump would have thrown a fit that he didn’t have a coronet of his own to wear. And then he would have had one made for himself the instant he got back to the States.

  37. Jane Wilson says:

    Traveling to the UK for a tedious, bore-fest of an investiture, in a cathedral filled with loathsome whiners and bitchy tattle-talers too much for Joe Biden?
    Try 10 hours on a secret overnight train to Ukraine, 4 hours walking through Kiev and talking with Zelensky while the air raid sirens howled, followed by a 10 hour train trip back. Then a flight to the US to a city filled with the liars, whiners, bigots and bores known as the GOP.
    And Joe can’t handle The Crumbly?
    Pipe down salty British “journos”: You can’t handle the truth!

  38. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    These right-wing nuts are embarrassing British people on the world stage. Does Charles not realize that? That country is a laughing stock, and I say this as an American who realizes what Trump did to our own reputation.

  39. QuiteContrary says:

    The president has actual work to do.

  40. Athena says:

    None of this makes sense. Are there any adults left in the royal household and in the British press? From what I understand the U.K. still doesn’t have a trade deal with the U.S. and insulting the U. S. President not once but twice is not the diplomatic thing to do. Biden went out of his way to meet William during his fail award scheme, what more do they want from him? I’m guessing here, but I think Chucky wanted a state visit to the U.S. and got turned down, hence France and Germany, so now they’re angry and Petty and out for revenge without thinking strategically. Someone needs to tell Charles that the sun has set on the British empire.

  41. Andrea says:

    Uncle Joe has a real job, unlike Chuck. And until Chuck flies halfway around the world and takes a ten-hour train ride into a warzone to meet with an ally, as Biden did to get to Kyiv earlier this year, the courtiers can shove it. It’s just beyond to me that they don’t realize this is a completely classless attack line that could backfire on them. Not that it will because Biden dgaf but it’s the kind of thing that could also be taken as destabilizing the alliance if someone on the US side decided to make an issue of it. And the U.S. alliance is the only reason the UK military has any world relevance. Clueless cretins, the lot of them.

  42. bisynaptic says:

    I can’t believe Charles would let the British rags publish this crap about him. Holy cow, his political instincts are bad. He will have alienated half the world, in a few years. Diana was right: he’s not fit to be king.

  43. Amy says:

    Dark Brandon needs to send VP Harris so the British public can be put in awe of more American Black Woman greatness! That would really chap their chillblained British butts.

    • TIFFANY says:

      This is beneath MVP Harris. Don’t even put that out there. Black women are not white people mules.

    • Emily_C says:

      Like Tiffany said, this is beneath Harris. This is a job for the ambassador.

  44. TIFFANY says:

    And not even factoring in that POTUS Carter is in hospice. I am sure 1600 has a plan for when President Biden attends. And he will attend.

    President Biden priorities are just where they should be and he should send out a blast email stating that no one will represent the US at that Chubbly.

    • HeatherC says:

      Re Carter: Exactly. Some are expressing doubts that Biden can go to Ireland because he may have to attend the funeral of a former president instead. It’s all going to come down to timing and the Struggle Chubbly isn’t a factor in anyone’s mind but Chuckles.

  45. Plums says:

    I think all the performative outrage in the right wing press about this was an attempt to pressure President Biden to break with tradition and attend the chubbly even though it isn’t anything any US president has ever done, but since the last coronation hasn’t happened in anyone’s living memory, they thought they could get away with their outrage making people believe the opposite was true and Biden would be insultingly breaking precedent by not attending. I think Charles just wants to feel big and important on his special day where he gets a fancy hat and wanted the prestige of foreign heads of state to lend the occasion some gravitas. Instead it’s gonna be a pathetic cosplay circus because only an ever dwindling contingent of royalists take this family seriously.

  46. jferber says:

    So he’s too old to go to England, but not too old to go to London? Methinks bitter grapes from the Chubbly fanatics. Biden is far more dynamic, intelligent and energetic than Droop Along Charlie. Also, Biden is the leader of the free world and Charles is . . . well, he’s a money-sucking tick on Great Britain’s flesh.

    • Debbie says:

      Oh my God, you guys. “Droop Along Charlie”! And the idea of a footrace between the two men someone mentioned above both have me laughing out loud at the thought.

  47. jferber says:

    Sorry, I meant Ireland (not London). Also, American Presidents DO NOT GO TO English coronations. Eisenhower did not go to Elizabeth’s and Biden won’t go to Charles’. Salty, desperate Brits. You are no longer a world power! You lost the empire (thank God)! You are a regional ally and that’s ALL.

  48. Roslyn Capell says:

    This is just silliness. Why would Joe Biden go to Charles’ shindig? The American colonies fought a war to free themselves from British rule. No US president has gone to a British monarch’s coronation in the past, and British monarchs don’t go to the presidents’ inaugurations. The president has a real job and important work to do in that job and he has to set priorities on how he spends his time, and limits on the demands he places on his body. Such a long trip is exhausting and he’s only going to do it for something important, and Charies’ coronation is just not very important in the general scheme of things.

  49. Paulkid says:

    This irks me to no end! President Biden fulfilled his diplomatic duty and more when he attended the Queen’s funeral and he is the kind of person who would extend his heartfelt sympathy. He is the leader of the free world and I am disgusted that anyone would place Chaz’s egofest above the important work he does daily.
    I feel Chuc’ks advisors need to start brainstorming excuses for the many leaders reluctant to participate in this ridiculous farce! Hold off on insulting those that decline, it only bounces back onto all of you.
    I hope the second string aristos decide they have to wash their hair on Chubbly day.

  50. Gelya says:

    Every single day the right wing media proves how stupid and uneducated they are. This story is so silly it is laughable. They are now pulling needles out of haystacks trying to get people outraged over something else instead of their beloved tyrant’s indictment.
    The Dumber’s don’t realize that their beloved wouldn’t have went to the Coronation either. He would have opted out for a different reason.
    Biden not attending is proper protocol. He sends a delegate. I think it is Jill who will attend.
    Trumpf would not attend because he would think the coronation is boring and stupid. The only time I could agree with Trump logic.
    I have a feeling Biden believes the coronation is going to be boring too.
    Also sending world leaders would be a security nightmare.